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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Corporations are people too, and people get their feelings hurt. What’s more, the richer they are these days, the more sensitive they seem to be. It’s reminiscent of that Hans Christian Anderson story of the “Princess and the Pea.” You know, where the tender young virgin is so delicate that a single pea hidden under seven feather mattresses keeps her awake all night. That’s how the prince satisfies himself that she’s a real aristocrat.

So it is with Mitt Romney, GOP presidential candidate and one-time corporate buccaneer. When Romney’s not running around boasting about his enormous success running Bain Capital and accusing others of envying the vast wealth he’s got stashed in numbered accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, his tender sensibilities are constantly being offended by peasants whining about lost jobs and stolen pensions.

Why do they hate America?

Anyway, his thin skin is how you know Romney’s an aristocrat. Ever since reckless gambling by Wall Street investment bankers cratered the world economy back in 2008, their collective self-pity has been something to see. It’s not enough that taxpayers should bail them out, and then watch them go back to awarding each other multi-million dollar bonuses like one of those children’s athletic programs where everybody gets a trophy.

Evidently, it’s our patriotic duty to pretend that nothing ever happened, and to reject attempts to regulate Wall Street both as an impediment to genius and an assault upon capitalism itself. Hence the Romney candidacy—yet another GOP prep school cheerleader, and a credit to his social class.

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26 responses to “Sir Mitt’s Very Thin Skin”

  1. Who wins if Romney wins the rich and Obama get his free
    dom the american pepole lose

  2. who could have said it any better the Perry, Vulture Capitalist!!!!
    Doesn’t get it, never will, and won’t once he is president. He’ll rule for the wealthy and the privileged, that is after all what he is!

  3. Current example…..Management at American Airlines (recently filed bankruptcy with a billion dollar surplus) hired Bain years ago to break the unions. We have been without a contract for seven years because the company won’t negotiate. We have not hired since 2001…..and there is talk of huge job cuts. Tell me Prince Romney how the heck Bain has created jobs! Oh, management has received bonuses for the past seven years…..helping the 1% is the Bain way. Disgusting!

    • CPANY says:

      Mittens Romney is a piece of crap.

    • wayneonly says:

      Robin, the GOP has always been the party of “big money” and has always tried to break unions. When they can break unions every working person in America suffers because unions have set the standards for every working American. Unions got us the 40hr. work week, pensions, health care, safe work environment, and many other benefits that corporations would not otherwise have given the work force. The sad thing is that most voters (especially nonunion voters) don’t realize that they have most of those same conditions because of the sacrifices made by union workers. They hear the media and corporations talking about how bad unions are and fall for the hype. Thus the GOP is able to get voters (even some union voters) to fall for their anti worker propaganda. AND WE ALL LOSE. Let’s hope more working class Americans realize how devastating a Romney Presidency would be for the working class American.

      • The only way we can get working class Americans to realize how bad Romney would be for the economy and working class America (and by extension the rich and big corporations) is to spread the word

        • wayneonly says:

          Sean, if you have read some of my earlier posts, you probably realize that I am down on Congress as a whole (both Republicans and Democrats). They have all lost their commitment to the real American people(if they ever had one) in their quest for personal financial gain and the financial gain of their campaign contributors. Is there even one honest Congressperson in Washington today? There probably is, but the vast majority have sold their vote to “big money” and no longer (if they ever did) care for the poor and middle class of America. And the voters are willing to settle for the mediocrity and corruption of the Congress we have now and have had in the past. It is time we (the voter) got smarter and better educated about what goes on in Congress. And we need to change the attitude that Congress has of the voting public. Three good books for every voter to read are: Winner Take All Politics: How Washington Made The Rich Richer and Turned It’s Back on the Middle Class by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer, and Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan.

          Congress has set themselves up as the PERMANENT POLITICAL PARTY. They believe they are the “elite” class and are “entitled” to special privileges and are “above the law(s)” that govern the rest of Americans. They show a contempt for the voter/taxpayer because we are so easily led by the media and the slick ads paid for by “Too Big To Fail” banks and big money. And we (the voter) have fostered their beliefs by voting them into office term after term, giving them the impression that their office is their “just do”. Well, it is not and they should have to EARN our vote. STOP GIVING YOUR VOTE TO CONGRESSPEOPLE WHO HOLD YOU (the voter) IN CONTEMPT.

          We (the voter) need to resolve that we will vote EVERY incumbent Congressperson out of office when they come up for reelection. We need to get their attention and show them that WE MATTER when they consider legislation or appropriation of taxpayer money. What is good for the American people should be their ONLY concern, not what is good for their pocketbooks or the financial gain of big banks and large corporations.

          But we (the voter) must also send newly elected Congresspeople to Washington with OUR agenda instead to the “empty” promises that they think they must give when they campaign to get our vote. And we must keep track of their voting records AND their financial dealings while they are in Congress. We may even find a few who are WORTHY of another term in office. One can only hope.

          • oldtack says:

            Amen Brother! You are right on.

          • wayneonly says:

            Oldtack, being right is nice, but it doesn’t get the job done. I need help getting the message out to more voters. Would you be willing to help by posting this message anywhere you can and to get your friends to spread the word?

          • oldtack says:


  4. What’s surprising to me is that so many people can’t see through a fraud: Mitt Romney isn’t the least bit interested in doing what’s best for the country (that’s why he flounders so much and gives very little specifics on what he really plans to do). No, he’s running for president because he thinks there’s something more in it for himself. Mitt Romney never did anything unless there was some payoff for Mitt. My sense is that he either has an enormous wager with some of his Bain cohorts that a Mormon can get elected president, or that once president, he can get legislation passed that puts more taxpayer money into his offshore bank accounts…..or maybe both of these. Why else would a multi-multi-millionaire who belongs to a religion that’s supposed to be about family, want to run for a job that pays so very little in comparison and is filled with so much ridicule and frustration.

    • majong13 says:

      Great Comment! Yes, why would Mitt want to be President except for self gratification.

    • CPANY says:

      We’ll see in November how many people saw through Mittens.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      It centers around the most wealth he’s ever seen and how he can bankrupt the Country and bring in those bonuses.. Soon the ruler of America will be the one(s) who controls the wealth.. Their getting closer. Ridicule and frustration equates to justifying destroying his opponents. He and his ilk are slime balls in suits.

  5. widollar says:

    If Mitt Romney and his financial masters are able to buy the oval office, the middle class of America will suffer greatly. Sadly, the GOP spin doctors are already making the poor people of Florida believe Romney will save them. Go figure!

    • CPANY says:

      A lot of the people in Florida, especially the retireees, think of thenselves as “conservative.” Why they take that posture, despite the fact that Romney and his ass kisser Paul Ryan, openly favor doing away with all social programs, can be explained only by their pathetic desire to align themselves with what they think is the American “power elite.”

      It reminds me of a line from “The Sound of Music” in which a hanger-on explains that he likes being around rich people because then he gets to enjoy the things that rich people enjoy.

  6. holyreality says:

    Gene, once again you demonstrate why you are one of the top commentators today.

    Thanks for telling it like it is, in plain English that explains exactly and succinctly why Mitt Romney is not the man to help the middle class out, nay he would do us in as fast as possible.

  7. marygelfond says:

    I’d truly like Romney to explain his comment that “The William Sonoma People are HIS people”. I know what he meant, I’d just like for him to explain it so everyone can hear it.

  8. What is hypocrisy?

    It is pointing to Mitt Romney’s ‘business experience at Bain Capital’ as THE qualifier for him to be president, while declaring pointing to Mitt Romney’s ‘business experience at Bain Capital’ as a dirty trick if you note the negative aspects of said experience.

    It is being outraged at the accusation that the GO(T)P has a ‘War on Women’ while rejecting equal pay for equal work, voting against the ‘Violence Against Women’ Act, forcing women to face government mandated invasive procedures, and making them pay extra for health insurance while refusing to cover vital medicine (birth control is NOT always to have sex freely).

    It is wailing that questioning Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion is horrible, while questioning Barack Obama’s Christian / Muslim / Bad Christian / Atheist faith at a whim.

    What is hypocrisy?? The GO(T)P.

  9. suskopo says:

    President Obama is on target. Romney is not qualified as president. His goal is to make wealth for the wealthy people with money in the Financial Market…to maximize profit to increase the value of company stocks that rich people play with. His skills in “downsizing” company structures and making the companies “leaner” are not the skills required of an American president. The more he gets successful in his goal as CEO of Bain’s Capital, the less jobs were created. And it was reflected in the jobs market during the Bush Jr./Cheney Administration. DOWNSIZING and making companies LEANER means the company had to fire many workers…and thus getting leaner…increases the companys ability to maximize its profit and VIOLA!! SUCCESSFUL! The few at the top of the companies got richer, the laid off people at the bottom got poorer. Will that make him qualified as president of the USA? There is more to becoming a president of this country as President Barack Obama laid out. He is a smart person, with intack integrity, and with vision that sees not just for the short time being but far into the future.

  10. joyscarbo says:

    Mitt Romney isn’t qualified to be president. He isn’t even running on the record of the only public office he ever occupied- Govenor of Massachusetts. He can’t because then he’d have to admit that he doesn’t really agree with anything his party is spouting. He “ran to the left of Ted Kennedy”…what does that tell you about how “severely conservative” he truly is?

  11. mainman61 says:

    Mitt Romney is just another Fascist Neo Nazi from the part that supported and nutured the Bush family relative who colaborated with Alfred Krupp-Theissen to supply the Nazis and thus is responsible for countless deaths civilian and otherwise during the prolongation of the war.Oh wait George and his dad did that too by doing business with Osama Bin laden and his family.But does any one actually give a shit and arrest him and members of his administration who knew and send them to trial for treason and sedition and murder?

  12. lmallak99 says:

    Why aren’t the democrats hitting back harder. There’s certainly no lack of material here. They need to let America know what Romney’s about. Maybe they’re conserving their advertising dollars for later in the campaign. I wish they were spending more here in Wisconsin to help us get rid of the most corrupt politician to ever live – Scott Walker. We’re trying to show him for what he is, but he’s got $25 million and has been flooding every media outlet with his propaganda. Even came up with his own job numbers, claiming that even though all the National numbers show that we have been losing jobs since he took office, his numbers show that we’ve added thousands of jobs. The nerve of this piece of sh!t is unbelievable.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Like I’ve been saying.. Politics loves money.. Money wins posts. Educating the public is too late, they’ve bit into the worm and tossed away the apple. They have no character save those who fill them with vile lies that resembles what the sheeple want. We can only hope the sleepers awaken.

  13. Thank you, Gene Lyons.

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