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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

GOP Adds Insult To Injury With Rejection Of Disabilities Treaty

GOP Adds Insult To Injury With Rejection Of Disabilities Treaty

Senate Republicans passed up an opportunity for the U.S. to lead, because of half-baked arguments and conspiracy theories.

You wake early in the morning to the sound of your doorbell ringing, followed by a heavy knock on the front door. Bolting up in bed, you hear the ominous whir of a helicopter’s blades circling above your house. You race to wake up your disabled children and tell them to stay close and take only what they can carry. But even as you make a break for the back door, a glimpse of shadowy figures through your curtained windows tells you it’s already too late. They have you surrounded. The United Nations Peacekeepers are here to take your kids to school.

This scenario is not too far removed from the nightmare future some Republicans claimed would unfold if the Senate had ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities earlier this week. That’s why, despite strong bipartisan support, the treaty failed in a 61-38 vote on Tuesday, five votes short of the required two-thirds majority. Another day, another missed opportunity in America’s most dysfunctional deliberative body. But this particular case of mindless obstructionism is both a bad omen for the possibility of progress in President Obama’s second term and a real blow to children and adults throughout the world whose physical and mental disabilities continue to pose serious economic and social challenges.

The convention, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2006 and since ratified by 126 countries, aims to “promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity.” In addition to outlining basic principles for fair and equitable treatment of the disabled, it established a committee of human rights experts tasked with monitoring progress and issuing non-binding recommendations pursuant to those goals.

Pretty scary stuff, right? Well, yes, according to people like Rick Santorum, one of the treaty’s most vocal critics. Writing at Glenn Beck’s online news hub, The Blaze (where I go for all my sober analysis of international human rights law), Santorum warned that ratifying the treaty could “potentially eradicate parental rights for the education of children with disabilities” and “allow our beliefs and values to be outsourced to outside entities that may not always have our best interests in mind.” Somehow, a measure meant to promote equal opportunity and increased accessibility was twisted into a law that would allow a shadowy council of bureaucrats in Geneva to authorize forced abortions and ban home-schooling for students with special needs.

After Republicans blocked the treaty, Santorum took a victory lap at The Daily Beast, writing that he opposes the treaty:

because our nation has been the worldwide leader when it comes to protecting the disabled. We should be telling the U.N., not the other way around, how to ensure dignity and respect for the disabled.

… However, the United States passing this treaty would do nothing to force any foreign government to change their laws or to spend resources on the disabled. That is for those governments to decide.

So if I’m reading Santorum correctly, he’s claiming that the treaty would allow the UN to dictate U.S. law, but not other countries because they write their own laws, but U.S. law is already stronger than anything the UN could ask for anyway, so the U.S. should be telling other countries what laws to write. In other words, he opposes it because Barack Obama signed it.

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241 responses to “GOP Adds Insult To Injury With Rejection Of Disabilities Treaty”

  1. docb says:

    Shameless and ignorant!

  2. dtgraham says:

    Whoo! That was a close one. If this treaty had been ratified, I think we all know where this was going.

    Next up would have been UN black helicopters dropping off hordes of disabled illegal aliens in blue helmets to America to tell our children that Adam and Eve didn’t really ride around on Stegasauruses; all while demanding free wheelchairs in order to bankrupt the country, so we could be dissolved and incorporated into the new world order.

    Dodged one there I’ll tell you!

    To our Tea Party sympathizers: before you click ‘like’, the above was just sarcasm.
    For the rest of us: that’s how they actually think.

  3. Mimi2kool says:

    This shows why Dan Savage asked the readers of his column to come up with a definition for santorum. I do not remember the one he settled on, but it was a reference to an anal product. Much like the namesake.

    He clearly suffers from a severe case of Anal-Cranial Inversion. That is why he is unable to see things clearly.

  4. Lynda says:

    The 38 GOP Senators who voted NO should hear from the voters in their states. They committed a cowardly and ignorance act by their vote. All of the conspiracy theoris about the UN, home schooling and like were hollow arguments used to provide cover to these cretin. Shame on you and a pox upon your house.

    As the great Isaac Isamov once said ‘if knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.’ Yep, that describes those small-minded cowards in the Senate.

  5. If you were looking fo any sign of intelligence within the GOP, you are badly mistaken. There is NONE. What a shameful act – or non-act. Ignorance is bliss they say, the the GOP is totaly ignorant.

    • rpg1408 says:


      Please forgive me. I lose it when the GOP does something like this. It not only reveals their lack of compassion and their paranoia , but by preventing us from supporting the treaty , further isolates us from the rest of the World Community.

  6. The position taken by Republicans on this issue is a national embarrassment. 126 countries, including many Third World countries with limited financial resources, embraced this treaty to give their most vulnerable citizens a chance to live with a modicum of dignity. What did people like Rick Santorum say? He articulated a convoluted excuse, ostensibly designed to criticize President Obama’s decision to sign this treaty for partisan reasons, and by so doing he made a fool of himself.
    There is nothing wrong with politicians proposing different ways to solve fiscal, economic, international and social problems, Denying people with disabilities the opportunity to prosper is reprehensible. Shame on those who voted against the ratification of this treaty for partisan, ideological and – incredibly – religious reasons. On the latter, the only conclusion I can reach is that these morons are Satanic lovers.

  7. Gilbert says:

    Can you believe this??? Rick Santorum actually ran for the office of President!!! Thank God this ignorant fool was defeated in the primaries. The United States already has laws on the books, both State and Federal for the protection of the “Disabled.” Perhaps someone forgot to enlighten Mr. Santorum as to these laws, which are prominantly displayed on virtually every job application or employment agreement. I wonder what those who voted for Mr. Santorum think of their candidate now that he has been handed the microphone and is talking again. This shameless idiot doesn’t know what to say. He believes that as long as he keeps moving his mouth and uttering whatever nonsense his “pea-sized” brain concocts, that he somehow, is keeping his options for candidacy open. Someone needs to tell Mr. Santorum the truth… i.e., “Sit down Rick… and please SHUT-UP!!! You are fare too stupid, too simple-minded, and too immature to hold public office.” Someone should simply tell him that.

    • Well said! Vile human being

    • sigrid28 says:

      And plus, Rick Santorum’s rejection of the U.N. treaty to aid disabled individuals worldwide is the Republican twin of his rejection of the ACA, which was patterned after Massachusetts’s legislation Mitt Romney crafted and passed as governor, including a mandate designed by Republicans. It’s all of a piece with Mitch McConnell offering up legislation on the floor of the Senate and then filibustering it himself. These three pieces of landmark legislation have one thing in common–President Barack Obama signed, or is willing to sign, each of them. Like the ACA, the treaty and legislation protecting America’s credit worthiness will eventually become law thanks to a majority of American citizens who refuse to be ruled by extremists filled with hatred.

      • I wonder if this people realize how much damage they do to our credibility worldwide. More to the point, do they care? I suspect not, they are so infatuated with themselves and so consumed by hatred that making the USA look like a combination of the Third Reich and South Africa in the apartheid days is a small price to pay if they manage to score some dubious points against a man they love to hate.

        • dtgraham says:

          Take heart Dominick. The rest of us just think that the Republican Party is going through some weird phase, like a child at a precocious age or something. This story takes the crazy to a whole ‘nother level though, I’ll have to admit. The United Nations considered the United State’s disability legislation to be the gold standard for the world. They admired it so much that they, in effect, advised the rest of the world to copy what the Americans have done for the last 22 years for people with disabilities.

          They were simply asking the other member states to show, as a sign of good faith, that they were at least going to try to improve the lives of their disabled by signing this treaty based on the American model. That’s all. Just a non binding declaration of good intentions. As per typical UN, nothing forced.

          I usually try to parse my language a little as I’m not big on hyperbole. I don’t often use a word like insane, but Republican Senators voting against this treaty?……..that was insane.

          • When I read this article I couldn’t help remembering how impressed my in-laws were when they visited us in Maryland about 30 years ago. My mother in law was on a wheelchair, and my father in law was almost 80. They couldn’t believe all the parking places designated for handicapped people in Malls and shopping centers. They we very impressed with all the ramps on sidewalks and entries to Smithsonian museums, the Kennedy Center and everywhere we took them. The same goes for the free passes they got when we visited national parks. Their impression was not limited to material improvements, they were also very impressed with how polite Americans were when she noticed people holding the door open for her or letting them get ahead of a line. My in laws were from Spain.
            I suspect they would not have believed it if they had heard the latest news…What is happening to our society?

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Even as recent as 30 years ago, times were different.

            People for the most part cared for each other, at least publicly. Now, I can’t say the same.

            Yes, some people still hold doors open for people, but it’s more of an act, but really nothing behind it.

            What I think has happened is politics has gotten so dirty, its even affected friendships, common courtesies. It has stretched the fabric of society to the breaking point.

            And, I put the blame squarely on the backs of the Evangelicals and Republicans. They’ve made saying even a friendly hello seem corruptible.

          • You timed it right, ever since Reagan was in office and filled Republicans with the fairy tale notion of trickle-down economics, and started the practice of keeping much of his spending outside the budgets he submitted to Congress and signed the bill that’s made America’s healthcare the most expesive in the world, requiring hospitals to treat people who walk into the ER for whatever health fix then need, whether urgent or not. Republicans have become the most partisan people in America.

          • Interestingly, the people that use and demand a continuance of getting ER freebies and the ones calling the ACA mandate to get coverage from for profit insurance companies socialism! I guess the easiest way to defend an untenable position is to accuse the opposition of doing what you advocate. Neither practice is socialism, but getting ER freebies is a lot closer to it than paying insurance premiums.

          • idamag says:

            Dominick, I am required to buy insurance on my car. That is fair and responsible. If a person drives without insurance and hurts or kills someone, the victim ends up with the bills.

            The health insurance mandate works the same way. Why should I pay for some deadbeat to get his cold treated in the emergency room?

          • 012647020451 says:

            And they still don’t have a clue.

          • 012647020451 says:

            One day they will wake up and it will be TOO LATE.

          • The UN never promulgated the US Disability Act nor promoted it among its members. What the UN did was damn with praise – pointing out that the cultures of some member countries might not permit action comparable to that taken by the US of A. The thing I would like the UN to force is payment of money owed the US for its building in NYC, the expsense of operating it, and payment for back dues owed by its members. Do you think the UN member countries admire the US more because it is allowing UN members to freeload?

          • dtgraham says:

            Every website that pops up when you google this story will have the same sentence somewhere in the body, no matter how you word the search: the treaty is modelled after a U.S. law and has been signed by 126 nations.

            You’re a one world order, black helicopter, anti-UN, anti-world, 21st century Republican. I get it.

        • 012647020451 says:

          Dominick, You are so right.

    • As You Can Clearly See These People The GOP/Tea Party Don’t Give A Damn About Their Own People Nor This Country !!!! They Will Vote Against Anything That Will Help Either The People Or This Country To Get Back On It’s Feet Again !!! The GOP/Tea Party Is Just As Bad As The Middle East Taliban!! SCREW THEM BOTH!!! And Don’t Believe It About Spending Money We Don’t Have Cause They Are Willing To Start A War at A Drop Of A Hat!!!

      • lana ward says:

        Obama has spent more money in less than 4 years than Bush spent in 8 years- and half of that went to defend America. He’s a spending whore

        • Fuck You You Lying BITCH Shut You Dumb Ass Up And Stop Talking To Me You Tea Bagging BITCH!!! Nobody A WHORE But Your Stinking Ass!!! Why Don’t You And Joeham1 Go Fuck Each Other To Death And Go To Pat Dilldo Web Site And Have You Dumb Asses A Ball There!!! You Stupid Sad Bitch!!!

        • Sorry Lana but YOU’RE wrong!! When Bush took office the deficit was 4.9 trillion, when he walked out the door of the Oval office it was 10.6 trillion But he had negotiated the auto bailout and TARP, passing to Obama a budget (10/1/08 to 09/30/09) that included 1.3 trillion more in deficit spending so essentially Bush ran up 7 trillion in defict spending. BUT, he also passed along to Obama something worse: an unprecidented economy that was in freefall, that was losing 800,000 jobs/mo; that had hundreds of companies going belly up; that had millions of homeowners losing their houses to foreclosue; that had the stock market at it’s lowest level in almost a decade and that before it could be halted, would end up losing 14 million jobs. So in addition to all this disaster, he also passed along an economy that would end up generating 1.5 trillion less in tax revenues. And that’s not even all, he also passed along numerous pieces of unfunded legislation that would continue to add to the deficits for several years: two active wars, two unfunded tax cuts, and unfunded drug benefit giveaway to the drug industry, and several unfunded Federal mandates to the states. So despite the fact that Obama has reduced deficit spending faster than any other president since WWII; and reduced deficit spending for 3 straight years (1st time since Truman); and actually cut more than 200 billion the past two years; just like it’s not possible to stop a freight train on a dime, it’s not possible to stop a free fall recession in a year either. So despite what you think, given the unprecidented nature of the recession Bush created, I’m sorry Lana, but George Disaster is responsible for the vast majority of all the deficits that have been incurred since he left office; And it’s all been done for something positive; saving America from a Depression. Whereas, the vast majority of the deficits Bush ran up were for nothing than to pay for an unwarranted,.illegal war and stuffing more money in the pockets of the rich.

          • lana ward says:

            Bush didn’t create the mess, the Dems did, forcing banks to give loans to those who could never pay it back. Dems thought everyone should have a house, even if they couldn’t afford it. Instead of making things better, all of Obamas’ policies have made things worse. 4 more years of his communist policies, this will not be America

          • Sorry Lana, the Dems never controlled the Fed or the Treasury, and they didn’t have a super majority to get things passed into law without Bush approving it. So I’m not buying for a minute that the Dems were to blame for anything: the debacle happened on Bushes watch and you need to stop being brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh and Faux News. Also, you mentioned patriotism in one of your r idiculous recants: what do you think of a President and Vice President that Deliberately allow an attack on America from al Qaeda to happen? Yes I said deliberately. Recent releases of papers from the Bush Whitehouse make it clear that Bush and Chaney were warned at least 3 times by the CIA & FBI that al Qaeda was planning an imminent attack on the homeland; and what did they do about it? NOTHING!! Any patriotic half-brain president would have put the CIA and FBI on high alert to prevent any attack that al Qaeda was planning. But instead of doing that, they sent the CIA and FBI off on a wild goose chase to find them a good reason to start a war with Iraq (get him proof that Iraq had WMDs, etc). Bush and Chaney may not have known that such a severe attack was coming, but they intentionally allowed it to happen by doing absolutely Nothing about stopping it. They should both be in jail for the dereliction of duty and totall irresponsible handling of the office of President and Vice President!!!!!!!

          • lana ward says:

            Bill Clinton never did a thing when terrorists were attacking. Bush and Cheney did not know we were going to be attacked, but when we were, he spent 8 years going after them- and we wern’t attacked again. Obama did nothing to protect our Ambassador, even tho Obama had him running weapons to our enemy. They watched him die from the WH. Obama has been sending MILLIONS of dollars around the world to support mosques and has given the UN BILLIONS when this country is broke. Things will get worse with him running America into the ground- just watch and see!! Bill Clinton had three chances to get OBL and he refused because he didn’t want his popularity to go down for some Unimportant war. 9/11 would have never happened had he been a president!!

          • LIES from from a low life sock puppet!

          • lana ward says:

            Truths you won’t accept because you are a brainwashed sap

          • 012647020451 says:

            You are a pathetic person still sulking because your god lost the election.

          • lana ward says:

            You are pathetic because you believe “your god” Omuslim. The election was stolen and America lost

          • 012647020451 says:

            Had the election been bought or stolen, your god woul be in office and you would be in line.

          • STMBT says:

            YOU! lana ward are one dumb BICTH!!!!

          • lana ward says:

            I’m a bitch because I don’t Swoon all over your muslim, queer Omuslim. Your the bitch and so is your president

          • idamag says:

            Isn’t she the dumbest?

          • 012647020451 says:

            It goes pass dumb. when a person gets to this point, we call them DUM

          • 012647020451 says:

            Get over it and stop watching fox news. The unimportant war was initiated by the bush administration. Why am I even replying to you. I should follow my own advice. There is none so blind than he who won’t see. You are one of those people who blame President Obama for everything but the sperm it took to get your ignorant behind here.

          • lana ward says:

            Start watching Fox News, you’ll learn somethings. Why do you think Obama told people not to watch Fox News? Because he didn’t want them learning certain things about him! wake up!

          • 012647020451 says:

            I want pure undaulterated news, not opinions passing for ews.

          • lana ward says:

            Everyone wants REAL news!! That’s why all the MSM should be hung!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            They won’t get it on fox

          • 012647020451 says:

            Why should we watch MSNCBC? Nobody wants to be as warped as you are.

          • idamag says:

            lana, even if you don’t originate the lie, repeating it is bearing false witness. And, if you break one commandment you break them all. Obama never said for people to stop watching fox news.

          • lana ward says:

            Obama was in a resturant and the tv was on Fox News. He told the people not to watch it!!! I SAW IT. MSM didn’t show it–Fox News did

          • 012647020451 says:

            and you believe it tsk, tsk, tsk, If Obama told them not to watch it, he was giving them sage advice.

          • idamag says:

            And the attack on a country, that was no threat, was for greed only. Haliburton (Cheney was their CEO) and their subsidiaries got no bid fat contracts and managed to lose a billion dollars that no one can account for.

          • Thanks for your advice about not arguing with fool; but I think I finally found out she’s not only that but a racist as well. A racist fool is well beyond worth reasoning with; I give up!!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            Independent1. I was taught that you don’t argue with a fool. If someone walks by and sees you all arguing, they won’t know which one is the fool. In this case, you are not the fool.

          • I’m not finished: You have to be totally clueless to think that Obama’s policies have made things worse: I suppose the fact that more jobs were created in October and November than were created by Bush in any 10 month span during his 8 years in office is making things worse??Or the fact that there actually have been 34 straight months of job growth inspite of the fact that the GOP has sat on Obama’s two jobs bills for over 1.5 years is making things worse?? Or the fact that despite the GOP’s unwillingness to do anything on immigration he’s revamped many immigration rules and in the process deported more illegals than any president since Eisenhower, has made things worse?? Or the fact that the stock market has doubled since he’s been in office so that my and millions of other investors accounts are thousands of dollars more to the good, is making things worse?? or the fact that GM is once again the top auto producer in the world despite the fact that nitwit Mitt wanted to let it go bankrupt, is making things worse?? Or the fact that al Qaeda leadership has been decimated and bin Laden has been killed has made things worse?? Or, the fact that the Obama administration has brought to justice more crooks trying to defraud the government via defense and healthcare related transactions than all 5 previous presidents combined (saving America billions) has made things worse??; or the fact that Consumer Sentiment in November was at the highest level in 4 years is making things worse?? Or that reducing our deficit spending faster than any president since WWII is making things worse; or downsizing govt by over 550,000 after Bush had added over 2,000,000, is making things worse?? If you really believe your nonsense comment you’re nothing but a totall nutcase and need to see shrink real fast!!!!!!!

          • lana ward says:

            I don’t know where you get your information, but about the only jobs that have been created, are government jobs. People everywhere are losing their jobs from Obamas’ policies and regulations, and half the country is on food stamps. The only time unemployment goes down is when people stop looking for work and are not counted. We’ll be at 9% unemployment soon!!

          • idamag says:

            lana, if you had kept your mouth shut on this one, people could only guess you were uninformed.

          • lana ward says:

            Watch and we’ll see, won’t we

          • sigrid28 says:

            If the Republicans have anything to do with it.

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim is president

          • And now the racist comes out!!!! That’s been it all along hasn’t it??? Nothing but a racist!!!

          • lana ward says:

            Apparently you didn’t see the comment sent to me in which that was my reply to it??? Obama is the racist, he hates whites

          • lana ward says:

            I’m not a racist, but so what if I was. There are many racists, black and white!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            You are not a racist, classify yourself. If you are not a racist, God didn’t make little green apples.

            ,it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime. If you have to say that you are not a racist, ten times out of ten, you are a RACIST. You could be the Poster Child for Racism.

          • 012647020451 says:

            And you are the court jester. Are you jealous of the President or something, did he rebuff your advance? You sound like a scorned lover.

          • You’re dead wrong about the only new jobs being government jobs, that’s absurd and Obama has actually cut 550,000 government jobs and not added many. If you’re wondering why so many people are on food stamps blame you can blame the crazies in GOP run states who have cut budgets and state services during a recession which has thrown hundreds of thousands of state workers and employees companies that supported them out of work in red states. 70% of food stamps go to Republicans and six southern red states suck the most welfare dollars for the taxes they pay than any other states in the country. All 8 states that get the least amount of welfare for the dollars of taxes they pay are all Blue states, and pay these states also pay the most taxes in the country because they’re the most prosperous states. Republicans are by far the biggest takers of welfare in America..the GOP is driving them into the poor house!! Red states may be balancing budgets but in the process they’re ruining their citizens’ economic well being!!!!

          • lana ward says:

            You’re the one who is dead wrong. The dems policies have put us in the mess we’re in. Obama is a follower of communists Cloward and Piven. They have taught their followers how to over-welm our system and take America under–and that is exactly what he is doing. States with Republican Govs are doing better than those with Dem Govs because Republicans are better at business. Check out your “gods'” gods’ Cloward and Piven

          • idamag says:

            Independent, lana is functionally illiterate. She cannot process your facts nor can she read and understand. She has to have talking heads tell her what to think.

            If we lose our democracy, she will be one of the dupes responsible.

          • idamag says:

            Is this supposed to be a joke? Dollar is not a reliable news source. When you make a remark like that is makes you look dumb.

          • lana ward says:

            MSM is not a reliable news source, so where are you going to go??

          • idamag says:

            lana, I assume you are talking about MSNBC. It is also slanted. Local news channels are usually more objective. You can look up what Congress has done (or isn’t doing) on the internet. I understand “Morning Joe” on MSNBC is a conservative commentator. It is very wise to check your sources on the internet. A few years ago, a “doctor” was giving medical advice and it turned out to be a 12-year old boy. Anybody with an opinion can start a blog.

          • lana ward says:

            I have watched all channels. Fox is the fair and balanced one. Every show they have BOTH republicans AND dems to argue a point. Those who say they don’t like it, haven’t watched it, they are just listening to what others have said

          • 012647020451 says:

            Dumb is as dumb does. Dumb is a dumb says.

          • 012647020451 says:

            Thanks Independent 1 for enlightening Lana. She, like the pompous republicans needs to get the scales from her eyes. I am sure she gets her news and views from fox, the most biased news station in the world. She must have done a rip van winkle during the bush terms. I have concluded from her post that she is in mitt’s forty seven percent. It’ts sad that one can’t get pass another person’s skin color .

        • William says:

          The spending your talking about is a drug program wrote by Drug Companies for Drug Companies, two tax cuts that mostly benefited the RICH,and two wars put on a credit card. Do you really think the cost of those stop because Bush left office? The GOP blames them on Obama now and people like you fall right in line with every lie they tell you, if that does not make you feel stupid nothing will.

          • lana ward says:

            If being a brainwashed Dem doesn’t make you feel stupid, nothing will. Obama has given BILLIONS to the UN and given MILLIONS to mosques around the world, that’s part of what he’s spending it on!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            You need to give it a rest.

          • BDC_57 says:

            Lana will bleive anything that fox and friends says. she has no brains.

          • idamag says:

            BDC, I used to think she was merely uninformed. You are right, she has no brains and when the subversive tea party wants to destroy our democracy she will be the perfect patsy.

          • 012647020451 says:

            Obamacare covers romenism

          • oldtack says:

            Too much of your writing implies that you are male and not female (one of those?) Biggest nightmare? Dreaming I was married to one like you. OOH- now that is scary!!

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim is “one of those” so go back to sleep and dream!!

        • BDC_57 says:

          stop your lying about my president you are low life scum who needs to back to your hole.

          • lana ward says:

            It’s TRUE, brainwashed. Obama has spent more money in less than 4 years than Bush spent in 8. Obama said Bush was “unpatriot” for spending so much money and he has spent WAY more. That means he is completely UNPATRIOT

          • MJRinPA says:

            “Obama has spent more money in less than 4 years than Bush spent in 8.”
            That’s an outright lie. Please check the facts and post sources.

          • lana ward says:

            It’s NOT a lie. Start watching real news, not the “tell me what a want to hear” Obama MSM news

          • 012647020451 says:

            Get someone to proof your posts.

          • idamag says:

            If she had any intelligence, which she does not, she would do a line item. It would list all government expenditures with what Bush spent and what Obama spent. It would be true facts from a .gov site.

          • 012647020451 says:

            Back to its home with satan

        • oldtack says:

          Is a spending whore anything like a Dumb Bitch Whore?

          Just wondering. ???

          • lana ward says:

            Why, are you a dumb bitch whore?

          • 012647020451 says:

            No, you that is a standard name for you and your relatives. I’ll bet you are the product of INCEST.

          • lana ward says:

            That comment wasn’t for you!! Stupid!! I’ll bet you’re the product of an unborn murder gone wrong

          • 012647020451 says:

            I’m not. I didn’t come here mad at the world because my mother tried to close her legs so I wouldn’t come out and the doctor hit me with his fist because I was so hard to look at, he thought that he had delivered something from another world.

          • 012647020451 says:

            No a spending whore has something to spend, a dumb bitch whore gives it away and complains about the money the spending whore has.

          • oldtack says:

            Plausible answer. Sounds like ALL of the Government in Washington DC – both sides.

        • 012647020451 says:

          Watch your language. Yes, he was cleaning up the mess that Bush made.

          • lana ward says:

            Ya know, that is old and lame. He’s a grown, evil queer, he’s had 4 years and has made things worse. He is soooo used to blaming others for everything-and he’ll keep blaming others because of brainwashed people like you who are to stupid to see him for what he is. A spoiled, pompous, lying little bitch

          • 012647020451 says:

            Your intelligence or lack there of is showing. Your choice of words show that you have a limited vocabulary. You are limiting yourself when you stoop to name calling and cursing. You are a prejudiced, lowlife racist hateful, miserable, pathetic mentally challenged person. You are one of many who holds President Obama responsible for everything but the sperm that was responsible for getting your miserable, twisted, stiffnecked hypocritical ignorant, behind here. You are an empty headed jackass. If stupidity was a crime you would have been born in an electric chair and your mother would have been arrested
            for having you and your daddy would have been given an emergency vasectomy. People like you are like smog, they pollute.

          • lana ward says:

            Your choice of words show that you have a limited vocabulary! We’ll see what America looks like with 4 more years of Omuslim. Sap!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            Trust me, you won’t be here in four years to see anything good or bad. Your evilness, prejudice, hardheartedness, your racist attitude, your mean-spiritedness, hypocriticalness, your miserableness and your hatefulness will have caused your death. Don’t you know that hate is a cancer. It eats you from the inside out. You are so preoccupied and obsessed with your hatred that you are going to suffer greatly. Hate is like drinking poison and hoping that someone else will die. It doesn’t work that way. Hate kills the hater. No matter how much you hate President Obama and other minorities, you are the one who is hurting for it. The people that you hate are going about their daily lives while you stew in a culdrum of hate. The heart was not designed to carry as much hate as you are carrying around . The President’s name is Barack Obama. Your lack of respect for the President would indicate that you are a person of low self-esteem. Only a self-loathing person could be so hatefilled. It is impossible for a person to love someone else if he/she does not love the person in the mirror. I don’t know what was done to you to cause you so much hatred, but you have to let it go: it will make you a better person. You must remember, Love trumps Hate all the time. I will be praying for you. I don’t want you to make your transition without having changed your evil ways.

          • lana ward says:

            You and others aren’t dead from hating Bush so much. I said when Obama was elected, I hope he is treated just like Bush was–and he is!! Only we have a reason to hate Obama, he’s nothing but a fraud and is destroying America on purpose. BUSH LOVES AMERICA, Obama HATES America

          • 012647020451 says:

            I don’t hate bush or anyone eles. You try the Spirit by the Spirit and I know that your Spirit is an evil one. If he is a fraud as you say, romney must have been a bigger fraud because Obama got more votes than he did in the last election. You remind me of an old James Brown hit. You are talking loud and saying NOTHING. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. You are so close to nothing you hate yourself.
            You strike me as being a dshriveled old lonely individual who is so mad because life has passed him by.

          • idamag says:

            012,they think because they hate that everyone hates. They don’t understand that there are people that love each other.

          • 012647020451 says:

            As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

          • idamag says:

            lana, you are so disgusting, like the woman who couldn’t even afford a comb and told McCain that Obama was a Muslim. McCain was a civilized and decent man. You are neither civilized nor decent.

          • lana ward says:

            Obama is Muslin and he is queer–go somewhere other than the Memo!! You’ll learn something!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            You know that you could be sued for making statements like that. You sound as if you are piss poor and money hungry so you had better be careful about the accusations or allegations that you make about the President, or did you not know that this site is monitored

          • idamag says:

            I would like to see some of these nuts sued. lana is probably one of those kids who was disliked and picked on in school so she hates and mistrusts the world.

          • lana ward says:

            Obama IS muslim and IS queer. I can’t be sued for saying what is true

          • 012647020451 says:

            You wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit you on your ding a ling.

          • lana ward says:

            Obama is muslim and he is queer. Sorry the truth hurts

          • amazonfan says:

            Why would it hurt? If he was Muslim and gay, why would we have a problem with that? You see, unlike you, we are aren’t bigots, and unlike you, we are decent human beings!

          • lana ward says:

            I’ve no doubt you’re decent. But you’ve been fooled by the biggest liar ever. Can’t even tell us he’s muslim and queer. All of his policies especially obamacare , are about to destroy all of us starting Jan 1. You’ve been told, now we’ll see what happens!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            Muslin is a type of fabric. If you are going to be critical, at least learn to spell. Someone could say that you are queer, you writing certainly indicates a touch of QUEER.

          • idamag says:

            012, the best thing to do with someone as dumb as lana, is ignore her. She does not exchange ideas. She is too dumb to have an idea and merely parrots what she hears on a station that has been chastised for false reporting. When they say the President stole the election it is like, “Waaaaaa, you didn’t let me win.”

        • idamag says:

          lana, I am going to challenge you to provide some facts and blogs are not reliable sources. Faux news is not a reliable source.

          • lana ward says:

            Fox News tells you things the MSM won’t. Why do you think Omuslim told people not to watch it during the campaign?? Try–WND, Pat Dollard, Breitbart, News Busters, The Blaze—and Discover the Networks will tell you things about EVERYONE on the left, very interesting!!

          • idamag says:

            lana, please don’t talk to me anymore. You are a disgusting liar.

          • lana ward says:

            I’m not a liar, but you’re a brainwashed sap!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            You may not be a liar, but you have a tendency to misplace the truth.

          • I’m Telling You Just Let It Rip!!! Call Her Dumb Ass Every Vile Name In The Book, She Will be Glad To Leave You Alone!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            If you only had a brain.

          • 012647020451 says:

            Lana cannot be brainwashed because one has to have a brain in order to be brainwashed. She has a sponge where her brain is supposed to be. This sponge is unable to absorb anything positive. It can only absorb those things that are NEGATIVE. When God was passing out brains, lana thought He said rain so she got out of line to go and get an umbrella. We should all say a prayer for lana

          • Not Praying That Wont Help!! Shes Beyond Prays!! But A Good Ass Ripping Will Do The Job!!!

          • 012647020451 says:

            You may be right, some people are beyond redemption. That person makes a fool look sensible.

    • William says:

      The people in Santorum’s district made him a one term Congress Man, yet now he has more power with the GOP. Doesn’t make since to me, guess you have to be a Republican to understand how people not elected run their party.

    • onedonewong says:

      Your right the US has AA so it begs the question why did the Dem’s need to vote for the treaty?? It was a waste of time and money.
      We already have voting rights laws but the UN sent observers to our elections but only to the “southern states” that was a racist agenda.
      The best thing the US can do is reduce our UN contributions by 1/2

    • danceswithzombies says:

      Maybe this is part of a longer goal. Perhaps they are planning to do away with the ADA. Their corporate sponsors would like that.

  8. ddnutzy2352 says:

    Having been an independent (or a unenrolled to be PC’ed) voter my whole life I am now beginning to despise the republicans. The party is controlled by a group of idiots with no common sense. They seem to be brainwashed into thinking that they are the only smart people on the planet. If they keep thinking like they do now the libertarian’s will be kicking their .ass

  9. latebloomingrandma says:

    The more I hear about Santorum, I believe he is certifiably nuts. That he sets himself apart as a pro-life champion rings hollow indeed.

  10. Fay Bowen says:

    Have the 38 people who voted against this, lost every shred of human decency? What’s your excuse Sen. Vitter?

  11. AlfredSonny says:

    Remember the Alamo.

    Remember the Disabled in 2014.

    Remember the Labor in 2014.

    Remember 98% in 2014.

    Teach Republicans democracy by voting them ALL out of ALL levels of governments in 2014.

  12. Disability is this Santorum middle name, what planet is he from anyway..

  13. 012647020451 says:

    Fret not yourselves because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity, for they shal soon be cut down like the grass, And wither as the green herb. It is so sad tht elected officials can’t think for themselves and allow themselves to be puppets for the likes of the koch brothers, rove, limbaugh and the other men of hate , prejudice and a feelings of entitlement and superiority. Santorum did not get the message on November 6,2012 that the voters elected Obama. It’s sad that these men willfully disrespect the wishes of the people as they attempt to block the President’s agenda. Do they not realize that they are making themselves look like fools? Do they not listen to themselves speak or are they just parroting their evil mentors? In the case of santorum, he should have adhered to the old adage”It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Hopefully now, the constituents will realize that their elected officials are concerned with their own self interests and not those of the ones who elected them.

  14. ococoob says:

    Who the f*** votes for an idiot like this in office????!!!!

  15. This has to be an “Onion” story doesn’t it? Rick Santorum can’t really be that goofy.

  16. howa4x says:

    I don’t blame Santorum since we already know what his mindset is. He is a turn the clock back reactionary. I blame the 38 spineless cowards that couldn’t stand up for what is right. This shows me that the GOP learned nothing from the election when a majority rejected their agenda. The incumbents still live in fear of the GOP base that leans toward the tealiban. Who home schools kids? The evengelicals that want to rid America of the teaching of science, and are doing that by turning out dysfunctional, overweight kids, that will never have a place in the tech economy of the future. Luckily the senate will turn bluer and less red, and maybe next year they can try again. The GOP will get it’s collective ass kicked in this cliff showdown. Afraid of the right wing they would rather be portrayed as defenders of the ultra wealthy against the needs of the middleclass. Living in fear never produces the kind of healthy debate we need about the future. Republicans already seen as angry old white men, will loose in this class warfare debate because they are going against the tide and won’t be strong enough to swim out this time. Luckily the GOP will be a regional party in the future representing areas of the country we already know score lower on intelligence tests.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Boyhowdy, are we on the same page! I’ll tell you who ELSE home schools kids–PARENTS WHOSE DISABLED CHILDREN ARE DRIVEN OUT OF SCHOOL, right here in the wholesome, good old boys’ U.S. of A., despite the provisions of the IDEA and ADA, churches on every corner in a town of 3600, and volunteers galore for local meets for the Special Olympics. These volunteers are mostly high school students wanting community service credits for their resumes.

      Nevertheless, the atmosphere at my child’s rural high school was made toxic by right-wing bigots who did’t want a bright student with a disability to be class valedictorian. She was systematically driven out with the full complicity of teachers and administrators, school board members and local “officials,” and parents (who didn’t want their children shown up by a disabled person) and their bullying offspring. Luckily, with home schooling, she was able to complete a GED and finish high school online, where she accumulated eighteen AP college credits (more than one semester of college) and went on to attend college with almost full scholarship, graduating in four years “summa cum laude.”

      Meanwhile, the bullies at Red Neck High were left to see how many advantages they could receive via such Republican entitlement programs as greased palms, cronyism, and nepotism. These are the “entitlements” that have worked so effectively to bring to the U.S. Senate these 38 despicable, incompetent, pitiful excuses for public servants.

      • howa4x says:

        do you live in a red state?

        • sigrid28 says:

          When this occurred we lived in a blue state, which has a huge metropolis surrounded by a thick necklace of red counties, and proud of it. Our current president has a home in the city, and Abraham Lincoln lived before his presidency in one of the distant red counties. In blue states, rural red county Republicans seem to develop a mean streak, as they have such trouble dominating beyond their little fiefdoms.

  17. seal76 says:

    Let UN do as it pleases elsewhere. We don’t need their anti American guiding hands to show us to Utopia. Rejecting UN sanctioned treaties is a good idea. Let the UN focus on countries that are lawless and violate human rights on a grand scale. Iran, China, Myanmar, Venezuela, Russia, Egypt, Somalia and Cuba to name a few. We don’t need their help.

    • idamag says:

      Seal, the United States chose not to join the League of Nations after WWI and saw, as an afterthought, it would have been good idea after what hitler did. Dialogue is better than wars. And you war monger types won’t be leading the charge at the front lines and neither will your children. The UN is a body for all nations to come together for the purpose of world peace. It is a good thing.

  18. adler56 says:

    Santorum knows they’d take his kids away from him- if they’re still underage. He never did anything in their best interest. He had POa., pay for their hoime-schooling while his family lived
    out of state. He used an empty house as his “legal Pa. residence. Way to teach your kids ethics and morals doofus.

  19. Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania was one of the 38 who voted No. I sent his office an email of protest as soon as I learned that the ratification had been defeated. Here is the “reasoning” in his reply:

    “Since our nation already has strong legal protections for disabled persons, I believe that the U.N. CRPD is unnecessary. The above U.S. disability laws will remain unchanged and intact without ratification of the U.N. CRPD. Additionally, foreign countries can still enhance their disability laws to model U.S. statute, and I encourage them to do so. That said, there is no guarantee that other countries would implement the treaty provisions regardless of whether or not the U.S. ratifies the treaty. For instance, China, which has already ratified the treaty, does not come close to U.S. standards of accommodation and seems unlikely to do so. According to Human Rights Watch, Chinese citizens even suspected of having a mental disability can be arbitrarily committed to institutions because Chinese law offers almost no protections against involuntary civil commitment. The Chinese government is also considering a law that would permit the indefinite involuntary detention, forced medication, and forced labor of persons suspected of having a mental disability. Having countries make a mockery of the treaty would undermine its legitimacy.”

    Virturally every veterans group in the U.S. supported ratification. Disabled veteran and former Senator Bob Dole, aged 89 and in a wheel chair, made an appearance on the Senate floor advocating ratification. And all Toomey can offer as an excuse is a paragraph loaded with b___ s___ that is no reason at all. The viciousness and small-mindedness of most Senate Republicans is truly appalling.

    • dtgraham says:

      “and I encourage them to do so.” That is exactly what signing a non binding treaty like this does. It encourages them to do so. If you don’t sign it, you’re encouraging them not to do so by your actions. What he said makes no sense.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Dear Marian, Thank you so much for exposing Toomey’s bigoted clap trap.

      Senator Toomey, we don’t need to worry about other countries making “a mockery of the treaty.” You and your colleagues in the Senate have seen to it that we’ve done it ourselves–despite the fact that its content was based on United States standards and practices.

  20. gargray says:

    How do these people get elected? Is this country going backwards? They are so set in their ways they forgot how to think.

  21. Colt says:

    You pea-brain journalists…stop twisting the story.
    You idiots at the National Memo just won’t quit!

  22. Amen! Thank you, Gilbert, for expressing what most intelligent people must think about “mr. Santorum”.

  23. notafoxfan says:

    what a bunch of idiots these republicans are..they cant tell their fact from fiction !! when asked by anderson cooper of cnn why this treaty was voted down, one fellow (forgot his name already because i was really surprised)said they didnt want the u n dictating what laws should be in effect in the united states..when anderson cooper said alright then,give me just one instance of a u n law which has been put into effect and overrides any u s law on the books..the man could not and said well it could happen!! can you believe people like that are in elected offices??

  24. rickstoner says:

    Rick Santorum is a demagogue of the highest order. Members of the GOP with greater credibility and mental acuity than he have been proponents of this treaty. As Mr. Price concludes in his article, Santorum’s baseless argument does not attempt to hide his naked contempt for anything the President advocates, no matter who may have originated the idea. Rick Santorum’s diatribes have been wholly disingenuous and entirely unconvincing on a host of issues but one; here, he clearly and convincingly shows that he is a standard-bearer for the Rush Limbaugh right wing fatwa calling for Obama to fail.

  25. rickstoner says:

    Rick Santorum is a demagogue of the highest order. Members of the GOP with greater credibility and mental acuity than he have been proponents of this treaty. As Mr. Price concludes in his article, Santorum’s baseless argument does not attempt to hide his naked contempt for anything the President advocates, no matter who may have originated the idea. Rick Santorum’s diatribes have been wholly disingenuous and entirely unconvincing on a host of issues but one; here, he clearly and convincingly shows that he is a standard-bearer for the Rush Limbaugh right wing fatwa calling for Obama to fail.

  26. Chrysippus says:

    Rick Santorum is rotten to the core. He treated his dead child as if it were still a living human being, and yet he would deny disabled people their rights. He, like Paul Ryan, claims to be a practicing Catholic, but they are both frauds and a disgrace to the Faith.

  27. Isn’t that what the tea party wants to stir up another civil war on our economy that we paid in to protect and they exert every effort to destroy it all and take itforthem self .

    • idamag says:

      Johnny, sounds like that is what they want, to destroy one party and take over the other one and ultimately the United States. They think we are not supposed to sit down with other countries and work for the good of the entire world. More dialogue leads to less conflict.

  28. William says:

    Typical GOP crap, never ends never will, what ever happened to the GOP?

  29. Santorum used to make me ill when he pontificated as a presidential candidate. It’s worse now. He lost his forum… why is he even up at a podium blabbering on about anything? No one wants to listen to Rick Santorum.

  30. sambilano says:

    Rick Santorum will never ever be the President of the United States of America.

  31. People like Ric Santorum bring out the worst in a lot of weak minded people; when will some
    of these kooky Evangels ever realize America is not the world? Or is God a Republican ?
    We are getting to be the laughing stock of the world; other countries know more about us,
    and our geography, than we do. A good example is England.

  32. It is a sad day when the US Senate is led by the likes of Rick Santorium who is quite a few bricks short of a full load. Even the billionaire supportors claim not to agree with the Tea Party led GOP politically.

    Soon the only plank of the GOP that will count is their anti labor stance.

  33. lourdmar says:

    These cowards who play at being human are a dishonor to our country, their party, their colleagues, their families, and humanity, as well as an affront to any sense of decency.
    Cowards all …we all seem to agree.Is there a legal way to disbar them, remove them from their positions, ostracize them ? Please….do anything and everything to prevent them from doing any more harm.

  34. aladdinwa says:

    Is Rick Santorum too blinded by hate or just too dumb to understand the phrase, “non-binding recommendations”?

  35. 1silverstar7 says:

    half baked G O P

  36. Jack Wormer says:

    Well, given his age, it is clear that the EX-Senator must have grown up in a time and environment when rivers spontaneously conflagrated, the air was more poisoned than it is today, and folks ingested food that was grown free of any kind of agricultural control!

    As a prolific “propagator” of the human race, Santorum had best stay quiet instead of ballyhooing the viewpoints of a “Holy Man” who, himself abstaining supposedly from such “propagations”, nonetheless in near catatonic-tones continues to intone HIS “truth” that ONLY Man and Woman can enjoy the physical closeness and exaltation, so long as that results in a human being – on a planet already BEFOULED by 7+-BILLION PEOPLE!

  37. lancesharpe says:

    Tell us the real story then what does rick the dick know that the memo is holding back or you just don’t agree so it must be false lib bs. T baggers go back in your holes with your mre’s and your assault weapons we will let you know when its safe to come out …….or not

  38. Janet says:

    Thank God we dodged the Santorum bullet. Can you imagine a person who thinks like this being President? Scary stuff.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Not very much. By the end, Mitt sounded an awful lot like Rick, and he got 47-48% of the vote. Don’t break out the champaigne yet!

  39. Jerry Beck says:

    Is there no way to get rid of this ………..can’t even find the words…..dummy now????? Just what is wrong with those people,Mitt lost,keep it up and the GOP may go the way of the WIG party.

  40. HajjaRomi says:

    I guess the Republican Party wants to make sure that dangerous socialists like Max Cleland, Christopher Reeve, James Brady, Lou Gehrig, and Daniel Inouye can’t pursue their little agenda of taking over the world. The Rethuglicans want that opportunity reserved for themselves! How CHRISTIAN of them!

  41. Lynx says:

    Rick Santorum is no longer just an idiot, but has become, what I feel, a real threat to all Americans. His undisputed ignorance of scientific fact, his Hell Fire and Brimstone infused moral logic and the complete and utter lack of empathy for his fellow man, reminds me of the Martin Sheen President character in the movie the Dead Zone. He’ll proudly and gloriously walk out on to balconey of the White Houe to announce to the press that he has ordered a nuclear attack on Russia because God told him to, and go back inside for a bowl of Cornflakes. He needs to retire from the political scene and never come back.

  42. RobertCHastings says:

    Absolutely unbelievable! At one time during the primary debates, Santorum seemed to be a voice of reason and moderation. Now he sounds like Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin. What other reason can their be other than his hatred for our president. The actions of this man and his cohorts reflects poorly on this country, and especially on the US Senate, a normally sensible deliberative body. Having lost the election, it appears that the Republicans are making every effort to take, not just Obama, but the entire country down by making us the laughing stock of the world.

    • MJRinPA says:

      Santorum was a Senator in PA. I guarantee that he never was a voice of “reason and moderation”. He is a Biblical World-view evangelical, fundamentalist. BTW, he gives reasonable homeschoolers a bad name.

  43. FUCK the Congress Against the United States of America!!

  44. SHAME ! SHAME SHAME !!!!!!!!!!

  45. oldtack says:

    Lana Ward

    Hey guy – why are you getting uptight over a simple question? And -no- I’m not one. Do you know any out there? Better not call Fern one – she might find out where you live.

    Have a good evening – if that’s possible for a right wing nut GOPER.

  46. danceswithzombies says:

    He is busy protecting real Americans from all of those “Blah” people.

  47. turtlewoman1039 says:

    The short version of this is:
    The republican party is a freak show – republicans, talibangelists, tp’s, the whole group has the combined IQ of a bag of hammers.
    And that speaks volumes about those who support these ignorant, self-centered, unchristian and unpatriotic idiots.

  48. charleo1 says:

    Just one more embarrassment foisted on America by the pathetic Republicans.
    United they stand in complete belligerence. A divided Nation, with nothing but contempt for all.

  49. faxt42 says:

    this news article showed us how intelligent of the US politicians especially those from the GOP with some exception, for those who cover themselves using religious believe have made the Lord Jesus wonder how could they interpret His teaching in such the way they act.

    they just could not accept that President Obama is a noble vision who has worked to serve the American people and he is black and Caucasian.

    • 012647020451 says:

      I could not have said it better myself. It is so sad that people would rather follow a man who is leading them down a destructive and dangerous path just because he is white rather than to follow a man who has their best interest at heart and is working toward making life better for them just because he is not white.

  50. rl says:

    Ricky my boy, do you have any idea what you say, beside to spout for the like of Glenn Beck? This treaty is pretty much the exact copy of our own ADA. What it will do is make it so Americans who have disabilities and have to be accomidated here now woujld have tobe accomidated in most of the world (or at least any country that signed this treaty). Ricky my boy you are the height of stupidity and ignorance.

    Ricky must be one of those that believes that any attention is well attention.this is a good example of what the gop/tea party has to offer. This is why they lost BIG in 2012 and will continue to become non-relevant as the years go by. They are so out of touch with reality they aren’t even in touch with this world. They think this is what God or Jesus would want, they are badly mistaken and need to go back to really find out WWJD.

    • 012647020451 says:

      For them to be doing and saying the things that they are doing and saying, it is evident that they do not have the love of God in them. God is no respector of person and the God who said in Genesis that everything that He created was Good.

  51. Steve Harp says:

    There’s a term to describe the conditions of paranoia, delusion, incoherence, disordered thinking, hallucinations and general loss of contact with reality displayed by Santorum and the rest of his ilk. The term is “psychosis.”

  52. 1standlastword says:

    There is still much work to be done to rid the political landscape of the insane antisocial and paranoid conservatism exemplified by voices like Rick Santorium and Glenn Beck.

    They serve to keep rational Americans firm in their resolve to restore sanity to our democratic process.

    2014 is the next purge of radical conservatives!

  53. Although the UN Disabilities Treaty is an apparently worthwhile humanitarian act, any action by the UN must be viewed with suspicion. The UN has a proven history of being exploited to, at least, obstruct US of A foreign policy. Like the Red Cross, the UN was established to do good and operates to do well. Obama wants to replace the US Constitution with rules of conduct promulgated by a minority religion, & the UN wants the US to sign its Dksability Treaty. Why does the UN not sign on and endorse the laws of the US passed to protect people with disabilities? Also, why do not UN members pay the money owed the US for its freeloading ways? I, too, would not trust the UN!

    • dtgraham says:

      You don’t tell us what this minority religion is, but I think we all know that you’re talking about Islam when it’s Obama that you’re speaking of. So, let me get this straight. You’re telling us that the President of the United States (a constitutional law professor) wants to replace the United States Constitution with the Qua’ran.

      I’m not intimately familiar with U.S. Constitutional law, but notwithstanding the sheer insanity of what you’re saying, I think it highly unlikely that a President could simply throw out the United States Constitution by himself alone and replace it with the holy book of one of the major world religions. Highly unlikely in the extreme.

      Have a strong cup of coffee Stephen and give this a lot of thought.

      • idamag says:

        dt, Obama has always been a Christian. His grandparents and mother belonged to the Christian Church. He, and his family attend the Baptist Church every Sunday. Given his caring about poor people (whether right or wrong) I would say he is a good Christian.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Stephen obviously can’t think. Coffee will likely make him more belligerent.

    • amazonfan says:

      You’re an Islamophobe, and like most bigots, you’re too much of a coward to name the religion you’re targeting.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      This treaty was the UN “signing on” as you put it, but morons like you are too holy to even accept other nations’ respect without their complete humiliation and subservience as well.

  54. Obama’s “policies” are nothing more than watered-down Clinton policies but, unlike Clinton administration, Obama has nor reduced but raise US debt; nor has it resulted in the low unemployment rate and near balanced budget achieved by the Clinton Administration. Do you really think Obaba made things better by reducing support to our military [now fighting battles started in the Obama administration] and [which Obamacare does] reduce the health care provided our citizens. Consider this “great” money saving idea: People who were insulin-dependent diabetics can now obtain only three test tapes rather than the four commonly prescribed to assure satisfactory control of blood sugar levels. The real money saver, however, is that diabetics on prescribed oral medication now are entitled to ony one test tape per day. I may be a “nutcase” and in need of a shrink but I once was a member and associate dean of a major medical school. By the way, though like you on health care, I do not have any special expertise re the auto industry, but do you think it is possible that China now owns a piece of GM?

    • dtgraham says:

      Stephen, the charlatans and carnival barkers of the far right find damaged souls too easy to manipulate and ensnare. I understand.

  55. oldtack says:

    As long as it’s not you Bud/Babe. As long as it’s not you. Wow – gives me shakes just thinking about that.

    Have a good -whatever.

  56. howa4x says:

    Republicans like the suburbs and rural areas because the problems there require simple solutions and it fits well into their simpleton logic

  57. seal76 says:

    To Idamag, The US did not join the League of Nations because of what Hitler or the Nazis did. They never did join. The US did join the UN in hopes that it would lead to peace among nations. Guess it did not work. Korea, Vietnam, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, The Congo, Kampuchea, Somalia, Rawanda, Eritrea, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Dijbuti, Yemen, India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, and on and on. All of these places have been the sites of wars, persecutions, massacres and brutality. This is a small list of places where the UN was completely ineffective. The UN does provide cushy jobs for diplomats from some of the most diabolical and anti-human rights countries’ ambassadors. They all get diplomatic immunity and abuse that privilege constantly. To put it bluntly, the UN is a waste of space, money and effort.

    • amazonfan says:

      You do realize that the UN is simply a collection of the world’s nations? It’s not an independent body. For that matter, it is also ons of the only ways in which representatives from (almost) all countries get together. It also does a lot of good work that goes unnoticed (such as with some of the committees). Instead of just criticizing it, you need to do some research.

      • seal76 says:

        I have done a lot of research. The objectives of the UN have been ending world hunger, clean water for everyone, world peace, human rights and all the things that we would love to see but are not going to happen because certain members of UN just don’t share these ideals. Enlighten me. Tell me about the stories of success that the UN has achieved since its inception.

        • amazonfan says:

          “I have done a lot of research.”

          Yeh right.

          “The objectives of the UN have been ending world hunger, clean water for everyone, world peace, human rights and all the things that we would love to see but are not going to happen because certain members of UN just don’t share these ideals.”

          Who are these certain members? Do they include the US?

          Anyway, you have proven my point. The UN is simply a collection of the world’s nations. No more, no less. What makes yoi think it’s some kind of independent body?

          BTW, has it ever occured to you that we certainly won’t achieve these things if we don’t even try?

          “Enlighten me. Tell me about the stories of success that the UN has achieved since its inception.”

          I don’t know, how about it provides a meeting place for diplomats, how about it has helped establish international norms, how about all the committees?

          Yes, you certainly need to be enlightened!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Do you realize that the Nazis were non-existent when the League of Nations was formed.

      Do you realize you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about?

      Anything that lets people of the world talk to one another is better than the self-righteous superiority and isolationism of the right.

  58. seal76 says:

    SEAL76 to Idadmag, I am not a war monger. I have been to war and it wasn’t pretty. I hope that at some point we all wise up and cut the crap. The UN won’t get that done.

  59. Bob says:

    how stupid can they be?

  60. Bob says:

    Heaven forbid the GOP Reps should support a bill that is based on our own laws when it is proposed by the antichrist United Nations of Against America. Get it? Think about it you right wing reactionaries.

  61. L Laws says:

    The Tea Party never misses a chance to embarrass themselves and so, our country, by pretending they represent the American people. The world watches and must wonder at the idea that,..”this idiot almost was chosen as one of the Presidential nominees for the GOP”..From Palin to Bush, to Mitt, they keep getting dumber and dumber people to represent them, and yet they still try to claim..’Country first”, however unqualified these people are to hold any office.

  62. mac macey says:

    GOP Adds Insult To Injury With Rejection Of Disabilities Treaty? Santorum, what a snob!

  63. ajghbg says:

    I will become a disabled 64 year old man in a week or so. I am retired and I found very little help for me. Fortunately, I am not impoverished because it is expensive to modify one’s house and car or before that get drivers education and take a drivers test for an installed 900 dollar left throttle pedal.

    The Republican answer for disabled, the elderly and the poor is the same as usually stated. It is God will for the government not to help people so we will take money from that group to increase military spending so we can have more young men and women casualties to ignore. Just as W Bush was embarrassed into helping returning wounded military several years ago. The message form Paul Ryan and his Russian goddess is tough shit die baby die or suffer and starve baby! We do not need government helping people but killing and protecting the billionaires and millionaires money and property are the only two functions of the federal government.

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