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Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Feast For The 1 Percent, A Famine For The One Third

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, we should remember that 100 million of our fellow citizens are struggling to get by.

[H]ere is the challenge to our democracy: In this nation I see tens of millions of its citizens — a substantial part of its whole population — who at this very moment are denied the greater part of what the very lowest standards of today call the necessities of life.

I see millions of families trying to live on incomes so meager that the pall of family disaster hangs over them day by day.

I see millions whose daily lives in city and on farm continue under conditions labeled indecent by a so-called polite society half a century ago.

I see millions denied education, recreation, and the opportunity to better their lot and the lot of their children.

I see millions lacking the means to buy the products of farm and factory and by their poverty denying work and productiveness to many other millions.

I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt, January 20, 1937

Nearly three quarters of a century ago, Franklin Roosevelt rededicated himself and his administration to the creation of an America where the government and the people alike would strive to eliminate the destructive and unjust disparities of wealth that had wrought such great economic hardship that they threatened to undermine the very essence of our democracy. Thanks to this commitment, generations of Americans embraced the idea that, as President Obama once said, “in this country, hard work and responsibility should be rewarded by some measure of security and fair play.”

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19 responses to “A Feast For The 1 Percent, A Famine For The One Third”

  1. gadler46 says:

    Hear, hear to cemab4y. More people need to read these documents and understand what they say. This is important now that they are not taught in school anymore. Do not forget the preamble to the Constitution. This tells you who the Constitution applies to and it is not for foreigners despite what the liberal left would have you believe.

  2. freethinker says:

    Cemab4y has nailed it. Those truly in need because of something catastrophic in their lives are over-shadowed by the massive stupid and lazy segment of our population who think ‘government owes them’ when in reality it is buying them. This situation actually hurts those who could really use help. Fix this and a great deal of the massive divide in this country will fade away.

  3. morry1940 says:

    On this particular day, of all days, it pains me deeply to read the replies to this article by people who are so out of touch with reality. They are, no doubt members of the political party that in the early twenties, dispatched a squadron of heavy bombers to West Virginia with orders to bomb the striking coal miners who were trying to organize a union. The miners owed their souls to the owners of the mines. From housing to food, to clothing you name it. They never made enough money to get out of debt. Fortunately, either by design or coincidence, the bombers, loaded with poison gas and bombs only made it as far as Virginia before breaking down. Today, little has changed. The same political party that sent the bombers feels that no matter what, there should be no unemployment and if you don’t have a job, it is your fault. Doesn’t matter that the current “depression” was caused by the influence of banks and Wall Street upon our so called elected representatives and presidents, who relaxed regulations to the extent that we are now faced with a crisis from which we may never recover!

  4. SteveHanken says:

    The two previous comments appear to have been shaped by the most narrow minded capitalistic, and insensitive of our population. Inspite of all their efforts “Greed” continues to be one of the deadly sins, in spite of Adam Smith and all his followers. Achieving fairness and balance in the business of living, would insure better responses in people across the board. Complaining about the survival methods of those caught up in the downward spiral of what capitalism has created, misses the point. The same point Adam Smith made about an individual is the best at finding out what he needs and getting it for himself; how he does that is based on what is available to him. We are well beyond the pursuit of “happiness” here, we are staring squarely at the pursuit of “survival” in the extreme. Those lessons are taught, just like all the lessons of “personal responsibility” are taught, based on what was available to the previous generation. Exploitation is the basic part of capitalism which seems to be missed. When the capitalism of Adam Smith’s day was happening, America was exploiting resources and land that belonged to the Indians. We know what happened to them. When all the land had become the property of individuals we turned on each other, exploiting labor through slavery and discrimination. As the two previous comments show, we have not moved beyond that as a justification for doing even more of the same. Letting one end of the boat sink so as to raise the height of the deck for the wealthy few, only insures the ship will sink faster and still carry away those last to get their feet wet. We, as a people, as a world of people, can do better.

  5. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    You have misguided intentions.
    Union people at that time spent two weeks learning their job, if even that, then wanted to extort anything their little hearts desired by striking over the years, while the company has to sell their product in a competitive market.
    Unions by definition require a fixed end price for their product. Nationalization of industry is what this is, in the truest sense. The goal of the union employee is to badmouth the company.
    Recall when Lewis made the comment that his men worked like dogs doing inhuman work, but went as far as possible out of his way the delay for three years the implementation of machinery to replace those jobs with the contention it would take that long to train his men to do another type of job? Maybe this was a singular-digit IQ situation?
    Unions reward underachievemnt in life, and encourage those of lesser intellect to continue a downward spiral of underachievement. A fair wage based on competitive success is important, unions have a high disregard for that concept.

  6. jgk says:

    If there are 100million at or near poverty, many have made their own bed but many are fighting a 30 year decline in our nations greatness. The statistics show the wealthy gaining and the middleclass and below declining. You and I have had talent and/or good luck to not be in the struggle but you know good people who work their asses off and are still on the edge. The deceit and disfunction of some corporations, some banks, government,and insiders has left many in the dust. Our quality of life diminishes as the general population declines. You may want to live behind a guarded community but I want to live in an open, happy society. It may be that free or cheap education and healthcare would be the safety net that makes for a better quality of life for the general population without the massive welfare dependence system we all agree keeps a perpetual negative cycle going.
    If that statistic of the top 400 having more wealth than the bottom 150 million is true, there is something wrong if that wealth is not going for the betterment of the quality of life. I don’t want to limit a man’s right to make the money he wants but when the CEO of UnitedHealthCare makes $102 million in 2009while my premiums go up and doctors fees go down, and hedgefund execs make billions, I think this is obscene. Is it socialism to not want to see our country look like a 3rd world? Things are different, as they were in the great depression, and it is time for a new paradigm. That may be taxing the very wealthy more as the 24 millionaires who went to congress last week were promoting. A more generous approach to the common good is going to be needed. The example may be what the Starbucks CEO and others are doing to promote US jobs or what Sirius/XM did to promote donations for the 1 in 7 Americans who are hungry in a Hungerathon. The move for every corportation to promote our common good will go toward putting us on top again.
    I admire you for your success and hard work but I suggest it is no longer appropriate to be self interested to the detriment of the less fortunate. You know you feel better when you say hello to a stranger or help someone. That improves your quality of life.
    Don’t overcook your turkey!

  7. Eric says:

    “We need to let the poor eliminate themselves”???

    You’ve got to be kidding! This person is beyond pathetic, either a transplant from the Hitler era or a paid corporate hack of the worst kind.

    “people who multiply like animals with no societal obligation to keep their offspring. Trying to do so (take care of them) is destroying our currencies worldwide.”???

    Hmm, lets just ignore the fact that many of these people lost their jobs, lost their homes, and can’t find work, all due to gangbankers and wall street rewriting the law so they could legally steal and pillage, bankrupt the entire world economy, award themselves a huge salary bonus and tuck it away in the caymans with no tax obligation…they’re the ones responsible for ‘destroying the world’s currency’, not the poor…

    “These “people” if you wish to call them that, are not human in the true sense of the word”???

    I’m sorry, this statement is a pathetic/arrogant/stupid statement written by a sociopath with no morals or conscience…someone hopping around with their foot in their mouth and their head up their butt…the more they talk, the deeper they dig the hole they finally figured to crawl out of…back to your hole, God Nazi…

  8. Eric says:

    My grandfather worked in a gold mine at around 10,000 foot altitude in the Rockies…there was a cave in…he made it out ok, but many didn’t…they were hauled out on stretchers, laid on the ground during a snowstorm while a company lawyer told each of them they had to sign a waiver releasing the company from any responsibility before they would get any medical attention…there were no unions then…and if we let the current cadre of corporatist lunatics running for office bid their will, they’ll be certain to eliminate any form of worker protection…Gingrich just said that we should put 12-13 year olds back to work as janitors??? Let’s go back to the 1900’s!!! Wow, I can’t wait! By the way, BP used an upgraded 1900 tactic recently on the private businesses they wiped out…”We’ll pay you a few thousand bucks to sign this release.”

  9. terango.lf says:

    My Father was born in 1914 as a 1st generation Italian-American. He went to work in a glass factory at 8yrs old (he was lucky because his four oldest brothers went to the coal mine). Needless to say, he never got formally educated, he could neither read or write. If it had not been for unions, I’m sure I would have shared a similar fate.
    He was able to retire after working 30 yrs in a steel mill. A fate I was willing to follow and even tried to. However, this was the 1970’s recession and the mill was down to only two shifts and they were not hiring. So I joined the military. I’ve worked since I since I was 11yrs old; paper route before school or I washed dishes before and after school and always worked the summers 40+ hrs a week.
    I’ve worked at a shipyard(out of buisness), taught electronics at a trade school (out of buisness), electronics repair on tow boats (out of buisness) became a truck driver and after 5yrs they were bought out by the largest publicly traded trucking company. I then became medically disqualified from driving commercialy.
    All along the way I saw the working class get squeezed by busting unions, draining retirement trust funds, and deferring health care costs onto the worker.
    Now you smart asses who seem to think the working class was to blame for the demise of all my employers was the cost of labor I beg to differ. Corporate Americia bought all these differant buisness’s and then would suck them dry for all their liquidity in generally a 3 yr cycle. You see they would purchase at one price and having calculated the revenue and resourse to be of a greater value then drain all the equity the could out of them.
    Even my Fathers steel mill was shut down and then amazanly reopened; non-union.
    I was going to college on the Veterans dime, but in my 3rd yr I had 3 heart attacks and by-pass surgery. I’ve been denied social security disability (its only my 1st try). so the only income I have is a 20% veterans disability= $243 a month. I draw food stamps and live in public housing and have 2 food banks I can use.
    And yet, just yesterday I was thinking how lucky I was to live in country where being poor is tolerable, I have only what I need, but thats better than being hungry and homless(which I was homeless for 5 months until this July ,not a single citizen would honor Veterans HUD voucher, even when I told them it was susidised by the VA, they would decline)
    So I say to cemabuy, gader46,1olderbutwiser1, freethinker, and jgk, walk a mile in my shoes and could you then say the hateful things you spewed on Thanks Giving of all days. Hope you don’t choke on your selfishness or turkey. Because maybe EMS has been reduced, or they have to take a long detour because the road is out, or you forgot your insurence card and they wont treat you and defer you to a clinic. Good Luck when your on the other-side of your fortune!

  10. CharlesRichardEminizer says:

    newt gingrich (servant to the 1%ers) Feasts, showers and works (because he is rich, only the rich can get a job [ask hillary’s daughter])!

    Somebody needs to tell gingrich, that there not only are NO jobs, but also NO homes within which to bathe!!!!!~~

    He should allow all of the 99%ers into his home to shower, and then hire us all to work for him (as the police and soldiers do!!!!!~~)!!!!!~~

  11. DAlnB says:

    How utterly hypocritical and insensitive; cansby4y and gadler46 reminded me of the comments of Gingrich in referrals to illegal alien families and victims of Katrina. He said illegal aliens should be allowed to remain in the United States and he also said the victims of Katrina are at fault!
    America was a great place for years and years as our political parties both worked for the good of America. When the GOP set a course for party dominance we went down hill. With people like Gingrich we will never recover.
    There are thousands and thousands of GOOD AMERICANS who have worked day-in and day-out to achieve even the most basic livelihood but have become the victim of greedy American corporate CEOs and the GOPs thirst for power. It seems to achieve any prosperity a person must learn to lie, cheat, and have no compassion for others; in Gingrichs position – even for family!

  12. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Why are we in Afghanistan? Poppies grow there. Be sure military planes are bringing heroin here, same as they brought cocaine here in the 80’s.

    This is how we are gradually eliminating a boatload of worthless bums in our society, letting them do themselves in. Puttting them in jail does little good, they simply become repeat offenders. Decency means nothing to these losers. We’d be way ahead legalizing and taxing the daylights out of all these drugs. Let the losers carry their own weight, we have carried them far too long.

    Maybe somewhere in our highly unionized education system, we can somehow teach young people that sex may produce children, that it takes the acceptance of responsibility to be a parent and so while sex feels good for a moment, the repercussions last a lifetime.

    Our country is loaded with people who have a diehard concept that they should be willing to make half-hearted work efforts for 30 years, then retire to the best retirement plan in the world, the best free-for-life health care in the world, the best housing in the world, the best and most plentiful food in the world, the best clothing in the world, that the company they work for must pay to keep theirself, their spouse, their children, all the cars for everyone in the family, all the insurances necessary for security against all the bloodsucking lawyers and other thieves so prevalent in a free society, and all the unionized educators who are currently doing such a poor job we are rated about # 37 in the world, and that this greedy corporation should be able to do this pay scheme 24/7 for all this, because an employee shows up and is willing to stay at the place of employment for 40 hours a week for 30 years. Oh, and don’t forget that if an employee hurts theirself while doing work other employee do without hurting theirself, that he then gets disability payment to reward his stupidity…….so many things to be responsible for, no wonder any corporation who would ever hope to make money selling in a competitive market would ever want to hire an american worker.
    What do americans do? They bitch to the government that other foreigners are coming here and taking their work by working harder for less while spending their own money to buy chinese goods, undercutting their fellow worker in an attempt to say ” I have more things than you have” to his fellow american
    . Why do banks go under when people borrow money to pay interest, which is what banking is all about? Because a biunch of losers who want to be up their eyeballs in debt in an attempt to pretend to be “better than you” because they have a show of wealth, while simply living a lie.

    This week and next while the Euro is crashing and taking our banks down with them…..we need to realize our expectations from an idealistic generation who fought WW2 and other wars as draftees who earned their right as americans are not responsible for this generation of losers……it is this generation who have blown it. Always wanting more for less….what a bunch of losers this generation has become. They are destroying what every prior generationhas sacrificed to create.

  13. Eric says:

    Nice post, keep your chin up, we may get out of this yet!

  14. terango.lf says:

    cemabuy, gader46,1olderbutwiser1, freethinker, and jgk, why are you defending the disproportionate wealth from CEO’s earning several hundred times what his average worker when historicaly it had been between fifty to eighty times? And why are you not upset that over $60 trillion evaporated from the worlds wealth? Or the $15 trillion that evaporated from Americia’s wealth(= to the U.S. GDP)? Why arent the prisions overflowing with these financial types? If I could not account for $500 in expenses, not only would I have lost my job, but I would have had to repay and probaly do a little jail time!
    Maybe one of you turkeys are in born to a 1%’er and the others that rally with your pov just want to gobble what you’ve got.
    Thanks Eric.

  15. LLB says:

    I am appalled, absolutely appalled, to read the comments at the top of this section. What has happened to us as human beings, that anyone, *anyone*, can even THINK what I see written up there, let alone write it for all to see? If we knew your name and address, would you still own up to writing that? Sad to say, I think there are people in this country who would.

    Anybody who could write what cemab4y has, has NO CLUE what real poor and lower income people are like. They hear a stereotype from Faux News and they *think* they know everything. They do not.

    *I* know real poor people, and I know a lot of other people who by all rights should not be poor. I am a doctor of veterinary medicine and I work in a low income area. The people I see do not fit the stereotype described by cemab4y at ALL. The people I see are working themselves to death at more than one job. Some of them work with me. They’re struggling with health problems and doing the best they can. They are the people who hold animals for me, the people who groom animals for me, the people who walk dogs and scoop shit.

    Then I go to the assisted living home where my great aunt lives and I see MORE people who spend their working lives taking care of aging human beings and scooping shit. This home just raised the elderly people’s rent to more than $4000 a month. Do you think any of the people *actually taking care of the elderly* got any of that raise? No, just a few little people in suits in some other town! Don’t tell me working people aren’t exploited.

    Then I meet the people who have worked all their lives in factories, driving trucks, working constructions, driving buses and cabs, and they are all unemployed and underemployed, and crying over their animals because they don’t have the money for veterinary care. Most of these people don’t even have money for their own medical care. Many of them are older…white haired old ladies who’ve worked all their lives. They’re poor anyway. I don’t see any of these mythical “ghetto ho’s” coming in with a passel of children. Maybe there are some somewhere, but when you are talking about *150 MILLION* people in dire economic straits, their faces are going to look more and more and more like what I’ve just described.

    There aren’t 150 million people in ghettos and subsidized housing. Most of those 150 million people WORK THEMSELVES TO DEATH IN JOBS THAT *USED* TO PAY A LIVING WAGE.

    But it’s so *comforting* to believe that every poor or near poor person is a fornicating ape, isn’t it?? That means you can BLAME THEM, and you don’t have to think about anything, or change anything. Now you can feel superior. And that just feels SO good, doesn’t it?

    Wait…you were just decrying that tendency in some other mythical person, weren’t you??

    Then there’s the other people I see. People who we think shouldn’t be worried about being poor, but they are. Every younger DVM I’ve met in the past few years isn’t able to make enough to pay their student loans and save anything for a future. They’re all worried about becoming bag ladies once they are too old and sick to work anymore. Me? My student loans, I’ve been able to pay. But because of those payments, the skyrocketing health insurance premiums of today were out of my reach. Then I had the audacity to need two major surgeries. (Hmmm…maybe I should have just died of pancreatitis instead of having my gall bladder removed.) Now my husband has BRAIN CANCER. I have no future whatsoever now, no matter how much or how hard or how long I work.

    I know a LOT of people like me. A LOT of people. A quick note: If people didn’t borrow for college, we wouldn’t have DVM’s anywhere.

    cemab4y, let me tell you something:

    Pay attention. The poverty is CREEPING UP THE FOOD CHAIN. Maybe you think you are immune, but you are not. If we don’t turn this around and do it soon, YOU may be in our shoes.

    What will that make you then? Oh, right…somebody who should just eliminate himself.

    I am so shocked, so saddened, and so deeply ashamed of our country and our culture to see that ANYONE could write as some people have here, on Thanksgiving, no less. I’m sure Hitler felt much the same about the Jews.

    What is happening to us in this society? And who in the society is more inhuman…the poor or the people who mock the poor?

  16. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Union members will fight like hell to maintain their working habits and lifestyles. This means they are incapable of running a company anywhere but into the ground.
    Let’s see, how many union people start their own companies and hire only union labor? I don’t know of a single one who ever has….but if you do, by all means enlighten me.
    The only way this can be done that I know of is government contracts requiring “prevailing wage” and this prevailing wage game pays between 2 and 3 times the normal wage for such work, where I live.

    There is plenty of demand for goods in our country. The problem is producing these goods for what people are willing to pay for them.The costs of hiring people are simply too high, people all feel entitled to a wage that will reflect all costs in life from keeping their entire family 24/7,funding potential disabilities, their taxes they must pay for everything they buy, retirement contributions for working 8 hours 5 days a week, paying into social security to help keep their families if they have an early demise in life as well as keeping their dependents until they are of age and have had an adequate education to afford them an ability to keep themselves, in that same 8 hour workday, the company must pay adequate funds to afford them and their family healthcare, even if they have a dozen kids, my God man, look at the liability a company endures when they employ someone to do something as simple as putting stamps on envelopes that are self-sticking stamps, and surely you can see that selling yor goods into a competitive market allows no room for projected financial circumstance error in any profit projection allowing you to stay in business.

    Social security and medicare are the only government programs worth even worrying about, Ron Paul has a lot of good ideas there, although I disagree with him on a few of his ideologies.Bachman is another good choice. Newt, one hell of a talker, brilliant debater, but may not be the most honest of all. Paul and Bachman are honest and love this country and could lead the way to restoration. They are realists.

    Let’s not forget that what makes a company hum is profits. Having disgruntled workers who simply wish to demand more for their efforts, who want that 8 hour day with all the mandated breaks, but want the whole family to be taken care of, all their needs and wants, to keep up with the jones’s who are way over their heads in debt while not producing anything more for their efforts at work, are what unions are all about. Employees simply gang up against the company, even destroy the company property, to get their way. If the company goes under, they then get paid to not work at all…..and despise all that chose to be self-sufficient and have made their own way in life and done well.Employees tend to be complacent about being dependent on someone else to give them money to maintain their lifestyle, and by God, if someone else has something I don’t have, well I’m just as good as they are, so I should have it too, and this company I work for had better give me more or I will put them out of business. I am just as good as anyone else…….this is the prevailing thouight among employees almost everywhere.

    The reality in life is that there are greater people and there are lesser people. We in this country somehow fail to accept that reality, and consequently anyone employing anyone else is made to suffer because the lesser people are able to group together to think they can live as well as the greater people live. It can’t happen for long. This is why governments all over the world have become debt-ridden. Even the most parasitic elements of our society have been guaranteed food, clothing, shelter, health care, and a promise from politicians of a better tomorrow. Where I live, we have many multi-generation welfare people living in brand new homes. A housing authority even cuts their grass. The employees of the housing authority make over $40,000.00 per year doing simple maintainance tasks. Our police and fire personnel are teamsters union, the teachers are all unionized as well, the taxes are the highest around, and crime is rampant. People do driveby shootings of both occupied and unoccupied housing. The police show up later to write reports. Broken windows and burned properties are never crimes worth solving, just spend your entire income on insurance, that will fix the problem.
    I have found that by replacing the windows and then using duct tape and various sizes of garbage (Lowe’s bags are pretty good) over different spots on the windows, that these thugs won’t waste their time throwing bricks at what appears to be already broken. I also grow poison ivy over a lot of the outside walls, so as to discourage graffiti.Limited success there. I am considering poison oak as an addition. If I want to get rid of anything I simply set it out on the porch with a for sale sign on it, next morning it’s gone, I can only hope the thief who stole it gets a good dose of china white. (China White is heroin that kills so fast the junkie dies with the needle still in his arm)
    Union junkies are all over our country. They produce as litle as possible for as much as possible, and encourage all others to do the same, this is a peculiar form of militance. Unions started out as a good thing, but went bad pretty quickly. There is of course greed all around, but union people never admit to theirs.

    We will soon have a period of deflation, it’s starting now in commodities, and will travel through society until it catches even the most successful of the greedy. Best to just button down the hatches. I have heard of FEMA camps and I can see a definite use for them, as we may soon become a principally agrarian society, since farmimng will become very unprofitable due to oil and fertilizer shortages and inclement weather.
    It would be very sensible to lower our expectations in life, we currently have a government that wants to convince everyone they need 60 or 70 K/yr to live good, or even more, so as to justify their own bloated salaries. I find that myself and my small family live well on 25 k/yr. We live within our means. We have never for one moment of our lives lived on welfare , I had one 4 week stint as an unemployed steelworker….then became self-employed and learned how to really work, not just be an employed flunky.
    Some responses to my thoughts have been taken as offensive by some, but reality is coming for all of us….I accepted my limitations early in life, and despite the fact I am not a genius, I have gotten on with my life and have worked hard and long, without employing anyone, and have done very well in life. I am satisfied with my achievements, and still achieve every day as much as I can. I look forward to work, because that is what makes life worth living, the ability to work and achieve. I am also disabled, but I choose not to be a parasite on all of humanity.

  17. terango.lf says:

    1olderbutwiser1, Not only do you think that there is no social justice, that there should not be any. Your praise for the GOP candidates clearly represents your pov. And while I can also gripe about the corruption of certain union practices, that when an individual negotiates terms of employment, there is no negotiation. But when 100 or more negotiates there are negotiations. I’ve seen unions take consessions if the company could demonstrate the need.
    I’ve lived in LA, Chicago, Memphis,& San Diego and finally returned home to West Virginia. Sounds to me you live somewhere like the 1st four. I can leave something on my porch and not get stolen, and we dont have graffitti here, because we know better, because we are self reliant in nature. So we are not looking for a hand out, just an OPPORTUNITY to a fair wage. And would bet that in 90% of Americia is the same. So maybe you need to see an optometrist to correct your myopic and hatefull pov.

  18. cajungenes says:

    I wish I could vote for David Woolner for President. Our society has abandoned the values that made us a great nation. 100 million Americans at or below the poverty line should shame Congress and the President in to working together to help the struggling millions. Instead, Senators and Representatives get richer, accept gifts and increase their wealth. All on the backs of America’s millions living in poverty. America has become a two class system. The haves and the have nots. Congress MUST put partisan politics aside and WORK to bring deficit down and to raise the have nots out of poverty. They could start by slashing their paychecks by seventy percent. Then take the budget, line by line and get the garbage OUT of it. This is not a time for pork and special interests. This is a time to take drastic action to lift up the poor and suffering Americans.

  19. palschneider says:

    I am appalled at the attitudes and opinions of of some of the comments here. WE do have a dysfunctional government and a good amount of dysfunctional society. We NEED to get our country and government back to the people. The capitalistic idea seemed OK at the start of it, but look where it is now. It is certainly not there for the small business owner. It is the big corporations that took over literally everything, leaving the “little” guy standing with nearly nothing. I would suggest watching the film “Thrive – what will it take”. IF YOU ARE NOT the top one percent, YOU ARE the 99%. THE TOP ONE PERCENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, THEY CARE ONLY ABOUT MONEY AND CONTROL!

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