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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

No doubt President Obama was deeply stung over the weekend to hear Dick Cheney criticize his new national security team. At a Wyoming Republican Party dinner, the former vice president briskly dismissed Obama’s choices as “dismal,” saying that America needs “good people” rather than the “second-rate” figures selected by the president, particularly Vietnam veteran and long-time U.S. senator Chuck Hagel, nominated by the president as Secretary of Defense.

For sage advice on security policy and personnel, after all, there is no living person whose approval could be more meaningful than Cheney. It is hard to imagine a record as profoundly impressive as that of the Bush-Cheney administration, back when everyone knew that he was really in charge of everything important — especially the war on terrorism, the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan.

True, Cheney’s intelligence apparatus failed to capture or kill Osama bin Laden after 9/11 – indeed, failed to prevent the 9/11 attacks, despite ample warnings that began with Bill Clinton’s farewell message in January, 2001 and culminated in a blaring President’s Daily Brief from the CIA in August 2001. True, Cheney’s defense command allowed bin Laden and Mullah Omar to escape following the invasion of Afghanistan, while American and NATO troops slogged through that deadly conflict without a plausible goal or even an exit strategy. And true, the national security cabinet run by Cheney misled the nation into war against Iraq, on false premises, without adequate preparation or clear objectives, at a cost of many thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. And true, too, the ultimate result was to embarrass the United States repeatedly while increasing the regional power of the mullahs in Iran.

How can Obama presume to compare his own record with all of that?

Obviously Cheney’s success cannot be measured by achievement alone. That wouldn’t be fair at all. No, his success resides in the capacity to commit disastrous misconduct and malfeasance in office, and still be taken seriously by the serious people in Washington, D.C.

If only the president were sensible enough to appoint figures of the same caliber as Cheney’s choices in the Bush years – men such as Donald Rumsfeld, whose capacity to deceive the public remains unequaled a full decade after he first declared utter certainty about the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein’s huge, perilous cache of “weapons of mass destruction.”

“We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat,” explained Rummy somewhat inanely. He also assured us that the Iraqi people would warmly welcome U.S. troops, that the war would require a commitment of no more than six months, and that we wouldn’t need to send an overwhelming force of troops to prevail.

Like his old comrade and boss Cheney, Rumsfeld remained perfectly arrogant and absolutely rigid to the end and beyond, even as all his predictions and promises proved tragically hollow. Even when he came under attack by the neoconservative propaganda apparatus, led by Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, for “glibly passing the buck” for administration failures, Rumsfeld never admitted any fault or responsibility. Leaving office in disgrace, he spent years composing a farrago of falsehoods to be published between hard covers, seeking to justify his reign of error — and topped the bestseller lists following a triumphant tour of television and radio.

Now there was a first-rate Defense Secretary. President Obama, please take note.

Photo credit: AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File

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  • Of all people to be criticizing President Obama’s team, this war criminal and U S Treasury stealing a**hole, Dick Cheney, would be the last person in the world having any credibility whatsoever to do so. It was Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and others in the Bush administration that led our country into an illegal war in Iraq that costed thousands of our soldiers’ lives, hundred of thousands of Iraqi lives, and drained our country’s treasury while these war profiteeers enriched their and their cronies’ bank accounts. The main reason that Cheney and Bush used for invading Irag was weapons of mass destruction. Their entire premise turned out to be nothing more than a big fat lie. These war criminals should be in prison, yet they are allowed to live their lives in total comfort and ease because our government refuses to bring charges against them and prosecute them. Cheney, Bush, and then Secretary of Treasury Paulson engineered the horrific policies that put our country in the greatest economic catastrophe it has ever been in since the Great Depresssion. While Americans were feeling the pain of the Great Recession, Cheney, Bush, and Paulson flat out denied that we were even in a recession. In fact, they declared that the economy was sound. So, Cheney is nothing more than a big fat liar and a criminal. So, Cheney trying to criticize President Obama’s appointments to his team is like Hitler trying to criticize Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

    • You Called Dick Cheney an A**Hole. You must remember,an A**hole is an extremely portant part of the human anatomy. Dick Cheney is in it for himself only and therefore could be classed as a”POX on the Butt of Humanity.

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      If memory serves, didn’t Bill (cigar man) Clinton bomb a aspirin factory, to get the media to forget about his being impeached?

      • Link the story or it’s just BS!!!!!! And he was getting impeached for a BJ????? Bush/Cheney did way worse than that, and I didn’t hear on repub call for their heads. Just so you didn’t want the reast of us to see you with egg on your faces, you would have let these two criminals do anything they wanted. Especially the biggest criminal Cheney!!!!!

      • jarheadgene

        Well let’s compare….Clinton ordered Missiles strikes to try and get Bin Laden. GW/CHENEY/RUMMY….(different sides of the same P.O.S. G.O.P coin) let him go and instead went after “that guy” that Sarah Palin said attacked the World Trade Towers….Saddem. Oh and now Clinton is running a foundation that helps the poor all over the world and he travels all over the world freely and welcomed everywhere. Cheney….hides at home mostly…is afraid to even go to CANADA. And is wanted for war crimes in many countries; unfortunately, not ours; although, he should be. That is just for starters….shall I go on?

        • Well said Gene. Not much left unsaid in your brief comments. Hand salute to you sir.

        • rothgar

          right on Gene

      • RobGinChicago

        And President Bill Clinton left office after two full terms with higher approval ratings than Bush ever received. Since leaving office, he and his foundation have been engaged in many activities for the betterment of the nation and the world, but, to the best of my knowledge, has not been sending self-portrait paintings of himself in the shower and bathtub to friends and family.

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  • charleo1

    How deep, and misguided was Cheney’s yearnings to continue on to bagdad, in the first Gulf War?
    Well, how deep, and misguided was a troubled John Hinckely’s desire to impress Jodi Foster?
    Because one, as we found out the hard way, made about as much sense as the other. Unfortunately, only Hinckley went to jail. But, Dick Cheney has got to have an ego the size of a house, to think
    anyone in the world, in their right mind, would still care what he thinks about the President’s
    security team. And if, Republicans are truly interested in rebranding their Party, they could start
    by reminding, ” Chicken Hawk,” Cheney, that Chuck Hagel, and John Kerry fought for their Country. And a generous amount of respect is in order. From those who didn’t, to those who did.

    • You have to remember that little dickie boy had “better things to do” than go fight in some piss ant war in some stinking far away country.

      • jarheadgene

        Love it…that was his answer, when questioned about his 5 differments. What a Douche.

  • Cheney’s a dick.

    That’s it. No more need be said.

  • dellmartin

    I just wish the legitimate news sources would have refused to cover this and let Fox Noise celebrate their big scoop that nobody else cares about.

  • It would not surprise me if what Dick Cheney really hates is the contrast between a domestic and foreign policy focused on respecting the rights of others and advancing the interests of ALL Americans, and those that included crimes against humanity and the advancement of interests that benefit a few at the expense of many.

  • Why anyone at all who can think would want to hear one word from this gigantic idiot in all matters is beyond me. Why is he given print time? Why is he quoted? But, oh, there are still those who worship war, as long as their sons and daughters don’t die in them. Keep forgetting how important those people are.

  • docb

    Nothing like the snarl of a failure hiding in Wyoming…and confined to the USA because of War Crimes…Some justice is sweet!

  • AlfredSonny

    Cheney proves that men think through wallets, not just dicks. Thank God, he isn’t part of my distinguished middle class family!

  • The coward Cheney the Dick is out now. He has been praying to god all the time when Fox News and republicans have been trumpeting Benghazi. If he is not the man of second-rate himself, why didn’t he also join then just coming now when the issue is dying down.

    • jarheadgene

      Define that as HIS god….Not THE REAL GOD. Dick Cheney’s god is himself. But you are right, the P.O.S. G.O.P. allows him out, as if he is an answer to Sec. Hillary Clinton’s slaying of the congressional idiots’ hearings re Benghazi. She made them look 2ND RATE.

      • It’s because they ARE second rate Gene and that is a stretch at that.

  • latebloomingrandma

    This man truly has no shame. Even getting a new heart gave him no conscience. He just needs to go away, like Palin.

    • Replying to latebloomingrandma –

      You mean he had a heart sometime in his past?

  • ceekee

    When will Cheney just go away. He’s like a bad penny that keeps turning up. He is a joke.

  • nana4gj

    Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfield, et Company, was the worst Administration in modern history. They ignored the warnings of bin Laden to strike in the USA and all of the intel re foreigners taking lessons to fly a plane but not to land it, paying cash; we were hit, badly. Rice excuses on the basis that she did not have an engraved invitation with the date, time, place, and manner in how they would do it, and they all preferred to toss it in the garbage with a smart “CYA” to those who brought the info to them.

    Then, they made messes of the follow up, exploited it for political gain for 4 years doing nothing but driving up fear, spending all resources of human life and financial treasure, as they allowed the economy and all financial systems to crash.

    Although the President had his MBA from Harvard; although the VP had credentials for foreign policy and national security and defense; although Rice was touted as a foreign policy scholar on Russia????….no even needed since all W had to do was look into the eyes of Putin to find an ally, and perfected the art of waving from planes, ….and Rumsfield ran Alcoa????…..these “top tier” people made a mess of everything they touched.

    It has required the elbow grease of “second rate” people to clean it up and I prefer the “second rate” teams, as measured in outcome and results.

    What is amazing is the nerve and the chutzpah…though it gives chutzpah a bad rap to use it in context with these failures….to go public, as if we had not lived through it and could not figure it out. We are living still with their big mess.

    What makes the Republicans so unattractive as a governing option to us is the fact that they messed it all up, wrecking havoc across the board, and they refuse to lift a finger to participate in cleaning it up, preferring instead, to add more to the mess and delay the repairs. Instead, they spent 4 years maligning not only this President, vowing to make him fail…and all the rest of us…as they insulted every population segment of our society, made it their campaign theme, and expected us to embrace it.

    They are unfit to serve.

    I am more secure with leaders who have integrity and character because decisions on any issue have a higher chance of success and effectiveness when they are made for the right reasons by people who must do difficult and unpopular things for the common good.

  • itsfun

    Don’t you just love how the libs preach tolerance and how much they hate name calling and hate mongering? If what you are preaching is love and tolerance, I hope you never hate me!

    • Who in the world would even associate the words love and tolerance when discussing
      a coward like Dick Cheney? And yes, he is the biggest coward that ever served in our

    • It’s not hate mongering when you accurately assess a dismal failure such as Dick Cheney.

      P.S. You likely won’t be hated, but rather, pitied.

      • itsfun

        I understand now. You get to decide what hate mongering is. I hope you love living in the USSA with the Obamacare death panels and police state.

        • Why don’t you go troll somewhere else for a while, say ten years or so?

        • Are you aware that if the GOP had its way since the Big Depression that there would be no social security or Medicare and you wouldn’t have to delusionally worry about nonexistent death panels?? Americans would be lucky to be living to 70 because millions would be dying homeless without social security checks and from illnesses without healthhcare. And are you aware that under the last 3 GOP presidents that there were 31 attacks on American soil with more than 3,500 being killed and you have teabaggers up in air about 2 attacks in the past 4 years with 4 being killed??? What hypocracy!! You are clueless!!

        • You don’t understand at all. I don’t get to “decide.” I am simply using vocabulary correctly and you are not. I am grateful to have been educated in the public school system in the northeast, where it is still fact-based.

          P.S. There are no death squads, despite the hate-mongering messages that pollute your e-mail Inbox on a daily basis. The police state was brought to you by the Patriot Act and your party’s affection for corporate control.

          Despite its flaws, I love living in the USA. You seem to disdain this country and I think you will not find happiness here. Buh-bye!

        • lana, is that you pretending to be itsfun? itsnotfun.

    • metrognome3830

      No, I don’t hate you. I only feel sympathy for you. I know it must be very difficult to try and defend the Bush/Cheney misadministration. It’s even led you to cite Tea Party e-mails. That’s really sad.

  • RSDrake

    Obama, in my opinion, believes that going to war is a last resort. We don’t need any war mongers (Cheney & Rumsfeld) in this Administration.

  • Kenneth Bailey

    Cheney or best known as Darth Vader’s record on security is dismal at best. Thanks to Darth Vader we are despised thoughout the world, violated human rights not to mention violating the Geneva Convention that we helped to design. Cheney is a joke and a bad one at that. I for one am thankful he stays hid in Montana. I wonder why he doesn’t travel abroad these days? Could it be the World Court has an indictment waiting for him and the brain trust Bush II and their minions?

    • Montana? I bet Wyoming would like that.

      • Kenneth Bailey

        Yes, you are correct and edit made. Sorry Montana.

  • itsfun

    I took
    this from a Tea Party email. Read it, then call Bush and Cheney more names.

    President Obama and Eric Holder want to know everything about your business. They want Obamacare doctors to collect every piece of information they can about your life. When you have newborn the hospital gives you a questionnaire that includes questions like: Do you have any firearms in your home?

    At the same time the Obama administration is blatantly hiding information about some of their guns, specifically the guns they handed to the drug cartels in an operation known as Fast and Furious. See our government has an obligation to furnish information to the governed when requested and when a patriot group called Judicial Watch filed a freedom of information act request, a request the tyrant administration stonewalled. This is no surprise considering that after months of us applying pressure Holder was called to testify before the House Oversight Committee. His testimony led to him being held in contempt of congress, which the media mostly ignored except to label it as a ridiculous witch-hunt.

    When the United States House of Representatives issues a contempt of congress to the sitting Attorney General (read the nation’s top cop) and it is completely ignored, the entire rule of law is called into question.

    People have died as a result of the negligent actions of this administration. Not only in this case but in Benghazi as well. Richard Nixon was impeached for far less because a group of dedicated people refused to let the story slip. Ladies and gentlemen it is our responsibility to hold these arrogant tyrants who are moving to disarm us accountable.

    No one else is going to do it for us, so if you’re waiting for someone else to fix this problem it’s only going to get worse. On this issue especially our letters have helped us learn more information, they sparked the hearings that exposed Holder as a liar and that President Obama is involved enough to hide behind executive authority.

    • mah101

      That is nothing less than treason. Reminds me of some of the statements about Lincoln leading up to the Civil War, and more comments written about him during the war from the perspective of the south. This kind of thinking, coupled with the paranoia of the gun crazies about protecting themselves from tyranny, really scares me.

      By the way, weren’t they paying attention during the 8 years of the Bush administration?

    • And teabaggers have the nerve to bring up the attack on Benghazi when the four years of Obama’s 1st term were by far the safest for America’s overseas offices of any time in the past 30 plus years???? Under Bush Jr. there were 12 attacks on America’s homeland and its overseas offices with more than 3,500 people being killed; under Bush Sr. there were 12 attacks also with 60 being killed and under Reagan there were 7 attacks with 31 being killed not to mention 241 marines that were killed while sleeping in their barracks in Lebanon. In contrast, during Obama’s 1st term there were 2 attacks with 4 killed – quite a reduction in attacks and casualties.

  • ococoob

    Why to this day some people hold credence to this war criminal!

  • Who does Cheney think he is, we know him as the criminal he is. To be throwing stones, he needs to go into that closet his daughter came out of and never come out!!!!

  • Kev

    they have a lot of balls they where the most crooked administration that made a ton of money off of this because of the oil! They had there company in there to do most of the rebuilding. Cheney is a joke!

  • Dick Cheney’s idea of a team is one that invades a vulnerable country without his personal support but the use of other people to be killed, maimed and left to grovel with partial bodies and minds for the remainder of their lives while he has better things to do. The 5 military deferment coward. It certainly angers me to think he may have received my daughter’s heart to keep his sorry ass alive. I look forward to reading the sneering snarler’s mushroom cloud obit.

    • jarheadgene


  • CarlMinnesota

    Cheney be like General McArthur: “Old Vice Presidents never die; they just fade away.” Please fade away

  • meangreen1

    Shouldn’t Cheney be in a prison cell? You would have to be mentally unbalanced to take any advice from this war monger, draft dodger, tin man.

  • Lovefacts

    As if what a bitter, dishonest, and dishonorable old man says has any value. The man has no moral core as shown by his attack on Hagel, when Cheney himself avoided the draft–eight times. The man got as high as he could be get, the power behind the throne because no one in their right mind would vote for him. And he can’t live with the fact he’s loathed and his name is used to give children nightmares.

    • jarheadgene

      I believe it was 5 differments…..although 8 sounds better 5 is bad enough, when one is such a WARMONGER. He only loves war when he can make a buck off it. You don’t get paid as well when you do the ACTUAL fighting.

  • clarenceswinney

    Today, 10% control 73% of net wealth, 83% of financial wealth and get 43% of individual income.
    Top 400 have more wealth than 50%.
    Tax Code—Tax top 10% at 50% effective tax rate
    Top 20% get 60 % of exemptions—Bottom 20% get 3%
    Vote System change—6 months –3 primary—3 general—free equal tv time
    a debate a week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates.
    No personal or outside money contributions.
    Money out of government—Illegal for any Federal official to accept anything with a monetary value.

  • This coming from the man whose administration included John Ashcroft, whose only notable achievement before then was losing a state election to a dead man.

  • mudslinging — Cheney’s true talent comes out so clearly.

  • Joe, I am not sure what you are trying to say, if you are being sarcastic, or you are just trying to meet the number of words required. No, the President respectfully takes everything the VP says with a grain of salt. The Cheney WH was as activist as they came. They set out to create a war, loot the public coffers, paid themselves cash they took out from Treasury like it was an ATM, and along the way, made up intelligence. Cheney couldn’t be bothered with what CIA or FBI or even NSA told him. The fact that he gets any coverage these days is thanks to the corporate news agencies that own him. The people wished he would have the decency to slink away on his borrowed heart. At least W hides his hybris.

  • There’s a man who has earned his first name! Dick indeed.

    • Yep, he’s definitely that. Yep. A Dick taker.

  • mah101

    Why is it that Cheney is not in prison for war crimes and defrauding the US government (you know, that whole start a needless war thing so that his buddies in Haliburton could make a bigger profit)? Instead, he has the audacity to criticize the Obama administration?

    • Unfortunately, the crimes they should be tried for are much worse than just stealing from the country, they include the deliberate manslaughter of thousands of Americans and more than a hundred thousand Iraqis (which includes deliberately ignoring 7 warnings from the CIA that an attack on America was imminent which ended up costing 3,000 Americans their lives and the necessity to start two unwarranted wars).

  • The problem with people like Chaney is the fact that they always have an audience to listen their stupidest critics in our country.

    • And that’s the saddest part of this whole article – that there are actually still people in America who would invite this Devil’s advocate to even stand up in front of an audience and give his opinion on anything.

  • Pi_Boson

    Who is dick cheney? Is this the same guy that shot his friend while “hunting”?

  • Budjob

    Dick Cheney is EVIL personified!!

    • neeceoooo

      Every time I see his face, it gives me the creeps

      • DurdyDawg

        Carpetbaggers have a tenacity of expressing such looks.. it’s natural to them.

    • plc97477

      I think I can see the beginnings of horns on his head

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Cheney would be on the side of the devil if he thought for one second his precious Halliburton was going to make a profit. This is one sick, sick, sick warmongering dude. If the only way you can get to the White House is through the back door, it doesn’t say much for your value to the country.

    • Eleanor, WOULD BE on the side of the Devil?? Dick has been doing the Devil’s work for years; leading all the devil’s helpers that have taken over the GOP over the past 15 plus years.


    • Reddiaperbaby

      This is a joke, right? Using the word “Christian” in the same sentence as Cheney is blasphemy, Jesus would have him thrown to the dogs.

    • If you didn’t post that with sarcasm, you’re totally delusional. The GOP itself is the most anti-Christian organization in America. Nothing, absolutely nothing, the GOP stands for is Christian. If you think it is, you’re nothing but a faux Christian – a CINO – a Christian in Name Only. The term Conservative Christian is an oxymoron.

    • Replying to Donald P Macdonald –

      What the Hell are you smoking?

    • Good Christian soldier my ass! Cheney is an anti-Christ to America. He should go on a peace mission to Iraq, Pakistan, or Afganistan. Better yet, return the billions of dollars he stole from Americans through Haliburton and Blackwater. I WANT MY DAMN HEART BACK!

  • stsintl

    Dick Cheney as VP, was G.W. Bush’s Virtual President. GWB himself admitted during the Military Ball of his second inauguration that he made sure Dick Cheney was by his side when he made any decisions, whether simple or hard, whether small or big. He and his “Third Rate Team” took the country in to a proxy war on behalf of Israel to sacrifice American blood and sweat but kept their own loved ones at home. None of the kins of these criminals served in Iraq.

  • adriancrutch

    All that matters to these characters is that the people who count,care about what happened. There was piles of money to be made on the backs of our troops. What the people thought was never of consequence to these players and the corporations that backed the schemes they hatched. Like “The gang that couldn’t shoot straight”. The financial portfolio’s of these connected middlemen show the profits. It’s simple!

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    Coming from a third rate administration I guess that’s saying a lot. He should have kept his position as Haliburton’s CEO rather than helping screw up our country. At least there he was effective…presuming ‘effective’ to mean getting caught cheating the taxpayers three times under his guidance. What a crook and a creep. Someone should unplug his pacemaker and let him sail off into the long goodbye.

  • olafaux

    Good Ole Cheney:
    If only Dick could have mastered how to disguise blatant and flagrant racism, folks would give him and the GOP the time of HELL. Dick Cheney, the big lier to the world? A War Monger, who, led, and, says he will again lead the United States to a FALSE war in a 3rd world country? A racist member of the GOP? And a walking dead citizen.
    God bless America!

  • bchrista

    So long as the Republican Party can’t cut it’s self loose from Buch/Cheney our country will never move ahead. I don’t think there is a member of that team that dares travel outside the United States for fear of being taken prisoner for war crimes commited during their Administration, I didn’t think anyone of them had the balls to comment on anything after all the bullshit they pulled and the condition they left the country in, hey maybe President Obama will appoint Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and a couple others from that Administration to fill in some of his overseas posts, since Cheney feels that the appointments Obama made in chosing Hagel and Brenner could be better filled by him and some of his friends since the US refuses to prosecute Cheney and his side kicks maybe he’ll be welcome overseas, if nothing else maybe someone over there would do us a favor and take care of these pieces of shit.

  • sleeprn01

    Mr. Cheney is just the perfect person to ostracize President Obama; with his charming personality, averse and greed, and his deep knowledge of world events. What he needs to do is climb back under the rock he slithered out of. It is thru. the good graces of President Obama that Mr. Cheney wasn’t charged with war profiteering and murder. Mr. Cheney’s actions lead to the murder of over 5,000 young Americans and over 35,000 severely wounded. But, on the bright side Haliburton made a lot of money defrauding our government. I still would like to know where the GOPs concern about the debt was under the Bush administration.

    Also, it angers me to no end that this despicable human being received a heart rather than another more deserving person. I keep hoping that his new heart rejects him.

    • Thee GOP is only concerned about America’s debts when a Democrat is president. When a Republican is in office they spend like druken sailors.

  • For the last decade I have been trying to understand, not only the motives, but the mind of Cheney–a war-hawk draft dodger who insists we follow his lead in what is best for the defense of this country.

    With the pentagon in virtual ruins when his ‘Chosen One’ Rumsfeld resigned, Cheney is a man that, apart from all the rhetoric and bluster has never gotten anything right.

    If track records are anything to consider with regard to a person’s qualifications, Cheney shouldn’t have been able to graduate from the Nixon administration with anything more than a job as Blair House janitor.

    • plc97477

      if that

  • Remember DICK HEAD CHENEY AND BUSH. STARTED ALL THE SHIT IN Irqa . BASE ON A LIE. Dick head And Bush awaraed all those american contracrs there to . At the end of his 8 years .Almost put the USA in bankruptys. Bail out the banks……………………….So before Dick HEAD Cheney . Runs his mouth about OBAMA …..The DICK HEAD CHENEY SHOULD LOOK AT HIS RECORD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sense OBAMA has been in office. We had growth. At the end of DICK HEAD CHENEY 8 yeaers. We had nothing at the end.

  • Dick Cheney, a totally corrupt politician, is in no position to talk about an administration that has had to turn around the Great Recession and two unwanted wars brought upon the US by the Bush / Cheney administration without support of most of the GOP most of the time!

  • JDavidS

    Cheney is idiocy personified. Nothing more need be said.

  • Fairplay4

    Narcissists like Cheney believe themselves without processing what they say through the sane and soundness machinery. Their bias removes all sense of reason and they take comfort in being vitriolic.

  • It is my personal belief that Cheny should be tried for treason for personally profiting from the war he started in Iraq.

    • I Agree completely – and Bush jr. along with him.

      • DurdyDawg

        Don’t let those congressional cowards on the hill fool you into believing they refrain from filing criminal charges against these two dead beats for the sake of the nation.. truth is, being criminals themselves, they have a sympathy for their own kind.

  • judgeglenda

    cheney needs to keep his mouth shut

    • dectra

      But his comments are coming from his ass….

  • Cheney needs to just go away. He is just out for his self and his money buddys. Give that heart you stole from a real person. not a heart less asshole.

  • jarheadgene

    This GUY again…..DRAFT-DODGING , ChickenHAWK, Treasury ROBBING, WAR CRIMINAL with his snarling ugly face. I keep asking GOD, “Why isn’t he dead yet?” Answer is….”HE IS NOT DONE SINNING YET.” “The wages of sin is death” On “The Day of Judgement,” he will be standing on the line-up with Attilla the Hun, Hitler, Stalin, Kane, Nero, Felix, Herod, Pontius Pilate, Pharoah and Judas Iscariot.
    REPENT – Dick Cheney, you A$$, humble yourself before GOD, Almighty GOD, and you
    will be forgiven. When your heart warms, for your fellow man, then you will know you are on the right track. Belittling the President and his VETERAN appointees speaks volumes of your HYPOCRACY, you DOUCHEBAG ! REPENT for your judgement awaits you otherwise.

  • elw

    Let’s face it if President Obama had appointed God, Cheney would criticize him. It is not about who the President chose, it is about the President. President Obama’s record will stand for itself historically. Bush/Cheney’s will not. I have no doubt that the President know that and could care less about what Dick Cheney thinks.

    • Bush and Cheney may stand historically as America’s worst pres and vp in American history. There’s not enough room here in these posting threads to list all the disasters these two will be held accountable for by historians in years to come.

  • I only wish I had more thumbs to agree ‘like up’ with ‘stoptheinsanity’. Your breakdown was very well stated (except I do feel I must agree with John’s description of the a**hole:) If more people would be honest with themselves, they would come to the same conclusions many of us have, and that you and ‘jarhead’ so eloquently stated. I guess if you prefer to put your head in a hole in the ground, your rump is fair game for kicking, and I hereby kick away at those who are too obstinate, blind to truth, or just plain stupid to see and understand the damage that GWB, Cheney and their cohorts did to this country while lining their pockets.

  • Said the man whose foreign policy was a disaster, shot his best friend in the face “accidentally” during a hunting trip, someone whom was paid $150 million in Halliburton stock options after the company received billions in illegal no-bid contracts during the Iraq War and someone who’s needed an artificial heart and a heart transplant because he’s The Tin Man…..ssmdh 🙁

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Does Cheney’s brain work? Bin Ladin attacked America under Cheney’s watch. He and Bush ran into bunker. They watched Bin Ladin marry more wives. No sooner Cheney left office Obama gave Bin Ladin his justice. what’s Cheney talking about? Some Republicans really need Clonazepam and Activan medications to cure them of romnesia and severe mental illness.

  • dadhoover

    Personally I am disgusted with major media trotting out cheney as someone with something to add to our current discourse involving the mess we are in because of his lying war adventurism. We should be shaming those media who promote him as anything but the perfect example of an abysmal failure and liar with terrible repercussions that will effect us for decades. What is wrong with us collectively that we’ll accept putting up such failures as credible. Why should we and our leaders be afraid to speak out against this abject failure, our nation should rather be insisting on his getting the justice of criminals of the worst kind.

  • WHAT has this lying, old, heartless Cretin got to say about ANYTHING any more and WHO cares? He is TOTALLY incredible and is a
    Stain on the body politic of this country that will NEVER be washed clean.

  • jarheadgene

    WAS going to put another comment here but my bowels called and I had to drop a “CHENEY” !

  • Agree, Stan! I have been saying this for some time; unfortunately, I am surrounded by those who worship the gods of war and destruction and deride my comments when try to get them to see the real world of the unholy trinity of GWB/CHENEY/RUMSFIELD. Unfortunately, there are those who still today believe the trinity did nothing wrong and it was all the fault of those horrible Dems who just won’t shut up (as they keep telling me to do) and leave well enough alone. Well enough? Yeah, for the trinity and their buddies.

  • Doesn’t anyone remember the “outing” of Valerie Plame in retaliation for the factual report Joe Wilson made about Yellowcake?

    DICK Cheney was responsible for this TREASONOUS ACT, causing unknown damage to the reputation of the CIA, (Which clearly does not need any help in this area), and also risking the lives of many of the covert operatives, and their families, who worked with Valerie Plame.


    Give me a break!!!

  • jstsyn

    The fact that no one could stand up to that administration at the time is telling. Sheep ready for slaughter the next time they do it. Why would we expect anything different next time?

  • MrFreeman122


  • BOC

    Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld should be on trial for high treason. Their ex-boss (43) should have been impeached for plungig this country into a recession and financial ‘abyss.’

  • BOC

    I see ‘Itsfun’ is on a fishing expedition trying to find something to counter the big mess the GOP/TP has placed their party in. He’s one of those who has not come to terms with the fact that the party is lost/dead and is on life-support. Time to start all over again.

  • doninsd

    I hope you will understand when I give Cheney’s comments on foreign policy the same credence I give Joan Rivers’ comments on fashion.

    • dectra

      At least Joan Rivers has tits

  • I wonder why issa and the rest of the republicans don’t investagate chaney and bush. They cost America 9,000 deaths as well as over 20,000 men and woman their body parts. Please issa do something in your life to go after these war crimanls.

  • dectra

    That Vice President reeally puts the DICK in Cheney…..

  • imabrummie

    Cheney, Bush’s puppet-master has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. He’s nothing but an extremely lucky war criminal who should have been prosecuted and imprisoned a long time ago. Either that or else he deserves the same fate as Saddam Hussein . . . a hangman’s rope!

  • rothgar

    I’m not sure he’d evenbother with him that much. I hear the trash heap of history calling.

  • Not to mention that Dick Cheney had all the reason in the world to push the inept Bush/Cheney Security team to lie and concoct false reasons for war and to allow ther true culprits of 9/11 to escape right under their noses. The top two are Haliburton and Blackwater through which Cheney siphoned trillions of U.S. tax-payer dollars acting as security for a long line of military industrial-complex contractors, Bush/Cheney’s billinaire friends, to clear the way to supposedly rebuild Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It went on for seven years, and has continued to go on through Katrina in 2005, and the BP oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Bush/Cheney got off like fat rats, robbing America and Americans, sunk America into sink-hole of debt, and nearly drove the country into another Great Depression. America should investigate Bush/Cheney for their activities during their nearly eight years of false wars and the impropriety of Cheney’s involvement with Haliburton and Blackwater. America is still feeling the effects from their terrorism, and they should be made to give an account of it.

  • rothgar

    Handed to whom?

    You mean the derivative of the program dreamed up by the Bush/Cheney Neo-CON Department of Justice.

    It was AG Holder who ended the program!

    It is the GOP demogogues who continue to beat the Benghazi issue because they know it involves classified operations that the Obama team unlike the Bush/Cheney cabel (who outted CIA operatives) who not be TREASONOUS enough to divulge.

  • That’s extremely sarcastic.

  • pattreid

    this man can really put a face on “ugly” and/or “evil”. How dare this liar call anyone ‘second rate’. It’s enough to gag a maggot.


    If G.W. Bush had appointed second rate people, it would have been a distinct improvement, starting with his choice for vice president.

  • This man is now and always has been a mad man. His presidency was a disaster and filled with self serving wars and posing. He and his contemoraries will go down in history as the worst presidency in history. This man should be heard daily to expose his stupid and crazed ideas of what this country stands for and should represent.

  • Cheney was just defining himself…as a second rate VP!

  • There’s nobody who know more about second rate people than Cheney!

  • Sean kelly

    I am a former Republican until the Bush/Cheney years am and amazed at the ignorance of the writer. Iraq was a disaster and Cheney is a corrupt crook to say otherwise only shows ones ignorance on national and world affairs.

  • Hagel can still travel to Europe without having to worry about being arrested on charges of crimes against humanity. King George II might get away with traveling to France or Spain. Darth Cheney and the Count of Rummy certainly cannot visit those countries.

  • When was Cheney vice president, EVER? He stayed in the hospital more than doing work in the white house. He is not a Joe Biden. Who is listening to what HE says anyway? I don’t remember ANYTHING he did in the white house. But, guess what. He got paid for nothing. And nobody said anything about it. Whatever this president does, blow nose or what the hell ever, its just not enough. Well, to #$@@&&^ with all who has aught against those who are truly working so hard for the betterment of this country. God bless them.

  • History will prove Dick Cheney ideas about President Obama was all a Propaganda.

  • Quit slacking, Fern! You’re not dancing for me! Get to work, little girl, or you’ll get another spanking!

  • mothermay1

    Didn’t he just get a new heart? Apparently the blood is not circulating to his brain the clot went to his mouth. All you hear as usual is a virus coming from the hole below the nose. Needs another transplant.

  • Come ON , Fern! You talk a good game, but you’ve stopped dancing! Daddy doesn’t like it when you stop dancing! Get out there and show me what you’ve got. Scream. Curse. Be obscene. Throw Poo. After all, that’s what you do, that’s all you can do. And it amuses me enormously.

    So get back out there and be a nasty girl for me so I can laugh at you some more! Come on, you’re tough. You’re nasty. You can dish it out. but can you take it, or are you just a little pussgirl who runs away and hides when a man confronts you and calls you out? Dance for me, you little sissy!

    • Awwww . . . id ums widdle gurl pouting? Can’t you handle it when someone takes you on at your own game and pwns you without having to descend to your levels? Who doesn’t have to curse? Who doesn’t have to spew filth? Who can use the english language as a rapier and not a club?

      Little girl, I have over 50 years more experience than you. I’ve dealt with people who would eat you as a before dinner canape. You’re just a nasty little girl who seriously needs to learn some manners, and I’m just the dom who can teach them to you. You want to dance? You’ll dance for me because you’re just a potty mouthed lightweight who thinks she’s a little toughie. You’re not tough. You’re a twerp. And worse, you’re a snot nosed little twerp who made the serious mistake of trying to take me on. I don’t tolerate snotty, ill mannered little twerps.

      Either you learn some manners, or I’ll pwn you into the ground as I have been doing. You want to post? Your right. Learn some manners. Learn how to communicate like an adult. If you can. But cross me, piss me off again and you’re going to get more of what I’ve been handing you.

      • Fern, be quiet. I’m watching the President speak. Grownups are talking, I’ll spank you later.

  • I thought Dick Cheney was recommended to be tried at the Hague ( international court) for crimes against Humanity.

  • That dying war monger has the guts to criticise the President’s choice of appointments because they don’t seem to have the apetite for wars. Shame on him. Cheney only recognises and approves of appointments of people that would be willing to go to war with Iraq again if possible, stay in Afghanistan as long as possible, keep Haliburton contracts running in Iraq and attack Iran so that Haliburton can get new contracts to rebuild Iran after it has been destroyed. The list for this moron is never ending. Cheney should shut his filth mouth and take care of the donated heart else it goes into waste as his did because of subjecting it to too much undue pressures. This is the man who went into hiding after the 9/11 in the name of keeping the government running in the event of anything happening to the president. What a brat? Jack Hgel is an honourable and descent man. He unlike Cheney criticised the war in Iraq, doesn’t take all the shit Netanyau propagates around despite being Jewish and understands the President’s philosophy of diplomacy without waging wars. Wars destroy people’s lives and families are left broken when they lose their loved ones. For Cheney that is not important for as long as he and his companies make money from the contracts which follow on from war. Cheney contributed to misleading George W. Bush and made George Bush one of the most unpopular presidents America has ever had. Keep your mouth shut Cheney and wait for the day you go to meet your maker to explain your evil dids on earth. Shame on you Cheney

  • laan ward, admit that you are jealousy of Michele obama and her achievements. Yours is only pain because you will never achieve what she has achieved. Your simple minds tell what kind of racist you are. Simple, idiotic, a moron and and at worst an imbecile of epic proportions. Your features are more closer to an Orangutan than Michele’s. Your hairly body with long hairs all over the body including your pale face are so similar to an orangutan.

    • plc97477

      at least some of us are able to communicate

  • ddnutzy2352

    He’s got a lot of nerve criticizing anyone. The way the Bushy’s ran the country for eight years was a shame.

  • AAPD418

    Remembering history is essential for progress, but putting it in perspective is beneficial, too. It is 2013, Cheney and his neocons have lost the last two national elections, and Cheney, himself, is an aging irrelevancy in national affairs, including politics. In that respect he has a lot of company, which is a fact many of us should celebrate as appropriate, and then look forward, not back.

  • JDavidS

    Cheney borders on senility… Wouldn’t know his nuts from his nose. Incidentally, Dick, your proctologist called. He’s found your head.

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  • lessthantolerant

    Oh Joe, you really need to cut back on the tube steak, your effeminate little mind makes one sick to hear such deviate diatribes.

  • amarquez647

    Why would anyone pay attention to this man that has cost such harm to this country? I hope that he goes to Europe and gets arrested for his war crimes. All media should shun him.

  • Obama is a pygmy compared to Cheney. The entire Obama administration is composed of lightweights without intellectual or moral substance.

  • amazonfan

    This torturer, war criminal & coward is lucky he’s not in prison!

  • Incredible, coming from the most corrupt government in the history of the world. An administration who lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and sent many Americans to an early death. Cheney who served a President accused of drunk driving, cocaine abuse and draft dodging during the Vietnam era. Be gone swine!