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Saturday, June 24, 2017

7 Responses to Fox News Has Bundy’s Back

  1. WOW! I watch Fox News regularly, and they have maintained from the start that the law WAS NOT on Bundy’s side. In fact, they have discussed in great detail what the government could do to recover their grazing fees, such as putting a lien on his property. Maybe you morons should watch Fox instead of just making up crap about them. Naw – that wouldn’t work for you, now would it? Why be bothered with the truth, anyway.

    • Sure, they admit that the law IS on the government’s (the taxpayers’) side, but they claim that it should NOT be, and that these ranchers have a Constitutional right to SHOOT THE LAW ENFORCERS in protest of an “unjust” law. If any rancher had grazed cattle on THEIR land, agreeing by contract to a specific fee per cow per year, and then REFUSED TO PAY, they would have the OPPOSITE opinion, you can be sure of that.

      These people are just as crazy and fanatical as the home whisky distillers who “stood up” to President George Washington in the Whisky Rebellion, because they didn’t want to pay taxes on their whisky. Or the slaveowners who “stood up” to President Abraham Lincoln because they didn’t recognize people of African descent as real people rather than livestock and property.

      • Bundy is a theif. Hannity supports this thief because he fights the feds. Will Hannity, if robbed by someone will go to his rescue on grounds that the robber was exercising his right to defy the law of the land?

        • Depends on whose ox is being gored. There is a scene in one of Shakespeare’s plays (HAPPY 450TH BIRTHDAY, BARD!), “Henry VI, Part 2”, of which one line is quoted often by anti-government fanatics: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” spoken by Dick to Cade. The context is usually unmentioned: Cade, the rebellious anarchist agreed they should kill the lawyers, because lawyers, and the law itself, stand between him and absolute despotic rule over England.

  2. Bob,
    You might be correct as I have heard that said also. However, it would not mean anything unless Bundy ever wanted to sell his property. Since that is not likely, I don’t see it as a viable outcome. Can they attach any monies from the sale of his herd? IDK. Can they suspend any government checks such as SS, IRS refund, agri-welfare? That might be an option, but again slow. He little more than a dead-beat dad and should be jailed until full restitution is made.

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