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Monday, January 21, 2019

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10 responses to “Forest Fires Rage In Colorado, New Mexico”

  1. Bigspender says:

    Makes you wonder if Romney doesn’t get tired of being right all the time.

    • Romney Just doesn’t Get It !!!!!!!!He has no compasion for anyone but himself and his rich Croneys/ Notice when he talks it is just meanless words .He is so out oftouch and to think he could be President. makes one shutter. When Obama talks feels like he is taking to you direct. Our firefighter Police . Putting there lives at stake for us . and Romen y doesn’care . Some one tell me what are his plans . He doesn’t have any Is he going to wait until he is elected and then he will decide . That is the way it appears. !!!!!!!!! Is he the one we we want to put our lives in his hand????? When there is a fire crime or a disaster.

      PS./ The Rebublician are out to destroy .The Pres. and Attorney General.regardless if it is right or wrong. They are ruthless!!!!!!!! The are the Devil at work. Think about it!!!!

      • BDD1951 says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Satan has nothing to do with it J.J…. Nothing more than the psychotic human element. Remember when the world was at war? The Japanese thought they were in the right too. We knew better but couldn’t convince them. Look at what their ‘righteousness’ resulted in and what our righteousness caused us to commit. Same things occurring here, both sides think their right which is natural.. The problem arises when one side accuses the other of being wrong. How can they determine that when they’ve only got positive information from one side and refuse everything but the negative from the other? Both sides have an equal amount of positive and negative elements.. No one should go around trying to convince others to vote their way when they only focus on the positive issues of their choice and the negative issues of the opposition as the other side is just as blind by their achievements and don’t believe a word the others say.

  2. Landsende says:

    Did you know firefighters are not eligible for government health insurance because they are considered part time workers because they usually only work 8 months. But during those 8 months they work 16 hour days in intense heat,inhaling smoke while putting their lives on the line to protect other peoples property. Then we have congress that only works part time, with the lowest approval ratings in history receiving all kinds of perks and triple A insurance. Now, who do you think deserves to have health insurance. Men and women putting their lives on the line to do back breaking, dangerous work to save lives and property or congress whose only aim seems to be how to enrich their wallets to the detriment of their constituents.

  3. hsmith6490 says:

    ok the problem with obamas proposal to fund firefighters and teachers is this. The govt gives the local goverments in year 1 to hire teacchers and firefighters but the 2nd year the money is not there .sop wha happens is the new hires have to be let go or the local goverment has to figure out where the money is going to come frome. Unless the money is made part of the yearly federal budget his plan does not work.Some how the federal govt has to come up with a permanent solution not just an election year sham

  4. sanorio says:

    Let the damn things burn. Not worth putting out with tax payer monies.

    • Not worth putting out forest fires that destroy millons of dollars of homes unless it is yours, then where is my help? Number one cause of these fires is some stupid idiot thats totally careless.

      • sanorio says:

        Most of it is in the forest…no human habitation.

        Where there is an interface between forest and human habitation:

        1) Build to a code that reduces the risk of your structure burning in a forest fire. Stucco siding and steel roofs are a minor example…
        2) Enforce codes that would allow for a fire break between structures and the forest…irregardless of what worm might be effected.

        Forest fires are mother natures way of cleaning house…she will do so at some point rather we like it or not.

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