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Saturday, March 25, 2017

We now know exactly how badly the Republican Party lost the last election — with Nate Silver calculating President Obama’s popular vote margin at 3.85 percent  (razor-close to our Democracy Corps prediction of 3.8 percent.) They lost the electoral vote in a landslide, and came in behind Democrats in national congressional tallies as well. But the important point is not that they lost. It is that they still wield enormous power in Washington and in the states. Worse, their disconnection from the electorate only seems to have hardened their positions, as they challenge President Obama with a threat to shut down government.

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50 Responses to Entrenched And Angry, Defeated Republicans Threatening Government Shutdown

  1. Why can’t they hear what America whats and needs? Are they this so self-involved ? Don’t they care about our country?. Mybe they should leave the house and live in a 3rd world country for a few months and learn what America stands for.

    • The american people refuse to believe that the repubs HATE democracy. The idea the “those people” meaning 99 perceny of us, should have a voice in how the country is run is abhorrant to those people.

    • They won’t have to leave to be in a third world country, omuslims’ goal is for America to be a third world country

      • I see that you insist on being the ass end of a house,having no brains. It takes a Dem to always clean up the mess’es the Rep’s make in a short time. clean up thier mess and get us out of the wars they create take longer. Go tell your crap to our wonded vets. Tell them why Bush sent them to war.

  2. This is a really sad state of affairs we’re in…not much better than the turmoil in government since the 2010 election. The Republicans control 23 states, and I believe it’s partly from the
    redistricting shenanigans. Maybe we should prevent redistricting and voting laws from being determinined and/or manipulated by, and at the calculated “whim” of, representatives of either political party. Why can’t we select a group of qualified average citizens with impecable integrity
    to select districts based strictly on head count and geography and total disregard for prior
    political tendencies and historical voting habits. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be, anyway.

  3. There is a limit the seems to have been passed by this “let it fail attitude” of the sore losers. At some point the “loyal opposition” crosses the line to treason.

  4. This redistricting problem is the direct result of careful planning and implementation of legislation authored by ALEC. It is no coincidence this has happened in so many states at the same time. In addition to this problem each of these states attempted to thwart voting of all groups not likely to help them win elections. The GOP has been scheming against our representative government for a long time, and as long as the super rich have carte blanche to use their extreme fortunes in effort to engineer society to their liking we are in serious trouble. The GOP is now an extremist cult. We either stand up to this unpatriotic enemy of democracy or lose our country.

    • The reason the redistricting happened “at the same time” is that redistricting happens when the 10 yr census data comes in. If it shows significant population shifts, then states add or lose districts and new maps have to be drawn. The issue is that laws were not followed keeping the new districts’ shape cohesive. It was again the gerrymandering of the past and, yes, it has made for more polarized districts.

      • This is true, however, ALEC was the catalyst for shifting the electoral landscape by use of voter suppression legislation and through aggressive and secretive redistricting planning which is being questioned by the courts in various states; including my state of Wisconsin. These actions have taken gerrymandering to a new and dangerous level. This is the result of concerted effort to tie up government. The House of Representatives is being held hostage by radicals due to the machinations of ALEC.

          • No but in a country where “we the people” means our self-government, the will of the “few” over the rest of us, IS extremist.

          • Given that this is the wealthiest nation on Earth, the issue is not “within our means” but rather where our nation’s wealth resides.

          • What is “living within our means” for the wealthiest nation on earth? Pilfering our nation’s wealth to the top 1% is extremist.

          • Are you being paid to be on this site posting such dribble? Why would anybody with such immature views be bothering to visit this site?

          • omuslim knows we can’t afford it, so he keeps spending more and more. What do you call that,mr. dribble?

          • President isn’t spending the money; Congress is, then refusing to pay the bills they’ve incurred if refusing the Debt Ceiling increase. And such namecalling shows extreme immaturity and one ruled by emotion vs. intellect.

          • You voted for big government, that’s what omuslim ran on. He’s the one spending and you know it. omuslim has spent more money than all Presidents combined

          • Living within our means needs to happen on the Congressional side. Once they have spent money, conducting necessary business but also adding their pork, they need to pay the bills. The Debt Ceiling is for money already spent. The Debt Ceiling is not the place to have this debate. It is with Congress. Too many in Congress want to cut the needs of the country while keeping the perks for their friends and friendly industries who bankroll their election campaigns. They cry that fighting the Debt Ceiling increase will accomplish this. Wrong. It only shows those elected to Congress are dysfunctional.

          • Obstructing government is extremist. Declaring it most important to make Obama a one term president is extremist. Especially in the early stages of the worst recession since 1929. Ignoring or castigating science is extremist. Holding hearings on women’s reproductive health without allowing testimony from a woman IS EXTREMIST. Why is the GOP suddenly up in arms over spending when they couldn’t spend it fast enough or recklessly enough when Bush was in office?
            Answer: Because they are plutocrats working feverishly to deny citizens a true representative government.

          • Those who came up with that are using you and you are buying it – enjoy your etenity as theirfutureslave, close-minded ass-monkey.

            America is dead and it’s your own damn fault. Sheep. I’m leaving…

          • If your kids are already starving and the house payment is already late it is extremist, not to mention insane, to tell your boss that you want to be paid less than the guy at the next desk.

    • evil, vile, hateful, greedy…so much wallowing in their own spin on reality… wanting more and more luxury, power, prestige,,,no thought about the other lives out here…ones making them rich…pretty pathetic…

  5. The Debt Ceiling is money already spent, oftentimes many years ago i.e. previous administrations. Congress approves the expenditures. Not raising the ceiling so that the country can pay its debt is akin to simply deciding not to pay your mortgage and car payments, only the items can’t be repossessed. Totally irresponsible not to raise the debt ceiling as required by the Constitution (we are to repay our debts no matter what). If Congress wants to do something real, they should cut the favored lobbyists’ pork. Even the permanent tax cuts, including those up to those making $450,000 is added to that debt. They can’t have it both ways but seem determined to try to convince the populace that they can.

    • The raising of the debt ceiling should be completely free of “negotiations” over spending. They are separate issues.. The holy Republican saint Reagan raised it around 17 times while no one batted an eyelash. Obama laid down a marker that he will not negotiate this. I wonder if he’ll resort to invoking the 14th amendment regarding the public debt of the US shall not be questioned, in order to prevent an economic collapse that could be world wide at the most, and a downgrade of credit rating at the least. I don’t understand how Congresspersons don’t understand the dangerous game they’re playing with this. Budget cuts can be worked out over a matter of afew months without causing another depression.

  6. The John Birch Society used to accuse Democrats, falsely, of being manipulated by the Other Side in the Cold War (or of just being “agents” of the Communist movement). There seems to be far GREATER evidence that our right wing politicians are “agents” of unfriendly foreign powers, as Fox News is majority-owned by an Australian and a Saudi prince, for example, and Michele Bachman has publicly considered taking Swiss citizenship! My personal metaphor for the end result of their ideology is a Biblical economy … a few billionaires living like Herod and Caiaphas, colluding with Chinese Caesars and their local Pilates, with the rest of us as beggars outside their gates!

  7. I think we should start a movement to outlaw or end the Republican party – it’s just too destructive, and is not serving the nation well. I think it would be better to have partial representation in congress, as is done in many European countries…that is, however many votes any party gets (and all parties, Justice, Libertarian, Green, etc. would be allowed to participate) in the general election would determine their percentage of representation in congress…

  8. Just look at Eric Cantor standing behind Boehner with a cattle prod to insure that the Speaker’s comments support the Tea Party. The smirk on Cantor’s face says it all; the Tea Party’s extremists control the Republican Party. Sadly, they’ve lost all credibility.

  9. Just when did the Republican party become the only government voice? At what point did they manage to have more power than the president we elected? It’s a party…whose principles are so long in the tooth, they all look like Methuselah.

    McConnell is stinging from the echoes he hears about his comment in March 2009, “We will get rid of Obama.” This Kentucky Bourbon boi is still attempting to overthrow a duly elected president.

    Then, you get the rest of the good ole bois of the GOP also hot to take over. And why not? After all, their 1% and Corporate Welfare state had it sooooo good under Bush didn’t they? They got away with massive fraud, corruption and all manner of thuggery imaginable. And the Crawford Cowboy danced a jig as he watched the South Rise Again…think again oh Grand Pubbahs of Uppercrust Hubris.

    The GOP only knows how to threaten, play their fearmongering games and the only word in their dictionary is “Cuts”…as in tax cuts for the rich and cuts to programs we’ve already paid for like SS, Medicare and Medicaid. Oh yes….they want us to believe these 3 programs are the biggest drain on the economy. As big as handing Big Oil $12 billion of our tax dollars every year? As big as funneling billions to their crony military industrialists, their HMOs minions and their Big Pharma campaign donors? Americans on Main Street know what the GOP is doing with our tax dollars and we are not happy about it. After all, we do pay 99% of the taxes and don’t get those tax “cuts” the 1% do.

    What a bunch of evil slime balls the GOP has become. They will stoop as low as they have to just to insure that this president has as tough a time of it as they can possibly inflict on him. Too bad these good ole bois are not up to the intelligence level of this president. Their ideas that he can’t be as smart as these relics of the Old South are going to be the ruin of the GOP. They prove every single day just how little they respect the rights of Americans when their party “principles” come before their duty to the greater good of ALL Americans.

    • There has got to be a way to end the republican B.S. Folks are beginning to hate the gop as much as the gop hates Obama. It is not working for America as America pays the price.

    • your fervor is a much needed commodity in the war against the industrial and financial giants. Their ” gilded Age” philosophy however, should under no circumstance ,be underestimated . This process of destruction and ultimately control of middle America began with Reagan and has continued over the past 30 years. The republican party has thru massive redistricting managed to affect the political outcome in many states across the nation. States like Texas , Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Florida have enacted legislation designed by A.L.E.C. These programs include 1]. The undermining of Both public and private Unions , whose voice is the voice of the people.2]. the voter suppression laws and the stand your ground laws , both of which affect the middle and poor classes of Americans in a detrimental manner. 3]. economic obstructionism , designed to put the burden of spending cuts and services reduction on the backs of the middle class 4]. the usage of fear tactics in their misinformation attack on gun control ,by falsely claiming that the government wants to take all Americans 2nd amendment rights, { see Alex Jones and Wayne LaPierre } ,when the real goal is to try and make America safer from massacres like Newtown. These Ideas and programs have been under way for 30years thru a massive and effective misinformation program. The only way to combat this ideas is thru education and an effective and questioning media to expose these shadow concepts for what they really are.

  10. The Tea Party part of the GOP act like a bunch of spoiled kids, if they don’t get their way they’ll hold their breathe.

  11. The Republican Cartel, which includes the Tea Party, does not give a damn about the U S A, they bigotly only care about holding power for themselves, therefore they will take the nation up to and over the brink, reality be damned.

  12. President isn’t spending the money; Congress is, then refusing to pay the bills they’ve incurred if refusing the Debt Ceiling increase. And such namecalling shows extreme immaturity and one ruled by emotion vs. intellect.

  13. Some states do have citizen panels who submit redistricting proposals. They seem to be working much better than the noncontiguous gerrymandering done in most other states.

    • Today we have G.I.S., or Geographic Information Systems, in every state and most populated areas that can assemble legislative boundaries with the click of a mouse and no regard for political preference. It’s the only way to abolish gerrymandering.

  14. If they close down the government -They are not working right?= There fore WE THE PEOPLE WHO PAY TAXES WHICH COVER THEIR SALARIES – HEALTH CARE – PENSIONS -ETC…..SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY THEM ANYTHING – PEOPLE ON STRIKE do not get paid……. its bad enought that they get to up their salaries without our approval —- disgusting….

  15. If they cause a government shutdown they will go the way of Newt G and loose the house for once and for all. The tealiban governors are are causing greif in the purple states like Michigan, and will be thrown out along with the tealiban state elected officials and then the gerrymandering will be reversed. The US House not giving Sandy aid will make it hard for right wing republicans to get elected in damaged states. Soon the entire NE will be democrat, since NJ republican house members were cited in a state paper as being wimps and not staning up for the state because they don’t want to get Boehner angry with them. Ohio too sent a message by going for Obama. The republican message of smaller govt dosen’t play well in states with high unemployment and or a disaster. Tell the Ohio voter you were against the auto industry bailout and see what happens. If they keep up their antics, the republican party will only be a force in the old confederacy, and parts of the southwest

  16. I am so tired of those Republicans and their threats. I am so glad President Obama was re-elected or we would be in a REAL mess!

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