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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The best evidence of a “Mitt Romney Convention Bounce” came from the conservative pollster Rasmussen Reports. In the days before the Republican National Convention, Rasmussen showed the president with a rare lead in its daily tracking poll. And coincidentally this lead evaporated during the course of the RNC and on the Monday after the convention ended Romney had a four-point lead.

Nate Silver of the New York Times looked at the long-term trends and found that overall Mitt got about a two point six “bump” from his convention, less than the four points he needed to change the race. As of Tuesday, Romney’s lead in Rasmussen was back at two where it has generally been most of the race.

If the president gets just at least the same modest bump Romney did that would put the president back up over his challenger by three points – a nice position to be as the debates begin. But Romney’s problems aren’t just in the polls. They’re in perception. His positioning of being a savvy manager who picks the right people is in serious doubt after Clint Eastwood’s messy routine and Paul Ryan’s major collisions with the truth.

Here are four signs Republicans are sensing Romney is out of his depth and are getting desperate.

AP Photo/Al Behrman

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  • So the empty head is joining the empty seat movement? Go Sarah! Please, go. No, just go.

  • sisterH

    Let’s go golfing or to Spain with all our friends…let the tax payers pay the bill. Don’t work at creating real jobs….just government jobs where government workers can play god with peoples lives. Don’t encourage people to look for jobs …we don’t want them to know we killed the free economy. Keep them at home on the sofa …get them used to 99 free checks for sofa sitting. Keep them in front of the TV so we can program them. You are helpless and it is not your fault. You are a victim. Republicans want bad things for you. They want you to continue to be poor. They want you to enjoy your EBT destiny. They enjoy having to pay your cable bill and your red lobster habbit.

    • That is the most retarded thing I have ever read, but at least you spared us the racism so many others throw in.

    • sister, I don’t know what planet you live in, but in the country where the rest of us live most of us work or worked for a living, paid our taxes, and did everything we could to make sure our children succeeded. Acknowledging the fact that government has a role in protecting us and in putting in place the infrastructure and services needed to achieve our goals does not mean dependence on government or becoming a government worker. BTW, those government workers you demonize include the teachers that taught you how to write, the air traffic controllers that keep you safe when you fly, the research doctors at the Center for Disease Control that study new virus strains and develop vaccines to keep us healthy, the diplomats that represent us overseas, and the NASA scientists that made our country the envy of the world and whose contributions influenced the development of tools that have transformed society like no other generation before ours.
      Instead of listening to platitudes that seldom include substance, and repeating outlandish hyperbole, make an effort to look around you and learn that we, as individuals, need the help of others to achieve our goals.

      • Dianes4babies

        Great post!!!

    • The fact that apparently brainwashed rightwing idealogues continue to fixate on Welfare, food stamps and unemployment insurance recipients…and to grossly distort a Welfare recipient’s actual cold, hard, unpleasant reality…is just pathetic. If only karma worked a little faster…and was somehow visibly accessible like YouTube…to watch it work it’s magic on those who truly deserve it…like sisterH. If there truly is a just, old testament God…as so many of sisterH’s fellow fascists keep trying to push on everyone in various ways…what the hell is He waiting for?…Smite these spawn of Satan!…Preferably before November. It would really be nice to have a bigger landslide for Obama than I’m sensing right now…Although…the DNC is helping a lot for now…Thanks God…

      P.S. I hope you don’t mind that your name has been given a rest by the DNC this time. You know which side REALLY cares about the sick, the weak and the poor I’m sure.

    • lkreu

      Wow, where do you live? You are one of the most ignorant repliers I have ever read. You better check you facts on the stuff you say. Please post evidence to your accusations. And, don’t use “more people are on food stamps than before” well because the last MONTH that George W. was in office we LOST 4 million jobs and the economy was bleeding, not to mention the banks that were telling people who they knew could not pay their mortgage once the balloon payments came in, but yet came giving them more and more, they knew what would happen, but they were greedy. Now those people have lost their homes and need help.

      I don’t anyone on welfare that eats at Red Lobster. I had 4 kids and a disabled husband, made minimum wage, then it was 3.25 an hour, and I got a whole 80$ a month in food stamps, not eating lobster on that. In fact, the last day of the month I was lucky to have rice and chicken legs. That was 25 yrs ago. I needed welfare like most people to get a hand up, not dependent on it. So get your head out of your a** and stop listening to the lies that the republicans are telling you. The Romney’s know nothing of REAL life.

    • Why do you want to throw your sister under the bus?

    • Joseph Hemphill

      are you just plain stupid or do you practice at it every day ?

  • It must be hard to remain calm when the only thing you have to offer is requests for more tax breaks for people who do not need them and do not use them to create jobs in the USA, and austerity, including the dismantling of social programs that benefit the middle class and the poor. No wonder the GOP nominees are running away from their own record, their plans and their platform and suddenly acknowledge the fact that the middle class does exist…and that they need our votes to win.




    After watching Michelle Obama’s speech, it is very clear that the American Taliban Republicans have been outclassed. Ann RoMoney can’t out talk Michelle and couldn’t do her laundry correctly either.

    • And That’s What A First Lady Looks Like She Looks Like And Live Like Everyday People!!! No Country Club Woman A Real Woman!!!

      • hilandar1000

        Yes, Michelle is an extraordinary woman. EVERYTHING about the opening night of the DNC convention was so refreshingly real. The audience was also refreshingly diverse, but all seemed to be sharing the same feelings that the speakers were relating. From the comments I’ve read this morning and the people I’ve talked with, that feeling of unity seems to have held true for the people watching it on television as well.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Guessing game for Obama….78% of what group voted you in in 2008? (hint…it starts with a “J”,and is 3 letters long. Second hint…it’s Capitol starts with the SAME letter “J”)….next question: How many of this SAME group will vote for you in 2012; (hint) it starts w/ a “Z”.

    • jarheadgene

      ahhahahhhaa Right…I saw some at the DNC last night. Also read a post recently from a Jewish leader praising Obama and his support of Israel . According to Gallup he is down from 2008. But still not enough to lose. I’m sure some of it has to do with them believing the lie that the POTUS is muslim, which he is not.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        You may be right about his religion, but WHY didn’t he wear ANY jewelry (wedding band, watch) during Ramadan??? Oh I forgot, muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during Ramadan. (his explanation: ring out for “repairs”… No comment)….hmmmmm?????

        • lkreu

          Even though he is not Muslim, what difference would it make. Our country was founded on religious freedom. If he were Muslim, he’s not a good one, have you ever seen him drinking beer? Alcohol is forbidden in the Muslim faith.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            No one has any problem with one’s religion today ( unless of course you’re Morman?), but what we DO have a problem with is someone HIDING his religeous beliefs….because that begs the question of: WHY?????

          • Dianes4babies

            Now you know that’s NOT true! Pres. Obama has ALWAYS been very open with the fact that he is a Christian!!! He doesn’t hide anything, so stop grasping at straws to come up with something in an attempt to continue to make this pres. look bad!!! IT IS NOT WORKING!!!

          • jarheadgene

            Does hiding ones religious beliefs bother you more than hiding your taxes?

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Let’s face facts: If it took Obama OVER a year to locate ONE SINGLE PAGE (his “birth” certificate), doesn’t is make sense that finding hundreds of pages could easily take as long or longer??? Makes sense to me.

          • johninPCFL

            Took no time at all. The Hawaii Sec of State said he was born there the day after the question was raised.

            But that whole privacy thing, where folks are the only ones allowed to request their own paperwork seems to have the GOP befuddled. It seems like they want everyone to be able to request paperwork on you, as long as it’s not them. Why don’t you ask for George Romney’s Mexican birth certificate?

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            I’m confused? It only took you a short time to obtain Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii, but it took Obama over one year?? What are you attempting to say?

          • johninPCFL

            The Hawaii Sec of State certified his Hawaiian birth the next day. The request from the birfers continues to this day. Nothing will satisfy an idiot.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Since you’ve lived in a cave for last two years, I’ll set the record staright….Obama PUT OFF producing any birth record for over one year…ONLY THEN did he find it necessary to send an entire group of surrogates to personally retrieve the supposed “birth certificate.” Why did he need to send an entire staff to do the job? Ask your hero.

          • johninPCFL

            Birfers are idiots. The Hawaiian Sec of State has repeatedly attested to Obama’s Hawaiian birth. Birfers are the only fools who still send money to Taitz and Trump to continue the stupidity.

            How much has it cost you (so far)?

          • msrita

            I guess you did not see his family on the news that their FATHER delivered the President of the United States. They all had the Doctors Last freacking name.

          • lkreu

            Last time, he is NOT hiding his religious beliefs, he is a Christian. But, right wing bat sh*t crazy people like you will not accept it. Please list your evidence for the rest of us poor blind people so we too can see the light, which you see.

        • Cling to your man Romney – I will not feel the least bit sorry for you if a miracle occurs and he is elected…I will, however, feel VERY saddened for the rest of us who knew better….

        • I am a born again Christain and I don’t wear any jewelry what so ever! I’ve been married 51 years and my wife doesn’t have any problem with it so why would it bother you if the President doesn’t wear any? It doesn’t mean a thing regarding his religion. Get a Life!

          • jarheadgene

            Why is it so many BA Christians want to cling to GOP like it is a life saver float in the middle of the ocean?

          • WhutHeSaid

            I give up. Perhaps it’s because other things beside life preservers float.

          • Joseph Hemphill

            they are clinging to a piece of refuse swirling down the toilet….

        • anyasnote

          What this have to do with running the country?? You are grasping at straws because your R/R have no substance to run on except, lies, distortions and hunger for more power. U R pathetic little man.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            What does this have to do with running the country??? Anyone who has to LIE about the little things surely can’t be trusted with the big things….as Bill Clinton said of Obama two summers ago, HE’S an AMATEUR!

          • johninPCFL

            And today he has far more experience and training than Romney or Ryan. Both of them will be rank amateurs should they be elected.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Obama has NEVER worked in the private sector, has no JOB experience EXCEPT creating a 16 TRILLION DEFICIT, or $140,00 for every man, woman & child in US.
            We are currently experiencing the WORST job recovery since the great depression. If you think THIS experience is what recommends him for the job, LOL!

          • johninPCFL

            4.3 million jobs in three and a half years, dumbshit. That beats the job record from 8 years of GWB.

            And yes, the teabaggers have spent up a storm since taking control of the House. That’s where spending bills come from, you know?

          • Just a quick add-on: from 1999 to 2009, the Private Sector created just 1.1 Million Jobs. And, this, in spite of the Fact that Bush gave the Rich the largest Tax Cut in the History of the Country.

            Interesting to note too; that during that same ten year period, above; Corporate Welfare ballooned to a Trillion Dollars – – about $100 Billion a year – – plus or minus. Subsidies and Earmarks are the GOP’s Dirty Little Secrets. To wit: the Bridge to Nowhere, in Alaska, that was never finished. Oops, I miss-spoke. The Bridge is suppose to connect with an Island, where 50 people live.

            Earmarks are PORK, pure and simple. Earmarks are the Genius of the Republicans – – who have been robbing the Treasury for years with their wasteful and ludicrous projects. Maybe another $100 Billion here; and, nary a word.
            These Bastards are slick – – I’m telling you!

          • johninPCFL

            Thanks for the update Don. I’m beginning to think that MCT is just a Koch brothers troll. Either that or there’s just a really deficient link between the real world and her cerebral cortex.

          • johninPCFL

            Oh, and almost forgot. The comment was that Romney didn’t have as much experience being President of the US as Obama. Since destroying companies by larding them up with debt and pulling out a handsome payday for yourself doesn’t qualify as a Presidential attribute, how does Romney have more qualifications today than the guy that’s been doing the job for four years?

          • grammyjill

            Actually, he worked at a law firm for several years and he also worked in his community helping people. your wonder boy ryan hasn’t had a real job since he delivered newspapers as a teenager. and romney looked at work and decided he didn’t like it so found a way to make money by hurting other people and taking their money.

    • johninPCFL

      And yet his approvals in Israel are better than GWB. GWB stamped hs feet and blustered at Iran, Obama unleashed Stuxnet.

      Try again blinky.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        The only thing Obama “unleashed” in last 6 months is ONE MILLION UNDOCUMENTED workers into our already struggling economy to compete for the few remaining jobs that should have been reserved for OUR citizens.

        • johninPCFL

          He dummy, he’s deported more illegals in three years than GWB did in HIS ENTIRE TERM.

          BTW they ALREADY HAVE THOSE JOBS and pay taxes on their income (unlike Romney.) Otherwise they wouldn’t be elligible for the deferment. You DO know what deferment means right? Oh, you’re GOP so probably not. Deferment means: TEMPORARILY avoiding deportation while continuing to be good citizens and working through the visa process.

          Unlike Reagan who just gave them citizenship.

          • Infact he deported more aliens in one year that any President before him! That is 396,906 in fiscal year 2011 alone! Let’s hear a big cheer from the far right.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Great record…396,000 OUT and ONE MILLION IN?
            Do you figure we’re ahead or BEHIND????

          • They are illegal! What part off illegal don’t you understand. The President has done every thing in his power to reduce illegal aliens, including apprehending them when they attempt to cross the border. Because they are illegal, there are no accurate satistics to document claims of one million illegals coming in. The bottom line he has done better than any President before him to deport them when they are tracked down and apprehended.

          • When are you Folks going to get it? The undocumented Aliens are NOT Illegal!

            The constant stream across the Border during the past 30 years, is a PART OF PUBLIC POLICY! Neither Party wants to touch this issue; because it is what the Rich Growers, Builders; Junk Food Shops; Landscaping Companies, and the Tourist and Entertainment Fields want. It’s all about CHEAP Labor, and cutting former Middle Class Americans out of the Economic Pie. Cheap Labor means Big Profits; and that’s what drives the Corporate Predators today.

            If, for one minute; it, is your belief that Government can’t stop the flood of Mexicans coming across the Borders; better check to see what’s in your coffee.

            You further need to understand, that, what you think about this issue, means nothing! To the Rich and Powerful; most of us are, “never-no-minds.” You matter not; and you will see that again, if the GOP captures the White House. Watch for more Job cuts; more loosening of Regulations so that the Beasts in other Industries can follow the lead of the Financial Sector; and Scheme, Scam, Rob, and Steal – – from the Middle and Lower Classes. The new game today is, RENT SEEKING! THAT MEANS YOU CREATE NOTHING NEW; BECAUSE, IT’S EASIER TO EXTRACT WEALTH FROM THE LESS SAVVY, AND UNFORTUNATE.

          • CPANY

            What you say is correct, but they are still here illegally and must be kicked out or somehow eliminated from our country.

          • frivolous01

            Sure, as long as you realize that enforcement costs money. Remember those government jobs that Republicans want to eliminate? Well, some of those jobs include border enforcement. You have to do one or the other; spend more money on enforcement, or find some way to help immigrants become legal taxpayers.

          • CPANY

            We have no choice. To maintain the integrity of our laws, we must get rid of them. I don’t doubt that the Republicans want to reduce the border patrols. They look on the illegals as cheap labor.

          • msrita

            It was Reagen who started this crap in the eighties. They should talk about that since they like to go back 20 years.

          • CPANY

            The business-minded Republicans are one of the biggest reasons that the illegals have become a problem. The Republicans, who are allied with business, want to cut labor costs and the illegals give them a great chance to do exactly that.

            Care to tell us what Dubya did to stop the illegal influx? In addition to undermining the labor market, the illegals are a major factor in the spread of crime on Long Island.

          • StephenMcDonald

            I agree CPANY. I live in Brentwood Long Island and in the last 2 yrs. there have been 7 murders in my town alone committed by gang members from El Salvador.
            But thanks to Government, which the Repubs want to shrink, our community established a special task force which is doing an amazing job in eliminating alot of the known gang members.
            I have no problem with the immigrants who are here to make a better living for family and their children or the children who went to school,served in our military or who were born here illegally, they deserve a path to citizenship. But as with all immigrants, the bad elements need to be weeded out and deported.
            Obama understands this and is trying his hardest for this to happen, even against a Congress who has been lockstep against him since Day One.

          • oldtack

            Just perused your 100= entries – Wow.
            Nothing but one liners and “nothingisms.”

            Nothing factual. some people merit a reply – in this case you are Hopeless.

          • Joseph Hemphill

            link to your claim ? I read that illegal immigration is almost non existent since the recession began.

        • jarheadgene

          I’m sorry they took that busboy, or lawn cutting or fruit picking job you were applying for. Or was it that toilet cleaning or baby sitting job you were waiting on.

        • There is so much I want to say to you, but as I keep hitting my delete button, I say YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT.

          • CPANY

            From your surname, I assume that you’re all for increasing the number of illegals in the United States. If my assumption is correct, then be assured that I think that you should be kicked out of this country, even if you were born here, with the illegals.

            The Mexican government has endorsed the “Reconquista,” which means recovering the territories that Mexico lost to the United States as a result of the Mexican War. To me this is treason on the part of any American who agrees with that point of view and is tantamount to an act of war by Mexico.

          • frivolous01

            Wow, what a pathetic racist comment. You know what happens when you assume, right?

          • msrita

            That was a mean thing to say CPANY

          • CPANY

            Don’t tell me that my comment is “mean.” Dispute what I said, if you can.

        • President Obama granted children who have grown up in the USA, are attending school in the USA, and/or are serving in our Armed Forces a two-year reprieve. Compare that to the Bush/McCain guest worker program, Gingrich’s call for amnesty for all illegal immigrants, Perry extending college tuition grants to children of illegal immigrants and what you will find is that both parties are taking tiny steps to address a major social and legal matter. For better or worse, President Obama’s record on illegal immigration – evident on the record number of deportations – suggest the opposite of what you are insinuating.

        • grammyjill

          oh, you want to go crawling around a field picking lettuce or tomatos?
          and most of those you say he unleashed are school children.

    • jimmab52

      what a stupid, commment DUD

    • I couldn’t stomach watching the RNC, but the DNC was a refreshing breath of sane air. A nice dose of Real America. I don’t understand what’s mentally wrong with GOP supporters, but there’s something definitely wrong. I’m an Indy, I choose by the candidate, not the party.

    • CPANY


      Boy, are you subtle. Are you saying that Obama has lost the Jewish vote? Interesting that you assert that “its Capitol” starts with the letter J. So, you’re also asserting that American Jews consider Jerusalem and not Washington, D. C. as their capitol?

      Have I interpreted your post correctly?

    • Your an embarrassment.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        It’s going to be MORE of an embarrassment to Obama when he realizes, too late, that he really needed the Jewish vote!

        • msrita

          Most of American are tired of Israel and their wanted to start wars. See this picture its my son. I’ll be you know what it he dies for there bullcrap. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO GIVE US SOME OF OUR MONEY BACK.

  • WhutHeSaid

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the Charlotte convention was a better picture of America than Tampa. I saw people from all walks of life (even wealthy people – go figure) in the audience, and nary the slack-jawed look of confusion akin to a dog watching TV that I saw in Tampa. I did see some yawns, but perhaps that can be attributed to working 3 jobs while waiting for that ‘trickle down’ prosperity that is long overdue after 8 years of Bush.

    The first night of Charlotte was a class act, and it’s obvious that the organizers knew what they were doing. Perhaps that’s not surprising given that this is the second time around for the Obama campaign team, but it was still a big contrast with Tampa.

    There was something more, though, that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I believe it has something to do with honest faith in one’s beliefs. Yes, I heard the ‘American Dream’ stories from the speakers in Tampa — and some were quite good — yet the narrative that was told over and over in Charlotte had more of the ring of truth. Maybe it was the fact that those who struggle most in this society were actually present in numbers — perhaps it was something else. I felt it, and this was only the first night.

    One difference is undeniable: The speakers all gave their full-throated support to President Obama. I could sense in Tampa that some speakers were angling for future runs for office, and some speakers seemed to be grudgingly toeing the line for the party. Yet they couldn’t hide it: It was clear that they didn’t really BELIEVE in Romney. The DNC speakers, on the other hand, didn’t seem to harbor this same doubt, but truly sounded as if they believed in the man they were supporting.

    Maybe it’s just me, but that’s what I saw.

    • I too believe the DNC opening day was fabulous. Patrick did an excellent job highlighting Romney’s record as Governor of Massachussetts, Castro delivered a fantastic speech designed to restore the American dream and the conviction that the USA continues to be the land of opportunity for those willing to work hard and pursue their goals, and Michelle Obama’s ability to tie her – and Barack’s – family stories and how their experiences influenced their convictions and determination, to policy was one of the best political speeches I have ever heard.
      The RNC depicted egotism and greed as virtues, the DNC opening day was focused on the need to be compassionate and help one another. A stark contrast between two political philosophies that is the basis for the polarization that exists in our society today.

      • retiredforaliving

        The same Patrick who’s State is in 47th place in competitiveness?? the same guy who’s states unemployment is 15% that Duval??
        Castro who’s mother has called the Alamo fighters druks , theives and murders. Who belongs to an organization that says Mexico has soverenty over Texas??? That Castro???
        And Michelle win about how poor they were while never having a summer job or working while attending school who some how managed to take summer vacations all over the world??
        The DNC convention was established on the point only the government matters and rather than a belief in God barak hosted a JUMBA for his mooslim brothers

        • heterarch

          You do know roms record, right? What was he as gov in job creation? And his approval rating when he decided not to run again? As for some of the DNCs speakers go: roms great grandfather had five wives in Mexico (if you think castros mothers groups platform is relevant, then why not that?), and plenty of speakers at both conventions have negative stories that can be seen by one side or the other as a black mark. Meanwhile, calling Obama an anti american Muslim who wasn’t born in America is pure fiction, unlike your DNC points, and my Romney point. To paraphrase Adlai Stevenson, ‘…if republicans will stop telling lies about democrats, well stop telling the truth about republicans’.. Granted, Adlai isn’t exactly the best role model for anyone right now, but still love the quote.

          • Roms grandfather had five wives? Well Obama’s daddy was married to two women simultaneously. One in America, one in Africa. How about that?

            I am European, Dutch actually, anti-colonial leftism is my 2nd language. Obama is a native speaker.

          • Tom Van de Guchte

            I am Dutch as well. Your comment does not make sense.

          • you mean like romney kills women with cancer that lie and obama is a muslim and a socialist look at what he does

        • communitarian35

          Those at the Alamo were slave holders biter that Mexico abolished slavery. These werent American heroes but oppressors and Mexican govt had the right to enforce their law.

        • at least he cant get back in again i look forward to him being out

        • yep first time in history god was removed rom the platform and then booed when they put it back

      • the american dream? you mean spend spend and spend some more thats the american dream?

    • Dianes4babies

      It’s NOT just you, I saw it too, and so did many, many, many other people, too!!

      • YES It Was A Rainbow Of Colors That’s What America Is It A Melting Pot Of Colors!!

    • RNC=FAILED It Only Showed Mostly Whites And America Have Other Color Beside White!!

      • howa4x

        we agree a lot Fern. It’s nice to know there are thinking people around

    • Tired_of_Same_Old_Song1

      When will this Blame-Game end. Lets not forget, this Admin has been at the helm for 4 years now, 2 of which was a complete Monopoly of power in both Houses. Everyone on the Left wants to make the claim that we, as a Nation are better off than we were 4 years ago, but are we really? Considering that our country is now over 16 Trillion(thats with a T) in Debt, which represents an increase of nearly 7 Trillion Dollars in just 4 years. That increase directly raises the household Tax Burden for EVERY American family by $50.000. Lets not also forget that 23 million people are still UNEMPLOYED. You want to Target the Higher Income Earners of this country. I have one very important question that I would like evryone to consider. When was the last time a Broke person create a JOB?

      • Four years ago the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse, our financial institutions had to be bailed out to preclude the end of capitalism, our auto industry was a short step from bankruptcy, we were losing 600,000 jobs, the unemployment rate was 7.8% and climbing rapidly, foreclosures were the order of the day, the stock market was in the dumps, companies were not hiring and we moving their operations overseas, Osama bin Laden was enjoying his harem in Pakistan, we were engaged in two crusades using borrowed money to pay for them and hiding that liability to give the illusion that our deficits were not as severe as they actually were, and deregulation allowed companies and individuals like ENRON, AIG and Bernue Madoff to run amock.
        The GOP may consider that socio-economic fiasco an aberration and something that should be ignored, I consider it something we must avoid at all cost. Yes, we are much better off than we were 4 years ago, and if it hadn’t been for all the GOP obstructionism our economy and unemployment would be much better than it is today.

        • Great As Always Dominick Thank You!!!Just Like He Don’t Know The American Taliban Was Blocking And Filibustering Keeping Our POTUS For Getting The Things Needed To Turn This Whole Recession Around!!

        • A voice of reason. Thank you, Dominick Vila!!!

      • WhutHeSaid

        Talk about tired, old tunes.

        I’ll answer your question: ‘Broke’ people have been creating jobs since before money was invented — did you think work was unknown before cash? Further, ‘broke’ or ‘near-broke’ people start businesses ALL THE TIME. How do you think banks make their money — by loaning only to the uber-wealthy? Some of the most virulent money-grubbing sociopaths posting out here claim that they can start businesses with nothing but their good ideas and the lint in their pockets, and this is their excuse for eschewing government assistance or policies that are targeted towards helping small businesses succeed.

        Further, a LOT of people are ‘broke’ who are middle and working class, and they are the BACKBONE of the American economy. Did you think only dancing horsies buy consumer goods that allow the local business to hire employees?

        So make up your mind: Do only the wealthy create jobs or do we need some government (read: other Americans) policies that invest in people who become the successes of tomorrow? If only the wealthy create jobs, then we should be awash in good-paying jobs after 8 years of Bush policies handing out tax breaks to the wealthy — you’d think we’d need to start an urgent immigration program to handle a country bursting at the seams with employment. Well, we don’t have a flood of employment, but we do have dancing horsies, Cayman Island tax havens, and Presidential candidates who made their millions outsourcing jobs to other countries.

        Better find a new tune to sing, Bud — you are way off key.

        • Thank You !! You Told Him!!!LOL I Guess He Think We Must Be Blind Cripple And Crazy !! We Know The GOP/Tea Party Has Been Plotting Against Him Also Blocking Filibustering And Do Nothing To Help America Nor It People!! Lying All Thru Those Four Years The American Taliban Are Traitors!!

        • docb

          Time mag has a great article on the Gov’t of subsidy and all the little things that shore up the people! Including the water available to us!

      • jbro209

        You have to remember where we were when Obama took over. Things don’t happen over night. It took years to get in this mess, going to take years to get out. I wish you could just flip a switch and make it all better, but wake up, it don’t happen!

        • Joseph Hemphill

          especially in light of blatant republican obstructionism.

          • jbro209

            You are right my friend! The only way to get any thing done is to stop butting heads. I think the prez. needs to call both houses to session, lock the doors, and say “no one goes home till we get’er done!

      • anyasnote

        I am also tired of republican’s on keep voting on issues like In God we Trust, Abortion, and suppression of voters (who is breaking the constitution that they so dearly use) but ignore the jobs bills, fixing roads and bridges, provide better education (Rep. cutting it) and help Veteran’s to get decent jobs and for some provide decent hospitals and benefits. I am tired of them talking about Keystone (they keep bringing this up – destruction of our land to benefit few and mostly Canada) and they know it’s not going to pass no matter what. Stop and think just for a moment – would you support a party who’s ONLY GOAL is to make Obama One term Pres. The hell with the country, it’s economy, it’s well being of it’s citizens, but NEVER again a Black (or Mulatto) person will be in the White House. It’s only for the RICH and WHITE. It sounds to me like RACISM.
        If The super Pack, the rich that pumping money into R/R give each US soldier Families dead or still a live a 100K gift, they would still have left over to play with. Stop and think – why they pouring MILLIONS?? not for the good of the country and it’s people – it’s for theeir own benefits, they will get back much more. They can’t win so they will spin.
        Only person with pure heart and love for it’s country and it’s fellow citizens
        will be objective and drew conclusions unbiased and based on facts.
        “Facts can not be denied” – K. Marx
        Yes Michelle spoke with passion because she walked the walk like most of us.
        She had more passion than Ann ever will have. Besides you will NEVER see Michelle in a ugly blouse with an ugly fish for 1K a pop, you will not see her in a horrible dress that I clean my house in. Michelle has more style and class than Ann ever will.By the way – supply and demand create jobs and usually it’s the small business, the large Corp. Exec. too busy playing golf and politics, lobbying for bigger welfare and lose regulations.
        The middle class is the BACKBONE of the economy. If middle class doesn’t have jobs and money to spend, the big corporations and small businesses will cease to exist. Imagine if nobody shop at Walmart – Walton Family would have to be on welfare.
        For once take your Republican blinders off and see for what it’s.
        Yes it was a good show, people who spoke, they came from humble beginnings and they succeeded with the help of Gov. and it’s programs. Like the old saying goes. The bull forgot that at birth he was a calf.

        • I totally believe that the blatant obstructionism the republicans have done for all the job creating proposals the POTUS offered was clearly because of the color of his skin. Things that they were for before all of a sudden they’re against now. I truly believe the republican or tea baggers in Congress were responsible why our economy is not rebounding faster than it should.
          I have no doubt in my mind that a great number of these so called republican congressmen are racist!

      • According to Mitt Romney – Corporations are doing fine. I guess they are since they are have some of their best profits. So where are the jobs? So where is that trickle down we have been hearing about since the 80’s? I am waiting with my bucket to catch the trickle down from the people who are doing well – why is my bucket still empty? I have worked since I was 16 and was forced out of the work force at 58. In that time span I had 5 jobs, I had longevity because I worked hard and contributed to the success of those companies. Why than has the middle class been stagnent in growth for 30 years their income increasing approximately 15% while what you call “job creators” increased their income 240%.

        • The Only Thing That’s Trickle Down Is Rich Men Pissing On Your Head Telling You It’s Raining!! Where’s The Jobs Ask Romney He Been Shipping Them Overseas For Years Now Making A Good Living Out Of Shipping American Jobs!!

      • johninPCFL

        Complete monopoly, well, except for the record number of filibusters which stalled every single Democrat bill. Even ACA was stalled and the House had to pass the only version to get through the Senate, with a ton of GOP poison pills attached. 193 GOP amendments on the bill they “had no inputs on”.

        The good news is that a record number of abortion bills and repeal the ACA bills were passed in the House. Just like McConnell promised.

        And the teabaggers have continued to spend like crazy.

      • Gym_coach

        Being broke is exactly what got me to reach out to all my connections to generate some income. Being broke is what inspires new avenues if the old ones don’t work any more.

      • The major control of Congress by Obama that you believe lasted two years is fiction. Have you checked with the Congressional Record for the facts? Here the timeline for your use. Remember that it takes 60 to bill a bill in the Senate.

        Jan 20, 2009 55 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl 57 2 vacant: Kennedy ill, Minn contested

        Apr 28, 2009 56 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl 58 2 vacant: Spector changes sides, Kennedy ill and Minn still out

        May 15, 2009 56 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl 58 2 vacant: Kennedy ill, Minn still out

        June 2009 57 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl: 59 2 vacant: Kennedy cast healthcare vote, Byrd hospitalized, Minn still out

        July 7, 2009 56 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl: 58 2 vacant: Franken sworn in, Kennedy and Byrd still out

        July 21, 2009 57 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl: 58 1 vacant: Byrd back, Kennedy still out

        Aug 25, 2009 57 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl: 59 1 vacant: Kennedy kied

        Sep 24, 2009 58 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl: 60 Kirk appointed to Kennedy’s seat

        Feb 4, 2010 57 Demo’s 2 Ind Ttl: 59 1 vacant Brown elected to Kennedy’s seat

        With the election of Brown the ever-so-brief four months with a Demo/Ind majorty disappeared. We should not forget that there was a potential for 94 legislative days during that period. The Senate was only in session for 67 days and the House for 54. Not much time to accomplish all that needed to be done

      • 1concernedsenior

        In reply to same ole, same ole —>>>WAKE UP & SMELL THE COFFEE !!!

      • howa4x

        Well lets look at 4 yrs ago, that year being 2008. The stock market dropped to a record low of 6500, Lehman the 4th largest bank in the US went bankrupt, the banking system had to be bailed out at the sum of 25 billion. 700,000 jobs a month were being lost between oct and Jan, and 4 million were rendered unemployed. We were in the midst of two unfunded wars that cost us 1 billion per day for each all deficit spending. plus and unfunded drug medicare plan all deficit spending due to a tax cut for the wealthy. The 1% spent the time exporting 2.9 million jobs to china and India, and the auto industry was in a state of collaspe. 34 million lacked health insurance and out of that number 50k died each year. There was no credit and the system was frozen. We were close to the second great depression. Terrorism was still a world wide threat. All during the 8 yrs of GWB a Republican.

        Let’s see were we are today. 1 war was brought to a close, and the other has a sunset date. The banking system was stabilized, and regulations were put in place to assure a repeat of the banking crisis wouldn’t happen again(which the republicans want to repeal) The auto industry was bailed out and today, have record profits. the stock market is above 13,000. there have been 26 straight months of job growth, and 4 million jobs were put back on line. We are currently importing the least amout of oil in our history, more oil leases were given out by this adminsitration than 8 yrs of Bush. The number 1 terrorist in the world Bin Laden was killed (Bush couldn’t even find him) and Al Qeada is now in dissary with most of the leadership killed. The ACA was passed, and although a republican idea of individual responsibility, parts of it went into effect. Women have access to reproductive halth services. Kids between the ages of 22-26 could stay on their parents insurance, and the insurance companies can’t drop you for pre existing conditions, or deny you coverage. So parents with kids with birth defects can get treatment. there are approx 129 million americans with pre existing condition right now. I know republicans don’t care about this otherwise why did’t they do anything in 8 yrs. Why did they watch all those people die? Oh I forgot they were too busy making money to care.
        Obama put 10 dollars of cuts on the table for every dollar of revenue and the republicans refused it. Paul Ryan voted against the Simpson-Boles deficit reduction plan. Every economist says you can’t close the deficit without revenue and just cuts or you will send the economy back into recession, but the republicans are letting Groover Norquist lead them with that stupid pledge.
        So what did the republicans in congress do after their de regulation policies led to the biggest financial crisis in modern times? Nothing except obstruct any plans and programs to help people. they refused to pass the jobs bill but the tax cuts for the wealthy add much more to the deficit so I don’t want to hear it that we can’t afford it.
        I want to hear from Republicans how they are going to straighten out the mess they caused besides tax cuts for the wealthy or loosening enviormental regulations so a little more profit by the few can be made.
        We are much better off!!!

        • WhutHeSaid

          That really about covers it — good post. The only thing the GOP has been really good at over the last 4 years is attacking the rights of women, obstructing progress, and stirring up racial hate. Every last one of those bums — especially the vile and despicable Tea-Bigots — should be voted out in November. I hope it happens.

      • crestdad

        Your context of time has been fed to you. The American people should understand that government saved the banks, the auto industry, and turned the job situation and the economy around in three years, when it took 8 years by the GOP to mess it up. We will not put the fox in the chicken coop again.

      • JPierce4757

        Well I think its clear where you stand. Your concern for the well being of the American people seems in line with the Republicans “on your own” ideology so I guess you will vote your heart in November and LOSE!

      • dotutz

        Remember Reagan’s Trickle Down???? How many rich people have created jobs? Oh, yeah Romney went in and gave “Pink Slips” to people, was that job creation?? Funny how the Dems have put us in debt in 3 yrs. and 7 months, when Bush started two wars, created Medicare Part D and gave tax breaks to the rich and didn’t have any money to do all those things. Republicans have very short memories, but Dems and Independents are fully aware of what’s going on. Does anyone remember when FDR became President and how long it took to get out of the hole the Republicans dug? Read your history!!!

      • When my cousin was laid off 6 years ago with maybe enough money in the bank to pay his rent/utilities etc…he got off his butt and started a small business from his home…6 years later his small company employs over a dozen people at livable wages. There are MANY other stories of a similar vein. Oh, and he’s very much a Democrat. HIS trickle down economic policy has worked well for those people in his employ.

    • It wasn’t just you, WHS; I got that feeling, as well….I’d be willing to bet many millions of others agree with our assessment 🙂

    • Joseph Hemphill

      there was definitely passion coming from every speaker, and passion from the crowd, a sharp contrast to what the republicans put on display.

    • Clinton Came In And Broke Down The GOP/Tea Party Lies One By One And Bitch Slap Them In The Face With The TRUTH!! Clinton Ripped The GOP/Tea Party A New ASSHOLE!!!LOL

      • WhutHeSaid

        Yeah, it’s hard to imagine anybody doing a better job. Clinton resoundingly answered the question about whether we’re better off now than 4 years ago. All that’s left is for Obama to point out the future in a way that makes sense — and he will.

    • mbm

      You said this beautifully. I was proud to be American watching the DNC and its diversity of passionate Americans, empowered with hope, promise and honesty and 100% support to our President. In contrast to the white bread RNC filled with angry white men, filled with lies, deceit, a desperation-made me embarrassed. While many speakers at the DNC moved me to tears, the speakers at the RNC moved me to nausea.

    • retiredforaliving

      Where were all the blacks and Hispanics?? It looked like a convention of paid attendees. That’s why baraks speech had to move to a smaller venue even after his advance men couldn’t “give” the tickets away

      • WhutHeSaid

        Really, if you must wander out here and tell whoppers — please at least make an effort to have them contain some grain of truth. If you couldn’t see any African Americans or Hispanics at the Charlotte convention, then perhaps it’s time to see (metaphorically, at least) your optometrist.

    • Ken Brandt

      Did you see those people in the audience before or after God was introduced to the Democrat platform? Did you see the diverse nature of people voting for the Amendment? Did you see the total unity in adopting of the Amendment? Or, did you see it rammed down the throat by a tyranical chairman? 2/3rd vote? Is that what you heard? The Democrats can’t listen to their own people, why would they listen to the rest of America? Vote Republican and save the Republic.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Did you see that the Democrats actually changed their platform to correct discord between the President’s beliefs and the wording? Did you see the chairman call for votes 3 times? Why would he need to do that if he just wanted to cheat?

        Did you see the Republicans, who claimed to disagree with their platform on abortion in cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother do nothing? Did you hear them tell us they disagree with it yet fail to correct it? Do you expect us to believe that they really mean any different?

        At least one of the parties takes their platform seriously enough to correct it. The other offers more whoppers similar to the ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ whopper that they puffed out in 2010, yet completely ignored when it came time to govern, instead attacking women’s rights with a vengeance.

        2012: The Year Of The Whopper – courtesy of the GOP and the vile, despicable, redneck Tea-Bigots.

    • yomain

      What’s hard to put your finger on is that “feel” that Tampa was telling people what they SHOULD believe, while Charlotte was telling people what they know. So one has a chorus of forced “hurrahs” while the other has a natural energy. Even my conservative friend admitted he’d much rather be hanging with the Dems in Charlotte than the sour Tampa crowd.

  • I’m embarasssed for the Republicans. RNC – 2 thumbs down. And even with that nasty little anti-Obama movie at the theaters timed for the conventions. All combined it’s just tasteless, pathetic desperation from the party of greed, power, & ego.

    • No Doubt A Koch Brothers Production Just More LIES!!

  • ykhalim

    Empty chair photo from the Empty-Head.

  • ykhalim

    Paul Ryan is a relentless, bald-faced liar, a sociopath, a thing without a conscious: the devil.

    • CPANY

      He’s also a piece of crap.

    • If He’s Not The Devil I Bet He’s A Low Level DEMON!!

  • SaneJane

    I am trying hard to understand how half of our citizens believe the GOP. What are they thinking? I was talking with a friend that I have always thought was liberal but she is planning on voting for Romney because of gay marriage and illegal immigrants. What about the future of the entire country?

    • johninPCFL

      Ask your friend what she thinks Romney would do differently. Obama deported more illegals in one year than any president in history (2011), andhas deported more illegals in three years than GWB did in his entire presidency.

      The ones here who arrived as children and know no other home, who serve in the military, or are in school, have a two year window to get a visa or be deported. Reagan gave them amnesty.

      If we pulled the entire military home and posted them on the Mexican border, there would still be gaps and we’d be spending $600B per year to have them there. Is that a reasonable cost?

      • ” If we pulled the entire military home and posted them on the Mexican border, there would still be gaps and we’d be spending $600B per year to have them there. Is that a reasonable cost?”

        That would be illegal, The US military cannot be used domestically unless the PRESIDENT declares martial law over the entire country.

    • CPANY


      Doesn’t your friend know that the Republicans support illegal immigration because it’s a source of cheap labor?

      • Romney Got A House Full Of Illegals Running His House!!LOL Most Of These Rich Bastards Do!! They To Cheap To Pay Somebody A Decent Salary!!

  • SaneJane

    The first night of the convention was great. Terrific speakers. Passionate, dedicated and believable. Proud of our First Lady.

  • This election shouldn’t be close.But there are so many prejudiced people in this country,sad.

    • CPANY

      After the debacle in Iraq showed Dubya to be a barefaced liar, I thought that he had a zero chance of reelection. I was wrong.

      I still remember a headline in one of the London newspapers asking how fifty million Americans could be so dumb.

      Assuming that there wasn’t any election fraud, it seems that we had a lot of dumb people in this country. Despite the fact that the Republicans are a major threat to seniors through their plan to reduce Medicare and Social Security, I will not be shocked to learn that many seniors voted for Romney because they cannot bring themselves to vote for a black man.

      • jarheadgene

        The only people that have been caught committing voter fraud have been Republicans.

  • joujou228

    Watching the GOP convention, one could tell that they don’t care for Mitt Rommney as their propective leader, yet they’re asking us to pick him to lead this country.

    • msrita

      Well I guess he was the best of all of CLOWNS.

      • I Think Jon Huntsman Was The Best And Now He Jump Ship!! LOL He Left The American Taliban Party Of Crazies!!

  • chisolm

    So far, what I have seen are two carefully crafted conventions, complete with well written and delivered pleas for the few undecided voters in the country. Next, we see the spin doctors in full gear with their analysis of every word uttered.

    Speakers at the RNC convention mentioned the private sector, and less government, as the solution throughout. On the other hand, speakers, so far, at the DNC convention mention the public sector and more government as the solution to every challenge we face. Voters are left with a clear difference, therefore, both conventions, thus far, have been sucessful. Big government, less freedom or smaller government and more freedom. Go to the polls and show your preference!!!

    • frivolous01

      Well, considering the unfettered private sector is what got us into this mess in the first place I can’t see a reason to even consider returning to the type of ‘freedom’ the republicans want. To them freedom means the freedom to run rampant over lower income people in search of the almighty dollar but at the same time restricting women’s rights, gay rights, immigrant rights, and basically just any rights that don’t belong specifically to the right, white, upper class. Yea, I think I’ll stick with the left that cares about actual rights for everyone.

    • jarheadgene

      So many of them got up to the PODIUM and BRAGGED, mostly about how self made they were in their financial successes…..BUT I DID NOT hear one of them talk about how they created any jobs, or what they put back into the community. It was so ME oriented it made me nauseus. Mrs. OBAMA said one thing that stuck really well in my mind [re OBAMA],
      “…”And he believes that when you work hard and done well and walk through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you.”

      PAUL RYAN wants to shut the doors of oppurtunity behind himself. Even though his family was rich, he used Social Security entitlements to go to college. He wants to end those entitlements.

      Like I said the RNC was very ME….ME….ME…..ME…..MEAN oriented. I am an ex Republican. but I’m recovering and doing better now. 🙂

      • msrita

        Jarheadgen You having laughing so hard tears were falling.

    • YepThatTell

      Calls for smaller government by the GOP: yeah, right…as Melissa Harris-Perry so aptly said on Rachel Maddow’s show and I paraphrase, the GOP stands for …less government…that you can fit on the tip of a trans-vaginal ultrasound probe.

    • What sign is there that Republicans prefer small government? Government employment has grown in Republican administrations as has the national debt. Obama has shrunk government employment. The idea that the private sector is more efficient and effective is ridiculous. Medicare has an administrative overhead of about 8%. Private healthcare overhead is about 40%. Government is certainly part of the solution to the challenges we face because government is nothing more than all of us acting together, sharing risk and benefit. In the corporate welfare state that the Republicans are creating taxpayers take the risks and a privileged elite get all the benefits.

    • johninPCFL

      Right. Which party wants police in every doctor’s office? Oh yeah, it’s the GOP. Which party wants your doctor to do unnecessary procedures on you? Oh yeah, it’s the GOP.

  • ste


    • michael_weiner

      Product of a republican education. Moron!!

      • mynx1

        Michael just ignore them and hopefully they will get bored and go play with themselves 🙂

    • johninPCFL

      Yep, the teabaggers have driven up the spending and deficits.

    • awklause

      Ranting in Caps is just like sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling so as not to hear anything. All these accusations have been repudiated. I’m amazed that nothing in the media has had a chance to penetrate your thick skull. What a douche

    • Landsende

      Please proof read and spell check before you post, then you might have some veracity.

    • msrita

      If that’s what you think that just do it yourself once he is elected again.

  • joyscarbo

    Anyone who cannot remember where our country was when Obama took office are fools. It seems that for many, if they don’t like the situation that is in front of them, they just pretend it didn’t exist. The nightmare that W left us was not merely a nightmare- it was a REALITY. We were led back from the abyss by Obama….or were you paying no attention? Wall St was self imploding and the car industry was in bankruptcy. What had to be done was done and it chaged our course but not completely. Our country is to economically large and complex to turn around that quickly in 4 years…and remember that 2 years was frought with republican obstructionism- a concerted and willfull plan of action that republicans vowed to complete. As a result of their stubborn and prideful actions to make Obama seem ineffective, they thought they could trick the people into believing he was a bad president who did nothing. Most people know the truth–the real truth– not the republican version.

  • howa4x

    The convention was inspiring, and you’re all right that there was a mixture of Black/white/gay
    /straight/Woman/Latino speakers. Not just angry white men. Michelle Obama’s speech was heart felt and pointed to her husbands struggles and what values were really instilled in him, and the fact that they had to pay off their college loans. This was unlike Ann Romneys assertion that they were poor once, knowing that Mitt was the scion of corporate wealth. I guess Ann didn’t get to the part about the car elevator in their new mansion. Romney finds it difficult to get out of the country club and relate to average people who are struggling. Since the killing of Bin Laden the republicans are struggling with the get tough on terrorism issue. This is why they are rattling the saber at Iran and trying to resurrect Russia as an enemy. There has got to be someone out there to fear or their stuff seems empty. Why keep building the military if we have no real enemy?All the republicans can give us again is the trickle down theory of wealth which was disproved many times, since it just stays at the top, or regulations are bad, even though we had a Wall st meldown, and people want clean water and Air. They want someone to make sure the food is safe to eat.
    They don’t want to hear that they will loose that for more corporate profits, and that point has to be driven home by the democrats

    We have become a nation where business is obcessed with profits at the expence of a vast number of people!

    The Republicans are relying on one basic fact: That we live in a racist country and are appealing to that segment of the population. They are trying to blame the loss of jobs on the poor as being a drag on the economy, and not the rich who out sourced the jobs. Calling Obama the food stamp president as a code for poor blacks recieving benefits. Problem is more struggling white families are on them. They are also attacking the mandates in the ACA. Unpopular because people don’t understand the benefits. The question has to be asked though, if you repeal it, what replaces it? Does 34 million just stay uninsured? Or if you repeal Roe as a gift to the religious right, what programs are you going to put in place to help struggling single mothers? Can’t cut Head start which allows them to go to work can you?
    This is the last chance for an outright corporate takeover of America by the republicans. This is why you see the assualt on Unions, and enviornmental regulations. When the average person understands that, the republicans won’t have a chance.

    • Gary Marshalek

      Conservative Bias is the result of the inevitable result of Conservative character traits: Preservation of the status quo and a fear of the future. These traits promote attitudes of fear, willing ignorance, religious intransigence, hypocrisy, greed, and hate, discrimination in multiple forms and even racism at times.

      Liberal Bias is the inevitable result of Liberal character traits: Recognition that change is inevitable and must be embraced and managed whether one likes it or not. These traits result in a thirst for education, science, religious flexibility to new realities, respect, optimism, empathy and the ability to walk in others’ shoes.

      Watch Sean Hannity on Fox on any night and then watch Rachel Madow the next night. Which pundit is more optimistic? Which is more forward looking? Which is more specific in the presentation of facts and the analysis of issues? Which is shouting gloom and doom while the other is laughing and making the most of the situation?

      Start with his family. His great-grandfather was a fugitive, tracked by federal marshals as he tried to plant polygamy throughout the Southwest for a radical new American faith. It’s a hell of a tale, Butch Cassidy with five wives. But Romney never mentions this arc for fear his Mormon religion will offend evangelical Christians who dominate the Republican Party.


    • msrita

      I fell like my parents stories they told about the 40 50’s 60’s

  • Elsa

    The Republicans should be worried, especially after last night opening of the convention. A convention that was full of people of all colors, all backgrounds all mixed together working for the same purpose. I dare the Republican to compare Michelle’s speech to Ann’s. Michelle did not have to pretend to come from a humble background, she did. Michelle spoke from her heart, did not pretend to be something she is not and was not afraid to talk about policy. Her speech left me in tears, full of pride and reminded me why I voted for the President last time. I don’t think a President has to come from a humble background to understand what it mean, Roosevelt understood and so did Kennedy, But I do know the Romney do not understand. Their atttitude, policies and reponses to people make that clear. Good job, Michelle, I am so proud to have you as the First Lady.

  • Chisholm wrote:

    >So far, what I have seen are two carefully crafted conventions, complete with well written and delivered pleas for the few undecided voters in the country.

    Yeah, except for the word “few,” I’ll buy that. So, on that basis, what has been placed before us? It’s not tweedledum and tweedledee. One is impressed rather by the contrasts.

    If the convention in Charlotte is a reflection of Barack Obama, then I really like what I see and hear. What the keynote address and Michelle said was the way the country worked when I was a kid in the 1950s and 1960s.

    In 1955, Dad decided that being a payroll clerk in a small-town paper mill was not making proper use of the college education that both he and his brother had somehow been able to obtain during the Depression, despite his widowed mother’s poverty. He wanted to be a teacher– and a good one, with a master’s degree. So our whole family moved to Madison, Wis., into housing for married students run by UW (actually a trailer park) and subsisted for two materially lean yet spiritually thrilling years among similarly ambitious young families. I attended one of the brand new schoo0ls that Madison was building annually to keep up with the burgeoning population. The Wisconsin State Broadcasting Service, an elegant and edifying radio network broadcast from over a dozen transmitters all over the State, was supported unstintingly by Republicans Democrats alike. Even GOP administrations were public-minded, in the mold of Wisconsin’s great Governor LaFollette.

    Needless to say, none of them was named Walker. Who would want to make sacrifices like that to become a teacher in Wisconsin now?

    In short, if I had the talents of Garrison Keillor, my memoirs would read like his book _Homegrown Democrat_. He explained there how those who thump their chests today over how “conservative” they are are nothing of the kind. They are leading this nation into a condition and modus operandi where we’ve never been before, and it won’t be pretty. The current Democratic convention, too, shows us why a REAL conservative will vote for Obama.

  • a80a

    unlike rubio and mitt, non of the democrates made it sound as if their fathers founded the united states of america. they cam to a country that was hacked out of a wilderness by our fore fathers,and theirs before them, the land of oportunity was here for them ,they came and prospered , and thats good.
    their sons however have become ultra rich on the backs of workers who were displaced by out sourcing their jobs and shutting down the plants where they worked. sure staples and a couple box stores has grown, but what the hundreds of thousands of men and women whos jobs where lost.
    if mitt so loves AMERICA, then why not pay the taxes that everyone else has to pay then some of the tax money could help pay some of the debt he says Obama has run up The whole democratic convention has over shadowed the gops by a mile
    OBAMA is worth four more years lets all get out and vote in nov.

  • cwalter711

    I am wondering when the Democrats will bring out the question of corporate taxes. The Federal nominal tax rates range from 15% to 35%. Naturally the Republicans would like to see the nominal rate at 0%. During the Eisenhower Administrations corporations contributed 6% as a share of GNP. Today this rate is around 1% of GNP. This places the burden on the shoulders of the middle class. If one looks at the effective rate that corporations pay you will find that many corporations pay a paltry 1% instead of the 15% to 35%.

    Ask Paul Ryan if this is a burden? Didn’t Warren Buffett’s secretary pay over 17% effective? In the parlance of economics this would be clearly a regressive tax structure. And, if corporations are paying such paltry taxes, why aren’t they creating the jobs they are suppose to be creating?

    Without effective action on the part of the Federal Reserve and the Obama Administration our unemployment rate could have easily hit 40% or higher. Could you imagine if Romney’s policy of letting GM and Chrysler fail was implemented? An estimate of an additional 1.7 million jobs would have been lost directly. Our hole would have been much deeper to climb out.

    If the Republican Party is suppose to be the friend of business they have a perverted way of showing their friendship. I concluded that with friends like the Republicans one does not need enemies.

    As a business owner, four more years.

    • Dave_dido

      I’m glad you look at corporate taxes as a percentage of GDP. So many people don’t understand that the U.S. corporate tax structure needs to be considered in this way. An economy as massive as ours requires many systems to support it: a good judicial system, a transportation system, educational system, commerce dept.,Dept. of Health, patent dept., and, yes, an EPA, etc. It is very expensive to maintain all these systems.
      When one leases a Cadillac one expects to pay more than someone who leases a Ford Focus. Our economy is the Cadillac of economies with the ability to accommodate tremendous growth for almost any type of business.Businesses should be willing to pay a little more for the privilege of doing business in the U.S.
      That being said, we have to be careful to structure corporate taxes in such a way that they are fair. And since businesses usually pass their expenses on to the consumer, we have to be careful not to make corporate taxes excessive.
      The corporate tax is an issue that needs to be discussed intelligently without extremist views from either progressives or conservatives.It should be possible to achieve a balanced approach.

  • Because the media is majorly biased, this article included, coverage of the RNC was strictly regulated. Minorities were very present at the event, not only in the crowds, but on the stage. Since the left can not run on their record, they have to invent drama and discourse. Conservative principles and the right have much more in common with the Hispanic community than the left does and it scares you to death…

    • johninPCFL

      Yeah, there was a segment on one of the shows I saw filmed in Tampa where a black GOP delegate was paired with a reporter and sent out into the hall during a break to count the minorities present. In half an hour with hundreds of folks milling about, they counted three, including the delegate.

  • Dedicating a whole segment to Carter and letting him speak and promote Obama is doing the Republicans a tremendous favor… That’s about as smart as the Republicans dedicating a segment to Richard Nixon or Hoover… Lol and you say the Republicans are desperate….

  • riobob111

    After 8 Years of Bush – Cheney left us in total despair, President Obama was left with a most difficult task of turning our nation around, the congress did nothing to help Obama and our nation but tried to blame Obama they care nothing for the people and go all out to gain power.
    American voters need to back our President and change our congress.

  • Go to any open forum and see what the wingnuts are saying.
    GOP desperation is in panic mode.

  • 1concernedsenior

    G Marshalek, if you’re watching fox (so called) news –>>You’ve already been brain-washed. You probably watch or listen to that knuckle head Glenn Beck & his side kick, Rush Limbaugh !!

  • There was a positive energy in the air at the DNC which was lacking at the RNC. This was a roomfull of people who were willing to work hard for a future just out of reach.
    This was a glass half full group compared to the Republicans which just wondered how they could get the concession on the remaining ounces of water. It was compassion vrs greed. It was hope full rather than hate filled.

  • 1concernedsenior

    joyscarbo, you’re exactly correct –>> When President Obama took office – WE WERE ON THE VERGE OF A DEPRESSION !! Right wingnuts, and tea baggers need to put their thinking caps on!!

  • DownriverDem

    Whuthesaid: There are wealthy Dems. They are the Americans that have a heart, know how great this country is, know they didn’t do it all on their own and want our country to stay great. I use to work for a millionaire Dem. He described himself as a limo liberal. Not all folks with money have greedy selfish hearts.

  • lawoman32

    Michelle Obama is genuine; Ann Romney is plastic. I was blown away by Michelle’s speech–Ann’s phony “I love women” moment was contrived.

  • Thank God the repub convention of loons and lies was finished!and then demolished by our First Lady’s thundervolt speech of wisdom and love..She delivered them a Pacquiao KO!ALLEZ!

  • chisolm

    Get over the abortion non-issue, it is merely a talking to point to put fear into some women and pump of the base. Roe vs Wade settled the issue and we are stuck with it rather we like it or not. Doctors doing unnecessary procedures? If there are unnecessary procedures being done it is because doctors have to CYA because of John Edwards type attorneys, a huge democrat donor block, waiting to file a suit.

  • We are better off ! The Bush Admin had a Surplus before coming in to office.
    Do You hear Me A Surplus that was destroy By Bush Admin in 6 months.
    We was losing 700.000 jobs a months under G. W Bush. No regulation or deregulation was the WORD.
    People losing everything
    That Why Banks & Wall Street got together and
    gamble on Home Loans Pensions Retirement or Profit Sharing was destroy by Your Greedy Azz Republican Party.

    2008 Was Worst then 1929 Great Depression, Republican was in office for over 50 years
    Cause the Great Depression. But it only took BUSH 8 YEARS TO ADD AN OTHER DEPRESSION.

    A Made Up War I mean Made up F–king War by G W Bush and his lying Azz
    Admin. So Do Tell me or Try it not Better. Your Problem will Always be the
    Same and That is You are Just A Racial Discrimination Mother F—


    And I don’t care what remark you send back because I know I’m tell the True.

    Just because you Hate someone It don’ make it the True. People with Hate do & say the wrong things, and sometime act on it. Ask George Zimmerman

  • docb

    What I saw was inclusion and respect, and pride and real joy at being together to celebrate what they believe in and the President they believe in!..And everything else that the first 6 posters have said! I was on the floor in 2008 and I see some of the same faces and they sure do not look puzzled or confused by what they were hearing or seeing..Heavens- they even LISTENED to HARRY REID!

    • msrita

      There some Republicans trying to boo the First Lady and some of the other people.

      They were not kicked out because they have respect for all Americans

  • ObozoMustGo

    A relevant quote for you leftist freaks and useful idiots…

    “If this were a few years earlier, he’d be carrying our bags” – Bill Clinton, 2008, referring to Obozo’s amature incompetence. By the way, Bill Clinton also invented the nickname “The Amature” for Obozo. He was right.

    Have a nice day!

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party that has a convention focused on abortion, contracepti0n, and so-called women’s rights, AND has as their big speaker and hero an admitted sexual harraser and accused rapist that was impeached for lying in a court of law about it.” – ObozoMustGo

    [what a bunch of losers] [hehehehehehehehehe]

    [click image to enlarge]

  • cwater711 writes:

    >Dedicating a whole segment to Carter and letting him speak and promote Obama is doing the Republicans a tremendous favor.

    Not if it is understood that Carter attempted to steer the nation away from the spiritually bankrupt and ultimately suicidal path that it has pursued for centuries, and ever more headlong since his administration: the crass path of materialism, obsessive self-promotion, and fraud. So he failed– surprise. I’m afraid that any such attempt would be even more forlorn now. Yet how can any leader with vision, benevolence, and integrity neglect to make it? Probably Obama comes the closest to doing so of any President since.

    >I am wondering when the Democrats will bring out the question of corporate taxes. The Federal nominal tax rates range from 15% to 35%. Naturally the Republicans would like to see the nominal rate at 0%. During the Eisenhower Administrations corporations contributed 6% as a share of GNP. Today this rate is around 1% of GNP. This places the burden on the shoulders of the middle class. If one looks at the effective rate that corporations pay you will find that many corporations pay a paltry 1% instead of the 15% to 35%.

    Excellent point. Subject to verification by the economists and legal eagles here, a few things should very well be pointed out to the public. (1) A corporation is a creature of the government by virtue of its charter, for which there is no other source. (2) Limited liability is one of the benefits conferred. (3) This benefit enjoyed by corporate persons is not enjoyed by flesh and blood persons like you and me. (4) Because the participants in the market are a mixture of natural persons who do not enjoy limited liability and these artificial persons who do, it is NOT a free market, and never can be.

    Hence those who say that the free market is an ideal and we’d have one if only the government stayed out of the way are either (1) quixotic foes of corporations in general (fairly unlikely); or (2) not thinking very straight themselves or (3) trying to deceive the rest of us.

    With these considerations in mind (not to mention other practical benefits enjoyed by corporations), a substantial corporate tax is very fair and the best way we have to restore some semblance of a level playing field and a free market. I’d also suggest that it would be quite reasonable for the government to demand certain standards of performance as conditions for receiving or maintaining a corporate charter. If you or I have a long enough or serious enough record of illegal conduct, we might find ourselves imprisoned for life or even executed. In other words, in most American jurisdictions, natural persons are faced with the threat of a death penalty. Why there is no possible death penalty for corporate persons boggles the imagination. I say if a corporation is bad enough, revoke its damn charter and force it to dissolve.

  • sisterH

    racism is when you vote for someone based on their race
    BO got elected because of his race.
    He then set out to divide the nation because divided we fall.
    It is not what you say it is what you do
    What has he done?

    PS Pelosi is notorious for exploiting her latino workers up in northern Ca.
    Those pearls around her neck were paid for with the blood and sweat of her migrant workers………….the ones she wouldn’t allow to organize their labor

    Ask Pelosi how much was spent on her office remodel —could have fed a few hundred poor kids for years.
    Ask Pelosi about her green hybrid airplane she uses on a daily basis—Oh Yeah Bay area hypocrite.
    How green was all that plastic surgery.
    Where did her wealth come from?

    Don’t believe a word they say… your eyes and see how empty their words are.

  • Tampa was just another DO NOTHING PLATFORM for the DO NOTHING REPUBLICONS!

  • “but find me one American who wants to go back to the shock of the financial crisis and fear”

    I do… especially if I can take certain information with me… like which companies survived.

    For example… 10,000 invested in FITB (fifth third bank) became worth $ 140,000 after the recovery began.

    Many other companies have also seen an incredible stock surge since the lows… ahhh time travel.

  • I don’t mind calling the president Chairman Obama, as long as I get to keep calling him that until 2016.

  • pb927

    Wow, this entire article is a disgusting attempt by the media to divide the US population to drive corporate profits.

  • pb927

    Wow, this entire article is a disgusting attempt by the media to divide the US population to drive corporate profits.

  • pb927

    Wow, this entire article is a disgusting attempt by the media to divide the US population to drive corporate profits.

  • Republicans/Tea Party has realized that Americans/America is a lot smarter and more thoughtful than they thought we are. We know who caused the mess we are in right now, and we know who is obstructing this administration from enacting policies and programs to move us out of it. They coukld save face tomorrow by working in a bi-partison effort to help restore the American economy, to bolster the middle class, and begin to hire Americans to reduce unemployment. CEOs, corporations, and industries can bring their businesses back to America and hire Americans, and pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us. They will make money anyway, so why not do it with some dignity. Republicans/Tea Party could stop their useless efforts to repeal the ACA, stop the cut backs of social aide programs for the elderly and helpless, and stop the destruction of the educational system. They should stop trying to privatize everything and work to bring America back instead of trying to “take America back.” The bond that holds civilizations together is COOPERATION. We should all work together for the benefit of America and for our children. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hahahahaha- you media people and democrats are desperate! I think you and Obama summed it all up with his most recent Harold & Kumar campaign commercial – hahahaha – perfect! That’s what you all are, a big joke!

  • crestdad

    The difference is the GOP hopes that or thinks that the American people won’t ask questions and just blindly accept the GOPs mantra as the truth. They underestimate us. The Dems have confidence in the American people and realize we will see the truth. With every negative comment about Obama, the Dems come back with a plausible explanation that the GOP don’t or can’t answer back to. The GOP has become the party of throw it against the wall because our constituency is hypnotized and won’t turn on us. Underestimating their own members, which will eventually show in the election I’m sure.
    We need to get the vote out Democrats. Get a backbone and let’s get moving.

  • Both parties are desperate because both parties are without a clear means to improve the quality of Americans’ lives. The power to do that lies beyond the reach of any partisan platform; in fact, it lies beyond the reach of the American Constitution.

  • Are the republicans getting desperaste???

    Well, “DUH~”

    They have been desperate since “DAY ONE.”

    THAT is a no brainer poser…

    Nuff Said..

  • I loved President Clinton’s speech: Let us keep making the case for four more years for Obama. 1) If you are a wealthy Republican you should vote Democrat. Here is why: Investments in our country go up when Democrats run the country. Check the statistics and you will find this statement is true. I could give you the numbers, but better if you do your own research; 2) If you are a poor Republican, you should vote Democrat. Here is why: the safety net for the poor will be there to support you. 3) The safety net for the lower income and poor people is necessary because A Capitalist system would never create one job for each person that is able to work. look at the statistics: even in the economic boom we still have 4% unemployment which translates into 6 to 8 million people unable to find a job even if they want to work. Arriba Obammmaaaaaaa!!!

  • Lets keep making the case for Obama: 85% present of the present national debt was created by Bush 41. We Democrats have to create two national debt clocks, the first one to show how much the Obama debt and the second one to show the deficit left by Bush 41. We have to go to the numbers because we Americans are not dumb and understand basic Arithmetic. Lets Do It and Fast. I am sending my suggestion to President Obama in a certified letter this evening. May God bless America.

  • VintageContralto

    You poor misguided fools. When your children are living under Sharia law you will remember that you fell for it hook, line and sinker, and you will have only yourselves to blame. Your tolerance is allowing the most intolerant, ignorant, barbarian cult to spread like a cancer across the world, and President Obama is helping it to do so as quickly as he can. He is changing the rules as he goes, just like Adolph Hitler did, when many people couldn’t see it coming until it was too late. Have you learned nothing from history? The only difference is that this one is not a Nazi, rather he is a Marxist Muslim, and don’t think those two are ideologically incompatible. He is living proof. Open your eyes.

    • HeraSentMe

      You’re living proof that being able to type and being nuts aren’t mutually incompatible.

      BTW: “Adolf” Hitler.

    • Ask the deceased Osama Bin Laden if he thinks tolerance by Obama is allowing him to do anything, Conservative.

  • President Bush has already shown us how that private sector, and less government stuff works. It almost destroyed the Country, so that makes the choice easier to make.

  • 1silverstar7

    viewing the Democrat convention & the republican convention I must say the Democrats are more up beat more truthful better convincing of the real thing

  • Michael Steele

  • retiredforaliving

    Romney has been ahead in all the independent polls since June. Even when asked who do you think the next president will be 65% of Americans say Republican.
    Unfortunately Romney has to out spend Barak by 2 to 1 to make up for the State Run Media free pro barak “false news” stories

  • Richard Harrington

    With 46 million people on food stamps the Democrats should be desperate!

    • After worst crash since 1929 Lost jobs low pay 401 K down Leads to folks needing help DUH

  • GreekSophistry

    Is it hard to under-estimate the intelligence of today’s GOP. The GOP is down to honkey-white tea-bagger Bible Belt crackers. I campaigned for Romney in 2008, switched to Obama when he lost the primaries, and I think I’ll just stick to Obama. As Clinton said, the GOP doesn’t know arithmetic. Their plan can’t work. So Romney would have to flop-flip and get back to the 2008 Romney. Which he’ll probably have to do it to get elected.

  • ridemybroom

    Mitt is full of s+++

    nuff said

  • Jed

    I was happy to hear nary a reference to coalminer relatives. The RNC had us believing they
    were middle class.
    But if I were, by chance, living on the same street as both Obama and Romney, I know for sure who I’d want as a neighbor, and it wouldn’t be the guy with the car garage.

  • God was not please when he look down on the gop convention and did not see his full creation and he must have wondered why there is so much hate and racism in the republican party

    • Did you say in the Republican party?? huh . . . must not have seen Gov Grantholm’s classic ugly face of pure hatred rant.

  • It’s nice that “retired for a living” can do that. The average American can’t. The same old, and I do mean OLD, WHITE people were rooting for Mitty boy. And he is a boy. Never grew up. Never could figure out what he actually thinks. That’s because he can’t think. He only knows how to cheat on taxes. Boy what a model of Americans. Yeah, his cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. Let’s talk about the nanny that actually took care of his kids. Let’s talk about that. And you jerk the Obama’s never took trips all over the world, but if they had, it would have been on a fact searching mission, not a “vacation.” You are so dumb it hurts.

  • Ken Brandt

    In August of 2008, America lost 592,000 jobs. Osama bin Laden was alive. The Iraq War seemed endless. In Sept. 2012, the unemployment rate is higher, Osama bin Laden was killed using intel gained under the Bush Administration, and the Iraq War was ended under the Status Of Forces Agreement President Bush signed. Furthermore, we now have 5 trillion dollars more in debt and a healthcare program I don’t want or need.

  • I’m one of those Americans you asked to find. We’re not scare on the ground. Many, many of us – and our children – are much worse off than we were 4 years ago. So going back to August 2008 holds no terrors for us. Going forward another 4 years under Obama does.

  • 1silverstar7

    nitt witt mitt

  • edbebop

    my problem with the media is that they act as if they are afraid to call a lie a lie.paul ryan lies habitually,why doesn’t the media make him confess up?or at least let him know that he is reconized by the american people a a liar,and thats bad.

  • marcellapilly

    Americans and all humanity should begin by recognizing symptoms of a healthy mind to lead them. The fact that Mitt Romney is part of a religious sect like the mormons is enough to scare any sensible human being. One cannot be an active member of such an extremist religion surrounded by secrecy and secludes the rest of society and lead a multicultural country such as the United States of America.

    With regard to the Conventions, I concur fully with WhutHeSaid comments.

  • This guy Romney will do anything…anything, Lets not celebrate yet….This guy is as Tranparent as flint rock!
    For all America to see…he still refuses to disclose his “Tax Scams”…
    Earlier on a Yahoo comment I submitted, some Republican replied, that they pay plenty of taxes….Well, the points and purposes to my comment were that that “Republican GOP” that wants to be pegged as the winner in November, doesn’t pay his fair share of “Taxes” to his own Country.
    But yet he wants to run this Country!
    Go figure……..
    Guess she doesn’t see nor get the point! Blindsighted by Romney, one would have to believe!

    Thank You Ms. , for being an American and paying your fair share of “Tax Duties”… Your a True patriot to our economic system…. and “No Thanks” at all, to that YoYo whom would rather dig around for “””LOOPHOLES”””, TO AVOID, supporting our Country and its economic system!

    How Low Can You Go? Well just ask Romney…..I”ll be willing to bet… He’d tell you….(Republican or Democrat)…Well, your on your own……….. with “Tax Relief”…..You have to pay them…..I don’t!

    You “ALREADY VOTED” for me……………….!

  • I must have stubled onto another liberal rag. Parden me for intruding on your fantacy world of Socialistic America. If both the Republicans and the Democrats don’t see what an outright disaster the Obama Admininstration has been to our country, then their s no hope. This Democracy is in trouble to begin with. No Democracy has survived for this long and Mr. Obama is poised to end this one.

  • youmustbejoking

    The RNC put at least one black person in the audience front and center so it looked more diverse, but the majority of their diversity was paraded across their stage. When the majority of your membership is white, that was their only option to try to highlight those minorities that belong to the party. When their numbers are so sparse they had no choice but to make them speakers. As far as Clint Eastwood’s empty chair rant, they have to try to salvage something from that huge mistake. Even Eastwood said “if you are stupid enough to ask me to speak, you get what get”.