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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Donald Trump expressed his disdain, not to mention his uncontrollable rage, at the publication of salacious, unverified gossip — if that gossip is about him. But no matter how much he fumes and rants, the president-elect will now learn that such rumors, gleaned from the opposition dossier about alleged Russian blackmail material on him, can reverberate forever. As Trevor Noah suggests, with plenty of comical examples, everything we hear or have ever heard about this man will henceforth be interpreted in light of his supposed affinity for “watersports” mentioned in that dossier. (Like that infomercial where he declares: “I never miss a golden opportunity!”)

The Daily Show host feels a natural sympathy toward the orange-hued billionaire now, as must Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz, all of them victims of equally dubious tales — from birtherism to the JFK assassination. How could anyone justify spreading stories that are so obviously and completely false? Trump would never do that…

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12 responses to “#EndorseThis: How Could Anyone Justify Spreading Unverified Gossip About Trump?”

  1. Blueberry Hill says:

    Well they did that to the Clinton’s for nearly 25 years. She was never even charged with a crime, hence not guilty of any crime. But this POS called her “crooked”, when he is the crooked one who should be stopped from becoming our President. He hid the crimes he did, he has over 70 trials coming up for crimes, many felonies. Why is this crook being allowed to become our President? He removes all respect for the office. He should not have been allowed to run in the first place. There are people out there crazy enough to elect a tin can for president. That doesn’t mean it should be president. He also had 50 illegitimate Electoral voters, and they should be subtracted NOW. We should not reward a crook with the highest office in our country by lying and cheating and stealing. Those tactics should stop him, not reward him.

    • dpaano says:

      Again, just finished a fantastic book entitled: “Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire,” by John K. Wilson. If you want a good read and a real in-depth view of the Donald, this is the book to read! It astounds me how he has gotten where he is and the nefarious ways that he’s dealt with businessmen in the past! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn all about this very dangerous guy that will soon be running (or should I say “ruining”) our country! It isn’t pretty and it will make you pretty mad… least moreso than you probably are now!

    • jamcrky says:

      Lets not forget FBI Director Comey, who actions toward Secretary Clinton was nothing more that a political hack job……He is finally being investigated by the justice department and I hope they find reason criminal or not to kick his ass out of the FBI…..All FBI ongoing investigations are not for the public domain, only their findings at the end of the investigated period are released to the public. He announced a new inquiry into Secretary Clinton’s e/mails two weeks before the election with the sole intention of hurting her image with the public. His findings two days before the election didn’t matter, the damage was already done and he gave Trump a big advantage.

      • Blueberry Hill says:

        Yes, I watched those hearings. He said there were 3 Top Secret emails, but thru the hearings, a Dem was smart enough to call the State Dept. regarding 3 emails that had a little letter “c” written by a paragraph. Did not have Confidential or Top secret stamped at the top. The State Dept. said that “c” does not mean confidential, and that those were NOT confidential and that Comey should not even have them. There were NO Confidential emails in her server. He is the one who was sloppy with the emails, not her. He had no right or reason to “update” the “Investigative Committee” at all. It was purely a political stunt again because her polls were so high. He should have been fired right there on the spot. There was nothing in her aides computer either. Just copies of the aids emails that were already sent to the State Dept. and private ones that had nothing to do with the State Dept. Pure dirty politics, and the FBI should never be involved in politics. I lost all respect for them now.


  2. jamcrky says:

    Although I thought the Daily Show with Trevor was very comical, I can honestly say that I have never been so digressed and sadden by a President Elect who is about to become the President of the United States in my entire life. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and my life goes a bit and I remember JFK taking office, so I’ve seen a few Presidents take office. Every time this man speaks I can honestly say he scares the hell out of me. I also hope that I am wrong about this man, but right now there is no way anyone can convince me. I hope the checks and balances will prevent this guy from destroying our country……

    • dpaano says:

      As a fellow Vietnam vet, I have to agree with you totally! Why so many military, active and veterans, voted for him is beyond me! Apparently, they just didn’t see the same danger that you and I saw when he was campaigning, nor did they believe the lies that he told on a daily basis! As you said, it’s very scary and it also unnerves me on a daily basis! The most I can do now is to constantly stay in contact with my respective representatives in Washington, D.C. and let them know EXACTLY how I feel about various things and hope that they will listen and act accordingly. Of course, being from California, I have NO worries about my representatives, but I urge everyone else to keep on top of their representatives in Washington and remind them who pays their salaries!!

      • jamcrky says:

        Great remarks and Thanks Brother

        • dpaano says:

          Actually, it’s “sister,” but we were all in it together! Thank you for your service. I know that seems like such an empty thing to say nowadays, but those of us who KNOW what that service consisted of can say it with truth behind it!

          • jamcrky says:

            Sorry about that, should have look at the picture would have been my first clue……yes you are so correct….if you haven’t been there and served you can’t begin to understand the sacrifice……Unlike our new Commander and Chief who thinks his Military Academy schooling is the same…..I don’t see him doing anything for the Vets, but let’s hope I’m wrong

  3. notafoxfan says:

    the comic “bits” based on trumps actual words or phrases are funny to watch, but in reality,this man is a danger to our country because of his words and actions..he has promoted division and hatred,and now he keeps trying to “quiet” the media (except fox news who praise him constantly)..for gosh sakes, he is not really even a republican..remember he was talking inedependent and not signing that ridiculous pledge to support the republican party and its candidate??

  4. dpaano says:

    Trevor Noah is my very favorite Trump-hater! Actually, he doesn’t really “hate” Trump as much as he just doesn’t think he’s qualified to be our president (which he isn’t).

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