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Monday, March 19, 2018

Late on election night, around 11:15 pm, when it became abundantly clear that President Obama had won, it also became abundantly clear who had lost—and none in more spectacularly sore fashion than Donald Trump. The Birther King unleashed the full extent of his fury and denial in a series of tweets, most of which are still up on his Twitter account. The casino mogul deleted the one that said “He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!” Here is a sampler of some of his blurted emotions on Election Night:

Soon after, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams commented, “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance and peered into something closer to irresponsible here, is tweeting tonight,” and presented some of the tweets we showed you above.

Trump was not happy. He dedicated a total of seven (!) tweets to Williams in response. For instance, “The only thing more boring than @bwilliams newscast is his show Rock Center which is totally dying in the ratings—a disaster!” In fact “NBC Nightly News” averaged 10 million viewers election night, versus an average of 7.1 million viewers in the most recent season of Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The next day, after his worst fears had come true and the terrible news had sunk in, Trump presented his dream of bipartisanship:

Laudable words from someone who believes the President is a Kenyan Bolshevik.

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336 Responses to Donald Trump Implodes In Rage Upon Obama Win

  1. Our nation was a sham for 8 years during bush’s 2 terms. Trump is a traitor and should be scorned like rove, barbour and the rest of the miscreants.

    scum bag racist nazis.

  2. Trump GO AWAY ….why don’t you go file Bankrupsy again…lol you always think your so much better then everyone and you’re a racist too the trouble is we still have too many people like you in this country.

  3. Things to remember when anyone tells me to run the schools “Like a business”. When you run things like a business Trump Happens!

  4. Why do we allow that hair person to say anything? A person who has been married 3 times had children by all and needs to tell anyone how to live of vote? Please use you money to do somthing with that hair…………wait better yet………..get that mouth wired shut.

  5. The People Of The United States have had their votes compromised because the supposed intelligent Supreme Court decided that corporations are people. If corporation and big money including offshore interests can pump billions of dollars into our political process then our individual vote becomes less important. If these top feeders continue to bombard our elections with admen spin masters tactics the American People will never know what to believe. Our one vote becomes almost useless against ads that create so much fear and distrust that they bend the will of millions to truly believe lies and half truths seeded in our brains. We the people demand that our legislators change the law of our election process removing Citizens United, remove Superpacs from our future elections. Let my vote and your vote truly mean something..

    It is time to write or call your Representatives both in the Senate and the House and ask them to remove and abolish forever Citizens United, Corporations are not People.

    • We should freeze the price of gas and diesel at $1.79 per gallon for ten years and cut Congress and the Senate’s pay to $30,000.00 a year across the board. We would pay off the debt in no time and then let the people vote pay raises based on what the candidate does to help their own people, instead of padding their pockets. We should also repeal the vote your own raise syndrome with the Senate and Congress. Lastly cancel the COLA they voted themselves of $4,000.00 in 2004, ish. They get the COLA even if we are in a terrible recession.
      No matter what, they get their money from us as we are the ones to pay it. Ben Franklin tried telling the early Congress that they should be paid nothing for serving the people, but they sent him to France and started voting their own raises any way. Trumps kind of people for sure!

      • I totally agree with everything that you said. I have always said that some people make too much money. No one is as smart as the salaries that some people make. They are rideing off the backs of the little people that gives them the ideas and then they (little people) are paid minimum wage to make them work so that they get the glory.

      • Absolutely!!! The perks & salaries they get FOR NOT DOING THEIR JOB is the travesty here. Getting retirement bonuses THAT WE PAY FOR & yet WE have to worry abt even getting our retirement!!! ENOUGH of this BS. They pass these pay raises without even consulting their employers, US!!!

        • And, we thier employers, gave them a bad performance review, a 7 percent approval rating. They shouldn’t have gotten a raise.

          • Hahahaha!!! Ya got that right. Seriously. It seems like there should be some kind of recourse if our Senate or Congress doesn’t do their jobs. Where I work at, ya get fired!!! Not rewarded for a job NOT DONE!!!!I think we ought to start a petition that gives them a deadline for getting a bipartison plan done & signed and if they can’t DO that, we fire the ones that couldn’t & replace em with ppl that CAN!!! At the very least, their pay gets frozen completely until the work is done.

      • Love your idea TeddySnowCrop. I think they should eat from the same plate that they give to their constituents. They love to throw around the term “entitlements”, whether they are referring to Medicare or Social Security. Do away with their health insurance, use Medicare as we do, do away with the raises they give themselves, have a graduated pay base, depending upon the number of years you serve, with a cap after X number of years. Cut down on the number of vacations days. Run the Congress as the business it should be about (and that is taking care of the interest of the American people).

        • Bertye, and they should have set hours. They do have a specific number of leave days, but they go over all the time and still get paid for not being there.

    • I’m surprised that there has been no discussion of the extent to which the growth in the electorate this time represents a backlash against money in politics. People react very badly when they feel someone is trying to buy an election. In California we’ve many examples, most recently Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman. I think the deluge of TV adds pissed people off. The Superpacs spent a ton of money but they spent it stupidly. Obama’s people had less money but they also had brains. The big spenders like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson won nothing for their millions but greater scrutiny by an angry public and the Department of Justice. As Obama said, voting is the best revenge.

    • I think as a citizenof this wonderful country that I have an intelligent brain. I am able to research the truth and make up my own mind. Kind of like raising kids, some tell the truth and some don’t. Knowing how to find the truth is all part of the responsibility of being an adult. As for Donald Trump I’m reminded of what my Grandmother used to tell me when I was upset by some bigot short minded fool “They are like dog poo, if you keep moving it around it stinks (gets to you).” “If you ignore it step over it and not step on it (acknowledge its presence) it eventually dries up and goes away.” Wish he would just dry up. But the more we acknowledge his rantings the more he stinks. The more he is in the headlines the more FREE press he gets. So much more to write about than the poo.

  6. Your a joke you always have been. with your fake hair,and your nasty sence of being. You use this country to top your benifit you care of no one but yourself. You think your smart but you nothing but a smelly theif. Just know this your time is growing near and the best part is When your dead and gone you will be poorer then the kids are in Africa. Then I wonder if you will survive that firey lake in hell, Not ever have I heard anthing good about you and now you want to whip everybody up into a frency. Well good thing you dide’nt ever make it to the white house,you would’ve been like some big fat toad sitting on the steps looking out for flies. while your fake hair blew in the breeze. Romney is a joke, he would have brought the U.S. to it’s knees. The reason your mad and all the rest of your followers is because Obama is a Black man running the U.S. . You just can’t stand that. Your a waste of time grow a pair and stand strong for your true Presedent, Obama at least he will run our country with heart.

  7. There once was a fellow named Trump
    Who fell on his head with a bump
    This caused him to rant and talk silly
    And his hair to grow out willy-nilly
    That foolish old man Donald Trump

  8. What the world is doing is laughing at idiots and lunatics like Trump. These right-wing extremists didn’t get their way so, according to them, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. What really happened on election night was a total reject of Republican policies, extremism, racism and disdain of the poor and the middle class and an embrace of the unity of all people through the president’s progressive and inclusive policies. Even this morning on NBC, former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour is still holding on to the lies and cynicism of the crushed and rejected Republican party. Idiots like him continue the total decimation of their “always wrong” party. Groups and people like the ACLJ, Pat Robertson, and Jay Sekulow thought that by attempting to demonizing President Obama on Bengazhi and trying to make the president guilty of a major scandal which never did exist, that whole conspiracy clap-trap ending up backfiring and bitch-slapping them straight in their lying faces.

    • Arlene, with his over inflated ego, what he thinks he is, he aint.

      My mother-in-law used to say about some braggart, “I would like to buy him for wht he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth.” Apropos, don’t you think?

  9. He is nothing but a “paper millionare”. Hope everyone knows what that means but in case you don’t all his money could be “gone” in a heart beat!!! And I couldn’t think of a nicer person to let it happen to. All talk no show.

  10. No Donald! The world is and has been laughing at you for many years now. You may be wealthy but you are still a pathetic loser.

    • I find the fact that he is wealthy amazing because he has filed bankruptcy a few times. Might I add, when he filed bankruptcy, we the American people pay for it.

        • Absolutely nob. Just think. in his vision of how the world should be you and I wouldn’t be aloud to talk about him the way we are. In regards to your earlier comments, I wonder how many of his employees got screwed when he filed for bankruptcy. It’s worth pondering about.

          • i wasnt born yesterday and I am mad as hell that our laws have all been skewed to pay useless people millions and then let them off the hook on paying taxes on those ill gotten proceeds.

          • If Obama can get the laws past that he has been trying to then those loopholes will finally be closed and let’s call those ill gotten proceeds by their true name (BLOOD MONEY). Have a great day bud.

      • I am sorry neeceoo, the reply I made to nobsartist was actually meant for you. I wonder how many of his employees got screwed every time he filed for bankruptcy protection. For I know he may have been intentionally trying to evade paying his people the compensation they were owed.

    • I agree but I would say he is rich (not wealthy) ‘cuz wealth is having access to resources (not just financial). As you can surmise from his tweets he absolutely lacks maturity, wisdom, knowledge and a progressive mind.Some things he’s got though… anger, hatred, bitterness… resulting from a low self esteem

      • I stand corrected. Maybe that is his problem besides having a notoriously bad hair piece he also suffers from penis envy. He wants to have insane wealth to feel adequate.

  11. You cannot buy everything even if you are one of richest men in the world! People in the United States have a brain and they used it this election.

  12. As bad as Trump is, at least he’d viewed as a pompous, blowed-dried buffoon. Whereas, Romney’s comments, first the Soviet Union and then Russia is our most important Geo-political enemy, had direct foreign policy impact. Putin pointed to Romeny’s comments as proof the US’s iron shield for Europe and Turkey against Russian attack was actually an offensive weapons system.

  13. He is a laughing stock and should remove himself from the public eye by just SHUTTING UP! He is an embarrassment to his family.

    • I’ve often wondered what his offspring and wives think of his idiotic behavior. Have they tried to tell him he should back off or are they scared to or, horrors, do they think like him? I honestly think the man has a mental health issue.

  14. I can’t wait ’till our gov’t raises Trump’s taxes. Hallelujah, when the Bush tax cuts are eliminated in 2013 for the wealthy. However, we must insure that the working and middle class enjoy the Bush tax cuts. There is no reason why the wealthy are not asked to pay their fair share. Your day has come, Trump!

    • So do a lot of other people, but because their station in life is much more modest, they will not get such preferential treatment.

  15. I don’t know who gave you the idea that this is your country; you are from Madagascar and you should join your fellow penguins. If you want to go march on Washington then by all means you lead the charge. I will be there to inspect your toupee.

  16. mr. trump is a very unique person. he is one of the few people who has TWO BRAINS. one is lost, and the other one is out looking for it. it is very clear that he is driven by racism. he actually thinks people care about his opinions. the spoiled brat is so accustomed to having his own way, that he doesn’t realize what a fool is making of himself. the only thing on him that’s bigger than his inflated ego, is his very large mouth. in his favor, he is good for late night comics, but even that gets sickening. i think he should take steven colbert’s offer to let colbert dip his nuts in trumps mouth. that may shut him up for a while. he should accept mr. obama as our president, that mr. obama IS an american, and that the majority of americans are sick and tired of the trump [wind bag, blow hard, racist.]

  17. The world is laughing at Donald Trump. In all “reality” (pardon the pun), the only reason Trump is heard anymore is because he has become the true butt of his own joke by making a reality show. Excuse me, but if he wanted to be taken seriously, instead of looking like a carnival side show, he wouldn’t be pimping himself for reality TV. It is fun and comical to watch, but that is the just my point…

  18. It appears that the ears of the right-wing extremists are so full of wax they can’t hear the people speak. Part of being an effective leader or commentator is being able to listen. The GOP is tone deaf … but for those of us who are Democrats… that’s just fine! Let them squim in misery until they realize that “we the people” no longer only look like the signers of the Declaration of Independence.. We’ve come a long way baby!

    • Have you seen the currant state of NBC over the past few years. Trump is a badly needed cash cow for them because he brings in a steady revenue stream from advertisers and ratings.Who knows, maybe after this latest tirade his show will fall enough in the ratings to justify firing the prick.

  19. Donald, in the process of democracy the government is voted on by the people and the majority of a diverse country made their point electing President Obama for a second term; people run this country not corporations and not by racist white corporate America! For someone with millions and who has claimed bankruptcy 4 times, on top of being a racist, you’re a hypocrite and a free-loader.

    There was too much to lose for the middle-class, minorities and diversity in America with a Republican win… Wall Street would be free again to gamble other peoples money, and Republicans would repeat the same failed leadership in the past. The President has accomplished plenty considering the GOP standing in his way, hopefully with more support from both sides of the aisle even more in the next 4 years.

    ‘The best is yet to come’… let’s keep moving ‘Forward’ to a better future for ALL AMERICANS not just Corporate America, it’s time for THEM and YOU to pay your dues!”

  20. I wonder if he will take the hint..there isn’t a whole lot of people who like him..this man is a trouble makes and as far as I am concerned and uneducated one and a bully. We are trying to teach our children not to bully and how can we do that with men like this…him an Boehner come from the same cloth..they give Republicans a bad name. If I were you I would be talking with these guys.

  21. It’s mystifying to me that Donald Trump is such a political buffoon. His public pronouncements about our president are nothing short of astounding. If anyone abroad is laughing during our political season, Donald Trump is certainly the subject of the jokes and the object of derision and scorn. But, no one should really be surprised by his outlandish partisanship. Mr. Trump was born to very substantial wealth and is hardly the self-made businessman he masquerades as. He and Romney are both scions of privileged upbringings and have little or no true understanding of those striving to achieve or maintain middle class status. I may not have been an enormous fan of Donald Trump beforehand, but his foolishness during the presidential primaries and the election itself, have reduced him in my estimation to a total. blithering political know-nothing or worse.

  22. Trump is wrong on many levels: Why was this Trump tweet removed: “He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!” than he tweets “More votes equals a loss…revolution!!!” Attention Trump still waiting for Florida final count but as of 2:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Obama lead popular vote 60,193,076 or 50.4% to 57,468,587 or 48.1% with nearly all precincts reporting
    For a man who claims to be a Patriot, a man who loves America why than does he encourages more grid lock from the House, so the people and our country will continue to suffer? The tweets referred to are:
    “House of Representatives shouldn’t give anything to Obama unless he terminates Obamacare.”
    “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!”
    Where’s the love for Country Trump encouraging continued Gridlock to damage our economy and continue to hurt our Citizens. True blue Republican – Party before Country – maybe that is why you lost both popular and electoral votes;

  23. Republician like Trump are up set because thier guy lost the election. One republician was upset and said we need to do a way with the Electrol College and go to popular vote not knowing Obama won this too.
    I have found something that you might like. Rick Perry Gov of Texas had said many times he is not happy with the US Gov Texas can become its own country. So the US needs to tell Texas you are on your own. All unhappy Republicians like Donald Trump, Rush, Hanety to name a few can go to Texas with or with out help from the US Goverment. Because of the 14.2 trillion debt the Bush made we will take away from all the new Texans their money retirement and property to help pay for their national debt. We will leave our troups on federl bases and bill them to keep Mexico from making the new Nation Texas part of Mexico. I am sure you will be able to start with the clothes on your backs and make lots of money. Right David Koch?

    • I’m a Texan with four generations of Texans behind me. I think our governor has made some really stupid moves and made terrible statements, but he does not represent most of us. He seems to know nothing about how most of us think. So PLEASE don’t wish us out of the good ole USA.

      • The sad thing, Bog, is people tend to judge a state by what they send to Washington. I know there are many decent people in Texas and there are some that are way from decent. It is the same in my state. They vote Republican even if the dumbest person alive is on the ticket. There are about 1/3 of us who are not Republicans. I know I wonder about Minnesota.

      • I was joking about sending Republicians to Texas. I am not sure if the so called Republicans are Republicians are what they. I was a Republican for along time. I lived out side of Dallas Texas in Mesquite Texas. To day Republician believe in pay almost nothing in taxes do not serve in the military and it is ok to go in bussinesss with the Chineese Communist. I believe Texan might show them where they are wrong. As far as Perry I heard the same thing from a Texas Democrat Governor in 1968. Texan have a ideal of self worth. I am independent and are tired of the lieing from both Republicians and Democrats. I supported Obama this time but next time I may be voting for someone that is not a Democrat. I am looking at a republician I believe would do good for the US.  I look up  facts and when Romney was the Republician I look up everthing I could find about him. I tried to find out what his investments were in. I found out more than i wanted to know and because of what I learned could not believe Obama was not saying something. After the 1st debate I started wondering if Obama had been bought off.

  24. It’s PEOPLE like you that need to shut up & put all your negativity to helping our PRESIDENT NOT trying to make things worse. Wake up MONEY isn’t what makes CHARACTER,it’s what you do good, not for money or recognition, but out of the goodness of your heart!!!

  25. Donald Trump; During the Bush administration you were just rich and funny. During the Obama administration you were just rich and senile. Now with this election result you have gone to just rich and crazy. I am sure the american public would take up a collection to give $5 million to your favorite charity if you would just have yourself committed.

  26. I was once a Republican. In college I became a Democrat. I am registered as a Democrat now, but my views are Progressive. The level of corruption in this country is frightful. Both
    parties are to blame for turning America into a corporate state, an oligarchy and a
    plutocracy (government by the rich, for the rich). Pres. OBama does what he can, but
    sweeping, massive change is needed to restore democracy to America ! On the other hand,
    the Republican leadership should be charged with TREASON, after conviction they should
    receive a public hanging or firing squad. Time after time after time, serious violations of
    both civil and criminal law go unpunished. The whistle blower who brought down Madoff
    spent 8….EIGHT !!!!!….years trying to convince somebody to investigate Madoff. Twenty
    Seven miners died because a coal company chose to appeal HUNDREDS of safety violations. The corporate managers and owners should be rotting in state prisons along with other murderers and serious crimes offenders….scum of the earth. Romney and his
    47% remarks show the arrogance and evil which the Republican Party has descended to.

    • I agree. What scares me the most about our future is that there enough voters in this country who made this election as close as it was. It’s absolutely unbelievable that beyond the staunch Republican voters who vote that way no matter who is running. and the majority of those who have strong corporate hopes of controlling elections for their own self interests above all else, there are enough average Americans who don’t know enough about what’s going on in politics to know when they’re being insulted or lied to repeatedly and voted for those liars.

      “Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself.”
      ….Franklin D. Roosevelt

      “We the people are the rightful masters of both
      Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
      but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”….Abraham Lincoln

      And for the arrogant obstructionist Republican’s holding office and the Tea Party….

      “The belief that there is only one truth, and that oneself is in possession of it, is the root of all evil in the world”…Max Born Nobel Prize Winner

    • You are a critical thinker who has availed himself of the facts that are out there. We are on the way to becoming an oligarchy. This is the problem with money in politics – it corrupts. I read a sci-fi book where in the future the entire world belonged to two huge corporations. It was pretty scary. The environment had been destroyed so food was raised in huge corporate greenhouses. Books were outlawed.
      The penalty for finding a book in a house was to burn the house down and execute the book’s owner. There was no private property so people lived in corporate housing. What would happen if corporations took over the world.

      • Perhaps closer than you think The last research revealed that 90% of this country’s wealth is controlled by 458 people. Which actually translates to the worlds wealth.

    • Excellent insight. It is unfortunate that more politicians are in the pockets of the corporate world than not.
      May I suggest that you make a run of office.

  27. Donald Trump, entertainer, big mouthed douche, born w/a silver spoon in his ass. Watch in 4 years and see how much money he makes after buying up depressed businesses for a song and selling them for huge profits as the economy recovers. He will benefit from the poor economy more than most. How he has any credibility with anyone is absolutely beyond me. Oh yeah, is he gonna take Steven Colbert’s $million offer?

  28. now that we know all the facts, i.e.: Mitch should go to work on a job other than making Obama a one term president, John should stop crying and do something, rush should move to a country that would shut him down, he makes no sense, and Fox news should really decide to be fair and balanced not all the way to the right of the spectrum.

  29. Trump is nothing but a pompous moron and whines like a stuck pig when he doesn’t get his way. He thinks that because he is Donald Trump, that everyone should bow to him. He’s no better than anyone else, but we, as common folk as he would call us, know more than he will ever know. His money can’t buy happiness, he is a miserable excuse for a human being. All of the non Trumps of the country are richer than the Donald because we don’t have to buy our friends. SHUT UP Trump! Or should I say Chump. Either way, Trump means Chump.

  30. Donald Trump,Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck ,you’ll enjoy life in Canada, Austrailia and where ever . Take your money and your attitude there . We have our President, so get over it. Anything with your endorsements are soon to be boycott. You couldn’t help the people in the Sandy Storm , but you can offer President Obama 5 million for a passport and college record . You are mad because he’s not for Sale ! You do the math! and add your lousy friends with it. Thank you Rose ‘O’ for telling that fool off years ago. A fool and his money will soon part. So take a hike, all of you.

  31. what I find interesting is all his tweets promoting revolution are gone!!! this person should be hauled up for treason!!!!!!!!!!

  32. What can you expect from Trump, alot of hot air, bullshit, and whining. He has money, but he can’t buy everything, at least not the Presidency. It just tears him apart, when he can’t have his way.

  33. Ditto to Barbara Walters who said Trump get off it You are making a fool of yourself. Fortunatedly you do not rule the world , and no right to judge so many others. Judge and you will be judged. The huge split in the country is in large part due to the radicals who refuse to comprimise for the cmmon good.

  34. Why do we even give this blowhard a national platform? He may have once been relevant (and that is debatable), but he has clearly gone over the edge. He epitomizes the worst in us, and should realize that the American people have clearly rejected his brand of vitriole, bullying, and dishonesty.

  35. What is so scary is that dispite election results and populaton math the Republican pundits deny that the President has received a mandate from the voting public. Too many are still living in “the bubble”.

  36. I personally think the world is laughing at YOU and your ridiculous statements! You not only are a VERY sore loser; but you are a perfectly horrible human being, who thinks money can buy everything! Lots of luck on judgement day. Lets see how all the money helps you then!

  37. Donald Trump Is Just A Racist Piece Of Trash. I Am Glad President Obama Got Re-Elected Because Donald Trump Might Have Been On The Hit List With Rommney And Ryan.

  38. trump all your money couldn’t buy or bribe the election, now shut the fuck up you idiot you are a shame and the racist number one

  39. It better be fast too, or it will be too late. It’s way past time for congress to start working together to save this country. It’s also way past time for Trump to wake up a smell the roses!!!

  40. My 4 yr old has never thrown a fit this bad. One would think, with all that money, he could show a bit more restraint and self respect. Donald Trump is not typical of what republicans are about, he is what could be when you are out of touch with the rest of us “little people”.

  41. I really respected you for how you have navigated through the real estate business and business in general and have enjoyed the Apprentice, but even that is becoming passe’. People watch the show and enjoy the celebraties and what THEY have brought to the show, but you can train a monkey to point and hold up a “YOU’RE FIRED” sign. But you have no class when it comes to politics. You act like a spoiled brat and have no business in the political arena. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you run for President and let the peoples’ vote show you what they think about you. It’s easier for you to throw a tantrum from the peanut gallery than being scrutinized from the stage. Even though I voted for Obama, I give Mitt a lot of credit in the classy way he gave his concession speech. Now shut up. The game is over.

    • Mitt, despite his ideology from a person who never learned to emphasize with people out of his world, is at least an American..

      • Read and LEARN idamag, if at all possible…

        “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

        – John Adams

  42. Speaking of what should be dumped…

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • Your posts are pure Silliness…

      “No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.”

      – Adam Smith

    • Well, you’re back! Uncharacteristically quiet for a day or two, weren’t you?
      Thanks for the break!
      Love your idiotic repitition of that trite and meaningless phrase after every gush of vomitus from your pen in a pathetic attempt to use it as a verbal weapon.

  43. As it says in Matthew: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” People like Donald Trump are taking our government down. They have the money to form opinions for people who do not study and read. His remarks show him to be unAmerican. My theory is that he, beck, limbaugh, hannity and others, like them, were so homely in school they were picked on and it made them angry.

  44. we do not want mitt romney sit down and give obama advice .he blames everyone else for his failers .if it gose wrong witch it will . he will tell the american people its not his fault its mitts just like the last four years all he ever did was blame president bush . D’ONT DO IT MITT JESSICA

  45. He won’t go away if we keep talking about him. On the other hand, how can we miss him if he won’t go away. Like every bully, he cannot be shut up by being argued with – he can only be shut up by being ignored. Main Stream Media, start ignoring the Donald. It’s going to be huge!

  46. AMEN to that!!!! Hahahahaha!!! Let’s hope these BOZOS get a clue now!!! I am PROUD of American people today for seeing thru the lies, the posturing and insanity the Republicans have thrown out there as “truth”!!

  47. trump is doubling down on his GOP rantings coupled with a ridiculous grudge he has with Obama since Obama skewered him at that dinner event. Each time Donald opens his mouth, you can remind yourselves of it by watching it again on youtube.

  48. Why wasn’t Mr Trump arrested by homeland security and interviewed by the FBI for calling for a revolution. Isn’t that treason and against the constitution.

  49. Trump is living proof of America’s most fraudulent claims….that LOTS OF MONEY CAN BE VALID SUBSTITUTE FOR COMMON SENSE AND LEADERSHIP…..

  50. I’m a 65 year old man who has seen many Administrations in my time, Republican and Democratic and the one thing that has always made this country great was when people, no matter who the President is or was, always got behind them and prayed that they would do the best job possible for our Country, because that always meant a better life for ALL of us. When did this “my way or no way” attitude creep into our society? If we Americans don’t get behind our elected officials and find a way to work together, it will be the demise of this Country. People like Donald Trump making comments as he did just shows us where this Country is headed and if we don’t start to back our President, no matter what party, you are going to see us sink farther and farther down a path to destruction! I pray the American People can start to get behind our elected officials and soon…

  51. there are still too many old crusty good ol days types around…but as Bill O’really let slip….we are no longer a “White” nation (As if we ever were). As I have been saying for sometime now we humans are only 3-5 generations from being a lovely coco color with slightly slanted eyes. Maybe by then we will have put racism and religion behind us and we will be ready to deal with real issues. Currently we are so distracted with the complete bullshit that we make up just to keep reallity away from our door. We invented religous differences…we invested in the belief that skin color makes a difference, and now it is time to move on past those limiting and as it turns out small minded issues.

  52. Another f*cking idiot who did well in real estate with help from a nice start inherited by daddy. Two things that he would do better being without : hair and ego. And the rest of us would do much better without his mouth.

  53. Trump, you are more divisive than your wide ass. Get with it old fool. You will only get mostly whites to your march ( in Wash DC ) so don’t you ever go after the viewing audience which now compose of the new americans – nonwhites , in case you still have your egotistic show ” Apprentice ” and other businesses of yours. There are millions whites that are not as racists as you. That GOP of yours the most ( Grand Obstructionist Party ) will under go extreeeme make-over. Teapot bangers will kick moron’s ass like yous out of theirs. GToo bad for surrogates like that Rubio from Florida will not succeed giventhe political map no longer in the middle america. .

  54. Donald and dick took a hike
    They figured to steal an election or at least a bike
    they ran into trouble
    when they peeked out of the bubble
    as their intellect had long been on strike.

  55. Romney did more to damage forign policy than any candidate in history. He was and remains a disaster that we have to get over, just like Sandy, we will be cleaning up his metaphysical mess for quite some time overseas. It really makes the rest of the world nervous when we put our redneck underbelly on display. Can you imagine how other countries feel knowing we are only one election away from a mittwitt in office? We need to start being leaders if we want to be treated like leaders.

  56. I certainly hope NBC cancels Trump’s show. The guy is a disgrace, may have a fat wallet, but is a very small person.

  57. Donald Trump!
    You are angry because you was counting your blessing and beneditsS! In my opinion you
    are greedy, have a big mouth! Ha ha building more luxurious hotels won’t be that easy!
    Honestly! I think you are a total idiot! I look down at you….for me you are one more cancer
    among the millionaires. You know what? Go build buildings at Somalia, Haiti. etc.
    You need to eat sheet to appreciate and respect people. Madeleine

  58. Dump the Donald! He is completely out of touch with reality and completely irrelevant to today’s political environment. Donald, your fired!

  59. this man is worse than a mother’s nighmare…hes just trying to gain attention for his show airing next year…but i dont watch it…its a waste of time and the sicko at the head of the show is treally a true waste of human life…hey Donad do what the suiciders do best…you know…take a loaded gun and put it up aside your head and pull the trigger…or simply hang yourself….didnt you always say you wanted to go out in a blaze of glory….well…….heres your chance…and if you decide against doing the 2 above scenes…please…please for yourself and for the country…spend some of that money you have and get an education with it…you are one dumb ass new yorker…so get a real life and get off tv…!

  60. They are saying “Well that’s it the country is now made up of lazy bastards that vote for the guy who gives you free stuff.”

    They still don’t think their wrong about anything.

    I say let them stay right where they are …we will take back the house easily in two years of they don’t wake up and then we can just grind their tired asses under the heel of progress. Civil rights and common sense progressive policy will march past their corpse and some will toss flowers (probably the new agers) some will stop to piss on them (probably the minorities they have looked down their nose at for years) some will stop and lecture them on where they went wrong and tell them there is still time to shape up (probably the women who are still going to be nurturing and forgiving despite all the thinly masked disgust the GOP has shown them over the years) But …and this is key… the march will continue to pass them by until they become completely irrevelant. A footnote in the annuls of evolution.

  61. And the rest of the world isn’t laughing at us either… they’re laughing at Trump! International polls indicated the world [minus Pakistan not if favor of either candidate and surprisingly Israel favoring Romney 3 to 1] would have voted +80% for Obama if they had a chance.

  62. Trump is a joke. The only reason any woman would want him is for his money. The Apprentice is also a joke. The only “stars” he can get on his show are D list has beens trying to resurrect their careers. Top stars avoid him like the plague. As for being a successful businessman he has declared bankruptcy four times and walked away leaving taxpayers and others holding the bag. As his good friend Barbara Walters said, “Donald, stop it. You’re making a fool of yourself.”

  63. You said it, Cap’n! If you don’t like the weather, move, as in, start a movement. Over and over this mobilized citizenry falls back to sleep as soon as the winner is declared- not this time!

  64. Trump is an idiot…period! I for one can continue with my day to day life, enjoy my family, love my country and live in freedom without another word from that poor excuse of a man. Money and power have not improved his character, and in fact seem to have eroded him further. People with his power and influence are in position to do a greater good than most of us and this gentleman has chosen a different path.

  65. The stupidity of that idiot is bigger and bigger as minutes passing! He makes me sometimes ashamed to be American. The World laughts at him and Us alowing him to say things Hitler would be ashamed to say.

  66. @realDonaldTrump boasted father down on his feed that he was off to see Romney family that night after election speeches. maybe he cheered them up with his nstiness, but think really neither needed it. guy is delusional at best

  67. IF THIS COULD BE PASSED ALONG TO HIM….He needs to just go and contn to do what he does best and spend some more money to help the economy along; as Barbara W advised him you are; and have been for a while now looking like not just a fool but and “old” fool….do you ever notice Warren Buffet……he only speaks or comments when he’s asked something……

  68. Since the comments are already getting a bit off-topic, I’m going to follow suit.

    It is my opinion that if a legislator, who was elected and took an oath to “Do the people’s work” signs an agreement or promise that runs counter to that oath, there should be a mechanism to remove that person from office. 90+% of the Republicans in the Houses of Congress have signed Grover Norquist’s “pledge”. That pledge could allow us to go over the financial cliff. That is NOT doing the people’s work!

    • One has to wonder about who Grover Norquist really is. He has an amazing list of accomplishments in the private sector but he was also a key player in Iran Contra. He has never held a national political office but he is a major activist and lobbyist with an awful lot power. I would be interested in knowing why he has so much control over an entire political party. The man should be in prison for his role in the Iran Contra scandal but just like the rest of the slime involved he escaped prosecution in the mock trial. He may very well be the one that America really needs to be concerned about.

    • Atolsma, And what kind of legislators do you think we have, when they have to be programmed to think the same way. Don’t vote your conscience, vote your party and your party is more important than the United States.

  69. First of all I’d like to say Thanks to everyone that backed our wonderful President… I’d been off Memo for a bit volunteering for the Obama campaign and was anxious to return to read post from friends I’d enjoyed before my Hiatus…. Scrolling down enjoying the read then, Lo n Behold , there was a post that made me a little nauseous so I will direct the rest of this post to him.
    OBoozoMustGo! We’re all aware you were one of the idiots backing the Romnesia clan. We all know how that worked out for ya… What I don’t understand is why with there being over 70 American borned Philosophers would you choose to recite from a French born Philosopher… One would think you’d pick someone nearer to this era & American born verses someone born in Paris France 212 yrs ago…. I’d rather hear from an American anyway on what concerns or is best for “Our America”…. Seems as tho like Romnesia you’ve out sourced for philosophy much as The Romnesia Clan do our American jobs! Just curious as to what makes that feeble little brain of yours tic..tic..tic..?
    Have a Blessed Day. God Bless America n remember Obama /Biden for 4 more years Amen!!!!!!!!!

  70. Donald Trump the country is not split.. you can anyone in their right (itergrated) mind think that the decision (and votes) by soooo many people are wrong

  71. The only reason for the world to laugh at us is the presence of people like Donald Trump, Todd Akin, Michelle Bachman, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the other loonies who slither around in the ultra conservative wing of the Republican party.

  72. Thank God that common sense prevailed and Obama was reelected. Remember way back when Donald Trump said that he was running for president?? That really indicated that he is a crazy. Who on earth would ever back him? We all know what a bag of wind he is…he just loves the limelight and the attention. Hopefully now he will go back to his cage and behave himself.

  73. Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush. There seems to be a pattern here. All three were born into wealth and all three railed against entitlements.

  74. Trump’s father , a major Queens developer would roll over in his grave if he could see the type of son he produced – childish tantrums, egotistical, a boor, braggard and buffoon, shoots from the hip, I could go on but space is short.



    • I tried to reply to you earlier and it wound up somewhere else, I’ll try again.

      You are right Jay that has to just really p*ss him off, a homeless guy of all things, vote counts as much as the don.

  76. The revolution comment is sedition and couldn’t he be prosecuted for such a threat? He deserves to be vilified and NBC should drop his program. However, NBC plans to renew his program. We should all write to NBC.

  77. Donald, instead of having tantrums, why don’t you stop complaining and join President Obama in resolving and finding resolutions to the problems. Wouldn’t you think that would be more productive. Just my opinion.

  78. I assume Donald Trump thinks because he has money he can rule America. I think Brian Williams does a great job in the news and on Rock center. In fact I can go as far as to say that he is one of the best newscasters and I am not alone. I may not be a rich person but I have an extreme amount of morals. These are something Trump does not have any of apparently. He shows this by throwing a hissy fit because his candidate did not get elected. Mr. trump “GROW UP” This is just an example of a man with nothing better to do than act like an idiot. I say SHUT UP TRUMP! We do not really care what you think. Get a life and a hairdo buddy cuz they both stink.

    • He’s and ass and you know it, he’s no better than that other fat mouthed liar Rush.

      You are right they think we are peasants, they and most likely you can’t believe that a homeless guy or someone on welfare, that their vote counts as much as your’s or his. I guess the little guy has spoken, Huh?

  79. Have you seen Trump on CNN or any other network with his check to the Sandy recovery???
    Guess I missed that one also. Get a life Trump.

  80. Well I had recently by chance got stuck in the same elevator with Mr Trump and that darn thing on his head growled at me…But all kidding aside,Does anyone really take this crazy fool serious?I can’t for the life of me understand why Romney was happy with a public endorsment. This man is an embarrassment to the GOP also to any American. Ship him to China!

  81. Trump arrogant is a clear indication of a man lost in direction. Unfortunately, he is poised to sink sooner or later to th bottom of the pit. Shame on you Mr. Trump!

    Trump the Trump.

  82. Donald Trump has mental issues….he needs to consult his doctors……..Guess he’s taken weed……It will take your Republican Party 24 years to get the White House…keep my words

  83. Donald Trump has mental issues…he needs to consult his doctors…Guess he’s taking weed…..It will take your Republican Party 24 years to get back the White House…Keep my words

  84. The media and the rest of America should do what most parents have found successful with a tantrumming toddler: ignore Trump’s tirades and while they might initially escalate as an attention seeking mechanism, they will eventually go away. The Amish also had a word for it: shunning.

  85. time for a new tupae Don you and your attacks on our president are finished just live with the fact OBAMA IS THE MAN! YOUR MONEY REALLY AINT NO GOOD IN AMERICA DONT BE MAD THAT YOU AND YOUR BUDDIES COULDNT BUY THIS ELECTION HA HA!

  86. The amazing thing is that Mr Trump is that he doesn’t realise the votes he is costing the Republicans. Add in Rush, Glen Beck, Hannity, Coulter and the rest there are many who don’t want to be associated the far right loonies. I recently came from Australia for my 35th college reunion. I went to a planning meeting with about 12 others and one old friend introduced himself as the ‘token democrat’ of the group – so assume they were all Republicans. Didn’t hear ONE of them say anything like what you can hear on FOX. If fact, when I mentioned FOX they were all quick to tell me that FOX certainly didn’t represent real Americans. They were actually embarrassed by FOX.

    One old friend explained to me that both parties have extreme groups. The far left Democrats are merely misguided. The far right Republicans are crazy and frightening. (This from a Goldwater voter who has NEVER voted anything but a solid Republican ticket).

  87. -_- but we are a Democracy… Just cause Trump owns half of Alantic city CASINO doesn’t mean that he can lead on us arrogant rich prick??? the real estate business and casino business r not rise our Economy… so look at ammendment and stop rasism!!! think of lower and higher middle class people.. in the america we r not all of rich people, all Americans people r not trump !!!!! so except that obama’s win and enjoy!!!! we all people are not dump it means which people did the vote for obama. we understand may be better than DONALD TRUMP…

  88. Trump has lost it big time, he even had the nerve to tell Pattison to dump his girlfriend, he is a fine one to be giving marital advice, much less commenting on President’s Obama win. Like Obama said, he is just mad because he wouldn’t play with him in Kenya. Take that Donald!

  89. Rich Donald Trump
    Sat on his rump
    Watching the elections that night
    When Obama did win
    What a mess Trump was in
    Since then he’s done nothing but fight!!!

  90. Rich Donald Trump
    Sat on his rump
    criticizing Obama all night
    When Obama did win
    What a mess Trump was in

    And now all he does is backbite!

  91. And again another American tells you ‘Donald, you’re making a fool of yourself’.

    Jeeze this guy is an idiot. He and Orly Taitz make a perfect pair.

  92. ey,Donald why you move to The Lost Continent,your comment is a lost of trash,people like you divide this country or you not Remember from where you came from Adolph Hitler is your Grand Father.

  93. I agree with Elizabeth Ledbetter!! You just have to feel sorry for the people who, through their work, have to associate with him everyday.

  94. I use to like Donald in the appren, But that dude is a foul mouth idiot with no self control. Donald i would like to see your college records. Everyone i know that went to collage has way more self control then you. You talk like a high school kid.

  95. Trump definition: ignorent, ridicules, stupid, infantile, borish, ineffective, mentally insufficient, deranged, lacking common sense, and the more you listen to him his totally devoid of any intellect. But I refusae to say anything bad about him. I guess his wig is to tight on his head and cuts offb . Nobody could be that stupid.lood flow

  96. Donald Trump is a man totally obsessed with the President and frankly the Secret Service should keep an eye on him. He’s losing his grip on reality and the ledge is a real possibility. The really sad part of all of this is that he truly doesn’t see what a baffoon he’s acting like. Just goes to show you, money isn’t everything.

    • Do not fear the ledge, Donald. Embrace it and do us all a favor.

      As for the live marmot you wear on your scalp, have the decency to take it off, before you take the plunge.

  97. The Donald is the biggest IDIOT I have ever heard of, he thought if Romney won HE would be in his back pocket, he thinks just because he has money, which he would not devulge so did NOT run for President (who would vote for him?) he can command anything he wants and is entitled to do so. BULL S–T

  98. Hopefully Donald Trump will stop his sour grapes routine. America frankly is tired of the Trump! Retreat cause theres nothing you can do about America’s preference for Obama.

    • Isn’t the internet great. It allows morons like yourself to say shit that would, in real life
      get your head cracked open.

      Hopefully you’ll suffer the same fate fvcking cvnt

      Please turn to the loaded gun in your drawer, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger,
      blowing your brains out. You’ll be doing the whole world a favor. shthead

      I would love to smash your face in until it no longer resembled anything human, fggot

      Can you please remove yourself from the gene pool? Preferably in the most painful and agonizing way possible? Retard

      Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a
      garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a
      pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach
      sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped
      out of their sockets. fvcking btch

      I would love to kick you hard in the face, breaking it. Then I’d cut
      your stomach open with a chainsaw, exposing your intestines. Then I’d
      cut your windpipe in two with a boxcutter.
      Hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you. fvcking btch

      I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It’d be hilarious to see you
      begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,
      leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain. fggot

      STFU, before you get your face bashed in and cut
      to ribbons, and your throat slit.

    • You fata**ed burger munching yank idiot. I would love to carve your overweight belly and watch your intestines spill out onto the ground. And watch you die in agonizing, excruciating pain.

      Stupid yank t*at. I laughed my arse off when I saw your precious twin towers get attacked. It was hilarious to see your lard-a**ed c**trymen fall to their deaths, and splatter onto the concrete below. I was PMSL when the towers finally came down, glad that you f**kwits finally got what was coming.

      I’d gladly smash your head in with a nice baseball bat, until your cranium shatters, and your brains turn to pulp. Or better yet, I’d happily rip your stomach open with a chainsaw, and let your entrails fall out, and watch you die screaming in agony.

    • Isn’t the internet great. It allows morons like yourself to say shit that would, in real life
      get your head cracked open.

      Hopefully you’ll suffer the same fate fvcking cvnt

      Please turn to the loaded gun in your drawer, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger,
      blowing your brains out. You’ll be doing the whole world a favor. shthead

      I would love to smash your face in until it no longer resembled anything human, fggot

      Can you please remove yourself from the gene pool? Preferably in the most painful and agonizing way possible? Retard

      Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a
      garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a
      pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach
      sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped
      out of their sockets. fvcking btch

      I would love to kick you hard in the face, breaking it. Then I’d cut
      your stomach open with a chainsaw, exposing your intestines. Then I’d
      cut your windpipe in two with a boxcutter.
      Hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you. fvcking btch

      I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It’d be hilarious to see you
      begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,
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      STFU, before you get your face bashed in and cut
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      You’re dead if I ever meet you in real life, fvcker. I’ll fvcking
      kill you.

      I would love to fvcking send your fvcking useless ass to the
      hospital in intensive care, fighting for your worthless life.

    • Shut the f vck up ameriscum. Too bad you couldn’t have been killed on 9/11. I was busy drinking champagne and cheering as your idiot cvntrymen were dying by the thousands. I hope the terrorists attack you lot again, and turn your whole toilet of a c vntry into a blast crater.

  99. we use to think DJTrump was a smart man..we enjoyede his show “The Apprentise.” we like
    shows you have to work for to win. Now, I don’t know how many winners are still working for
    DJ Trump..I wish them well. But, Mr. Trump, Barbara Walters told you the truth when she said “stop it, Donald, you’re making a fool of yourself, so quit it.” She says you’re a good friend, so if I were you, I’d heed her advise. Joni

  100. Heed Barbara Walters advise Mr Trump. know when the best man for America has won. And if the Republicans in Congress will help him, he’ll pass some terrific bills that will be a
    great thing for the American people…& also for the Congress who helped him.

  101. To Donnie Stump (Dumb as a stump: Give a Man Luck ans Sh## will do for brains. He has to
    be lucky, he damn sure isn’t smart!!!) Instead of spending money on trying to influence the,
    finally honest, election. He should invest in the “Mens Hair Club” It would have been money
    well spent.
    a famous quote Donnie: “It is better to be thought a fool, than to open Your mouth and remove
    all doubt”.
    I’ll bet $5 Million that Will Rogers never met Donnie Stump!!!!

  102. To Donnie Stump (Dumb as a stump: Give a Man Luck ans Sh## will do for brains. He has to
    be lucky, he damn sure isn’t smart!!!) Instead of spending money on trying to influence the,
    finally honest, election. He should invest in the “Mens Hair Club” It would have been money
    well spent.
    a famous quote Donnie: “It is better to be thought a fool, than to open Your mouth and remove
    all doubt”.
    I’ll bet $5 Million that Will Rogers never met Donnie Stump!!!!

  103. President Obama congratulations; congratulations to America. We are growing and we will get better and better. We must seek the future; invent , grow, mature. We need to rebuild our country; make peace; and become the good example to the world that I know we can be. Love thy neighbor; love life and do not be afraid to be good and just and giving. Be strong for yourself and your country.

  104. The Donald’s comment of us not being a “”democracy is because his good ol rich boys lost! big time.

    If the other had won, we would have been a democracy, what a farce! He doesn’t know that God intervened on President’s Obama’s behalf.
    Get over it! 4 more years!!!!

  105. Does ANYONE really care what @realDonaldTrump has to say? I mean really? Is this one of the richest men afraid he may have to pay some more taxes or what? Come on Donald…we truely do not care what your feelings are…I think you are still upset about the jokes that get thrown your way. It’s tantrums like this that make so many of us dislike you so much. I guess with money does not come maturity…If there’s any laughing being done towards the USA it’s your hair…HAGD !!!!!

  106. Firt of all; who gives a damn what “Ronald McDonald” Trump monkey ass thinks?! He spent all that money trying to pry into Obama’s personal life and yet he came up dry! He feels just as stupid as he looks with that toupee on top of his head! He needs to go somewhere and shut the devil up before someone snatches that toupee off his head! All that money he is worthand he can’t get a hair transplant! Whata a shame! His dumb ass is upset because all the money they spent onthis election trying to make Obama look ba backfired on them! HPHLMAO!

    Secondly, he needs to stay the devil out of politics and stick to the real estate, hotels, and casinos!In addition; he neds to keep his nose out o this crap before the public starts another boycott by not visiting his casinos and hotels!

    Third, To saum it all up! Nahn Nahnie Nahn Nahn! Wah Wah Wah! The big mean black guy won re election and the Republican party wasted over 300 million dollars in this election! This goes to show you THE LORD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY! One can’t do wrong onto another and expect right to return to them! Ronald McDOnald Trump: buy a river, build a bridge, be a man about it, and get the hell over it!

  107. The whole world is laughing at us? Get your hear out of your butt Donnie boy and hear the great sigh of relief coming from the one people you are not bigoted against, Europeans!

  108. I think it’s time to shut up this ignorant, bankrupt individual. Just don’t show any of his ediotic statements on TV anymore. He’ll soon find out he is as irrelevent as Rove, Kock brothers, Ricketts family and a whole host of bigtime losers.

  109. Donald Trump made his real money by wangling tax breaks from NYC and going bankrupt and paying contractors 50 cents on the dollar.Typical rich miscreant. Screwing workers for profit. He is what is wrong with this country. Just because you made money dosen’t give you any more rights that anyone else. The majority voted Donaldand the 1st vote cast is that you are a Schmuck!

  110. Trump is a cartoon character, a bufoon, who shopuld be ignored. His thoughts are crazy, his hair is really bad, and his lips are puffed out from kissing FOX News asses. Trump is the BOZO the Clone of this generation. BYE.

  111. Temper tantrums are for two-year-olds. The Donald is showing us the point at which his psychological development terminated.

  112. Donald Trump was a total failure until he became a television clown. Why anyone would seriously consider this jerks opinions is beyond my understanding. I’d rather take advice from Daffy Duck.

  113. dear trump: you and the 2 or 3 other people who think the election was a travesty and a sham can go march on D.C. I’ll be right behind you P. S All those 47% bums probably gamble in you casinos trying to parlay there welfare checks, i guess that means you too are living off of Uncle sam hand outs

  114. How can anyone take seriously a man with such an outrageous comb-over? So he made a load of money as a snake oil salesman. Guess what, he cannot take it with him and he is getting very old

  115. As one of the 47%, I am really surprised that Trump came across this way during an election. He must have placed quite a bit of money into the pot. That could have gone to helping the people of Katrina and now the people of New Jersey. why are all those guys so hateful? They want everyone to think they are educated and cool, but this President seems to bring out the worst (or the REAL) in people. At least we know where they stand – just cannot turn his back to them. All I got to say to Trump is present his birth certificate and prove he is an American who fought for this country. Most of the 47% either did so or have loved ones who did so, including our President Barack Obama.-

  116. Any time a ? grown man has a temper tantrum like a small child because he doesn’t get his way,needs to be treated like a child. So Donald go sit on the Naughty Chair and no dessert!

  117. One of many things Romney didn’t understand is that it immediately became open season on the issue of his character once he made a public spectacle of seeking the endorsement of a pathetic racist like Trump . Way past irrelevance is putting it mildly
    in describing Trump’s lack of meaning to today’s political discourse. Ironically, thank
    you Trump for furthering making Romney join your ilk in looking like a clueless fool.
    Now, the next step should be getting Tramp, err Trump , off the air. It’s time to boycott
    every advertiser of Trump’s useless, imbecilic show. NBC, the network of Sat Night Live
    and the best 6:30 pm newscast ( thanks mainly to Brian Williams ) should demonstrate
    it actually possesses some altruistic motivations and not just pandering to the almighty
    dollar should unceremoniously cancel Trump’s show. If that were to happen i predict
    he’s resurface quickly on, you guessed it, Fox Noise !

  118. When you can’t reach them you say Grapes are sour. So is the life of our dear mr.trump.Someone advise Mr.trump to instead utilise his enwergy and assist in Nation Building projects and cut the crap he so boringly metes out.Give the $5million Dollars to New Jersey so that Governor Christie could help the people of New Jersey in rehablitating the people in the area.

  119. Does any one in the world really pay any attention to the Donald except those that suck up to him for some reason or another?

  120. I will say this, that for him to think and try to get others to believe like him proclaim how ignorant he is. If he was born on the moon he would still be an U.S citizen because his Mother is an American, but its hard to believe that he was not told .

  121. STOP THE B.S. ,

  122. Trump! Don’t be a sore loser! And please loose that top… the glue may be affecting your brain. If you had any smidge of decency, you would donate the so-called $5 million bet to a poor neighborhood or any charity that does not kill animals like the one on your head. Do us all a favor and fire your ass!

  123. Trump you should be bright enough to know anger does not accomplish anything I am Republican and I voted for Obama.
    I am also a USA Navy vet! I fought for my country and you too!
    Working together is so much more satisfying.
    As a proud US citizen I would love to stamp out hatred and start with you.

  124. Calling for revolution Donald? That is why Brian Williams called you on it, you idiot. And you know, be glad he did, because as Jon Stewart so handily pointed out, when there is a revolution, it is the rich that lose the most. Be happy that you have what you have, and shut up.

  125. Donald Trump should be ‘cuffed’ and hauled out of the Tower and arrested. If not, he should pick another country and move there to live and vote. He has ‘trashed’ the country and his family name for his kids. Trump’s money has affected his mouth and brain and he has become a ‘sick man ‘ ready for ‘REHAB somewhere in Jersey. Christie can visit him there and make more news for people who are tired of rich politicians who do not have the country at heart and just want to make money for themselves. BOOK M’ DANNO !

  126. If no one paid any attention to Trump ever, not on TV, not on beauty contests, not on his personal life, not on any delusional statements he makes…he would dry up and go away.

  127. The Country would be place if people like you Donald would leave and go some where else,i am a three time Combat Vet and i do not like your Attitude,i love my Country it would be a better place if people like you would leave..

  128. All the lies in the United States could win the election for Mitt, now stop Donald stop sniffling and get a Kleenex, blow your nose and work with the President and not trying to start another War amongst the people in this country. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but when you don’t have to work hard for your money you can’t see the forest for the trees, there is a path, I just pray that you find it before it is too everlasting too late. Didn’t you know that the Lord above is not going to give, nor allow anyone to get what they want by lying against someone else.

  129. I can’t understand trump dose’s he think he’s God if so walk the water show us. do something to that carpet on the top of your head invest in a hair line. donald trump call YOU people HATERS

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