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Friday, October 28, 2016

Like sex, politics makes almost everybody stupid. With a presidential election in the offing, Americans are increasingly inclined to divide into rival tribes contemptuous of the “other.” It often seems that the higher the stakes, the more foolish the national dialogue.

Sometimes it feels as if we’re living in Jonathan Swift’s Lilliput, with Big-Endians perennially at war with Little-Endians over the proper way to open a soft-boiled egg. Of course, Swift himself engaged in furious political and religious controversy all his life. He could also laugh at himself.

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  • rustacus21

    …home to roost. Egypt is in turmoil and needs help that is woefully absent. In the meantime, greedy, selfish, egomanic Republican candidates for next years election cycle seem bent on remaining as oblivious as possible. I can’t help but to say that when President Clinton involved the nation in peace and Democratization initiatives world-wide, the dividends were near immediate. Domestically, he took the initiative & got the nation working so fast, that the Reagan years were FORGOTTEN by 1996! How forgetful Americans have become. This “clown” brigade is laughable, if not for the fact any one of them, w/much anticipated help from corporate media, have a good chance of winning, given the venomous attacks leveled against this current administration daily. Americans had better get serious & fast, or it will be a sad, cold road backward to the world of HooverReaganBushbush…

  • gotedge

    If we are to believe the Republican pols, we are now enmeshed in the grip of a non-citizen President who is using our various benefits programs (social security, medicare and meat inspection) to create a welfare state that will both lead us to spiritual and financial bankruptcy as well as put a crimp in the life styles of those who have so much that they couldn’t spent it in 100 lifetimes–the so-called 1%-ers.

    I don’t know… Maybe there is something to say for the Newts and Hermans of their world who seem to attract unhealthy relationships with women like my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches attract sand flies on my ten square feet of beach–I don’t own it but I occupy it daily–in Miami Beach.

    I’ll stick to my one-man-one-wife rule. It’s worked for me for 44 years and the only denial I am obligatef ot offer is that, “No, I did NOT gain five pounds over the Thanksgiving weekend…it was only 3.5 pounds and I am diligently working to remove that stain from my otherwise admirable life.”

    My only question is: Will the majority of people wake up in time to see what is happening here or will they allow the party of bread and circuses to gain control over the country. My wife and I are lucky. They can’t take the right to an aboriton away from us. We are long past the age where one is possible. I was smart enough to clear everything i owned from the market in July 2007 so they can’t collapse the economy on me either. I do swear that they will have to wrest the state and federal pensions and medical protection that we earned through a lifetime of hard and often underpaid work from our cold dead hands.

    Enough of the bombast. Enough of the game playing with our money and our lives. Stop talking about taking more from the poor. I don’t want them breaking into my well-kept little home because you are going to starve them to death!

    I don’t care if you are registered democrat or Republican. Do you have a pulse or an IQ? If you are not one of the few who is in the 1% why the heck are you supporting them? When was the last time one of them took you for a ride in his yacht?

    This isnh’t about city v countyr or one religion against another. It is about the common sense to see that the Republicans are putting up a bunchg of clowns without one having a shred of common sense for the possition of president of the USA. Do you really want Newt or Ricky or Herman at the controls of the little suitcase with the nuclear trigger? Mr Obama proved his mettle. After W declared victory and retreated to his Texas barbeque, Barrack Obama brought down Osama bin Laden with little fanfare and oversaw the Arab Spring without getting American troops involved in another foreign folly.

    The Republican obstructionists sit and didle the time away as American rots from economic cancer just to be able to throw it in Obama’s face next year.

    Are we really that stupid that we can’t see their game? Send in the clowns? Don’t bother; they’re here.

  • DianneLee

    If you are unfamiliar enough with Obama’s record to think he is not doing the best that anyone could do for progressives– fine–don’t vote for him because you didn’t get everything you wanted when you voted for him the first time.
    Instead, vote for him because if you don’t those who are blocking him from achieving those goals will win, and then we are really screwed


    Gotedge, I endorse your comment. “When was the last time one of them took you for a ride on his yacht?” Well, we’re taken for a ride all the time, just not on a yacht. This must be the biggest civics lesson of all time. I hope everyone’s paying attention, because the test score is for keeps.