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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Even Fox & Friends Doesn’t Buy The Latest Benghazi Conspiracy

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You know your conspiracy theory is on its last legs when even Fox & Friends deems it too silly to go unquestioned.

On Monday, the morning show hosted cable news all-star Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), for his latest in a long string of attempts to prove that the U.S. government engaged in a massive cover-up of the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya. Although hosts Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade are normally happy to promote a good conspiracy theory — for example, they recently seriously questioned whether or not NBC is replacing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show because he made a joke about President Obama — even they’re fed up with Chaffetz’s unsupported claims that “we were certainly misled every step of the way.”

“Are you saying that admirals Pickering and Mullen are complicit because they did the review board?” Kilmeade asked of Chaffetz’s suggestion that the government manipulated the findings of the Accountability Review Board report on the attack. “Are you saying that the CIA is complicit because they allowed their talking points to be edited?”

“What were they trying to cover up?” Doocy asked.

“You had the former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta — who was revered by both sides of the fence — coming out and saying, ‘Hey, we couldn’t have gotten anybody there.’ So you have him on the line. You have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, President Obama, Admiral Mullen. Would all of these people go to bat just to get President Obama re-elected?” Carlson asked.

Chaffetz failed to offer up much of an answer to any of these questions, instead assuring the hosts that his investigation would eventually uncover all of the answers.

Chaffetz will no doubt continue to travel the cable news circuit warning of a cover-up. But when you’ve even lost Fox & Friends, the game is pretty much over.

Hat-tip: Think Progress

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  • JDavidS

    Once again… when you’re too crazy for Faux Noise that’s gotta tell you something.

  • RobertSeattle

    Ambassador 101 in a dangerous region – always be asking for more security no matter what.

  • elw

    What a waste of time and money.

  • ococoob

    Chaffetz, can we get on the issue of JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!??

  • watch the hearings wednesday when the whisteblowers testify.. Obama, Hillary, Naplitano and right on down the line are guilty of murder in these deaths.. they lied, covered up, threatened, and could have stopped these deaths.. you damned fools blindly follow these pieces of shit in the whitehouse they need to be tried for treason and murder

    • metrognome3830

      Yes, they can try them right after they try Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et. al. for treason and murder.

      • cats33

        Obama is the one being tried tomorrow, not Bush

        • metrognome3830

          Neither is being “tried” cats. They are called hearings, not trials. The fact Bush has never faced a trial is simply a miscarriage of justice. I will wait to hear the results of testimony at the hearings before I decide if I think Obama should be tried. I have no doubts that George Bush should have been.

          • idamag

            I bet cats33 wasn’t out there on the front lines, in Iraq, supporting Bush’s war.

          • plc97477

            Bush has been tried. Another country tried and found him guilty of war crimes. He can not travel far from our shores because of that.

    • If any president should ever be tried for treason and/or murder, it should be George W. Bush who lied to Congress, the American people, the United Nations and all the “allies” we had in going to war with Iraq. We had more soldiers killed in that war than all the people who were killed on 9/11 and still an unknown number of innocent Iraqi citizens which have made even more of them hate us now. Also, even more who have wounds that we will be paying for in health care and veteran’s benefits for the rest of their lives (I don’t begrudge the vets who will be receiving these treatments and getting the benefits–just saying they would not have been necessary had we not been led to believe the lies of GWB.) We have lost credibility in the Mid-East and made it a more dangerous place than it was before for us not to mention pushing gasoline prices thru the roof for now on it seems. Four people killed in a raid disguised by a riot on the same day another riot was ensuing in Egypt are nothing compared to what Bush and his administration did to this country and the effects it continues to have on us now and for the foreseeable future.

      I hope they do get to the bottom of what really happened that night in Benghazi and what could and couldn’t have been done. Even who had the authority to do anything that wasn’t done and why they didn’t. Sometimes the why saves more lives than were taken that night. If the whole truth is ever revealed, my bet is that the right wingers won’t like what it is and shown to be just how idiotic they were to question it. Even if it turns out that something might have been done to save the lives of those killed that night; how many others would have lost their lives in doing so, and how many innocent citizens of Libya might have been killed, too? Sometimes decisions involving the loss of lives by our leaders and those of other countries, too, come down on the least number of deaths for the actions taken.

    • ralphkr

      You are correct, Bailey, the administration is the reason for the the deaths at Benghazi because all they would have had to do was station a company or 2 of marines at Benghazi and they would probably have been able to hold of the attackers. Oh, wait, we don’t have enough marines to protect EVERY Embassy and Consulate in at risk countries against attack and, even more important, the REPUBLICANS cut funding for security at diplomatic posts. OK, let us line up all the Republicans for execution that voted to allow our diplomats to be killed.

      • cats33

        Obama and Hillary are murderers!!

      • donna brown

        Obama spends money how ever he wants too, he gives over a million dollars every MONTH to a muslim president.. he sent Egypt 250 million AFTER sequester.. if they wanted to protect , he could have… He is throwing all our money to Alquada and muslim gov. run by terroisits… Republicans r mostly spineless idiots too but he uses them to blame when he throws billions away where ever he chooses.. wont feed our soldiers, starving elderly and disabled.. Obama is all propaganda…and lies. In one year he spent 1.4 billion in vacations for him and his family!He is ever so wasteful with our money and doesnt put it to proper use…

        • ralphkr

          Fascinating theory, donna, but I suggest you learn something about the Federal Government of the United States. The President can propose how money should be spent BUT Congress has final control of what the budget (where money goes) shall be and Congress is currently controlled by the Republicans in the House. Unlike Governors in some states our President does not have the power to red-line portions of a Congressional Budget and is restricted to either sign or veto a budget and his veto can be overridden by Congress.

          • donna brown

            He excutive orders, he does what he wants tooo.. he dont ask….the congress gets upset with him

          • idamag

            Right. Congress controls the purse strings. One thing Congress has done in the past is to withhold funds from a bill that had been passed. However, these neo Nazi whack jobs are not the brightest people on the planet.

      • InsideEye

        Everyone should then be lined up and shot including o’Bama , since they all signed for it

        • ralphkr

          Signed for it??? What was “it” that they all signed for, InsideEye?

          • InsideEye

            The Sequester, cut funding ???nothing was cut. Security situations are always off budget and should be, can be, since we are the worlds’ standard and have the money printing press. National interests should never be a second thought. we should have gone in and got our guys….plain and simple I would have gone back for you.

          • ralphkr

            I agree that The Sequester is actually increasing government spending but I did not notice anyone posting about The Sequester. You are mistaken that security is off-budget as funding for security is always on-budget. However, funding for covert and/or illegal operations is hidden under other expenses such as super expensive toilet seats and wrenches.

            I do believe that we did attempt to go in and get our guys in 1980 but the military botched it by using aircraft not set up for the conditions in Iran. After all, any A&E will tell you that it is not a good idea to take an aircraft from an Arctic area to a high temp, blowing sand area (or vice versa) without making suitable modifications.

            If you are speaking of Benghazi I would like to point out that the CIA group attempted to retake the Consulate within an hour of the original attack and lost 10 of our Libyan soldiers in the attempt. After all the fighting subsided looters discovered Ambassador Stevens and rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. About midnight the relief group from Tripoli arrived at the Benghazi airport, linked up with Libyan troops and proceeded to the CIA compound where they were ambushed by an organized, well armed militia but they were able to rescue over 30 of our people and transported them to Tripoli. So, yeah, our people did go in and “got our guys” (at the cost of some of the rescuer’s lives).

          • InsideEye

            Thanks for the reply, I hope all of these facts come to light. I agree that certainly AEs would have known to prepare us for desert conditions … …but I thought we were always playing contingency war games …and should be ready in these real time situations. Seems there must have been more clandestine operations going on here, we should be more direct in our operations…go in do the job and get out…no undercover stuff.

          • plc97477

            I don’t think anyone was trying to stop you. Why didn’t you go get them?

          • InsideEye

            They are dead , if I were there I would have done so.

  • CrankyToo

    An open message to Representative Jason Chaffetz:

    With all due respect, sir, you’re a f**king moron and you ought to STFU. Sorry, but that’s all the respect you’re due…

    • plc97477

      I’m not sure that that may be more than he deserves. Thanks for the chuckle.

  • idamag

    My theory on the Benghazi so called obsession by Issa, the nut who started out with vitriolic accusations on his first week in Congress: Karl Rove’s money is behind this. He used to be a leader maker. He bought, cheated and stole one presidency. He is afraid that if Hilary runs she will be a hard person to beat. Especially with what the Republican Party has to offer. He must start his whispering campaign against her early.

  • existanceonly

    All you liberal sister boys pull your socks up because IRS little dandy is going to sink your little god. He has told so many different lies now that he cant remember them. Hillary is toast and always has been. She s not as much of a liar as Obama but pretty close