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Saturday, October 22, 2016

For months, both pundits and presidential candidates have repeatedly declared that the 2012 campaign would be all about the economy. In two major Super Tuesday battlegrounds, however, the local governments have instead been focusing on social issues.

Georgia, which has 76 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, doesn’t seem to be worried about the economy in its statehouse. Instead, local lawmakers have been busy unanimously passing a bill that would post a copy of the Ten Commandments in all Georgia schools and government buildings.

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  • Floxyword

    Sharia Law, Bible Law, Cherokee law…no, I want to live under the laws of the United States, please.

    Every egg is a potential human being. Women should have all their eggs harvested, fertilized by the local Senator’s sperm and raised in an incubator. Every mother could have at least 200 offspring during her life, and God would be happy, right?

    C’mon people, get real. You can’t force people to have and raise children they don’t want.

  • ewentprises

    I certainly hope that the people in GA have not become so hypocritical that they’d support Gingrich with his checkered adulterous past. They want the 10 Commandments posted all over their state? Okay..fine. How about they shove Commandment No. 6 “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery and Commandment No. 11 “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife” under Gingrich’s nose? Or are those commandments only allowed to be broken by those good ole, good ole bois of plantation privilege?

  • Hankk

    It’s time that the women in congress put a bill together that says, all boys/men from age 7 must have their nuts cut and can’t have them put together until they are married. Then what they do in their home is their business. Any man found guilty of rape has his penis cut off.

  • dardyl

    Newt doesn’t have anymore baggage than others in power. Clinton is another example, except Newt didn’t have the affair in his elected office. No one found his lover in his office servicing him. Clinton has been notorious yet his was explained away by his childhood. If one is forgiven, so must all be forgiven if that is the standard.

  • dardyl

    Morality can not be legislated. Every instance is forcing someone else’s morals on someone else. If people want to commit adultry, get abortions, etc. that is between them and their conscience. In my case between me and God. There are ways around laws if someone should want to seek those routes. Then it still comes down to being between a person and his conscience. We should be legislating other issues than moral ones.

  • Bill Fultz

    …They say the hell with people who are already born. Let them live in squalid poverty. Deny them equal education opportunity. Deny them unemployment in bad times. Deny them health care. Deny them the right to share their life with their partner of choice. Deny them protection from the lecherous corporate robber barons.

    The Repug Party (aka The Greedy Oil Party) should be renamed the Backwards Party.

  • LadyM

    BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU SO FREELY DISMISS THE WORDS AND COMMANDMENTS OF GOD! DON’T let your tongue get your soul in trouble. THINK before you speak. GOD IS REAL AND SO IS HIS JUDGEMENT. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY WORD SPOKEN OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. There’s a way that seemth right but it’s not. I don’t care what the world’s law says, God has the last say in all things. WARNING! WATCH YOUR MOUTH.. .DON’T BE SO QUICK TO SPEAK.. .IT’S A TIME FOR EVERYTHING.. Ecclesiastes 3.

  • Bill Fultz

    Clinton never claimed to be the morals leader of the country. Funny thing, so many of the Repukes who cried the loudest about his affair were busy at the same time having their own affairs. Hypocrite Repukes = barking anuses.

  • Howz 1

    If there was really a God why would it allow for good Christians like yourself to be comfortable with 15 million homeless children, or oppose health reform for the 32 million with out insurance of which 50,000 die each year. Plus you allow certian segments of the population whose wealth exceed yours by 256% to grow richer, or go to war with other countries and kill men women and children. Why are you not concerned with these issues? Is it because you are a religious hypocrite? Another mean spirited white that is probaly a racist? Is that your ms. god fearing person?

  • pisces62

    THIS is the state that lynched black people? Blew up black churches. Refused voting and civil rights. denied life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for living viable human beings? NOW, they get religion. they had it then, prayer in schools and look how that worked out. Spare me the religious tiraid. I grew up in church and taught Sunday School but I would never spout such inane demogogery. God gave us free will and free thought. Get it? I do not need any one who eats, s***s and dies to tell me anything. You’re not good enough.

  • smartcookie

    I say Women Unite! Let’s call for a national moratorium on sex until men get their noses out of our business. If your husband or boyfriend is a reasonable person, withhold sex until he writes his congressmen telling them to back off trying to legislate women’s reproductive issues. My guess is that would be the most effective protest EVER! (And it probably wouldn’t take that long to resolve this.)

  • wayneonly

    It seems that the candidates can’t face the REAL issues of the economy, unemployment, deficits, failing infrastructure, and taxes, so they have to develop side issues to distract from the fact that they have no real answers to the problems that face America. If you can’t dazzle them (the voter) with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. Face it, folks, it is going to take more than political rhetoric, stubborn Tea Party Representatives, hard line party politics, and an “elite” Congress to solve the problems of the upcoming years. It will take a Congress that is dedicated to solving problems through compromise and bipartisian cooperation and a commitment to the American people instead to the special interest groups that most Congresspeople now represent. No man can serve two masters and the American people should be the MASTER of our elected officials. And no Congressperson seems to realize that in our present government.

    There are lots of books about the workings of our government and the influence of Wall Street, big banks, and big business on our government. Here are three that I recommend: Winner Take All Politics: How Washington Made The Rich Richer And Turned It’s Back On The Middle Class by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer, and Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan. These books will help open your eyes to how corrupt our Congress has become and show you why we need to THROW THEM ALL OUT. They will show you why most Congresspeople think they are the “elite” class and are “above the law(s)”. They will show you how they waste money through “earmarks” that profit themselves or their political cronies (campaign contributors). They show you how they use inside information about pending legislation for profit, how they influence bills that profit their campaign contributors at the expense of taxpayers, how they block legislation or water it down to lessen impact on their campaign contributors, and how they use their vote to secure their future with lobbies or businesses at the expense of the future of the good of the economy of the U.S. and the taxpayer. Corruption in Congress has become the “norm” and we (the taxpayer and voter) just seem to accept it as the way Congress does business. Is this the kind of we really want or are willing to accept? We deserve better and we should demand better.

    With this in mind I urge EVERY voter to make a commitment to cleaning up our Congress. I urge EVERY voter to make the commitment to vote every incumbent Congressperson out of office when they come up for reelection. And I urge every voter to write their newly elected Congressperson and let them know that they will not stand for “politics as usual” in the halls of Congress. No matter who we elect for President in the upcoming election, the most important thing we can do to change the way Washington works is to let them know that we are no longer blinded by political rhetoric and will not settle for the lack of representation that we (the taxpayer and the voter) have had in the past.

  • stsintl

    It is tragic, and hilarious at the same time, that while we have been in Afghanistan fighting Islamic Taliban for ten years to build American style democracy there, the Christian Taliban are fighting here at home to bring Afghanistan style democracy to US. Santorum is against college education not just for women but for everyone. Isn’t this what Taliban in Afghanistan have been saying regarding girls education?
    Let’s all pray “God save America from Christian Taliban”.

  • Don4058

    If they post the 10 Commandments, are they planning to post the penalties which in each case is death? Do they propose to apply the penalties … killing those of other (or no) religions, killing those who work on Sunday (Ministers jump to mind), killing children who don’t respect their parents whether or not those parents abuse them, etc.?

  • scareygary

    I agree with much of what you said, Wayneonly, except the the next batch will soon be corrupted by a SYSTEM that’s broken. It takes big bucks to get elected or re-elected. The problem, in my mind, is that these politicians, however honest they might be when entering politics soon have to sell their souls. We need to limit the $$$$ in politics. We need to ban lobbyists packing money and go to public financing of elections. Citizens United needs to be overturned by a constitutional amendment. See It’s no wonder people have lost faith in politicians. If we can get the MONEY out of the picture, maybe they would listen to ‘average folks’ again instead of just those with the deepest pockets. I shouldn’t be so ‘partisan’, I suppose, but I see the GOP taking the side of the wealthy and corporations the most…..holding unemployment hostage while protecting any turn around of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest. I used to be an independent, but I wouldn’t vote GOP on a bet anymore, so long as they are entrenched as the party of the rich, and blaming Obama for debt while ignoring their own culpability…..

  • pisces62

    I half paid attention to this episode, even though one of the culprits was from my state of Ohio. The movie with Kevin Spacey, Casino Jack, shows how depraved these people are. do you really think they have changed in 10 years. it tells of how the Mitt Romneys got the deal of the century with off shore tax shelters. How they help to bilk the Native American casinos. It is a snap shot of the republican, right wing conservative hypocrites.

  • stsintl

    The solution is simple. The voters have the power. Don’t ever re-elect a senator after one term and don’t ever re-elect a Rep. to the House beyond three two year terms. No retirement benefits.

  • boltman

    What if the pregancy ends in a miscarrige? Does the state arrest the woman on a murder charge.

  • Elsa

    All this effort put into passing laws that are unconstitutional is a colossal waste of tax payer money. It is also part of the right wing effort to excite their base. These laws may pass but they do not last. There is no way in hell that women in this Country and a significant number of men will let them stand. The right wing leaders know this, they secretly do not want their silly laws to pass permanently, how else can they get attention from the narrow minded, blinded by religious dogma people that make up their base during elections. Want to beat them? All you have to do is vote and make sure everyone you know does too. There are many more of us then them. Most Conservative, Progressives and Independents are not radical and do not what to live in a Country ruled by biblical laws. We can win if everyone would just vote.

  • SwedishChef231

    Chances are the version being used is the one used bu Ana-baptists – they high-lite “making idols” and worshiping them. Interesting isn’t it. The will frames or make concrete images of the Ten Commandments in their image. While I would prefer they live the ten commandments apparently in Georgia it easier to post them and display them. I would prefer the version I was raised with – commandments 9 and 10 deal with different aspects of coveting – Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife is emphasize – but in Georgia coveting other women is in vogue – given Newts propensity to marry and divorce. Of course now that he is Catholic, the first two are not considered valid because they were not performed by a priest. So he has a clean slate (?). Then there is the Jewish ten Commandments and since they were the ones to receive them originally, we should go to the primary source. Their first commandment is a good one – it reminds us: “I am the Lord your God you led out if the Egypt and the house of bondage.” This reminds us that the Bible and the Ten Commandments are not to be idolized and worshiped. Wake up Georgia! Thou shalt make no graven image!

  • Dean Hansen

    Since many embryos absorb other simultaneously created ones, should you charge the newborn with canibalism, or murder?

  • StevenBrungard

    Religion businesses rely on children as potential new life long customers and revenue from government contracts and charity contributions.

    No abortion adds more children. No contraception adds many more children.

  • StevenBrungard

    A petition is collecting signatures and comments from people who want to put reproductive health care beyond the reach of religion businesses. By bringing back the Public Option under PPACA, those who want unrestricted reproductive health care can choose the Public Option. Those who want religion restricted or moral conviction restricted health care can get it their way in the insurance exchange. The religion businesses might still make some objection because tax dollars will be paying for the Public Option, but, the religion and moral conviction restricted policies in the insurance exchange will cost an amount less that equals or exceeds the amount spent for abortion and contraception by the Public Option. Ergo, they are not paying for what they object to. The petition is reported here:

  • sleeprn01

    I agree with what you said but the idea isn’t new. The ancient Greek play Lysistrata tells about the women of Athens with holding themselves from the men of Athens until they stop the war with Sparta. Eventually, even the women of Sparta join their protest to stop the war.

  • arconnelly

    The morals of this country are degenerating rapidly. We have attempted to have government solve all the problems and this has led to a further degeneration of family values and continues to drive this country into further deterioration. We can not solve the ills of poor family values and loose moral via government mandate or by throwing money at the problem. It is time we worked to make citizens responsible for the life they lead but give them opportunity to climb the ladder to a successful life. This can not come about by continuing to pay for children born out of wedlock or by paying for birth control for everyone in this country. Look at the statistics on marriage, family units and the longevity of marriages, welfare recipient growth, increased problems in education due to unruly children and lack of parental control and compare that to all the programs we have put together to throw money at the problem paid for by the good citizens who do work and do have family values and I think we will quickly realize we are on the wrong path. Providing birth control for anyone as part of a government service is totally irresponsible and we need to step back and look at ways to fix the problem in lieu of rewarding people for continuing to use the same poor judgement and loose morals. Al