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Monday, October 24, 2016

On Friday, the House of Representatives will join the Senate on recess, leaving the 113th Congress on pace to be one of the most ineffective in history.

Its reputation for inaction is well earned. As the Pew Research Center’s Drew DeSilver points out, as of Wednesday this Congress has passed just 142 laws — fewer than any of its recent predecessors did in their first 19 months.

And Congress isn’t just failing to act on major iniatives, like gun, immigration, or tax reform. It’s also passed fewer ceremonial bills — think post office renamings, or commemorative coin authorizations — than any of its predecessors in the past 16 years.

Pew Productivity Chart

As House Republicans demonstrated this week, even doing nothing has become exceedingly difficult for this group. Republican leaders were forced to pull their immigration bill from the floor without a vote on Thursday, after failing to collect enough votes for it from within their own caucus. This, despite the fact that the bill has no chance of ever becoming law, and is — by House Republicans’ own admission — substantively useless.

After allowing the most right-wing Republicans to order from a menu of changes, it appears that the House will be able to pass its message bill on Friday. But as long as the Republican majority is filled with “a lot of members who just don’t want to vote for anything,” as Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) put it, Congress will continue to struggle to pass many actual laws.

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  • Sand_Cat

    Given what the GOP wanted to do, maybe it’s for the best.

  • Dominick Vila

    Calling this Congress a “do nothing Congress” is only accurate when it comes to doing the things most Americans expect our elected officials to do, but it is not true when it comes to obstruct, trying to dismantle or undermine programs that benefit the middle class and the poor, and engaging in partisan efforts to attack the opposition using taxpayers monies collected to improve our standard of living and protect our interests.

    • joe schmo

      It depends on the Americans. The Conservatives are upset that they don’t fight your side more. I guess they want Obama to sink his own ship and that is just what he is doing.

      • Dominick Vila

        Judging by the strength of our economy and corporations, and by his job creation record, he may have to review the records related to the sinking of the Maine to figure out how to scuttle this ship called the USA, which is sailing just fine in spite of what the GOP-TP want us to believe..

        • joe schmo

          LOL…we shall see Dominick….we shall see…..

          • … but in the meantime, we need to elect a Congress that respects & upholds the Constitution & enlighten a public towards getting educated, sophisticated even, enough to know the difference & start voting like it. The problem isn’t Obama – but rather US! We didn’t give him what he needed in 2010 – a Democratic Congress & Senate. We’re paying the price – not the President. Conservative voters have it the toughest, b/c it’s THEIR representatives who are hurting them & us Liberal/Progressives!!! They’re crazier as a result – obviously! I expected this when the 2010 & 2012 election results were final. Conservative voters are the only one’s on the ever-sinking ship of doom. Leave it to ’em. As for me, I’ll stick w/the USS Ship of State, that at the very least, has a ‘floating’ chance than what conservative voters are ‘sailing’ on…

          • joe schmo

            Comrad, you have stated your case. You win. A one party system is all I can see from here on out. Maybe that is what the Conservative representative sees because they are certainly not looking after their base (we don’t think like they do) but these psuedo Conservatives keep getting voted in. Must not be very many heart-felt Americans left. Yes, the USS Constitution, USS Amendments and USS Christians are sinking. The world is changing. It’s a grand design isn’t it being run by the Global elitists who only care about one thing. Greed which is being attained of your foolish liberal backs. Culling out the herds sending into them into servitude. Gosh I thought slavery ended. I guess it is kind of a reverse slavery. Ummm, go ahead sell yourself down the drain and take us with you. We are already gone. 250 years. Tragic….. Rome lasted 2000 years and ended in decadence just like the U.S. Good luck with that. You just keep sailing on that ship towards Marxism. I WILL be an I opening experience for you. I already know what it is like:) No thanks!

      • Sand_Cat

        Guess you expect them to start with the targeted murders, soon.

        • joe schmo

          No Sand_Cat just like the impeachment thing. It is your side that is causing the stir. The Conservatives have no desire to Impeach Obama nor use force. It is your sides way of saber rattling…..

          • MJRinPA

            “The Conservatives have no desire to Impeach Obama nor use force…” Can you say that again with a straight face. Because we can list all the Republican/Tea Party/ Ultra conservatives who have called for Obama’s impeachment.
            We have the Internet and we know how to use Google.

  • paulyz

    This is the “extreme, radical bill” the Republican House passed, only to
    have Obama state even if it passes the Senate, he will VETO it. This bill, for
    far less than the $3.7 BILLION Obama claims he needed, would actually solve the
    problem of tens of thousands of people walking into our Country, why Obama &
    the Democrats Oppose it. They want the flow to continue! This was a very good
    The House voted 223-189 on Friday to pass a $694 million emergency funding bill
    addressing the humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. The GOP bill –
    which has virtually no chance to become law – also changes a 2008 trafficking
    law that has made it more difficult to deport children from countries other than
    Canada and Mexico and calls for additional National Guard units on the border.
    A Congress isn’t judged by MANY bills it passes, but by how they help the Country & not get deeper in debt.

    • Taz202

      Pauly, this bill also eliminates the Dream Act that protects illegals brought here as children and gives them a pathway to citizenship. The people coming from Central America are refugees seeking asylum from violence – not merely immigrants looking for a better life. They deserve due process under the 2008 law, which the House Bill will also eliminate. There are approximately 5,000,000 refugees in the world today (middle east mostly) and we pressure countries to take them in; now we’re balking about taking in 50,000 from Central America? Shame on us!

      • idamag

        Just like when we turned the St. Louis back to Germany and 900 people went to the gas chambers, shame on us.

      • KDJ54

        you are so right. I am tired to the depths of my soul with the Christian right-conservative movement which wraps itself in the flag and the claims Jesus as its leader, while at the same time throwing little kids back into an environment which will more likely than not kill them or turn them into criminals. These are the same individuals who rail against Muslims, but yet Jordan and Lebanon countries, which do not have the resources we have, have taken in thousands upon thousands of refugees from the Syria Civil War. We should be so ashamed of ourselves that we should send this bunch of congressmen packing as quickly as we can.

      • 1standlastword

        Paulyz might not know that that Dreamers most likely won’t vote Republican and that is the reason they are in the crosshairs of Tea Bigots

        And to state that is not to lay claim that it is the democrats who want to exploit some manufactured advantage but more to honor an American principle (that is fading for brownskins) that we welcome those seeking a better life and in doing so we profit immensely

    • WhutHeSaid

      This is a bigot-bill, and has no hope of ever becoming law. The only reason it was passed was because the vile and despicable Tea Bigots in the House didn’t want to go back home and face their goober voters having failed to vote on their own bill on the previous day.

      There isn’t ONE THING that the vile and despicable Tea Bigots have done to help this country. All they’ve done is waste the taxpayers time and money voting on useless bills that have no chance of ever becoming law, repealing Obamacare more often than they change their underwear, and shutting down the government to hurt the American economy.

      Love America: Slap a Tea Bigot.

    • highpckts

      Right! And this may be the ONLY bill they passed that’s works for them, no one else!! They have done NOTHING worth a crap but waste money!!

  • browninghipower

    Fucking traitors

    • joe schmo

      Really goes your way….. You are the people who want to transform the Constitution and Amendments.

      This was a contribution from a site I frequent. It says it all….

      “The UNITED States of America will be transformed into the DIVIDED
      States of America?” I think we’re ALREADY divided and have been for
      quite some time now. But we probably haven’t seen anything yet compared
      to what it’s going to be like. Even Ben Franklin had his doubts if the country
      would last. At the close of the Constitutional Convention when leaving
      after the final day of deliberation he was asked, “Sir, what have you
      given us.. a Republic or a Monarchy? He responded, “A Republic, if you
      can keep it.”

      You see the scales are not supposed to shift too far to the right or left. Right now they are on the verge of tipping over on the Leftist side….. We are not the traitors… are… It’s fundamental change alright. Of the worst Communist kind. I think Franklin’s prediction was correct…..

      • browninghipower

        Tipping over to the Leftist Side? What the fuck planet are you inhabiting, asshole? The Leftists Side? Oh puhleeeeze. You’re a fucking traitor becdause you and your ilk would have us continue down the road to fascism and theocracy. But you’re too stupid and blind to see it. That’s how you lose the Republic. What the fuck are you drinking? You seem to be able to construct a sentence, but I am stunned that you believe the drivel you have penned. Please, live in Iran or Somalia. Just get the fuck out of my beloved America before you and your right wing scum destroy it. Fuck off. Tipping to the leftist side….oh brudder!!!

        • idamag

          Did you ever read, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich?” First, the propagandists had to tell the German people that their government was their enemy. It was sad because Germany had a democracy to be emulated before that.

        • angelsinca

          You and your goons have had the past 6 years to show us all how fucked up things can become. Nice job. You win. Everyone else loses, big time.

          • browninghipower

            Typical whiney bullshit, moron. How convenient that you forget the gop 100% obstruction. go away and masturbate to Beck, Limbaugh, or whomever you fantasize about.

          • angelsinca

            Yes, you are as repugnant as most rabid liberals portray themselves. Go kick an ex-president again. Maybe another liberal talking point will fall out.

  • idamag

    Even thought it is the greatest waste of taxpayer dollars, as stupid as they are, it is safer if they do nothing.

  • AlfredSonny

    Is it possible to have a class lawsuit against Republicans for wasting our taxpayer dollars?

    • Billie

      Probably could if we had worlds of money. Thing is we don’t have the resources that the republicans have for all the legalese that we would need.

      • joe schmo

        That’s why your side lost the purse strings. Liberals just seem to have sticky fingers when it comes to spending all that taxpayer money on wasteful issues.

        • charleo1

          On wasteful issues like the Iraq War? The bank bailouts? The economy, “voted,” on Bush tax policy by collapsing. What else do you want the Right Wing to support? Being for tax breaks for corporations, and against everything else, is not much of a platform in my book. Looking at a situation where 400 of the richest people control more money than the entire bottom half, and asserting the 400 need the relief, just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Until you factor in only 650 people pledged the maximum in campaign donations, and 80% of that went to the Republicans. When a Middle Class standard of living now costs $140,000 a year, and the average income is $50,000. What do you think is going on? The Bolsheviks are taking over?

          • 1standlastword

            Charleo, it’s not hard to understand Schmo. He and his ilk feel warm and fuzzy letting the 1% ers steal ours and their money as opposed to investing it in welfare of middle class, working class and poor Americans (their neighbors, friends and family)
            They have faith that they will someday gain a bigger return on their investments in GE, Hell-a-burton, Wall Street etc.
            You see we don’t (or I don’t) have to care what they say when I understand what moves them. If more of the progressive types got their pins in a row these guys would have to go back into their caves!

          • joe schmo

            Huh, we no longer are the 1% or have you forgotten?

            Read it and weep:


            News for you we are against outsourcing but we are not only against work leaving the country we are also for lowering of Corporate taxes and regulations….

            Back in our caves….LOL Not us….we are getting mighty tired of being pinned to the wall. Fact is you never state any facts. Just like Peloser, your losing it….


            Marino is soooo on target:)

          • Sand_Cat

            Yes, you prefer slavery right here at home to relying on it overseas. :>)

          • Sand_Cat

            He thinks Bush is a “liberal,” so you can’t criticize him for Bush’s stupidity.

          • charleo1

            I would like to see space aliens land in the middle of
            a T-Party rally and say, “Take us to your leader, so we may come to understand the type of gov. you
            have devised.

          • joe schmo

            I would like to see violent space aliens land in the middle of America. You wouldn’t see more humans scramble together to help each other out no matter what side they are on. We are so foolish and yet immature.

          • Sand_Cat

            Yes, desperation and outside attack make for strange bedfellows. Unfortunately, if the aliens were defeated, we’d be at each others’ throats within the year.

          • Sand_Cat

            You mean the Tea Partiers aren’t space aliens?

          • idamag

            No, they are subversive fascists.

          • idamag

            Don’t forget the deregulations.

        • dpaano

          It’s interesting, Joe, that if you research this, it’s the
          Republicans who have always spent the most money while in power. After all, look how much of our taxpayer money they’ve wasted by trying to vote against the ACA… they want to spend MORE of our money to “sue” the president! What about using some of this taxpayer money to fix our infrastructure, which would give people jobs and help keep our roads, bridges, etc. from falling apart and injuring people! Talk about wasteful issues….the House has been wasting taxpayer money just by sitting in their seats and doing NOTHING!

      • dpaano

        And that’s just the way they like it!!!

    • … but why waste even more time & money? Lets simply educate conservative voters on the merits – the real – not fictionalized – benefits of our Constitutional system & that, in spite of being racist, sexist, or (brokenly impoverished as they’ve become voting conservative!!!) class biased against THEIR OWN CLASS, they can have a far better quality of living electing a person to Congress that will work – not TALK – on their behalf & earn the money we pay them when sending them to DC… That’s far more economical, in terms of both time & money…

  • booker25

    Do nothing by design, scheduling 112 days for the year, now that is a feat in itself!! And the scheduler?? Cantor who got beat in his own primary, couldn’t of happen to a nicer guy, LOL!! He deserved to get beat the freaking loser.

  • joe schmo

    This is because you didn’t get your way, again. Like the good little socialists that they are….the Senate recessed early…….LOL No money for the babies…. Better open up that 1% pocket book. It’s going to get more expensive:)

  • howa4x

    The tea party wants to end government as we know it and the congress is just doing it’s bidding. TP runs on less to very little government and that’s exactly what you see. They want no restrictions on corporations, even those that protect workers and the environment, they refuse to support infrastructure rebuilding, want states rights over federal laws, unrestricted access to guns, and are against any safeguards for women’s reproductive rights, protection of minority rights or LBGT rights. They want expanded religious rights and act more like the Taliban than an American political party. Eventually the republican party will represent the unpopulated areas and the rest will have democratic representation. Once a few more democrats take over state government we will have an end to gerrymandering and that will spell the end of the GOP

    • midway54

      Bruce Bartlett, a White House counsel in both the Reagan and the George HW Bush administrations, was a guest a couple of weeks or so ago in a televised interview segment to comment on the topic of the current status of the Tea Party. He said that the Party is one of morons (he repeated that yes, he had said morons) and added that those in the Party who are speaking to the issues know little of what they are talking about. I certainly agree with him as must do millions of us. I recall the first time I saw a large group of this crowd assembled to make noise, equipped with signs variously showing Obama’s face in photographs wearing Muslim headgear, with a Hitler style mustache, with horns on his head, and displaying other signs saying “He lies!” I commented to others in the automobile as we rode past slowly that these characters were all behaving just as the gleeful plutocrats and their political stooges desired. This was in the early days of this crowd .and it was soon reported in both the main and alternate media that they were being financed by the usual suspects, the Koch Boys and the rightwing propaganda tanks and were being called the Tea Party. As morons and dupes they were too ignorant to realize that they were only pawns of our plutocracy…and they still are, even as they continue to send shameless right wing lunatics to the House and Senate whose successful mission has been to obstruct and bring the legislative branch of the government to a halt.

      • 1standlastword

        It’s the law of the jungle and a sign how near our civilization is to decay

        • midway54

          Unfortunately, you are correct. I don’t think it hyperbolic to say that our constitutional republic is almost gone thanks to the vise grip of our Gilded Age II Plutocracy derived from its influential billions being spent on our political, media, financial, and governmental institutions and its respective supporting actors.

      • dpaano

        As I’ve said many times, the Tea Party and the GOP rule by lies and fear, and the un-educated are easily led!

        • midway54

          Yes, as shown by the posts from several dupes herein parroting rightwing rot distributed by some crackpot organization or broadcaster.

    • Dominick Vila

      This legal opinion offers a glimpse into what is behind Boehner’s lawsuit:
      “Standing of
      Members of Congress.—The lower federal courts have of late developed a body
      of law with respect to the standing of Members of
      Congress, as Members, to bring court actions, usually to
      challenge actions of the executive branch. Most of the law
      has developed in the District of Columbia Circuit,387
      and the Supreme Court has yet to consider the issue on the
      [p.667]It seems clear that a legislator
      “receives no special consideration in the standing
      inquiry,”389 and that he, along with every
      other person attempting to invoke the aid of a federal
      court, must show “injury in fact” as a predicate to
      standing. What that injury in fact may consist of,
      however, is the basis of the controversy.

      A suit by Members for an injunction against continued
      prosecution of the Indochina war was held maintainable on
      the theory that if the court found the President’s actions
      to be beyond his constitutional authority, the holding
      would have a distinct and significant bearing upon the
      Members’ duties to vote appropriations and other
      supportive legislation and to consider
      impeachment.390 The breadth of this rationale
      was disapproved in subsequent cases. The leading decision
      is Kennedy v. Sampson,391 in which a Member was
      held to have standing to contest the alleged improper use
      of a pocket veto to prevent from becoming law a bill the
      Senator had voted for. Thus, Congressmen were held to have
      a derivative rather than direct interest in protecting
      their votes, which was sufficient for standing purposes,
      when some “legislative disenfranchisement”
      occurred.392 In a comprehensive assessment
      of its position, the Circuit distinguished between (1) a
      diminution in congressional influence resulting from
      executive action that nullifies a specific congressional
      vote or opportunity to vote in an objectively verifiable
      manner, which will constitute injury in fact, and (2) a
      diminution in a legislator’s effectiveness, subjectively
      judged by him, resulting from executive action, such a
      failing to obey a statute, where the plaintiff legislator
      has power to act through the legislative process, in which
      injury in fact does not exist.393 Having thus
      established[p.668]a fairly broad concept
      of Member standing, the Circuit then proceeded to curtail
      it by holding that the equitable discretion of the court
      to deny relief should be exercised in many cases in which
      a Member had standing but in which issues of separation of
      powers, political questions, and other justiciability
      considerations counseled restraint.394 The status of
      this issue thus remains in confusion.”

      • charleo1

        For a Party that often calls for tort reform, and an end to frivolous lawsuits, it’s ironic that they themselves would file the Mother of all such lawsuits. One comedian said they are suing Obama for spilling a cup of hot McDonnald’s coffee in Boehner’s lap. But, it’s even more frivolous, and ridiculous, than that. First they must show standing, then harm, then establish equity. Or, by what means then, in prevailing in the action, they could be made whole, for the supposed harm they must first establish. And in all this, they must present the case with, “clean hands.” That is to show they were not complicit, or in any way contributed to the action. And since they are on record of voting to repeal the entire law 50 or more times. Wherein none of the law would have been enacted. Including the employer mandate, For which they are on record for specifically asking for relief, or delay, prior to the circumstances that actually required it. In other words, asking for the hot coffee to be spilled directly in the Speaker’s lap, before unforeseen events slouched a bit of coffee on the floor. That’s if it can be found any coffee was actually spilled at all. It’s pure dog, and pony. But, it’s also a pacifier stuck in the mouth of a squalling, 50 something year old kid. That wants to see this President lynched with a short rope from a tall tree. And that is what is most disturbing, and frankly embarrassing, of the whole affair. Hopefully our system of jurisprudence has not been infected with the same virus that’s laid the GOP to all time lows.

        • Dominick Vila

          The reason we don’t hear much about tort reform anymore is because the GOP-TP discovered that most of the people engaged in frivolous lawsuits are Republicans!
          There is no doubt in my mind that a large number of Republicans hate Obama because of his ethnicity, but most hate him for the same reason they hated Clinton, their successes are evidence of how wrong Republican policies and ideas are. Acknowledging that the policies put in place by Democrats contributed to economic growth, job creation,a budget surplus, and now significant reductions in deficit spending, are lethal for the GOP. Their efforts to distort the obvious are a sign of desperation by a party that has nothing measurable to offer…other than greed, intolerance, lack of compassion, and hatred that is.

    • 1standlastword

      The Tea Party wants a Dawn of the Planet of the Apes reality for humans!

      On a serous note: Excellent point about the Gerrymander because that spells the absolute end to this EPIC bull$hit!!!!

  • Fairplay4

    If the GOP retains the House in November, We the People can blame no one but ourselves for the consequences.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    The reason Harry Truman called the 80th Congress (1947-1948) the “Do-Nothing Congress” had more to do with the fact that many of the 906 bills they passed that eventually were signed into law were nearly useless and symbolic bills. Very few actually had much, if any, substance to them. So, these past two Congresses have decided to pass very few bills that will be signed so they can say, “well, we passed these important bills that the President won’t sign. Why should we pass more bills that the President won’t sign?”
    I could get into a long diatribe about how GOP arguments are fatally infected with Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda, outright lies, BS and logical fallacies, but I’ll spare the viewing audience an explanation of what they already know (or should know)….

  • Tony Torres

    WE deserve all of this mess! Please,please vote in Nov., if we all get off our asses and vote,there is enough of us (normal) people that we can overcome any of the loonies that vote for the GOP. That is all it would take and we can get rid of most of these so called patriots (Yeah sure!!) that obstruct,belittle POTUS for all the world to see and hear,lie and cheat (voter suppression,anyone?). Vote in Nov!!!!!!

    • Taz202

      Make sure you vote in November! Tell all your friends; I’m trying to enlighten some of mine. Not working so far because they believe Fox & Friends speaks “nothing but the truth – and other networks are afraid of them”.

  • angelsinca

    What’s the point of passing anything if Reid is just going to obstruct Senate consideration for it.

    • Independent1

      More stupidity from the a right-wing wacko. Unlike Boehner, Reid doesn’t have a propensity for wasting money. Despite what you may think, voting on legislation IS NOT FREE!!! In fact, every time Boehner allowed the House of vote on repealing Obamacare, it cost the taxpayers approximately 1.45 million dollars. (Boehner then has allowed the House to basically WASTE about 75 million dollars voting on Obamacare repeals that were also a waste of time.)

      Although the Senate is not as large as the House, taking votes in the Senate when Reid knows before hand that the bill stands little or no chance of being passed, is nothing more THAN A WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY also.

      So Reid is not obstructing anything!! He simply takes preliminary polls of members of the Senate to see if a bill has enough support to even consider voting on it, and unless there’s a strong reason to bring a bill to a vote to actually pass or kill a bill, Reid simply holds off on voting; because if a bill fails and the leader of the Senate (at this point Reid) does not vote Nay on it- that bill is DEAD!!!

      In case you doubt my estimate on what it costs to vote on a bill in t he House, here’s an excerpt from a CBS article from a while back providing those numbers:

      Last year, CBS News calculated that the first 33 votes to repeal health care reform took up approximately 80 hours of floor time from the House, or roughly two weeks. The Congressional Research Service said it costs $24 million to run the House for a week, so the first 33 votes cost taxpayers approximately $48 million. The numbers translate to approximately $1.45 million per vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the House of Representatives.

      • angelsinca

        That’s the stupidest defense ever from the left wing loon.

        • ps0rjl

          I guess facts don’t matter to you angelsinca. Here’s another one for you. The House GOPP is now suing the President for not enforcing all parts of the ACA law fast enough. Yes, the same House that voted 41 times to repeal the ACA. So please when you talk stupid, I think the GOP House has a lock on that.

          • angelsinca

            Sorry you don’t understand how not implementing the law the president swore to uphold is bad for the nation.

          • Taz202

            The President has the right to delay implementation of a bill. Bush did it with Part D of Medicare. So if Obama is guilty of not implementing the law, then Bush was too?

          • dpaano

            TAz: They don’t understand that…..they seemingly forget the Bush/Cheney years and all the illegal things that they did against the Constitution. As I’ve said before, the GOP rules with fear and lies….it’s the ONLY way they get the un-educated to believe them! Bush & Cheney lied about the WMD; they used fear tactics after 9/11 to get the people worried about terrorists, and I could go on and on! They have extremely short memories!

          • dpaano

            The current House is what’s BAD for this nation….do your homework!

        • Independent1

          Really? Would you have rather I focused on the GOP negative side? The fact that Reid is constantly under threat from McConnell to fake filibuster any piece of legislation that makes sense and would move America forward? Or any bill that doesn’t have billions in giveaways to Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agribusiness and others? Or any bill that doesn’t have some budget cuts to social programs, or includes any provisions that would favor the poor and needy??

          Reid is under such constant threat from the GOP to kill any bill that would appear to even remotely help the economy and maybe make Obama look good that he has to over analyze every bill that comes to the Senate or is created by it with a multitude of GOP amendments.

          Just look at how Ted Cruz had the House do to this latest atrocity from the House on immigration. Even the conservative Wall Street Journal lambasted the GOP for creating a monstrosity.

          And that’s another factor, virtually every bill the GOP passes and sends to the Senate is a piece of crap and voted on by a bunch of nitwit Republicans who only know how to act like a bunch of children.

          • angelsinca

            Do-nothing Senate has Reid shelving more than 300 bills; dumb. Defending his fear of filibuster as being ‘too exepensive to vote”; dumber. Companies leaving America because of excessive corporate tax rate; dumbest.

          • Independent1

            More utter nonsense from one of the NM’s leading moronic posters!!! Right up there with Joe Schmuck and Pauly!!!

          • angelsinca

            As one of the more hostile of the liberal elite lining the Memo, how about dropping the personal attack horseshit, and defend Reid’s refusal to bring the 350 bills to a vote. Try to do it without playing the blame-a-republican whack-a-mole.

          • Independent1

            I’m hostile because to be quite honest I’m fed up to my eyeballs with you trolls refusal to realize that the blame does fall with the GOP – you can say it doesn’t but all evidence points to the GOP.

            Here’s Harry’s take on the situation. The references here are for a specific bill but it extrapolates to every idiot bill that comes out of the House. Bills which are convoluted, bills which purposely include provisions members of the House knew beforehand the Senate wouldn’t buy, Bills that include provisions no Democrat would accept, it goes on and on and on for over 300 pieces of UTTER CRAP!! Bills that no sane Democrat or Independent would even consider voting for, so bringing them up for a vote is just plain a waste of time.

            Harry’s take:

            Harry Reid Blames House GOP’s ‘Crazy Ideas’ For Stalled Border Bill

            “I think that if you are focusing on the House, they are going very bad over there because the Republicans can’t agree what they want,” Reid said. “The Democrats aren’t going to support some of their crazy ideas and the Republicans can’t agree which crazy idea they want to put forward. Over here, my caucus is doing just fine.”

            There’s your answer – whether you like it or not. Harry’s not holding up any bills which a sane Democrat or Independent would even consider voting on. And I can give you quotes from the two Independents – Bernie Sanders and Angus King which are far less kind than Harry’s and which basically say the same thing: The Republican nitwits in the House are a bunch of absolute IDIOTS!!!!!!

          • msgwdn

            Nice! You just added fifty bills to your lie.

          • angelsinca
          • Sand_Cat

            So how many Dem bills did Boehner bring to a vote?How many presidential appointments were handled promptly, without efforts to prevent the vote altogether? I guess it’s OK for you guys to stifle the process, but how dare Reid do anything so evil?
            It seems the GOP specializes in trying to prevent voting, both in Congress and in the elections

          • idamag

            And not a list of the bills or why they should have been passed.

          • Independent1

            Exactly!! 300 worthless bills that the House new would not get through the Senate even before Boehner wasted more time and money voting on them. Virtually every one of them contains either proposed, tax cuts, budget cuts to social programs, continuation or increased subsidies to corporations that are already making millions and billions – all provisions that the House new were dead in the water from the gitgo!!

        • dpaano

          Figures you would say that….keep drinking that kool-aid!

  • 1standlastword

    This congress was elected by “Supra-Ultra-Conservative-Americans” to make Obama completely impotent and in that they have failed so they have resorted to a frivolous lawsuit to make an example of Mr. Obama but even in this they can’t be consistent and follow through as demonstrated by Boehner this week on their failure to construct an immigration policy and Boner’s realization of his impotence.

    Ted Cruzin’ for a brusin’ and his Tea Party arsonists believe that doing nothing is superior to doing the “wrong thing/ Obama thing” so they don’t see doing nothing as the wrong thing so by their retarded circular thinking: Doing nothing is right even though doing nothing is wrong for the American people.

    And, if the senate races–which have the statistical potential to go their way, turn out in their favor–we are in for a president who will be stuck with their formula of doing nothing but veto this, veto that!

    We can lay all the blame on the conservative media and conservative money men who figured out a way to exploit populous anger towards “their” own ends.

    What baffles me is what is going to happen if and when they win the WH and their is a democratic congress??!

  • Sandsto7

    I don’t understand why a Congress’ worth is measured by how many laws they pass. Don’t we have enough “laws” on the books now? Isn’t the government up in our business too much already? I would think they would be judged by how many they did away with that are obsolete and stupid, to begin with; change others, and reign in a Prez with a runaway pen. And by THOSE standards, this is still a “do-nothing Congress”.

    • Independent1

      Another misguided comment from a very misguided poster. Sorry, but reducing laws and regulations that are needed to control the greed and evil of the average human is not better. And all you have to do is look at how red states compare to blue states to see that.

      Republicans in many red states have done just what you’re suggesting – they’ve not only cut budgets, they’ve also cut back and simplified the rules that govern how businesses are required to manage their businesses and deal with their employees and customers and what this has resulted in is:

      12 of the 15 states that lead the nation in violence are red states because the GOP has cut back on police protection and the laws which govern who can and who can’t own a gun.

      20 of the 24 states that lead the nation in poverty are red states because nitwit GOP legislators have cut back on the budgets and regulations that previously provided for state services to people that need help.

      11 of the 15 states that lead the nation in infant mortality, babies dying during or just before birth and their 1st birthday because once again they’ve cut programs that provided healthcare to women who couldn’t afford it without state help.

      Red states even lead the nation in auto accidents/million mile traveled because they’ve reduced police to patrol traffic simplified the rules associated with who can and can’t drive a car and how safe cars have to be (vehicle checks).

      Red states lead the nation in having polluted environments and work related accidents because they’ve reduce the guidelines controlling how companies must dispose of their polluted materials and provide safety for their workers.

      And I could go on and on and on.