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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bill O’Reilly really wants you to know: Donald Trump is not a racist.

Sure, he may have said some racist stuff, but he’s not a racist.

And that’s what’s important, right? No matter that Trump is using the largest megaphone in the world to undermine the legitimacy of a judge based on his parents’ birthplace. No matter that he has proposed banning an entire religion from the U.S., nor that he wants to establish a deportation force to deport 11 million undocumented people, nor that he can’t manage to talk about Black people without using a possessive pronoun.

For O’Reilly, the standard usage is clear: “You don’t use the ‘R-word’ unless you’re David Duke.”

That’s pretty much how his conversation with Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) went. The three-term Tea Partier isn’t known as a Social Justice Warrior, but even he seemed to recoil from O’Reilly’s descriptions of real racism.

“Don’t you think it was more about Trump being angry with the judge’s decision in a civil litigation, rather than the judge’s ethnicity?” O’Reilly presses Flores.

“It doesn’t make any difference, because that’s not what the American people hear. The American people heard racism,” Flores responds.

We’re seeing two things at play here: First, certain Fox personalities — Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs — have committed to fighting for Trump, no matter what he does.

Second, “racist” is about as taboo a phrase as there is in White America.

To O’Reilly, Trump can’t be a racist. Simple.

Isn’t it worse, though, if non-racist Trump manipulates racial hatred in the electorate for personal revenge and political benefit? If he really isn’t a racist, why is Trump being so racist? It is a distinction wholly without a difference.

Photo and Video: Fox News, Media Matters for America.

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45 responses to “#EndorseThis: O’Reilly On Trump’s Racism: ‘You Don’t Use The ‘R-Word’ Unless You’re David Duke.’”

  1. Paul Bass says:

    If you CONSTANTLY say racist things, never apologize, never back away from your racist statements, guess what? You are racist! Like Trump.

    • It’s like some Bizarro World Jeff Foxworthy routine.

      • JPHALL says:

        Yes Jeff’s was the classic “You may be a Red neck if:” you are doing something stupid. Today it is, You may be a racist if: You say something stupid.

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  2. notafoxfan says:

    bill oreilly himself is an egotistical,blowhard who never admits to saying the wrong thing,..he and Hannity seem to feel what they say is the word of god,and, I might add are ,obvious supporteres of mr trump…

  3. chino49p says:

    Sure drump is angry when anybody has the nerve to do something he doesn’t like. The thing is that drump blamed judge Cruiel’s ethnicity for him doing what drump didn’t like. Ergo=racism, period, end of story. bill can’t think rationally in his spinning zone.

  4. diannkirby says:

    O’Reilly can’t see Trump’s racism because Bill O’Reilly is one of the biggest racist in the world. He thinks because he couches it in Dog Whistles we won’t notice. He doesn’t see just how transparent his racism is. What I don’t understand is, since racist feel so strongly that their racist opinions are right, why don’t they just own their racism instead of running away from it like pussies?

  5. augusto says:

    Bill has been racist since hi school and a bully.

  6. Chuckl8 says:

    This is what happens when we allow the far-right to change the definitions of words to suit their own agenda. When they changed the definition of “liberal”, very little was done to defend the actual meaning of the word. When they redefined the Nazis and Hitler as “liberals”, we all laughed instead of seriously correcting them.

    So now we have Trump and his surrogates redefining “racism”, and many of us stand by and watch, as his racist supporters hide behind that “new” definition, secure in the knowledge that as long as the media ignores it, while it treats Trump like a legitimate Presidential candidate, that new definition must be legitimate, too.

    When I was young, it puzzled me how so many Germans could allow the Nazis to assume control. I could not believe that such a thing could happen ever again. And now, finally, I can see why. Trump will not win, at least this time. But he has come close. So what about the next version of Trump, or the next? Unless we become at least as loud as Trump’s supporters in fighting back, our future could be very, very ugly.

    • Irishgrammy says:

      EXACTLY! Extremely well said….Have always fought back anytime a conservative disparages the word Liberal as if it’s a dirty word……or when they collectively replaced the Democratic Party with DemoCRAT, we all know what they were trying to impart……and I do agree that the majority of Trump supporters are racist, xenophobic bigots as a current PEW Research Center just exposed! I know many of these kinds of Republicans, and have for years, and they, to a person, have all had issues for years with immigrants, races, and many with women in positions of power! If Trumps “success” as the presumptive Republican presidential candidate isn’t proof of what the Republican party has been devolving into over the last 30 plus years and especially after the election of the first African American President when the far right collectively lost their minds, then I don’t know what more proof one needs to explain what is happening in the GOP….

    • Leftout says:

      Trump is describing potential “bias” not racism. You guys have watered done the term “racism” as a white man eating Watermelon on a hot day. In front of a negroe . Cut the crap .

  7. TheSkepticalCynic says:

    O’Reilly is the classic example of the Dunning Kruger Effect, to wit, so stupid he doesn’t comprehend how really stupid he is. What’s worse is that his listeners actually “feel” they’re learning things by listening to this hardly more than a moron. I purposefully substituted the word “feel” for “think” lest anyone get the idea that I ideate that O’Reilly’s listeners are capable of anything that might remotely be associated with cogitation.

  8. dpaano says:

    O’Reilly is a total jackass! He wouldn’t know a racist if he walked up and bit him on the nose! Who listens to this idiot anyway…..anyone with a modicum of brains turns him off!

  9. Billabob Johnson says:

    Compared to some early civil-war slave owners I think Trump is less racist. At least I hope so. Let’s check the record. After banning all muslims (Guess he will not be at the Ali Funeral) he will ethnically cleanse the US of 11 million Mexicans and build a wall on the border (I had hoped for different infrastructure investments) and would silence American judges with specific ethnic backgrounds (watch out Sotomayor). But in no statements has he been caught prescribing wholesale lynching’s, although he has asked his posse to punch and kick disruptive rally attendees and his father was taken into custody then discharged after a violent KKK rally with police in New York, so I guess by Fox News commentator standards – No Racism Found.
    Guess that makes the Donald as all American as mom and his apple pie wives. Wait, he could not find American wives and had to outsource them from Central Europe. See, who says the Donald is against immigrants.

    • Irishgrammy says:

      I have personally always had a connection with those who can successfully use sharp ironical mockery when an important thought needs to be expressed! With the advent of Trump as the representation for and of the Republican Party for 2016 the gravity of this nightmare of a candidate has been discussed again and again, and I think people become indifferent and deaf to intellectual discourse……sometimes humor, sarcasm, mockery gets through much quicker and your comment is just that, a humorous thought provoking ironic attempt making clear what a horrible man Donald J. Trump is, and will always be! I think the most pathetically humorous comment I have heard over the last several days from Republicans trying to “explain” away Trumps outrageous remarks have been “What Donald said is racist, but “he” is not a racist”…………..well I don’t know about others, but if how this man’s mind works and then spills out of his mouth with the racist/bigoted and insane comments about Judge Curiel, about Muslims, women, African Americans, etc., etc., then, S-O-R-R-Y, but that is a racist by definition, period…..words are thoughts!!! Anyway, BRAVO, good job!!!

  10. Bill O’Reilly is a wife beater. Google Bill O’Reilly’s wife.

  11. johninPCFL says:

    “Bigoted” is the correct term, not “racist”. “Mexican” isn’t a race, “muslim” isn’t a race, “liberal” isn’t a race, “woman” isn’t a race.
    Undeserved bias against a collective group is bigotry, not racism.

    • 11thStPopulist says:

      The assumptions based on that bias is “prejudice.” Trump allows his prejudices to rule his thinking.

      • Leftout says:

        Assumptions based on bias are rooted in fact almost always A bias is leaned from profiling and observing the attributes of the subject. When a snack rattles there is a problem about to cometh.

        • I didn’t know “snacks” rattled, unless you’re talking about a jar full of M & M’s.

        • Chuckl8 says:

          “Rooted in fact”? No. It’s rooted in rumor, hearsay, gossip and – at best – in a singular, isolated incident, such as being bullied when young, or mugged later in life by a member of a certain ethnic group and then blaming the entire group. And that’s where prejudice is born. As in; “Old Russian women are dishonest, because I saw one shoplifting”, or “all black kids are thugs because a group of them in my neighborhood are thugs.”

          That’s where almost all bias and prejudice begins, and it’s also why it thrives. The word “prejudice itself is self-explanatory; “judging prior to …”, or more simply: “YOU must be guilty because someone who looks like you was guilty in the past.”

          And that is why those like Trump are so dangerous. From his position of influence, he legitimizes bias and prejudice.

          • Leftout says:

            Finally , absolutely , You got your profiling correct and profiling is one of my best competencies , I also have seen Russians Snelaking stuff into their bag ,gypsies particularly Blacks being Obstinately thug like …low life Blacks . I personally like Blacks , Asians and Mexicans , very hard workers that I pay able rate because they do a great job , but not Moslems due to their sense of values – Un able to assimilate . These profiles are what Trump also is guarding against and he will make the country secure and great again.
            He will create jobs for all groups and prevent any Moslems from
            Entering from terrorist nations .

  12. Donald Trump was never a serious political candidate until he made a speech that he would
    1) Send 11 million illegal non-citizens back to Mexico
    2) He would build a wall along the entire Mexican Border that no one could cross
    3) Mexico would pay to build the wall
    Immediately 20-25% of Republicans were backing “The Donald” for President. I won’t say that all people that back Trump are BIGOTS, but let’s face facts – the majority of Trump supporters are BIGOTS.

    • Leftout says:

      Trump supporters do agree with your points but are in favor of a secure country that has legal immigrants that have been vetted to become citizens. This has proven to be effective in creating a nation that has assimilated well and has Americam values of self reliance and freedom to pursue the dreams of earlier immigrants …. That is – to make something from this country and not just to rake from this country .

      • Question for Leftout: Are you a bigot and/or a racist?

        • Leftout says:

          Not a racist , but I do want everyone to have the same value sets that made this country America, by assimilating to those values of self reliance , resourcefulness that permeates our early immigrants. These earlier people came to make a better life and not to TAKE from those that made it. Moslems particularly are unassimilatable and live to their own laws. Unless they reform from barbarian ideologies they are a potential as in Europe .

          • Have you discussed your “value system” with the Native Americans and those forced over here as slaves? Probably not, nor do I suspect you have any intention of doing so.

            How long will you suffer yourself to be “Left out”?

            Many “whites” in the Western world have chosen to be “unassimilatable”[sic], and as a result find it hard to assimilate with anyone that doesn’t share their “limited” values—values which have deviated far beyond normal behavior.

            Before you post, try checking yourself before further wrecking yourself.

          • Leftout says:

            Ha , yes I have with the Lakota of Chamberalin South Dalota . They have the resourcefulness … A natural inclination , that was taught to some of the sellers of the area . I also work with the children’s school there , St Joseph’s . These kids can put any city dweller to shame .

          • Yeah, “and some of my best friends are black.”

            In case you don’t get the innuendo, that phrase is akin to what you just wrote. Saying that you met with a few Lakota is of little consequence when compared with your bald-faced assertion that we should adopt the value-system of those “Africans who migrated into Europe” and whose skin color turned pale as an environmental adaptation.

            In other words, your proud pronouncement of what little you’ve done has the same depth as when Trump points to a lone black person at one of his rallies and uses that as a justification that black people in general are on board with Trump.

            Will you ever learn, my friend?

          • Leftout says:

            I work in Health Care and 20 yrs in the Bronx , Newark and Wash. D. C. – the Dark Continent. And have many BLACK friends , Spics also , Pollocks . WAPs , they are not up tight and laugh at all of this PC crap.
            Trump used a term from the 60s . It really means ” my friend”
            My supporter , as in saying ”
            My wife ….. That does not connote a bad vibe with YOUR. Wife . I am sure or shie will kick your A$$ . It does not mean your wife is your slave or a subclass of human , as in MOSLEM CULTURES . You guys are so trivial .

    • ahestle says:

      Why was he able to ascend to the top of his party if that party`s conservative media had not laid the foundation.

  13. Joe Belo says:

    Donald is not a racist in the true sense of the word. He is just a meathead in the sense of Archie Bunkers take on things ! This is the same guy praising Putin,.somebody who would have taken him out if he lived in Russia. If thats not Archie Bunkers frame of mind, i dont know what is. As for David Duke, the R word is more applicable and he has been permanently sidelined. America should be more concerned about the latter.

  14. jakenhyde says:

    In O’Reilly’s world, maybe only David Duke is a racist. But in the REAL world, The Donald is very much a racist. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Even Trump’s hairdo….or stuffed squirrel…or whatever it is on top of his head, winds up in a duck tail if you see it from behind.

  15. 11thStPopulist says:

    Oh come on. Trump is a highly prejudicial person. His attitudes toward various religions and ethnic groups, women, and people with physical challenges are divisive. His remarks have been used to “gin up” his low class bigot base. I am ashamed that America has so many of these types, but show me a Trump supporter and I will show you a hateful person convinced of the superiority of his/her tribe. If they really had principals such as small government or state’s rights they would vote Libertarian.

  16. greenlantern1 says:

    Ever read President Abraham Lincoln’s SPOT RESOLUTIONS?
    What did he say about Mexico?
    President US Grant’s memoirs?
    Ever read about Mexico’s AZTEC EAGLES?
    They were part of the UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCE!
    They helped a great American general, General Douglas MacArthur, return!

  17. bobnstuff says:

    It’s a sad day when one of the last bits of gray matter on Fox dies but I think the last brain cells have left Fox and now all they have is drooling heads making noise. These poor people have been Trumped. It’s one thing for uneducated folks from the back woods to suffer this way but poor Mr. O’Reily coming down with it is very sad indeed.

  18. cjakobsson says:

    Trump has worked hard to prove beyond all doubt that he is a vicious racist. Trump – in the interview on CNN in which he stated his objection to the judge that was adjudicating the case against Trump U – was very clear about the fact that he thought a judge with Mexican ancestors was genetically unqualified to adjudicate the Trump U case. As Congressman Ryan stated later, that is a textbook definition of a racist comment. It is very sad that the Republican leadership is in denial about what kind of man is their presidential nominee this year. It would be good for the country if the sane Republicans would walk away from their party’s nominee and let the Republican Party die. That would make room for the development of a new political party of sane conservatives who stand for limited government and fiscal responsibility.

  19. Kimberly665656 says:

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  20. Bill O’Reilly is a wife beater. Google Bill O’Reilly’s wife.

  21. O’Reilly has suffered the same after-effects of being run over by the same “Conservative Bus” that’s has struck and deranged the minds of those who chose to stand in the road as it approached—ask Carson and company about their transformations, from intelligence(or semi-intelligence) to incoherent child-like adults.

    For the past several years, Bill has shown such a dearth of knowledge about history, social relations, and basic common-sense, that whatever he says has little substance to it.

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