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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mea culpa, I misspoke, my bad — I stand corrected.

In past commentaries, I have called Newt Gingrich a lobbyist. Apparently, he hates that tag, even though he has indeed gotten very wealthy by taking big bucks from such special interest outfits as IBM, AstraZeneca, Microsoft and Siemens in exchange for helping them get favors from federal and state governments. But Gingrich, his lawyers and staff adamantly insist that it’s rude and crude to call him a lobbyist. No-no, they bark, The Newt is — ta-da! — “a visionary.”

  • BrianJ.Gould

    You know what I would really like to see? A psychological assessment made of newt. Pick any qualified psychiatrist at random. His personality profile would preclude him from pretty much any job I know of. Who would allow such a malevolent entity from coming in contact with children or animals or voters or any other vulnerable populations. He might make a good warden at a gulag.

  • gotedge

    I am old enough to have seen Wizard of Oz as a second-run movie back in the 1940s when I was too young to appreciate it as an allegory. But with age, came hindsight and perhaps insight. I see remarkable parallels between the Wizard as played by the inimical Frank Morgan and our former speaker, Newt Gingrich. Both relied on obfuscation and alliteration. Both offered simple nostrums to cure complex problems. For the Tin Man, a ticking alarm clock for a heart; for the Cowardly Lion, a medal of honor. Or as Newt would say, for a cure for poverty, give all the nine-year olds in the school a broom and make them janitors.

    However, in the film produced back in 1939, a trained dog named Toto pulled back the curtain and revealed the Wizard for the fraud that he was–a blowhard with a megaphone, not the Grand and Glorious Wizard. Today, it takes an educated reporter to do what a simple mutt was able to discern. Maybe the world has dumbed down to that degree but at least you pulled back the curtain–hopefully, not with your teeth!

    The principles have not changed in the 72 years since that iconic film was produced as a vehicle for a bunch of B actors to have a payday and studio princess Judy Garland to have a star turn with them. They probably had no idea that they were making a future biography of a blowhard politician who thinks of himself as a self-made man who worships his own creator.

  • terango.lf

    Reading this article about how the poor have no work ethic and not knowing to show up on Monday; I could only think of Congress and how they only work (are in session) Tuesday, Wendsday, and Thursday, not Monday or Friday. And Newt does prefer the title Mr. Speaker, which makes him the former foreman of the Congress. Just a little ironic, isn’t it?
    Also, his semantics with lobbyist vs. congressional advisor remind me of Tom Delay calling money laundering just campaign contributions.

  • 1olderbutwiser1

    I would help Mr. Humphrey sweep the schoolrooms because I had the last bus. And at that time there was Dick, Jane, and Sally. There were no Penn State coaches with PhD’s sticking their peckers up little boy’s anuses. When I was in third grade, I would hand-milk three cows before I caught the bus in the morning. My father was a coal miner, my mother a housewife, and mother. Oh, and I got my share of beatings with a pit belt, sometimes a plastic hose….I, believe it or not, preferred the pit belt as long as the buckle didn’t catch me anywhere that was particularly sensitive skin. I had two brothers, one older, one younger, we were 18 months apart. We all three were “best boys” for our appropriate schools, my younger brother got it for the township as well, and then the county as well after that, these were American Legion awards. My older brother was president of the National Honor Society. I was president of the astronomy club. My younger brother was also of course the national honor society. We all wrestled, my younger brother had a wrestling scholarship at University of Pittsburgh, and got his masters at WVU. Never worked one day in his field, he has said many times education is a waste. My older brother a retired schoolteacher, with numerous state awards, etc. etc. Myself, I went the independent route and became an investor. Today I own 20 properties with NO MORTGAGES, all paid off free and clear.

    While I was standing outside one of my buildings last week a ten year old from a nearby housing project walked by, and asked me for a cigarette. I said no, of course, and he said “fuck you, motherfucker” and threw a little stone at one of the windows and ran away, still swearing.

    My suggestion to Newt would be NOT to trust a bum of bums like this in any schoolroom, lest everything come up missing. The democrats have done for these bums what they need done. Put them in housing projects, feed them drugs, let them be very confused on father’s day, hope for early death, and maybe some strange disease that affects the women where they become sterile. Make sure there are plenty of pills that mimmick heroin so they can overdose early in their worthless lives, let them be guinea pigs for new drugs to see if they work, give them food stamps so they can get fat and even lazier than they are now.

    Newt, you have way too much sympathy for these bums. They get a free place to live, and we taxpayers are paying maintenance men 45k/yr to mow their lawns. My question, Newt, is are you willing to scrap HUD ? Because if you do, these pieces of garbage won’t be contained in these pockets of waste anymore……not a good idea to bring this element of society out to where normal people live. these are lawless people, who can be registered to keep democrats in forever…..the more of them that quit holding our country back, the worse it is for all of us. Only property owners should vote, that’s the way it was when our country was truly a world leader and prosperous for all working people. The parasites are killing the host.

  • petedcurtis

    Well as I remember the Dickensian Scrooge did flip flop and become very benevolent in the end? 🙂 We can always hope for a similar change with Newt, maybe a dream of Xmas past will come to him, after all he says he is a visionary…

  • petedcurtis

    So your solution is to have Parents beat their children preferably with Pit Belts to ensure the success of children from poor families. I find that really weird. I salute you you and your brothers for their service to the country and I respect your success in real estate, if it is true. But do you really think sterility by disease would reduce poor families having children and that only property owners should vote? How quaint your vision is. That’s almost like Newt’s visionary flashback to another century? I said almost, because I really suspect that your posting is a Spoof and thus will treat it as such. You can be very funny. Keep up the funny postings they are very entertaining. You are really Stephen Colbert aren’t you?

  • theuglytruth

    Is it possiable that this person has been left with parental wounds that have left him in hate of anything good. He was worked to the bone as a child, which Newt is all for; then beaten, not unlike newt was by his own fellow Rep. house members and sent away. He’s madly in love with himself, which apes Newt to a t. It appears he knows how to milk, which Newt does by milking the truth out of any sitaution he finds himself in. He sounds a little like a landlord who all the neighbor kids hate; theres a Dickens simularity somewhere in there. And strangely enough he advocates drug use, which leaves me with the feeling that he just might be on drugs himself, and last but not least. have you ever read a more egomanicial butthead than this guy, well yea, Newt

  • 1olderbutwiser1

    As we all go through life we have the opportunity to distinguish wants from needs. I was fortunately mature enough, early in life to distinguish my wants separately from my needs….and decided to aim for my wants, not just my needs. I have insisted from myself and those around me, all my adult life, to acknowledge sobriety is critical to making then right decisions in life. I made the right decisions, except once I was offered a teaching position at a college in Florida….I decided against it, but to this day, I still wonder if I made the right decision. I probably did.

    I have been on national news TV with one of my inventions which was and still is a good concept. This invention was featured at a convention once in Washington DC. My latest invention has been confirmed 111% energy efficient by DOE, and I may soon market it. It also runs your electric meter backwards while it works….the irony to this is that my dad was a coal miner, and this will eliminate the need for half the coal mined worldwide. And make the air a whole lot cleaner. Well, in this day and age, miners can learn to do something else for a living. Living in coal country, I can assure you there is no such thing as “clean coal”. An excess of lawyers lets large companies use misnomers such as this. I have coached litle league baseball, youth soccer as well, and have played soccer as well, but I am by no means and never was, a very good soccer player. I contribute to our food bank. I have given worthy people free places to live and even paid their utilities for them. Notice the word “worthy”. In our champion-the-loser society, we have mysteriously mistaken every bum as being “worthy” and such is not the case. And last but not least, discipline makes the man, a lack of discipline makes a loser.

  • freethinker

    I gather from the comments thus far that most of the writers did not have to do any work for money during childhood. I am over 70. I sold papers on the street at 9, picked potatoes and apples by 12, paper route at 13, window washer at 16, dishwasher at 17. Plus countless miles walking roads to pickup empty bottles to sell during all those years. Worked my way through college and graduate school. Today, a proud member of the 1%. There is something to learning to work and the value of money at an early age. Make fun if you want to, but watch out for the kids repeating my path.

  • dawnowens

    When is Newt going to actually work for a living? He merely shills, writes (or has ghostwritten) lousy ‘patriotic’ tomes which are then given 5 star reviews on Amazon by fake reviewers, gets paid ridiculous amounts of money for access, speeches and such, and cheats on his wives. He looks like two hours of pushing a mop would give him a heart attack, and I think we should give him a mop, forthwith.

    Not only the left leaning but the right media are going after Newt. He won’t last the month before he’s a laughingstock to all but the most gullible (Cain supporters, anyone?)

  • JeanneRivizzigno-Kuss

    There is something very evil about Gingrich. I am catholic and I cannot believe the catholic church allowed this evil man to convert to catholicsm after all he has done and is doing. He is not truthful and wants to put us back instead of forward. Children need to go to school, do homework, participate in after school activities – NOT WORK. Let kids be kids. They also should have chores around the house. They need study time, relaxing time and enjoying their childhood in order to grow up to be responsible adults. They should not be taking work away from janitors etc. who are trying to feed and clothe their family with janitorial earnings. This is a shame and not a good example for the children. He must have had a horrible childhood to think of such things. Poor does not mean non-working. Gingrich’s idea is totally racist. Many of the poor work 2 or 3 jobs to make money.

  • D S James

    DawnOwens… WOW, a 1%’er that openly admits what a greedy, self-center, out of touch asshole they are.
    So you got in the way of some big money and not once did I hear you give tribute to the people who are the ones that did the actual labor to make you selfishly rich, …your employees. Idiots like you all pretend you did it yourself.
    You sat at the top of a pile of people who did all the real work while you scarfed off the cash pile and pretend you deserve to take 100 times more than the Real Americans who work for you, who built the highways, the bridges, schools, hospitals, police and fire departments.
    And still, the ruthless greed that controls you will not let you pay your FAIR AND EQUAL share to maintain the social services I mentioned above (yes, stupid, roads, bridges, highways, police, fireman, military, schools, stop lights, and so on, are all socialist constructs,) and you used them all to get rich.
    You could not have gotten rich without them, or our Real American sweat, and don’t you think you should pay your fair share in gratitude? Of course not. You are a cheap and stingy bastard, (or bitch?) who hasn’t labored a hard day in ages. I bet you don’t clean your own house or cook your own meals.

    AS TO PETEDCURTIS… hey, you backward asshole!
    Not too long before you were a child, your grand parents could have spent their childhood literally chained to machines in windowless factories, or locked into mills and factories chained shut from the outside to die in building fires.
    These laws we have that protect Real Americans from the ruthless greed of the likes of DawnOwens and you were created by those old timers who struck and rioted to give their children, and you, a better life. If your great grand daddy were alive today, he would probably kick your dumb ass up and down the street for pissing on his struggles with you greedy self-interest.
    Everything they fought for is referred to a progress, you primitive idiot. The past is full of injustice, greed and gluttony, well, all seven of deadly sins owned and faithfully observed by people like you.

    Stand up. Be a real man, a real business person, a real professional, and a Real American and pay your goddamn FAIR AND EQUAL SHARE and stop being the backward, selfish, greedy, ruthless, idiot shit-head, buttwad you appear to be.