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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

At Fox Business Channel, the dominant attitude toward Donald Trump is bullish and often slavish –but the president-elect’s latest crazy tweet on the supposed need to “expand” the U.S. nuclear arsenal seems to frighten even the Fox gang — or at least Neal Cavuto.

“I’m thinking this out,” Cavuto told his fellow anchor Stuart Varney, one of the billionaire’s most obsequious fans. “Let’s say we get to Dow 20,000, so we’re all richer for it. But Donald Trump also promises more nukes, so we’re all blown up just as we’re counting our money.”

Although Cavuto looks worried he may have been joking, but his remarks certainly irritated Varney. “What? Have you become some kind of leftist all of a sudden?” In Varney’s mind, only leftists are apprehensive about a renewed nuclear arms race and the inherent danger of atomic holocaust.

Cavuto is no liberal, of course, let alone a “leftist.” His sudden expression of fear suggests that the enormity of electing a clueless clown like Trump to the presidency is beginning to dawn on him. Too late, Neal.

(h/t Raw Story)

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6 responses to “#EndorseThis: Fox Host Cavuto Shaken By Trump’s Nuclear Tweeting”

  1. Dan S says:

    Scary ????Neal ain’t it ? ????

  2. itsfun says:

    Maybe we should stand by and watch North Korea, Iraq, Russia, China and whoever make better weapons than we have a defense for. The we can all wait to get blown up by one of those countries.

    • Your lack of knowledge is scary and your comment suggests you never finished high school. Do you have any clue as to what a nuclear weapon is capable of?
      Nuclear weapons aren’t super-duper conventional weapons little man—they have long-lasting effects on the environment, circle the entire planet raining radioactive waste on the food sources of all nations, not just one!!!
      Before posting more nonsense, try getting you GED, and visit the library at least once a week.

  3. dbtheonly says:

    You can hear laughter in the background as Cavuto makes his initial comment.

    Then Varney’s attack, “You’re not some kind of leftist” is typical. Toe the Trump line.

    Trump called for an arms race today, so all attempts to explain this tweet away fail.

    Modernizing nuclear weapons is an absurdity. Nuclear bombs are rather simple. High Schoolers have designed them. It’s part of why terrorist nukes is such a worry. They are easily designed. They can be made bigger, but not better. You just have to get the Kaboom. Even North Korea can get the explosion.

    Maintenance makes sense. Parts rust over time.

    Modernizing delivery systems, makes sense though with the current state of delivery systems; it’s hard to see what’s needed. Predator drones take out cars. Atom Bombs take out cities. Close does count in thermonuclear weapons.

    There is no defense against a nuclear bomb.

    • Karenrsurber says:

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  4. Why so many over the past few decades have adopted the perception that a call for peace and sanity is “leftist” defies rational thinking and is utter nonsense. Do conservatives feel that intelligence, clarity of thought, and mental stability are strictly confined to “progressives”? Does FOX and others have a death wish and feel they are immune to death when it comes to nuclear war—something only madmen like Donald and his doppelganger, Putin, think they can withstand.
    Although the bulk of idiocy verbalized in the media and by average citizens appears mainly restricted to those with Right-Wing tendencies, as demonstrated by the sampling of posters here, it doesn’t follow that Right-WIngers are destined by the Creator to be dullards and constipated in their thinking. Why aspire to be mediocre and one-dimensional when you can do better?
    Anyone who can come up with a medicine that acts like EXLAX for the brain could make a fortune providing treatment for FOX and its millions of viewers.

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