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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Obama Digs In On Consumer Protection Fight, Bringing The Left With Him

Two days after Barack Obama rolled out the populist message advisers hope will carry the president to a second term in the White House, he lambasted congressional Republicans for blocking his nominee to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the watchdog agency that was established by last year’s financial reform bill.

The reaction from a clearly exasperated president — he said that the Republican filibuster of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray’s nomination “makes absolutely no sense” — signaled that he won’t pull back from this fight the way he has on his appointees for both the judicial and executive branch, a pattern that hit a new low earlier this year when a Nobel Prize-winning economist was forced to withdraw his candidacy for the Federal Reserve board after Republicans in the Senate decided he was not appropriately qualified for the job.

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6 responses to “Obama Digs In On Consumer Protection Fight, Bringing The Left With Him”

  1. Hankk says:

    Mr. Cordray must be confirmed and the banking industry must be brought back in line pre GOP DE-REGULATION’S. If this is part of their beat President Obama and no one will stand in our way plan, it is very evident that there isn’t a PATROIT AMERICAN LEFT IN THE GOP. Have they not done enough damage to the USA yet,or is this part of the NEW WORLD ORDER and 1000 points of light that GHW BUSH spoke about often while he was President. hankk,MI

  2. portia001 says:

    What is it going to take for people to realize that the GOP has no interest in protecting average, everyday Americans at the expense of their lobbyist, big business, too-big-to-fail banks, etc.? I have never seen such mean-spiritedness, and transparent disdain for anyone who doesn’t fall in lock-step with these conservatives and neo-conservatives. Suddenly, they all have become religious, invoking God’s name into every communication they utter. It’s terribly frightening to me to see this push to mix church and state. Just look around; what are all of these wars about? RELIGION. Please people, understand what is going on in this country. I certainly am a Christian, but that’s my business. I have no argument with anyone who professes differently. That’s the biggest difference between America and many other countries. We have been admired for our freedom of religion, whether we agree with one another or not. When the GOP uses religion to make legislation we are no different or better than anyone they so refer to as “the evil ones”.

  3. Maria Gongora says:

    I agree with you on your comments, especially the banks. Why are they still in business and not in prison. They stole from the USA citizens by forcing them into bankrupt.

  4. ed Clemensen says:

    WEll if the Republicans keep this up and we can break their hold on the (actual) conservative media, there will be a lot less of them after the next election. For thoes of you in the voter suppression states, make sure to help your neighbors get to vote. Take them to get the special orders that GOP is forcing. FOR GM and CHRYSLER, Remember the people that bailed you out resist your governors immoral take over of Detroit. For Socila Security , medicare, and, medicade recipients the republicans first order of business is to kill these programs, For you Beer (this is serious) Remember a part of the money you pay for Coors beer goes to help cut your wages. For you cops that help put down the occupy effort remember they are fighting for you also, remember Ohio.

  5. EarlaHudsonGill says:

    The only people the GOP and Tea Party care about is the rich not the blue collar, middle and lower class people. The bankers, CEOs and others on wall street, need to be arrested and tried for crimes against the American people. The corporations who moved their businesses out of the country, fired Americans and then expect us to buy their products don’t care about America. They only care about making money and they don’t pay taxes on any of the money they make out of the country. The law is different for the common American. You work out of the country, you better pay taxes on that money or your going to jail. We need to clean out Washington and start over with people who aren’t in politics. This way we’ll all be on the same footing. They can’t mess it up anymore than the career politicians and lobbyists.

  6. rustacus21 says:

    …when the President, as a Constitutional scholar, can simply manipulate rules & procedures & simply do what needs to be done w/out Conservatives? It’s more than apparent by now that Republicans, Conservatives, whoever, are NOT & DON’T have any intention of behaving civilly, rationally, or at the very least, w/the most commonest degree of respect for this or any Democratic President. But the next time I hear one of them say “…look what they did to bush…” I will remind them that bush behaved like a scared, hysterical child, frightening everyone w/in earshot, that if we didn’t do HIS bidding, the boogie man was coming to eat our brains! Of course he didn’t have to worry about that particular aspect of it, but Prez. Obama now has the entitled RIGHT to march right THRU their obstructionist barricades & simply not look back! The last 10 years are all any SENSIBLE American needs to know, that Conservatives are intent on 1 thing only – the destruction of the American system of Government!!! It’s well past time that Dems & Progressive/Liberal Independents begin conducting government w/out Conservatives – by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!!!!! AND w/in the LAW, of course!!!!!!!

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