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Monday, October 24, 2016

Fox News’ Ailes Speaks For The GOP, Says Obama Wants ‘Blacks to Hate Whites’

Fox News’ Ailes Speaks For The GOP, Says Obama Wants ‘Blacks to Hate Whites’

You probably know that Roger Ailes — the former TV producer turned Nixon aide turned conservative Wizard of Oz — is the mastermind behind Fox News.

His channel is still the most-watched channel in cable news. But in its slump since the election, Fox has had its worst whole-day ratings since 2008 and the worst numbers in its key demographic since 2001.

If you’d been told for a year that genius Mitt Romney was going to crush moron President Obama, you might lose some trust in your favorite news channel, too.

Now Fox is doing a little clown-cleaning. Notably, Sarah Palin and Dick Morris have been booted off the channel, though neither had appeared much since the ratings began to slide. But ridding his airwaves of two of the most laughable names in conservative media isn’t enough for Roger.

Ailes is one of those Republicans who believes the GOP’s only hope of ever winning the White House again is somehow reaching out to the minorities they’ve alienated in record numbers. The chairman of Fox Television Stations decided now was the time to make his Rodney King-like call to “get along” so the right can begin to attract Latinos.

But before he can make that point, Ailes has to do what psychoanalysts call “projection” — where a person denies his own characteristics and instead sees them in others.

“The president likes to divide people into groups,” Ailes told The New Republic. “He’s too busy getting the middle class to hate rich people, blacks to hate whites. He is busy trying to get everybody to hate each other. We need to get along.”

Ailes — the master of news reporting that hinges on convincing viewers that all non-Republicans are treasonous subversives who want to replace Christmas with Mao’s birthday — thinks the president wants to make blacks hate whites?

“See, Fox’s job is to provide the balance to that!” tweeted former Bush speechwriter and GOP exile David Frum, alluding to the channel’s history of race baiting.

Ailes didn’t stop there. He went on to make the most telling “Freudian slip” of his career in discussing why Latinos should be Republicans.

“The fact is, we have a lot—Republicans have a lot more opportunity for them,” Ailes says.

By “we,” of course, he means the Republican Party.

For anyone who ever doubted that Fox News was the GOP’s Pravda, you can see it’s clear in the mind of the guy who runs the channel.

But what Ailes may find out the hard way is that his viewers prefer Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly screaming about “illegals” to a tone of inclusiveness. Because when you’ve built your channel on making people feel good by hating someone, eventually the viewers may figure out that the joke is on them.

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  • Another dumb statement made by another dumb right-wing extremist. Obama is half-white. His mother was white. He’d have to hate himself and his own heritage to make such a statement. The real racists are people like Ailes who make such false assertions. He makes such stupid and baseless assertions to stir white racist feelings against President Obama, Blacks, Hispanics, and others. Even before President Obama took office, it was people like Ailes calling him the “n” word, monkey, Kenyan, etc. Now, you tell me, whose the real racist here?

  • lousgirl84

    Pathetic excuse for a human being. Nothing but pond scum slime

  • Mimi2kool

    Like the alleged genius, Romney, Ailes is nothing but an empty suit. It does not matter if it is Armani, if the wearer has no substance.

  • FredAppell

    I admit that the headline was a bit misleading as I was ready to comment on Ailes’ irresponsibility in creating a racial powder keg but his actual statement is just as serious and no less damaging. His statement is also factually and historically false. Conservatives started this culture war way back when protesters seeking social justice took to the streets of Birmingham Alabama among other places in the South to protest the hypocrisy of a promise made long ago by our nations Forefathers.

    The fact that some of these conservatives at the time were Democrats is immaterial given that some of the conservative Democrats eventually joined the Nixon Republicans in forming the modern day GOP. Ignore history all you want Mr. Ailes, but you do so at your own peril.

  • charleo1

    If the Country ran on gall, people like Ailes could keep it supplied for the next thousand years.

  • Why does he think minorities are important? they have formed or Rush Limb. and friends have declared the party as Whites only political party and now want them to vote for them with the same name MINORITY, forgeting that very soon the Whites will be in the minority so unless they Republicans makes investments in them they will never win the Presidencyand may even loose the congress. You insult everybody who does not have the same skin colour and then you want them to vote for you,Obama is not white only or Black only, he is of both so the world even do see him as one of its own. The world wants peace so want everybody to be part of it rather than one group against the other.