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Saturday, October 22, 2016

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” — Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

Just in case you forgot.

  • patsylvania

    New York City benefited from President Clinton’s funding of hiring more police. Remember this, the crime rate dropped then, of course Mayor Giuliani is still taking credit for the result. Many cities reaped the benefit of the Clinton plan. No doubt NYC is safer? better maintained? cleaner, but the seediness of old Times Square has been replaced by a heavily financed glitzier new seediness. It has been captured by a spactacularized din and more sophisticated Capitalist hucksters, whose limo’s never get profiled.

  • jfsengineer

    I want to comment on idahos police state. the main argument is the task force to catch people DUI. the usual tactic is to hide near the bars or in front of them and watch people come out. they will find any reason to pull you over even if they have another cop to call in a complaint as a citzen to be able to pull you over. I have been a victim of this and was not over the lagal limit and they had to let me go after 3 hours of detainment. no apologies or regret. where is the bill of rights. the police want to stop our right to cellebrate here. and dont let them give you that old bull about inocent people getting killed by drunk drivers. if they were doing their job on the roads instead of the parking lot trying to entrap people they would get the same results and it would be within the rights of our constitution.

    there are other circumstances like passing state laws to violate our rights of illegal search and seizure . violations of the fourth, fifth, sixth and 14th amendments are violated here every day without any reprocussions for the police that enforce the states unconstitutional laws that they pass.

    harrassment , and intimidation , that is the rules here. I would like to know what has happenend here in america, has the patriot act been created to give a tool to the police to harrass its citizens. If a policeman did what they are doing now they would be entrapping, false arest, and misconduct for violating a persons amendmant rights. yes Idaho if a police state governed by illegal laws and intimidating its citizens . It does this all for the usual rewards mostly money for government . with the exra money from DUI , more police , new equipment to convict a person of DUI, the attorneys make big money , the cab companies are driving brand new expensive cabs. everyone is happy except the citizen that was stopped , detained, treated poorly , lied to , and in some instances convicted but more are being falsley detained against their rights.

    would someone tell what is going on here with our rights under the constitution.

  • [email protected]

    I use to go to new York city 3 or 4 times a oldest son and his 2 year old where with me his first time being their..after our experience with a nypd officer it was the last time I ever would care to step in that city.. It was on the 3rd of July 2009 almost midnight and I was on the George Washington bridge and the lanes where spliting up and their was an nypd truck hauling a horse trailer so I flashed my lights at him to come over,he slammed on the brakes and put the lights on and came around the trailer with a pissed off look and came to my vehicle and started yelling at me for flashing my lights at him..and than proceded to ask if I had been drinking or on drugs ,,no I had just worked 12 hrs that day and drove 5 than he was going to throw me in jail for flashing my lights at him..than he was going to throw me in jail for not calling him SIR.and I am not black or Spanish I am white. And than he told me if I didn’t give him an address where I was going I was going to jail..I thought this was a free country and not Russia..this cop should never had a badge..and if the other cops are like him people should stay out of new York and keep their much money is spent their and the nypd treating people like they are animals with fat wallets..they ride around their cars looking for victims to tourize

  • Virtualsam

    I have been watching many police brutality videos on you tube…. I have come to the conclusion that some of these so called protectors of justice are really low life abusers with a badge. Wow, they are seriously undereducated, no account lawless, overgrown teenagers with a gun.
    they are taught to use the uniform as a barrier or shield to all sarcasm; to conduct themselves as professionally as possible under all conditions.
    To never show personal feelings in any type of situation. They are supposed to be as professional as doctors. I honestly believe that racism wouldn’t be as bad today if we had had better cops. It goes back for decades. Blacks view whites based on what they have experienced through contact…. I feel sorry for our country, I feel sorry for our citizens. To continue to allow blatant disregard for humans, bad cops now being caught should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as if they are the criminal; because that is what they are. I also believe cops should have to go through 4 yrs of college before they can become an LEO. Maybe then we will get the kind of intelligent LEO’s that our country is so desperate for. I am a law abiding citizen and respect the police, but it is what it is.

  • Forrest A. Slater

    Wow! I have insufficient spare time to respond to the enormous amount of email I receive. I try my best to weed out the important messages from junk! Search and seizure can be very useful and productive but could also be disruptive and unfair if misused. A common sense approach is always best. In a perfect world everyone would be treated fairly. Listen closely to the words of wisdom of former high level people of stature who may no longer have anything to gain by utilizing their time to comment on issues important to the improvement of society.

  • West Winds

    The “Stop and Frisk” policy we are seeing from Arizona to New York is a product of the attitudes of corporate conservatives of any persuasion; Right, Left or Center, and if allowed to continue will become just another toe in the door of total (and global) domination with untold abuses.

    Corporate conservatives, in general, are all about the Two Americas. One group gets Plum TV and the privilege of being lawless without prosecution, while the rest of us get rousted for nothing, just as a reminder that YOU are NOT in charge of yourself, your person, your personal effects and papers, or anything else We the People once had dominion over. The corporations own and run everything and we’re supposed to “just go shopping”. We don’t even own our homes any more; we buy it back from the government every year; a complex system of leasing from the government called “property taxes”. But no one is taxing the renewed income of the industrialists.

    I live in Florida and am a mature, white female but I was tagged for a traffic stop and one of the officers went around my SUV to the passenger side, dropped into a military position with a drawn hand weapon just outside that open window. My violation was “improper display”; I forgot to put the renewal sticker on my plate. And that cost me seventy-five dollars and being treated to some really out-of-bounds behavior.

    But what do you expect when a constitutionally trained president thumbs his nose at the Constitution starting way back at the beginning with the FISA vote? The rate of the captain is the rate of the ship. The president did not stand with the people, nor has he all along, all the way from taking the public option off the table to not rescinding posse comitatus or restoring habeas corpus, to the ordering of a hit on an American citizen without due process or the authority of the Congress. What about the case of Sgt. Manning who has never been charged, to my knowledge, yet has been falsely imprisoned and physically abused until his removal to a federal prison where no one can see what is being done to him?

    The whole purpose of this is Shock and Awe (read more on this in a book by the same title by Naomi Klein). As George W. Bush (a direct line descendant of King George III of England, and the grandson of Prescott Bush who set up the first American Nazi Party,) said, “It will take time to restore chaos.”

    The Banksters and the monied elite want us dazed, confused, helpless, hopeless and dependent upon whatever crumbs they choose to throw from the table. We are supposed to be “grateful”; they see us as spoiled and ungrateful (and call us “leaches” “lice” and “bloodsuckers” to justify self-awarded domination with the right of abuse,) so they are going to teach us a lesson. This is the unspoken law of the South: get even.

    So, it should come as no surprise that we have so many vociferous Southerners in the Congress these days. This is the South having risen again and it began to manifest itself in northern states such as Massachusetts back in the early 1960’s when corporate entities like Raytheon, IBM and Sperry-Rand (does the name “Rand” ring any bells?) suddenly put up corporate companies in the greater Boston area and then began to hire in people from the state of Georgia (think Ralph Reed,) to flood a Democratic keystone state in the Democratic bastion of the northeast, with people who had been line bred on 150 year aged, 150 proof poison of self pity over the Civil War. I know. I was there. I saw it happen right around the time Harvard went Conservative Right. And now they’ve moved on to infiltrate New York and are doing everything possible to crush the Democratic life out of that state, too.

    This whole government from the Judiciary, to the Executive, to the Legislative branches has been saturated with corporate conservative (southern provincial) thinking and money (think Koch brothers; their father established the John Birch Society). Every year a bill has been introduced to take the Congress off corporate financing and every year both sides have voted it down. The government has become a group of addicts who can’t help themselves. “Stop and frisk” is only one small manifestation of the illness, like waking up with dry mouth and a headache when the real culprit is the stinking thinking that preceded the drinking. They are lost, and if ever there was a “lost generation” this government is it.

    Thank heaven for the Occupy Movement. We the People are hitting the reset button and with luck and perseverance, this country will go back to the days of the Second New Deal; back to the days before we were hijacked by trickle-down economics and took a terrible detour only to find ourselves prostrate before the golden calf of corrupt power, endless greed and conservative corporate crazies in all of their shapes and forms.

    If this movement grows, “stop and frisk” will become a thing of the past along with a lot of other abuses. If this movement grows, and I am very confident that it will because it has moral authority, we should be coming out the other side by 2016 and America will become the shining beacon of peace and prosperity she once was with respect for ourselves and each other. And maybe we’ll be even better for the hard earned knowledge and experience.

  • AlBkr

    . Everyone has a right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure as much as they have a right to a safe and secure life style.
    . That same philosophy applies to a person charged with the responsibility to serve and protect our citizens. That is why law enforcement has for years and years had the protection afforded by Stop and Frisk laws.
    . Anytime a person is suspected of committing a crime or places themselves into a situation that generates a suspicion of wrong doing the LEO has a right to check the person out. We expect that and would hope our law enforcement community does not turn its back on the need to ensure our safety by ignoring possible and potential criminals. America needs to support the “stop and frisk” laws.
    . When a police officer stops a person suspected of wrong doing they have a right to know they are protecting themselves as much as they are protecting others. They need to ensure themselves that the person being stopped does not have a weapon that may injure or kill them or others in the area. If during this protective frisk contraband (fruits of a crime or illegal items) is found the LEO has conducted a reasonable search and has the right to make an arrest helping keep criminals off the street and making our neighborhoods a little safer; for you, for us and for the law Enforcement people who are there to protect us! That is not an infringement on anyone’s rights; ignoring potential criminals is!

  • GSchmidt

    As an Hispanic I have been subjetc to Stop and Frisk. I do not mind it as long as the officer is respecful and polite. The problem really is that a lot of people become police not to serve and protect, but to abuse the power given to them by the uniform and weapons.
    I suggest as with any professions, a psycological test is given to applicants and if any prejudice or abussive tendencies show in the test, the applicant is allowed to go no further in law enforcement (anywhere)

  • AlBkr

    . It seems the writer would subscribe to a balanced “stop and frisk” approach.
    . Blacks and Hispanics account for just over half of New York’s population but 85% of the arrests; is that a manufactured argument against Stop and Frisk?
    . Maybe an updated policy that says if you conduct a stop and frisk on a black, a Hispanic, or a white it is necessary you go out within the next day or two and ensure you conduct the same type action on the other two races!
    . Maybe the writer and subscribers to the issue should include a question as to how many more or less crimes would there be if the “Stop and Frisk” requirement on law enforcement is dropped? How many more law enforcement officers will be injured or killed and how many other innocent civilians will be victimized, injured or killed with out “stop and Frisk?”
    . As a retired Law Enforcement officer I recall making a stop of a suspicious person late at night. He was frisked, interviewed and released. The stop and frisk was documented. The following day we had a burglary reported in the area. Subsequently the man was located and arrested and found guilty of 19 other burglaries. Without the stop and frisk we may have never recovered victim’s property and the suspect could still be burglarizing homes and offices!

  • TeresaRoberts

    I learned in Intro to Psych that the USA incarcerates more of its private citizens than any other nation. The text had a bar chart demonstrating our loss of civil freedom. The #2 spot went to Cuba.
    I learned in Brain & Behavior (neuroanatomy) that the crime rate dropped over the past several decades not due to law & order, but due to the growing acceptance of birth control & abortion = fewer unwanted children = less abuse/neglect = few juvenile delinquents = few adult criminals.
    I guess that lower anger rate amongst those under 30 is showing in their enlightened approach within the Occupy Camps, which have embraced the homeless (primarily homeless youth for whom there is even less civic housing than for homeless adults due to high govt regulation demands). At Occupy Portland, the volunteer kitchen churns out over 1500 meals per day plus snacks. Saw it in the paper, went down, volunteered, was very impressed by the flood of donations & the leaderless functionality I witnessed. I learned to make tamales! Neat skill. And I learned that 1500 meals doesn’t even include the snacks!!! Hey fellow MOMs & GRANDMAMAs!!! Baking is hard in camp. Please bake & deliver some APPLE PIES to these patriotic Americans at your local Occupy. And if you stay to chop veggies, bring your own knives or a sharpener, cuz theirs get dull fast.
    Oh, and I learned in the summer 2011 issue of YES Magazine all about the War on Drugs funding — that it’s designed to reward QUANTITY, not QUALITY — that it’s therefore used primarily by racist cops to incarcerate minorities — that in many southern black neighborhoods 80% of the males have been thrown in jail.
    The internet has destroyed the generation gap. Visit your local Occupy and be part of history. It’s AWESOME!