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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mitt Romney has long boasted – with dubious accuracy but laudable pride – that his father George marched against segregation with Martin Luther King, Jr. But the Romney campaign of 2012 is dishonoring those filial sentiments as its strategy of racial polarization unfolds – with the latest and most blatant example emerging in a blatantly false attack on the Obama Administration’s welfare policies.

Suspicions that Romney might seek to inflame racist anger toward America’s first black president began to arise when his campaign strategist Stuart Stevens – a scion of Mississippi’s Republican Party – coined the slogan “Obama Isn’t Working,” which sounded to some like code for ethnic stereotyping. Others charitably attributed the gaffe to mere insensitivity typical of the Republican campaign’s insular, monochromatic staff.

Then came the candidate’s speech to the NAACP convention, which seemed to have been drafted to elicit booing from the African-American audience – a reaction instantly framed by Rush Limbaugh and the right-wing propaganda machine as an assault by blacks on Romney simply “because he is white.” Nevertheless some observers, including members of the NAACP,  still gave him credit merely for appearing before what he had to expect would be a skeptical if not hostile audience.

But now the Romney campaign – and the candidate himself – have seized upon welfare, the classical subject of racial stereotype, to divide the country against Obama with false accusations. With a new political advertisement claiming that the president has tried to eliminate work requirements from the Transitional Assistance to Needy Families program, or TANF, Romney and his allies are directly appealing to the ugliest emotions of their Tea Party base.

This isn’t a muted dog-whistle.  It’s a deafening foghorn.

The supposed basis for the Romney claim is a recent presidential directive permitting state governors to seek a “waiver” from the specific bureaucratic requirements of the welfare reform passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996. But as Clinton himself noted in a sharp response to Romney’s ad, Republican governors in Utah and Nevada originally requested that waiver.

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218 responses to “Dishonoring Dad: The Romney Campaign Blows Racial Foghorn”

  1. ExPAVIC says:


    So when are the American Taliban Republican masses going to finally realize that Mittens RoMoney is nothing but a whacked out pretender to the POTUS Office to which he is totally unqualified.

    • ….I suspect after the first debate…even the narrow minded Repubs and TeaParty whackos who support this guy will have to admit that a whiny, sputtering, arms flailing, blushing man who looks as if he’s been inadequately electrocuted can’t possibly run this country…yes, they HATE President Obama, but at some point they will have to admit that Rmoney is THE most deplorable candidate EVER….

      • What small part of your small mind are you living in?

        • Stella53 says:

          Um…. she’s living in the even smaller brain you have!

          • thetruthmeister says:

            You leftists losers are all grasping for straws aren’t you. I can’t wait until November when the normal people of this country vote Obama out of office by a landslide and we can have our country back from this neo-socialist, lets make everybody poor and go on welfare loser. I say that with affection 🙂

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            normal…. LOL….

          • pootinella says:

            Your intellect is only exceeded by your charm!

          • ebenezera says:

            Do you or cant you see that by the november deadline you and your people will be in the minority, that means the Rep. perty will need all Latinos or Asians and even some Africa Americans or he will kiss his own……..

          • louisy8 says:

            you are the loser the GOP had 8 yrs to run the US into the ground, and you think 3yrs is enough the make things better jackass fool, Obama had try to do so many things to help and these GOPs blocked everything and now you want you blame him you jackass

          • Forget it; you republicans don’t have a prayer! There are enough intelligent people in this country to defeat Romney/Ryan.


          • Rodney says:

            Hey dick head were sorry that nobody told you but .in any event we are a social country .Hey did you go too college. How about those student loans that we not so normal people made sure you could get. But we see that it was money that we lost ohwell sh%1 happens.

          • DurdyDawg says:

            Hey meister! Were you present at the inauguration?

          • alberto says:

            Someone as Samrt as you truthmeiser should know Ronmoney is the canidate of the PEOPLE, the1% ppl who want no regulations, no immigrants, no womans right to chose, no help for the indigent. But you already new dat huh? Normal people vote for their own financial interest, foxnewsboneheads vote in the rich’s best interest and then wait for the “TRICKLE” to reach those toothless in WV and Ole Miss and other Red States full of idiots who vote for Reps. then wait for their welfare chex while they cuss out the GOVINMENT. Get a clue rightwing blindmasses, Ronmoney and ARYAN only want your vote so they can implement the policies that led to the crisis of ’08 and hand over the country to the wealthy. I , as a normal person will vote for the man who looks out for the rest of us, not just the rich.

          • pup081 says:

            What do you mean normal? Oh, I get it white people. Most people are normal no matter what their political party. Republicans really remind me of peoples who pnly believe in One Party Rule. Well, I guess that means you are no different than the Communist Party or the old USSR, except you only want rich white men ruling you instead. Well, if that is the case than, no non-white should ever have to serv

          • thetruthmeister says:

            You are, by the true definition of the word, a racist. The only reason why you are voting for and defending Obama is because he is non-white. I live just north of NYC, and I once was a registered Democrat when Clinton was in office but the party has changed and should change it’s name to what it has really become and that is the Socialist party. You neolibs have nothing good to say about Obama so you keep posting mindless jibber knocking Romney and Ryan and honestly thinking normal minded Americans will believe it. I hate to burst you hatefilled bubble but here goes…. POP! No one is falling for that again. I know a lot of people who voted for Obama in 2008 and when I ask them who will they vote for in this election NOT ONE says they will vote for him again. Romney and Ryan are going to win by a landslide. I can’t wait!

    • tom f says:

      So Obama is qualified? Honey what did Obama do that was so great before his office in the presidency? community organizer? what getting people welfare entitlements?

      • Dawn Rainbow says:

        TomF, troll alert. whatever obama didn’t do, catch up with the president. Obama’s been presidnet of the USA since 2009 & stopped GOTP policies causing 800 K monthly jobs losses, we’re gining over 100 k monthly now. He avenged our country, got OBL, out military efforts in Mid East top alm things down & saved auto industry Myth said should go bankrupt. His Bush 2.0 on steroids failed policies will destroy jobs again like Bush 1.0 did. We know Obama can create jobs even if we’d like it faster but we know GOTP policies destroy jobs so we’re ontinue with the sure bet, we don’t have to try somebody new taking a gamble just because he says he can do the job but his resume proves otherwise. This slow reovery is GOTP eonomy since they refuse to pas his jobs bill, we need to elect a blue congress for the 995 to pass obama jobs bill & we’ll jumpstart our economy. Obama is eons more qualified than mytyh so Myth is not qualified for sure, if Obama isn’t according to you.

        • His jobs bill was another stimulus, which didn’t work the first time! History has taught us (well…people with any brains) that you can’t spend your way to recovery!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Which history are you talking about? Are talking about actual historical events that occurred or are you still making it up as you go along?

          • I’m talking about real history, if you have a clue what that is! It has been tried time and again by Republicans and Democrats, and has never worked!
            Democrats are the ones trying to re-write history; but any inteligent person knows that they, and you are full of it!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            You are still making it up as you go.
            Try as you may you will not be able to convince the American people that you are anything but a wrong-wing tethuglican teahaddist bent on destroying the country in order to make President Obama a one term president.

          • Michael D says:

            Please let me know the exact history you mention in your post. A big problem that people had with Herbert Hoover was that he did stimulus plans too little and too late. Stimulus will work it it is directed appropriately. I’m thinking the middle-class that will spend the money on goods and services thereby increasing demand….what the hey, you know the rest 🙂

          • oldtack says:

            Mr. Bombastic
            My apologies to the forum. My reply was meant specifically for this person and not for the person the reply ended up under. It was intended specifically for this asshole -Mr B..

          • ksimms says:

            I don’t believe we should spend our way to recovery, but Ronald Reagan sure believed that when he tripled our national debt. And I’m not sure why people are saying Obama’s stimulus didn’t work. We went from losing 750,000 jobs a month at the end of Bush’s term to 28 straight months of job growth.

          • oldtack says:

            You do not know diddly shit about History and even less about Economics. Did you ever study the years from 1921 up to 1929 to find the underlying cause of the stock Market Crash that virtually paralyzed this Country from 1930 to 1933. Did you ever study what steps were taken from 1934 to 1938 to pull us out of this abyss?

            I may be mistaken but, your rhetoric sounds much like a right wing ultra conservative Tea Party follower. If so – did you ever study the Rise of the Third Reich from 1920 through 1933? The Tea Party mimics the strategies of the Third Reich. As a gesture of Solidarity all followers of the Third Reich had to take an oath to support the Party 100%. They were to walk in lock step with the Party. Have you considered what your Ultra Conservative Congressmen and Senators are Required to do – they signed a pledge to walk Lockstep with the dictates of the “New” Republican Party. Sound familiar?

            By the way – The National Socialist Party was not a Party for the working class. It was a Party for the ruling elite perpetrating a mass Charade to entice the worker to unite behind them. Sound familiar?

            There is a good chance that your Candidate will be elected as the 45th President in November Then you poor deluded fools in the low to middle class, along with the rest of we poor victims will suffer the same privations and as did the average Citizens of Germany from 1933 to the fall of the Reich in 1945.

            Now – you may be a young person but I am nearing 80 years of age so – hell – at my age I won’t have as long a time to suffer as will you.

            Meanwhile – Smile and have a good evening.

          • karinursula says:

            I agree with everything you said. oldtack. I was born in Germany in 1944 and I studied those years. That is my worry, that the GOP will gain in the Senate and the White House and we end
            up basically a 1 party nation, just like Germany.

          • The NAZI party disarmed it’s citizens and bullyed those they didn’t agree with them . Just Like Rahm and Obama do today . The Nazi party were Socailists . To equate any of that with Republicans is stupid as the equation favors the DEMS spot on . The great depression was ended by WWII . Everything that Roosy did exasperated the economy until the ramped up manufacturing due to WWII pulled us out of it . By the way Obama is doing what Roosy did with all his Govt Cronyism and Expansion . Didn’t work then and it isn’t working now .

          • oldtack says:

            Michael S
            The Nazi Party was not Socialist in reality – they were a Party of the elite . This became a reality to the working class when the NP came inot full power. Tehn began the deprivations, persecutions and labor camps. The Jews werew not the only ones to suffer. They worked and then were slain. Many German men and women died in labor camps solely because they did not walk LOCK-STEP with the Party.
            As for total disarmament of the civilian populace – that reminds me of an incident related to me by a good friend, Siegfried, from Oldenburg. This was toward the end of the War. Oldenburg had been spared the ravages of war unlike Essen and Dusseldorf and towns in the Industrial regions so there was still a lot of Patriotism for Motherland Germany.

            word was received in Oldenburg that there had been a break through and the American Army was advancing on the area. Being true teen age patriots “Ziggy” and his friends ARMED themselves with RIFLES and went to fight the Americans. They hid in the fields – ready for battle – until they got a full glimpse of the American Soldiers. They assessed the situation and – hid their RIFLES in the fields and rose up waving to the American Army.

            Now – if all German citizens had been disarmed where did Ziggy and his comrades get all these RIFLES?

            Ziggy was a lot of everything but Ziggy was not a liar.

          • oldtack says:

            Thank you.
            I hear another catchy euphemism from the Nazi days. Then it was Hitler-Himmler! Today it is Romney-Ryan! Sounds familiar doesn’t it. If this goes down we will have a one party control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress. Full control means one -party system which is tantamount to – Dictatorship.

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            gee, it worked for Reagan, and Bush 1, and bush 2, didn’t learn that after you dropped out in third grade ? Faux Snooze got you on the IV drip ? Why don’t you just cuddle up with your KKK weekly and sleep it off. See you after the election……

        • Dawn . Economist know that we have to grow jobs at a rate of approx 180,00o0 a month just to tread water . That is to make up for retirements deaths and the new people entering the job force . Anything lower means we are losing ground . Anything hire is a plus . Now for most of Obama we arew averaging 90,000 per month . The only reason the Unemeployment numbers dont reflect that are that this current admin is massaging the Labor Participation numbers ( go to the Dept of Labor and look it up ) What this means is that they are claiming that fewer people are looking for jobs and therefore the Unemployment is staying steady at over 8 % . By the way wasn’t the DESTIMULUS bill supposed to solve that ? That *% number is also achieved usint the U# method of calculating Unemployment . Obama is the 1st and Only Ruler to use that method . The U# calculates Unemployment based solely on those who file for UNEMPLOYMENT compensation . It does not include those who have given up looking , those working part time and those who don;t qualify to file for Unemployment because they work in cash businesses ( hair stylists bar tenders etc etc ) Under the old U6 method ( which is more accurate as it reflects real world surveys ) Unemployment is at about 17.6 % right now . But Obama could not get reelected with those numbers . Hell NO President has ever been reelected with 8% unemployment , yet Obama still enjoys personal popularity because mnost of his supprters view him as a religous Icon and have a CULT like devotion to him . Also HIS Propaganda wing the Liberla Media refuse to report fact . Getting back to his jobs record do realize that there are about 2 million fewer people working in America since he took Office ..right ? ( Dept of Labor once again those pesky guys ) To state the number of Jobs created without also showing the net job loss makes you sound as stupid as Sarah Jessica Parker did ..Im not saying you are stupid by that …Only that to repeat it without the facts certainly will

      • Leah Boule says:

        He is an intelligent,considered problem-solver, not a selfish money-making(by whatever means) robot. His qualifications were many and very obvious. Obama ’12

      • Isn’t funny when people only bother to know based on their hate versus their limitations. Obama did work at a law firm for years, you know where he met his wife. Our president was offered dozens of job opportunities to work for huge firms including wallstreet yet he chose community organizing because he wanted to use his education & experience to help those in his community. Rather than leave his community once he was making money, as most individuals do; Obama did not leave, he went back to help people. Starkly different from Romney don’t you think. What did Romney ever do to help anyone else but himself?

        • TheSkalawag929 says:

          Romney is working tirelessly for his community. It’s just that 98% of Americans are not a part of that community.

          • Ozero is working tirelessly for his community. Brain dead liberals that support a racist, fascist President!

          • Peoples425 says:

            If you’d like to continue your verbal assault with nonsensical arguments, I’d like for you to define fascism and how that relates to President Obama as opposed to the Republican/Tea Party line of thinking.

          • Really no point in arguing with Mr. Bombastic – which, BTW means pompous, pretentious, and verbose (to name a few synonyms) – looks like he has given himself the same moniker that his candidate should have….ha!

          • Peoples425 says:

            I understand, but what I’ve found is that most republican supporters have very little to say when it comes to explaining their thought processes in contrast to current procedures.

            The candidate he supports should have a number of names, but that’s not the case at this point. 😉

          • As a Chicagoan I would like a stab at that . facism is when you try to buklly silence and stifle those who don’t agree with your Marxist agenda . We have seen that in Obama and his ilk . Most recently here in Chicago we saw our ballerina Mayor Ruler tell US that Chicago Values are to be intolerant of those who we disagree with on the basis of religion . Rahm basically told all Christians that if they support traditional marriage that they are not welcome here . Not only did Chicago disagree with his fascism but so did the nation . The flip side of that is that christians respect and love their Gay Neighbors even if we disagree with their views on Marriage . Obama does the same thing everytime he divides the Country based on Class warfare . Race ( If I had a son ) And Religion …Now explain to me how your own intolerance towards a group of Patriots that are fighting for smaller govt and lower taxes for all equates to that ?

          • Peoples425 says:

            As a fellow Chicagoan, I’ll come back at this. Concerning silencing and/or stifling of those that don’t agree, I’d like to know who has been silenced in terms of disagreement. There has been no silence in terms of criticism of POTUS Obama and in all actuality, he has been the most criticized and insulted president in all history.

            As per your claim as to Christians loving their gay neighbors, that’d be a hard one to prove as many Christian organizations have protested and insulted very many homosexuals. My own personal opinion, while of little significance at this point, is to love all regardless of perspective (doesn’t always pan out, but more often than not stays around).

            Regarding the division of class warfare, race and religion… we can break this down REAL easy. First, NO ONE can beat the republicans at class warfare considering they’re CONSISTENTLY advocating for the rich as opposed to the poor (two very distinct classes). As far as race goes, there is little way to escape this particular tidbit as there are incidents throughout the country that continue to incite racial tensions based on the corruption, bigotry and hypocrisy this country was built upon. As far as religion, most conservatives don’t believe in any freedom in that other than Christianity and have gone as far as advocating no mosques anywhere in the country, not even to mention the recent racially biased killings that have transpired throughout the country (further exacerbated by the rapidly increasing amount of racial hatred groups).

            As far as patriots go, most conservatives would fail miserably at that definition. Concerning what they’re fighting for, it’d be more in terms of an oligarchy or even communism.

          • Stella53 says:

            Yet, judging from your rants, you’re the biggest racist/facist posting on this forum right now. Way to Go!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            The only thing that you are good at is name calling and race baiting. That works on your side of the aisle not at all on my side.

          • BDD1951 says:

            What snake hole did you crawl out of?

          • ksimms says:

            Says the guy whose avi includes the flag of racist traitors to our country.

          • 12voltman1 says:

            He still fighting the lost war of the Confederacy
            or maybe he is just big a Dukes of Hazzard fan.

          • Judith M says:

            I fail to get the connection with Pres. Obama being a racist when he was born of a white mother, who loved him and then was raised by white grandparents. As a mother myself, I am glad that his Mom is not alive to hear these horrid comments against her son. Pres. Obama is still a human being and as it was in the slavery days, true racists still speak as though we people of color have no feelings or spirit to be hurt. In truth, racism should have died a long time ago, given all the inter-race marriages that exist today.

          • karinursula says:

            I wonder who the racist is, not Mr Obama

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            your name says it all cracker……

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            liar liar pants on fire…..

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Was this comment meant for me?

          • Joseph Hemphill says:


          • TheSkalawag929 says:


        • Obama never worked in a law firm . The only legal briefs he EVER filed were on behalf of ACORN during his Community Agitating days . He met his beard Moochele through friends .. Ethel You don’t know anything about Obama do you ? That’s OK most Regressives don’t either . I just wonder moments of clarity and candor ( however fleeting for libs ) if they are scared as Hell that they and we know so little about this MARXIST . You do know he prefers Communism over Democracy I hope ? He said that not I .

      • DebofAmber says:

        ‘Honey’, try fact checking and thinking for a change, please? And maybe address the subject of the article, not your clearly sexist views.

      • TheSkalawag929 says:

        If you weren’t so addlepated, condesending and stuck in the past you wouldn’t be asking that question.
        He organized his way over all comers into the White House and you’re still asking how did he do that.

      • Stella53 says:

        Being a community organizer is a wonderful thing. Only bigots think it’s a bad thing to help others. Obama could have gotten a six figure salary as a big shot lawyer. But he chose to help the poor and middle class people of his community. Obama hasn’t given anyone “welfare entitlements.” It’s really sad that some people believe hateful things because they are bigots. I will take the “community organizer” anyday over a man who feels he’s entitled to the presidency because’s he’s white and rich; outsourced American jobs causing them to lose their homes and health care; hiding millions in offshore accounts in foreign countries; and not paying his income taxes for perhaps a decade or more. Yes, give me the community organizer. At least he’s not a FRAUD.

      • Michael D says:

        Tom I have never understood why some people gripe about being a community organizer. This is the same spit that is used for unions, teachers, firefighters, police and any other group that the Republican Party has deemed unworthy for the last 4 years.

      • JJ says:

        Tom f
        IF you were to do your homework, you just might discover that this whole welfare story from Mitt is pure fabrication,.Clinton started it , at the request of republicans,,,, so they could have the flexibility in their respective states.
        and certainly check while you are at it and discover the majority of the persons who are on welfare ,may not be the color you think!.
        and Of course the bottom line , is WHY does it matter. ??

      • michael says:

        What did George W do?

      • 12voltman1 says:

        “welfare entitlements”
        You get all of your info from Rush the drugster, Huh?

      • Alvin says:


      • Jean Powe says:

        President Obama was a Law Professor at Harvard. That doesn’t come easy. You really have to be educated and qualified. While in school at Harvard, he was the Editor of the Law Review and unless you have the grades, you DO NOT GET THAT KIND OF JOB.

      • ExPAVIC says:


        Let’s see one term governor of MA; Mormon missionary in Le Havre, France; CEO Bain Capital vulturecapitalists; bailed out Mormon crooks skimming SLC Olympics funds; McCain VP non-candidate.

        Oh yeah Mittens is just loaded with qualifications, NOT sure for what.

        OBama POTUS for FOUR YEARS, doing better than Bush at the job. And, doesn’t lie profusely on TV ads.

      • Bear in mind that what you regard as meaningless is a plus to others. The fact that President Obama was a community organizer reinforces our conviction that he understands the problems we face and shares our hopes. Conversely, Mitt Romney’s experience at Bain, which involved mostly giving advise to companies in trouble on how to liquidate without their CEOs and shareholders being adversely impacted, plant closings, layoffs, benefit cuts and outsourcings is the last thing most of us want to see in a President. We need a person who can connect and share the vicissitudes of mainstream Americans, an honest man, hard working and committed, with a vision on how to move our country forward, not one whose mantra is to take us back…where? To the pre civil rights era? To the high tax rates that were in place in the Reagan era? Or reductions in force of a magnitude our country has never seen, all for the purpose of of facilitating the ability of the elite to get richer.

        • karinursula says:

          I like the fact that Mr Obama did not grow up in a rich family. Instead
          he was raised by an single Mother who worked and by Grandparents who worked. He had student loans he had to pay back, Mr Romney has no idea about the middle class and the poor people.

      • Ed says:

        Well, believe it or not, the job of a community organiser is to get people to work together to achieve a common goal. But he never really had a chance as president with Rush,Boehner and the senator from Kentucky saying NO and HELL NO!

      • TOM,
        Your post totally misses the point – President Obama has been President for three years and seven months. That is three years more experience than Mr. Romney.
        You forgot the President’s time in the IL. and US Congress.

        It is patronizing, sexist and just rude to call someone you do not know honey. I suspect you know that.

        Your comments about the main function of community organizers being to inflate welfare rolls indicate your desire to blow on that old racist dog whistle. You forgot that the President was not born here and as an African Muslim he cannot share in our Anglo Saxon, Judaic Christian heritage.

        This is a very old and tired dog and I really do not think it will hunt.

      • drslipro says:

        Its more trailer trash inbreeded child molesting people like yourself is on Welfare

        • oldtack says:

          Will you go back and read that convoluted diatribe you just wrote?

          It has no substance whatsoever. It is very poorly constructed and has no bearing on the discussions on this forum.

          But, it does identify you as a bigoted racist with limited cognitive reasoning. From your reactions I perceive you as one that only has the ability to repeat stale phrases – like a parrot.

          Have a very nice day – sincerely.

      • Reesey says:

        So “YOU”, obviously think that Ro”MONEY”..LOL, has better qualifications, that’s the best joke I’vw herd today and what has he done besides hide money like the drug cartel what is there to hide, it’s alos obvious that he’s for selfish reasons the whole point it to get the US out of debt not to make the rich richer and the poor pooer. Romney is no more than a kid trapped inside a mans body, playing hide and seek with his money. Now as far as the welfare goes me personally I think that they should either doaway with it completely or let them have it for only 1 to 3 yrs that would save a great deal. Also until you walk in some of the same ppl shoes that your trying to condemn grown people are talking so please US all a favor and shut your mouth.;~))

  2. URIEGAS says:

    No one should release their tax return to anyone because what you earn is your business and that of the IRS. Vote NO this November in San Antonio because the school districts already have Pre-K and only children of low income, and children of illegals will qualify and that to me is discrimination to the other children of the real tax payers.

    • 12voltman1 says:

      Romney is running for POTUS. That makes his tax returns my business.
      What does Willard have to hide? It is not a crime to be rich. I bet most people would take issue with the fact that muti-millionaire Romney is paying less then his fair share of taxes becuse of writeoffs (incuding Romney’s olympic $500,000 horse) and loopholes.

      • chisolm says:

        And you as a liberal get to determine what is a “fair share”. It wouldn’t matter how many millions Romney paid in taxes it will never be enough for you fair minded folks.

    • Fred says:

      Is it also discrimination to supress Democratic voters rights as the Republican party is doing in many states? Let’s face it voter fraud is not a problem in this country. Yes, tax returns should be released. I want to know if Mitt Romney has a double standard along with his behaviors of lying and taking advantage of struggling companies as Bains CEO.

      • chisolm says:

        How is requiring identification suppressing voters? Minorities and low income folks should be insulted by liberals implying that they are incapable of identifying themselves!!

        • BDD1951 says:

          He is trying to hide the fact that he was still at Bain way after he says he was. Some of the board members saw him there.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Spoken like a true cheat.

          Suppression efforts aren’t just ID requirements that are supposed to fix a nonexistent problem. We even have Republican elected officials working at the county level to expand voting for mostly white Republican districts while curtailing it for minority districts. That’s blatant racially based voter suppression.

          If the Republicans can’t win elections with honest voting, then it’s because they don’t deserve to win, and if they can’t explain their voter ID laws without lying then it’s because it’s despicable and they know it.

        • Gammaanya says:

          Take your hood off and maybe you will see something beyond your racism.

        • jarheadgene says:

          The republicans in PA said it themselves…they designed the new JIM Crow laws with the full intention of winning this swing state for Romney. One of the defendants in the lawsuit to stop this is old very old. She voted for FDR the first time she was eligible to vote and has voted ever since. Now PA is saying “you can’t vote in this one” It would cost her much time and difficulty to get the proper ID….voting shuold’t cost you a dime…..IT COST US VETERANS TOO MUCH ALREADY…YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID for, by us. Here is the real l laugh it is backfiring on the GOP…..There was a case of Voter Fraud they were able to prove…..guess which party committed the fraud?…….tick..tick…tic….times up….you guessed it The GOP.

    • Dianes4babies says:

      When someone is running for President of the US, his business is everybodys’ business….there is no such thing as privacy! And if the American people want him to release his returns, then he better darn well do it!

      • chisolm says:

        When someone is running for POTUS, his business is everybodys’ business…there is no such thing as privacy! I assume by this statement you would also include President Obama’s school records as everybodys’ business. Mr. Romney should tell the POTUS that he will release his tax records when the school records are released. If you believe Romney hasn’t released his tax records he must be hiding something, it is only logical to believe Obama is hiding something in his school records. Whatever is hidden in the school records apparently is worth millions to hide.

        • BDD1951 says:

          Okay, suppose he did release them. It would only be fair for Romney to release his also. Romney probably bought his grade.

          • Stella53 says:

            LOL! I think it’s comical that they want to see Obama’s school records. Even if Obama did release them, you think these people would be satisfied? No! They would say the school records were fake, just like they say his birth certificate is fake. They hate this president do deeply that even if Obama cured them of a horrible disease (racism) they’d still hate him.

        • Gammaanya says:

          Obviously you did not see it from your hooded pointed cap – Obama college pioctures were released for all the world to see. Besides what college transcript have to do with a running country. Common sense, will tell you HE IS A POTUS for the last 3 yrs and YOU think that he would be POTUS to begin with?? Ignorance can be cured but stupid and racism is forever. I woul like to see Mutt college transcript also, then I can decide why he as a suppose to be smart businessman turned down offer of 10 (ten) to 1 (ONE). Actually ALL of them DID. Why?? Because NONE of them UNDERSTOOD THE QUESTION AND WHAT IT MEANS. Even Jebb Bush shook his head and said best deal you could get. DO you klnow what that means yourself or you just spinning Rushies crap??
          “When the eagles are silent the parrots begun to jabber” – W. CHurchill
          Mind is like a parachute only works when open.

    • Gammaanya says:

      Remove you governor and put somebody else. It’s not Obama fault that you people vote the same idiots. Illegals CAN’T vote but YOU can. Who is putting all these oxymoron in power??? YOU. People here have tendency to vote against themselves, they don’t vote on issues and for the country they vote what Faux News, Rushie, Hannities ,..Kardashains and any PAID a.. hole tells them to do. 60% are totally IGNORANT and don’t even know their own people in Gov. They just go and vote because, some people got 20 bucks to vote for a moron. You voted, you got it, you LIVE with IT.

      • URIEGAS says:

        If someone offers me money to vote for a certain candidate I’ll take the money and vote for whom ever I wanted to vote in the first place because no one will know who got my vote.

      • Edsanjuan says:

        Gammaanya (whatever): From your post, it is obvious that you do not know the difference between a “moron” and an “oxymoron”.
        Let me make it veeeery easy for you: an oxymoron is a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (like “our capitalist President”).
        A moron, on the other hand, is a useful idiot who can not think on his own and who, in order to understand his surroundings and his circumstances, NEEDS:
        a) simple, ready-made slogans (“our society is divided into the 1 percenters – BAD people, and the 99 percenters – GOOD people”);
        b) “news-at-a-glance” and pre-chewed “tidbits” that do not require him (or her) to actually think/analyze (“Republicans are all white and rich “fat cats”; “there is nothing wrong with being on the public dole, even though I could work for a living”; “the salary that my RICH boss pays me bears NO relation to my productivity (what IS “productivity”, anyway ??);
        c) simple beatitudes like: “fairness” should rule our country, and the proper “dispenser” of “fairness” is (who else?) the government”;
        “the rich should pay their ‘fair share’ of taxes (I’ll let the government define what ‘fair share’ is)”.
        Yes, Gammaanya, the world of a moron is very simple and blissful indeed.

  3. OneFirstPresident says:

    President Obama is not the first President that looks black or even have by American law black blood . John Hanson 1781-1782 was the first of the United States and G W was the first of the United States of America two different . Study and learn.
    Study the TOWN OF HEMPPSTEAD ,N.Y founded in 1644. As we know by John Hanson in a line of Hanson over the years. Its the same Great Seal us by All presidents of the United States of America.Thanksgiving is also part of Hanson doing .Hempstead was bought from the Natives at 1 Dollar an acre .Check the back of a 2 DOLLAR BILL and also see along with the year 1776 and slavery did not end till so called 1865. Based on the Dred Scott case only those who were imported were slaves not who was already here .The Constitution also states 3/5 of all other Persons .read on,

    • RichardPatrock says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • awakenaustin says:

      He did not say anything. This is nonsensical. Maybe you understand what you are thinking, but you haven’t written this in a way that conveys any understanding. There is no US Bank Corp. There is a U.S. Bank (a bank owned by U.S. Bancorp). Is this some funny way of suggesting there is a Central National Bank or do you actually mean U.S. Bank or its parent company U.S. Bancorp?
      Hanson was the President of the Continental Congress, not the United States which did not exist at the time. Certainly not if words mean anything.
      Are you saying 1865 is so called?
      There was no legal distinction between slaves based on the place of their birth regarding whether they were slaves or not. At the time, children born of freemen were free, children born of slaves were slaves.
      Does any one else know these Hanson folks are so rich they can pay off the national debt?

    • ClydeMcWhorter says:

      You should get a real US history Book. Your Facts Do Not Add Up.

      • Gotta go – I’ll leave you guys to try and talk sense into Mr. Bombastic and his ilk….BTW – it will NEVER happen…they clearly are delusional and beyond redemption….OBAMA 2012 !!!

      • OneFirstPresident says:

        When have they ever told you the truth , If you can find The best truth in your books then you are out of the games.look and side and see what you find,

  4. OneFirstPresident says:

    Get a Copy of you state Constitution and read the parts dealing with school. What is not written is your God given Right and your Constitution Right.

  5. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    You’re 100% correct…any man who can create companies like STAPLES & Home Depot Supply (thru Bain Capital), providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans, can’t possibly run the US. Obama has MUCH more experience in creating jobs. EXAMPLE: He allowed (per Diane Sawyer, ABC News, 9-23-11 broadcast) the CHINESE to build three different US bridge projects, one in NY, another in CA and a third in Alaska, creating many THOUSANDS of jobs for CHINESE WORKERS!!!!! What a guy our president is…he doesn’t discriminate against anyone, even the CHINESE!!! And I find it interesting that when a Repub changes his mind on something, he’s a flip-flopper, but when a DEM does the exact same thing, he’s simply described as REASSESSING the situation. Stop whining, open your eyes and see the writing on the wall. We’ve got a loser for a leader!

    • joujou228 says:

      Maybe if the house would pass his Job Act, we could put some Americans to work fixing our infrastructure. Give them a call!

    • joseph says:

      I think your’re really screwed up. How often can the mittster flip flop on the same concepts and ideas. It all depends who his current audience is. It changes with each new group he addresses. He doesn’t change his mind period.

    • well, middleclasstaxpayer – if your man Romney gets in you will have to change your moniker to “lowerclasshobo”

    • tom f says:

      You have a really good point here Obama always talks about jobs here in America. But for who? noncitizens? I think Obama is not a good president. I do not care for Romney But I feel Obama is a failure!

      • Fox is not a news channel. It is “Entertainmet Tonight” every night! The man has bought a network to make money off of fear, and racial hatred. Rush Limbaugh makes money off of fear and racial hatred. Tom, you have no idea how great this County could be if we turned off Fox (The FOX that some of you put in charge of the Hen House.) and told Rush that OUR Country is better than all OF HIS drug addicted BS. God, please help America.

      • Stella53 says:

        Wow! Another FAUX News listener making a statement about Obama being a failure with no substance to back their argument. Way to go!

    • Bain did not create Home Depot or Staples, they provided management advise to those companies on ways to increase profit margins, a goal achieved by reducing staff and benefits, process improvements, and by implementing more effective marketing strategies. There is a huge difference between a management advisor whose role is to find ways to restore solvency or exceed shareholder expectations and a person that starts a business and succeeds because of his/her intelligence, hard work and ethics.
      The last thing this country needs is a man whose business acumen is limited to closing plants, laying off people, cutting benefits, and outsourcing jobs. We have enough of those problems as it is, the last thing we need is electing an expert on how to expedite that process.

    • ClydeMcWhorter says:

      Romney Has NOT EVER Created Anything!! If It Wasn’t For The Government Bailouts Mittens Would Would not have as much wealth. If He Invested In The USA, instead of the OverSEAS Banks, That money would be in the US economy instead of being over seas. One reason that Mit pays no taxes is Because He Is A MEXICAN Citizen! Under NAFTA He Does Not Have To Pay US Taxes. Thanks GHW Bush for Negoiating NAFTA, and Thanks Bill Clinton For Sending it to the Senate for passage.

      You Need To Quit watching FoX & listening to Insanity and Bimbough.

      As For As Bain, Bill Bain Gave Mittens “Bain Capital” AND The Startup MonEy an d told him how to run the company andwhat the Business model would Be. ” That is to find companies that are in trouble and have more value in assets that can be sold off, if the parts are worth more than the whole. Then put as little down and load them with debt, Charge large fees for managing them. Then Sell off the assets and sell the company to some pension fund investors and other investers . Then It Comes Time To Pay Their Debt, They have no cash and have to file bankrupcy,and get bailed out by the Gov. (the people that pay taxes). Great Work If You Can Get IT.

    • Why are all of you so called MCTP not using your real names and faces. You sound as middle class as my Great, Great, Great Grand Mother and Romey sounds a lot like the person that owned her. It’s also sort of funny when you MCTP forget about things and bring them up again. Talk about bridges in Alaska and REASSESSING her position on the issue. Just like Sara’s bridge, your BS is going no where and WE (America) paid for that bridge.

    • rothgar says:

      If the GOP had not blocked the Buy American provisions in the Stimulus Act you might have an argument but they did so that accusation only indicts the GOP!

      Amazing how often they use things they’ve done or supported as the basis for their complaints about the opposition. And you guys buy it. Amazing

    • highpckts says:

      No, we have a black man for President! Kills ya doesn’t it!!!

    • Joseph Hemphill says:


  6. Once again, “liberals” using the “race card”! Do liberals have any morals or ethics? From the BS I’m reading here, the answer is NO!

    • 12voltman1 says:

      Liberals do not play the race card.
      We cant help it if it is the Teapublicans are racist.
      How many people of color do you see at a Tea party?

    • ClydeMcWhorter says:

      You are asking the wrong Question. This NEW Repulican Party have NO Ethics OR Morals
      The repuds only hate the black part of Obama.

    • Stella53 says:

      lol” The “using the race card” slogan is tired. There is a lot of racism when it comes to Obama and you know it. The GOP/teaparty has tried to take this country back 60 years! That’s what they mean when they shout “Take our Country Back!” Look at all the hate groups coming out of the woodwork! You think that’s by accident? Heck no. Obama has gotten more death threats than any US President before him, and I know it’s got nothing to do with his policies (another slogan used constantly by bigots). We are a great nation, but we are also a nation of bigots and racists and we come in every size, shape and color. If you don’t know this, you are as delusional and out of touch as Mitt Romney is.

  7. tokoloshi27 says:

    What’s the story here? “… “Obama Isn’t Working,” which sounded to some like code for ethnic stereotyping”. Whose ‘code’? Simple English is that a slogan that likely was written by a partizan as a criticism of the Incumbent’s last 18 months of inaction on a broad range of issues such as Syria, the Debt crisis and a lack of a budget bill – sure sounds like a justifiable resume comment.

    Is Conason, perhaps, the “racial foghorn” for putting on his polaroid glasses and choosing to see this as ‘Code’?

    • andyjw says:

      I agree with your first sentence that is using “Obama isn’t working” as an example of racial stereotyping is weak. You should have stopped there. You go on and repeat the same tired, mindless RNC talking points.

      Syria? Republicans suggest that the U.S. has been sitting back, letting things unfold as they will. Maybe so, and that would be O.K. I have a feeling that isn’t the case. Someone is arming the Syrian rebels, and maybe the U.S. has something to do with that, maybe not. The uncertainty is delicious. Uncertainty is something that conservatives can’t seem to handle.

      Debt crises? If nothing is done by congress, policies will be adopted that will go a long way toward resolving the “debt crises.” A crises engineered by a republican president and a republican congress.

      Lack of a budget bill? Are you suggesting that any proposal by the democratic senate short of complete capitulation to “tea party” demands has a chance of passing the house? Democrats aren’t as enthusiastic as republicans about having meaningless votes on hopeless legislation.

      Prior to about 1965 the phrase “solid South” referred to the democratic party dominance of southern politics. After passage of civil rights legislation and the republican mostly principled opposition to it, the south became solidly republican. I’m not saying that racial politics had something to do with that, I’m saying that racial politics had everything to do with that. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. For that reason alone, the republican party deserves extinction.

      • tokoloshi27 says:

        Andy, thanks at least for thinking about this. ‘Thin’ suggests there may be a hint of something there – does muckraking ring any bells?

        As for talking points, I don’t endorse them from either side; but when my President (or any other politician) is more interested in being re-elected than he is in doing the “job” the American people hired him to do – yeah I’ve got a problem (and sadly I’ve had many problems like this over the years).

        In spite of the “from behind” aspect; I could get behind his involvement in Libya, but that goes out the window with Syria. Where’s the consistency?

        Don’t even get me started on the debt ‘crisis’. He had a Presidential Commission’s findings – that he ignored; and then he provides zero leadership (his actual job – not making speeches about Congress) and left it to others to resolve (full blame for which he tried to attach to others who were actually doing their jobs). Now we no longer have the credit rating that we had previously. I really don’t like being spent into insolvency – especially when he obviously doesn’t have a real plan. His “plans” are all spam and retoric when he is not slandering his ‘opponents’.

        As to your post 1965 hypothesis; from my perspective (here in the South) the solid South din’t begin to evaporate until after 1976. A full decade later, the reason in my opinion was not the Civil Rights legislation of LBJ (who by the way was a fine judge of legislation, just a crappy wartime president) but the social agenda divide of the democratic party in the mid to late 1970s. The split most evident in the Kennedy challenge to Carter re-election. The Reagan Revolution was a real morale booster to these United States and as such part of the prime motivation for the recruiting of Southern voters to the republican side of the country.

        So away with your revisionist kant; I do believe you have been mis-informed, though given this article and our joint prescence on this site, my suspicion is that you may have been taking someone’s talking points for fact instead of fantasy.

  8. The welfare ad, which praises former President Clinton, demonstrate how desperate the GOP is to get even a semblance of legitimacy.

  9. joseph says:

    I believe papa Romney is turning in his grave.. I don.t think he would approve of all this flip-floping of his son, or of his need to give what his present crowd wants to hear.

    • I don’t know if it is true, but I heard that Romney’s sons BEGGED him not to run. If that is true, it is very clear by now why they would have tried to prevent it…imagine the embarrassment…were I them, I would have plastic surgery and flee the country….

      • jarheadgene says:

        It would be understandable for them, to not want him to run. His boys will NEVER wear a military uniform and have never seen the tarnish hit the silver spoons they were brought up with. This guy is another NIXON…and worse except Romney was born with the Silver Spoon.

  10. ClydeMcWhorter says:

    75-85 % of The Voters For Mit Romney Are not Voting For Obama, ONLY Because He Is 1/2 Black!! PERIOD! You Would NEVER See A White President Disrespected By the GOP Like They Have Obama and His Black Cabinet Members !! The Repuds Decided The Night of The Election, Before Obama was Elected by the Electorial College That They Were Going To Do everything They Could To Make Sure That A Black Man Would Not Succeed, Even If It meant TANKING the Economy, And They Have TRIED…. Americans Have Been Dumbed Down, but Are Not Completely Stupid. Most White Males That are thinking About Voting For Mit , Would Be Doing So Because Obama Is 1/2 Black & 1/2 White, And Marks the “African American Box”. That Would Be Against Their Own Self Interest.

    Besides, What About Mit Romney’s Mexican CitizenShip?? Mittens Has Never Denounced His Mexican CitizenShip. Why Not?? He has Already Lost the LATINO Vote.

    The Teeparty Terrorist Group of the Repugnent Party Show Be Tried For Treason. The So Called “Leaders” of thegop Need to get a spine!

  11. Melvin Chatman says:

    Mittens says it’s HIS turn to be President, since he’s “ENTITLED” to the Office – PERIOD!!
    He’ll do or say anything (Flop/Flip), lie, back stab, and hide behind the Truth.
    He don’t who or what he is nor does he even care – just be glad he’s not a Serial Killer (No Remorse) at all – he’d make a good Spy.
    Question: Why do Republicans Lie and spew HATRED constantly and it’s OK?
    Do they have a Patent Pending?
    We used to dance in the Night Clubs to the song, “The Freaks Come Out At Night”.
    Since the election of our current President, the “Freaks” are out 24/7

    • ClydeMcWhorter says:

      Mit Romney Has Been Ordained By God To Be President. Just Read The Book of Mormon. And The Pearle of Great Price.

      What do you think about Mit’s Mexican CitizenShip? He Has Never Denounced His Mexican CitizenShip.

      Flip….Flop….Flip….Flop….Flip…..Flop… What Is That Sound? Is That A Dancing Horse?? NO, It Is Just Mit Romney Talking….

  12. tom f says:

    Romney release your tax records and Obama release all of your college records apllications as well as your grade and papers what Fair is Fair undecided here!

  13. Good, cut welfare it will hurt more of his kind than the “North American Negro” aka African American, there are way more whites on welfare than this country likes to admit! And the poor whites in the south are voting for this person to be president. Let them cut their own throats, I gladly agree!

  14. Ole’ Mitt like Sarah Palin in a suit n tie. Keep talkin’ pal !

  15. pattyrk says:

    Obama is ruining the country, he needs out. Anyone but Obama. It is not about race, although Obama is an anti-white, anti-American, anti-christian, socialist.

    • andyjw says:

      Another liberal ringer. “Not about race” followed by “Obama is anti-white.” Wow.

      • pattyrk says:

        They keep pulling the race card if you complain about Obama; but he is racist himself.

        • rozlee says:

          I disagree with andy. You’re not a liberal ringer. You’re a genuine racist. Anyone who says it’s not about race and then says a half-white president like Obama is anti-white, is all about race. And “pulling the race card” is code for “they caught us being bigots.”

    • oldtack says:

      There is an old saying “The proof is in the pudding”. Where is your “pudding”?

  16. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    You are correct…the LAST thing we need is someone who, among other things, outsources American jobs (your statement)…Yet Obama has allowed (Per ABC NEWS & Diane Sawyer broadcast of 9-13-11, avail on YouTube in its entirety) the CHINESE to construct three massive US bridge projects, instead of insisting on US workers. This cost US workers many thousands of jobs, and allowed BILLIONS in costs to go to China & to Chinese workers instead of US workers. The present government is ill equipped to handle the world’s largest economy, hence the US downgrade to AA+ from AAA under Obama’s watch, as well as the worst jobs market since the Great Depression. And while all this is occurring, he is bowing to Arab leaders while insulting the Queen of England, our staunchest ally. And also declaring “the US is NOT a Christian Nation”, cancelling our Annual Day of Prayer, but arranging to acknowledge a Muslim holy week in DC??? I’m not sure ANYONE is more out of touch with reality than Mr O.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      MCT… there you go again…. pointing out truth and facts that just don’t comport well around here in this sceptic tank called “The Memo”. You’re pi$$ing off all of the leftist turds that float around in here. Cut it out! They prefer to live in their fantasy world with daily worship of their messiah, Obozo, unimpeded by common sense and truth.

      Have a great day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

      • andyjw says:

        Obviously “Obozomustgo” is a liberal ringer, saying something blatantly stupid in order to discredit conservatives.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          aj… take the crack pipe out of your mouth before your next post… I’m just sayin….

          Have a nice day!

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
          the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
          its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
          — Winston Churchill

      • highpckts says:

        Well if we are what you say we are then why do you keep hanging around??

    • rozlee says:

      Excuse me, Middle, but do you know who controls the budget for building our intrastructure? The House. And do you know how those funds are allocated? By block grants to states. As for why our rating was downgraded to AA, you can lay the blame squarely at the feet of the obstructionist GOP who held the debt ceiling budget hostage and threaten to default on our loans. Wouldn’t YOUR credit company downgrade your credit if you refused to pay your for your bills? And when did our recession start? Could it be in 2007 under Booosh? And who has been stonewalling Jobs Bills in Congress and killing them in committee? Could it be Republicans, with a little help from right-wing conservative Blue Dogs I must admit. Bowing to Arab leaders? Who was it that used to kiss them and walk around holding their hands? Could it have also been Boosh? Who KNEELED to the Thai royal family? Reagan maybe? Who insulted the Queen? Dunno, but I know who insulted the entire UK over a week ago. Who declared that the “U.S. is NOT a Christian Nation?” Uh, that would be George Washington and John Adams. In the Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11, which Washington wrote and Adams signed, it says: “As the government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

    • chrisjIII says:

      Are you just a plain old liar or areyou just that delusional?

    • highpckts says:

      No, the down grade came after the GOP almost tanked the economy by refusing to okay some kind of budget before we defaulted.

    • Joseph Hemphill says:


  17. K3HY says:

    We really don’t need another Republican president who will end up resigning in disgrace the same way Richard Nixon did.

    Romney agrees with Everything and Nothing.
    “abortion should be safe and legal”
    “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose”
    ”I am pro-life”
    Health care law with personal mandates:
    “If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be a model for the nation. I Like mandates”
    “I will repeal Obamacare.”
    Minimum wage:
    “I think the minimum wage ought to keep pace with inflation.”
    “There’s no question raising the minimum wage excessively causes a loss of jobs.”
    Campaign finance limits:
    “I would like to have campaign spending limits.”
    “The American people should be free to advocate for their candidates and their positions without burdensome limitations.”
    Auto industry bailout:
    “I’m going to take burdens off the back of the auto industry.”
    ”Let Detroit go bankrupt. Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.”
    The bank bailout:
    “The TARP program… was nevertheless necessary to keep banks from collapsing in a cascade of failures.”
    “When government is… bailing out banks… we have every good reason to be alarmed.”
    Gingrich on Romney: Why nominate the ‘guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama?’

  18. ObozoMustGo says:

    There goes the top ranking useful idiot at The Memo, Joe Conason, throwing out the race card yet again? Hey Joe, did the Obozo campaign insruct you that their preferred method of fighting against a HIGHLY POPULAR work for welfare policy was to use the race card? Or is that just the default argument of morons on the left that can’t win on the issues? Which one is it, Joe?

    No one listens to your race card clap trap anymore, lefties. We can only believe the little boy who cried wolf so many times. And the race card has lost it’s appeal LONG ago.

    Obozo has broken the law as it was written, signed by Clinton, and later reauthorized. The specific provisions of the law state that the “work requirement” IS NOT a provision that can be waived administratively. As usual, Obozo the king just thumbs his nose at the law and the congress, and by extension at us the American people. Obozo has clearly broken the law yet again, and if the Republican Congress had any balls instead of being so feckless, they’d impeach the Chicago thug immediately!

    Have a nice day!

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
    the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
    its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
    — Winston Churchill

    • Stella53 says:

      If the shoe fits, wear it. People like you make it easy to play the race card.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Stella… according to you and all the other leftist freaks, anyone that disagrees with Obozo is a ‘racist’, correct?

        If you are calling me a racist, answer this question: Who would I vote for, a black conservative or a white liberal? Come on, answer it. Don’t be a coward.

        Have a nice day!

        “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
        the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
        its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
        — Winston Churchill

    • mynx1 says:

      obozomustgo, you continue to utter such hate and anger towards others, it must get pretty lonely down there in your basement of condemnation.

      • andyjw says:

        “Obozomustgo” makes perfect sense if you accept my premise that these insulting, name-calling posts are really designed to make conservatives appear stupid.

    • andyjw says:

      I realize, of course, that “Obozomustgo” is a liberal ringer whose sole intent is to make conservatives appear stupid.

  19. chrisjIII says:

    Typical repuke strategy use race to win votes. What they always forget is that more whites use welfare than any other group. That means that the people that they are trying to woo are themselves welfare recipients.

  20. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    Winston Churchill’s quote is so appropriate it could have been written yesterday as it applies to the current regime’s philosophy so well…… Thanks for sharing it.

    • andyjw says:

      Why are you so eager to accept higher taxes and lower wages in order to support the Romney constituency?

      • andy – why waste your time on lowclasshobo (which is what he’ll be if Romney is elected)…he clearly can’t think his way out of a paper bag…which is probably why he is so enamored of Romney (as neither can he)…

  21. quasm says:

    Mr. Conason;

    So, how can you criticize Pres. Obama without being racist. Could you say the his policies have been concocted to keep blacks on the socialist plantation?

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  22. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    Don’t take my word for it….See the ABC News broadcast of 9-23-11, with Diane Sawyer…and she’s not even an R.

    • rozlee says:

      Like I said, which arm of government controls the purse strings? The House Budget Committee. Who runs the House these days? Republicans. Another thing I’d like to ask. In which states were these bridges built? Infrastructure building is given to states as block grants. States decide whom to give contracts to for building. These decisions are usually made by the state’s governor’s budget committees.

  23. bcarreiro says:

    romney loves to eat crow

  24. howa4x says:

    I don’t see why Romney is constantly trying to appeal to the ultra right wing racists, when independents get very turned off by it. Seems Mitt is still unsure of his base and and is trying to still appear very conservative. By doing this he can’t seem to shake the etch-a-sketch that he needs to do to move toward the center. He won’t win using racial hatred since Palin tried it and we all know how that turned out. The Republican governors are being dragged through the political mud now also since they requested the changes and this makes Romney look silly because he is inadvertently attacking them. What conservatives are really furious about is not the waiver, but the fact that welfare has dropped to it’s lowest census in 20 yrs and that takes away one of their stock weapons to use on the democrats. They really can’t attack Obama for being soft on terrorism since the killing of public enemy # 1 bin Laden, and they need to be careful about the economy because it leaves them open to the charge that they caused all this to happen.
    This is called grasping at straws and Romney is just throwing issues at the wall to see what sticks

    • andyjw says:

      I’m sure you recognize the desperation revealed by this easily refuted attack on the Obama Administration. Romneys tax return issue is a big deal, and his campaign knows it. Should the democrats capitalize on this issue (remains to be seen) I think that the Romney candidacy may be over, and the Republican Party may be forced to select another candidate. The signs are that Obama will win big (provided that the democrats play this excellent hand they have been given.) Harry Reid has the right idea. It remains to be seen if the Democratic Party will seize this opportunity.

      • howa4x says:

        I agree completely with your assessment. Romney has more skeletons in his closet than Friday the 13th, and the right wing doesn’t trust him at all. They see him as a Mass. moderate/liberal for his health care plan that Obama modeled. He requested the same welfare waiver from Clinton. The democrats will have a feild day with him. His taxes, overseas bank acccounts, and vuture capitalism are all in play. I don’t think the republicans will make a change though. That will really put too much egg on their face, and if a real right wing canidate replaces Romney that will turn off everyone in the middle, and it will be a rout. They are stuck with him and all his gaffes, and baggage

        • howa – yes, I believe you’re right that they are stuck with this deplorable candidate. However, what I do not understand is why these SuperPac fellows, seemingly, want to keep throwing their money at his campaign when even they must see by now that he is blatantly unelectable…Guess they’re hoping for some sort of last minute miracle. God help us all if they get it….

  25. this man simply refuses to learn that he is unacceptable to the american people. He has tried to convince them before and has learned nothing from that failure but seems to think that he can do the same selfish things over again and have a different result. The more he speaks the less he says in words but the more he shows his ineptitude to be POTUS

  26. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    The states are #1–California (Democrat Gov I believe)….7.2 BILLION DOLLAR contract for bridge connecting SanFrancisco & Oakland, CA; #2-NY (Democrat Gov)..$400 MILLION, Alexander Hamiltin Bridge; #3- Alaska (Repub Gov I think)…$90 MILLION bridge….close to EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS given to CHINESE WORKERS instead of our US workforce???

    • rozlee says:

      The governors who approved the building and contracts on the bridges were California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican; Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, Republican and New York Governor Michael Bloomberg, Republican turned Independent.

    • oldtack says:

      Check your business history. Where are all of the old big Steel companies that populated Ohio, Pennsylvania and west Virginia a few years ago? They are either closed or they have outsourced to China. Where are the workers with the expertise to build such structures as the Golden Gate Bridge or other large bridges? China! We do not have enough American workers in this craft with the technical skills necessary for such projects. Where is the highly skilled source – China. Or do you think any dummy can erect such a structure?

      And – it was not the Unions and wages that caused many of these Companies to close. It was the influx of cheaply priced steel from China that flooded our markets. Our Government let this happen but it wasn’t solely under the Democrats . This started many administrations ago. Every Senator and Congressman , both past and present,

  27. Jacques says:

    Everytime I hear Romney speak I personally consider him to be a joke. Has anyone noticed that Romney changes his tune based on which group of people he plans on talking too and this is the guy who’s going to bring America back. When Romney stated he didn’t care about the poor, I thought they are people to and despite their economic status we are all God’s children. As for the Tea party we voted them into office so know we have to deal with the outcome. I hear there’s a Tea Party running for Senate and he wants to turn Social Security over to Wall Street and I’m curious if Americans are willing to take that gamble?

    • oldtack says:

      That was Texas and they did. His name is Ted Cruz. So much for the mentality of Texas. He won over Dewhurst in a run-off but the Tea Party is so strong in Texas and the Democrat Party is so weak it is a foregone conclusion that he will win Kay Bailey Hutchinson vacated seat by a landslide.

  28. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    I AM willing to accept LOWER TAXES which spurs investment, MORE WAGES for MORE AMERICANS (more investment means MORE JOBS) and an escape from a Socialist-like agenda that will lower EVERYONES standard of living. I also want a president who will stand up for our allies (like Israel) and challenge our enemies, like Iran, who is attempting to gain nuclear capabilities. There’s too much at stake to leave these situations to a neophyte who actually never even had a private sector job himself.

    • imabrummie says:

      What kind of moron are you? The one percenters have had substantial tax breaks for years and we all know what the employment situation is. If you want the kind of president you say you do, you certainly should NOT vote in favor of someone who either is a pathalogical liar or else cannot recall what he said five minutes prior about any topic, which certainly rules out Mr. Bendyboots Romney. As for what you seem to be proposing re: Iran, are you out of your tiny mind? Have you not had enough of America draining its resources, in terms of both our best men and women and taxpayer dollars, in situations which are none of America’s business and where the populous are too cowardly to fight their own battles?

    • rozlee says:

      We have given the wealthy tax breaks since Reagan came into office and right now and corporations and banks are sitting on the greatest profits in fifty years. So, where are the jobs? If your theory is correct, we should be drowning in jobs. Bush gave the biggest tax cut in history to the mega rich, but during his administration, he had the slowest private sector job growth in American economic history ( see January copy of 2009 Wall St. Journal). Corporations are speculating in the market and in foreign economies instead of creating American jobs. It used to be that 72% of profits used to go to job creation; now, only 12% do. As for going to another war, sorry, but we got into part of our deficit mess by fighting two wars that we didn’t pay for (i.e., didn’t raise taxes to pay for) and didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction for. The Israeli public overwhelmingly oppose going to war with Iran. Only their hawkish Likud Party wants it, but they’re not willing to sacrifice their own people to fight in such a war. I’ve served in three wars as an RN and I can tell you that our troops are weary and stretched out. We’ve got over 100,000 troops injured with physical trauma like lost limbs, mental and emotional problems like PTSD and the signature injury of the Iraq War, brain trauma. But, armchair warriors are always ready to send our kids off to be killed again.

    • oldtack says:

      Middleclass TP

      Lower Taxes will not spur investment and more jobs. The large Business world has lots of money already that they will not use to create or expand businesses and hire more employees. Why? Not because they are avaricious but because of the overall economic weakness of the Country. It is not good business to create and expand when there is no viable market for the products. The top 2% is not a large enough base to warrant the risk and the other 98% are in a cautious belt-tightening situation.

      The viable markets are overseas – that’s the reason Companies outsource. They go where the demand for their products is the greatest. EC-101. Today is very much like 1933. Companies could produce the products but the rank and file Citizen was too absorbed in survival and did not possess necessary purchasing power to purchase the products. The result was a great swooshing sound of big companies flushing down the “toilet”. Until we get our “working” middle class population stable enough to risk investment in products we will not see any money being spent by the Business world to create jobs and products. There has to be a good market for that to happen.

      It is interesting that you brought up Israel and Iran. A few months ago Benjamin N. from Israel met with President Obama. After the meeting President Obama reaffirmed the United States’ firm commitment to support our friend and ally Israel. Then, after formalities, Mr. N stated “Israel is an Independent Nation and as such will defend itself and as an Independent Nation and we do not need the approval of the United States to do so.”

      Immediately Israel blamed every aggression on Iranian support and influence of Hezbollah. Today our sources flooded the networks with the news that Hezbollah, with Iranian support is poised to launch terror attacks on both the US and European Countries . Israel says they will defend themselves in whatever way is necessary.

      You can expect this scenario in the near future. Israel will attack Iran. The US will go to the aid of their “friend and ally” Israel – then all hell will break loose in the Middle East and spread to the rest of the powers..

      Historically the months of August and September seem to be the time that foments wars.

      It is going to be interesting to watch this charade unfold.

  29. 2hheels2 says:

    The first time My wife saw Mitt , she said be careful of him he looks like a used car salesman. Not to disparage car sales men. the stereotype she just didn’t trust him. I looked at first to give him a chance. The secrecy of anything he has ever done and taking zero responsibility for any of his actions. I should have listen to my wife from the beginning. The tax issue is the last straw. If this man is going to set policy for how and what we pay in taxes it is pertinent to every American to know just what he has done over a long time. The reason I say a long time, we need to know what he was doing when people weren’t watching. His honesty has come into question and just his robotic personality it is just hard to like him enough to vote for him.

    • rozlee says:

      Your wife is very astute although to me, he reminded me of the doctor that said he was going to amputate your gangrenous left leg and wound up amputating your healthy right one. Then, told you that he’d amputate the bad one for 10% off.

  30. JJ says:

    It seems very clear by your expressions , that you may be describing your self.. sad sad..

  31. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    Michael Blooombery is MAYOR of NYC….I believe Mario Cuomo is Governor of NY State and I believe he is a Democrat. Pres Obama could have intervened and scuttled the Chinese projects, just like he’s intervened in Arizona to tell Arizonans what to do.

    • rozlee says:

      I stand corrected. Mario Cuomo. But what Prune Face Janice Brewer did in Arizona was a direct violation of federal law and the Supreme Court agreed. And am I hearing you right? A conservative wanting the federal government to step in and overrule something that was decided on a state level? What ever happened to States’ Rights? You almost sound like a Democrat.

  32. William Deutschlander says:

    Romney is and always will be a Pathalogical Liar, that is in his DNA.

  33. Lisztman says:

    It’s obvious. Mitt Romney will tell a lie in the quickest of instants if he senses that his audience will buy it. Just what we need running the ship — a compulsive liar.

  34. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    If you think IRAN and its acquisition of nuclear weapons capabilities is “none of our business’ then it is you sir who is out of your mind. The Iranians have sworn to destroy not only our best (and only) ally in the mideast (Israel), but the US as well. If you want to keep your head in the sand, when you finally look out, there may be no one left. Good luck!
    And by the way, no one really cares who pays what taxes, only what they pay. Trying to turn the majority against a small minority didn’t work during WWII, and it won’t work now.

  35. berrysoeto says:

    the Dem’s don’t like anything that exposes the Obama campaign for what it is. Eliminating the work requirements from welfare is a total disaster and hark ins back to the days of welfare queens and generations that all are on welfare.
    Obama’s campaign has been all about appealing to the 47% that don’t pay taxes and insuring their votes. Obama is the food stamp president and could care less where that money comes from, while making sure every new born now has a debt load of $150,000 the day they hit the ground.
    Obama has been the most divisive and racist president since Lincoln

    • highpckts says:

      Again and listen carefully, that isn’t what he is doing!! How many people in the know have to tell you this??? Some Republicans even called Romney on this!

  36. Romney and his team are suffering from a serious case of
    amnesia.. i have seen gaffes and flip flops, but this is ridiculous..

  37. Patricia says:

    Romney is the biggest liar in America. What a disgrace. Even Politifact has given him 13 pants-on-fire ratings. Obama has only received 3. All Americans are catching onto Romney and his outragious lies.

  38. wayne says:

    Can’t have it both ways Rom. Send all the jobs to China and even land lords will need Welfare.

  39. Leave it to the Regressives to play the Race card . So that makes your hero Bill ( I did not have Sex with that woman ) Clinton the biggest racist …right . He instituted that law …So he is a racist right ?

    • oldtack says:

      I don’t consider old Bill a liar when he said he didn’t have sex with Monica loose-lips. Put yourself in old Bill’s place. What would have been your reply to this question if it had been asked in front of millions of people – including your wife and young daughter? Now don’t be patriotic and beat your chest and proclaim you would admit this to the world. You would have done like old Bill and the rest of us married men. You would have lied your butt off (men are natural cowards in these situations).

      Besides – he told a “partial truth”. He did not have sexual intercourse with old loose legs .
      She just knelt beneath his desk and gave him an old fashioned blow-job. It’s a matter of semantics. Or as in Bill’s case – not a matter of cuningulus but a matter of cunning linguistics.

    • rozlee says:

      There is a legal, biblical and medical definition of sex. As for the “race card.” I love that term. As a Hispanic woman, I know a racist when I see one. Bill Clinton was no racist.

  40. ayayaboy says:

    Shameful that crooked-Romney is nominated to run for president of America. Corrupt tax evasion, money laundering and jobs outsourcing are not what America stands for. Romney has so much to hide from Americans.

  41. Mitt $R-money is a lair and a tax cheat!

  42. Mitt $R-money is a lair and a tax cheat!

  43. Secular_Humanist says:

    What kind of people pounce on the least fortunate in the country? First jobs are taken away and put overseas – purely for profit and then those now unemployed, or unemployable, are blamed for needing assistance? Isn’t empathy a Christian virtue? Isn’t there any humanity left in republicans?
    Romney has forced many people to seek public assistance, and has stolen workers retirement contributions, to leave the government to pick up the tab from companies he drove into bankruptcy. Does Romney think it is alright to vilify those who don’t march in step with the party book. Doesn’t Romney know he offends wealthy African Americans who could be potential conservative voters?

  44. poppy66 says:

    This does not surprise me at all. His father was a decent man, that had morals and ethics, it seems those assets were not inherited by his son. He will say or do anything to pander to his radical, unyeilding, cold blooded base. Nothing he says sounds sincere. Now, not only does he subscribe to the Paul Ryan Plan, but he announced today that, in fact, Paul Ryan is his pick for a running mate. I dont think this could make the Obama campaign any happier. Not only did Romney lose the Womans vote, and the Latino vote and the minority vote but with his choice of Paul Ryan and his plan to gut Medicare, now he just lost the senior votes. Their only hope of winning this election, is their effort to suppress the votes in the 23 Republican States, under the guise of voter fraud, which is virtually non existant. This party is hell bent on destroying this country and we cannot let that happen.

  45. oldtack says:

    Michael S.
    Re: the story of Ziggy, Oldenberg and the rifles. Ziggy lived at Heidkamperwig 3, Oldenberg, Oldenberg, Germany. He had a very attractive sister – Karin. But that’s a whole different story and has nothing to do with this forum.

  46. JackieAllen says:

    Dear Mr. Tom: Your statement gives you away. You know nothing about community
    organizing, haven’t even tried to inform yourself? Those of us who have worked in
    public service, in and around neighborhoods filled with crime, gangs, killings–
    just as starters have seen WHY community organizing is incredibly important.
    Organized communities in high crime areas help to drive gangs out of neighborhoods.
    They are alert to apartments or houses where drugs are made, bought and sold. The system
    keeps neighbors aware of the crimes that keep their windows and doors protected with metal bars. In some places the elderly are literally prisoners in their own homes. How would you
    like to work in a school in a high crime area where drive by shootings cause “lock downs”
    on a frequent basis? Local police work with organizers who know when to alert them.
    This prevents idiots with guns shooting innocent people, or being killed because of their
    own ignorance. Communities meet and discuss ideas and speak of their concerns.

    Hight crime areas also tend to spread, Mr. Tom. One day, suddenly, you could find your real estate
    values crashing–and “the hood” is suddenly at your back door, or worse breaking in
    your front door. But, you would deserve it, Mr. Tom; you and the global warming
    deniers, flat earthers, religious fanatics, etc.

  47. Sneider says:

    The american people are the employers of the public servants. Romney wants to get a job. The employers want to see his tax returns to ensure that he is not a crook. Let him show that he is worthy to be president of Americans. Romney, show your tax returns.

  48. Gilbert Francis says:

    Having been a welfare recipient it was not all it’s cracked up to be.You know for someone with off shore Bank Accounts,having shipped jobs oversees.I would think it is clear by Mitt’s choice for vp a super sqeaky clean( re: John Edwards} which is not to say that it’s not great to have a supremeist on your team.May god Bless Amerika!!!

  49. can some one tell what does this statement mean,many republicans are continually saying and I quote them “we can have our country back?”, I have some ideas.

  50. J says:

    It is so obvious to anybody who can think, that anyone who votes for Romney is only doing so because of there hatred for our President! He is running on a platform that would only serve the 1%. not all of America.

  51. tom says:

    “Obama isn’t working” is a code for NOTHING. It is what it is. OBAMA ISN’T WORKING. He tried, he failed….miserably. He initiated all those programs he said he would to bring back prosperity to USA. Guess what. WORSE THAN WHEN HE TOOK OFFICE. Boils downto simple, “Obama isn’t working”. When will his followers ever get real? Look at the facts. Hey, Romney is definitely NOT a Godsend. But what we have is a miserable failure. Has nothing to do with color. He just couldn’t get it up. The country remains flat. Time to move on, try anything, anybody, not another 4 years of same ol’ bull c _ _ p.

  52. RoMoney isn’t going to run the country. The RNC , Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and Karl Rove will ruin it just like what happened with Prez. George Bush. RoMoney is just their puppet. No one in their right (no pun intended) mind would vote for Mittens on his own.

  53. Johnny Thomas says:

    You know these are the same tactics that the Bush administration used to get him elected and then re elected on the basis now they are attacking the same way with the same obvious lies in the same manner by now the public eye is wise to that so they are trying to cut the poor from voting in that last attack in Florida by GOV Scott and he is saying that he has gotten Florida going I lived in Florida for 60 years and their are no jobs not a day goes by that some one is asking for work skilled people asking because they have no work .The GOP keep trying to start by building homes and hotels. Florida needs industry back here as we are full of buildings that are not occupied the industries we had have been moved north like Tropicana fruit co moved to Chicago can you believe that costing us hundreds of jobs. The poor Alligators are moving to the streets and sleeping in the Kentucky fried chicken door wanting food as their are houses where they used to live now Romney wants to cut out birth control think about it because they are not thinking .Republican Gov. Scott has not helped us Disney world is at an all time low why .Because most of our industries are being out sourced one way or another by moving them to other country’s or across country where it make’s no sense at all for us

  54. Zorro is in the house, he came thought the front door!

  55. ancientWisdom2 says:

    Abraham Lincoln, our greatest Republican president, was assassinated after John Wilkes Booth heard Lincoln propose extending the right to vote to black Americans. Since 1980 Republicans have dishonored Lincoln every time they have played the race card. Lee Atwater taught Ronald Reagan and Karl Rove how to use code to appeal to racism. Reagan mastered that ugly art: “welfare queens,” “crime in the streets.” Rove and company took it a step further: purging voter rolls in Florida precincts with large (Democrat-voting) black populations in 2000 with the aid of a company called ChoicePoint; transferring Ohio’s vote tally in 2004 to a computer in Chattanooga, TN operated by a company called Govtech, with man-in-the-middle computer architecture devised by IT guru Michael Connell, who died the day before he was to testify in 2008 when his plane mysteriously crashed. GOP vote suppression targets blacks, hispanics, college students, and older people. Cast in that light, it doesn’t take rocket science to see who Romney meant when he said, “It is not my job to protect those people.”

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