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Friday, June 23, 2017

Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has declared the Internal Revenue Service scandal “solved” after revealing that a self-described “conservative Republican” IRS manager made the decision to target Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status without any input from the White House.

On Sunday, Congressman Cummings released a letter to House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), containing excerpts of the interview with the unnamed IRS manager. While Cummings acknowledges that “This memo is not comprehensive,” he writes that “it includes many critical facts you have not made public.”

Among many other excerpts from the interview, Cummings’ letter shows that the witness testified that he was not “aware of any political motivations behind the screening, centralizing, and development of Tea Party cases,” and that he did not have “any reason to believe that anyone in the White House was involved in the decision to screen Tea Party cases.”

During a Sunday morning interview, Cummings told CNN’s Candy Crowley that the excerpts should draw Issa’s investigation to a close, and urged the chairman to release the full transcripts of the interview.

“He is a conservative Republican working for the IRS. I think this interview and these statements go a long way to what’s showing that the White House was not involved in this,” Cummings said.

“Based upon everything I’ve seen, the case is solved,” Cummings continued. “And if it were me, I would wrap this case up and move on, to be frank with you.”

Representative Issa released a statement Sunday blasting Cummings’ call to close the investigation.

“The American public wants to know why targeting occurred and who was involved,” Issa said. “The testimony excerpts Ranking Member Cummings revealed today did not provide anything enlightening or contradict other witness accounts. The only thing Ranking Member Cummings left clear in his comments today is that if it were up to him the investigation would be closed.”

Cummings’ letter also took personal aim at Issa, who has repeatedly accused the Obama administration of ordering the IRS to target the president’s political enemies, but failed to offer any evidence proving the explosive charge. Several Republicans have worried that the GOP would suffer a backlash if it became overzealous in its investigations into the Obama “scandals.” With his letter, Cummings seems to be trying to provoke such a response.

Citing Issa’s unsubstantiated allegations regarding the White House’s involvement in Operation Fast and Furious and the supposed cover-up following the Benghazi attack, Cummings slammed the California congressman’s hyper-partisan approach to governance.

“Your actions over the past three years do not reflect a responsible, bipartisan approach to investigations, and the Committee’s credibility has been damaged as a result,” Cummings writes. “Your approach in all of these cases has been to accuse first, and then go in search of evidence to back up your claims.”

The Maryland congressman’s view is reportedly shared by several members of Issa’s own party. After Issa referred to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney as a “paid liar,” Politco reported that several top Republicans began urging him to tone down his attacks.

“He has made this personal,” a senior Republican told Politico. “He’s added an unnecessary element to the news cycle.”

Still, don’t expect Issa to moderate himself. This week, Issa is reviewing more documents in his seemingly never-ending examination of the administration’s talking points following the Benghazi attack.

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138 Responses to Elijah Cummings Slams Darrell Issa, Declares IRS Case ‘Solved’

  1. Does Issa have credibility with anyone? Somebody turned a lobotomized attack dog loose and told him to kill. That’s all he knows. What a reprehensible creature he is. A criminal determined to find criminality in others that doesn’t exist. It’s over, Mr. Issa. Go home. We’re tired of you.

    • You’re correct, MVH1. You know, Richard Nixon was an attack dog for the Republicunts. He was particularly vicious, but unlike Issa, he was extremely intelligent, like a psycho-path. Nixon literally mauled Joseph McCarthy and savaged McCarthy’s career. It earned for him the VP spot in 1953 and the presidency in 1969. But, Nixon’s innate viciousness re-surfaced and ruined him.

      • Honestly, I’ve heard from people who also don’t like Issa that he is intelligent and I would say that is borne out by his being able to slip out of being jailed because he was clever enough. And you are right about everything else.

        • Many psycho-paths are intelligent in their weird way, like the Manson types, some with genius capacity, like Hitler and Napoleon. It’s like criminal-megalomania. However, history informs us of their fates. Issa will fall hard just like the rest, but I hope not at anyone else’s expense or civil rights.

          • Can’t argue with any of that. Just being smart doesn’t mean Karma isn’t going to catch you either. I look forward to the flame-out of this particular guy.

      • You know,that has got to be an undetected case of schitzoid behavior.Otherwise how did he reconcile all that nastiness with the fact that he was a Quacker?

  2. It might be over but I want the transcripts released in full to show what the issa arsonist and his bagger buddies witch hunt looks like. behind closed doors…! There is no HONOR among the repub baggers thieves and liars.

          • LOL. Since she is the bad in a Grimm’s fairy tale, we might as well make up the rest of the story and make it fun.

          • Yeah,humor is a good defense in the face of———–whatever ya call it.I think I may have to save some for tomorrow.Never know when a stinky troll will show up.

          • Agreed,I have just finished my supper of anti-willful stupidity nutrients to which I will add some coffee in the A.M..Considering that we are dealing with someone who really might be compromised,I guess I better think twice before I blow back her hair like I did with that guy yesterday.I will see you on the page tomorrow.

        • I almost didn’t recognize her post. She didn’t accuse the rest of us of being anti-American and her childish attempts at deleting her own expletives.

          • That would be Moaning Mertyl.Ever so much more entertaining than the dolt we are dissing today tra la tra la.

          • Moaning Mertyl flew in and out of the toilets, right? I think I was thinking of Luna, who was wacky, but endearing. Definitely not Lana.

          • Yup,you nailed it LBG.I had to do a bit of research before I posted that.Lo and behold,wikipedia comes through again with a complete list of Potter characters.I had seen a couple of the Potter flicks that feature Mertyl but I was not Potter savvy enough to know the characters’ name or even the name of the movies.
            Lana- – – nuff said.

          • Did you know Obama is building a massive apparatus to destroy privacy worldwide?? Told you he is a spying dictator. And John Roberts was blackmailed into changing his vote on Ocare. After all he is a Republican–more to come

      • anal, Cummings knows this won’t be over because the Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags can’t let it go. They have latched onto a python that has wrapped itself around their body. If they let it go, they’ll get bitten and swallowed. If they continue to wrestle with it, they could stand a chance of getting out of its constriction or be smothered and swallowed by it anyway. They’ve painted themselves in a corner. It’s like you, a smelly cat lady with 33 cats, lonely and horny in a house that reeks of cat urine and territorial markings. It would repel even the likes of Ariel Castro! But, you’ve brought that fate on yourself. There’s a way out but you refuse to see it because you blame others. Man, that’s a hellacious situation to be in.

        • OHitler is behind the targeting. And it’s not just the IRS. His DOJ, DHS, EPA, HHS and others who targeted conservatives. Dems are the party of shysters, criminals, terrorists, traitors. They hate God, they hate America. They have always had to cheat to win. This time it will bite them, finally. Since you are always nasty, fu** yourself before you post, maybe you can be half decent

          • As usual, anal, you’re so wrong in so many ways. Why don’t you take your own advise before you post, it’ll mellow out many of the medications you take. Or maybe if you get rid of all the damned cats, clean your funky assed house out, and wash out your nasty ass, some poor, hopeless wretch might come along and fill up that yawning, gaping hole in your heart.

          • I am not wrong, your queer, traitor leader is losing support. People are finding out just what he is, a spying dictator

          • Obama is queer now too?

            I can only imagine the fiery grin on Satan’s face when you first arrive in Hell. Found those asbestos bloomers yet? Try Amazon, and hurry!

          • Okau. That’s it! Somebody call a cab so lana can take her drunken ass home! Thfor her tonight!

          • Obama is building a massive apparatus to destroy privacy worldwide. Told you he is a spying dictator. John Roberts was blackmailed into changing his vote on Ocare, he is a Republican after all

          • Obama is building a massive apparatus to destroy privacy worldwide. Told you he is a spying dictator

          • I knew it wouldn’t be long. One thing I can say, anal, you never disappoint us. Great going, kid!

          • No, lana. there’s no new scandals today, lana. I’m sure you’ll come up with one really soon.

        • How long did dems dig and dig on Watergate??? 2 years—this is way worse than Watergate so keep waiting for more to surface

        • Obama is building a massive apparatus to destroy privacy worldwide. Told you he is a spying dictator. John Roberts was blackmailed into changing his vote on Ocare. After all he is a Republican

  3. My contention has been all long on this IRS, scandal, if it even qualifies as one.
    Did not come from Obama, or his election campaign staff. The reason I say this
    is, it was dumb. And, the campaign staff of Obama has been anything but dumb.
    In fact they rewrote the book on how a campaign is run, from beginning to end.
    And, candidate Obama, has proven himself to be one of the most successful, campaigners, in the league of a Kennedy, Reagan, or Clinton. None of which,
    got to the Presidency, by being dumb when it came to running for office.
    And this was, whoever did it, however one looks at it, incredibly dumb.

    • I agree with everything you said except claiming Ronnie raygun did anything smart. He was a grade B actor and a grade F President. He lied to Congress- broke laws selling guns to terrorists and then claimed the government was to blame for all our problems. No wonder God took his brain.

      • In fact, there is a real possibility that he BECAME President in part by promising IN ADVANCE to sell guns to Iran in exchange for sabotaging the hostage release talks in which President Carter was beginning to make progress. Reagan/Bush and their CIA buddies forced our hostages to stay captive for possibly months longer than necessary in order to get in power. Of course, once they WERE in power, they hid all the evidence that they were the REASON Carter was “ineffective” on this issue. The new sheriff NEVER investigates the crimes he committed before pinning on the star. One day it will come out, just like the Reichstag fire (for WWII buffs) or the unwitting patricide and incest of the King of Thebes (for Aeschylus buffs).

        • There has been some credence brought to that theory, Allan. However, it was Nixon that promised the Viet Cong a quick end to the War if he was elected…and the War went on another 5 years..Same party and same ethics or lack there of!

      • I would go so far as to say that Reagan was a dirtbag, which is why Repugnicans still love him and extol his virtues to this day (despite the fact that they wouldn’t vote for him in 2016 if he was running for Dog Catcher).

  4. So the person behind the IRS “scandal” turned out to be a conservative Republican trying to preserve the core values of his party? No wonder Issa and his fellow inquisitors have been so quiet the past week or so.
    I disagree with Rep. Cummings, however. If the latest finding turns out to be true, this case is far from over. Millions of dollars have been wasted in a medieval crusade to demonize a President that had absolutely nothing to do with the so-called scandal. Mr. Issa’s obsession deserved to be investigated and the American people should be made aware of what was behind this charade. This is what happens when elected officials engage in demonization and obstructionism instead of doing the job they were elected to do. Talking about egg on their faces…

    • Fortunately, most Americans know what’s behind this charade and unfortunately, the GOP’s base doesn’t care. Imagine appointing Issa, of all people, to investigate criminality in others. An alleged arsonist, an alleged car thief and a proven liar. More of that Christian lifestyle from the GOP.

      • The Christian Taliban and the robber barons agree on one thing: the Ten Commandments do not apply when they are broken in the service of a higher power (especially the stealing and bearing false witness ones, and maybe we can get away with adultery once in a while, and dishonoring the parents on Social Security).

      • Not to defend Issa, but there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his involvement with arson. As for the car theft, the acknowledged it was when he was “young and stupid”. Now, regarding him being a proven liar, if the Republicans got rid of every one of them, there would be no one left in their party. This is something that has been pointed out as a generic fault of the Republican party since the 1880s. The only time they appeared to be more truthful was between 1900 and 1908.

          • Ford was a sleeper, a presidential nominated VP because of the dirty tricks of his predecessor and a non-elected president, uh, because of the dirty tricks of his predecessor.. Even his own party made fun of him and chose to thwart his progress.. The one thing I hold against him is that he failed to put that criminal in prison, otherwise I agree with you that he was one of the better Pubs. Ike was one of us.. he lived, ate and slept with the common man and because he was one himself gives him the points needed to be a better leader.. Did you know that Ike disliked his VP and along with the military industrial warning, also warned us about Nixon as well?

          • Until he was enticed into running for President, Ike was a strong Democrat. My point is he thought he could change the direction of the Korean War, but he really was not a Pub. The “boys in the smoke filled room” always hated Teddy Roosevelt. They had the view that he was not really a Pub either. Ever notice the on and off attacks by wingers on Lincoln. The only decent presidents the Pubs have given us are despised by their parties behind the scene leaders. Dishonesty and disloyalty, amongst other faults, is endemic in the repunk party.

        • And that is why I used “alleged”, which should cover the fact it wasn’t proved. I’m not willing to accept his “young and stupid” defense. People who skirt the rules and the law so frequently as he did get out of things because they have these kinds of defenses to pair with not enough evidence. The New Yorker did a lot of research on their article all about Issa in 2011. I appreciate your response and we are way more in agreement than not. And I don’t think you’re defending him. I think you are being very thoughtful and fair. I got that article on Google if you’re interested in reading it. Fascinating stuff and digs into a lot more information than is generally out there. The man is unsavory. The Republicans in handing out their committee chairmen positions could have picked any number of people who wouldn’t have his problematic history.

        • There have been no improvements to him.He is still stupid! These bastards wouldn’t cop to the truth if they were burning at the stake.

    • Dominick,

      I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy your prescient and insightful posts. The differences between thoughtful commentators like yourself and some of the wingnuts who troll this newsletter are startling – but those differences provide comforting evidence that the right is doomed to become nationally irrelevant in our lifetimes (and I’m 61).

      Keep doing what you’re doing, Squire. Avail yourself of every opportunity to educate the masses (and kick Repugnican ass, into the bargain).

    • Darrell Issa said, from day one, he was going to increase hearings. He has people out there with magnifying glasses looking for something to have a hearing on. It is a waste of taxpayer money and a waste of time that could be useful to keep up this charade.

      • And whatever they bring him, he lifts the part of the statement being made that will “prove” what he wants and completely ignores the rest of the sentence which refutes it. They got caught doing that recently. See it doesn’t bother him. Just like the truth Cummings has published about the Republican IRS agent’s testimony. Issa has said it doesn’t count. And we know why. It’s not what Issa wants to hear. I think Issa might find most people are not as stupid as his little hateful base.

  5. Darrell Issa, the GOP’s very own “Conqueror Worm”, a self appointed “Witchhunter General”, doing everything possible to avoid dealing with this nations real issue; Jobs, jobs, jobs, yet keeping the Faithful entertained.

  6. Issa is a car thief, an arsonist and a liar. Only idiot tea baggers would believe anything he says and they don’t count in America.

  7. That Darrell Issa is a digger! Is he not? Not since Oliver Stone’s investigation
    of who was really on the grassy knoll? “Back, and to the left.” Back, and to the left.”
    Has any one man ran into more, “troubling stuff,” that he’s trying to get to the bottom of. And, it looks as though, in cracking the IRS scandal, he’s managed to uncover
    the most, “troubling,” kind of stuff of all. The kind that doesn’t involve Obama. Drat!

  8. This man Issa is totally useless. Whatever he touches doesn’t produce the anticipated results republicans want to see. He is not smart at all.
    a. Fast & Furious – Ola;
    b. Benghazi – Ola;
    c. IRS – A Big Ola.
    d. Calling the Press Secretary a paid lair – also Ola.
    Republicans should learn from now onwards. Don’t initiate anything which you are not aware how to carry it along. And don’t use Issa again, as he has proved to be a paid failure.

    • Also, Issa, the Inquisitor, don’t ask the question if you don’t know the answer. You will get burned in the end (no pun intended) even though you lie now, the truth will out.

      • He is not a lawyer, issa is an arsonist and thief, 3vm! He would not know about how stupid it makes him look to put out a question you do not have the answer for!

  9. One might think that just maybe,when Issa learned that it was actually a conservative republican IRS employee who did the scrutinizing,he would feel the rug being pulled from beneath him but he seems impervious..I find it rather validating that a republican felt that the T party needed looking into.Afterall,they weren’t just asking for a lolipop.Issa says the American people want to know why this happened.Gee! I don’t know.It couldn’t possibly be due to the fact that the Tparty is a damned bunch of shit eating ass wipe fascists seeking a special tax exemption,could it? Issa should button his lip before he and his misbegotten investigation are investigated for being a jerkoff and a colossal waste of time and money.

    • I would absolutely love it if he were investigated. This whole expensive sham set of ongoing multitude of “investigations” into simple questions that have satisfactory answers. But maybe we want to let this cretin continue to over-reach, especially since it’s turned a scrutinizing eye on him.

  10. “Ranking Democrat declares IRS scandal solved” – wow, can I ever rest easier tonight! And just think – they will be administering my health care in less than a year!

    Did Cumings bother to call for firings of those involved? Or was it just, “oh, well, it was really the Republicans fault”?

    • Democrats are not allowed to call for Republicans working for the federal government to be fired. They are only allowed to join the Republicans in calling for their fellow Democrats to be fired.

  11. Makes perfect sense that there was no White House involvement. Think about it…..why would Obama want to disrupt the tea party? They are the reason he got elected. If it wasn’t for their particular brand of crazy, we’d have a lot more republicans in elected office. The fact is that the tea party scares the hell out of sane people and they drag the real republicans down with them.

    • Well, they’ve dragged the regular Repubs down pretty low. They have a 21% approval right now. How on earth do they get to run things except their gerrymandering?

  12. Cummings has made a clear point. Yet, he has also made it clear that Issa has the power. So, don’t look for this to be closed anytime soon until after the 2016 elections. Issa will keep pounding on this dead horse until the possums come scampering out of its behind. The problem with mental illness is that what and how they see things is right, and everyone else is crazy.

    • That is unless the people in his district realize that they have elected the second biggest laughing stock (after Michelle Bachmann) in the House.

    • I dare say he doesn’t even think he’s right. What’s more, he doesn’t care. He knows, like the Republicans have proven over and over, if you point your finger and lie loud enough long enough, you can bring somebody’s numbers down. The trick is, they’re beginning to bring their own down with this sort of lunacy.

  13. Another question is, WHY did this conservative Republican in the IRS Cincinnati office start the scrutiny of Tea Party groups? Was it because, DESPITE his partisan feelings, he felt he owed more loyalty to the LAW than to his party (I hope so)? Or was it because he knew it would be seized upon by Republicans in Congress and blamed on President Obama?

    In any case, he DID do the right thing, because IN FACT these groups were trying to get a status they did not LEGALLY deserve, and far more TEA PARTY groups were trying to do so than liberal groups. It’s the same logic as racial profiling, which the GOP feels is right, but with MORE factual justification.

    I don’t care if a non-profit group has to pay income tax on its surplus revenue, even if it is political. But when I give to a liberal political group, I PAY TAXES ON MY DONATION, because I know, and the donor form reminds me, that contributions are not tax deductible. And the same should be true when Rove’s donors give to his super PAC: every dollar they get to deduct from THEIR tax returns illegally is made up for by MY taxes and every OTHER working class American’s taxes. Which is exactly why the GOP loves those phony charities: playing by the rules is for suckers, they make up their own rules.

  14. Republicans have a long history of building bridges to nowhere so let’s chalk this witch hunt up to that philosophy.

  15. Its really not Issa’s fault he is so intent on investigating this. After all, he thought his constituents told him to “GET FACT” when they really told him something that just sounded like “fact!”

  16. I was very young when the McCarthy hearings were televised, on my black and white, 12″ t.v., but remember it was important, and my parents were angered by his outrageous and false claims. Issa and Ted Cruz in the Senate are two peas in a pod, and remind me of McCarthy, and should be called out by many more citizens as well as fellow Congressmen and women. They damage our country by their divide and conquer tactics, and for what end? They are not smart men, but vindictive and ambitious weasels. If they win, we all lose.

  17. How ironic, will Issa’s mulitple cartoonish investigations of the President be his own down-fall rather than the President’s? Seem like even his own Party is beginning to see a witch hunt instead of an investigation.

    • He’s been warned to tone it down. After one warning, he appeared on Meet the Press to call Jay Carney a paid liar. They’re getting what they deserve. They appointed him as chair of this committee. What were they thinking? Maybe that their crook who managed to wiggle out of his own problems was clever enough to pin criminal activity on someone else?

  18. All I have seen Cummings do during the ‘investigation’ is make political speeches. If Cummings has ‘solved’ the case, he needs to name names.

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