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Sunday, October 23, 2016

If there is any single statement that ought to gratify Eric Holder as he stepped down today, it was the response of Ethel Kennedy. Referring to her late husband, who served as Attorney General during the civil rights era, Mrs. Kennedy said:

“Eric Holder has vigilantly defended an ideal Bobby strongly believed — that the Justice Department must deliver justice for all Americans. Especially our most vulnerable, who live in the very communities where justice can be hardest to find.”

That is the essential point of David Nather’s thoughtful retrospective in Politico – which notes Holder’s history of conflict with the Republican-led Congress, including a contempt citation that “will never be totally erased from his record.” But why should he care about that? Considering the authors, none of whom would be fit to carry his briefcase, it is nothing less than a badge of honor.

AFP Photo/Alex Wong

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  • joe schmo

    Phewy!…..And good riddance to that prejudice son of a gun. My only hope is that we don’t get some young whippersnapper in as top cop who has even more of an agenda on his hands for the next 2 years.

  • 1standlastword

    I just heard a fitting expose on NPR that fits my frustration with Eric Holder’s term: Marco Worman said: This is the list of Wall Street financial officers prosecuted by Eric Holder…” then played the sound of crickets. Adios Eric and thanks for nothing of real substance!!

    • Holder has done plenty. He has promoted racism more than the KKK ever did. He has been the attack dog of the Emperor, doing his bidding, He should be in jail, with the rest of the regime. His leaving is just another political move by the regime.

  • sigrid28

    The power of Eric Holder’s threat to those who would stand in the way of social justice can be judged by the ferocity of the attacks he has endured while playing a key role in President Obama’s administration, from the beginning. If he had done nothing, like the place holders appointed by George W. Bush, then you would have heard the sound of critics coming from the president’s avowed enemies. He put them on notice that he would not be intimidated while restoring the credibility of the Department of Justice including beginning the complex process of addressing egregious inequalities it will take decades to eradicate. Even his stepping down may be a personal sacrifice, to protect the office itself from the damage that could be done if a Republican dominated Senate refuses to approve the president’s nominee. I hope he is going on to a new role of service to the country, perhaps Supreme Court Justice if a position opens up during the remainder of President Obama’s term or during the next administration. We have in Eric Holder a person who takes pride in his service to the nation no matter what position he may hold.

  • Paul Bass

    Despite the views of the 3 trolls down below, or maybe their views are proof of his service. Eric Holder has been the finest Attorney General since Robert Kennedy.

    • joe schmo

      Really….since when is an Attorney General bias, bigoted and political? Isn’t he supposed to look out for the welfare of the entire United States.

      Try reading the article below. It may shine some light on what the problem is with legal bias…..

    • 1standlastword

      No trolling here Paul. Holder played softball with the two most critical crisis events of our modern history: The Iraq Invasion and the Financial Crisis…
      Rule of law and accountability were suspended for white collar criminals in the case of too-big-to-go-jail Wall Street financiers and the architects of the American Invasion of Iraq should have been brought to account.
      Holder could have restored public faith and credibility, globally, in government and the Obama administration had he acted more robustly against the popular acrimony against Wall Street. Occupy was an opportunity MISSED! And some meaningful gestures to shift Iraq from Obama to were it belonged might have preserved much of the progressive support Obama has lost.
      You could say Holder’s sitting on his hands actually helped modern republicans distort Obama’s legacy

  • Lovebandit

    Twenty-one house DEMOCRATS joined the Republicans in finding Holder in CONTEMPT of Congress. That’s good enough for me. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!