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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing back against a report that he has already decided not to run for president in 2016 if Hillary Clinton seeks the Democratic nomination.

On Monday, the New York Post reported that Cuomo had privately ceded the nomination to Clinton, if she chooses to pursue it.

“The governor has told people in recent weeks that there’s not a chance for him to run if Hillary gets in the race because she’ll easily wrap up the Democratic nomination,” a Cuomo administration insider told the Post.

“He knows that and he accepts that, so he won’t even be thinking at all in those terms — unless Hillary decides not to run, which seems unlikely,” the unnamed source added.

Later in the day, the popular New York governor dismissed the report as “Monday rumors.”

“Hillary Clinton is going to do whatever Hillary Clinton is going to do and I’m doing what I’m doing,” Cuomo said during an interview on public radio’s “Capitol Pressroom.”

“I’m focusing on running this state and doing it the best I can. And that’s all there is to that,” he continued.

“There is no truth to the assertion that I am talking presidential politics and strategy and what Hillary Clinton should do or shouldn’t do or what I’m doing presidentially,” Cuomo added. “The only discussions I’m having are how to help this state … and to the extent that I’m focusing on politics, it’s my [re-election campaign] next year.”

Cuomo, who spent much of his first term as governor with an approval rating above 70 percent before seeing his numbers dip in recent weeks, could potentially be one of the Democratic Party’s strongest national candidates were he to join the field. But many Democrats have speculated that Clinton would clear the Democratic field if she enters the race — even though other Democrats such as Maryland governor Martin O’Malley are already openly flirting with a 2016 run.

If Clinton does indeed run, she would almost certainly enter the race as the overwhelming favorite. Although there are almost three years to go until the first 2016 ballots are cast, as of now Clinton polls well ahead of her potential competition.

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  • Cuomo is not the only Democrat that concluded the 2016 election is for Hillary to lose. She is so popular, and has such a solid record of accomplishments and related experience, that she is likely to make the 2012 election turnout look benign. Needless to say, the GOP and, especially, the Tea Party will come down on her like a ton of bricks, that’s what is behind the focus on Benghzi. They will also resurrect old skeletons, which we debunked and ignored by the general public when they were directed at Bill. All she has to do is select Elizabeth Warren as her running mate and we will have the biggest landslide in U.S. election history.
    I am still dreaming of a Clinton-Warren Vs Palin-Bachmann in what is likely to be the year of the woman.

    • Apparently you are enamored with her. I guess you call accomplishments gun
      running, people being killed in Benghazi, and the list goes on. Then again,
      Democrats see that as a positive!

      • awakenaustin

        You fellows never tire of making false accusations, do you? I thought folks were supposed to leave fairy tales behind when they reached adulthood. Guess I was wrong!

      • Gun running? Are you referring to Fast and Furious, the sting operation authorized by the Department of Justice, and carried out by ATF to determine who was behind the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels. The problem with that operation is not the fact that ATF agents managed to infiltrate the organization responsible for it, but the fact that they got too close to the big boys. One paid the ultimate sacrifice, and illegal guns were conveniently placed next to his body for the naive to use in their never ending conspiracy theories. Hillary Clinton had absolutely nothing to do with that.
        Benghazi? Yes, it is apparently true that the Embassy asked for additional security. Guess what, had Ambassador Stevens been accompanied by twice or four times as many security agents, the result would have been the same, except for the fact that more Americans would have been slaughter. You can’t fend off a large and well organized attack by heavily armed terrorist with four or ten security officers. All our embassies, and those of some of our allies, are vulnerable in some parts of the world. The diplomats stationed at those facilities are well aware of the risks they are taking them, and they accept them willingly.

  • awakenaustin

    Mr. Decker did it ever occur to you the Post is simply trying to ‘gen’ up a story or a controversy where there wasn’t one? An unnamed “administration insider” – really? The Post has only slightly better credibility than the National Enquirer. If you read it in the Post, then you can count on it being sensationalist, overstated and significantly inaccurate.

    Of course, it could be the Governor trying to gen up a controversy to see if there is any interest by others in his running. It gives him the opportunity to offer a non-denial denial.
    Maybe I am just cranky and I should have had that second cup of coffee prior to writing this, but this doesn’t seem all that newsy.