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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Two weeks after Betsy DeVos completed her 100th day on the job, Elizabeth Warren penned a CNN op-ed announcing her new accountability effort aimed at the education secretary and her controversial agenda.

DeVos Watch will seek information about the department’s actions and inactions around federal student loans and grants and highlight the findings,” Warren explained on Wednesday. “People can also participate directly by tracking the department’s actions, submitting oversight suggestions or filing whistleblower tips.”

On her website, Warren also gives guidelines for useful tips. The Massachusetts senator will be looking closely at evidence-based reports on student loan borrowers and stakeholders. It’s the same method she used to push Taylor Hansen, a for-profit college industry lobbyist and one of DeVos’ first hires, to resign in March.

“Where Secretary DeVos and her agency refuse to answer, additional tools are available to get to the truth, including Freedom of Information Act requests, public interest litigation by student advocates and state law enforcement officials and investigations by the Department’s nonpartisan Inspector General. Oversight will be a joint effort,” Warren noted.

Warren believes challenging DeVos is about putting country above party.

“To the irritation of many in my own party, I regularly challenged the department when it was led by Democrats,” Warren added in a video address. “Because no matter which party is running the place, we have to make sure that the Department of Education puts students, not private student loan companies, but students first.”


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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33 responses to “Elizabeth Warren Launches Ambitious New Project To Hold Betsy DeVos Accountable”

  1. Phil Christensen says:

    “Accountability effort.” Ankle biting is not much of a plan. Warren should go back to flipping foreclosed properties in Oklahoma. It’s what she’s good at.

    • delete your account probably says:

      Hi Phil! Remember last time you tried that lie, only it turned out you could not find A SINGLE INSTANCE of her flipping a foreclosed house? Remember how – like the wretched coward you are – you ran away sobbing? Anyway you’re a dummy and a liar, on top of a treason apologist.

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      • idamag says:

        And that is his good points.

      • Phil Christensen says:

        Remember how I found several examples and you went into fetal denial? Good times… good times…
        Keep banging that rattle agains the bars of your crib. It’s your strong suit, tiny one.

        • delete your account probably says:

          That’s weird, because the “examples” you found featured exactly 0 (ZERO) cases of her flipping foreclosed properties. None. You’re a dumny.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            That’s weird, because every example I came up with supported my assertions. But then, you’ve demonstrated that reading comprehension is not your strong suit. But thanks for allowing me to stay here your tiny head. Granted, its a little cramped but as long as you don’t charge me rent…

          • delete your account probably says:

            Again, I know you’re SUPER STUPID, but you found zero (0) examples on your copy-pasted Stormfront list of Warren buying a foreclosed property and flipping it (selling within six months).

            None at all.

            You are a dummy and a liar, as well as an unpatriotic America-hating coward.

          • delete your account probably says:

            But, you know, prove me wrong. List the foreclosed properties she flipped.

            Oh right, you can’t.

    • kep says:

      She’s yet another lying liberal fraud, just like the Emperor was. Pocahontas lied to get preferential treatment, something liberals seem to have mastered.
      ALL liberals should be deported or jailed as TERRORISTS.

      • delete your account probably says:

        Yeah man! What could be more American than a dim-witted racist traitor like you calling for mass incarceration over thoughtcrimes.

        One thing, though – you’re such an unbelievable goddam moron that you are a birther. Imagine! The one conspiracy theory dumber than a flat earth, and you believe it!

    • The lucky one says:

      And DeVos should go back to just being rich. Being born to wealth and then marrying into more is what she’s good at.

      • Phil Christensen says:

        That’s actually a point that can be debated. Bonus for not getting personal.

        • The lucky one says:

          Sure, but I did do a search and could find nothing that remotely qualifies her to be education secretary.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            That presumes that the positions of education secretary is necessary.

          • delete your account probably says:

            I love watching a pair of morons trying to think.

          • The lucky one says:

            Just watch yourself in the mirror as you try to figure out where to put the toothpaste to see one moron trying to think.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            Just remember, he’s on your side.

          • The lucky one says:

            LOL, not hardly. He’s on his own side. Ask him if he considers me an ally.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            Got it. 🙂

          • The lucky one says:

            He and Kep are two sides of the same coin.

          • delete your account probably says:

            It sure is amazing watching self-professed ultra-liberals engage in a circle-jerk with neo-Nazis, although I guess since you helped those same Nazis win it’s not that big a surprise.

          • The lucky one says:

            “self-professed ultra-liberal” No Helpy that’s a label you tried to give me, not how I have ever identified myself. I can see why a neo-liberal right leaning establishment Democrat like you would see me that way though.

          • delete your account probably says:

            Yes, I mean what choice do you have but to ally with neo-Nazis.

          • The lucky one says:

            It’s the logical assumption if I presume that a dept. of education is necessary, which I do.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            An opinon I don’t share, but I’ll presume a sincere principle on your part.

          • The lucky one says:

            Thanks. I may be wrong sometimes but I’m never deliberately dishonest. (Watch that set off a rant storm with tomato head if he sees it).

            I actually partly agree. If it’s going to be an incompetent self-aggrandizing person like DeVos just looking to milk the public education dollar then we would in fact be better off with out the department.

  2. idamag says:

    Lack of education is a very dangerous thing. I am not talking about collecting degrees. I am talking about being able to read and understand what you read. I am talking about being fired up to want to know all the facts so you can make intelligent decisions. Hitler made many statements about education. One was, “Education as we knew it, was corrupting our youth.” The United States is 47 among the leading countries. Norway is number one. Are we looking at Norway to build our education system? No, we are closer to nazi Germany. They have taken civics out of the grade schools. Texas has re-written their history books to make it seem that there were these tribes in Africa who were dying to do a little charity work and came over here to assist plantation owners. Poor education gave us the government, we now have.

  3. dpaano says:

    I’m with Warren…..she’s on the spot when it comes to our children’s education! We need someone who actually CARES about their education, not a billionaire who thinks charter schools are the be all; end all! Our public schools were just fine when I was going to them in the 1950’s and 1960’s….what has happened to them since then is a crime! Nowadays, teachers are forced to “teach to the test” rather than teaching our children what they need to know in an interesting and non-boring manner! I don’t blame some of our children for not doing well… has become so blah! We need to let the teachers teach the way they were taught to teach years ago…..making classes more interesting and student friendly! Most charter schools are just parochial schools in disguise! If I want my child to learn religion, I’ll send them to church; but if I want them educated in the 4 “R’s”, I’ll send them to a public school!

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