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Friday, January 18, 2019

You may remember Liz Cheney, the daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney and former State Department official. Since her dad left office, she’s spent most of her time defending his legacy and blasting President Obama’s policies, often as a Fox News contributor.

In today’s Republican Party, this apparently qualifies her to run for the U.S. Senate in Wyoming — not Virginia, where she spends much of her time. According to The New York Times, Cheney is considering taking on Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), even if that means facing the 69-year-old incumbent in a primary.

State Republicans fear this race could spell “the destruction of the Republican Party of Wyoming if she decides to run and he runs, too,” said former senator Alan K. Simpson. “It’s a disaster — a divisive, ugly situation — and all it does is open the door for the Democrats for 20 years.”

But opening doors for Democrats has become a tradition for the Cheney family.

Former speechwriter for President Obama and creator of NBC’s 1600 Penn, Jon Lovett, used Twitter to give a quick introductory course on Liz Cheney that nicely sums up who she is in exactly 10 tweets.

Check it out:









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12 responses to “Everything You Need To Know About A Possible Liz Cheney Senate Run”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    If this is the GOP’s answer to Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, all I have to say is bring it on!

  2. docb says:

    She has lived outside Wy for decades, her husband is the guy that helped deregulate the Fertilizer business-think West, Tx, and she is a bigger liar and nasty as her father..

    She has never had a job that Daddy did not get her..disaster walking!

    • idamag says:

      Absolutely. I hope those people out there in those wide-open spaces have more sense than to send another cheney to Washington. She is one of the most hateful people I have ever heard.

      • midway54 says:

        Don’t count on it. It’s a region that generally is dedicated to sending rightwing nut cases to Washington and to adoring Rove and Limbaugh.

  3. Mary Ann Hoogeveen says:

    We need another Cheney as much as we need another Bush!

  4. stcroixcarp says:

    Is she the gay daughter?

    • Lovefacts says:

      No, That’s Mary. She married her partner June 2012 in Washington DC. They have two children. While she’s been a close political confidant of her father–with the exception of the 2000 campaign–she doesn’t usually speak publically.

  5. Lovefacts says:

    Liz is a loud mouth extremist. She’s never done a days work that hasn’t been due to her father’s influence. She also spews the t-party rhetoric and Obama hatred. Oh yeah, hating Obama’s part of the t-party’s reason for existence. Should she run, Wyoming better buckle in because it will one of the ugliest and most expensive races in the U.S. Should she win, God help us all.

  6. midway54 says:

    She will bring to the job experience in deciding where and to what extent our perpetual war activity and its perpetual profit (to guys like Daddy and his disgusting cronies) and in formulating the attacks on dissenters and maybe even exposing another CIA agent in the process a la Daddy and his henchmen. It is obvious from this Cheney daughter spectacle that the plutocracy has no limits to its effort to elect a large number of flunkies in the Senate and House.

  7. browninghipower says:

    I shake my head at the pure hatred and bile of this evil person. To quote the schoolmarm from Blazing Saddles, ‘…and in the end, may I say that you are the biggest asshole in the state!’

  8. howa4x says:

    Great the GOP needs some blood letting

  9. Maggie Schafer says:

    Enzi is no bargain in Wyoming either! I hope she does run – the Wyo GOP are a despicable mess of pro gun, wolf killing, pro fracking morons! Worked in Wyo 2 years – the state and their politics are a mess! If Liz can contribute to the demise of the repukes, I will contribute a dollar to her campaign!

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