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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Former Presidential Candidate’s Staffers Charged With Election Fraud

Former Presidential Candidate’s Staffers Charged With Election Fraud

Four staffers for former U.S. Representative and Republican presidential candidate Thaddeus McCotter were charged in connection with an election fraud investigation this morning. While no charges were brought against McCotter himself, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette slammed the former Rep. for being “asleep at the switch.”

The Detroit Free Press reports:

-Don Yowchuang 33, of Farmington Hills, was charged with 10 counts of election law forgery, a five-year felony; one count of conspiracy to commit a legal act in an illegal manner, a 5-year felony, and six counts of falsely signing a nominating petition, all misdemeanors.

-Paul Seewald, 47, of Livonia, was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit a legal act in an illegal manner, nine counts of falsely signing a nominating petition.

-Mary Melissa Turnbull, 58, of Howell, district representative: one count of conspiracy to commit a legal act in an illegal manner, and one count of falsely signing a nominating petition.

-Lorianne O’Brady, former scheduler, 52, of Livonia, charged with five counts of falsely signing a nominating petition.

Schuette launched the investigation in late May, after almost 90 percent of the voter signatures that McCotter’s campaign turned in to get him on the ballot for re-election were shown to be invalid. At the time, Chris Thomas — Michigan’s director of elections — said that the fraud was “frankly unheard of…It’s amazing when you sit and look, and it starts to dwell on you what they’ve done.”

Today, Schuette echoed Thomas’ opinion. The four staffers were “not simply Keystone Kops running amok,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “Criminal acts were committed.”

Schuette added that the quality of the forged signatures — many of which were cut and pasted from previous years’ forms — “would make an elementary art teacher cringe.”

Although McCotter was never a serious contender for the Republican nomination, he was a powerful Congressman, serving as Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. He was expected to coast to re-election before the fraud allegations derailed his campaign.

Since the allegations hit, his life has taken a rather depressing turn. He abruptly resigned from Congress on July 6th, saying that the “past nightmarish month and a half have, for the first time, severed the necessary harmony between the needs of my constituency and of my family.” He reportedly spent much of new his down time writing a television show based on his life, in which the characters “take pot shots about McCotter’s ill-fated bid for the White House while spewing banter about drinking, sex, race, flatulence, puking and women’s anatomy.”

So while McCotter may not be going to prison, it certainly seems safe to say that this is the last we’ll hear from the former Rep. for a long while.

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  • He is a white dude living in Michigan. Enough said!

  • desertdustoff

    Rules no longer apply to the repugnican, American taliban, tea bagging, , mega rich, koch sisters’ whore, puppet, gop (greed over people) party since rove swallowed the republiskunks. Truth also has a new definition with these low lifes: truth= tell the same lies long and loud enough they become the truth. Throw in the fun dumb mentalists and you have the sickest party this country has ever seen.

    • WhutHeSaid

      What’s up with Republicans these days? Aren’t honest ideas enough? Why is all this cheating and lying going on — attempting to suppress voter registration, editing videos to make them present false messages, hiding tax returns, etc.

      Imagine if the Olympics were partisan events. I’d fully expect to see Republican competitors strapping on fake noses to win track events, altering the timing equipment to favor their athletes, making wild and unfounded accusations that other athletes weren’t really born in their country, accusing females of being males and vice-versa. Where does it all end? Sheesh.

      • AFV

        Being bereft of ideas leaves them one option. Cheat.

      • 1standlastword

        Oh…so funny “strapping on fake noses to win track events….ROFLMAO!!!!!

      • Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorist Cells Operating In Plain Sight!! Hating Is What They Do , Lying Is How They Roll!! 🙁 They Sold Their Souls To The Devil!!!

    • TheOldNorthChurch

      Rules belong to everyone – that is why the laws need to be enforced whether agreed with or not.

    • rickm1945

      I thought I invented the name Repugnican, but I see somebody has the same thought process. I hope the name sticks as they are definitely Repugnant.
      We American are being held hostage by the right wing teabaggers.


  • I thought voter fraud was when Latinos and poor peole were allowed to vote?

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Another case for positive voter identification laws.

    • WhutHeSaid

      You mean add cheating candidates and staffers to fix a nonexistent voter fraud problem? What a twist!

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Appoint a States Citizens committee to over see the process.

        • WhutHeSaid

          I think that elected officials should face felony perjury charges when they are caught lying to the public. If a citizen can be charged with felony charges for lying to the government then the converse should also be true.

          • Then Most Of The GOP/Tea Party Would Be In Prison!!! GREAT!!!

          • WhutHeSaid

            Well, then they won’t have to pay taxes so that should make everyone happy.

  • I didn’t think that thr repubs ever did anything that was against the law. They only tell lies and misrepresent everything that a democrate stated.

  • What do you expect! What kind of government would you expect with the likes of these in office? Of course McCotter didnt know a thing about it and “resigned” with a nice fat retirement, medical and other perks he has “earned”.. Oh yea

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The “Political Class” contempt for the American People have no bounds. It is time to disband it and put restrictions on its future activities:

    1. No pension benefits for members of Congress or Political appointees.

    2. Lobbing activities can only be done in the home District of any member of the House of Representatives and only by a constitute of that District.

    3. Lobbing activities can only be done in the home State of any member of the Senate and only by a duly elected official from that State.

    4. No appointed member of the Federal Government shall engage in discussions with any lobbyist.

  • They have never played by the rules. The only way they can get elected and those with air between the ears love it.

  • 1standlastword

    Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, (R); MI, Speaker of the House, Jay Bolger (R) and Grand Rapids, Roy Schmidt (R) …what’s with Republicans these days???

    And these are the people concerned with “voter fraud”???!!!

    All a bunch of ravenous wolves!!!!!!

    It must appears to those of us in the know that there is a bad element in the Republican Party “well” practiced at accusing others of what they themselves do!

    And that goes for Mitt-fit Romney as well.

    • catball

      In the state of Pennsylvania, Republicans will be able have early voting. All the Democratic voting stations are just on the day of the voting from the hours of 8AM to 5 PM. My questions is why isn’t somebody doing something about this?

      • WhutHeSaid

        The thing to do is organize your family, all your friends and anyone else you can to vote these bums out of office despite their dirty tricks. Maybe when the GOP is down to 3 senators and 6 congressmen they will finally get the message that Americans will not tolerate cheats in their government.

  • There is a legitimate reason to see Romney’s tax records, and anything else the nation feels is important about his character. He is essentially trying to get the highest security clearance and he needs to be put under the microscope. This is more than just another glee club popularity event for the rich Prince.

    • ExPAVIC


      Very good John, make that an excellent point. You get a double A for this one.

      In order to gain a POTUS-level (the highest there is) security clearance, Mittens has to subject to a clearance level that some congressmen cannot acquire. The DIA will acquire toilet paper brand, blood type, sex partners since college and other tidbits

      He will have to divulge information that could be extremely unnerving to his egotistic, elitist, secretive demeanor. He may even have to disclose the names of the Le Havre, France, street walkers he had attempted to convert to Mormonism during his 1967 to 1969 missionary assignment (while some of us were “fighting for our country” in Vietnam).

      The only trouble is that the results of such investigations are also highly secretive, but in this political climate anything can happen and just a rejection may have to do.
      Something else we just may have to wait and hope, but I would surely like to be a fly on the wall when he gets a “NO” response.

      Now let’s see the American Taliban Republicans respond to this little gem, other than another “dah”.

  • This is an all out, blatant war for power. It is not American politics anymore . It is a struggle for for control of this nation and may well become violent as these power drunk fake Repubs who inspired the murder of the Sikh’s will stop at nothing. We may be on the brink of another Civil war and I pray we can avoid it and preserve American Democracy. Today it is Sikh’s being murdered. what if tomorrow it is Democrats being slaughtered for their belief’s and actions. For the insane and stupid who commit these acts the line between the two is now very very thin and anyone who still believes in American Democracy must be very careful in the future. This no longer an election but a war for the heart of Democray and representative government.

  • berrysoeto

    Gee when ACORN did this in MI it was called inadvertent…double standard??

  • daffodilly

    Now we know why the Republicans are convinced that voter fraud exists!

  • look, when you have career politicians running government, instead of citizen, you get people obsessed with staying in office. their staff only knows one thing. without their breadwinner, they’re unemployed. get term limits, get career politicians out. break the hold that special interest money has on politics and the sun will come out tomorrow.

  • Conspiracy to commit a legal act in an illegal manner? Somewhat oxymoronic, but I am not in the legal profession.

  • Did they mention the 23,000 cases of Illegal aliens in Florida that had voted last election? Republicans wanted to purge the voting rolls in Florida but were blocked by Dems. & a Liberal judge. If it is the Republicans that are doing the fraud, why is it that the Democrats always vote against voter ID, which would clear this up?

    • Making up facts doesn’t advance your case PC. Illegal aliens do not vote. They stay under the radar. You’d know that is you paid attention to someone other than Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity once in awhile.



    WE are virtually at a brink for the success and future of our NATION. Four more years of George W. Bush-type misdirected directions, individual rights violations, and poor international relations could relegate this country to a long list of failures that would rewrite the history of the United States.

    As this writer has stated previously We have to get out the vote even if we have to carry our backers on our shoulders to get to the polls.

  • If There’s Any Fraud Going On In These Elections You Can Bet Your Life It’s The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorist Cells Operating In Plain Sight!! Hating Is What They Do, And Lying Is How They Roll!!!:-(

  • While it doesn’t seem entirely fair to pile on, it is apparant that the climate of corruption in the current GOP has become alarming to say the least. Can’t wait to hear how the republican talking heads will spin this one.

  • This Shows that The Republican Party claimming to be religious…is no more than make up of the BODY OF SATAN. Theses type of People that belongs to theses Two Bodys don’t understand…that the People are what make up the Two Bodys…The Body Of CHRIST and the Body of Satan…I watched this very closley and found out the Republican and Christians are of the Body of SATAN…Liers and dishonest…will try and make the good follower them…SICK BUNCH OF GOYIMS term translating Goyim , later rendered as Paganus)…YES YOU ARE PAGANS REPUBLICANS & CHRISTIANS…TRUTH HAS BEEN SPOKEN!

    • I agree Truthspoken What kind of Christians these people are. They need to stop using God as platform they are no Christians what so every.
      Maybe the platform of the KKK or Skin Head. My so call dad is white but never claim me,but say he in a christian, owing me as his child would interfere with his life style. Don’t get me wrong because I know not all white people are like this.
      Because his mother never denial me. So you can lie cheep steal so long the real truth will come out.. Just like James Thurmond Strom never told people about is black daughter. That the Republican party they will lie about everything right DAD.

  • This is like the Republican whose wife voted, and had been deceased for years. Seems it is the Republicans that are using voter fraud, and getting away with it, mostly. Glad to see some are getting caught.

  • We need to know about Romney’s taxes due in Italy as well. How Bain Capital and himself made billions and paid no taxes in Italy. They do want to talk to him. Do we (the American public), want a president that is under investigation in another country for tax invading? How would that look?

  • Republicans committing voter fraud? It just can’t be, only Democrats do that, right? They’ll find a way to blame ACORN and Obama for sure.

  • With the GOP it is do as I say not as I do

  • Thadeus who? When did he run for president? Are you sure he even exists?
    Here in Connecticut, we have the democrat speaker of the state house under investigation by the FBI, and he claims in his adds for his congressional campaign that it wasn’t him and that he didn’t know what his chief of staff had been doing. When it comes to corruption, unfortunately,party affiliation doesn’t seem to make any difference.
    Can one of you liberals explain to me why you find it necessary to call people names? You sound like a bunch of 3rd graders when you do that. It also becomes apparent you don’t have enough intelligence to actually put forth a substantive argument, or you know you don’t have a real argument in the first place

    • Deb

      I never call people names, I let the facts speak for themselves and I am happy to point them out

  • Deb

    The Republicans depend on their ability to convince working people to vote against their own best interest. This combined with voter suppression and election fraud are the only thing keeping them in power.
    If you don’t make at least $250,000 a year or don’t have a net worth of at least one million dollars, you don’t even fall into their line of vision.
    Also look for an October surprise like, Defense Contractors laying off millions of workers and blaming Obama and the Democrats.
    We must work hard to counter these dirty tricks if we value our Democracy.

  • Send the SOB to a jail term. Then he might wake up to the fact he cannot do what he is being charged for. You got to many republican and probably tea party nuts doing the same thing. If caught, send them to jail for awhile.

  • Now African despots are gonna feel jealousy