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Employees Of Republican Voter Registration Firm Charged With Fraud

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Employees Of Republican Voter Registration Firm Charged With Fraud

Two employees of Strategic Allied Consulting, which was hired by the Florida Republican Party to register voters, have admitted to forging voter registration forms.

Strategic Allied Consulting is headed by Nathan Sproul — a notorious figure in Republican politics.

The former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, Sproul ran voter registration drives on behalf of the RNC in 2004 in eight states, reportedly collecting over $8 million for his services. During that campaign, his firm was accused of having his employees destroy registration forms in Nevada and California along with other “hijinks,” including posing as a progressive organization and spearheading a drive to get Ralph Nader on the ballot. In Minnesota, Sproul’s company allegedly fired employees who brought back Democratic registrations.

Though senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) sent a letter in 2004 requesting an investigation into Sproul’s efforts by the Department of Justice, it never happened. And Sproul was invited to the White House for the Bush Christmas party in 2006.

The investigation into Strategic Allied began in the fall of 2012, when apparently forged forms were found in 11 Florida counties. The Republican National Committee then fired the firm that it had paid $3 million over the course of three months to do voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts in at least five states.

The two employees were charged with third-degree felonies.  Another four cases involving Strategic Allied Consulting are still active throughout Florida, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE.

The FDLE report says Rebekah Joy Paul turned in 20 fraudulent voter registration forms. Christian Davis Price submitted seven fakes.

Paul told investigators that Strategic Allied Consulting told her not to register Democrats — a charge the company’s lawyer Frederick Petti denies. Paul said she turned in the fake applications because without them, she wouldn’t get paid. She left the company to work at Waffle House.

Since President Obama was elected, Republicans have waged a war against voting rights based on the premise that Democrats through groups like ACORN – which Republicans are still trying to defund though it hasn’t existed for years — are committing voting fraud.

We’ll see if the GOP’s effort to fight voter fraud leads them to hiring Nathan Sproul’s companies yet again.

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Employees Of Republican Voter Registration Firm Charged With Fraud Reviewed by on . Two employees of Strategic Allied Consulting, which was hired by the Florida Republican Party to register voters, have admitted to forging voter registration fo Two employees of Strategic Allied Consulting, which was hired by the Florida Republican Party to register voters, have admitted to forging voter registration fo Rating:

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  • Dominick Vila

    After years of listening to Republicans blame Democrats for the ACORN fiasco, which affected only the Democratic party, I am anxiously waiting to hear what our Republican friends have to say about this one.

    • Nomad

      ACORN was probably targeted by the Republicans not only because of its voter registration but because of it was behind a successful Living Wage Movement through the country. You can find more info online about its campaign.

      In any case, the kind of mistakes (fraud?) that ACORN was involved in was creating fake voter registrations- staffers were padding things to get higher counts- whereas with Sproul’s staff it was disqualifying actual voters. That’s quite a bit different.

  • stoptheinsanity

    Republicans are in the business of disenfranchising, undermining, and denying minorities and Democratic voters their voting rights. We saw it ever so prevalent leading up to last year’s presidential election. Not only was it done through redistricting and gerrymandering in states where Republicans control the state legislatures but also through passage of tough i d laws, throwing hundreds of legitimate minority and Democratic voters off the voting rolls for made up charges, decreasing the number of voting days and hours in these precincts, decreasing the number of voting machines in these districts, and the list goes on and on. Now, employees with Strategic Allied Consulting, headed by Nathan Sproul and hired by the Florida Republican Party, have been convicted of felonies. However, so far, only two of those employees have been charged with third degree felonies. The masterminds of these criminal activities, The Florida Republican Party, Nathan Sproul and SAC, will all get away with their crimes totally scott-free. Depite all of the underhanded efforts and trickery used by the Republican party, as a whole, to make sure President Obama was not reelected, he was reelected anyway. Now, Republicans are up to their same notorious and evil ways. They believe that they don’t have to change their policies to attract more minority and Democratic voters. Instead, they are attempting to change the electoral college and how those votes are awarded in their states. They are devising other sinister plots to steal the 2016 presidential election. They are determined to shove their political agenda down the throats of all Americans whether they want it or not. Republicans don’t care about integrity, truth, morals, and values. All they care about is absolute power and money.

  • nobsartist

    I guess this just means they are eligible for government subsidies.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    This sort of thing doesn’t surprise me in any way.

    So, any GOOD NEWS lately? Maybe the total demise of the Republican Party?

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