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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a reputation for hard-right positions on social issues, especially gay rights — and a public record to match. But with rumors emerging from Texas political circles (on both sides of the aisle) that Perry himself is gay, the Republican front-runner’s aggressive pitch to the evangelical community may be seen as an attempt to discredit those rumors — or distract attention from their possible substance.

While speaking to evangelicals last weekend, the long-married Perry was asked whether anything embarrassing about his personal life could emerge over the course of a campaign. Both that loaded question and his reply — “I can assure you that there is nothing in my life that will embarrass you if you decide to support me for president” — sounded to some like code for a more direct exchange about which team Perry is on, so to speak.

Perry’s anti-gay policies and rhetoric are quite consistent — back in 2003, he voiced vehement disagreement with the 2003 Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas that overturned the state’s archaic sodomy laws. Like many conservative politicians who bray their hostility, however, Perry is suspected in the Texas gay community of overcompensating for his own insecurities.

John Aravosis, a leading gay blogger, stated those suspicions bluntly on his website, Americablog, by recalling the case of former Bush political aide and Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman, who spent years denying and evading questions about his sexual orientation.

What [Perry] means is, “I’m not gay.” But he didn’t want to say that, and the press reporting on the story, from the Texas Tribune to Politico, didn’t want to tell you that that was what Perry was talking about.

Gotta say, the coyness involved, all around, reminds me of the way former GOP party chair Ken Mehlman, and the media, used to coyly deal with rumors about him being gay. And we all know how that turned out (Ken is now openly gay).

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  • mamaS

    Another Republican hypocrite – is there no end to them?

  • mojavevalleygirl

    I always thought when people came out of the woodwork regarding Perry’s sexual exploits they would be women. From what the rumor-mill has to say, they may be men. Perry is so publicly anti-gay, to the point now that almost everyone is beginning to suspect the truth about him. Maybe he will be the first gay, teabagging president.

  • Lefthand

    WOW!! Another married closet politician. When will it stop. Just wait, a jilted male lover will come forward and out him. Just wait.

  • GayleHales

    I would love it if everyone would refuse to hear one more word about gays, illegal aliens OR abortion.
    While everyone was, and is, focusing on these ‘hot-button’ issues, the republicans with the help of their blue-dog dem friends have systematically MADE WORTHLESS ANY LAW on the books that:
    Protects any individual from being propagandized to by the media when they dismantled the fairness doctrine.
    Re-wrote the merger laws thereby limiting businesses ability to compete by allowing corporations to merge and control large portions of any business segment they chose.
    Now with the size of businesses having no limits (creating oligopolies and businesses supposedly TOO big to fail) they are thereby FORCING me to invest (with my taxes) in a company to which I object and have no desire to support.
    They have transferred a vast majority of the wealth of America to companies that refuse to repatriate and pay taxes on their income while they use the ‘treasure’ (our children and families) in our military to protect themselves, their wealth and inheritances with their expansion of business anywhere overseas and NOT America,
    They have been given an unprecendented, and impossible to overcome by individuals,right to buy any election for any candidate of their choice (see the finances of Perry, Bachman and Palin) by a Supreme court that was stacked with the TRULY activist judges whose sole objective was to allow corporations as a PERSON (of course as one who CANNOT DIE), a defacto fascist (read fascist as CORPORATE)collusion to make Congress and law that favors only the wealthy and their investments.

  • The Painful Truth

    i can not agree more with The above comments by Gayle. The corps own most of the governmnet (both Dem and Repub– but especially GOP) and the highest court in the land is just “rubber stamping” it all — allowing these “special interests’ doing whatver they want. Unlimited funding of campaigns, low/no taxs, free bailouts using the average working citizens tax money to take jobs overseas and have their interests expanded overseas using the lives and blood of the fine young men and women derving in the US arm forces all to avance the corporate goals and profits mergins. I don’t know or much care if Perry or any other candidate is gay or BI or what not — they are ALL screwing the American people right up the @$$ and playing us for fools! And they hate President Obama because (with all his faults) he is trying to educate the public and change things — and the pwers that be dont want that to happen! BTW: perry is taking credit for job growth in Texas — that is true if toy want to work for $6.00 an hour and make the company even more (untaxed) profits!!!

  • mbote123

    Poor Rick Perry. Is he so afraid of being called gay that he would embrace a cobra (the extreme right) to prove his manhood.

  • noreasterbybirth

    Is this what really passes for journalism today? The only facts I can see in this entire article is that a candidate named Rick Perry is the current Gov. of Texas. Period. That is all the facts in the article, and I must say that it is correct. The rest of the article is based on “me thinks he doth protest too much” and a few in the gay community that think he “might” be gay. Really Matt? Is that all you’ve got? Is that really the issue of the day for this campaign, or did you just write this from your bedroom before you were awake? I just read this column to see the issues from both sides, but this is ridiculous.
    Oh. And the statement you quote Perry saying: “I can assure you that there is nothing in my life that will embarrass you if you decide to support me for president” is completely straight forward and has no hidden meaning whatsoever. What can you possibly glean from that statement except for what it actually says??

  • Reaganite

    ..believability … learn to use our language correctly.

  • Newfriend

    I don’t care for Perry, But
    This above artical is sheer crap (Forgive my french)
    I would hope the class of people who follow this news letter, sould no care one way or the other.
    Done (Old man ramblings)