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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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10 responses to “Democrats Have A Little Faith”

  1. William Deutschlander says:

    Unfortunately, the basic inteligence of the American ELECTORATE has waned to the one liner, the I want it now and I can not look at building a future for the MAJORITY!

  2. Itsjustmeagain1 says:

    I am continuously amazed that intelligent people believe the trash people put out. For example, the chain email that states members of Congress leave office and continue to collect their full pay. What is troubling is the email came from my sister in law who has a degree, and forwarded it to us believing this lie.
    Maybe Homeland Security can put their time and efforts to something useful, while spying in everyones email they direct the sender and recipients to sites such as Snoops and Fact Check.

    • bentley7042 says:

      I’ve seen many anti Obama chain emails that are deceptive and out right lies. Like the one that said Obama was going to add a fee for every bank transaction. “If you don’t believe it look it up, HR #……..etc” Turned out to be legislation proposed by a Penn congressman to replace the income tx with transaction fees. This was one of the more benign ones.

  3. MK2thirteenthgen says:

    No one ever lost a dime betting on the stupidity of the American People (Boobus Americanus). – H. L. Mencken

  4. devilindetail says:

    It isn’t intelligence so much as the ability and desire to “understand” that is relevant. Do the American people really wish to “understand” the problems we face, or do they just prefer to embrace “slogans” that make understanding unnecessary? “tax and spend”; “small government”; “liberal = socialism”; “death panels”; “socialized medicine”; etc. When people are more willing to embrace their fear instead of understand issues, slogans become more relevant than facts or truth.

    Under those circumstances, the Democrats really do not stand much of a chance. Have we forgotten about the “swift boat” and the “Willie Horton” ads? Expect more of the same with “Jeremiah Wright” and “birther” ads this fall. The GOP is more about slogans and their surrogate (Faux News) has willingly donated full time to just this type of GOP political messaging.

  5. Rodney says:

    As and america and a virginian i am sadden by the complete lack of common sense that some G.O.P members have . If you can compell me to buy car ins. to drive on the roads that my tax dollars has paid for . Then the same thought if the state can make it’s people buy a product for the good .And not be in violation ofthe commerce then how can the fed .

  6. Thomas Garcia says:

    Early education of our countries Electorate processes… On how things work…. People find politics boring, frustrating and complicated… If we can understand Football and Baseball rules then we should be able to understand Politics… -If only we could give politics the importance and attention we give to our sports there would be little room for lies..-

    • DurdyDawg says:

      The powers that be realized this way before you did, that’s why they exploited all sports.. sent them straight to your living room and placed such importance onto them that you couldn’t help but become mesmerized. Hey, if it worked in Rome…

  7. oldigor says:

    H. L. Mencken, a newspaper reporter for the Baltimore Sun stated that, “It is impossible to under estimate the stupidity of the American Public”.

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