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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts waves as he walks to the podium to address the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The 2012 Democratic National Convention concluded with a bang last night, as President Obama, Vice President Biden, and many other speakers electrified the crowd in Charlotte. Here are some of the best performances of the convention’s final night:

Best Speech: President Obama rose to the occasion, delivering yet another powerful and memorable convention address.

Best One-Liner: “Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off now than four years ago!” – Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

Best Video: “Fired Up, Ready To Go,” which whipped the delegates into a frenzy by telling the story of Edith Childs, the South Carolina woman who coined Obama’s iconic rallying cry.

Best Celebrity Cameo: Many of Obama’s Hollywood endorses gave strong speeches, but this award has to go to Mary J. Blige for being the first woman to ever “get it crunk” at a convention.

Craziest Speech: Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm received one of the loudest ovations of the week with her manic, fist-pumping defense of the auto bailout (and takedown of Mitt Romney.)

Most Powerful Moment: Georgia Rep. John Lewis, who framed the Republican-backed “voter ID” laws in term of his long personal struggle for civil rights, and declared “I don’t want to go back.”

Biggest Loser: The Republican National Committee, whose convention paled in comparison to the Democrats — both in terms of audience and enthusiasm.

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  • The “awards” should go to Gabby Giffords, to those who honored our veterans, to those who remembered the middle class is the catalyst that drives our economy, to those who defended the programs that allow our most vulnerable citizens to live with a modicum of dignity and comfort, to those who believe our future depends on the education and opportunities extended to our young, and to those who support the human values that should be paramount for all of us.

    • imabrummie

      I can’t help but second your comments. Shame that the Republican Party faithful do not think the same way . . . if indeed they are capable of thinking at all. Their reception of Clint Eastwood’s pathetic attempt at political humor/satire shows that such capabilities are sadly lacking as is empathy for their fellow citizens.

  • desertdustoff

    Dominick…extremely well written…what else needs to be said. Bravo!!

  • dljones

    And the best viewed, Giants vs Cowboy game.

    Second best viewed, The Pawn Stars where America sells it’s soul for Obama style socialism.

    • howa4x

      Well an american taliban is here to call the president a socialist. Are you an evengelical that loaths the poor? Or a lap dog to the 1% that have convinced you to vote against your own interest, and that of yor children. Where did you hear that term, on Fox? Is it because he enacted health care reform using the model that Romney used in Mass? Why don’t you call Mitt a socialist? this health reform relies on individual responsibility and was thought up bu the heritage foundation a republican think tank and 1st presented on the senate floor as an answer to Hillarycare by Bob Dole. Is he a socialist too? Or are you a social darwinist who thinks everyone is on their own? Or better yet a person who listens to republicans who say that climate change is a hoax when 5000 climate scientists say its real. Is that how you are going to protect your kids, just don’t tell them the truth? Or maybe protect them more by loosening the air and water protections so the Koch Bros could make more money. Is that how you will protect them from enviormentally induced cancer, by removing goverment protection because it’s socialist?
      Man are you a real smart.

      • tokoloshi27

        howa; “5000 climate scientists” versus republicans? Is that what you think is going on – or did you get that from MSNBC? Why not just call them “climatologists”, these ‘sciences’ have not been around very long, but now we have 5000 of these characters?

        Given the current state of academia I’m sure they need some sort of blood oath to the UNFCCC before any of those degrees are granted…

        • howa4x

          You can be a climate change denier all you want, but show me one glacier in the world that is growing. Just one. The ice sheet on Greenland is melted, 1st time! The glacier that feeds the Ganges river in india moved 2 ft per year up to 2004 and then it shrank by 2 miles. These are scientific facts. Are you some kind of religious zealot, or a Tealiban? Do you come from the Sara Palin school of natural sciences? 26 states are under severe drought and 5 states are burning. We had a hurricane that hit Vermont, when did that ever happen? What’s it going to take for you to realize that the earth is warming? How many cat 5 tornados have to hit the midwest? How much mass destruction do you need to see? The storms are rising in strength because the oceans are getting warmer and they are picking up more moisture.
          The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military rank this as a threat. Did they take a blood oath too or get it from MSNBC? In fact the last major scientist to say it was a hoax a man called Miller, and paid by the oil companies, just recanted after studying the data, and now sees it as a threat. The only ones that don’t are on the payroll of Fox and Friends, and just happen to be all republicans.
          The funniest thing is that in 2006 Mitt Romney then the liberal governor of Massachuttes, now your conservative nominee was openly concerned about climate change when he governed a state next to the ocean, but now since he has to run in the anti science/education party he has to change his opinion. Why did I write liberal? Maybe because he was pro choice, gay friendly, supported immigration reform, and enacted the most sweeping health care law in the country(by the way the exact one that Obama adopted) and you call socialism. How do you know that if he gets in he won’t go back to who he was? Maybe that will be in his state of the union Address, that climate change is real!
          If you have children who are you going to believe, a politician or talk show host about this who are paid by the oil companies to tell you it’s a hoax, or are you going to believe your local weatherman?
          Or are you going to believe NASA scientists, climatologists, atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, biologists, geologists,vulcanologists, zoologists, and anyone with a thinking brain who all say this is real.

          Why don’t you think about this for you childrens sake!

          • tokoloshi27

            How did you guess my Alma-mater? Why are you calling it “climate change” and not Gore’s “Global Warming”?

            Well lets see what else you have conveniently left out of your personal attack; could increased Solar Activity over the last decade be anything but directly related to human factors? That can’t possibly have anything to do with the “earth warming”.

            Our planet’s history of relatively recent ice ages not withstanding, the climate has been changing since it first started to cool and absorb CO2. Since you asked, I have no idea if New Hampshire ever has experienced a hurricane before, but since we only started noting storm tracks in the last 60 odd years – my suspicion is that it has likely happened before, like that bear in the woods.

            Threat ranking – good of you to range that widely – did you check and see how JCS ranks the threat from Solar flare activities? Is that denial I hear?

            My conservative nominee is Johnson, so please feel free to rant and rail against Romney. It is not what I “believe” that matters; fuel conservation is simple good sense and engineering practice. The odd thing about believers (and deniers I suppose) is that they need someone else to do the heavy thinking for them. Eco-this and sustainable-that are not really meaningful unless we look at a larger slice than their purveyors are actually displaying, most of this is short-term and mechanically in-efficient. We need to think for ourselves and not just subscribe (yes and pay the charlatan of the day) for our current “crises”.

          • howa4x

            It’s interesting that people talk about the earths cycles, that there was an Ice age and we were warm before so climate change is a hoax. Answer this question, when was there ever 6 billion people on the planet? When is history has China added a new coal burning plant every week? Increased solar activity means more now since the Ozone layer is depleted and there is a hole over Anarctica, we used to be more protected. Even a Republican gov in NJ realizes this is a problem and is building wind farms instead of coal plants. The eastern states are suing the southern ones about air pollution since the asthma rates are rising. The dirty coal plants in the south just built their stacks higher so the pollution travels in the jet stream.In W. Va they don’t mine coal any more instead they blow the tops off of mountians, and foul the water, and air.
            So yes instead of building a new reactor or coal plant why don’t they just install either solar collectors or wind mills on every house and we can all become energy generators. Now there is an individual answer.

      • dljones

        howa4x: Don’t be so indigent! Yea, your right, you showed me the light. Obama has a proclivity favoring more to a combination of Marxist and Socialism.

        This may be a ” little” offensive to you but Romney held and created real jobs. Conversely, Obama has never had a real job or created one on his own initiative.

        Your “Chicago on the Potomac” thug is a purposeless liberal trifecta of greed, graft, and hypocrisy. His presence is ignominious to the office of the president.

        What better tribute to end the convention than the debt increase to over 16 trillion, unemployed at 368 thousand jobs, and over 8% since the food stamp man became president. You didn’t mentioned jobs but I can tell the environment is a priority. Maybe you could get my refund from the failed 19 solar panel plants costing 950 billion- like Solendra? 60 days to sanity!!!!!

        • Would you mind mentioning a couple of examples to support your claim that President Obama is a Marxist socialist?
          If your Limbaughesque claim is based on his decision to make affordable medical care available to all Americans, and the ACA mandate, may I suggest you reread Marx and Engels philosophies? The last thing in their minds was a mandate that forces people to get insurance coverage from FOR PROFIT INSURANCE COMPANIES.
          From a socio-economic perspective marxism is the transfer of services and property from the private to the public sector. The ACA mandate is the anti-thesis of socialism.
          A couple of days ago I watched a Tea Party Express official on CNN, your rambling reminded me of her incoherent rhetoric, her inability to answer a question without reading her talking points, and the outlandish claims she made.

          • dljones

            Dominick Vila:: Another minutive champion of the misinformed. Are you short on comprehension, just refuse to understand what you read, or mesmerized by Nancy Pelosie? (choose one)

            FOR PROFIT insurance companies is a free enterprise. oil companies-free enterprise, and another, manufacturing-free enterprise. Welcome to America, home of the enterprising, dreamers, doers, and freedom, to choose, even who you do business with-get it? The brave men and women of the military make it happen-free-dom!!!

            Some of your requested examples: (6)
            Corroborated consent to bribe: disbursement of millions of dollars to coerce state votes for Affordable Care Act.
            Seizing control over the fee flow of money. ie: control of bank stocks
            Stripping capitalists of their assets: ie automobile bail out and preferred compensation to unions.
            Taking advantage of a crisis. ie: solar plants leaving taxpayers subordinate to bankruptcy, and punitive tax on earnings $250M & over.
            Controlling higher education: ie: remove private lenders from making student loans for government control.
            Abusive executive privilege: stay of 4 million immigrants while congress on recess.
            Undisputed, your narrow vision has obscured what has occurred right in front of you or maybe you don’t mind seeing your freedom erode.

            Current unemployment rate is 8.1% . If every 0ne looking for a job that needs a job, (395M) the real unemployment rate would be 11.2%. This is not nearly enough to keep up with current population growth.

            The ACA Obamacare mandate, originally denied at the bills inception is a TAX, was unfavorably FORCED on the majority of Americans. Since then,Obama has gutted medicare $775MM to fund Sandra Fluck”s contraceptives and abortions. Disturbs me to think your entitled to grab my billfold every time you sneeze.

            Dominick, how is your recommendation to research working for you? Obama is a Marxist/Socialist-and a proven 32% of Americans believe it!!!! LOOK IT UP! If it can be regulated or an entitlement, there is a democrat not far behind.

            Another democratic convention, more deceit, more broken promises Conclusively, many of those, as you, will maliciously permit four additional years of more charm.

        • howa4x

          Funny how all you tealiban love to through around names but suffer from severe amnesia. Lets travel back to the Bush II administration. He started 2 unfunded wars, and enacted an unfunded medicare drug program at the same time he gave a 1 trillion tax cut(the biggest in history). All of this was deficit spending. He was the only President in history to cut taxes and start wars at the same time. This was justified that if we give a tax cut to the job creators they would create jobs. Except they didn’t. Middle class wages were flat with inflation, and no new jobs on any scale were created. The people who benefited from the tax cut most thought they could make more money if they shipped jobs to China and India, and your canidate was a leader in that. They also did something else with the money and that was to hide is in off shore accounts to avoid their responsibility in paying taxes. Your hero Romney hid 250 million in Switzweland, the Caymans, and Bermuda. He could of created a lot of jobs right? That’s alot of money! I know people who started business with far less.They estimate that thee is 21 trillion off shore in hiding. More than the deficit that was created by Bush(funny his name didn’t come up at the convention at all)

          So lets look at your charge that Obama is a Socialist or Marxist. First thing that strikes me is that you don’t really know what those terms mean, because if you did you wouldn’t say them. A marxist believes in state capitalism, which means no private ownership of land or production. So what means of production did Obama seize in the name of the state? The auto industry got a loan that Chrysler just paid back. Regulations placed on Wall st. were aimed at preventing another historic meltdown, and protected consumers like you who have credit cards. You Republicans and especially tea party types like to call health care reform a socialist take over of health care right? The ACA did 3 things. First it mandated that everyone buy insurance(not very socialist) this is because of number 2. It prevented the insurance companies from dropping people from coverage or denying coverage to people with pre existing conditions. One of those conditions could be for example that you or a family member is very overweight. There are 129 million people with pre existing conditions, and if the ACA is repealed they could all loose their coverage. The insurance companies said if we can’t drop anybody how are we going to make money? The answer is have healthy young people buy insurance( funny when Romney did the exact same thing in Mass nobody called him a socialist) the 3rd thing that it does is mandate hospitals to set up electronic record keeping so if a new doctor takes your case they don’t have to re test you, same if you get sick in another state. Un necessary testing is one of the factors driving up the cost of care. In fact a new report out today says that un necessary testing fraud, and waste cost over 750 billion.
          Why don’t you do a little research before you look foolish on the net

          • dljones

            howa4x:: Keep embarrassing yourself. Your logic is so anemic I am short cutting the response.

            Your all over the map and have not substantiated any of your opinions. Liberals have a lot of that but results fall far short–IE; Bailed Chrysler but where is the 6 billion General Motors owes the taxpayers on the IPO? Hell is war! Destroy the twin towers taking three thousand lives. What do you say, “thats ok?” Romney passed the state health care at the consent of the voters. Didn’t have to shove it down their throats. Don’t look to me to pay for your health care-get in line with the immigrants. Medicare was frauded before 2008 and Obama did his usual nothing. Bush didn’t pass free trade with China, it was Clinton.

            Next time you prevaricate, look up your own facts instead of presupposing me to spoon feed them.

            Everything discussed pertains to government. Ever do anything for yourself?

          • howa4x

            Why don’t you own up to the Bush presidency? You haven’t said one thing about it. Strange he was absent from the Republican convention. Was it because he was a complete embarassment? Afganistan was the war we started in response to the twin tower/pentagon destruction. Bin laden wasn’t caught, and we never secured the country outside of Kabul. Suddenly based on false information about weapons of destruction, we invaded Iraq, made a lightning victory then once again didn’t secure the country. Under estamiated the amount of troops needed. Afganistan was still going on and Bin laden slipped out of the country. All this was done borrowing the money from China, as well as the medicare drug benefit and the millionaires tax cut, all deficit spending. Do you deny that happened?
            True Clinton signed NAFTA into law and Glass -Steagall was repealed on his watch. This part was pushed by Phil Graham R Texas , and the republican majority in both houses. I will own up to that.
            At the time the ACA was passed we had 34 million uninsured. They got their health care treatment by going to the emergency room for primary care. Most of those bills were paid by the states, called un compensated care. Out of that number 50K per year died. If you are ok with 50k americans dying just because they lacked insurance then there is something severly wrong with you. Most of those were not immigrants, but americans whose jobs were outsourced. I know this because I was on the bd of a teaching hosp. The individual mandate that was passed is based on people taking responsibility for their own health care. Soicalism would be like medicare where the government pays for everyones healthcare. We don’t have that and you don’t have to pay anyones bill but your own families. Romney passed the same legislation in Mass. and rammed it down the throats of people who didn’t want the plan.
            Medicare is in trouble because we can’;t have a conversation about dying without calling it death panels. 80% of all health care dollars are spent in the last year of a patients life.
            The institute on Medicine just released a report that 750 billion is spent on un necessary testing, fraud, negligence, and improper record keeping. We can save that money and not affect patient care. Our medical system cost 2.1 trillion per year, and for that we are ranked 34th in the world in terms of general health of the population by the world health organization, just behind Costa Rica.
            Auto bailouts. 1 out of every 7 jobs in this country is connected to the auto industry. to let that industry go down would have been catastrophic. Bush bailed out the banks, are you angry about that? Chrysler already paid back their loan and GM is on the way to paying it
            Any other history you want to re create to fit into your world veiw?

          • dljones

            No, your creative imagination emanating from the book of fiction is sufficient to last until I vote for Romney. (You know I am going to cancel your vote.)

            Where do you get all this stuff, Sesame Street or the book of Oz?

          • howa4x

            NO I used to work in Homeland security and know a lot about what went on and why we invaded Iraq. I read labor stats and that’s where I got the 2.9 million jobs out sourced during Bush. I think its great that you are smart enough to vote against yourself and your family interests. You want to go backwars and repeat the Bush years since Romney has promised to everything to make that happen again. How will your investments be safe if he repeals the regulation placed on Wall st. I know it will help out his pals at Bain but how will it help you? The meltdown was caused by greed and the regulations are designed to prevent the banks from repeating the mistakes, but if you want to let them re open the gambling casino, a financial crisis is certain to happen. Of course I went over healthcare with you and it didn;’t sink in. I guess Fox and Freinds with their distorted reality is stronger than facts. Think about this in you zeal to repeal HC reform . Right now there are 129 million people with pre existing conditions.( not a fairy, tale look it up) Once reform is gone the insurance companies can either raise their rates because they have multiple risk factors , like obesity, coupled with diabetes, and heart disease, or just drop them from coverage like they used to do. All those really sick kids will be out of luck completely. But I forgot you’re a social darwinist and it’s everyone for themselves right? I’m sure you can square that with your Christian beliefs that people will just die, lots of them. Women, and children by the thousands. But they are on their own right?You want a dark future with a damaged enviornment, tax cuts for the wealthy, and jobs out sourced just like before, by the millions. We will be a second rate country by the end of Romneys term, with one very rich class of people and everyone else, and if your name is not Buffett, or Koch, that means you!

          • dljones

            You only get one response per article!!!!!

    • StacyJB

      The NFL had the larger crowd ‘for the night’ but Clinton’s speech had more viewers than the game. I love football but I’m glad people are paying attention to the politics.

      • Ibrahim G. Ahmed

        Well, eventhough he is a candidate but The president. He caref
        ul spoken like a candidate and as president. He appealed to citizens vote as a candidate and he he appealed to how to move the country forward more especially coming from deep economic recession.

      • dljones

        StacyJB:: Unable to determine which one is running for president, Obama or Clinton. From living the experience, my business thrived through the Clinton through the Bush administrations. Since he is on the stump pledging support for Obama, Clinton is loosing the credibility earned as a two term president.

        Please remember how Obama has unraveled many of Clinton bills passed by a bipartisan congress and balanced the budget.

  • howa4x

    President Obama rocked. Dosen’t look like a stick figure like another canidate we know.

    • not only that How, but worse, a puppet who is sitting up like a dog begging for a bone! Romney is a Dicken’s character of the worse kind!

  • StacyJB

    Does anyone have the stat on how many people watched Obama’s speech last night? From what I can find FLOTUS drew a larger viewership than Romney.

  • millertyme52

    Gabby Giffords was very moving. Bill Clinton showed why he is so beloved I was fired up for start of NFL but missed it because of importance of election. I am glad I missed it Our president hit it out again. Am I better off today? Well put it this way I feel better after the DNC. We have along way to go if we lose this election we the working class and disabled will be buried. The Republicans and their followers are scared to death of unions and worker rights, I am not sure why but let the workers decide. factories such as automobile plants would be a mess without unions as every cut throat would try anything to gain an advantage. We must support our president and policies that are in place for lower class and middle class the working people of America. I also do not care how riich the top money makers are or how rich they get to be but please just pay fair share!!

  • Audience enthusiasm? That just shows how completely crazy and irrational and uneducated the Dems are and how much more intelligent the Republicans are. The Dems screamed at everything no matter how dumb it was. They are complete idiots and morons.

    • skytimer01

      Hi Robert, Repubs. need signs to let them know when to scream and clap. Perhaps??

  • I just heard where Eastwood remarked that he considered his speech to result in Mission Accomplished. Hmmmm. Now where have we heard that tripe before? He also stated in an interview to the Pine Cone newspaper in Carmel, CA, that he didn’t even know what he was going to say before he said it. Wow! An A+ graduate from the school of method acting for Dirty Harry. Then he went on to say how grand R&R were and how they could save this country. Funny thing is that I don’t think the High Plains Drifter would have agreed!