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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

If you’re a Democrat, here’s what you’re thinking as voters go to the polls in Florida’s Republican primary:

Pinch me.

  • Bright Quang

    If we, the American people, should vote for President Obama, because he is the best president than the Republican candidates. The personal President Obama is great than the Republican candidates. For example, he has always been considering for the middle class in the United States, but the Republican candidates always protect for the rich Americans when they are one percentage, the poor and middle class of the Americans are ninety-nine percentages.
    If, Republican candidates will be won for president, our nation could take place the chaos and the world war will be…

  • fordneri

    If we were new in town and needed a legitimate escort for the evening and walked into Republican Escort Services. We would either burst into uncontrollable laughter because the quality was so low and be thrown out or we would call the health department because the escorts were skanky and morally repulsive. The GOP thinks it’s loyal base is hanging on these candidates every word when in reality we are running for the door like our hair is on fire.

  • flipntweets

    Strange couple fighting a “strange war of recognition in Florida today!” One is a possibe “Lunar-Mooner” while the other one is a “Weak-Liar” Go pick one Florida!

  • freethinker

    Oh, you of short memory. You have forgotten you were salivating running against a crazy cowboy actor. How did that work out? Romney, unfortunately, has screwed up. His massive ‘big lie’ negative campaign against Gingrich. It branded him as the same kind of liar as Obama. It is hard to conjure up respect for a liar, regardless of party. By the way, Mr. Hiaasen, there is not much respect for name callers either. It brands you as devoid of the ability to articulate.

  • scareygary

    Freethinker, I’m having trouble remembering those “lies” you ascribe to Obama. I know he’s not been able to exactly accomplish everything he’s promised to work on, but he’s been dealing with more obstruction from the GOP than any president in my memory. I think he’s been weak in compromising with the GOP leaders when he shouldn’t, but LYING? Remind me….Just a couple would do…. Personally, I LIKE his vision of a more equal America than the disparity and malaise we’ve got with a failed “trickle down” economic plan. I think that little theory is the biggest failure of the last century! No way I see any of the GOP contenders as being a reasonable option….

  • jimmyags

    Which has the most charisma? Mitt,Al Gore or a cardboard cut out of the two?

  • jimmyags

    You bet I am pulling for newt. I really didn’t think anyone could be more pathetic as a candidate than Palin(wink wink you betcha) was but Newt trying to argue a GOP platform for president would be priceless.
    1. “family values” this one is too easy to comment on
    2. responsible spending in govt. I didn’t know we had so much extra money that we could afford moon bases.
    3. national defense- who got bin laden? ghaddaffi is gone, we are out of iraq and pulling down in afghanistan.
    4 tax policy- when people are working 40 hours a week and still losing ground, I can’t wait to see him argue that the top 1% and corporations are the ones who are needing a break.

  • adp3d

    Hey Carl,
    For the record, Mormans are “removed from the planet” when they die…