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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sept. 21 (Bloomberg View) — Democrats know that keeping control of the Senate this election year isn’t a man’s job. Success will depend on the votes of women.

A gender gap has long been evident in U.S. politics: Men more often vote Republican and women are more likely to back Democrats. Both of these trends have accelerated in recent years.

This year, it’s Democrats who are on the defensive. In the 10 most competitive Senate races, they are counting on different assets in different states: solid turnout of black voters in the South, Hispanics in Colorado and Alaskan natives.

But almost everywhere, Democrats need a big margin — at least in the double digits — with female voters.

The commercial and campaigns reflect this priority. In addition to the economy, Medicare and Social Security, the emphasis is on ending pay discrimination based on gender, making contraception readily available and covered by insurance, and, in some states, the right to abortion or stressing issues that seem more important to women — for example, education in North Carolina. Some Democratic campaigns are conducting focus groups only with women to gauge intensity and nuances.

Democratic strategists, citing polls, insist these issues are resonating in many tight Senate contests.

Republicans counter that the larger gender gap is the one Democrats have with men, and that the women’s vote is more complex. Married white women are more likely to be Republican, as are older voters. In a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, a plurality of women age 50 or older gave higher marks to Republicans on dealing with the economy. The Democrats’ advantage on gender is focused on younger singles and women of color.

A look at several crucial states underscores the centrality of gender in November:

• In Colorado, incumbent Democratic senator Mark Udall is being challenged by Republican Representative Cory Gardner. In the Senate race four years ago, Democrat Michael Bennet eked out a victory over a right-wing challenger by winning the women’s vote, 56 percent to 39 percent. Most polls show Udall with a small lead thanks to similar advantages with women.

But a Quinnipiac survey last week showed Gardner ahead, as Udall only had a 3-point advantage with women. Gardner, who recently supported a personhood measure that would have banned all abortions and some contraceptives, is trying to strike a more moderate posture; he embraces the sale of contraceptives over the counter.

Democrats say they relish this debate — other Republicans are adopting the same tack — as these Republicans no longer would require insurance companies to cover contraceptives, which would become very expensive for some women. The Udall campaign will hammer this and other appeals to women in the closing six weeks.

• In Iowa, where a woman has never been elected to the U.S. Senate or as governor, Republicans think their female candidate, state Senator Joni Ernst, will enable them to reduce the gender gap. In the last presidential election, President Barack Obama carried this swing state by 6 points, running up a 19-point margin with female voters. The two parties disagree on whether female Republican candidates generally do better with female voters; Democrats are cautiously optimistic that their candidate, Representative Bruce Braley, will prevail in November. Iowa is a good laboratory for the debate in 2014.

• Georgia may be the Democrats’ best chance of taking over a Republican-held seat, though it’s an uphill battle. The Democratic candidate is Michelle Nunn, the daughter of the popular senator, Sam Nunn. She is running against David Perdue, a businessman. And a woman’s issue is the centerpiece of her campaign: She is attacking Perdue’s record as a chief executive officer, including his tenure at Dollar General Corp., which faced pay-discrimination suits brought by several thousand female employees.

The tagline on Nunn’s commercial: “Can the women of Georgia trust David Perdue?”

Photo: Be The Change, Inc via Flickr

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24 Responses to Democrats Need Surge Of Women To Hold Senate

  1. Democrats need a huge turnout by women, ethnic minorities, the gay community, college students, the poor, those who have benefited from the ACA, and every person who was adversely affected by the Republican obstructionism that, according to none other than McConnell, was designed to make sure President Obama was a one-term President. The effects of the latter included unnecessary misery on millions of Americans who could have gotten a job had the infrastructure investment proposal had become law, and tens of thousands of returning veterans who would have benefited from the Veterans Jobs Act proposed by the Obama administration and rejected by the Republican controlled House.
    The outcome of the midterm election depends on our ability to understand what happened in recent years, the underlining effects of Republican obstructionism, the real reasons for opposing programs such as the ACA, which is already helping millions of Americans who could not afford healthcare insurance or who had no choice but to get substandard policies and become a burden to society by relying on ER freebies and MEDICAID when they had a serious illness.
    The key is to look beyond the rhetoric, remember where we were in January 2009, and consider where we are today. The contrast could not be more stark and convincing.

    • One problem, though, is that even though huge numbers have benefited from ACA, many don’t know the source. In Kentucky for instance, McConnell is still beating the anti-ACA drum while quoting the benefits of Kynect, the state plan enacted under ACA. Apparently the goobers don’t know they’re the same, as recent polls show them hating “obamacare” while loving kynect.

      • Part of the problem, in my opinion, is that the administration should have done a better job at explaining the benefits of the ACA.
        I watched a GOP political commercial on TV this morning attacking Charlie Crist for endorsing the ACA, and claimed premiums had gone up 13.7%.
        The truth and facts don’t mean much for those whose only purpose is to win elections.

          • The negatives associated with policies implemented or defended by Republicans are never brought up by those who only know how to criticize progress, and who fear change without understanding why. As I am sure you already know, this is not limited to the ACA.

          • Nor does the fact that previously we had policies that did not cover much and now we have policies that have no cap and provide coverage for preventive health screenings and a host of other important things.

          • Republicans want everyone to forget about the fact that ACA has required health insurers to provide considerable additional coverages as you pointed out. Some additional coverages they’re having to provide now in addition to those you mentioned are – health insurers can no longer refuse to cover you because of a preexisting condition; in addition, they can no longer choose to drop you from coverage just as you’re planning to have some very expensive medical procedures done – a practice called recision; and for families – they have to cover dependent children until age 26 and deductibles charged now even have defined maximums.

            On top of all that, what many Republicans fail to take into account, is the fact that ACA has been saving Americans money since 2011 by slowing down the rise in premium increases to the slowest increase rates in the past 50 years. Some analysts made a projection some time back showing that if rates had continued to climb as they had been, in 2013 premiums would have been 25-40% higher than they were. Which means if someone had a premium of say $600/mo in 2013, their premium could have been 750-$840/mo had ACA not been enacted in 2010. And they would have been having to pay those higher premiums for much worse insurance without all the additional benefits ACA has forced insurers to provide.

          • Health insurance premiums have been going up since I got my first job many decades ago. The difference now is that premiums are not increasing as rapidly as they did before, and that folks earning less than $96K a year are eligible for subsidies, which makes the issue mute for those who participate in the ACA.

          • And you’re spewing more lies!! Is that all you know how to do????

            Fact is, most companies are reducing their premium increase projections they made earlier because ACA is already driving down costs faster than expected because it is reducing the readmission and uninsured rates faster than anyone expected. (Of course that’s in the states that had the common sense to promote ACA and expand Medicaid. States like Arizona and Colorado and Washington and Oregon etc etc)

          • Tell me after November how wrong you were, then maybe you’ll get your information from other sources. Also, why do Obama supporters always ignore that he took $716 BILLION from Medicare while Medicare & S.S. are going broke, & also raised taxes another $500 BILLION for Obamacare. And if it’s really so great, why did BO need to LIE many times to ram it though? p.s. BO also said he wouldn’t raise taxes, which we ALL know he did.

          • And more absolute nonsense that you just keep repeating even though you’ve been told numerous times that your wrong – which makes what you’re say a deliberate LIE!!

            I don’t have to wait until November. Companies have already been sending out material for people looking to sign up with rates reduced, some of them as much as 50%, from what they were projecting a few months back. There’s already a trend on companies backing off on their original rate forecasts.

            And you’ve been told numerous times that Obama DID NOT TAKE 716B FROM MEDICARE, the 716 Billion was not money REMOVED FROM MEDICARE, it is simply the PROJECTED SAVINGS that should result from improvements in how Medicare makes its payments to healthcare providers. SO YOU ARE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO PROJECT ANOTHER LIE!!!!!

            And similarly, ACA has actually extended the life of Medicare by the improvements its made to the healthcare processes – and actually, projections now are that it will extended it even further than thought back at the beginning of 2014. Even the CBO has decreased it’s overall projections on what ACA will cost over the next decade by billions.

            And as usual your worthless comments about Social Security going bankrupt are just that WORTHLESS COMMENTS!! Your whole presence on this blog are WORTHLESS!!!

          • And while you’re here trying to trash Obamacare, maybe you should call up governor Brewer in the Red State of Arizona and tell her you’d like to trash ACA even though it’s already started to save her state millions of dollars.

            See these excerpts from an article in the DailyKos as to how ACA is not only projected to create 15,000 new jobs but also drive up disposable income for Arizona residents:

            Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to harangue her Republican legislature to accept Medicaid expansion is paying off for the whole state of Arizona, but especially its hospitals. A new report from the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association says that uncompensated care has been reduced 31 percent in the last four months compared to the same period last year.

            Uncompensated care is both charity care provided by hospitals and bad debts they have to write off, and in Arizona it spiked after the state decided to drop the childless adult population from Medicaid in July 2011. The numbers of childless adults in Medicaid has rebounded 247 percent since the decision to expand Medicaid and allow them back in, which obviously makes a big difference in the amount of uncompensated care hospitals are providing. One, Tucson Medical Center, reports a 45-percent drop.

            That’s money that the state doesn’t have to try to come up with to reimburse hospitals to help keep them afloat. The business school at Arizona State University estimated that the expansion would bring more than 15,000 jobs to the state by 2016, increase state revenues by over $2.8 billion in the next three years and increase personal disposable income by more than $1.6 billion. The decline in uncompensated care is just a drop in the bucket for what Medicaid expansion is likely to do for Arizona.

  2. I am quite optimistic women will show up in drove come November. Is there any woman who doesn’t want to be paid equally like a man? I presume the answer is A BIG NO. Is there anyone woman who can continue to swallow insulting words like those from crazy Rush Limbaugh of: “No means Yes so long a person knows how to spot it”? For sure the answer is NO. The more women will be in either Chamber, the more women will be represented, hence fighting for fellow women.

  3. Well with all the threats the republicans made about women’s reproductive health and their war against a living wage that affects women more than men and their voting against the fair wage act, if women don’t stand up now then don’t cry later about what happens to them

  4. I know, from experience, that local Democrats have a problem with excluding willing women volunteers that the young people hired on the Democratic campaign here in Iowa do not value. I offered to make calls from home, using the party’s excellent data online, just as I did on in the last election. I was told that the college-aged student in charge had to interview me before I could make calls. The volunteer phone bank just puts the numbers and information before you and off you go: there is a brief script and a way to record information about the call. No xenophobic interview to see if you “qualify.”

    Here is another story. I tried to reach the Braley compaign to discuss an idea for an ad countering the accusation that the representative has not attended enough hearings and votes in congress. First, my idea: When the Ernst campaign complains of Representative Braley’s attendance, she is like a teacher who thinks her only task is to take attendance (maybe that’s why she wants to eliminate the Department of Education). What we need is “A Day in the Life of a U.S. Representative,” to show how these people spread out their staff, pop in and out of meetings, so they can do more than one thing at one time. Ernst’s complaint shows she has no idea what goes on in the life of a U.S. member of Congress.

    Now, the response: Nothing. I left a voice mail, and there is nothing. Response to email: Please make a donation.

    Maybe Republicans are not the only politicians living in a bubble. If you want to reach women, if you HAVE to win the votes of women, why not be inclusive and rally the troops rather than driving them away?

  5. I think the American women knows What? is happening in their country and they are ready to come forward and take their country back and make their Democracy work for everybody Not just for Greedy Capitalistic Pigs, Plutocracts(commissioners)Who? privatize the Public’s Assets and manages the Peoples ownership. The President has shown the People What? Critical Thinking is all about and the People has came alive and ready to make America For, By, and OF the People and that’s the way Democracy works, and Democracy works, just like Social Security, Obamacare, Democracy, Public Education, Fair Wages , Unions, J A Z Z, all of these things are What? America is all about. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING P. S. The VOTE is still Supreme so be wise and take the gaint step and re-claim your Democracy cause MONIES are causing big trouble with our policitical system but Critical Thinking can take care of MONIES, and the VOTE closes the deal.

  6. The Democrats’ attempt at trying to distract on how Obama’ policies have hurt women by a 6 year long terrible economy, and insultingly trying to make it a “War on Women”, is so obvious every woman should be angered. What has Obama & the Democrats done for women when they had complete control of Congress for Obama’s 1st. 2 years and mostly now? High unemployment & loss of good jobs, more Illegals allowed to remain in the U.S. taking those jobs, and many criminal Illegals released. High gasoline, bad housing market, high grocery prices, on & on & on………..

    • Wow!! you spew lies faster than a speeding bullet. “6 year long terrible economy” What a load of garbage. An article in Forbes has just proven that the economy under Obama has outperformed anything any Republican has done in the past 100 years – Obama’s economy has outperformed that mythical economy of Ronald Reagan in any way you want to measure it!!

      And while proving that the article has also proven that your idiot coment about “high unemployment and loss of good jobs” is just more absolute Garbage!! Fact is lowlife, that Obama’s stimulus has created hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs in a burgeoning green energy sector that will soon make fossil fuels obsolete, and he’s done the job by creating AND REDUCING UNEMPLOYMENT faster than Reagan ever dreamed of!!!!!

      An excerpt from an article in Forbes:

      Bob Deitrick: ”President Reagan has long been considered the best modern economic President. So we compared his performance dealing with the oil-induced recession of the 1980s with that of President Obama and his performance during this ‘Great Recession.’

      “As this unemployment chart shows, President Obama’s job creation kept unemployment from peaking at as high a level as President Reagan, and promoted people into the workforce faster than President Reagan.

      “President Obama has achieved a 6.1% unemployment rate in his sixth year, fully one year faster than President Reagan did. At this point in his presidency, President Reagan was still struggling with 7.1% unemployment, and he did not reach into the mid-low 6% range for another full year. So, despite today’s number, the Obama administration has still done considerably better at job creating and reducing unemployment than did the Reagan administration.

      “We forecast unemployment will fall to around 5.4% by summer, 2015. A rate President Reagan was unable to achieve during his two terms.”

      And to prove that the days of fossil fuels are numbered, even the Rockefeller Family is aware of that as their divesting themselves of 50 Billion they have invested in Fossils so they can instead invest in the burgeoning alternative energy sector. The Days of Big Oil and Coal pumping big dollars into the GOP coffers are numbered:

      Rockefeller family divesting $50 billion from fossil fuel investments

      And excerpt:

      Heirs to the Rockefeller family, which made its vast fortune from oil, are to sell investments in fossil fuels and reinvest in clean energy, reports say.

      The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is joining a coalition of philanthropists pledging to rid themselves of more than $50 bn (£31 bn) in fossil fuel assets.

  7. NO PROBLEM! Democrats & Independents are the only parties holding the line & keeping the rights & access issues as guaranteed across the board. What have Republicans & T-baggers done, in the meantime? Maybe the thing to do is continue reminding Women that they Republicans/T-baggers) didn’t fall in love w/the Womens vote 2, 4, 5 years ago, but JUST ONLY THIS SEASON, when it MATTERS! If it matters to Democrats & their supporters, make the point that Women, non-Whites, POOR Whites, the ENTIRE Middle Class, Children, the Elderly – ALL have been the priority of Democrats & Independents since FDR & it shows!!! Make no MISTAKE about it – Just TALK ABOUT IT…

  8. Unfortunately, none of the above happened…..all the women running didn’t make the cut. It’s a sad thing, especially when you think that Perdue won despite his ridiculous ideas! Women need to get out and VOTE!!! We can’t sit by and let these men run the country and take us back to the stone age!

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