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Friday, October 28, 2016

Joe Ricketts has decided not to spend $10 million on hate. Good call.

Ricketts is a billionaire, having founded TD Ameritrade, a company that promotes online stock trading by ordinary folks. You’ve seen the commercials on television.

Up until a few days ago, a circle of well-known Republican strategists had been coaching Ricketts to use his wealth to make America hate President Obama.

They’d seen the polls showing that the president is generally well-liked, even by many voters who don’t approve of his economic policies. In the most recent Gallup survey, Obama likeability rating was 60 percent. Some Republicans believe that Mitt Romney, whose likeability ratings are dismal (only 31 percent), has no chance of victory unless Obama’s image is dragged down.

However, unlike Romney, the Ricketts assault team had no misgivings about playing the race card. According to the New York Times, a game plan recently presented to the Ricketts family rather glumly conceded that voters “still aren’t ready to hate this president.”

The challenge, it said, is “to inflame their questions on his character and competency, while allowing themselves to still somewhat ‘like’ the man…..” Yet the scheme was far more ambitious than traditional doubt-sowing. The goal was to portray Obama as a radical black man with radical views of America as extolled by a cranky old minister.

All this was leaked in detail to the Times, and Joe Ricketts wasn’t pleased about that. Nor, one would imagine, were the shareholders of TD Ameritrade.

Not to mention the very diverse fan base of the Chicago Cubs. The team is 95-percent owned by the Ricketts family.

Supervised by a veteran GOP ferret named Fred Davis, the political operatives advised the elder Ricketts to bankroll a media blitz focusing on Obama’s onetime pastor and spiritual adviser, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

Obama publicly severed his ties with the African-American clergyman before the 2008 election, after inflammatory excerpts from Wright’s sermons came to light.

At the time, Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee, refused to let his advisers use Wright’s comments to bash Obama. McCain strongly felt such campaign commercials were inappropriate, and would be viewed as race-baiting. But some of McCain’s advisers, including Fred Davis, felt the Arizona senator had missed a golden opportunity to smear his opponent.

Four years later, they saw another chance with Joe Ricketts. The title of the no-longer-secret proposal: “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama: The Ricketts Plan to End his Spending for Good.”

  • kingkong9950

    The funny thing about Rev Wright. I listened to the entire sermon not just the GD America soundbite. I’m not a fan but someone tell me where he lied or told an untruth in the sermon.

    • William Deutschlander

      They are labeled EVANGELICAL, CONSERVATIVE, REPUBLICAN, GENERATIONAL REPUBLICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CPANY

        Mr. Deutschlander:

        You write like a jerk.

  • dardyl

    I don’t think it was a matter of truth or lie, though I disagreed with what he said. He was condemning America from the pulpit and using his position to spew anti-American philosophy. The issue was the things he was saying and the vulgar ways in which he said them. Obama sitting in his church for TWENTY years, hearing America indicted week after week, caused people to ask themselves exactly how he felt about the country, much less tolerating that behavior in a religious leader during church. Wright was offensive and radical and shocking. He was not nurturing as a religious leader is expected to be, but harsh and negative and judgmental. His portrayal of America was unpatriotic and inflamatory and how did that affect Obama? As it turned out, Obama said he never paid attention to any of that. Wonder what he was thinking of during the rant?

    • William Deutschlander

      Perhaps this jargon moved Obama to take some of the initative he has and concentrate his efforts and policy leadership on preserving DEMOCRACY, by bringing forth medical care provisions for ALL. In doing as much as possible to assist the unemployed, in doing as much as possible to provide neccessities for children and poor, in doing as much as possible to restore economic reality for the middle class and MOST OF ALL SAVING the U S A and the WORLD from the REPUBLICAN GREAT DEPRESSION OF 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      PERHAPS your bias over rides any intelligenc!

      • CPANY

        You’re a jerk and Wright is a piece of garbage.

      • dardyl

        Perhaps Wright damning America is a motivation, but for most people it has the opposite effect. When I saw it I was appalled. I don’t know of many inspirational speakers that instill motivation with such language and condemnation. No other preacher that I know of or coach or psychologist or parent, etc. etc. have I heard who used that method. Perhaps he decided to implement health care and bankrupt the system. Perhaps he wanted to spend until the reality for the middle class has become that they are so bad off that they are a vanishing breed. Their dollar won’t buy near what it used to four years ago. We are in a recession, worse than a depression, and we are not going to save the world and maybe not ourselves. We have all the money in the world because WE have been printing it left and right, but it is losing value every day. He has not erased poverty and never will. It will always be here, the Bible says so. Perhaps he has gotten revenge on America for all the ills he heard about during his church services. We are commanded to love each other and he has about loved us to death. As usual, people like you can’t help calling intelligence, values, character, etc. or calling names into the picture because someone expresses an opinion opposite yours. It sounds like you might be a little biased toward Republicans. That should not prevent you from being objective. I was hopeful that Obama was for positive change, but my dollar is worth less and less, our nation is losing its status, and we are in debt up over our heads. I don’t feel our own President is our best friend. I’m sad.

        • Jimmie1151

          You were appalled by a statement? Were you not appalled by the hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq? The millions dying for lack of decent health care? The massive theft of 700 billion dollars from the economy by the fraud from Wall Street and the banks? President Obama has reduced the debt, reduced the deficit, reduced taxes and you are appalled by a preacher who dared to condemn America for killing innocent people. Your outrage is so narrow and misdirected, it is appalling.

          • dardyl

            I am really appalled by you. Your logic is so narrow it is makes you seem like you can’t make the mental leaps to connect the dots. You said 45,000 people died each year from lack of health care. In your next post you said it was millions. You bring up the deaths in Iraq and yes it is outrageous and sad, but you don’t condemn your own country. We had people dying too, through no fault, but that they were fighting for us. Yes, the banks and Sallie Mae and Freddy Mac and Wall Street, but a Democrat–Barney Frank–was the oversight for that and it happened on his watch. My outrage is against all these circumstances, but with someone who puts himself in the public eye and sets himself up as a role model and influences thousands of people, Wright is woefully lacking. He should be aware and cautious in his approach to answering the woes of the nation. He should promote other behavior and solutions instead of rabble rousing. Say what you will, but his behavior is not constructive in any way.

          • Jimmie1151

            The 45,000 deaths are per year, if you add that up for the three decades , include poor or inadequate care and lack of access and the people who have dropped out of the system for lack of income and soldiers who have been abandoned, the numbers add up. And god bless the soldiers who had to go fight and die in a lying, illegal, war against an unarmed country that did nothing to us. And those same brave soldiers come home to being ignored with diminishing care and resources and no jobs because of deregulation and fraud in the finical system. The Republican deregulation (ending Glass-Stegal) led to mortgage fraud. 80% of all private loans were liar loans where people who were eligible for affordable long term loans were deliberately diverted into toxic exploding short term sub prime loans, it is called fraud! This system was in effect and spreading this poison around the planet long before B. Frank and he didn’t have oversight until the damage had been done. Death, theft, the powerful enriching themselves at the expense of the less powerful, and you are telling Wright to speak a little more carefully? Is that so the corporate lords who rule our government, our media, won’t be upset? I’m appalled that they have so successfully brainwashed people into voting against their own self interest in favor of the rich. God bless Wright and dear god I wish we had thousands more like him. Now go back into the pasture and feast on grass, bahhh, bahhh.

          • dardyl

            I would like you to tell me what the Dems have done to help us. If all you say you believe to be true, then tell what the Dems have done when they were in power that was different. Did they at all contribute to the situation? You also believe that Iran never did anything to the US? Even the world felt Hussain was a thug and criminal, killing his own people. I have to go to the pasture now so I can converse with the other sheep.

          • Jimmie1151

            According to the Congressional Budget office and the U.S. General Accounting Office records, in the last 80 years, the Republicans have outspent and raised more deficits than the Democrats. Yes some Democrat’s did contribute ( mostly blue dog Dems. that vote the majority of the time with Republican’s)Pelosi, as head of the Congress passed over 500 bills ( Boener a half dozen)that would have benefited the working American and reeled in the excesses of big business, that were filibustered and killed in the Senate by the minority Republican’s. Our dispute with Iran began after we over threw their Democracy in 1957 in order to grab their oil ( which they took back after years of brutal dictatorship under our puppet the Shaw). Saddam Hussein was another disciple of the CIA who was a puppet installed by the CIA, He did not become a problem until he decided to take back some disputed oil field with Kuwait. The killing of his people ( who wanted to be a part of their enemy Iran) was not a problem and became a convenient excuse to declare war long, long, after the dirty deed ( See pictures of then friendly Rumsfeld shaking hands after the slaughter). What the world is told and what actually happens can be totally different and the corporations work tirelessly to keep everyone confused and uninformed so they can get that oil. Enjoy you meal.

          • dardyl

            I know about the Saddam thing. I don’t like it, but our history is our history. We are in a shape now, no matter the cause or who did the deed, that we are going to have to concentrate on our nation to make her whole which I fear will be impossible. No matter what, things are always done unethically and that’s the way it is. It is a brutal truth, one which BOTH parties insist on blaming the other. I said there was blame to go around. Of course, in your opinion the rogue Dems are exceptional and went over to the dark side while the majority are pure as the driven snow. We are at an impasse. And I said CONVERSE with the sheep—not eat. No meal to enjoy.

          • Jimmie1151

            The main insecurities and conflicts we are dealing with are all related to “the Saddam Thing” and many more. Marginalizing them only will perpetuate that kind of thing. And yes there are Dino’s ( Dems. in name only) in fact the Democratic party has a big tent with all kinds of views, sometimes opposite. But Republicans march in goose-step, oops, I mean lock step and have come close to ruining our country twice ( now and in 1929), Democrats have not. I do not believe “Democrat’s are pure as driven snow” just half as black as Republican’s.

          • Remember too dardyl that your post is only an opinion and for you may be the truth but many of us see it quite differently.

          • dardyl

            And yours is only opinion and I see it differently. Because this is America, we get to do that. I see so clearly and you are so entrenched, it is impossible for you to be objective. That’s ok. We will have other things to worry about shortly. Maybe we will converse again.

        • Wayne Dawson

          Typical republician, Bush put us in this hole, Obama has been trying to get us out, with no help from the senate or house. Well, who is our best friend, another rich man who could care less about the poor, the working class, the middle class, the ederley should I go on, about another rich kid republician who wants to be the next leader of the free world, thanks to Mr. Obama who, cleaned up the mess, Bush made around the world. So, when Mtt, the Mormon or moron gets in the White House and screws everybody over like the last Republician, you can only blame yourself and other brained washed Republicians, who always votes against thier best intrest. Mr. Wright is no different than the Republicans who is suppose to be doing whats best for the people , not just the rich people, who received tax cuts that were meant to create jobs an stimulate growth, but what happen nothing, they got richer and the everyday working man suffered and is still getting screwed, because the policies of your so called republician party are so entrenched in American, that it will take a revolution to get us away from the hateful, greedy,homo republican party.

          • dardyl

            BOTH parties are to blame. Neither is blameless; there is plenty of blame to go around. And whose fault is it that the senate or house would not pass anything to help Obama out? For the majority of the time, the Dems controlled both. Reid and Pelosi were out there every day promoting their agendas. They were capable of so much more than what they did. The biggest thing accomplished, health care, was done against the majority of the people’s will, but that didn’t stop them, so I’m pretty sure they could have done more, but didn’t. Instead, Obama compounded our debt, and the country has lost its elite standing in the world and we have printed so much money that our dollar has lost in value. We are in a triple mess. I’m just saying that for every Republican held up as a villian, there is a corresponding Democrat.

          • Dardyl the democrats only controlled both houses for 10 months due to the elections being contested in places like Minnesota so I would hardly call this “most of the time”.
            No President did NOT compound the debt and in fact the CBO grants President Obama only $1 trillion and change of the $4trillion the Rove and romney camp love to talk about. Yup your are right our dollar is worthless so just give me all of yours so I can buy a loaf of bread ok? As there are several more Republicans in Congress than Democrats I fail to see how your one for one analogy holds any truth. Thanks for playing though and please pick up a consolation prize on your way out.

          • dardyl

            Very funny! Your dollar goes as far as it ever did? I’d like to know where you shop. In the not too distant future, we will have great worries and will worry little about who is to blame. Remember me when that happens.

    • Jimmie1151

      No, you have misinterpreted what Wright was saying. He condemned American international and domestic policies that victimize the less powerful. The 45,000 people who die annually from lack of health care and after the murderous disaster in Iraq, Wright has been totally vindicated. Wright has been viciously attacked for daring to pull back the curtain and show Americans the legacy of death and corruption. It became much easier to crucify Wright than face the facts.

      • dardyl

        Wright has been a harsh radical rabble rouser. Every speaker has a style and manner in which he orates. Wright’s is ranting and raving and negativeism. He is a terrible role model for others and in his position he should be hypersensitive about that and the power he wields. He means exactly what he says. gd America. The Bible teaches us that mistakes are made and there is room for forgiveness and second chances. I didn’t hear any of that. He is there to tell his flock about God’s plan and Jesus’s teachings. He has an agenda with America and he uses the church to further it. His style is what his parishioners see and hear every week that they attend. If I did that I would not go away feeling uplifted and spiritual. I would feel sad and hopeless. I don’t believe anyone could feel good about America hearing that all the time. America is a wonderful country with a history, BUT every country has a history–some good and some bad. For everyone who believes gd America, I would challenge him to go live in another country and compare the difference. Every nation is made up of humans and humans are not perfect. Nothing on earth is, but condemning and spewing hatred doesn’t even go down the road that is needed to begin to fix the mistakes. I don’t have any regard for Wright nor anyone who would act as he does. It is destructive behavior. I can take the truth of the reality, but to me he is just one more negative force in the mix.

        • Jimmie1151

          The CIA destroyed a legitimate Democracy in Iran (1957) and installed a brutal dictator (Shaw). The CIA destroyed the legitimate Democracy in Chile and installed a murderous dictator (Pinochet ,millions dead). The CIA continually has destroyed the legitimate democracy in Haiti. The U.S. has supported and continues to train and support some of the most brutal, murderous dictators. Go ahead and try to sweep that under a rug and pretend that it is not important. We are paying the price for all that in wars right now. Would Jesus praise America for murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq? Robbing the working people of hundreds of billions from legalized fraud and throwing them out of their homes ? Reverend Wright is zealous in his ministry of calling out the mis justice the powerful are raining down on the meekest among us. But to blatantly ignore the massive abuse of innocent people and the corporate military corruption of our Democracy and gang crucify Wright because he has the audacity to speak truth is inexcusable and a complete denial of the reality and truth. I would gladly take uncomfortable honesty over quiet willful denial . Otherwise we end up like Germany in the thirties when everyone refused to recognize atrocities and punished those who did.

          • dardyl

            I never said to sweep it under the rug and deny reality. However, Wright is not justified doing what he does in church. If he wants to be an activist he should do that outside the church. The whole atmosphere now is to keep church and state separate, but as usual the rules change when it suits. What would you have us do? Shall we surrender to the enemy and call it quits? We can’t undo what’s been done and we must go forward and do better. Do you think Republicans are the only ones who lie? Jesus would definately be against war and what happens in it. However, He would not compound it by continuing to sell us down the river. I agree that we are reaping what we have sewn. Not only what you have named, but the homosexual thing. That is a nation’s demise when it embraces homosexuality. This is another uncomfortable truth that is not acknowledged. You didn’t entertain anything I said in context, but swept me under the rug. Wright may be zealous in his ministry, but by being destructive instead of constructive in his presentation, there is just more tearing down. That is the way I see him.

          • Jimmie1151

            Have you ever been to a right wing fundamentalist church or listened to right wing religious talk radio ( Romney’s Bain capital owns 90% of all radio and right wing talk dominates radio, there are some states that only get right wing radio)? Are you expecting Wright to ignore justice , the very teaching of Jesus? How can you expect Wright to restrain himself with the screaming right wing religious garbage dominating the media 24/7/365?Surrender to enemies? No, but we are fighting and have been fighting enemies of our own creation right now and if you loved your country you would take history a little more seriously. And since you have jumped into the gutter invoking bigotry and prejudice about homosexuality, even the beloved church has acknowledged same sex marriage in the past (Yale history professor John Boswell has discovered that a type of Christian gay marriage did exist as late as the 18th Century. Jesus blessed the gay Centurion and his lover, from Matthew 8:5-13 & Luke 7:1-10)Your bigotry and prejudice exposes that you are too emotionally involved on one side of this issue.Bigotry is always on the losing side of history.

          • dardyl

            You’re killing me Jimmie. I said he couldn’t ignore it, but the church is hardly the place for it. Jesus blessed many sinners. He blessed harlots and thieves. BUT He didn’t approve or condone the behavior. Of course He blessed them, but if they were in sin, He exhorted them to repent and be saved. No where in the scriptures you quoted did it say the Centurion was gay. God says it is an abomination and I believe the Bible. (Romans 1:24-32 especially v.26-27; Leviticus 18: 19-25, especially v.22; Leviticus 20:13; Genesis 19:1-11 especially v. 5-7-9: Judges 19:22-30) If that is crawling into the gutter and being a bigot then I guess I’m a gutter bigot. The Bible sets the standard. A church can not declare approval of something that is opposed to the Bible and if there were gay marriages in the 18th century, they were wrong. All that is man declarations. God does not sanction it and it is repulsive to Him. One thing, you were right to say I am too emotionally involved on one side of this issue. I feel very strongly about it.

          • Jimmie1151

            Jesus did not say ANYTHING about homosexuality and in the ancient world they used a different word for gay. Rgardless the interpretation of relationships with men has been changed many times and just because a half dozen men with different views were preferred int the bible over others doesn’t prove the bible is perfect. Severus of Antioch in the sixth century explained that “we should not separate in speech [st. Serge and st.Bacchus] who were joined in life.” in the definitive 10th century Greek account of their lives. Arbitrary and capricious, The church has been all over the place. And there are plenty of magical supernatural beings that have been around longer and could care less about same sex unions. Keep your to yourself and out of my Democracy.

    • Well when I was in there I just thought about what I was going to have for lunch and what I would do for the rest of the day. I hardly believe tha every sermon for 20 years without one day off as you put it was directed to trashing America. As has been proven elsewhere on this thread Rev. Wright historically spoke the truth in many of his sermons. What I do wonder about though is what was Romney listening to that would make someone baptist the long dead in the mormon faith. Now that is scary.

  • cissy969

    You tell me what you remember after your Minister spoke on Sunday.exactly what you want to hear period and nothing more

    • Jimmie1151

      The fundamentalist right wing is constantly vomiting hateful bigoted BS on television, cable and 90% of talk radio is right wing. No one is demanding they take any responsibility from them or their listeners. So, how come this is expected form President Obama? Because it is a typical, massive, hypocritical double standard , from the right, that has attacked President Obama from the minute he was sworn in. Disgusting.

  • Nom_DeGuerre

    Regardless of what McCain and Romney decided to do with Obama/Wright connection, your logic is at par with stupidity of your readers: just bringing up the facts that Obama for 20 years attended the sermons of America-hater, anti-Semite, black supremacist; called him “like a family”; had him officiate his marriage and baptize his children IS a hate crime while doing all of the above IS… nothing… I am sure that you and all other operators of Obama’s “Ministry of Truth” propaganda machine every day are wondering yourself what else you can gleefully shove down the throats of those “useful idiots”, who are unquestionably gobble any trash you feed them without any sign of puking, or “hating Obama”, as you call it. There were hoards of Stalin-lovers in my native Soviet Union who eventually ended up in his GULAG. The same fate is awaiting all of you in Obama’s re-education camps: in the last 3000 years all dictators first of all beheaded the ones who brought them to power. The likes of me will also die, but with dignity: holding our firearms on barricades. See you in hell.

    • William Deutschlander

      My goodness but you lack any insight into truth or reality!

      • CPANY

        You and Nom de Guerre both write like jerks.

        • Nom_DeGuerre

          I graced Deutchlander with my reply. You don’t deserve such honor.

      • Nom_DeGuerre

        What is not true in my comment?
        a) all or any of Obama’s connections with Wright? Yes. No
        b) doing all of that is OK, but speaking about it loud and clear is not? Yes. No.
        c) the whole mass media, not only Obama’s campaign machine, is in total tank for him? Yes. No.
        d) any questions about my knowledge of the Soviet history? Yes. No.
        e) dispute of other historical precedents (from Uriah Heep to Danton to Che Guevara)? Yes. No.

        The only unproven yet is my readiness to die for my convictions. Do you posses the same for yours?

        • metrognome3830

          That sounds like a threat, Nom_DeGuerre. Nobody is planning to die here. If you are ready to die for your convictions, why didn’t you stay in the Soviet Union and die for your convictions? Why don’t you try answering your own questions, if you can, in a sane and reasonable way. Then maybe people would listen.

          • Nom_DeGuerre

            OK, metrognome3830, here is the comment I promised you. Taking my time of my activity for building election machines for Romney, Allen West, and Adam Hasner here in South Florida is probably not worth it, but I’ll spend a bit of it on giving you some education. First of all, education about America which you so snobby claim for yourself: “Why didn’t you stay in the SU…?” I’ll explain you why.

            “Don’t tread on me” – IS a threat: along with 1.5 million of other American patriots I carried it out on 9/11/09 when we were marching in DC under our yellow flags with that slogan. Don’t bother to report me to FBI: they took plenty of pictures of the participants and I am sure they have multiple views of my smiling face. That’s, BTW, the first lesson to the ones who are saying “Ne-a-ah, that can’t happen in America”: why law abiding citizens exercising their First Amendment rights were photographed? Yes, I agree, there is a difference: KGB would break my arms right away, FBI is definitely much more kind… so far.

            Now, to your suggestion that “nobody is planning to die here”: you know, not always you die in accordance with previously developed and approved by the authorities plan. This is your eternal traditional liberal/pacifists/utopist/statist (I hope, you don’t take those nouns as name calling – they are just descriptions of your ideology) rabbit mistake: If I behave nicely a wolf wouldn’t eat me. FYI: you might be forced to die without being asked whether you planned it, ready for it, or really want it. The rulers who came to power with the help of such well-intentioned folks like you, managed to kill about 200-250 million people in the 20th century alone. Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot came to power and committed their atrocities all in the name of a “greater good for workers of the world – united” against bourgeoisie (I don’t think you bothered to read Marx – that’s what his theories of “social justice” led to). I did not end up in GULAG re-education camp by sheer strike of luck (long story).

            In America, I knew, that I would not need to change anything. Soviet propaganda in their terminology gave me quite accurate description of your country as it was 30-40 years ago: heartless society of individuals who are interested in only making money without caring about anyone around them – sounds familiar? I, from my side, read it as this is the country where hard working people give no damn about ideology, but simply produce wonderful things to make their lives better and better every day without poking their noses in other people business. And Reagan’s America didn’t disappoint me: I found her back then more or less as I expected, I loved her from the first site, and became quite prosperous in her – that’s what is called THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. Interestingly enough, supporters of Obama see America in terms of Soviet propaganda. His wife said that she became proud of her country only when you gave her a pass to the WH. Thus, the question: who should stay in America and who should go?

            For ten years I was fighting with KGB for my emigration rights and by doing that and by eventual departure proved that people don’t want to live in that society. Americans of “democratic” (read: not proud of their country) mold did not like their society either. But here is the catch which neither you nor your President get: AMERICAN EXCLUSIVITY. It IS a unique creation of Founding Fathers’ genius and I, with my traditional American values, am much more American than liberals, whose ancestors spilt their blood and sweat for American prosperity, but presently hate, despise, and loathe her like Jeremy Wright whom the whole conversation started from. Like it or not, Obama supporters ARE MUCH MORE RUSSIAN (read: socialist) than I ever was after my Soviet Army endeavors. Now America is MY country and I am prepared to die defending her the way I like her and want. You said that you’re not planning on it. So, really, to prevent a possibility of a bloodshed why won’t YOU leave America as is (or rather, was until your President “fundamentally changed her” – heard his pre-election speech?) for us, and depart to greener pastures which had already implemented what Obama is planning for us: Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and even Greece, Spain and France, or maybe you’ll like Putin’s Russia – it’s still pretty much the same old USSR?

            Leave us alone, DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!

        • Ok how about,

          a) no severed any and all relationship with Rev. Wright in 2008 so this is no longer valid.
          b)Doing all of what is ok? Same as to speaking about what?
          c)Most of the “mass media” is busy running whatever romney and rove want them to.
          d) Really who cars about any knowledge you may or may not have about Soviet Union history, old news and not pertinent currently.
          e)Historical precedents for what?

          As for dying I think when the mother ship comes back to scan you one more time to see what kinds of meds you are on and not currently taking then the beings from out space will tell you their plans for you. I mean hate to see anyone go but maybe it is your time and if you are ready well then have a great trip. Bye

    • I guess you really sucked up to the BS provided by bush and his cronies on his way to war. Even before he was sworen in he and his war hawks were planning the war agaist Iraq. He had to show up his father. You republicans, as you say, will gobble up whatever garbage they spit out to you. See you in hell as you say, with all your band of murderers too.

      • Nom_DeGuerre

        This doesn’t deserve an answer

    • Jimmie1151

      Look, the right wing took a statement from Wright out of context and have run around with their hair on fire over it ad nauseum. Wright said that god would condemn the international policies of the U.S. The CIA destroyed the legitimate Democracy in Iran in 1957 ( installed a brutal dictator, Shaw), the CIA destroyed the legitimate Democracy in Chile (9/11/73), the CIA repeatedly destroyed the legitimate Democracy in Haiti, and the U.S. invaded an unarmed country that did nothing to us (Iraq) and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Would god bless these acts, uh, no. On Iraq alone, Wright has been totally vindicated. Sean Hannity is on the board with a preacher who hatefully blames all evil in the world on women and their right to vote.Do we hear for years about that garbage or any of the hate speech on the monopoly right wing media? No. Regressive’s put a lid on your hair fire and get over it.

      • Nom_DeGuerre

        Ma-a-a-n, you should not mention Chile…

        In September 1973 I was airborn in giant AN-22 with about 500 other Soviet Army professional throat slitters on our way to Chile. On a runway of secret airdrome near Kiev I saw at least 4-5 other craft ready to take of along with us. Each of us carried full assault load of 300 AK-47 rounds, 5 hand grenades, and other “toys”, and we were told not to spare them – resupply was also on its way. After about an hour in midair we turned around, landed, and were returned to our barracks with no explanation. Later on we learned that Pinochet has taken over La Moneda, killed the “great friend of the Soviet people” Aliende, and finished that socialist experiment in that otherwise blessed prosperous country. Can you get it, pal: if it were not for American support of that brave general, in about 20 hours I should become a mass murderer of innocent Chileans, whose only sin was that they didn’t want socialism dumped on them by Aliende and Karvalan.

        This is what all of you, “peaceniks” don’t get: if it where not for “militaristic and vicious” America, Russians would have their cubas and afghanistans everywhere in the world. With such land bases, mercenaries head count, and your naive connivance, America itself would be long gone, and you’d be speaking Russian now, instead of me torturing myself with English. Thank God, Reagan and Thatcher didn’t allow that to happen then, but if you think that Putin is any different from Stalin and Brezhnev – you have no idea what you’re talking about. The same, BTW, also concerns “peace loving” muslims, whom with I dealt on some other occasions.

        Obama, following Marx, Lenin, Alinsky, Cloward, and Piven manuals, is hard at work to bring communism in here, using everything from “hope and change” to his race card to disguise his real intentions. 90 million Americans with 500 million of firearm units in their hands are standing on his way. NRA membership alone is larger than ALL world professional armies combined. Don’t tread on us…….

        • Jimmie1151

          Yeah, the CIA has used that “Socialist “BS as an excuse to take over countries and steal all the resources for as long as I can remember. Aliende was elected by the people and had the audacity to try to establish a democracy where the people rule, what a crime. Our best friend and puppet Pinochet began a reign of terror against his citizens that murdered tens of thousands ( impossible to count because he massively flew people in helicopters over the ocean and threw them out to drown, thus the “disappeared”) Yep, a reign of terror, democracy destroyed, thousands of innocent people murdered, resources raped and depleted, all to save us from Socialism ( Socialist Norway and Switzerland have the highest standard of living and longest lifespans on earth). Reagan and Thatcher’s corporate fascism and the totalitarianism/ communism practiced in Russia are the opposite and have nothing to do with socialism. Communism is when the state controls the means of production is a historical enemy of socialism and even Fidel has publicly stated that communism can’t work. Socialism is when the people control the means of production ( See Switzerland). Fascism is when the means of production controls the government and the Reagan disastrous financial legacy is what we have today and then there are the Republicans who are wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporations. If you think you are standing in the way of communism ( which can only work for a few hundred, like a kibbutz) you are ignoring the real totalitarian corporate fascist take over happening right now and they WANT you to believe Obama is the bad guy to keep you from turning attention on them. You are being deceived on purpose.

    • metrognome3830

      It’s good to see a post that doesn’t use unfounded accusations, name-calling and right-wing trash-talking. Yours, though, is not one of those replies. You have to be a fan of ObozoMustGo. Your use of his favorite term, “useful idiots,” is a dead giveaway. But Obozo’s comments are better-researched than yours. Not always right, but more intelligently presented. You rant and rave about history that you apparently know nothing about. Your reaction is more like that of an adolescent smart-ass than a reasonable human being. This is not the Soviet Union and for all his faults, Obama has no connection to Joseph Stalin. You, in fact, sound quite deranged.

      • Nom_DeGuerre

        Lenin was the one coined the term “useful idiots speaking about the likes of Tretyakov and Savva Morozov. You never heard those names and have no idea what life in the USSR was like. Therefore, your telling me that “America is not USSR and Obama is not Stalin” has no merit: what do you know about them? “THEM” includes Obama: how many “white spots” (no personal offence to a black man 🙂 ) does he have in his biography which liberal corrupt media never researched and which you, slobbering adulators, never asked questions about!

        Will answer later you statement about my “THREAT”. Deserves a bit more time than this 5 min. snap back

        • metrognome3830

          You are angry at the Soviet Union. No, I don’t know what your life was like in the Soviet Union. The only information I have is hearsay or things I have read. But I have lived in the U.S. all my life. I do know something about that first hand. I find your reaction to this article way over the top. Things certainly aren’t the best they have ever been here. But they are no where close to as bad as you would have people believe with your rant. You obviously are one of those who get their views from the right wing media and the anonymous e-mails sliming their way around the internet. I frankly don’t understand why you are even reading this publication. I suspect you label anything written or spoken that does not agree with your preconceived opinion as coming from the “liberal, corrupt media.” How terribly right-wing of you. And using terms like “useful idiots” and “slobbering adulators” isn’t going to bring very many members to your club.

          • Nom_DeGuerre

            “Slobbering adulators” are not gonna come to my “club” no matter what. Judging by your writings you are one of them (again, it’s not the name calling, just confirmation of your limitless love for Obama – do you deny that?), and as such are not worth my time any longer. The reason I travel from one liberal site to another is my hope that maybe some people with more critical thinking will see parallels between my episodes of Soviet existence (you hardly can call that LIFE) and what is downing upon us in Obama’s America. Maybe that will plant a seed of desire to find how come that the President and the likes of you belong to the same ideology as Jeremy Write, Al Sharpton, John Corzine, John Edwards, Jessie Jackson, Rashid Khalidi, Toni Resco, Rod Blagoyevich and countless other “democrapic” scoundrels….

          • metrognome3830

            You’re are absolutely right, I am not worth your time. And, I might add, you are not worth mine. Like all right wing crazies, you make assumptions about other people and pass judgment without knowing anything about them. And that’s just fine with me. You just go on your not-so-merry way, ranting and raving. If you look just a little deeper you will also find a large group of scoundrels in your own little world.

    • You really gotta stop watching Faux news it is starting to affect your sense of reality. Funny you should mention to see us in hell because if one is to take your post literally you should be one of the “saved” ones since you hate and despise President Obama so much. In another time I would be most happy to give you what you wish.

  • O/T a little. Now the Catholic Bishops have gone over the line big time & will continue to pretend the church is victimized over contraception. The gop is using the bishops to undermine this Administration as most clergy have steadily moved toward misogyny & homophobia. How many Catholics will walk away from their clergy? How many will ask the church to clean up it’s cover up of crimes against children? The silent only give credit to these evil men. America is a secular government, a fact that is not obviously clear to the religious right!
    If PBO is wrong for not walking out of church, so are the millions of Catholics who sit in church while their children are ruined by these fools.


    Is this clown Ricketts an employer of Karl Rove?

  • Somebody finally said it and it is in black and white for everyone – Republican or Dwemocrat to see! There is a segment of the Republican party, I would guess a large segmant – even 15-20% is large and too many – whose bigotry is at the root of their intense efforts to make President Obama a one-term president! Right Mitch??? At least one Republican senator has said it many times – it is his goal, and presumably the goal of those Republicans who follow him – to make the President a one-termer. This is NOT playing the “race card”. It is, quite simply, the TRUTH. It is just more than some Republicans can bear to see a semi-black man sitting in the White House who has control over the free world. Who would ever have thought it even forty years ago – or how about dour years ago!? It is plain and simple bigotry. We all know it has not completely disappeared, but you would think that the people we elect to represent us in the House and Senate would at the very least be intelligent enough to see past their bigotry in favor of doing the things this country and their constituents need in order to simply survive financially. But ever since President Obama was elected (and started on his job long before he was sworn in! – do you know of any other president who has done this?) The bigots elected to these very high posts of responsibility to their constituents, started immediately planning how they would get a black man out of the White House. And that has been their focus all along. So what if people are unemployed or the large corporations and banks are defrauding the people. FIRST PRIORITY – Put a white MAN back in the White House!!!

    P.S. I am a white femal who respects intelligence and common sense (fairness and EQUALITY) and accepting responsibility for my actions! Aside from being a white female, how many of you in Congress can HONESTLY same the same thing about the President!?

    • I love you Sandra this comment should be posted on all Radio Stations and TV channels WELL SAID!

    • It’s not even because he’s black. It’s because he’s a Democrat.

      This is the same crap Bill Clinton had to put up with too. Him they actually had the balls to impeach.

      I’m not suggesting that racism and bigotry play no part in it. I’m just saying that the real reason is not rooted in any strong opinions about anything. The G.O.P. establishment has spent the last four years doing nothing but throwing a tantrum because the top office is no longer occupied by someone wearing their colors.

      This is a group of people who would rather see the country fail than succeed under the leadership of a Democrat. It is partisanship at its worst.

      • that is the way I see it, too, Mike… And after calling Moderate, Middle of the Road Obama, everything from Socialist to Communist to Marxist, I am wondering what they will call the next Democrat brazen enough to run for President against the entitled party, the GOP?

      • $5 trillion in debt later and where are we at!!! We’re Greece and this man is taking us down.

    • Sandra – I see you have learned your script well. Obama needs to be removed from office not because the color of his skin, but because what he’s done to this country. His lack of respect for the Constitution, and siding with foreign nations against states like Arizona who are trying to protect themselves from an invasion are despicable. This man was not vetted by the press in 2008, hell we still know nothing about him. Now when things are brought up from his past that have directly affected his policies as President you cry racism!!! Wright is a racist and Obama sat in that church for 20 years.

      When you look at how Obama handled the Zimmerman bounty by the New Black Panthers, who by the way is Hispanic, nothing was said by he or Holder. Ever listen to Black Panther radio; or should I say Kill Whitey radio? If this were White Supremacist radio Obama would’ve had it shut down and the owners charged with a hate crime!!! Wright needs to be discussed; he needs to answer why he sat in that church for 20 years. Plus what about this man’s grades, his thesis at Columbia? Any scholar I’ve known has always bragged about his pedigree, yet not this supposed genius. Maybe all is not what is seems!!

      So before you start hurling your liberal talking points (which by they are nothing new, you are in lock, or should I say goose step), black or white this man is the worse President in history. He’s lied to the public, and is ready to destroy the middle class of this country. Obama hates this country and should’ve been impeached for engaging in an illegal war in Libya among other things. The only thing that’s saving him is the color of his skin. This cry of racism you make is shallow at best. Let’s talk facts not David Axlerod sputum.

      • How can you be so stupid?

      • Nom_DeGuerre

        Hey Bustin, it looks that there are just two us here – the ones who rely on facts and figures. The rest goes by sheer emotional umbilical attachment to MSNBC talking points.

      • skytimer01

        Apparently you spend all your time watching Fixed News. Get off the couch and learn something.

  • No one has to spend money to make ordinary Americans hate obama.

    • CPANY

      Dear Dum Dum:

      Don’t you read the polls? America doesn’t hate Obama. If they hate anybody in the campaign, it’s Mittens Romney, because they’ve started to realize that he and his fellow Republican pricks want to take away all of the social and economic gains obtained by the Middle Class in the past hundred years.


    De Reverend Wright is a racist and so is Barack Obama.

    On the other hand, Mittens Romney is an elitist prick who with another prick, Paul Ryan, wants to take America back to the late nineteenth century.

  • howa4x

    Just like Bill Mahr said: Not all Republicans are bigots, but if you are one you’re a Republican!

  • Republican party is full of bigots, haters and racists, and from day 1 they have dishonored America. With out obstructionism where would this country be today with jobs. Where would the unemployment be today. The Republicans have intentionally held this country and its labor force back with intent of harming Democrats. Its a disgrace and all Republicans can count on retribution this election cycle.

  • wayneonly

    What is so unfortunate is that so much is said about religion and race that the REAL issues of the election are being obscured. The real issues should be who has the best plan to bring the nation out of the recession/depression brought on by the “Too big To Fail” bank bailouts. Are we going to get out of this economic crisis by giving more breaks to the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans and hope the rest of Americans can survive on the crumbs? Has “trickle down” economics worked for the past 10-20 years? Or even for the last 4 years? Will giving tax breaks to billionaires and large multinational corporations put jobs back in America? Will continuing to allow “Too Big To Fail” banks to invest shareholder or depositor money in risky stocks, bonds, or whatever prevent future bailouts?I think not.

    A better plan would be to invest taxpayer money in small businesses, close tax loopholes, prosecute tax cheats (especially illegals who are claiming 10-20 dependents who do no even live in the U.S.). Prosecute foreign companies who steal our technologies and flood our markets with cheap goods. Quit giving tax breaks to companies who “export” American jobs and give tax breaks to companies who increase their employment of American workers. Invest in health, education, safety (police and firefighters, etc.) and infrastructure. The Republicans cry to cut the deficit yet they want to increase the defense budget. Let’s quit spending so much money on ” toys for war”. Let”s quit trying to be the “world police” and invest in American lives. A strong American economy is the best defense against aggression from both terrorism and foreign invasion. As our economy fails, America grows weaker.

  • Ricketts may have backed down for now. But he is still a first class POS.

  • sleeprn01

    Sandra, I hate to admit it and it’s sad that is true, but we are not in a post-racial society. President Obama had not even finished his oath of office when the GOP was embarking on it’s new strategy. The 2 fold agenda was to; 1) To destroy him personally and 2) Cause his entire political agenda to fail. They then unleashed a barrage of personal attacks and a litany of hate. When House leader Boehner (check birth certificate, name looks foreign) and senate minority leader McConnell state: that their primary objective is to make Obama a 1 term president, I think their priorities are not the American people. President Obama has not only had the GOP against him but the Blue Dog Democrats (Dixie-crates) and a very bias and legislative supreme court.

    Sandra and any other interested party; I would recommend the book “The Obama Hate Machine” by Bill Press it is well written and researched; and certainly an eye opener to the hate this president has had to endure.

  • Landsende

    More and more we have pastors preaching hate and bigotry and politics from the pulpit. In North Carolina Baptist preacher Charles L. Worley preached putting all gays and lesbians behind an electrified fence and kill them off. Baptist preacher Sean Harris told his parishioners to punch a male child if effeminate and break the wrist. Never mind that is child abuse. Catholic priests preach homosexuality is wrong but condone and cover up priests sexually molesting children. How many parishioners sat through these hate filled sermons instead of getting up and walking out. What would God think about the hate being preached by these people?

  • Mitt Romney can not go after Jeremy Wright because Mr. Wright is a Christian and he reads the Bible, can you ask or can Mitt also say he is a Christian? Most Republicans say mormons are not Christians but a cult,and let them ask who has served his country at war.

  • The best way not to like Obama is to look at the bills passed since he took office and the amount of bailouts handed out and the escalating deficient. I personally hate trashy media tactics to smear someone. We need to quite blaming race on people not liking Obama. Are all Democrats prejudice against women because they trashed Sarah Palin? I have relatives and close friends that are African American. I know there are some people out there that are just racist. I think the percentage is small but I know there are just as many Democrats prejudice as Republicans. Obama’s biggest mistake after taking office was spending 1-1/2 years on Obama care. A bill that no one is satisfied with, while 14,000 people per day were losing their healthcare due to a bad economy. His and his staff’s energy should have been spent on fixing the economy. I have a hard time swallowing the Progressives always blaming racism as why people are not liking Obama. I voted for him but have been extremely disappointed. He has handed out more money to the crooked industries that got us into this mess than was ever allocated during the Bush administration. He was given more money from banks for his campaign than any other
    candidate in history. He was making deals with them before he took office. Now he says he stands with the occupiers. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    • Jimmie1151

      He HAS been working on the economy and taking out Al Qaeda, and signing equal pay for women and saving the auto industry ( and the massive supply chain connected to it) and providing health care for millions of children/young adults previously denied and closing the donut hole for elderly ( the health care plan will save 50 billion dollars, CBO estimates) and eliminating prejudice in the military for the first time in history, and drawing down strategically the war in Iraq and now an end insight for Afghanistan, in fact he inherited a -10% GDP and now a +2.1%. If you cared enough for your country and would stop listening to the Koch brothers , Heritage Foundation, right wing, talking points, you’d find that President Obama has accomplished over a hundred successful policies. President Obama has handed out money originally started under a republican administration only Obama made some regulations and used stimulus for job creation ( Congressional Budget Office has listed millions of jobs created). And expecting Obama to not take money from the people who have the most money is like asking him to run a race barefoot against a monster Koch brothers multi million dollar limousine. Obama has lowered the debt, the deficit and lowered taxes for middle and lower people more than any President. And still we have to listen to regressive whiners drone on and on and on………..

    • Jimmie1151

      Uh, I think you meant deficits. President Obama has reduced the debt and the deficit, He has lowered taxes more than any President. All economic indicators are up and businesses have regained all their losses since the crash. He handed out money already started by the Republican Congress and he can’t make a law or spend money without orders from Congress. He did take Congress passed money and used it for stimulus and deregulation that saved the auto industry and the financiall system from ruin. The Republican deregulation led to the fraud on Wall Street and with banks and for manufacturing to move off shore. Obama has helped millions of children/young adults get health care and now more seniors are having the donut hole closed. And when ( if the Republican regressive’s get out of the way) the health care act goes into full effect in 2014, the Congressional budget Office has determined millions more will be covered at a cost savings of 50 billion over the old system. Obama isn’t perfect, no President is, but considering he has to work with a Congress that is the most obstructionist in American history and the minority Republican Senate that has filibustered over 400 bills that could have helped us ( another historical record) and if you add to that the Republican’s eliminating nearly a million direct and indirect public jobs. I think calling him a hypocrite is simply misguided.


      You didn’t vote for Obama; that B.S exposes you as a Republican Troll who is FOS.

  • James

    Rev Wright is provocative. But he does not lie. There were Aide Tainted drugs shipped over seas and sold for PROFITS instead of doing the right thing and destorying them.
    Chemical of all sorts have been packaged and shipped overseas labeled wrong sometime just getting rid of toxic chemicals as pesticides that also killed the workers.

  • James

    I would like to see someone ask Ricketts how his business model of allowing people to open Stock Trade Accounts with a Pre-Approved Credit Card is not just a payday loan scam ? Why was every account opened at the low level was a Margin Account ?
    The Margin Account just being avialible ensured new customers would be losers and often lose more than they could afford.

  • Look the truth don’t mean Jeremiah Wright cranky old minister But I must say Millions of dollar don’t mean a thing, he may put himself in a position where his money can’t help him targeting black pastors is a no no always Gods people are covered. He don’t like that so called cranky old man he needs to just stay away from him. Because black and white people love this man and will not tolerating any vigilant abuse he may reconsider.