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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

There was once a time, not so long ago, when Sheldon Adelson — the 79 year-old gambling mogul who recently vowed to spend $100 million to elect Mitt Romney — would have considered such profligate political largesse beyond his means.

Often when his name is mentioned in coverage of the 2012 campaign — as when he spent millions on Newt Gingrich’s ill-fated primary bid — the Jewish Adelson is said to be motivated politically by his ultra-hawkish Zionism. But the inner history of his gambling empire, currently under scrutiny by law enforcement officials, suggests he may have at least one other reason for his determination to oust the Obama administration.

Not much more than a decade ago, his Sands Hotel and Casino ranked fifth in revenues on the Las Vegas Strip. With a mere billion in the bank, he ranked 274 on Forbes’ list of Richest Men in America. Now with a net worth of $25 billion, he is ranked the eighth richest American, just behind the notorious Koch brothers.

Adelson owes his improved fortures to Macau, the island province recoverd by China in 1999 after more than 400 years of colonial rule by Portugal. What was once a government monopoly on gambling was opened up by Beijing authorities to private operators, with 21 bidders for three licenses. Despite its financial weakness compared with its Vegas competitors, Adelson’s company came out on top.

The questions that continue to haunt Adelson are why officials in Macau and Beijing decided to award a gaming license to him – and how he conducted business there in the years since. Indeed, those questions are the subject of ongoing litigation between Adelson and two executives who formerly worked for him: Richard Suen, who claims to have successfully escorted the Vegas billionaire through the complex, mystifying political systems of China and Macau; and Steven C. Jacobs, who ran the Sands China casino in Macau until Adelson abruptly fired him.

Although Adelson promised Suen a payment of $5 million plus two percent of LVSI’s net profits in Macau as a “success fee,” he was never paid. In 2008 a Las Vegas jury awarded Suen $43.8 million for his role in Adelson’s campaign for a Macau license. But the court’s decision was overturned on appeal and the case will be retried in 2013.

Their business relationship began in November 2000, when Adelson hired Suen as a consultant to advise how he might gain influence with the Communist leadership in Beijing and thus win a gaming license in Macau. Suen testified that he believed Adelson’s “strong affiliations with the Republican Party” would win him the attention of top government officials, including then-Vice Premier Qian Qichen, who oversaw Macau.

It was Adelson’s political connections, according to his own testimony, that got him the highly unusual meeting with Qian. His opportunity arose when members of Congress filed legislation designed to prevent China from hosting the 2008 Olympics due to human rights violations. Adelson simply used his clout as a major Congressional donor to kill the bill, calling “four or five” Representatives. At a Fourth of July picnic, he spoke with then-Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX) about the bill.

  • File under, “The One Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins!”

    • DurdyDawg

      It’ll fall on closed ears but there will always be some other toad to take his place so, just as sports athletes strive to be number one just to lose it sometime in the future.. This bunroe’s record will be meaningless the second he croaks as other money grubbers attempt to best his accomplishment. We’ll never be able to rid ourselves of these types of cockroaches until we rid the world of the god ‘money’.

  • William Deutschlander

    The GOP, Republicans, must love Adelfson, he fits the GOP mold perfectly, if you can not win legaly, by all means cheat, lie and deceive!

    • if you can not win legaly, by all means cheat, lie and deceive!// then he,ll try to buy it

    • All in the name of Our Maker !

  • bcarreiro

    Enough is enough with this so called super pack, make all the ads you want Romney, you need it. I have yet to hear what strategic plans he has for the U.S. but more of the same. The real OG here is Obama. ok Shelly

    • There’s No Plans Just More GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Trickle Down Bullshit That They Been Rerunning Forever That Only Works For The Wealthy Also They Want More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy And Cut Out All Programs That Helps People Get Back On Their Feet!! You Know More Screwing The 99% Like They Do So Well!!

      • bcarreiro

        you know what the wealthiest of americans are scared of…being considered a middle class citizen like the rest of us who struggle to provide for our children. all the wrong motives and afraid of change.

        • Please These People Got More Money In Their Hands That In 20 Lifetimes They Can Never Spend It’s Their GREED That Drive Them For Wanting More!! Just Lying Money Hoarders!!

  • Sinatra lost his gambling license in Nevada for consorting with Sam Giancana and other notorious hoods.
    But Adelson has proven that the rich will climb in bed with anyone anywhere if it will help them to become even richer. But god forbid that they should have to pay any tax on their enormous wealth.

  • They All Romney Friends!! The American Taliban Have The Worst People On Earth On Their Side!!! 🙁

  • Adelson is a threat to America & the world. He has said he will spend what ever it takes to move Israel’s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This would be enough to inflame the Muslim world. Once again, the USA will be targeted for propping up Israel.

    • oldtack

      He sounds like a typical Zionist to me. But what’s new in Judaism? From early times on down it has been the same – put the Gentiles on a guilt trip so we will continue monetary aid and military support for the Country that the US, Great Britain and France created to secure a foothold in the oil rich Middle East. Why? Because they are “God’s Chosen People” and they fulfilled Prophecy in 1948 when “God” let them return and claim the “Holy Land”.- and we Gentiles buy this garbage 100%.

  • dtgraham

    Adelson pledged $100 million for Romney and I keep hearing that the Koch brothers will spend $400 million on team Romney. That’s $500 million dollars from 3 human beings. John Mcain’s campaign spent less than $400 million, in total, on his 2007/08 presidential bid. Roll that around in your head for a few moments.

  • Why would anyone expect anything different from, “dark money,” Predators? $100 million here; $100 million there; and, pretty soon, the Neo-cons can control the world. These people are so greedy, and so very sick! Surprised tho; that a Mormon would cast his lot with the like’s of some of these true Comic Book, Villians! from the, “dark side.” Yet, when it comes to MONEY, one’s Values can easily become – – SITUATIONAL! It certainly did for Fox News. Yet, Fox is owned by Clear Channel, and Bain Capital has a big Chunk of them (CC). Connect the Dots; Romney has some control, and undue influence on most Conservative Talk Radio Shows in America. Why, he even owns a piece of, “Rush,” so-to-speak. Is this a great Country, or What?!

    And Corporates want less rules . . . in their Dreams!

    Baron Buster

  • labrown69

    The Sands was a sh*t hole

  • Robert
    The last time I checked Obama and his minnions stated there was no tax increase for Obama Care????????
    The last time I checked 50% of Americans pay Taxes while the Other 50% are on the free lunch program??????????
    The Last time I checked that Obama and Secetary of Energy Mr. Chau stated we should be paying $8.00 a gallon for gasoline like the European countries??????????
    The Last time I checked when my parents came to the U.S they were given 6 months to get there citizenship??????????
    The last time I checked Obama stated that do not send thoes illegal immigrants backto the country they came from????????
    The last time I checked that the U.S Attorney General Eric Holder lied to congress and the Senate
    for his part in the Fast and Furious operation????????????
    The Last time I checked that Obama used the Executive Powers to block doucments from being relased for his part in fast and furious????????????
    The Last time I checked Bank of America,and sever al other big Banks have not paid a red cent for Federal Income Taxes???????????
    The Last I checked Lisa Jackson has not issued any permits for oil drilling a Graduate of Tulane
    with 140 permits to drill for oil in the U.S.???????????????
    TheLast time I checked Obama and his minnions has increased our debt to 17 trillion dollars by printing money and selling those bonds to China??????????????????
    The Democrats must love Obama spend spendspend spend ,tax ,tax,tax, tax.
    A chicken in every pot.

    • 1AmericanHoney27

      Robert, Romney said to tell you that your check is in the mail… Keep up the good work of just telling half trueths & spleenay you too might get an official promotion to being a real Republi-prick instead of just an apprentice…. OBAMA/ BIDEN. 2012. H. CLINTON/ ????? 2016.

      • 1AmericanHoney27

        Not spleenay but………SOMEDAY!!!!!

  • Robert:
    When speak of gangsters, you dont have to go to china we have them in this Administration the Unions. Look how much money they have spent for Obama reelection campaign???????????

  • Robert:
    What need is more of George Soros,and Warren Buffet and others I wont mention to continue to keep Obama and 22 congressman and 20 Senators in his pocket.When George Soros wants something there is always a price????????????????//

  • These SuperPacs are nothing more than Dark Money Cartels. They operate in the Shadows, immune from scrutiny and criticism. Yet, their dark money has incredible reach, and influence. One Man – – one Vote? What? You Nuts? Today, it’s One Dollar – – One Vote. (If only it was, but a Dollar!) Let the Word go forward from this Day, the GOP, and their Dark Money Cartels, with their Billionaires; can whip the Democrats, and their Best Millionaires!

    These ruthless predators are absolutely destroying any semblence of a true Representative Democracy that we once had. Today, it is Rule by, Ultra-Rich, Thugs and Intimidator’s!



    Baron Busters

  • Perhaps he might find a small apartment in Tel Aviv to live in after he’s finally deported from the US.

    • michaelnola

      More likely a compound in some West bank settlement from which he can take pot shots at passing Arabs.

  • Robert:
    Speaking of values of what this great country was built on Obama statement statement regarding same sex marriagesrect ??????????Sir Obama where in the Bible and scripture can you direct me to
    me to this statement.??????????? Your disrespect to God is something you and God will have to deal with?????? Pleasnion down the dont use you political degree as a Law Professor shove your opinion down the throats of believers????????
    We call your opinion social engineering????????????????????

    • Gammaanya

      You must be the one of the so called Christians. Pray on Sunday and kill on Moday and all in the name of God and Jesus on your lips. Hypocrite. Freedom is the distance between church and state.
      All racists are cowards – too afraid to accept or get along with those who look, act, speak different and too afraid to admit it their racism in public. They will spin it until masses believe it.
      “The modern conservative is engaged in one’s of man oldest exercises in moral philosphy: The search for a moral justification for selfishness.” John Kenneth Galbraith

  • stsintl

    There are winners and losers in the gambling business. So Adelson’s wins in the billions have come from millions of middle class losers. What puzzles me is that how come these Paliniots, who have lost billions to this gambling tycoon, still support Republicans?

    Capitalism [Adelson] is masculine and strong. Democracy [the middle class] is feminine and delicate. Free Press is the window to Democracy’s bedroom. So, when Capitalism goes to Democracy’s bedroom, pulls down the shades over the windows [Rupert Murdoch], places five Supreme Court judges to guard the door, and rapes Democracy, nation ends up with a bastard government [the US Congress].

    • DurdyDawg

      What I can’t understand is why are thiry trying to destroy the fools who made them rich.. Self-made man my ass hairs.. You can only gain financially with the cooperation of the people who purchase the products..

  • dtgraham

    robert, I could make a long list of the things that you claim to believe, that are just factually incorrect, but I’m not going to bother. So you think American labour unions are worse than Chinese gangsters huh. Really.

    • tokoloshi27

      As long as the Chinese gangsters are ripping off the Chinese, having American labor unions ripping off American Tax-payers – yeah, I’d go along with that take. Speaking as an American Tax-payer – Unions do me more damage than Chinese gangsters.

      Some perspective; who drove off more American manufacturing jobs during the ’70s and ’80s while dems were in the ascendancy? That was the original ‘outsourcing’, you know it so admit it. Greed doesn’t even come into it, the basis was unrealistic demands and subordination of the unions to unsavory leadership.

      • If it weren’t for unions in this country you would all (union and non union worker ) be working in sweat shops like china

        • tokoloshi27

          Please don’t make me compare our Government to that of the Peoples Republic of China. Unions had a place, and a purpose in the United States from the ’20s through the ’50s but they lost that purpose after ’60s Federal legislation.

          They no longer have a valid purpose in this country – in my opinion, except for destroying U.S. Industries and bloating the cost of Government services.

          • dtgraham

            There are some interesting graphs that show the relationship between the middle class’s shrinking income and the decline in labour unions. There’s a pretty clear correlation. They still have a purpose.

            We’ll just pick out 3 countries on two continents. Explain why higher rates of unionization hasn’t destroyed industry and wealth in Sweden, Germany, and Canada? They’re doing alright actually, and have much lower national debts per capita than the U.S.

          • tokoloshi27

            I won’t go into an assessment of statistical models, I think we can, however, agree that they can be used to make purses out of sow’s ears.

            Your more serious question is, in my opinion, cultural. If we had more adult leadership in U.S. unions, less devoted to promoting conflict and short-term coup-counting; they might not be so determined to kill the golden geese. My background is maritime; in my 40 odd year career I’ve seen the United States flag on the high seas decrease form the position of deep sea liner world leader (from Liberty & Victory class designs) to one that is only retained for the purpose of complying with Jones Act cabotage regulations. We are second or third rate on the high seas, depending on how you count things, and all as a result of pro-Union legislation and pressures from seaman’s unions (there are several) as well as Unions in the (now mainly defunct) shipbuilding industries.

            International labor is balanced on the world stage with shipowners in forums like the ILO with the third leg of the tripartite structure being supplied by the convention contracting nations. The polarization between labor and management is much less pronounced on the international side. U.S. unions in my experience never look to long term deals that could benefit both parties. They negotiate, typically, with pro-Union elements of Government carrying their cloaks – witness the recent Auto-industry ‘bailout’ where ordinary investors (by which you could read ‘typical American investors’ and 401k plan holders) were extorted, by controversial practices, out of their rights. I can’t see the Germans doing that, but I can’t factually support the statement.

      • metrognome3830

        Without the unions, tokoloshi27, you wouldn’t be making enough money to buy the computer on which you write your ignorant comments.

        • tokoloshi27

          I would be terrified if you were accurate. You, Sir, are a ringing endorsement for Teacher’s unions.

    • ExPAVIC

      The Truth

      People like your buddy Robert who makes disparaging comments about unions have never been members and know diddly squat about them.

      I simply ask them to return all the benefits derived by unions through the years that were expanded throughout the entire workforce such as paid holidays and sick days, a 40 hour work week, safe working conditions, workman’s compensation, paid child care,
      fair sharing of company profits, work rehabilitation, re-training for new technology, On-the-Job training, performance standards, voice in company directions and management, fair hiring, equal opportunity, and on and on. Get the drift? Tell him that next time.

      • DurdyDawg

        And in the end when the masters eliminate unions all together, this Country will revert to the 30’s with kings and paupers. In my day there were six levels of Americans: Rich, upper class, middle upper class, middle class, lower middle class and the poor (or lower class). At that time a certain new wold order was being perpetrated in America (possibly as a test project) and before I turned teen, two of those classes were eliminated.. by the eighties only three were left.. Now with the destruction of the middle class only two will remain and not long after the poor will be six foot under in mass. Who will the rich war with then, themselves? Hope they succeed in that as well.

  • Too much money,so that won’t happen .

  • Then why are you trying to shove your opinions down the throats of those that don’t beleave like YOU!!!

  • Sure Adelson needs Romney and other bought and paid for politicians to prevent investigations into his business dealings. He might be breaking laws ? He has used profits taken from Las Vegas where he pays the lowest taxes in the WORLD to invest where he pays the highest taxes. Las Vegas schools rank 49th in the nation while he swims in pools of cash. His donation to the GOP alone would cover Nevada’s entire budget shortfall. But, obviously he doesn’t care for Nevadans or Americans either. We are just cash cows to him.

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    I sincerely hope & pray that Americans wake up & smell the coffee… The Fat Cats need to be put out to pasture & let the true Americans put this country back together as it was in the days of Bill Clinton. Stupidity & greed have no place in office therefor I hope for an all Democratic election. People please listen to their ignorance when these Fat Cat Republi-pricks speak & do just the opposite. Stop them before we as a nation have nothing left & they fill their pockets with more of what is rightfully ours.

  • It does’nt make any differance how much money or how many lies are told the American people by large are’nt as blind as the greedy would have us to believe. Good will win over evil every time, for the Light of God shines brightly in the minds of his people; HE CANNOT FAIL. We must make certain that our faith stand on HIS (Gods} promise of freedom and not the corrupt promises of Mr. Romeny. I pray for Mr. Romney,he has aligned himself with some very dangerous invsetors this time{MAY GOD SOON OPEN HIS EYES TO THE TRUTH THAT HE REFUSE TO SEE} TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER IN THE LIFE OF THE BELIEVERS OF HIS TRUTH THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS


    The Truth

    Like Jesus said, “Beware of a Jew bearing money.”

    • Dave_dido

      I don’t believe that Jesus ever said that. Please tell me which Gospel, chapter and verse led you to think he said such a thing.

  • ppatriottAmerican

    He is neither Republican nor Democat he is Zionist. He would sell his soul for Israel, and dislikes President Obama for putting America First.

    Netanyaho once said, “I don”t need President Obama, I own the
    congress. Something SHELDON ADELSON would be proud of.

    No more blood shed for Israel. America must come first

    • oldtack

      Amen! Don’t be beguiled by Zionist BS

  • Why is our country for sale to Israel and China?
    I suggest Obama takes his gloves off and order an investigation of Adelson and his connections to Israel and China

    • rmarqua2921

      They already are investigating him!

  • adler56

    Typical Shylock. Even Shakespeare had no trouble identifying these greedy a**holes.
    They give all Jews a bad name.

  • bcarreiro

    heres an ad for mitt romneys campaign: You better vote for the other guy cause i don’t have a clue

  • There are probably illegal activities on both sides of the aisle…but, the republican party is just full of extreme money . Where there is that much money floating around there is always going to be a right wing person to take it and do the persons bidding. Money must be removed from politics.

  • Gammaanya

    “Once we squeze all we can out of the USA it can dry up and blow away” Netanyaho
    Matthew 21:21
    All things, whatsover ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”

    Mittsy the ditsy/Adelson 2012
    All things I tell ya, ye must believe me, I shall repeal what ya need”

    “I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the CHARACTER of AN HONEST MAN” G. Washington
    Isaiah 40; II NIV
    He tends his flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart.

    Mitsy 2011
    He lies to his flock like a liar does, He gathers all the lemmings around him and and carries all their wealth to the nearest bank offshore”

    What is good for America is not their main concern. They are concern about what is good for their financial gain and their contributors. Congress has no respect for the country and voters because voters are easily manipulated by ads, empty promises paid by big money and too lazy to get informed and think for themselves. We all must be vigilant to watch their voting records on issues important to you and country, we must be vigilant about their financial dealings while they are in the office. Maybe then we will find out if they are worthy of another term. We must hold every incumbent Congressperson accountable for their behavior and votes. If they don’t do their job – vote them out. No matter what party. Need a clue – check their records how they voted on animals laws, that should give you a cvlue, how they feel /vote for the ones w/out voice.
    “IF YOU HAVE MEN WHO WILL EXCLUDE ANY OF GOD’S CREATURES FROM SHELTER OF COMPASSION AND PITY, YOU WILL HAVE MAN WHO WILL DEAL LIKEWISE WITH THEIR FELLOW MAN” St. Francis of Assissi. I checked the record – Republicans beats Democrats almost on every law against animal cruelty.For Republicans they are just commodity to make more money.
    You need names – just ask I will publish them

  • alumahead

    Most Americans likely don’t even know who Adelson is much less the Mafioso way he does business or the reason he’s willing to spend millions to get Romney elected.

    My guess is Adelson has promised favors to China and Mitt will be the man to deliver, should he get elected, in spite of the hard line BS he spews about taking China down a notch.

  • I want to know, why the Democrats never raised any ?s , when Mr. Soros offered money to Senator O bama, I am sure, if Mr. Adelson did offer to them money- no ?s raised…

    • rmarqua2921

      Maybe you could share with the rest of us your proof, time and place, where Soros offered money to Senator Obama? Oh and how much did Obama get?

  • Just like all the rest of the GOP and tea baggers!

  • rustacus21

    Hmmm… That’s funny. Citizens United totally dismissed the “VERY REAL” potential of such things happening!!! MayB they read this & when the next challenge comes to the court, they’ll more seriously consider reality instead of ideology… MayB…

  • fordneri

    I hope his Chinese buddies forgive him for backing a loser like Gingrich and drawing attention to him self and them.

  • onedonewong

    That’s OK just keep the $$ flowing to Mitt. Barak took millions in 2008 from the Chinese govt and didn’t see a problem

    • rmarqua2921

      You have proof that Obama too millions in 2008 from the Chinese government? That is a pretty outlandish statement and if it is not true, in most states in the USA this is called SLANDER! You sure have a big mouth! Maybe you can use it to give us the facts which led to your allegations! If your man enough?

      • onedonewong

        Barak’s foreign campaign donations have been under investigation since 2010 by the FEC. Nothing will come out until after the election. But even Maureen Dowd accused him of being on the take.
        As for slander if its against the law than Barak should be sitting in jail

        • rmarqua2921

          If the FEC has been investigating that long and can’t find anything, maybe they should stop spending our tax dollars to chase a dead horse! You need to accept that Barak Obama, a black men took up residence in the White House in 2008! Get on with your life, hatred is a terrible thing to live with!

          • onedonewong

            No this is typical of black justice in this country. You have Jessie Jackson Jr who is being investigated for the buying of a Senate seat in Illinoise. Blavoich is doing time for and still Holder hasn’t finished with Jackson.
            Just like the immigration dept giving Barak’s aunt a pass for being here illegally and drawing welfare and foodstamps and now Social Security
            Just like Barak taking $$ from Ruzuka and none of that testimony was ever released.

            Sorry Barak is a crook and more than likely will never be brought to justice because the State Run Media will holler racism. have you not noticed that the State Run Media has gone back to Romney’s grade school days looking to find any thing negative they could. But after 6 years we still don’t know a thing about Obama

  • Ibsyboy

    A typical friend of the GOP, just seeing Tom DeLay’s name mentioned sends up a red flag. That corrupt 2 bit cowboy stinks in every way possible. The GOPers just love sidling up to the Obese Cats. They love being that close to Obscene Wealth, and are willing to do what they have to, for the privilege, They are selling the Government to the highest bidder.

  • Ibsyboy

    Look at this guy. He looks like a Borscht Belt Comedian.
    Shecky Adelson.
    Take My Wife, Please.
    A horse walked in to a bar, the bartender asks why the long face.

  • it is people like that who gives the United States of America a bad name. But then pretty much most of our political leaders have made us look bad.

  • solver63

    I have an idea. Why don’t Adelson, Romney,and all the other tax evading traitors go LIVE with their money ? They are un-patriotic Pluotocrats, they obviously have no real use for this country (except to steal from the people and attempt to BUY our Government and freedoms) We need new Ammendments, repealing citizens united (I still can’t figure out that name – CITIZENS?) and new ones like if a person or company has more than 45% of their money “off shore” they can either pay taxes on the money OR go live or operate where the money is. The other BIGGIE – If you are running for public service for anything beyond a county office you must have your accounts vetted, if you have money offshore you CAN NOT run, never mind serve; the candidate will have to disolve their offshore and move the TAXABLE money back to a US bank and remain without any offshore accounts for 2 years before running AND only have accounts in the US during service. No recalls if they fail, they are TERMINATED and their post is filled via appointment or election. How many on the take congress members, senators, and governors will become all of a sudden unemployed ?

  • EdC

    It’s late for this post, but reading down didn’t notice any repugalogs trying to put this dud (no e) back on the thrown.

  • Once a crook always a crook. The republicans buy elections, so what’s the difference if Adelson bribes Chinese officals???? They are all crooks. He left the democrat party because they would not allow him to buy his way into everything, but the republicans don’t care, they believe they can buy everything!!!!

  • Dolmance

    Shecky drives the Republican Party’s stated policies with regard to Israel, 100 percent. Shecky wants war, so the GOP will do whatever they can to give it to him.

    Whatever Shecky wants, Shecky gets, because Shecky’s rich. and the Republicans serve those who pay and nobody else.