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Monday, October 24, 2016

Fox News Anchor Asks: Did Obama Threaten To Kill Chelsea Clinton?

Fox News anchor Heather Childers sparked a controversy on Tuesday afternoon, by suggesting on Twitter that President Obama’s campaign threatened to murder Chelsea Clinton in order to keep her parents silent on the question of Obama’s citizenship.


As Media Matters for America first reported, Childers — who is the host of “America’s News Headquarters” and co-host of “Fox & Friends First” — tweeted “Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life 2 Keep Parents Silent?”

(via Media Matters)

Childers’ tweet linked to a blog post from the website Godfather Politics, which suggests — among other feverish conspiracy theories — that former President Bill Clinton planned to reveal that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen, until someone from the Obama campaign threatened to murder his daughter if he spoke out. The post also speculates that the Obama campaign was behind the murder of Bill Gwatney, the former Chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas.

When confronted about the Clinton article on Twitter, Childers stressed that she was merely asking for thoughts on the post, and apologized to anyone “offended.” She also claimed that she and her colleagues at Fox News “present both sides but people see what they want.”

Her tweets have since been deleted, and Fox News Senior Vice President Michael Clemente explained in a statement to Mediaite that “the tweets have been addressed with Heather and she understands this was a mistake.”

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  • I heard a rumor that Childers was once featured in porno films. Is there any truth to that rumor?

    • I doubt it. Even porn stars have to have something approaching a functioning brain.

  • More trash talk for Fox Not New and Not Friends, Just Hate Mongers and certainly not christian!!!!!!!!

  • More trash talk for Fox Not New and Not Friends, Just Hate Mongers and certainly not christian!!!!!!!!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Just when you thought Fox couldn’t get more insane…Old man Murdoch is getting desperate. He knows his days of autocracy are about to end in disgrace. So now, he’s using typical old man angst blended with distortions of truth and he calls this “journalism”…what a laugh. Try again Rupert Old Man. Maybe, one day you’ll remember that reporting news isn’t the same as reporting biased ideological news. Sorry if your subtle brainwashing didn’t work.

  • Rebecah

    Were does Fox Noise find these idiots? Do they advertize that one must be a moron to work for them?

  • Where else but Feaux News would you hear such deliberately distorted trash??


      It what they do.

  • she is so stupid but that is all fox news have working for them stupid people.
    if you can’t say something good don’t say anything at all it make you look so stupid.

    • Jon

      Wait a minute Aj.. First YOU call Childers and the faux news team “stupid”.. Then you turn around and say it makes US look stupid when we slam people down.. Are you conflicted? I suppose I’m wrong as you’ve got 22 likes.. Guess I’m the only one who noticed.

  • Doug Thomas

    Well, they don’t hire them because they are journalists, do they?

  • ObozoMustGo

    A Chicago thug politician putting out “hits” on his political enemies? Nooooooo…. You must be kidding….. right? Whodathunk that?????………….. well, actually reasonable people might think such things based upon Chicago’s highly corrupted political past. I’m not saying he did any such thing, but I am saying it’s plausible. That’s all!



    • you are an idiot pure and simple idc how much u dislike someone..fuckin dumb azz

    • CrankyToo

      Obozo, you get dumber by the minute! ObozoMustGo the Clown! What a hoot!

    • lexi001

      I think we all knew we would hear from you on this one! I’m surprised you won’t admittedly subscribe to the belief, which I’m sure you truly do believe. I guess even someone as ignorant as you knows better than to totally endorse this BS.

    • ObozoMustGo must go get the crap cleaned out of his head. I’m not saying his head is full of crap, but I am saying it’s plausible. That’s all!

    • I still think you drive a pickup. Yes it is plausible!! Highly PLAUSIBLE!!! It’s like a vice president shooting someone in the face and having that person apologize for getting in his way. OH, my Bad!! That wasn’t Chicago that was Washington. One of the most plausible things in this world is Bull Shit but it needs an ASS to produce it.
      You have a nice day.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Great to hear from you Chucky! Nice line on the BS thing, too. I like it. I suppose you leftist idiots dont like people poking fun at your loser-in-chief messiah, Obozo, do you? hehehehehehehehehe


        Barack Hussein Obozo is a one termer! America will look back on these days and wonder how we were so stupid as to elect an incompetent, but slick sounding, community organizer who never held a real job in his life. One who thinks there’s 57 states. One who thinks they speak Austrian in Austria. One who says that too many kids go to the hospital to get breathalizers, but greeedy doctors want to chop their feet off to make more money. One who says he was a constitutional law professsor, but then publicly threatens Supreme Court Justices that they are unelected and dont have standing to rule his crazy socialist medical plan unconstitutional. One who has the worst economic record since FDR. Need I go on????

        Have a nice day!

    • ObozoMustGo

      Gimme the love, kiddies, gimme the love!!! 🙂 hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  • What an ASSHOLE OMG.

    • jimackermann

      Very good, you are capable of calling some one a dirty name. This reporter did something just about as stupid as the leftie reporters do on a daily basis. If you would like the transcrips, I will be happy to supply you with them. By the way, when Bush was President, I heard over and over the statement, “I hate Bush”. I don’t “hate” Obama, and I don’t hear that mantra out there from the righ. I know that what he is doing to my country is destruction. I am a base on results kind of guy. Based on results, how has he improved or even kept stable our economy? I will quote the liberal mantra from the last election, “It’s about the economy, STUPID”.

      • phantomoftheopera

        which is actually getting better. hmmmm didn’t happen under bush. as to mantra–it’s that he’s foreign born. and no amount of proof dispels it. and that is hatred of it’s own. listen to the republicans–they’re not being nice about him!

    • jimackermann

      Please feel free to hate, it sounds like that is what you do the best.

      • phantomoftheopera

        as opposed to FOX that is all love and light? GIVE ME A BREAK

      • Jon

        Why did this stupid thing reply twice and now I can’t delete it? (see below for original reply).


    Boy oh boy, are these nut job digging in the trash of their sick minds to come up with this stuff. Real lame.


    And I bet they are all over paid.


    And I bet they are all over paid.


    Such a shame about Murdoch’s sick mind,and look at the money he made with his lie’s and hate.


    Such a shame about Murdoch’s sick mind,and look at the money he made with his lie’s and hate.

  • majong13

    Listen, the more Fox screws up the more people will turn away from them. (The smart people anyway).

    • MikeCassidyAHS

      Agree wholeheartedly, we assume there are enough smart people to drown the out

      • Do let us hope that people of intelligence will indeed drown out stupidity; however, there seems to be an over abundance of stupidity floating on the surface today. Be aware!

    • jimackermann

      I’ll bet that the “Smart” people like you listen to NBC which intentionally aired a misleadingly edited version of George Zimmerman’s call to 911 on the night he shot Trayvon Martin. That’s what the “Smart” people are doing.

      • ObozoMustGo

        come on jim…. you know that the left is allowed to lie and make sheet up. It’s all for the good of the country and the little people who are too stupid to find their way in this world. You cant be mad at them for being total hypocrites. They are allowed leeway on these things because they are so well intended. Dont you know that?

      • pippas

        Hey ‘ji” you don’ sound very swift yourself!

  • majong13

    Listen, the more Fox screws up the more people will turn away from them. (The smart people anyway).

  • MikeCassidyAHS

    Seems that fox ( intentionally lower case) is always sucking up some some slime to help the Tea Party, what’s next, Obama was a collaborator with Ho Chi Min. This is always possible with their demonstrated lack of historical knowledge.
    Mike Cassidy
    Utica, Md

  • lexi001

    And people actually listen to Fox News. And take them seriously. How very frightening to know that such a large audience is besotted by these morons.

  • William Deutschlander

    WOW! Murdoch and FOX seem incapable of intelectual honesty and credibility, they and their Associates are a CANCER devouring TRUTH and DEMOCRACY!

    FOX, destroying DEMOCRACY from within through LIES and INNUENDO!

    DEMOCRACY = Democratic in 2012

  • It’s just the Fascists dusting off one of their old “talking points.”
    Trying to keep the faithful fired up for the new election.

  • jebediah123

    I wish someone could tell me from where did this freak come from? How does such a deranged person get to host a national news program? Or is being “deranged” a qualification to be on the FOX network? This entire “right wing” segment of American politics is getting to be one GIGANTIC ABSURDITY! On the other hand, it’s good for a lot of laughs.

  • bstockinger

    Idiots, I see them everywhere. Trouble is, they are everywhere, especially during the past few campaigns. Lets not talk about issues, lets simply lie, cheat and change the facts. When Fox News Senior VP has to counsel her on Twitter manners, you know this was over the top.

  • Does anyone wonder why regular FOX viewers remain perpetually confused about facts and politics in America? This network works overtime to locate and hire egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash to work as anchors on their evening broadcasts. Ms. Childers will probably receive a commendation for this reporting job.

  • Caribbeanguy

    The hatred and Racism and downright lies spewed out by the low life reporter and fox news should be banned from the public airwaves.
    It is pathetic that a sector of the American public, can so hate a distinguished and educated BLACK man as to stoop so low as to constantly assasinate their president’s character.
    These Republicans have truly become the dregs of society.
    WE Independents have got to rescue AMERICA and re-elect this moddle- cless-caring President.

  • Terrorist 1. a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism . 2. a person who terrorizes or frightens others.
    Terrorism 1. the use of violence, threats or lies to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. 2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism
    The Article published, Dec 17, 2010 “Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid,” But it does not address the fact Fox knows what they are doing. They train Terrorist who become weapons that cause harm to this country. Heather I don’t know if you believe in God but you really don’t want to piss her off.

    • Rebecah

      Then Fox Noise employees certainly are terrorist, and the Republican party certainly fits that criteria too.

  • It seems that Rupert Murdoch only hires people he can manipulate and morons.

  • According to her logic then if I said Rush Limbaugh wanted to kill the pope and someone jumped me on it I just need to say well I am only trying to start a dialogue and looking for other peoples input and that makes it ok. What a group of inbreds.

    • phantomoftheopera

      too bad most liberals don’t like to lie like that–it would be a hoot hearing the right scream

  • Where do these airheads come from? Is there no end to frivalous accusations against Obama’s birth place or his Christian faith. They’ve had four years to prove their barbs and yet not one bit of proof.

  • Janet Christian

    Anyone who still believes anything they see or hear on Fox is a total moron. I’ve actually dropped Facebook friend who still get their news from Fox. I have enough stupidity in my life with 27 REAL sheep.

  • Heather Childers is white, she is a member of the k k k, she having and affair with David Duke, her grandmother dated Hitler, her grandfather might have have dated Hitler also. Her father killed Dr King, her mother was Bull Conners sister. I hope I don”t offend anyone because she was born white and she could have played a role in some histronic that is white only I’am just saying.

  • Why can’t these idiots be sued for slander when they twitter something that is clearly false.

  • 3mary4

    As my Mother once said, “You know what comes out of the rear of the horse.” To me that is what these Fox people spout.

  • tutidiez1

    I am not surprise at all anything this scumbags at Fox say, this people are full of hate toward anybody in favor of decency and respect for the less fortunate, and the main purpose is to divide and destroy anybody who thinks different than them using any kind of means no matter who gets hurt, just look at this outrageous accusations made by one of them, accusing Obama of threaten Chelsea Clinton, if we didn’t read it no body would believe it, and where this charges were made at, of course Fox News, they are the onlyones capable of accepting such gossiping, no other News Media in the world would ever even think of mentioning such statement without making a very meticulous investigation over and over before mentioning anything, but the worst of all is all this naive ignorants viewers that had been poisoned by the evil of Fox News and end up believing everything they say, this Fox Channel is nothing but a Republican and Tea Party Office Headquarters, I have notice that those that hate Obama most are under their Payroll, and that is not a Gossip.

    • Mari Johnson

      You nailed it. There is dx even an official diagnosis in the medical books now. It is claled the Fox Drangement Syndrome, AKA as the Faux Noose Hilarious Meme or FNHM. Frankly the disease attacks the mental powers of those with this malady and sonn they are all raving idiots that just cackle when they make up their drivel. It appears to be virulently contagious because all exposed there at the company seem to get it very quickly. No known cure discovered yet but perhaps a change of scenery to another credible news agency may help but the cure is slow and so, not many qaualify for a job elsewhere.

  • howa4x

    The mistake in this story is to call Fox news. It’s all opinion passing itself off as news. They will go to any lengths to defeat Obama even to stup this low. Unbelieveable isn’t it.

  • Clarpark24

    It’s nice to see real progress. I can remember when Fox News only regularly failed the laugh and stink tests. Now they routinely show up on the top twenty low scores on the WTF test. I hope I’m still around in twenty years to see if kids think we made up these stories about Hannity, O’Reilly and the lesser evil spirits.

    If you can’t stand them, beat them. When is the media going to tell the rest of the truth? On the trip back, Mitt let his dog ride in the back seat and strapped the kids to the roof. When a highway patrolman pulled him over, Mitt fried him with LDS rays from his eyes and let Ann perform some perverse Mormon sexual ritual on him.

    The really sad thing is that I’m not sure I can make up anything as funny or as out there as Mitt trying to charm a group by telling a humorous story about his father closing an auto plant in Michigan and moving it to Wisconsin. Are we really sure that isn’t Seth Meyers in makeup punking us?

  • Another load of Fox poop.Careful where you step.Those Retardicans(republicans)believe the rest of the population is as gullible as they are.After all,they listen to Mitt Romney tell lies & stupid stories ,and still vote for him.

  • pintail4

    It has come to our attention that Heather Childers has been sleeping around with several partners.
    These things just come down the pike and must be forwarded on. It may or may not be true.
    Just in case it isn’t true, let me apologize for this article.
    I’m merely pfishing for other peoples thoughts on this, it may be completely wrong info.
    Food for thought:

  • pippas

    She should be fired for being so ignoran and giving Fox a bad name!

  • This bitch is ruthless and should be sued for,oh hell I forgot it’s FOX part of the news.

  • Treason!