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Friday, October 21, 2016

Mitt Romney’s most glaring arithmetic falsehoods from the first debate reappeared last night, along with some new ones.

It’s still impossible to spend more and take in less without increasing the deficit. It’s also impossible to cut domestic spending drastically without increasing unemployment, and most people realize that claiming four years is the same as 10 years just doesn’t work when it comes to job creation.

For me, the most interesting Romneyism was the use of percentages to change the meaning of the word “same.”

He said the top earners would pay the same – 60%. The problem for our national deficit is that when you lower the total taxes collected, it increases the deficit. It would be great for the richest among us, since they’ll enjoy 60% of that total tax cut as extra money to put into their Cayman Islands accounts.

Unfortunately, it will hasten the day when America goes broke, and can’t borrow the money to pay for Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Maybe that’s the plan, after all.

In the meantime, Romney thinks that America is stupid enough to believe that 60% of less money is somehow the same amount of revenue, as long as the percentage is still 60%.

He may claim that the loss in revenue will be offset by spending cuts, but certainly not by cutting out PBS and Planned Parenthood.

Let’s not forget the plan to increase military spending by $2 trillion above the Joint Chiefs’ requested budgets and the promise to reinstate $716 billion of Medicare corporate welfare. And there was the promise not to cut the education budget.

That only leaves the Veterans’ Administration, Medicaid, agriculture and some odds and ends like the CDC, the National Weather Service or the Air Traffic Control system. But who among us believes he will keep his GOP supporters in line if he proposes to cut every dime out of agriculture? The VA? The federal prison system? Who thinks even the smaller federal programs like drug safety, air traffic, etc. will actually be cut out?

The bottom line:

Last night Romney proposed that we double the deficit, and make sure the richest get yet another round of lower absolute taxes.

Such a deal. And now we can enjoy using a new definition for the word “same.”


Howard Hill is a former investment banker who created a number of groundbreaking deal structures and analytic techniques on Wall Street, and later helped manage a $100 billion portfolio.  He writes and blogs at Follow on Twitter: @hhill61

Photo credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster

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  • nobsartist

    willard created 1,314 jobs while at Bain.

    He fired 6000

    He transferred 100MILLION in pension defaults to the “pension guarantee fund” so that good republiCONs could proudly pay for those “entitlements” out of their taxes.

    his 1,314 low paying jobs cost American tax payers $68,000 each, or about what he deducts every year for his dancing horse.

    willard is hiding his tax returns because he is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY.

    mccain knows

    “willard/ryan 2012, two lying tax cheats who have never had a job but promise to create some, somewhere else”

  • When Romney waxes over the wealthy paying their same share of the revenue pie the average voter is lost in the weeds. Paying the same percentage does not mean they would not be enjoying a massive tax cut. If everyone get an additional 20% tax cut the share of the pie remains the same, but the amount of money collected drops through the floor. That increases the deficit by trillions of dollars over time and does additional damage to the national debt. There is no way to address the debt and deficit with only tax cuts. Math is not difficult and trying to make his numbers is an exercise in futility. Pretending that just cuts can accomplish any longtime goal is a bald faced lie designed to fool the low informaiton voters and conservatives into believing that Ryan/Romney are seriously about debt problems. The Ryan plan takes a few decades to get to a balanced budget and that dream depends upon a long list of postive factors that can’t be guaranteed. A balanced approach is the correct path to follow.

  • amricans , are the 47% parasites ? and when romney talks he thinks americans are stupid.would americans swallows what romney says hook, lines and sinkers. what kind of fish is that. here in then philippines we are sorrounded with seas and oceans but at my age i have yet to see a fish that swallow hook, line and sinker

    • latebloomingrandma

      Unfortunately, Daniel, many Americans ARE stupid, and they are falling for his line of bull.

    • William Deutschlander

      Daniel – here in the U S A we have a class of human forms know as GENERATIONAL REPUBLICANS. These GENR’s have little knowledge of what is happening in politics or government, most are not well educated or very well off, but great, great Grandpa was a Republican so they therefore are Republican, even though every time they vote they shoot themselves in the foot.

      Then we also have some human forms that the wealthy are able to purchase their vote by coddiling them, supporting them in public office in return for following the instructions they are given. This amounts to nearly one half of the electorate, then the Republicans only have to confuse a few more to gain a control of the government and really screww the economy up.

  • Those who are still undecided or impressed with Romney’s vision, which is limited to his famous 5-point jobs creation plan should take a close look at what he is proposing.
    1. Energy independence – This worthy goal has been a priority since the first energy crisis in the Carter era, and towards that end President Obama has promoted the development of alternative energy sources, with special focus on wind and solar, clean coal, and natural gas. It is also important to note that domestic oil production, especially in the Bakken and Three Forks oil fields in North Dakota is at record highs, and our dependence on foreign oil is at its lowest level in decades. With the exception of the Canadian Keystone pipeline, which would only create a couple of thousand jobs while the oleo ducts are being built – destroy our environment – and only a couple of hundred jobs after it becomes operational for inspection and repairs, his job creation proposal is just a chimera. To make matters worse, extending the pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico to export Canadian oil overseas would have a negative impact on supplies in the Midwest and will likely cause the price of gas to increase in that part of the USA. What he is proposing has either been done already or it is counterproductive.
    2. Trade – This worthy goal has been one of President Obama’s greatest priorities and the source of constant criticism by the GOP who characterize his efforts to promote American exports as “vacations paid by taxpayers”. Although oil imports are down, our trade deficits, which are caused by our insatiable appetite for cheap foreign products and electronic gadgets made overseas, is actually a sign of a robust economy, growth and wealth, and let’s not forget that some U.S. companies are making more money selling their products overseas than in the USA. Contrary to what Mitt Romney insinuates, President Obama has confronted China on currency manipulation and theft of intellectual property – only to be told by Rep Ryan that confronting China was not good for the USA! Once again, Romney discovered something that has been a priority for decades. As for Romney’s claim that China is stealing American jobs, he should know better. He was one of the Grand Ayatollahs involved in the outsourcing of American jobs to China and other countries…and made millions doing it, His latter day conversion smacks of hypocrisy on a grand scale. Most of the jobs that have been lost during the past several decades are the result of outsourcing by companies focused on maximizing profits by taking advantage of low labor costs, lack of environmental and safety regulations, and a focus on getting market share in expanding markets. Let’s not forget that President Obama proposed legislation a few months ago to punish companies that outsource jobs and reward those that invest and create jobs in the USA, and the GOP blocked that proposal because their donors are making a fortune from outsourcings and overseas investments.
    3. Education – Pretending to support public education while proposing to shut down the Department of Education, and replacing public schools with charter schools and home schooling is the epitome of hypocrisy. President Obama has championed better education, increased the number of Pell grants, reduced student loan interest and extended loan repayments periods to ease the burden on graduates. The Labor Department already has a robust and highly effective retraining program in all states. Once again, Mitt Romney is not proposing anything new.
    4. Cut the deficit, reduce the size of government, and get the debt under control – Wow, he sure has a peculiar way to achieve this. Proposing this while promising seniors that he will restore the $716B in MEDICARE savings, promising VMI cadets that he will restore the DoD spending reductions made by the Obama administration with the support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and suggesting reductions in the size of government at a time when the civil servant population has been reduced by almost one million jobs is something that only the uninformed can accept.
    5. Champion small business – Interesting proposal considering his business record. President Obama has given tax breaks to small businesses 18 times since he became president. Interest rates are so low we are almost giving money away, and credit is once again available for anyone willing to start a new business or expand an existing one. One of Romney’s proposals on this topic involves deregulation, ignoring the fact that President Obama suspended EPA regulations over a year ago, and that the ones that remain in place are designed to prevent a sequel to the Wall Street, ENRON and Bernie Madoff debacles that contributed to the mess we are in, and protect consumers. In summary, his touted 5-point plan is not worth the cost of the paper it is printed on. It is a rehash of what previous presidents have proposed and done, and a con job that only the gullible can buy. However, it is good to know he finally realized where his loyalty should have been all along…

    • latebloomingrandma

      Once again–spot on Dominick. “Small government” to a conservative means limited money for domestic issues. The military -industrial complex and the businesses that make a huge profit from them are off the table .

    • grammyjill

      Romney is still at the outsourcing. He owns 51% of the Sensata stock which is being shipped to China. Those girls that will be doing the job will make 90 cents an hour for 12 hour days. They are in a fenced compound and can’t leave. They will live 4 to a room and have to pay room and board. I don’t know but that sounds like slavery to me. So, Mitt is a slave master?

  • nobsartist

    they dont teach “arithmetic” at Cranbrook or Harvard to people like willard or ryan. They expect people like willard and ryan to buy their diplomas knowing that they are born with enough money to make sure “arithmetic” isnt required.

  • jarheadgene

    The Plutocrats are such arrogant scum Maybe it is about time we turn to legislation from “WE the PEOPLE” to turn on them…..NEW RULES….if you are an unAmerican slimeball like ROMNEY or ROVE, etc., continue to act like they do; henceforth, they shall be deported to the country where most of their money is(caymans, switzerland), their citizenship revoked and they should be on a terrorist watchlist(’cause that’s what they are) and homeland security should disallow visitation to the U.S. forever.

  • Melvin Chatman

    “Dominick The Great”

  • howa4x

    What he said is he won’t raise taxes on the rich more than they are paying now. that means that he is going to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealtiest intact. I don’t think Republicans understand that we have a crumbling infastructure, with 6000 bridges that need repair. We need to keep up with China and India in math and science otherwise no new economic oppurtunites will develop in this country. We have to closely monitor Fracking to protect our drinking water. There is much more but we can’t do any of it if so few pay taxes. We cannot let someone who is worth over 1 billion pay a lower tax rate than someone making 60k. Blue states can’t keep supporting Red ones at the amout of 7 back for every dollar paid, and have them try to defund the rest of us. Yes we need a new tax code but not one so severley tilted to so few people. Mitt wants to end capital gains taxes which rewards who? His wall st friends, and wants to end the estate tax which rewards his own children. We spend more than all the other countries in the world combined on the military, and he wants to say we are weak. How? We don’t need aircraft carriers to fight insurgencies nor do we need 100k troop. The future will be fought with special forces and drones, so why do we need to spend more on outdated hardware, planes that cost 1 billion. To fight who? The republicans are taking us backwards, and Mitts tax plan is just a shade more complicated than 9-9-9

    • I wish the tax cut proposals were as benign as you describe them. Unfortunately, what they propose is to cut revenues by trillions, and hand the majority of those cuts in revenues to the fortunate few. (And yes, luck has more to do with wealth than either intelligence or hard work.)

      Bottom line is that he proposed cutting taxes by $4 to $5 trillion, and to hand 60% of those tax cuts to the top 5%. That’s what happens when the after-cut ratio of payments remains constant.

      That’s why every GOP administration increases deficits and grows government employment faster than every Dem administration (at least for the last 60 years). The point is to talk about smaller government while maximizing the profit available to their corporate sponsors by using the government as their customer (military) or guarantor (mortgage lending, health care under Medicare, student loans)…. That involves increasing spending and increasing borrowing so the profits of the middlemen can be maximized.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The theory of this article only holds water if we continue to have the anemic recovery as a result of this Administrations economic agenda. But the facts are that at all times in our history when Taxes Rates have been reduced we have seen strong economic recovery and increasing revenues. In this case it is a matter of Mathematics not Arithmetic. So the President is right about one thing, we need to advance education in the Sciences and Engineering. Our Liberal Arts Majors just miss the distinction.

    • Tax rates were reduced twice under Bush and we had smaller job growth as a result. The elite took all the money and job creation did not happen. Not to mention the resulting financial collapse. Just where was that strong economic recovery and increasing revenues that you’ve been talking about?

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Two bills lowered tax rates. The most comprehensive in 2001 and another bill in 2003. Employment increased from a 12mo average of 136.5 million to 146.3 million by 2006. GDP increased from rates of .5% to an average of 4.0%.

        The stimulus increased employment from 139.9 million (2009) to today at 141.8 million (Last 12 months). A 1.9 million increase. GDP is currently growing at 1.3%.

        Harvard students can’t add or subtract very well.

    • Colorado15

      tax rates have been at an all time low for 12 years, exactly how low do you want them to go and how far in debt are you willing for the US to go? We’ve renewed the tax cuts three times. I don’t like paying taxes anynmore than anyone else but the reality is you are having a hard time paying your bills you look for new revenue not less. Yes, I know you are going to say cut, but lets get real there are things that we are never going to be willing to do away with, like education, military, VA benefits SS and medicare.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Two bills lowered tax rates in recent history. The most comprehensive in 2001 and another bill in 2003. Employment increased from a 12mo average in 2001 of 136.5 million to 146.3 million by 2006. GDP increased from rates of .5% to an average of 4.0%.

        The stimulus increased employment from 139.9 million (2009) to today at 141.8 million (Last 12 months). A 1.9 million increase. GDP is currently growing at 1.3%.

        The best stimulus is lowering tax rates, so we need to go as low as possible to get growth started. Cut all government spending back to 1999 levels adjusted for inflation. That would give us a budget of 2.7 Trillion vs. spending at 3.7 Trillion. Revenue is currently at $2.5 Trillion. We would have a balanced budget in about two years with modest growth.

        • Where in the heck did you get your figures for job growth after Bush 2 tax cuts? I am one of the many people that lost their jobs after the two tax cuts under Bush 2. There was no job growth that I and thousands upon thousands of laid off workers saw. There were plenty of jobs sent overseas after Bush 2 tax cuts for which the US taxpayers paid their moving expenses which companies like Bain took advantage of. You must have been reading a Republican Fairy tale to say that there was job growth with Bush 2 tax cuts.

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            Your schooling must have been flawed, Did you go to Harvard? Look up LNU02000000 (BLS) .
            Reagan and Oneal Tax Cuts combined with a 25% reduction in the CFR:
            Employment average 100.4 million working in 1981 by 1989 it was at 115.0 million. A 15% increase in average Americans working.

            Bush Tax Cuts
            Employment averaged 136.9 million working in 2001 by 2008 the number was 145.4 million. A 6.7% increase in average Americans working.

            Obama Stimulus
            Employment averaged 145.4 million working in 2008 by 2012 the number was 141.8 million. A -2.5% decrease in average Americans working.

            Real Tax and Regulation Cuts expand the Economy. Government Expansion and Spending Deflates the Economy.

            Lesson learned: Give money to all citizens and get out of the way. Our new College grads would find jobs and manufacturing will return to the USA for every working person who maybe doesn’t want to go to college.

    • What cave have you been living in? Every time taxes are cut for the rich the economy gets worse. Reagan in 1981 said of his tax cuts for the wealthy would trickle down into jobs for everyone. All that tax cut did was to put more money in the rich’s bank account and the lost of thousands of jobs. Reagan took back his tax cuts for the rich and jobs were restored for the thousands that had lost their jobs in the trickle down economy. When Bush 2 cut taxes in 2001 and 2003 again there was a huge lost of jobs with businesses closing down every day and jobs being sent overseas by companies like Bain who got paid moving cost for sending the jobs overseas by our tax money. I know that tax cuts for the rich doesn’t improve the economy because I got laid off after Reagan’s tax cuts and again after Bush 2 tax cuts. Thanks to Bush 2 I had to take early retirement because my savings was gone and I had nothing left to live on. All tax cuts for the rich does is make them richer. In 2004 0r 2005 the rich and the rich corporations told Bush 2 if he declare a tax free holiday they would bring into the Country millions or maybe billions in money they had in overseas accounts and create jobs in return for not paying taxes. Bush 2 gave them their tax holiday and they created zero jobs, that money went in their pockets and the pockets of their big shareholders, small shareholders got none of it.
      Tax cuts do not improve the economy and that fact has been proven time and again.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Your schooling must have been flawed, Did you go to Harvard? Look up LNU02000000 (BLS) .
        Reagan and Oneal Tax Cuts combined with a 25% reduction in the CFR:
        Employment average 100.4 million working in 1981 by 1989 it was at 115.0 million. A 15% increase in average Americans working.

        Bush Tax Cuts
        Employment averaged 136.9 million working in 2001 by 2008 the number was 145.4 million. A 6.7% increase in average Americans working.

        Obama Stimulus
        Employment averaged 145.4 million working in 2008 by 2012 the number was 141.8 million. A -2.5% decrease in average Americans working.

        Real Tax and Regulation Cuts expand the Economy. Government Expansion and Spending Deflates the Economy.

        Lesson learned: Give money to all citizens and get out of the way. Our new College grads would find jobs and manufacturing will return to the USA for every working person who maybe doesn’t want to go to college.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Howard Hill…. just another in the parade of useful idiots and tools for the Obozo campaign propaganda machine. It’s a seemingly enless Congo line of fools around here.

    Let’s talk about the most important point of the debate: the Benghazi cover up.

    Obozo was lying during the debate and the fat chick, Candy Crowley, covered for his lies. His speech in the rose garden said nothing about the planned and coordinated terror attack in Benghazi, but merely remarked about terror in general. He lied. It is now known that we had a predator drone over the consulate recording and beaming back the incident as it occurred to the White House situation room. They knew immediately, as it happened, that it was a planned, military-style, terror attack. How do we know he was not talking about Benghazi? Because for 4 weeks follwing 9/11 he and his useful idiot tools, like Rice, were going on TV and giving interviews and making speeches claiming the incident was from a spontaneous protest over a stupid movie trailer on YouTube. NEVER ONCE has Obozo ever admitted that the incident was a planned and coordinated radical Islamic terrorist attack. He lied and covered this up for a month. He is now doing the rope-a-dope by claiming an investigation must be done before they know what happened when they watched it.

    The question is why? I know why. Because the lie is less costly than that truth. What is the truth? Here it is.

    The Ambassador was a North African CIA operative, definitely former, maybe current as well. He brokered the deals to get US weapons in the hands of the rebels (Al Qaeda terrorists) to take over Kaddafi. The 2 ex-Navy SEALS were CIA operatives. They were in Benghazi without military protection because they were trying to track down the weapons cache that we gave to the terrorists. How do we know the SEALS were CIA operatives? Because one of them was interviewed by ABC 1 week prior where he said that part of his mission in Libya is to find weapons stashes. Embassy guards DO NOT go looking for weapons stashes as a part of their duty. That’s also why the drone was flying above. It was helping to find the weapons.

    The reason Obozo is lying about this whole thing is that he does not want it to come out before the election that he has been supplying radical Islamic terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda with high tech US weapons. He is now doing the same exact thing in Syria. This should be the lead story on every newspaper and every TV news show, but they are in the tank for Obozo. Just like the fat chick Candy demonstrated very clearly during the debate.

    The truth will come out at some point. God willing, it will be before the election and Obozo will be revealed as the lying empty suit that he really is.

    Have a nice day!

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

    • You just really need to shut -up…you and all your radio faux geniuses….you have no clue about national security and no clue about what an ongoing investigation is.

      So yeah during the “Investigation” which BTW is classified and not open to the public…not even the hallowed patriots at FAUX news… during an investigation you wait…and wait…and wait until you know the truth, then and only then you decide what to do about what you’ve discovered. Until then you remain calm and go about your business.

      Now I know this waiting period seems like weakness to all you cowboys who just want to shoot somebody…anybody…damnit just drop some bombs that’s what GWB would do….but it’s not going to happen… THE PRESIDENT will decide how and when and who…not some jackass cowboy armchair shit head at faux noise…so with all due respect (NONE IS YOUR DUE) bozo you must go.

      AND ON ELECTION DAY when mittens loses in a historical landslide of shut the fuck up, maybe you will be sooooo disappointed that you can just leave. here’s hoping.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Obozo investigating Obozo’s own illegal arms trade with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is going to be real productive, isn’t it? Yeah right. Sure, sure!

        Go suck on your crack pipe a little more, Joel. Then go back to licking Obozo sphincter for him.


        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

        • you mean if Romney get in he will create another war and more military personal will get killed for what. Tell me for what, for the oil they have so Romney will make more money. His foreign policy sucks big time. I am not saying that Obama foreign policy is not that great but at least he is trying not to ruffle feathers like Mitt will.

          • ObozoMustGo

            ladyj… how are you today? I hope you are well.

            Let’s review some facts about the wars in the Middle East that I am sure you are completely unaware of because MSLSD would never publish such damning facts against Obozo.

            It amazes me that you guys on the left have no clue what you are talking about regarding the cost of the Afghan war. From the DoD budgetary numbers, here are some facts:

            Total Cost of Afghan War sinc e 2001 = $557B
            Total spent since Obozo took office in 2009 = $385B


            Here’s some more shocking numbers about Afghan that the media just ignores:

            Total casualties in Afghan war from 2001 to 2008 = 2,638 Americans
            Total casualties in Afghan war from 2009 to 2012 = 14,000 and change


            Here’s some more for you:

            Total dead in Afghan war from 2001 to 2008 = 625 Americans
            Total dead in Afghan war from 2009 to 2012 = 1,474


            I know you leftist freaks don’t like to hear the truth about what a failure Obozo has been, but you must face the facts. You are hanging your ideological future on a guy that is nothing more than a smoke screen. A wizard behind the curtain. Face it, Obozo is a failure and the faster you guys recognize this, the better off you will be regrouping and strategizing for 2016. Hopefully by then, you’ll have grown up and seen the light and have returned to being a real American instead of a socialist utipian dreamer.

            Have a nice day!

            “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    • hey OBozomust go if you want to talked that way fine, but you should open you ears or have them clean out, Obama said it was his responsible not on one else. It takes a big man to admit that. I don’t see Romney admit that he did nothing wrong. He just keep telling lies after lies after lies.. He was going to repeal the equal rights act that Obama put into place, but then his campaign advisor said that he is not going to do anything about it. You do not know what he will say next. What other flip flops, Or he did, about abortion, He was was a while back that he was for abortions any kind and then he turns around and say differently. Sorry No one knows who is the Real Romney. But a person who will not say how he is going to things before the election I am scare and you should be too. I don’t want to wake up one day and women rights are taken away, or see the middle class and poor paying more taxes, while the rich get more money and does not create jobs. Also he is another point, a plant in Fremont Illinois, Bain and Romney is still part of it because he knows a good deal is closing down and their High tech jobs are going over to China. American people are training or had train them to take over their jobs over in China. Heck they could not fly the American flag while they are training them. The asked Romney to step in and save their jobs, and he would not do it. Good tech jobs being lost because of money grubbing Bain and everyone else who is involve in this jobs lost. At least Obama want good jobs, tech j0bs or other good jobs, not like Mitt who cares for the rich. Obama 2012

  • Jack Wormer

    While most of the developed world has been into “New Math” lo these 30-40 years, Romney and Boywonder want to convince us of the merits of their “New ‘Rithmatic”…..

    Who’d buy a USED CAR from these two peddlers?

  • foolsdance

    Why has the media not picked up on the recording of Mitt, speaking to business owners about making sure their employees know who to vote for (remeber David Siegel)? This seems criminal to me. In it Mitt says ” I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections. And whether you agree with me or you agree with President Obama, or whatever your political view, I hope, you pass those along to your employees.” Mitt Romney, June 6, 2012.
    You can find it on youtube as Mitt Romney Small Business Town Hall. What a scary, evil tyrant this man is.

    • ObozoMustGo

      Fool…. your name is perfect for you!

      Have a nice day!

      “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadquacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

      • foolsdance

        I is from a neitzsche quote – I chose it because I know that you right wing nut job conspiracy theorist morons don’t read. You really should try it sometime.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Fool… you are confirmed as oblivious!

          Have a nice day!

          “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

  • docb

    Why are we not talking about the Auto Bailout where the romneys made a 3000% return thru the Delphi investment that they slam!..More Hypocrisy from the vacuous liar and tax cheat romney!

  • Jim Lou

    Romney is looking to grow the economy so that there will be more jobs. The question is what kind of jobs are they going to be? Many of the jobs that are being created lately are low paying. The taxes wouldn’t be too high in that case.

  • irishtap

    Standing ovation is in order, thank you Dominick! Folks Romney and his ilk will not ‘win this election’ but, it is theirs for the stealing. No citizen untouched by FOX and company would choose to vote these psychopaths into power. But we must simply conclude that the GOP is extinct and exists in name only. Lincoln, Eisenhower or even Nixon wouldn’t last a minute with these lunatics. The people seeking power are as evil as the day is long, representative government is an annoyance to be undermined until it can be snuffed out all together. The people seeking office as republicans are truly seeking to dismantle Medicare and Social Security and anything else they can annihalate. This is what ideological warfare looks like: billionaires using a speck of their otherworldly riches to purchase our government for their own personal gain, and to redesign society the way they think it should be. It’s happening now, we’re living in a profound crises for the soul of democracy. I

  • Same? If you listen to Aerosmith on a classic rock station!

    “It’s the same old song and, same old song and dance, my friends. It’s the same old story, same old story, same old song and dance!!”

  • The GOP had a chance to nominate someone who would actually CUT spending and didn’t need to lie about the numbers to fool people. They cheated their own primary process to make sure he didn’t win.

    What did you think, Howard, about these two financial geniuses arguing about why gas prices are so high, and neither one mentioned anything about the Fed’s quantitative easing?

    And people are dumb enough to think that either of these bozos can “fix” the economy. Either way, we’re effing doomed.