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Friday, October 21, 2016

Defense Secretary Panetta Heads To Vietnam


    The Romans had a saying: “Money doesn’t smell.” It’s heartwarming to see the deaths of 50,000o GIs doesn’t discourage our businessmen from working with the enemy to open up yet another source of cheap labor.

    • Ed

      Alittle thing like that will never bother the capitalist.

  • tobewan

    To the Capitalist, America is a business venture for making them rich.

  • tobewan

    Romney’s statements/attitude on foreign policy echo’s his bullying youth “pranks.”
    Others are there for him to boss them around, and turn friends into enemies.

  • if the working class is so blind and stupid as to loose one of our own states, as in wisconson recall.then what else can we expdave mich.ect from ” money”? didn”t they buy wisconson? dave mich