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Friday, January 18, 2019

The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has ruled 3-0 that President Obama’s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) made last summer are unconstitutional because the Senate was not formally adjourned. The ruling, which could invalidate hundreds of decisions and leave the the NLRB without a quorum to function, will likely be appealed by the Obama administration to the Supreme Court.

All three judges on the panel are Republican appointees.

“An interpretation of ‘the Recess’ that permits the president to decide when the Senate is in recess would demolish the checks and balances inherent in the advice-and-consent requirement, giving the president free rein to appoint his desired nominees at any time he pleases, whether that time be a weekend, lunch, or even when the Senate is in session and he is merely displeased with its inaction,” Chief Judge David Sentelle, who was appointed by Ronald Reagan, wrote in his decision. “This cannot be the law.” You can read the whole opinion here.

If the Court finds that the president can only exercise his Constitutional right to make recess appointments when a Senate’s two-year session ends, this will be a huge boost to GOP obstruction. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to approve the president’s nominees for the NLRB or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

This case, brought by a business group working with Senate Republicans, only affects the appointments to the NLRB. The appointment of Richard Cordray, the former Ohio attorney general who was appointed director of the CFPB at the same time, faces a separate legal challenge.

The NLRB was formed in 1934 as part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal to conduct elections for labor unions investigate unfair labor practices. The conservative movement has waged a decades-long war on unions that has resulted in the lowest union membership in 97 years. Meanwhile, the U.S. is experiencing record high corporate profits along with record low worker wages.

White House press secretary Jay Carney responded to the court’s ruling in his daily press briefing. “”We disagree strongly with the decision,” he said.

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292 responses to “Court Rules Obama Recess Appointments Unconsitutional”

  1. london717 says:

    “All three judges on the panel are Republican appointees.” Anything else to add?

    • carsrus says:

      U bet, and IF Obozo has the criminal AG, Holder take it to the SCOTUS, they will uphold it, too! If it’s 5-4, GREAT, U fetid America haters still lose!

        • awakenaustin says:

          So you have a problem with Fern but think “cars are us” is a font of knowledge, manners and acumen. I guess both of you are Constitutional scholars with law degrees or Ph.D.s from?

        • Bill says:

          Between you and carsrus you wrote a total of 31 words and he wrote 30 of them. You must be a joy to have a conversation with.

          To carsrus you right wing true belivers always think you love this country and those to the left of you (a good majority of the American population) hate this country. I was born here, served in Vietnam and have been a tax paying citizen for 40+ years. Take your simple minded bigotry and vehemence somewheere else, you don’t have any better claim to citizenship than I do. BTW have a nice 4 MORE YEARS!!!!

      • Chiron8839 says:

        What makes you so certain the SCOTUS will uphold the decision of the DC Court of Appeals?

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Clearly you and your friends are the America haters here. Obama won the election, despite the GOP’s obvious hatred of fair elections. And what “crimes” has the Attorney General committed besides offending your arrogance and failing to prosecute your last president and his henchmen for the war criminals they were?

        Certainly the appointments were a stretch of the rules, but your friends have thrown out the rulebook.

        • It is the GOP and Conservatives who want fair elections . It is the DEM and Obam that send out voter registrations to peoples pets in the CHI . It is the DEMs who support ACORN and their voter fraud . How many of them are under indictment for voter fraud > How many in jail ??? cant hear you just hear you baa baa’ing …Sand Cat get your facts right before you make yourself look ignorant on here ..oh never mind . By the way Romney won every State that has fair elections and voter ID …Haha

          • ococoob says:

            ACORN and their supposedly voter fraud ain’t no different than the gross suppression of voters perpetrated by red states in the last election.

          • Bill says:

            As usual the right wing true believers live in their own little bubble world with no regard for the facts, just baseless accusations. So Michael tell who is under indictment and how many are in jail for voter fraud. You seem to forget the company trying to register only Republicans. Voter fraud – what states, who did the fraud. Stop with this bs. In Fla, Mi, Wi, Oh, Pa and other states the state gov’t (read Republican) tried to change voter laws just before the last election. You can make up anything you want but on this site we will want some proof.

            Acorn where is it, how many people belong to it and who supports it. YOu do know it doesn’t really exist except in maybe Rush’s or Beck’s addled mind.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Michel-boy, I hate to break this to you, but Acorn is not around any longer — they folded some time ago. The reason for the demise of Acorn was not because they had done anything wrong, but because conspiracy ranters such as yourself made a staged video which was designed specifically to put them out of commission because they were doing too much good in their community. That staged video was later PROVEN to be a sham — look it up.

      • Lisztman says:

        Who is “Obozo”? As long as you fail to make any constructive comment in a dialog such as this, and fill it with insult and invective, you will be treated as scum, and a troll.

    • joeham1 says:

      Yes!!! It was unconstitutional!

  2. Another example of Republican obstructionism. If Republican legislators gave appointees a quick and fair hearing, there would be no need for “recess” appointments. I hope a way can be found to change the current dysfunctional government so that it can best reflect the will of the people.

    • “Quick and fair”? Brother, these yo-yos have a good number of the 87 with no hearings at all.

    • carsrus says:

      BS to u and all the rest of u libtards on here! Americ wins, dictator Obama will be GONE before the end of his 2nd term! IMPEACHED for Crimes against our Great Constitution and the Presidential Oath of Office! Jail to this THIEF!

      • Carrus, you sound like a crazy man. What has this President done, and lets not talk about appointments, no doubt there are many others that have done it, but their party was in the majority so it just went through, oh and the good old tea party crew was not in power. They are going to run America straight into the ground, not our President.

        • carsrus says:

          Crazy as Obama, right! He, the presnet marist-musilin SHILL sitting in the Oval Office NOT, as he’s NEVER there, is running America straight into the ground! GOOD news, fetid libtard……WE, the PEOPLE won’t LET him!

          • JUDITH says:

            I don’t think I have ever seen such ignorance as I am seeing on here today. Why don’t you, carsrus and Fern get each other’s phone number’s or private email and go at it. Nobody with two digits in their IQ wants to listen to this.

          • Why Don’t You Go Fuck Joehambone And Leave Me Out Of Your Bullshit!!

          • carsrus says:

            The ignorance is overwhelming, u libtards foam at the mouth when your “messiah”, aka, forked tongued, snake oil salesman, marxist-muslim SHILl is defeated! And, defeated he will be……………………….this dictator will destroy himself LONG before he has the opportunity to DESTROY US!

          • ococoob says:

            Carsus, you sound deranged here. Go to bed.

          • Bill says:

            CARS you need to spell a little better. He’s not he, present no presnet, Marxist not marist (Marists are a Catholic order of Brothers dummy), Muslim not muslin (muslin is a cotton fabric ahole).

            Never there , well I believe he has spent more time in the WH in 4 years than W spent in 8 years.

            You are not we the people, the majority of people preferred Presdient Obama to “I didn’t really want to run” Romney.

            4 MORE YEARS.

          • carsrus says:

            Bill…………………….stick it where the sun don’t shine! The marxist-muslim, SHILL, forked tongued, snake oil salesman, LIAR, will NEVER make it through another 4 “annus horribilis”! This skunk, community agitator, race baiting, America hating, fetid divider of our Great Constitutional Republic will DESTROY himself, as do all dictators!

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Since you don’t seem to be enjoying our company here, I would suggest you leave and go to another site — preferably one that feeds on whatever fantasies, conspiracies, and lies you can manufacture in a deranged mind.

          • carsrus says:

            Oh, I do indeed enjoy being on here, especially making all u vicious, liberal fetid Obama a– kissers foam at the mouth from my succinct, truthful comments! It is all u who have deranged minds………………….after all, u re-elected a marxist-muslim, forked tongued LIAR!

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Oh, actually we don’t mind having you here at all — after all it does add a good bit of humor to the discussion — like, for instance when YOU, of all people spout all kinds of unsupported lies — and then call others liars. That’s pretty darn funny!

      • Bill says:

        You must be a really tru believer, how does it feel to live in a bubble world where reality doesn’t your daily life. I love your name calling, ooh when you call me a libtard I just cower in the corner. I don’t know how I will recover from such a vicious attack from a simple-minded, mean-spirited and ignorant person.

        Just rememebr by my wish for you 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS AND 4 MORE YEARS

    • joeham1 says:

      The court found it unconstitutional you freakin idiot! Your obstructionism crap shows either you ignorance or your hate for our system!

      When you morons realize that Both parties suck and our president keeps his sheep like you spouting your hate crap to further his marxist agenda!

      My only hope is that you and others like you will wake up before the marxists destroy what’s left of our country!

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Let me get this straight: ” When you MORONS realize that Both parties suck and our president keeps his SHEEP LIKE YOU spouting your HATE CRAP”

        Who’s ‘spouting’ hate crap on this forum? Settle down trigger, this is just the first act of another boring attempt to oust the current leader.. when all is said and done, the supreme court will put those pub idiots in their place and the GOP will have to think of yet ANOTHER way to vent their hatred for Obama and the DEMS.

        • joeham1 says:

          Listen to yourself. Your an Obama puppy! No one wants to oust your King. We simply want 2 things.

          1) We want him to follow the constituion. I realize it gets in his way
          2) We want people like you to figure out that Both parties are horrible. Both parties got us into the messes were in, and Both parties need to WORK TOGETHER to fix thing.

          Here’s an example: The house republicans were beat up by the liberal media and Obama for not immediately passing the Hurricane Sandy Bill. The next week they passed it……NOW weeks later Harry Reed has it stuck in the Senate. Where’s your outrage now?

          You see how your sheep like attiutude is hurting all of us by letting anything the left does go without comment?

          • ococoob says:

            You can’t say the same thing on FauxNews beating up the Dems and Obama by the Repukes and TeaTards?

          • joeham1 says:

            What the hell does that mean? Take a breath write something else and let’s see if you have a point!

      • awakenaustin says:

        It is a three Judge panel. A hearing en banc might be requested and who knows the full court might disagree with the panel. In the opinion of the panel it is unconstitutional. Their view will only be seen as final and have the force of law if the full court fails to hear it or the Supremes fail to hear it.
        The fact that you think of Democrats and the President as marxists, clearly demonstrates the limits of your education and knowledge. Only people who have no idea what marxism is, would consider President, who is a moderate, middle of the road liberal and clearly pro-capitalism, a marxist. If you went to college and graduated, could you let me know which one it is? I would like to make sure I don’t reccommend it to anyone as an institution of higher learning.

        • joeham1 says:

          That’s cute! I really want to you to reccommend my College! Try reading about Marxism. Look at the power grabs and the bailouts and tell me were not headed that way. Your goofy if you think he’s a moderate.

          THE EVIDENCE: At the end of his second term he will have increased the debt in eight years what it took all the other presidents together to do. You have to ask yourself Why? Is there a bigger purpose? Why didn’t he let GM go through normal bankruptsy? Is there a bigger purpose? Why after the failure of the first stimulas did he want another 447 billion stimulas, calling it the American jobs act? And finally why through the media does he constantly blame other for his failures? Why the huge increase in entitlements and why Obama care? Why doesn’t he compromise on anything? And finally, if he gets enough of his sheep to hate the repubs and he is able get rid of them, what position will he be in?

          If you give it some thought, even a scholar like you should be able to figure it out!

          • Talk about sheep!!! Better take a look in the mirror. When you do, you will see a sheep in wolfs clothing amongs you.

          • joeham1 says:

            Unlike you karen. I have no party affiliation. You sheep will let anything that the left does pass. Your whole life consists of blame the right for everything. You have become blind to what’s really happening!

            Since 1980 we have had 2 good Presidents. Clinton and Reagan. Together they worked with the other side and got things done. between them and the congress they created over 47 million jobs.

            This president has moron’s like you believing everything he says despite the facts!

            I will now prove your one of his sheep!

            The Presidents “Balanced Approach” to cutting the deficit (he campaigned on it for over a year) turned out to be 660 Billion in tax increases and 4 trillion in new deficits (CBO report jan 4 2013)

            1) did he lie?
            2) Are you ok with it?
            3) do deficits matter?

          • awakenaustin says:

            None of this if evidence of anyone being a socialist or a Marxist. I have read the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital (in English of course) and I stayed awake in my political theory, philosophy, and economics classes. I have read The Wealth of Nations and I know who John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman are. You clearly have no idea what makes someone a socialist. It is just a slander Republicans throw around. If you dislike what someone says and you can think of no good argument to rebut them you accuse them of being a socialist in a simple minded effort to discredit them.
            Debt or lack of debt has nothing to do with socialism. Your example is otherwise counter-factual, since the debt which existed upon his election in 2008 is still ~ 1 and ½ times the increase while he has been in office. Large portions of the debt during his administration has been the product of previous commitments to spend over which he exercises little control.
            I don’t need to ask why. I pay attention and read a paper now and then and listen once and awhile to the news on the radio. In case you missed it we have been to two major military conflicts (i.e., wars) in the last 10 years. Fighting wars cost money. If people don’t pay higher taxes to pay for the wars then you have to borrow money to pay for them. We also had several major tax cuts during those wars during the administration of he who shall not be named and who the Republicans like to pretend didn’t exist. The really important thing which happened while you apparently were in a coma, lost in a jungle or hiding in your bomb shelter was a recession. Ipso facto a debt. It wasn’t either magic or a conspiracy.
            He thought it would be bad for the nation. GM, by the by, is owned by private investors. It is not owned by and its operations are not directed by the U.S. Government. Saving a capitalist institution/corporation hardly qualifies one as a socialist.
            The bigger purpose was the stated purpose – to save the company and the jobs.
            Every economist in this nation of any substance understands the purpose of the stimuli. There may be disagreement about their value or efficacy, but none thinks there was some nefarious purpose. The very fact that you cannot offer and support a purpose shows your argument to be without substance and completely inane.
            If by media you mean FOX ( which apparently is code for – we make up the news to suit our biases) News, then I would simply say, FOX News is an oxymoron. I am unaware of the President casting blame about, except in the campaign saying that going back to the policies of the previous administration was no solution to the economic situation.
            There hasn’t been any huge increase in “entitlements”. Why Obamacare? Maybe to try to provide a way of getting healthcare to those who can’t afford it and who end up clogging up our ERs getting medical attention for sore throats? This is a do it through private enterprise. So much for socialism.
            He doesn’t need to make people dislike Republicans, they are busy taking care of that themselves.
            This is what will happen in another four years – there will be another President. I hope he/she will be a Democrat, but who knows. President Obama will, like all Presidents in the past, attend that ceremony and smile and wish the new President the best. You and your friends will be very disappointed, but you will get over it by dreaming up some other vacuous conspiracy and finding some other bogey man “under your bed, in your closet, in your head.”

          • joeham1 says:

            Well you have proven beyond a doubt that you are a true puppet of your master. Whatever he says you agree with. Calling a news station a “we make up the News to suit our biases” just because you heard they may not agree with your moronic views shows you are a total hack! Try watching it and then slap yourself when you see that they always give both sides! You won’t because that wouldn’t fit your lies!

            He didn’t do healthcare so everyone could get it. He did it so the Governement could rule it. Soon the Insurance companies won’t be able to compete with the Governement plan so they will be gone.

            His making up his own laws on Gun running, Ilegal aliens, Gun laws, nlrb appointments, 90 billion to renewable energy companies, and so on proves his agenda. You morons will continue to blame bush forever. If we use your train of thought, the democrat ran the house and senate the last 2 years of Bush’s shitty admin. So therefore everything is there fault!

            Are you really that trained by the left that you haven’t heard him blame everyone but himself for all the countries problems! Well, not very awake are ya?

            Your dumb enough to believe that it was a noble cause saving GM. Regular bankruptsy wasn’t the answer. Instead giving the company to the unions is what we needed.

          • awakenaustin says:

            Union membership is declining. It has been on the decline for decades. It is at its lowest levels since the ‘30s. A report on the decline was carried in almost every paper in the nation and on every new channel. How exactly are Unions going to take over the nation without any members? Your beliefs are just that – beliefs – without substance or factual basis.
            The reason the re-election of the President surprised you was because you spent so much of your time watching FOX and believing the fantasy they offered you and ignoring every other news source in the world. Just keep living in that echo chamber. The only people who think that FOX news is news are the same people who think of John McCain and Richard Lugar as liberals.
            The government plan requires insurance companies, they helped design it. Maybe you should try reading the Affordable Care Act instead of parroting what your favorite news morons claim about it.
            I bet you voted for Bush twice. Or are you a Ron “let’s suspend reality” Paul supporter?
            In four years I will be right and you will be wrong, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to admit it. You will just move along and concoct some new conspiratorial fantasy to explain it.

          • joeham1 says:

            Unlike you, I get my news from Newsmax, The national Memo, The huffington post and Fox news. YOU DON’T watch fox news. You probably never have. EVERY story has a democrat and republican giving their view of it. If you watched it you wouldn’t demonize it.

            The problem with talking to people like you is you won’t tell the truth or you make up or buy the lies from one side.

            Listen to both side then form you own conclusion like do!

        • This Obama is a centrist argument is so ridiculous as to be unbelievable . He is a total Marxist and Alinsky devotee . Hell he is left of Marx and has said himself that he prefers Communism as a form of Govt …Dont let the facts his own policy or the truth get in the way though

          • ococoob says:


            Get over it. The people spoke. Obama is here to stay another 4 yrs. That’s democracy, not Marxism, pal!

      • roguerunners says:

        YOU GUYS LOST! And you will NOT WIN THIS ONE! It will be appealed and sent down the road. Just like Romney! YOU LOST! Live with it!

        • Bill says:

          That’s just it, the true believer right wingers can’t accept that President Obama is going to be in office for 4 MORE YEARS. They can rant and rave all they want but he will be there for 4 MORE YEARS.

        • joeham1 says:

          You moron! That’s not the point! There is no “you guys” There’s only US!! It was unconstitutional to make appointments to NLRB when they weren’t in reccess! This isn’t a right or left issue!

  3. Lisztman says:

    Still more obstructionist activity by the GOP. Not commenting on the validity of the lawsuit, but the underpinnings…

    Perhaps the Senate disagreed with his appointments. (Without research) I doubt that Mr. Obama “suddenly decided” to do this — I strongly suspect it was another case of the Senate “sitting on” confirmations. Anything the GOP can do to bring Washington to a grinding halt.

    Personally, I’m disgusted.

    • Of Course They Were Just Another Low Down Tactic Done By Our American Taliban Members Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight !! 🙁 This Is What They Do And This Kind Of Crap Is How They Roll!!! No Surprise Here!!!

      • joeham1 says:

        That was probably the most ignorant comment I’ve heard. The merican Taliban? What are you a 12 year old? We live in a democracy, regardless of the Presidents hunger for power. We have a constitution for a reason!

        No matter what happens to stop the Presidents dream to be King, you will always demonize the right! You are not fair minded, and you are blind to the truth.


          • joeham1 says:

            Fern your a vile illiterate. Always remember to swear when your to stupid to have an argument!

          • Your Mother You Low Life Cave Dwelling Red Neck BITCH!! Stop Talking To Me I Always Remember Bitch Remember Not To Talk To Me Ya Hear Hee Haw!! Red Neck Asshole!!!

          • joeham1 says:

            It’s fun talking to moron’s like you! Do you have anger issues? I can see by your posts you have at least a 4th grade education! Can you say GED?

            Tell your hubby Wilber it’s time to take your pill!

          • Why The Hell You Push My Reply Button You Knew What Was Coming Your Mother Should Have Gave Your Father Some Head That Night They Inbred Your Nasty Ass Then Spit Your Nasty Ass On The Floor Then Step On You To Make Sure You Ass Wouldn’t Be Able To Come Here With Your Tea Bagging Comment!! Bitch I’m A Nurse I Pass The Pills !! Your Ass Need To Take Yours With Your 58 Likes To My 15,330 Likes You’re On The Wrong Web Site Hillbilly Joe Or Should I Say Joe The Tea Bagging Punk!! You Can’t Bully Me Bitch Boy!!!

          • joeham1 says:

            I’m proud of all the illiterates that gave you 58,000 likes. It’s obvious how many of the pills you take by the way your write! Your anger or retardation makes me laugh! You are a total moron who couldn’t possibly be smart enough to be a nurse!

            Your vile and uneducated and I just love reading the dumb thing your write!

            Love ya!

          • Not Illiterates Just Not America Gutting Lying Racist No Good Trolls Like Your Self Asshole!! FUCK OFF Stalker!!

          • How can you say you have great investments with Obama running the economy . Now we know you are lying . No ones investments are safe

          • JUDITH says:

            Joe, please! Don’t respond to such ignorance. It puts you right in a class with her, even though you thankfully haven’t resorted to the use of vile language to make a point. Did you even see one like for her? I didn’t.

          • joeham1 says:

            Judith, I agree. I shouldn’t bother to respond to that horrible person. If someone did send her a like I would be surprised


          • joeham1 says:

            Fern, your miserable. It’s sad that your mouth is so filthy!

          • Fern is to nursing what a crack ho is to fidelity ..Fern you cant call yourself a Head nurse just because you hubby turns you out …She keeps saying she is a nurse …there is no way in Hell . She cant spell Cat for chrissakes

          • Your Mom The Crack Whore She Work The Corners At Night While You Give Rush Limpdick The Blow Jobs In The Day Time !!! Then You Bitches Put Your Pennies Together And Pay For Another Week For The Cave You Both Whores Live In!!

          • joeham1 says:

            That’s exactly what I said! No one that illiterate could pass 6th grade much less Nursing school!


          • joeham1 says:

            Huh? That made no sense! Get someone to help you type so you can say what you want…

          • Get used to it joeham. She is as Illiterate and ignorant as most Liberals and that is why they are so easily swayed and indoctrinated . Obama’s Sith mind control works best ion the weak minded . By the way She is also a racist moron

          • I’m Just Like Your Mother She Taught Me Well!!

          • joeham1 says:

            I bet she’s down to her last tooth!


          • joeham1 says:

            lol…you type like an idiot! Are you a drunk?

          • I Type Like Your Mother!!

          • joeham1 says:

            Good one retard!


          • JUDITH says:

            Ya’ know what Fern? I think they should ban you from commenting. I happen to be a proud, bleeding-heart liberal who is ecstatic that Obama won. But your language needs to be relegated to your family, it is not what intelligent people want to see on here.

          • They Should Ban Your Ass For Not Minding You Own Damn Business!! I Think They Should Band You Ass Also Get Yourself A Life Noisy Bitch!@!!! Nobody Knows It’s Me The Real Me So You Too Can FUCK OFF!!

          • thebunt says:

            A ban would be good. Americans probably see Fern for what she is (whatever that is). But when people from other countries read her blogs it just reinforces the term ‘ugly-American’. All Americans will be chringing to think she represents our country in any way.

          • That Would Be Your Low Life Tea Bagging Traitor Ass All You Bitches Can”t Bully Me Fuck You TOO No I’m Sick Of All Your LIES!! And If You GOING TO LIE DON’T PUSH MY REPLY BUTTON !! YOU ASSHOLES TILL TRYING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO FUCK YOU How That Working Out For You Bastards!! Leave Me The Fuck Alone!!! TROLLS!!!

          • thebunt Stop Smoking The Weed It’s Not Help You Dumb Ass!! What It Tell You That You Can’t Brainwash Me Into Believing nothing You Lying Tea Bagging Bastards Have To Say So Leave Me The Hell Alone!! I Don’t Take No Shit Off Nobody In Real Life And I’m Not Going Take No Shit From None Of You Low Scoring Whores!!!

          • I Signed Up Over 200 People To Vote In This Election And Gave Over 1,000 Dollars Donated FUCK You!!

          • thebunt says:

            Not a chance in the world that you know 200 people who would even speak to you. Tell another one.

          • Just Put The Bunts Down ASSHOLE Try To Save The One Brain Cell You Got Left!!!

          • Wow what a waste of money you could’ve bought a lot of crack with that

          • Like You Spent Your Rent Money On Your Cave For Meth!! LOL No Thank You Punk I Don’t Do Drugs I Pass Them Out To People Who Need Them Like You!!LOL

          • thebunt says:

            Election? I made over $5,000 betting on Obama/ The bookies were giving 4-1 on Romney. There were plenty of suckers that bet on Romney and I took Obama at even money. I could bet 1/4 of the Romeny money on Romeny with the bookmakers at 4-1 and couldn’t lose. Somehow the Americans were convinced that Romney had a chance.


          • Sand_Cat says:

            What would you know of intelligent people or intelligence?

            I guess I erred in saying all the ignorance here was in the posts of your buddy joeham1. You seem to have your share as well.

        • awakenaustin says:

          The President has no dream to be a king. This is another right wing slander, unsupported by any evidence and without any factual basis. This President has done very little to extent the power of the Presidency over domestic affairs beyond what previous Presidents have done. Recess appointments are nothing new. President (the guy between President Clinton and President Obama who according to the GOP is a fiction of a fevered Democratic imagination) popularized it and made a boat load of them.
          The Senate has, over the last 2o – 25 years dramatically neglected and slowed the process of advice and consent regarding Presidential appointments in all areas of the Government and the Judiciary.
          It was the previous President, he who shall not be named, you know, the one Republicans like to pretend never existed, who talked about the “Executive Presidency”. You want to have an intellectual discussion, I good with that. I find it amusing that as it fits the mood or the issue, the right jumps back and forth between proclaiming “we are a democracy” or “we are a republic”.
          Want to solve the recess appointment problem? I have a suggestion, call your Republican Senator and tell him or her to get off his/her rear and start voting up or down on the President’s appointments. Tell them to quit requiring a super majority to do anything of substance. Tell him/her the American people want action.

          • Joehambone Is A Tea Bagging Gutter Tramp Screw Him!!

          • Fern you seem to be an expert on rapists and wife beaters …Hows the hubby …keeping his pimp arm strong no doubt …get back out there girl Daddy needs some more crack and he done spent the welfare check ,.and go out there and turn another because his Obama phone is out of minutes . Daddy needs you to pay his bills …He sure as hell isnt working

          • Pitiful Excuse For A Man Of 70!!! LOL

          • joeham1 says:

            I know the facts get in the way of your talking points. A recess appointment is fine if they were in reccess. But, as you know they weren’t in reccess!

            Don’t bring that moron Bush up to me again. I am NOT a fan of him or any of the crooks in our Government! There may be a few good one’s but soon they will be tainted by the power!

            The one sided view by some of the people on this site in disgusting! No matter what OUR President does it somehow, through voodoo magic gets blamed on the right!

            Let’s test your fair mindedness: The “Balanced Approach” to cutting the deficit turned out to be a 660 billion tax increas and 4 trillion in NEW deficits. (CBO Jan 4 2013)

            1) Who’s to blame
            2) Did The president lie
            3)) Do you think deficits can ruin our country?

          • The $4T increase reported by the CBO refers to the national debt, not our annual budgets. The reasons for that increase has nothing to do with new spending – if you are aware of any, please let us know – the increase in the debt was caused by the cost of Bush’s TARP and Obama’s stimulus package to prevent our financial institutions from collapsing and stimulating the economy. Combined they account for about $1.5T. Another major contributor is the decision to move the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the national debt, where it should have been all along. Last, but not least, is the impact the Great Recession had on government revenues, and the related increase of unemployment benefits.
            Again, if you are aware of new spending directly attributable to President Obama, please let us know.

          • Once again Dominick you walk right past the fact that TARP was asuccess and most of it was paid back with interest …You also forget that baseline spending means automatic spending increases for Govt Depts …But keep sponnong because for some reason these sheeple think you are infomed . There has been massive spending increases my friend you dont need trillion dollar debt limit increases if you arent spending money . That is common sense . Obama has increased the debt and deficit ( there is a difference sheeple ) more in 4 yrs then all the other Presidents have in the history of the Country . Obama has increased unemployment with his anti Capitalism agenda to record levels for a record number of years and they call this a recovery ? That is why we have massive spending on entitlements . For every job Obama has created 75 people have entered the ranks of those dependent on Govt ..Theres your spending

          • joeham1 says:

            Dominick. The CBO report jan 4 2013 says the fiscal cliff deal made on the so called “Balanced Approach” to cutting the deficit added 4 trillion more to the national debt. Had they let all the tax cuts expire the 2013 deficit would have been 640 Billion. Since our President refused to cut any spending at all, the deficit goes up 4 trillion more. Every penny Bush spent for the wars and presciption drug bill and so on, was counted DURING his term. You keep saying that somehow it wasn’t counted and now Obama had to. That is simply not true.

            Now when it comes to raising the debt limit, the President DOES NOT want to negotiate spending cuts, he just wants it raised! However in his own words when he was Senator he said “it is unpatriotic to raise the debt ceiling and it hurts our children” The hypocrisy is shocking.

            I realize your adoration for the president. I just hope you can someday be fairminded and see the damage the entitlement policies, health care bill and spending policies will and are doing. We can blame bush til the cows come home. 4 years later there is no transparency, The unemployment rate is the same as it was when he took office, we have no answers on how we left an embassy unprotected, why we sold 1,500 untracked guns to the drug cartel, why poverty is up over 6%, why the pipeline was cancelled, and so on.

            Our countries problems were created by both parties and can only be solved by both parties. The President promised a Balanced Appoach to cutting the deficit and it turned out to be a tax increase that the GOP agreed to and no spending cuts. This deal should outrage the country. Instead, people like you make comments about how great his speech was or how he cares!

            Instead of demonizing the right, open your eyes to the fact that he is no better than the right!

          • right on Joeham but they will probably tune you out ..Facts logic common sense and the truth scare and confuse thesse sheeple …be careful they might stampede . Ever been caught in a sheeple stampede? It’s scary

          • joeham1 says:

            It’s sad. Without these drones being at least a little fair minded, they will let anything Obama does go without question. That along with the media bias puts our country is real danger.

            They aren’t smart enough to realize that the only obstruction the GOP is doing is trying to curb Obamas insane spending. Somehow it has become radical to want to lower the deficit!! God help us!

          • He already acts and rules as a DICK Tater what make you think he doesnt want to be KING also …you make no logical sense

          • You Sure You Not Gay You Sure Like To Use A Lot Of Dicks In Your Post??? No Problem We Voted For Your Rights Also!!! And Soon You Will Be Able To Get Married Here Then MOVE!!

          • Bill says:

            Ooh when you true believers write such witty comments like “DICK Tater” Ijust want to change my vote to the Mitty boy cuz then I wouldn’t have to write anything factual. When you true believers write about impeachment I do get a laugh. You never provide provable facts to back up your assertions. Your guy lost accept it.

            4 MORE YEARS

        • Sand_Cat says:

          I guess you can’t hear yourself.

          All of the ignorance here seems to be in your posts, along with delusions and other symptoms of mental illness.

    • It is disgusting, but considering other things that are taking place, it is a minor irritant that is likely to backfire in the future.
      What is really dangerous is the redistricting efforts that are in progress in several states with Republican controlled legislatures. Efforts to award all electoral votes based majorities in each individual district are designed to give equal voice to sparsely populated rural areas over densely populated districts. The GOP understands that Mitt Romney would have won if their latest proposal had been in place last year, and they are gearing up to ensure Hillary Clinton does not win in 2016.
      Take, for example, what happened in Florida and Virginia, two states that went blue in November. The overwhelming majority of districts in Northern Florida, the Panhandle, and parts of Central Florida, voted Republican. The state electoral college vote was awarded to President Obama because the densely populated South Florida, and densely populated parts of Central Florida voted for Obama. The same is true for Virginia, whose vote was decided, mostly, by Northern Virginia.
      If the GOP gets its way, it will not matter who most Americans vote for, but how districts vote in each state. This Machiavellian concept will allow districts with a couple of thousands residents to have the same weight as a district with a million residents!
      The Republican logic is simple: if you can’t win fair and square you cheat!

      • These People Are Sick This Too Will Blow Back Up In Their Nasty Lying Little Faces!!!

        • Hopefully, the Democratic party is paying attention and doing something to offset the GOP strategy. Otherwise, this will guarantee permanent Republican control of the White House.

          • Yes Their Working On This Now It’s A Damn Shame That Lying , Cheating And Stealing Plus Witch Hunting To The Only Way, The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells, Choose To Win The Election They Are End!! It’s Just More Nails They Are Putting In Their Own Coffins!! Most Of The American People Said Enough Is Enough!!

          • So from what you say Fern , You , like your DICK TaTER dont care about the Constitution ” What Difference does it make ” right ? The GOP wins elections the old fashioned way . The truth . They dont buy the support of Public Unions and those on Welfare on the backs of the Tax Payers like the Muslim Brotherhood Socialist DEMONRATS . They also dont have to resort to Vote fraud like the Dems …You do realize that BaROKE did not win a single State that requires voter ID …hmm but that doesnt bother unethical Hypocritical Sheeple like you does it ?

          • Sand_Cat says:


          • everyone knows you are even other libtards

          • Jerry Beck says:

            Michael====take a Stroll….lmao.

          • LOL Good One Jerry He Wont Cause He’s A STALKER!! LOL

          • STALKER RAPIST AND NO DOUBT A WOMAN BEATER!! LOL Go Do Your Daily Blow Job!!

          • Everybody Now Know Why You Always STALKING ME Cause I Turn Down Your Dumb ASS!!! The Proof In In The Back National Memo Whick I Keep In A File!!! LOL Remember Michael ” We Can Meet Up And Ride Our Bikes Together And This One I Bet You’re Good In Bed” LOL Stop Talking To Me Stop STALKING ME I Don’t Want You!!! GET IT!!!

          • Damn Low Life Rapist!! And Stalker!!


          • neeceoooo says:

            Hi there, Fern, I see the troll is back.

          • Yes Trolling And Stalking As Always!! LOL Look Under His Posting Nobody Like A Damn Thing He Say Cause It’s The Same Old Stupid Dumb Stuff!!! LOL

          • You Tried Your Best To Get With This Racist!! LOL

          • V says:

            Here is a classic example of a liberal debate tactic. If the facts aren’t on your side just debase the opponent. Micheal this goes for you as well, we can do without mindless name calling. Let’s stick to the arguments at hand.

          • Since You Want To Be The Ref Just Tell Him To Stop Talking To Me!! That Will Solve The Name Calling Get Rid Of The Pesty Trolls I Don’t Care To Hear The Lies!! Now If You Want To Ref Then Ref!! LOL

          • Bill says:

            Thank you for a sane and rational reply. Name calling on either side is a waste of effort and time. I will disagree that only liberals debase their opponent, jsut read comments from Obozomustgo, onedonewrong, 13observer and others from your side.
            V the facts about voter fraud display which side tried to limit the amount of voters in the last election.

          • You Do You !! And I’m Going To Do Me!! GET IT!!! I Stated What I Had To Say!! Trolls Attacking Me WILL GET THEIR ASSES RIPPED A NEW ASSHOLE!!! GET IT NOW MIND YOUR BUSINESS !!

          • Jerry Beck says:

            Oh come on,”GOP wins elections the old fashioned way”what? Like the last one? And I have yet to see ANY widespread voter fraud. Just another made up issue from Fox none news.The last group that demanded voter ID’s for elections was the KKK,have we gone that far backwards?

          • Are you retarded ? Americans have been clamoring for voter ID for decades . The last election in which 59 precincts on Philly didnt have a single Romney vote prove to any reasoning person there was massive vote fraud . stick your head in the sand if you want . Hey Your wearing a NAvy suit doesnt it bother you that every time the DEMs run out of money they threaten to cut off Military pay and seniors benefits and not their own ?Does it bother you that there were Fls counties that had over 100% voter turnout ( No countyb in America has ever even had 100% turnout ) In Fla there were several and one had 148% turnout ….Thats a lot of dead people voting Dem …stay thirsty my sheeple friends and keep drinking the Kool aid …nothing to see here just baa baa and move along …By the way most of the KKK were and are DEMS . You had an active member as a Senator for decades …Hypocrites

          • ococoob says:

            Your wrong, Stoll. Wasn’t it the Republicans, not the Dems that just voted down the Veterans Jobs bill last September, eh?

          • He’s A Liar You Are Just Wasting Your Time!! He’s Pitiful!!

          • Betta says:

            See Michael, the people on this site are mostly those getting the freebies that the rest of us have to pay for. If I could sit on my ass at home, like Fern, and collect free medical care, food stamps, a check and a free bamaphone, I’d probably want to keep that going too.

            We know by Fern’s vile ghetto language that she is not a professional. I mean, if one can’t write a sentence without capitalizing each and every word, something is not clicking and credibility is a complete fail. And then for her to say somebody has been hitting on her on this board sounds more like schizophrenia to me.

            Somethin’ ain’t right.


          • hilandar1000 says:

            Hey, boy, you really should refrain from calling other people “retarded” before you embarrass yourself further. You have some MAJOR misinformation there. All studies that have done research into the subject of voter fraud have found nothing whatsoever of any significance. If you’d read more carefully, you would know that the discrepancy in voter turnout was due to the fact that poll workers had counted the number of pages in the ballot — not the number of voters. Also, better check your sources on which party wants to cut military and senior benefits. (Hint) — it’s not the GOP. Republicans even sent our warriors off to Iraq without providing adequate body and vehicle armor — saying it was too expensive. Dems have been wanting voter ID laws for decades??? — You’ve got to be kidding! All that legislation was introduced fairly recently — all by republican sponsors. Regarding the KKK — unless you go back to the 1930’s and 40’s, you won’t find any democrats associated with the KKK. If you had been in attendance on the first day of your history class, you would KNOW that there was a switch in the two party’s approach to civil rights over 50 – 60 years ago. The only one you could mention was a senator who is dead — and he changed his attitude toward civil rights over 50 years ago, and subsequently became a staunch advocate of civil rights. Surely we don’t need to mention the recent republican candidates who changed their minds on various issues — (I’m assuming you watched the debates — plenty of examples of changes of attitude there on the GOP side). Boyo, you’d better get yourself some good sources of information because those you’ve been using have not served you well. You’ve got some heavy studying to do if you ever want to be taken seriously.

          • The Old Fashion Way Like Lying Stealing And Cheating!!! LOL Old Thug Ass Crooks!!! LOL

          • Lynda says:

            Michael Stoll, the Constitution gives the power of recess appointments to the President. It has nothing to do with ‘DICK TaTER.’ The argument will be addressed by the Supreme Court. They will most likely side with the administration since it is obvious that Congress has been playing games with the system. All of the members are at home except for a couple who open and close the doors for a couple of momemts to appear as if in session. Both parties have done so, so this is not entirely a one sided problem. That is the discussion…not dictatorship. Please pay attention and put aside your fear, hate and distrust of our form of government…it is bad for you.

          • joeham1 says:

            Michael…most of the people on The National Obama Memo don’t care about the truth. Obama can bring the deficit up to 100 trillion and they will still say he is trying to fix the country. They are sheep. It’s sad! Be careful of Fern. If she doesn’t like what you say she will swear like a sailor because she has no answers!

          • Bill says:

            And Joe you just use very cordial and rational language in your comments. You are guilty of name calling, just calling the National Memo the National Obama Memo is an example. Noone stops you from writing on this site, do they?

            You can call me whatever you want I was born in this country, served during Vietnam, been a taxpayer for 40+ years and PROUDLY voted to re-elect President Obama for 4 MORE YEARS. Your name calling doesn’t prove anything nor does it intimidate anyone here. You want to argue, present facts not just assertions. I also love the way you true believers state that we follow our Messiah, DICK Tater (M Stoll’s wtticism), Tryant or God. Do you want to talk about fanaticism, not one of you true believers have ever given the president any credit. Just check how the stock market has done for the last 4 years.

          • Bet They Don’t Attack You Cause They Are Just Punks! Who Like To Jump On Women!!!

          • joeham1 says:

            Bill I really don’t understand some of what your saying. It may be cute or whatever but what the heck are you talking about “True Believer” Why do you mentally cripple people always turn any comment into some wierd right vs left crap or your not intimidating anyone bull?

            Let me make it real clear: in the last 30 years all the past Presidents besides Clinton and Reagan sucked. Between Clinton and Reagan they created over 47 million jobs.
            This isn’t a right or left thing. Bush was horrible for sure.

            Here’s some facts. Let’s see if you are just a puppet or if you can see through the blind fold.

            How do you feel about the supposed “Balanced Approach” to reduce the deficit. The President campaigned for over a year on that theme. In the end we got 660 billion in taxes and 4 trillion in new deficits. (CBO REPORT Jan 4 2013)

            1) Did the President Lie?
            2) Why won’t he compromise?
            3) Do you understand why the GOP doesn’t trust him?

            How bout Benghazi Mr. vienam vet, Knowing they had no protection and knowing the British and even the freakin red croos left. Why did they not protect them? Are you Ok with that?

            Fast and Furious. 1,500 ASSUALT rifles sold to the mexican gun cartel without tracking any of them. 18 months after the investigation the President call exectutive priveledge and hides the evidence on the program. Any Comment?

            a 3 year study on the oil pipeline from canada and a possible 20,000 jobs and the President cancels it. Knowing it would lower gas price some, and knowing the country wanted it. It that OK with you?

            Poverty is up over 6% under Obama, are you ok with that?

            Are you seeing a pattern yet?

          • Bill says:

            Michael as I stated in an earlier comment the states that tried to change voting laws right before the last election were Fla, Mi, Wi, Oh and Pa. All these states are controlled by Republican legislature and governors. They were blocked by the courts from trying to restrict the amount of people who wanted to vote. To deny this you couldn’t have paid any attention to the media (TV, radio or the press) but I know the Fox people paly a different version of what’s real and what’s not.

            Again I will leave you with 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS and 4 MORE YEARS

          • Typical right wing pointless babble. Why don’t you trolls at least go bother to study the Constitution and the facts before you come here and throw your crap around. Its the same old FOX “points” that have been circulating before Obama’s first election. Face it, your guy lost and you are all losers!

          • You make some very good arguments, except when your rhetoric gets in the way. I enjoy reading your posts, because they are usually spot on, except that your shrieking sometimes becomes too shrill.

          • Like Your Getting In The Way Now !!! Mind Your Own Business Fool Just Mind Your Own Business I Don’t Mind Going H.A.M. So Mind Your Own Business!!!

          • Bill says:

            Fern we are with you, don’t let those true believer right wingers upset you. Just ask them to prove the inane comments. I also like reading your comments

          • Thank You!! I Wish They Would Just Leave Me Alone!!!

          • Lynda says:

            I agree with you Robert. Fern is very often spot on in her analysis and upon occassions over the top with the snark. Perhaps she did not realize the compliment paid.

          • Sorry Lynda When You Get Attack From All Sides I Tend To In Defense Mode!! LOL

          • RetREMF says:

            Yes Their Working On This Now!! It’s A Damn Shame That Lying , Cheating And Stealing Plus Witch Hunting Is The Only Way, The Democratic/Obama Campaign Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells, Choose To Win Elections !! It’s Just More Nails They Are Putting In Their Own Coffins!! Most Of The American People Said Enough Is Enough!!

          • Copycat Lying Bitch!!

          • RetREMF says:

            Typical of the left.

          • Typical Women Hating ASSHOLE!!

          • RetREMF says:

            Wow such an extensive vocabulary you have. And powers of discernment. I’m impressed.


          • RetREMF says:

            Hater? Get a grip. And quit answering.

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim is finding out he’s not above the law. Twice he has sworn to uphold the constitution. Twice he lied!!

          • RetREMF says:

            Who controls the White House? Hopefully, the Republican party is paying attention and doing something to offset the Democrats strategy. Otherwise, this will guarantee permanent Democrat control of the White House.

          • Polly Want A Cracker?? Lying Ass Bitch!! Parrot Sounding ASSHOLE!! Maybe You Should Try To Get Yourself A Life Along With A Job!! BITCH!!

          • RetREMF says:

            Hypocritical but typical from the left. So much for civil discourse. What was it Obama said in the inaugural about name calling? Oh but I suppose that just applies to those with whom you disagree?

          • Hypocritical Lying Bastards!! STOP PUSHING MY REPLY BUTTON I DON’T CARE TO HEAR YOUR LIES!!! The Election Is Over And Obama WON GET OVER IT OR MOVE!!! PLEASE STOP TALKING TO ME!!!

          • RetREMF says:

            Hypocritical really? So you and your ilk did not call for civility or end to name calling? You do know the meaning of the word civility don’t you? But I guess you missed that part of the inaugural address where your president that OBAMA won called for an end to the name calling. Or that’s all you know how to do – scream, yell and call people names.


          • RetREMF says:

            Quit answering. I think you’re stalking me. And you certainly have no grip on reality as evidenced by your rants and characterizations.

            Name-calling doesn’t work btw.

          • RetREMF says:

            stop answering.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            She won’t stop. But it has been interesting to see you try to reason with Fern. You see, many of the posters on this site [that are more to the left] will permit Ms Fern to say whatever she wants. And they like her. And, yet, they call those like you [and myself] names and say we’re nasty right wingers, conservative crap. And things like that.
            No, you will not get through to this Fern individual. Don’t let it bother you. I am not sure how far upstairs the elevator goes with that one. EXCEPT – I suspect she is much more literate than she lets on and that she’s going for effect with many of her postings. Just to get a rise out of folks. I have seen her post some articulate writings from time to time. Makes me wonder…..

          • RetREMF says:

            Maybe not so amazingly hypocritical is the call from the left and its leader to cease the name-calling and engage in meaningful dialogue. Her tactics are not atypical and unfortunately intimidate far too many. And it is obvious she just must have the last word. A complex of some sort. She like many on the left believe that just because they say something it is necessarily so.

            The lack of depth is reflected by the fact that many times the subject of the rant and name-calling is interchangeable with themselves or their position. For example one poster said, “Still more obstructionist activity by the GOP” and yet one could easily and accurately replace GOP with Democrats. How many votes in the Senate has Reid OBSTRUCTED ??

            And relevant to this article, it was Harry Reid who designed and implemented Pro Forma sessions of the Senate to obstruct the then President’s ability to make ‘recess appointments’. Now it has backfired because the Senate did not technically recess and there was no (required) concurrence from the House.

          • RetREMF says:

            Hopefully, the Republican party is paying attention and doing something to offset the Democratic strategy. Otherwise, this will guarantee permanentDemocratic control of the White House.

            A ruling on “recess appts” will guarantee control of the WH? sheeesh.

          • RetREMF says:

            Hopefully, the Republican party is paying attention and doing something to offset the Democratic strategy. Otherwise, this will guarantee permanentDemocratic control of the White House.

            A ruling on “recess appts” will guarantee control of the WH? sheeesh.


          • RetREMF says:

            I guess you’ve never heard of caps lock. Have a rational person look at the dialogue. Who’s trying to bully whom? Other’s may be intimidated by your agressiveness, name-calling, hollerin and foul mouth but I’m not. As the record shows you are the only one “trying to keep up shit.”

          • Guess You Never Heard Of GO FUCK YOURSELF????

          • RetREMF says:

            ooooooooooooh, you’re really scary.

          • Why The Fuck Don’t You Go Stalk Somebody Else ASSHOLE!!

        • Sunshine says:

          Yes it will!

        • lana ward says:

          No one is above the law, except for omuslim

      • Unbeleivable ..DICK Tater BaROKE Obama does something totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL and all you SHEEPLE can worry about is how to blame someone else . What , Bush wasn’t available and you already used You Tube ? Why dont they just say Obama caught one of those mysterious CONCUSSIONS that seem to conveniently be plagueing DemonRATS these days ..Obama has taught you your Sith tricks well . Never worry about what you do that’s UNCOSTITUTIONAL just blame someone else …Great example for your children by the way ..Dont you people find it odd that your MESSIAH does something UNCONSTITUTIONAL and instead of being PATRIOT Americans you are more concerned that he was stopped and now you and your Media want to affix blame ..Why dont you affix it where it belongs…with your Messiah …Have you all been completely Brainwashed ? Do you have any ability to think independently ?

        • Sand_Cat says:

          That “dictator” won the election, despite the efforts of delusional neo-fascists such as yourself to rig the vote in numerous states. And it’s only morons like you who make him LOOK like a “messiah.” None of the adults here are stupid enough to regard him as such. And you obviously haven’t the faintest clue what a “PATRIOT” is. But then, maybe a PATRIOT is different from a patriot.

          • It was your side that rigged the election . Romney won every State with voter Id moron . Your guy had 148% voter turnout in a Fla County and 59 precincts in philly without a single Romney vote . That is a Statistical impossibility . Your party sponsors ACORN who was known for voter fraud …How many of their members are in Jail for voter fraud ….Nothing to see if your good sheeple just go baa baa and look away

          • neeceoooo says:

            What have you been taking, or maybe you forgot to take it. Romney won nothing, NOTHING.

          • In His Tea Bagging Brain Dead Mind!! LOL

          • ococoob says:

            Stoll, cite your sources please, if you have any.

          • The GOP Got Caught With Election Fraud 5 Times Before Any Votes Were Made!! It Can Easily Be Fact Checked!! It Was All On The News!! They Even Had A Girl Going Around Saying She Up Signing Up People To Vote But Only If They Voted For Romney!!! It’s All On FILM Or VIDEO!! LOL They Hurried Up And Fired The Hell Out Of Her!! LOL

        • The first recess appointment was made by George Washington in 1795 when he appointed Justice Rutledge Chief Justice. Successive presidents, including Dwight Eisenhower (Eagleberger) appointed people to Federal positions throughout our history. Courts of appeals upheld those decisions…until Barack Obama tried to emulate former presidents.
          President George W. Bush made 171 recess appointments, and nobody blinked an eye. The same goes for George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

          • That’s because Bush’s appointments had prior Bi partisan support and when he didn’t he relented and took back some of those appointments at the time . You see he cared about all America and how it would play out and that is why Bush’s appointments are and were a non issue . Same for Clinton . In Obama you have a DICK tater who thinks he is above America and the Constitution and he appointed people NO American should want

          • 53% of Americans voted for Barack Obama because we support his agenda and record, and because we reject the solutions proposed by the GOP because of the dismal results those policies have produced in the past.

        • Jerry Beck says:

          Let me get this straight,President Obama does this and its UNCONSTITUTIONAL,all the president from 1867 to 2004 have done it 285 times,both D & R’s ! All this was is the big bussiness useing the Republicans to fight the unions. You sir,need to read just a touch more history. I find your tirade above to be laughable.

          • As I just pointed out above it seems you do . You dont even remember what happened in the Clinton and Bush years …Please dont embarass yourself take that uniformn off traitor . Read the Constitution

          • neeceoooo says:

            I do believe that the research should be in your hands Mr. Troll. The facts are there but you do have to check the correct sources and not your usual Fox news.

          • Anna says:

            Michael, how does it feel standing out there all by yourselves with no one backing you up? The people have spoken and it sure wasn’t for Romney!

        • charleo1 says:

          Does Polly want a cracker? You sound like a damn parrot.

      • When the DNC let the 2010 election get away from them by failing to follow-up on the 2008 victory, and thus lost the House majority to the foundling Tea Party, they should have realized that it is important to get more than just the President elected. Those Republicans who won state legislatures in 2010 compounded their victory by being allowed to be the ones to redraw voting districts, based upon the 2010 Census, something whatever party is in control of the legislature takes pleasure in doing as it sometimes has the added benefit of making it just that much more difficult for the opposition to regain power. Both parties do it, and will continue to do it, until the Constitution is changed, which will not happen any time soon. The solution is simple, as someone on this forum suggested just a few weeks ago. Voting districts should be constructed of regular geometric shapes, each containing approximately 600,000 voters, or whatever number that is found to be the appropriate proportion of the state’s population for each representative.

      • ococoob says:

        I agree with you Dominick. It’s unfair representation of the people. It’s a disgrace and appalling that the GOP are resorting to this. Get ready for the 2014 and 2016 elections. Send out the troops and stop this from happening.

      • RetREMF says:

        You obviously haven’t read any of the briefs, any of the rulings, or can’t comprehend what you read. It’s real simple. The president doesn’t get to decide what a recess is or when it begins.

    • Jerry Beck says:

      You know,I think its time for the GOP to just go away like the wigs and do nothings of the 1800’s. They just keep trying everything they can to make this administration fail. Time we got rid og them.

      • You Got That Right My Friend Let’s Send Them The Way Of The Dodos And The Whigs!!!! Come 2014 And Beyond!! VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE They Will Be Only In The History Books They Way They Going!!!!

    • ococoob says:

      Me too, Lisztman.

    • RetREMF says:

      Disgusted? Disgusted because the framers had experience with monarchs and sought to limit their power? Or disgusted because of the separation of powers? Or disgusted because this president does not get to unilaterally decide what constitutes a recess and when Congress and more specifically the Senate is in one?

      Read a brief, the rulings, and the reasons for them.

      • Bill says:

        So since you are a true believer of the Founding Fathers and their constitution you will be against a number of states trying to change the way the Electoral College votes are given to the winner of a state’s popular vote (I know 2 states do it differently). Do you?

        As for the “recesses” in question there was no legislation or nominations dealt with and they lasted a very short time. This issue is over.

        • RetREMF says:

          No nominations??? What?

          The issue is not over. And certainly not cuz you say so. Headed for the Supreme Court where Roberts gets a second chance.

      • Lisztman says:

        I am disgusted in that, time and again, appointees who are subject to Senate confirmation languish in a limbo created by Senate unwillingness to vote on said appointees. That the Senate minority uses filibusters to push aside what should be a simple yea/nay vote on a given appointee.

        Hearings and votes on appointees should be a relatively simple matter. Senate rules permit an almost-permanent “hold” status on Executive appointees. For no reason other than to make life difficult for the Chief Executive. I’m disgusted.

        • RetREMF says:

          And Senate Majority Leader Reid devised and implemented the strategy of Pro Forma sesssions to block recess appointments which has now backfired on him. Congress is free to rewrite the Constitution if it wishes and is able.

          The President does not get to decide what a recess is or when one occurs. And unlike a pouty adolescent he doesn’t get his way just because he doesn’t like the rules.

    • joeham1 says:

      WOW!!! Doesn’t hating the GOP get old? It’s amazing that even when the President does something completely unconstitutional you can somehow find a way to blame someone else?

      Incredible! Who do you blame for the supposed Balanced Approach deal to REDUCE THE DEFICIT. The deal raised taxes 660 Billion and increased the deficit 4 trillion! (CBO REPORT JAN 4 2013)

      It that the GOP’s fault too! When will you drones realize that both parties suck and you’ve been duped!

    • fuzzball7 says:

      Keep in mind that if the Congress is technically in session and a congressmen does not report to the floor there is a law that they are docked a days pay. I hope that is enforced too. Since its inception, it has never been enforced. Remember congressmen are there for the perks and the money NOT for you.

  4. Where were these judges when former President Bush did exactly the same thing time and again? Conservatives only remember the Constitution, our laws, and moral values when Democrats try to emulate them, and when laws do not support their agenda. Hopefully they understand that the new standards will apply to them in the future…if a Republican is elected President by future generations of Americans.

  5. frida says:

    If the White House will place their appeal to the Supreme Court, am quite confident they will win.

    • carsrus says:

      WE, the PEOPLE WIN as Obama goes down in fireballs!

      • Bill says:

        Please cars you do not represent “We the People” any more than I do. The people spoke in the last election, you lost. 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS and 4 MORE YEARS.

  6. Are you kidding me, are even the court rulings now based on if your republican or Democrat. All the judges were Republican, throw the ruling out because nothing was violated here. Just typical Republican idiots who will stop at nothing, even using court rulings, to undermine Obama. What a disgrace that party has become!!!!!!!!

  7. feeeo says:

    What about all the recess appointments of past Republican presidents?

  8. carsrus says:

    Our Great Constitution………….UPHELD! The beginning of the END for this dictator’s over-reaching and next will be null and voiding the unconstitutional recess appointment of Cordray!NO one man is above our Constitution, even if he “spits” on it daily, as does this vile, marxist-muslim SHILL!

    • magic2114 says:

      Carsrus, your opinions are yours to express. But why do you have to be so disrespectful ? After all, he is our president, which also includes you..

      • Amelia67 says:

        Disrespectful? He’s simply a sick, ill-informed puppy who has no idea of what he’s talking about. He and his type are doing incalculable damage to this country when they support the obstructionist Republicans no matter what. Sick, really sick.

        Uhm, this was supposed to be a reply to magic2114’s reply to carsrus. Don’t know how it ended up here. Sorry.

      • ALTreality says:

        Please don’t feed the Trolls. People resort to name-calling when their arguments can’t hold water and they don’t have the ability to frame a rational, intellectual rebuttal. A marxist-muslim? REALLY?!?

      • ococoob says:

        Just SHUN these people. Ignore them.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Of course, recess appointments made under the same conditions by former presidents will also become null and void, perhaps eliminating legislation passed by Republicans under no longer legitimate appointees. As you say, no presidency is above the constitution, not even a Republican’s.

      • carsrus says:

        No, because NONE of those were challenged, bozo! Only democRAT president’s THINK they are above the law’s of the land!

    • charleo1 says:

      Oh dry up!

      • Bill says:

        Charles either carsrus is copying other true believer word usage or he is one person with multiple email id’s. Bozo democRAT were used by Obozomustgo or as he is formally known as Bozo the Idiot. They can’t come up with anything factual or real so they show their creative intellect (sic) by creating new name for Democrats or President Obama.

  9. insbuysrv says:

    This seems like a narrow technical application of the principal of Constitutionality. One would hope cooler heads would prevail on appeal since this process of recess appointments has become commonplace for both Republicans and Democrats. To invalidate and the recent decisions of the NLRB and render it unable to function can’t be in any but anti union extremist’s interest.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Anti-union measures have dominated the Republican play card of late. This latest trick will help the consequences of their initiatives in this regard come to light. Many Red state, low-information Republican voters may wonder about this position when their wages are further depressed and more benefits vanish. It will be up to Democrats to connect the dots, so they can recognize which party is actually behind their lowering living standards.

      Even more consequential matters may now occur, if Democrats insist that Republican recess appointments ALSO come under similar review, invalidating the work of boards during the Bush era, when Republican appointees gutted useful regulations and otherwise did the bidding of rich Republicans, corporations, and financial institutions. Let’s see how they would like to have these appointments and their directives invalidated.

  10. charleo1 says:

    Besides the blanket obstruction of Republican’s efforts to thwart the will of the people of the
    United States in all matters. No where is the politics of the Right more onerous, and obstructive
    than their wholesale attack on the Rights of American Labor. For all their condemnations of
    what they see as a growing welfare state, no organization, neither public, nor private, has done
    more to necessitate the growth of public dependence on the Government than the Republican
    Party itself. So, it is fitting that this case, on the very institution that serves as a watchdog of the
    corporate, on the behalf of the workers of this Country, would find no sympathetic ears in a
    partisan court. Clearly the Senate was only technically kept in session to purposefully prevent
    the President of carrying out the duties of his office as described by law. So then, we may
    conclude the Court is complicit in making an ass of the law.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Let’s see what happens on appeal. Each of these Republican sleights-of-hand offers Democrats a teaching moment: we learn what we are up against and can immediately begin countermeasures. We can make widely known what has occurred and its consequences, no matter what the Supreme Court’s ruling, in this case, for example. Surely, moderate Republican and Independent voters will recognize the threat to unions and wages represented by this attempt to disable not only the National Labor Relations Board but also the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

      If journalists and activists do their jobs, we will all have a lot to do in the run-up to future elections. Republicans will paint themselves as more and more obstructionist in the eyes of voters, while Democrats can fine-tune better and better an election juggernaut to put responsible Democrats in office in the Courts, House, Senate, and ultimately even the Executive branch. The demographics that will ensure future victories in elections point to an instinctive rejection of these Republican antics and their wealthy candidates, along with the xenophobia, misogyny, religious intolerance, and paranoia that have become hallmarks of the Republican brand.

      • charleo1 says:

        From your pen, to God’s ears. And I love your optimism. Positive people are winners.
        And the negative nay sayers, always lose out in the end.

        • sigrid28 says:

          This has been a week of dispiriting acts by Democrats in the Senate, refusing to defang the filibuster; Republicans in state legislatures, threatening to end the electoral college as we know it; and Republican judges in Washington, D.C., lobbing another gratuitous attack on the president–and by extension–our freedoms. Just this once, maybe progressives can regroup a little by adopting a remedy popularized by self-help guru Tony Robbins. He counsels those who have survived life-altering harm, whether they be recovering from gun shot wounds, bankruptcy, or PTSD, to start by imagining for themselves “a compelling future.” This comes easier to hopeful liberals than it does to bitter, low-information Republicans whose minds are occupied by racism and fear.

  11. MS says:

    If the White House disagrees with this, as Jay Carney states, what do they intend to do about it. Where are the legal safeguards in this administration. Where is Eric Holder and what is being done to counter this move by republicans?

  12. Douglas Drake says:

    Ok so Obama disregards the constitutional laws and appoints people when he shouldn’t have, but you attack the GOP… Yeah its their fault, really? And since the Senate it a majority of Obama own party, what give? Oh that darn old constitution, we should just burn it..

    • DurdyDawg says:

      You’re an idiot.

    • hilandar1000 says:

      Yes, indeed, it is the fault of republican obstructionism. They have held up an unprecedented number of confirmations in various agencies of the government. If the constitution is so important to you and your ilk, how do you explain the fact that Bush made 171 recess appointments, while Obama has made only 32 during his time in office? The law, if it is fair and just, has the job of looking at precedents that have been set, and applying the laws equally, without prejudice toward any one political party.

  13. hilandar1000 says:

    Seems we are going to have to start calling for the impeachment of judges who clearly engage in partisan politics as these three have done. This is ridiculous. Clinton made 139 recess appointments and Bush made 171. Obama has made only 32 recess appointments. If the republican obstructionists would spend as much time doing the work they were sent to Washington to do, instead of spending their time figuring out loopholes they can use to obstruct the legitimate business of the Obama administration, we might have a government that works again. I’m all for the two party system, but the new brand of republicans is a poor excuse for a political party who wants to work for the good of the people of this nation.

  14. It is unbelievable the lengths the Republican Party will go to disrupt anything that President Obama is trying to do to move our nation forward. This is becoming more and more sickening, I wrote before that the Republican Party are the enemy within, they are out of touch with the plight of normal America and at every turn want to destroy everything America is built on. It comes down to one or two things either, the Republican party are so far up the backside of big business and can’t see the harm they’re doing to the American People or they can’t stand to see an African American Man and President succeed in doing what few White Presidents have failed to do run the country with the American Peoples best interest in the forefront of their decisions.

  15. Republicans won’t stop until all of American workers are nothing more than slaves to the wealthy. The GOP is an evil entity that needs to be abolished.

  16. You joeham1 are ignorant to the destruction of the American worker being done by the republican demons. Your too blind to see what is happening to the American workers right under your nose. Keep on worshiping these greed mongers until their is noting left in your life and then perhaps you will WAKE UP.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Barbara, it is virtually impossible to wake up dead dogs. These troglodytes have no humanity when it comes to this nation, only their self interest agendas. Maybe they should be treated as illegal aliens and be deported to a deserted island where they can finally be the clone kings that they accuse Obama of being. Sounds like a bad case of jealousy to me.

  17. The only one blind here is you, Fern is right, they are like a terrorist group terrorizing the American way of life of normal American folk. There will be no going forward if the Republican Party keep dragging us back or stopping progress at every turn in the name of the Constitution. Republicans on the right have brought out the playbook of confusion in order to twist things the way they see it and it’s wrong. The only confused and lost Americans are them and those who believe and high five their obstructionism.

  18. And the fact that the constitution was written to protect the rights of all Americans yet is ignored by the republican party is not a violation of the constitution?

  19. geewilly says:

    Sad day in America when politics stops us from being a working country. Obstruction is disgusting and will get us no where. One party rule (like Dick Cheney’s desire) will turn us into a 3rd world dictatorship. Good luck kids .. hope you have a future in America.

  20. DurdyDawg says:

    ” Find out how this helps Republican obstruction.”

    Just another loser tool to piss on the American public in the on-going neocon effort to get the black man out of office. These squid deserves to be on an unemployment line. F***ing pathetic losers. PLEASE! Somebody gag McConnell with a bucket of his own manure.

  21. ivory69690 says:

    Meanwhile, the U.S. is experiencing record high corporate profits along with record low worker wages.//// see its just a way the GOP ding-dongs can screw the unions and the ppl. while giving the money to the greedy bastard rich . and you cant tell me that the GOP is not getting any kind of kick backs check all them for off shore accounts

  22. Enrique823 says:

    Hussan knew he was cheating when he did it.

  23. TSB says:

    It’s quite obvious the republicans can and will do anything to prevent progress in America! When will they go ever away?

  24. JUDITH says:

    But I guess it’s ok to call a vote as they did during the inauguration and managed to pass it with – oh, surprise! the two missing members at the inauguration.

  25. S-3 says:

    When can we shoot these repugs i power, already? They need to just die and have their corpses shoved out of the way.

  26. newsdelight says:

    Was this the GOP’s ace-in-the-hole, during the election? If not, why was this not brought up, last summer, when it happened? This is, somewhat, after the facts.

  27. More cover up for what they did last week while Obama was being sworn in that was un constitutional as well .Those republicans are getting good at sneaking in lie’s and getting what they can’t get legal .A bunch of hyped out nark’s .And all three judges were republicans they are trying to ruin their own self dummie’s .

  28. Newborn says:

    The Party of No is always at function, everybody knows that.

  29. JSquercia says:

    The courts are no longer a place where one could honestly express hope for a redress of wrongs .Thanks to the Republicans they are merely another arm of partisan politics .This coupled with the recent Red states changing the allocation of electoral votes to enable Republicans to win the majority of electors in spite of losing the popular vote scares the hell out of me . I thought we had one man one vote but it looks as if the republicans have cancelled that .

  30. So this means that since the congress filibustered the appointments of the NLRB in the first place, that was legal, and appointing some one to help run the government agency until the congress returned is not? Sheesh…Get rid of the republicans who are in office now and replace them so this will not happen again. Revolt is just around the corner, civil war is approaching us fast because of the republican leadership.

  31. Mitch McConnell is out of there in 2014 anyone its time to show them that they are to represent us not the corporations

  32. onedonewong says:

    Obama was upset and rightly so…as he has said on many occasions the Constitution is just a dam piece of paper and doesn’t apply to him. He’s a constitutional lawyer you know who majored in air guitar at Harvard and won his law degree in a cracker jack box

  33. bchrista says:

    Hey Michael Stoll and Joe Ham1 you two are about as traitoriou bastards as has ever stepped on this earth, the President gets tired of asholes like McConell sitting on appointments he asked the Senate and Congress to approve so that the country keeps moving and I am pretty sure benefits you guys as well as the rest of the country and all you assholes can do is call him names but when these same Republicans are changing voting districts and making sure that the country will only have one party, you might as well throw away the voting system because in the future the only party that can make laws for the people of this country because there will only be the Republicans and you two assholes approve of that, well I wish you luck because by that time you better start learning to speak Chinese bescause they will sure as hell move in and take over. Thanks to the 1% Rich bastards that have slowly been selling out country and staching their money overseas, Oh and don’t forget the Tea Baggers they are no slouch at stealing, and while you’re at it include the Republicans and your Congressmen who have been padding their bank accounts for years but yet they don’t trust American banks they use overseas banks to stach their loot. And unless you can match their fortune, then you become exccess bagage and you can join me waiting on those bastards, because thats the way it was before during the Civil War and that’s what all those good ole boys, Southerners have ever hoped to achieve. But if that day were ever to come the only one good thing is that all their money wouldn’t be worth a fiddlers fuck because chinese are for the chinese only, an they hate all Americans, so brother keep taking up for those Rich bastards when they don’t need you anymore get ready for swift the kick in the ass that their saving foryou

  34. This ruling, if it is upheld, will invalidate many Bush appointments, calling into question innumerable actions taken on behalf of those appointees. Recess appointments are used by presidents to legally circumvent obstructionist members of the Senate. I seem to recall that Bill Clinton used this frequently to get around Jesse Helms, the obstructionist senator from North Carolina, although by the end of the Clinton administration about thirty federal judgeships had not been filled, thanks to Jesse Helms. Once again, it looks like the Republicans are looking for a new way to obstruct anything the president does, even though previous Republican presidents have done the same thing, as with executive orders and presidential signings, both actions now being under attack by the Republican party, even though their own prior presidents have used the same actions. Amazing how it is fine for a Republican to do it, but don’t let a Democrat even think about doing it.

  35. solver04 says:

    Hey Harry Reid, lets afford the GOP senate all the “niceities” and the No chin mcConnell reason to gloat. Everyday, every step, every, every, every the GOPBAGGERS find some way to obstruct the process. Now, give them the same fillerbuster rules they ENJOYED with the 112th senate ? I guess when the Democratic Pols. win the Democratic voters LOSE. We the PEOPLE have been getting pissed on by the Right for the last 10 years and now OUR elected Dems, instead of acting as WINNERS, would prefer to hold their dicks as they piss some more. What’s next Harry, maybe give it a little wipe so not to spoil their smug looks in case some drips. Give US a Break.

  36. bchrista says:

    Hey Awakenausten you are right Joe Ham1 justs likes to read his posts that fact that he shows about how he is informed of what is happening shows that he went to one of those paper backed college, you know the ones that send you aa few questions and no matter what your answers they still mail you a diploma, here’s his #1 reply he blames Obama and the house Republicans refused to pass the Sandy Hook Bill when everybody that counts knows that Obama can only sign the Bill after the House and Congress have passed it, it was the Republican controlled congress that stalled it and only acted on it because the Governor of New Jersey Christe bitched about the stall by his fellow Republicans holding up the Bill only then did they get of their to pass it, the Senate passed even there was a lot of pork in it. The Bill passed partially pass because they had to wait for the new budget, the wasn’t enough money in the old budget. In fact regarding Sandy Hook Governor Christe praise Obama for his quick response to the distruction and drew the wrath of the Republican party for it. Joe Ham1 keeps call people who post here idiots and morons yet everytime he posts he shows how ignorant he really is if your going to accuse someone of violating the constitution please know the facts, all Presidents before have done the same that Obama did in making those appointments and no one has ever complained, the only reason someone complained is because it caught some businesses violating some law, and it was only a three judge panel that ruled on it and of course all three were Republicans the out come could be different before a full court or the Supreme Court, how in common sense can they justify that other presidents before did the same and it was considered within their perview and lawful and not say it is ellegal because President Obama did it.

  37. neeceoooo says:

    They remind me a bunch of little boys playing cards and the one that is losing decides he is going to change the rules.

  38. Vazir Mukhtar says:

    Apparently there are similar cases in the Federal courts. The issue will ultimately wind up in the hands of the Supremes.

    I haven’t studied the decisions of the judges on the DC Court of Appeals and thus cannot have an informed opinion as to whether their having been appointed by Republicans muddles their thinking or not.

    Perhaps s.o. else has examined their opinions and will enlighten the rest of us as to their political leanings, if any.

  39. donnanoggle says:

    Well, no one was in town and when they are they do not do the peoples business.

  40. donnanoggle says:

    I agree with Mr. Vila. It is REALLY dangerous what the GOP is doing with gerrymandering. How can that be constitutional. I would like an attorney to look into that one.

  41. Lynda says:

    When this get to the Supreme Court, which it certainly will, I can’t see the Supreme’s being in agreement with the lower court. The President has recess power under the Constitution and even the upper court will plainly see the Congress game playing to appear that are in session…even when they aren’t in town. Keep a couple around to accompish the daily dog and pony show is an obvious fraud and sham. Even Thomas will see that.

  42. Plznnn says:

    You Liberals are really nauseating. When Obama is found by the Courts to actually disregard the Constitution, you all cry obstructionist, and nasty comments about Republicans. You should be angry that Obama, or ANYONE else would violate OUR Constitution, to safeguard ALL our Freedoms. These loss of Freedoms will affect you as anyone. Thanks to the wisdom of our Founders by separation of Powers and OUR Constitution, any one man, or Party can’t do as they please without regard for differing opinions & of course, rights.

  43. bchrista says:

    People I am a die hard Democrat and have been one ever since I can remember, I have always voted a straight Democratic ticket but I don’t fool myself, the situation we now find ourselves is partly one we created, we had a Democrated Congress when Obama first took Office and they were there for two years and the reason they were voted out was because the public got tired of them sitting on their asses and doing nothing and believe me they had enough warning finally the Republicans saw an opening and they moved in and thus was born the Tea Baggers and now they are entrenched and all the bull shit we keep putting out is just that while we are busy posting they are planning and scheming, as evidence of what I am saying they waited until they had the majority in Virginia and went gerry mandering, they did it in Florida and they have done it in several other states by the time 2014 rolls around it won’t matter because they will controll the elections and get their man in no matter what the voters say and to boot they have the courts in their pockets they have elected enough Republican judges and you see what they did in Va. and now some business complains when the full appeals was not in session and only three Republican judges were there. Guys I would love nothing better than to get them all out and elect a new set of Republicans who vote fairly with the people in their mind and right now I don’t see that happening it eventually might take a Revolution by the people to get this matter striaghten out if and when that day comes about then we the people need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again and one of the biggest mistake we made was when we made government positions for life because those positions have now come back to bite us in the ass. Think about we have Supreme Court Judges that rule as they feel like since the Republicans rule the Congress and there are enough of them in the Senate to cause a filibuster any issues that comes before them,they will lean towards the Republicans. I was surprised when Chief Justice Roberts in favor of Obamacare, as I said we need in all positions to be elected to one or two four year terms and maybe certain positions to one six year term. And anytime they try to change amount of time in a term we reject it we must take controll of our government and not give it up to anybody, then and only then will we the people controll our own destiny. Like I said earlier I hope we haven’t waited too long.

  44. ococoob says:

    “The conservative movement has waged a decades-long war on unions that has resulted in the lowest union membership in 97 years. Meanwhile, the U.S. is experiencing record high corporate profits along with record low worker wages.”

    Very disturbing, indeed. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany here.

  45. bchrista says:

    I wish a bonfide constitutional attorney would post comments here so that we may ask questions from time to time, like the Constitution refers to we the people, now we the people hire the Representatives who work in the legislature to run our country now why if we the people feel that they are not performing the tasks they were hired to do why do we have to wait till election time in order to fire them so long as a majority agrees we should be able to remove them from office, instead it is they who gives the orders.There must be some kind of a commitee we can form to give us that authority without interference from the police or the national since we pay both of their salary. People we must wake up before we completely lose our country, you may take this as a joke but I’m serious every day that passes our position gets weaker.

  46. bchrista says:

    I can understand the position of Democrats and their partison attitude, the Republicans have an excuse if they go against their party they have to worry about the pledge they signed with Grover Norquist the Democrat have no such problem some of them should just get out of the party and go join the independents or the Republicans because they are not a trus blue Democrat I would not waste the powder it would take to blow them to hell, I was always of the opinion that if you belong to a party your loyality belonged to that party, but we are blessed with some stinking son of bitches that call themselves Democrats yet they don’t support the Presidents adgenda and when he’s depending on their vote all of a sudden they are absent I don’t have to single them out they know who they are, they are traitors to their party. We should a mass a list of their names and next election vote Independent or just leave their slot empty. That’ sports fan is one of the reasons that Democrats have such a hard time getting things done because there is no unity, if the Democrats would jack up their balls we could accomplish wonders, maybe that’s why Republicans win eventually because they won’t take no for an answer and are always trying to change things to work for them.

  47. bchrista says:

    I am hoping that it won’t come to pass, but should the Republicans attain their goal of total domination, then here’s a list of names that I would like to read their posts since they would have accomplished their goal of getting rid of Obama and their chosen leader would be in place the following, Plznnn,Onedonewong, Lana Ward, Carrus, Charleo1, Enrique823, Joe Ham1, the Bunt, Michael Stoll, and the rest of them that think like them these people I would love to read their posts after their kids or Grand kids would say to them but, I THOUGHT YOU TOLD ME THIS WAS A FREE COUNTRY, then let see if they answer them with wise ass remarks and blame it on the muslin, marxists,communist,black President Obama. Because this group of assholes deserve no better. Because the man who is busting his ass to make a better place for them and their children to live in with a good paying job they are constantly demonizing him, calling him names completely disrespecting him and his position, what does the other world leaders take from this, if his own people don’t respect him he must be nothing which doesn’t bode well when he’s trying to negotiate with them on the world market, what a great bunch of American Citizens with people like that no wonder Al Quaida, Korea and other countries think we are a weak Nation, They all should be put against the wall and be shot America woul not miss them.

  48. flipped54 says:

    I believe recess appointments have been done in the past by other presidents….what’s the difference for Obama? Hmmmm….he is the first black President. Just pointing out a fact…not making any suggestions. You decide….

  49. frida says:

    This is beyond my beliefs. “W” did also recess appointments. Of all the people he appointed John Bolton (that man with grey mustache) as Ambassador to UN.

  50. Sunshine says:

    Hey, even the most accomplished guy, win some and lose some. He still got schwing, and is loved globally, so he should care!

  51. armynod says:

    Yet Bush was allowed the recess appointment of John Bolton. It’s clear the GOP is doing more to divide the Country instead of using their efforts in a constructive manner.

  52. ococoob says:


    You know what I mean. Don’t be dense here.

  53. I would be curious as to why there have been no Actual Supported candidates for the entire time that the GOP is attacking recess appointments for. The jobs have to be filled no matter how much some crooks want to manufacture blame-storm-worthy failure.

  54. Joe Downey says:

    Reagan used it 44 times I wonder if Justice Stennen is one of them

  55. Presidents have made recess appointments for over 200 years and now all of a sudden, it’s unconstitutional. Smells like …. bs

    • RetREMF says:

      What’s the source of the latest talking point “for over 200 years”? Not that it matters but the President doesn’t get to decide what a recess is or when Congress or the Senate are in one. The House of Representatives must agree to a recess before one exists.

  56. charleo1 says:

    So I gather, you suggest I simply ignore the cretin? Sounds like good advise!

  57. RetREMF says:

    “…because the Senate was not formally adjourned.” So that is either true or false. Quite simple actually.

  58. seethroughurlies says:

    The reasons Obama is the best President ever.

    Bloomberg: Government Spending Last 3 Years Has Grown At Its Slowest Pace Since Eisenhower
    January 23, 2013

    President Obama has overseen the largest production of domestic oil in one year than at any time in American history. Stop. Re-read that and make sure that it sinks in. I know that’s not what they said on Fox News; according to Fox – the Obama administration is overseeing an assault on oil production in America because he’s so beholden to the very powerful green lobby . Unlike his precessors – President Obama has actually engaged in the closest thing to an all encompassing, comprehensive energy policy for the first time since the 70′s. His policies are working and it’s about time his critics stopped whining like incessant children because they didn’t get their way. My message to those conservatives: Just shut up – really; the grownups are talking.
    U.S. oil production grew more in 2012 than in any year in the history of the domestic industry, which began in 1859, and is set to surge even more in 2013. Daily crude output averaged 6.4 million barrels a day last year, up a record 779,000 barrels a day from 2011 and hitting a 15-year high, according to the American Petroleum Institute (API), a trade group. It is the biggest annual jump in production since Edwin Drake drilled the first commercial oil well in Titusville, Pa., two years before the Civil War began.( From Saturday’s WSJ:)

    May 17, 2012
    Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High,

    More accomplishments despite Republican obstruction
    1 Passed Health Care Reform
    2. Passed the Stimulus
    3. Passed Wall Street Reform
    4. Ended the War in Iraq
    5. Eliminated Osama bin laden
    6. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry
    7. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
    8. Reversed Bush Torture Policies
    9. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program
    10. Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards
    11. Passed Mini Stimuli (July 22, 2010; December 17, 2010; December 23, 2011)
    12. Created Conditions to Begin Closing Dirtiest Power Plants
    13. Achieved New START Treaty

    So, Michael, Betta,and Joe why don’t you spend some time on research instead of being Obnoxious trolls before I give you some more facts to blow up your teeny Fox News saturated brains

  59. Inthenameofliberty says:

    Oh – we back him. We may not be as vocal as yourself. But there have been lots of shenanigans going on the White House for years and through many, many presidents. I am the most upset with Mr O because I thought, truly thought, he would be different. Turns out it’s not as easy to make good on those promises once you’ve actually won the election. He sure talks a good game, I’ll give him that. He had me in his corner. Then I watched him, closely, for 4 years. And I disagreed with more than I agreed with.
    Many of us are so tired of defending ourselves (you should understand, you spend most of your time defending Mr O on this site) that we need to take a step back and stop trying for a little while. What I see is that most on this site are following blindly. That is a shame.

  60. Inthenameofliberty says:

    Yep – all of the government needs to wake up. Right and Left. Neither have done such a great job. Neither. I wish there were a camera 24 hours a day, watching what was happening. And that the people in this country actually gave a shit and watched their leaders. That’s part of the problem. Who actually watches, in this country? Nope – they rely on what they read. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that, could it? !

  61. Inthenameofliberty says:

    This site is not posting my replies where they belong. I can’t fix that. But I am late to this party so let me end on this thought:

    Tell me please – why it is ok for certain individuals to curse and rant like a 2-yr old on this site – yet no one FROM THE LEFT calls that person out? You respond nicely and nicely ask for a change. You don’t get that from her, but you asked nicely. Good job.
    I say – if you can curse me out, then curse her out, too. She’s bringing you all down. Yet you sit on your collective hands and say nary a word.
    And funny how tolerant those who lean toward the left are of one of their members being an ass – yet you jump down the throats of any person who is from the right being direspectful.
    What a pity you guys don’t have a bigger backbone.

  62. carsrus says:

    Listen u libtard piece of crap…………………………..u are well aware who Obozo is, it’s this forked tongued, snake oil salesman, LIAR, marxist-muslim, SHILL of a non-president out to DESTROY this Great Constitutional Republic! U r scum and belong on the isle of commie cuba with ur ilk!

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