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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Add Georgia representative Phil Gingrey to the ever-growing list of Republicans who can’t stop making offensive comments about rape.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, Gingrey argued during a Cobb Chamber of Commerce breakfast that failed Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin was “partly right” when he claimed last year that women rarely become pregnant as the result of a “legitimate rape,” because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

First, Gingrey attempted to defend Akin’s use of the term “legitimate rape”:

And in Missouri, Todd Akin … was asked by a local news source about rape and he said, ‘Look, in a legitimate rape situation’ — and what he meant by legitimate rape was just look, someone can say I was raped: a scared-to-death 15-year-old that becomes impregnated by her boyfriend and then has to tell her parents, that’s pretty tough and might on some occasion say, ‘Hey, I was raped.’ That’s what he meant when he said legitimate rape versus non-legitimate rape. I don’t find anything so horrible about that. But then he went on and said that in a situation of rape, of a legitimate rape, a woman’s body has a way of shutting down so the pregnancy would not occur. He’s partly right on that.

Then Gingrey — who is an OB-GYN, and currently serves as co-chair of the GOP Doctors Caucus — defended the offensive sentiment behind Akin’s gaffe, although he stopped short of fully endorsing the pseudo-science:

And I’ve delivered lots of babies, and I know about these things. It is true. We tell infertile couples all the time that are having trouble conceiving because of the woman not ovulating, ‘Just relax. Drink a glass of wine. And don’t be so tense and uptight because all that adrenaline can cause you not to ovulate.’ So he was partially right wasn’t he? But the fact that a woman may have already ovulated 12 hours before she is raped, you’re not going to prevent a pregnancy there by a woman’s body shutting anything down because the horse has already left the barn, so to speak. And yet the media took that and tore it apart.

According to… legitimate experts, Gingrey and Akin are simply wrong. As Dr. Sharon Phelan — a fellow at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of New Mexico — told CNN after Akin’s original remarks, “chronic stress can decrease fertility” but “the acute stress [caused by rape] does not have the same impact.”

Even if they never abandon the junk science that motivates the “legitimate rape” caucus, one has to wonder when Republicans will see the political costs of publicly endorsing such theories. In 2012, Akin’s remarks doomed what was seen as an almost-guaranteed Republican victory over vulnerable Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill. Similarly, Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock saw his Senate campaign collapse after arguing that a child born from rape is “God intended,” and Pennsylvania Republican Tom Smith lost his Senate race by 9 percent after comparing pregnancies caused by rape to “having a baby out of wedlock.”

Although Gingrey — who won re-election with 70 percent of the vote in his conservative district — is unlikely to face direct electoral consequences for his remarks, he has certainly made life harder for his more vulnerable colleagues.

In the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney among female voters by 12 percent — representing the largest gender gap in recorded history. Unless Republicans like Phil Gingrey stop running their mouths on issues like rape — or better yet, moderate their extremist policies — the GOP’s problem is going to get worse before it gets better.

Photo by Republican Conference/Flickr

Hat-tip: National Journal

151 Responses to GOP Congressman Gingrey: Akin ‘Partly Right’ On ‘Legitimate Rape’

  1. Keep it coming right wing religious whack jobs.

    Meanwhile the smart money is collecting as much Republican Party memorabilia because it will be worth a lot of money in the near term now that the Republican party is commiting suicide.

    They’ll be gone soon & thank Gawd-DUH. These people are totally fargin crazy.

    I hope they all get cancer of the penis. I hope Bachman gets cancer on her penis too.

  2. OMG, another is loose and blovating nonsense to cover his friends butt. These guys have yet to learn that when you find yourself in a deep hole…stop digging. However, handing this idiot another shovel might be better in the long run.

  3. Nice try, Doc. Where’d you get your Bedside Manner? Dr. Mengele’s operating room? Do you know that just defending what was said makes rapists think it’s all right to rape women? You’re like a Muslim cleric trying to tell everyone why it’s ok for some people to commit suicide with abomb and take a few others with them…because, after all, overpopulation is a concern…Why on earth do people like this Gingrey even open their mouths? All that comes out is the filth of a medieval mind-set. I guess they give out doctorates in Cracke-Jacks boxes now…

      • I agree. The Tea Party is imploding and they are taking the GOP down with them. They have alienated women, Hispanics-Latinos, African Americans, gays, and if they are not careful they may lose seniors as well. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys!

        • You left out parents.
          Their refusal to do anything constructive in relation to the gun based murder and meyhan relating to our children is as disgusting as anything else they have messed up.

    • Isn’t that what christian preaching is all about?

      You fabricate a story that makes the goobers in the pews feel superior to everyone else. If anyone questions the story, fabricate some “facts” to support it. If an actual expert contradicts your “facts” just ignore him and repeat the same line. The goobers will never hear that expert anyway because he’ll never appear on Fox news and with enough repetition your “facts” will become common knowledge.

      Republicans repeat the same falsehoods because it works with the goobers and everyone else is going to hell anyway.

      Perhaps I’m being unfair to christian preachers. How about I extend the honor to all preachers.

      • I know a few preachers who actually will tell you the truth and even question their own Christianity. I know one in particular who gave up preaching since he no long believes his “book” of lies.

        But, the bulk of them will tow the usual line of BS that keeps their flocks ignorant.

    • We do them a favor when we call them insane. This is a well coordinated strategy designed to defund Planned Parenthood, Ban ALL abortions, repeal Obamacare, and roll back all the civil rights put in place during the past several decades. This has nothing to do with insanity and it is not an accident. It is deliberate and influenced by extreme political and religious convictions.

      • I agree it is a well-thought out, years long agenda. But that is amongst the powerful, not these silly fools who have been taken in by the bible-thumping and fear-mongering and are mostly in the red states and somehow or another, keep voting against their own future. I still maintain that this “doctor” is relying on ignorance to spew his own ignorance.


    I know your laws, but where is your “MORAL COMPASS”. You say that there is a separation between church and state. What you mean is …there is a separation between God and country. But how is that possible? How is it possible to have laws without the moral attachment which comes with it?
    With the thoughts of the “M.I.M”( Me, I, Me) disease being more important than the “WE”, as a nation we have failed our children and the future of America, as evident by the increasing violence on every hand. How can you as a nation speak of “IN GOD WE TRUST”, while at the same time insist that God stays out of your Government, your legislature, and your lives; but please be there when tragedy happens?
    If you think that the Stature of Liberty with the inscribed words of ‘Give me your tired, your poor”, was by accident, and only given as a gift by France, you are sadly mistaken. If you think America got its greatness, its power and influence simply from the works of Men alone, you have been deceived. If you think America is going through this season of decline, of turmoil, stress and political upheaval just because, think again.
    America was given this position of power, wealth and influence, in order to be a beacon of hope for the world, to lead by example through a faith in Almighty God, and never to waver from that position. The Founding Fathers knew this … that’s why the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE is so powerful due to its faith in One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
    Yet America, when speaking of the founding fathers; members of congress eloquently recite the words and interpret the thoughts of the same; all without speaking to the moral obligations that coincide with the established laws.
    The First Amendment provides a law that gives you freedom of speech, the right to say what you will; however, the right to embarrass and hurt others with those same words is morally wrong. We must teach our children about love of diversity, differences between cultures, and LOVE FOR ONE’S NEIGHBOR.
    By law you have the right to bear arms; however morally, bearing arms without cause can and has led to acts not intended, due to the accessibility of arms in a heat of passion
    So what do we do? We create more laws…laws to limit the size and scope of guns. True, we don’t need assault rifles and other high-powered weapons for protection or hunting, so the need for common sense. Yet we never influence the laws of the heart of the individual holding the weapon. Morally, we must teach our children patience, tolerance and understanding, and how to walk away, plus the true meaning of Thou Shall Not Kill.

    By law it’s becoming so prevalent that one cannot spank a child without it being considered abuse, thereby upheld in a court of law, and children put into foster homes etc., as a result. Of course, we know that some parents do abuse their children, but in the majority of instances, that is not true. What we as a society have done in this situation, is unintentionally taught our children that whatever they do is okay and anyone that say differently is wrong.
    True, all children don’t require spanking, but just look at our prisons….When we refuse to act, or not allowed to thus do our best to determine the outcome of our future leaders; to turn children therefore into good and moral citizens, courts through another law ends up spanking them by way of the penal system. SPARING THE ROD DOES SPOIL THE CHILD.
    Lastly, but definitely not an exhaustion of the needs for change, is the problem or refusal to be responsible for the most vulnerable of those around us. By law or lack thereof, for over 60 years we have refused to provide basic healthcare for our fellow Americans. Now that the law has been passed to correct this, there is an outcry from some of those who receive the best of care, paid for by the taxpayers. We missed a basic law that says WE are our brother’s keeper.
    It’s time America. It’s time to stand up and become the “WE” again. It’s time to turn from those wicked ways… TRY IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

    • Although I will agree with most of what you have said, I feel even stronger about the separation of church and state. Quite frankly I have no idea why anyone would need to write down the 10 commandments. You teach your children all of those things with or without religion. It’s all common sense. Many people simply don’t have any. As for a belief in God, or lack thereof, take a look at the prisons; blacks far outnumber whites, and yet african americans’ are strong believer’s in God and raise their children in the church. Moreso than the white race. Explain that? Our moral compass has definitely moved in the wrong direction, but it isn’t because we do not have faith in Almighty God; plenty of sinner’s have faith in Almighty God. I think the idea of teaching your children right from wrong, teaching compassion, honesty and all the things that you mention that has made America great is what’s missing. I have no idea why anyone wants to make it about a lack of belief. It’s simply a lack of parenting.

      • Lack of parenting is the result of a lack of moral compass. No moral compass is a result of disrespect of God. The Feel Good Churchs, that are so popular, all thank Jesus and praise the Lord God. But preach it is ok to dowhat you want.
        Actions must be morally correct not just the words. Magic2114 has it right.

        • That certainly is a pat answer. You know this, how? Lack of parenting is the result of a lack of moral compass? And that is a result of disrespect of God? Maybe it’s plain laziness. Maybe it’s greed that prevents a parent from monitoring and watching over their children. I don’t know. What I do know is I’ve seen many a good, MORAL family raise children who have NO moral compass. We already know that TV and the Web have surely added to people’s lack of concern for other’s, the desensitization of sexual exploitation and violence. I’m sorry to say, but you do not have the answer. It’s much more complicated and mixing religion and politic’s is suicidal.

        • IF our Moral Compass is determined by a god, Bob, we’re in deep shit.

          Remember, when slavery was adopted and Small Pox laden Blankets given to our American Indians by preachers, it was Christianity which though it was justified because of current Moral Compass thinking.

          Now we have republican (christian-backed) representatives approving rape because it’s approved legit rape according to “some” nutcase who’s Moral Compass approves it?

          Your god has a lot of weird ways of doing things, to say the least. And, the people who believe in it sure ain’t all that smart either.

      • Atheists are rare in prisons, and the states with the highest rates of violent crime and likely highest prison population per capita are – you guessed it – the Bible Belt, who – not coincidentally – are mostly Red States.

      • lexi001,Your statement about the mass number of Blacks in prison appear to be an effort to prove that blacks parenting and faith in God is a farce. The fact is that Blacks are in prison in large numbers because of institutionalize slavery. Just 1 example;Blacks are put in prison for crack in record numbers; while those that use the real thing are very seldom given prison sentences(cocaine).Second example, white man kills his wife and said a black man did it and a black man got the death sentence. He was later released after it was determined that he was innocent. We could go on and on about the reasons why blacks outnumber whites in prison but I think you know why.

        • Somehow or another I’m missing your point? I have no idea where your notion that I made an effort to prove blacks parenting and faith in God is a farce? Your reading comprehension skills are in need of further study. That would be the last thing I was attempting to say.

          • I got the same impression as Marlo. The general consensus on here that is that blacks are the cause of every ill.

            Many think blacks outnumber whites and everybody else on welfare. Not true. There are more whites and illegals here from all over the world on welfare than any other segment of society.

            You say “Your reading comprehension skills are in need of further study.”

            Was that necessary? Instead of “I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant. Let me rephrase”, you attack Marlo’s intelligence to make yourself feel better about being racist.

          • Speak for the “general consensus”, not for me please. Now, let me say I’m sorry in advance, but your comprehension skills are in question in my mind, too. I have no idea where either your’s or Marlo’s comments were derived, but they do not address what I had to say at all.

          • Please speak for the “general consensus”, not for me. Let me say in advance I’m sorry, but clearly your comprehension skills are also in question in my view. How either you or Marlo read into my comment what you have written alludes me. Your comments have absolutely no correlation to my comment.

      • Lexi, a big part of the problem is that a large number of churches today are misguided – they pick and choose what’s in the scripture to fit how THEY want to live, not how GOD wants them to live. A clear example is that so many churches (especially Evangelicals ) who today openly promote supporting the GOP which is clearly America’s largest anti-Christian organization. The GOP’s central mantra of loving money above everything else which is clearly seen in its adamant opposition to tax increases on the rich even when it’s made clear to them that in doing so they’re driving America and its infrastructure and people to rack and ruin and its poor and elderly to more misery – is clear evidence of the GOP’s anti-Christian stances. Not to mention its propensity for judging others while also promoting virtually everything against what Jesus REALLY TAUGHT. So when folks post here about how far astray they see supposed Christians going despite supposedly believing in GOD, it’s because of just that – it’s all supposed beliefs that don’t bring God’s guidance because these fols are not true Christians – like someone posting here said -they’re CINOS – Christians in Name Only.

        • I don’t give a dam who it is, or how well they are read, how much education or lack thereof they have, there is NO freaking way anyone of us will EVER know the mind of god, IF there even is one.

          The bible is man-made by the mind of man. Anyone thinks its inspired has been smoking a little too much dope or consuming too much LSD.

          The ONLY way anyone of us will ever know for sure if any of this is true is when we kick off and go wherever we go, if we go at all.

    • In god we trust was put into the pledge of allegiance in 1954 by the racist Knight of Columbus. As a black person I wonder, did god bless SLAVERY too. I help open the first battered women shelter in my city, all the folks that batter came from home that whip their children, and the people who got beat also came from home that DID NOT SPARE THE ROD. Over 90% of the people in prison were all whip. Whipping guarantee one thing It hurt, I know. Its against the law to hit your children in any Scandinavian country, they are almost crime free. Finally I was a single black male parent, one is a banker the other a lawyer, I spent my time raising, teaching, parenting, caring and loving them. My son was and all league running back on his high school football team, his 38 never had a fight.

    • While I have to admit “some” of what you speak is true. Most of it is pretty much backwards.

      In order for me to comment on your post, I’d have to use twice the space to do it in, that’s how far off you really are.

      Take a Hint though – Religion and your god is the Problem, not the answer. Can’t put it anymore simpler.

      • Obviously you’re the ignorant one Michael. Religion, faith, & my Father God are not the problem. The problem is the people who want to take God’s Word & pick it apart to tickle their ears & warm their bellies. They interpret His Word as to how they see fit, taking what they like & leaving, misinterpreting, & twisting the rest. These are His Words, about Him.

        Instead, man all through the ages keeps trying to interpret, spin, & twist His Word. By my full faith in His Word I know that I can rely on Him, that He has my back. Evil prevails because of Man’s free will. The Devil preys on that, & that’s exactly why evil is allowed to continue. God will NOT stop evil. This is the BIG TEST of life. So when people want to blame the Lord for not stopping evil, they only need to look in the mirror & at society [MAN], & all of the responsibility & accountability that goes head & tails with it.

        • I’d put a bullet-proof vest on your back if I were you.

          Your religion has done a wonderful job of stabbing everyone, including your own believers in their backs for 2000 years.

        • Intelligent people don’t blame God for not stopping evil. Evil exist. Has always existed. Will always exist. In spite of anyone’s belief system. It is clear many “christian’s” that come on here think they have interpreted the “word of God”. What’s interesting is how many interpretation’s there are. Yet, each is convinced their interpretation is the one and only right one. Much said in the bible is written with the expectation that one will see the “moral” of the story, not that the story itself is literal, but it is very apparent that many don’t get that. Good is good and evil is evil as Don Henley would say. The judgment expressed on here is probably one of the greatest sin’s there is.

    • “The Founding Fathers knew this … that’s why the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE is so powerful due to its faith in One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. ”
      First, the Founding Fathers (1776) had Nothing to do with the Pledge of Allegiance (1892).
      Second, the Pledge was written by a Socialist.
      Third, the original Pledge did not contain the words “Under God”. The phrase was added by an attorney (1948).
      Learn some history, including the fact that America was formed with the concept of a separation of church and state not as a “Christian nation”.


  5. I hope this guy loses his license to practice medicine, or at least he should change his specialty from ob/gyn to proctology.

  6. I’m guessing, because I’m a guy, but is there some sort of trap door that stops a woman from becoming pregnant? I’ve never heard something so ignorant.

  7. Let’s round all these idiots up, put them in a room and let women who have been raped take their anger out on them. Let’s see who survives.

  8. The constant attacks against women rights by Tea Party advocates demonstrate how they feel about women and, in this specific case, it attempts to justify rape. Let’s not forget that these are the same dynosaurs that blocked the Violence Against Women Act a couple of weeks ago. Comments like these and the VAWA decision are not isolated instances, they are part of a well orchestrated strategy designed to destroy Civil Rights and everything that has been accomplished during the last several decades.

  9. Once again a man with the letters after his Name, M.D. thinks he knows everything. As I always say it doesnt matter if you got a 70 on the exam or 110 and extra credit you can still become a doctor. How sad that now he has a vote to represent people with real common sense. Wehn is it time to remove this one??? please someone compile a list so we all know when to call and make contact to get voters out to remove the waste in Government.

  10. How do these absolutely ignorant , mysogynist lunatics get in in the first place? Do any of the voter’s have any idea how damn stupid these jack arses are? They can’t possibly be voting if they actually know how crazy they are, can they? Or can they? How scary is our electorate? Anyone makes these kinds of remarks should be FIRED from the job of running this country immediately!
    I’m absolutely stunned. If I didn’t see quotes next to his ignorant statement I would never believe that there is anyone left in the WORLD that thinks like this.

  11. You know, I try to keep an open mind on all points of view, but sometimes you can only shake your head in amazement and walk off in another direction. Where do these guys come up with this stuff?

    • From the days white men were told that raping slaves was OK and that they would not get pregnant if the sex was forced. It gave chit to southern white men to rape (in there mind) without fear of offspring.

      The fact that there absolutely no mulatto people in the South proves that point of proves that this is correct.


    Talk about being stupid. Even if you know you are wrong about something and continue to champion that cause as though it was right, now that is stupid.

    If these moronic GOP standard bearers keep it up, they will kill the party long before it was supposed to die.

    Of course, they could conduct a study. Wonder whose sister, wife, or daughter would like to volunteer for the experiment?

  13. Getting pregnant or not, isn’t rape always rape?

    I am starting to feel like the GOP is just like a scaled up rape gang. Why justify acts that are abhorrent? To the GOP rape-inclined men, rape is not abhorrent, but instead is acceptable.

    This attitude is institutionalized in southern culture from the days it was OK for white men rape black slaves while the white women dutifully kept house and raised children.

      • It wasn’t unusual for a slave owner to rape their black women slaves. Then several generations later, a married white couple has a black kid.

        What? My forefathers did that? Yep, they sure did. And, it WAS because during that time, black people wasn’t even considered human.

        Their Livestock was treated better.

          • Yes, I read they were doing exactly that too, pair black couples off for body/personality traits.

            Evidently people don’t learn anything, history repeats itself. Basically the same thing was tried again in this country and in Germany during WW2 using Eugenics.

            There was a lots of “experiments” done to people of color over the years, even up to the 1920s where a small rural black area in the south was given Gonorrhea by a government doctor and left untreated to see what happens.

  14. Some of these Republican men probably got these attitudes from their fathers. I was born in the 50’s and remember my dad’s sincere advice about what is now called Date Rape. “If rape is inevitable, try to relax and enjoy it. It’s not worth being beaten up or killed by fighting the guy.” Back then, guys would drive to the middle of nowhere and tell their date “put out or walk home.” No cell phones in those days. Such guys were not even considered rapists! The victim was usually blamed for being in the wrong place, wearing revealing clothing, or “teasing.” In such unenlightened times, “legitimate rape” was when a stranger (usually of a minority race) attacked a white upper-class girl on her way to church and held a knife to her throat. Women were regularly advised to “lie back and enjoy” that, too!

  15. The Republican Party is going down in flames.

    So, they are using whatever Scapegoat they can to keep power centralized. The problem with this is that whatever scapegoat or hot-button issue they drag out of their closets, they’re the ones usually involved with it.

  16. I don’t agree with much on here, but I’m with you all on this one. I am completely insulted by the IGnorant statements made by either of these two roaches. It feels like a put down, not important, it’s just a woman, probably deserved and wanted it.

    Now I want to vomit.

  17. Why on earth didn’t the man just be quiet !!!!!!! It is absolutlely astounding that an OB GYN Dr. would have made such statements. It was bad enough to be exposed to Akin’s ignorance, but this is just over the top.

  18. I keep reading these comments you guys make regarding different subjects and somewheres you miss the main problem, the government started it by sticking their noses in family affairs , I admit some parents get carried away when they punish their children but no punishment is worse. someone made the remark to look at the prisons are full because of a lack of punishment again thats bullshit what has been lacking since the government passed the law against spanking is that most familys are a one parent family and no matter how hard a woman tries she can’t make it work alone, their has to be a strong hand in the house, a man, not just any man one that loves his children and treats them with the same respect he demands from them and takes the time to involve himself in their every day lives, one who there when the times are bad and when the times are good one who teaches them the difference between right and wrong, and to respect their fellow man. A father that doesn’t need fear to teach them about life, a man who is family oriented a man, andprovides activity that involved the who family. Children that come frm these types of homes are usually respectful citizen that go on to do great things in their country, but children born to single moms don’t have that kind of chance in life because they have way too much time on their hands and that allows them the time meet and that usually leads to trouble when they meet the wrong kind of people.

    • Sorry you’re so misinformed there bchrista. I come from a broken home. My father was abusive, mentally & emotionally. We were with him until I was 12 years old. Then we went to live with our mother. She was our rock. She was the strong one!! She taught us all the compassion & morals that we still carry with us today. We are productive members of society, & now we’re coming into our senior years. We’ve always had plenty of morals, & my brothers know how to do everything a woman would/could do to keep her home running smoothly. We can all cook, clean, take care of the kids, work outside the home, & so much more. Multi tasking takes great effort while accepting personal responsibility & accountability. Stereotyping & lumping as a group is dangerous!!

    • Please! I raised my children by MYSELF. Today, all three are productive members of society; kind, honest ,compassionate human-beings. College educated, excellent careers, strong work ethic. I could go on, but what parent doesn’t? I worked a lot of hours to support my children and did not spend anywhere near the time I, and they would have liked. It’s my one regret, but that did not stop me or them from the above. They respect how hard it was on all of us, not resent it. Spanking, as they call it, was done at will in my childhood home and I prayed daily that my father would leave. My mother didn’t have the confidence or courage to leave. Her life was miserable and my heart breaks for her till this day. She was a wonderful mother and she raised 5 wonderful children. Don’t make stupid, blanket statements as the one you made. Men are simply physically stronger but women are the one’s who have the strength in this world.

  19. I wouldn’t vote for a Republican for dogcatcher, but there’s a bunch of no-brain responses here about Gingrey’s attempted defence of Adkin’s original comments. Those were just plain old Republican Stupid. and I hope a bunch more arrogant Republicans wander into this quagmire. But it’s obviously true that there’s a difference between a frightened and embarrassed teen’s excuse to her parents and the claim of an adult victim. The word Adkin used (“legitimate”), seems to lend acceptability to the violence. And no I still wouldn’t vote for a Republican.

  20. Hmmm, looks like you missed ONE very important part of Mr. Wiseguy’s comments there Mr. Brindell. He specifically stated in both instances, SARCASM ON. Sorry you missed that. It truly makes a difference between reality & snark comments!

  21. Again Bob Brindel steps in another of it I am a Southener and I hate to admit it and any one that knows anything about History knows that Plantation Owners slept with their Black female slaves producing a lot of half breed children and that wasn’t isolated to just the men it worked the other way also while the men were injoying themselves with the women their wives also had certain men slaves that took care of them that’s why there are so many mixed people in the South and that’s not to mention the one that got away and went to live in the Northern States and these were some of the most religious people you could find in the daytime but watch out when the Sun went down then there was no holds barred anything was fair. There were several books published on this subject one that comes to mind is “MANDINGO”

  22. The hard right folks think and talk like space aliens. They actually make- up stuff simply to validate that creationism is real and that their outrageous comments support it. This Dr. may have a point about womans bodies and stress or tensions impact on it but what is the point of referring to rape as a way to validate what that moron Akin stated other than to reinforce that ANY way one gets pregnant is OK and that abortion is against God’s will.

  23. A couple of things. First, the Left is not pro-abortion, but it is pro, making sure women have
    access to preventing unwanted pregnancies before they happen. The Right won’t get
    behind that. The Left is pro, making sure if the Mother decides to continue with the unexpected
    birth, can find help in making sure her child has the basics of healthcare, shelter, and
    enough food. But, the Right has the opinion that it is too bad she can’t afford the child, but
    that’s her fault, and her responsibility. So, there is no cooperation there either. So, what we’re
    left with is a position that only asserts the sanctity of life, but finds it perfectly moral that in that life the child would suffer hunger without food, Illness without care, or the fear that comes without a secure home.

  24. … And this bit of nonsense, uh.. I mean, wisdom comes from the pie holes of men.. but not just men, but brain dead zombies who trick us into thinking their well paid specialists.. Ask a woman that question to get at the root of this answer but then, how could the neocon t-peers continue to function without wool, faux news and covert lies?

  25. It is way past time for the American People to reject this multi-generational stupidity. We progressives who don’t talk to invisible mysterious sky people need to step up and claim our country from the delusional little children who live in fear of their incoherent, sexist and vengeful god.

    Stand up, declare it nonsense, so we can move on.

  26. I have been married to a tough, strong woman for now forty years. Together we have worked hard and accomplished a great life. Compared to our childhoods, we are now wealthy. Throughout all this we have been progressive democrats. We washed dishes, carried out the trash, cooked breakfast in truck stops, and worked retail at minimum wage along the way.

    We are now wealthy. even though I put myself through High School while living on a cot in a street rescue mission. I have been on my own since I was thirteen years old. Worked every weekend just for food. Never took a dime of welfare.

    Don’t any one of you right wing protagonists even dare to challenge me with your nonsense?.

    Any right wingers out there want to take on a kid who succeeded but still has heart for his less less fortunate in the neighborhood? Sign up. I dare you.

    • They don’t want to hear from you jointerjohn, but the rest of us do and we’re proud of you. I believe I was born a proud, bleeding-heart liberal and that hasn’t changed with the growth of my income. I get the feeling that a lot of people who continually bad-mouth the “moocher’s” haven’t a pot to go in or a window to throw it out of. Makes no sense. Those who have more and believe there is no need to care for or help anyone else are primarily the one’s who call themselves Christian’s. You know they couldn’t do this with a straight face if they didn’t actually believe their own lies.

  27. Take it from the horse’s mouth: “a scared-to-death 15-year-old that becomes impregnated by her boyfriend and then has to tell her parents, that’s pretty tough and might on some occasion say, ‘Hey, I was raped.” Guess what Doc, in most of the sane states that is “STATUARY RAPE”.

    Gingery Doc is trying to equate infertile couples situation with rape, seriously? let me ask the Doc, how many couple got pregnant due to his advice? It is not a tasty recipe at all! some people are fertile and some are barren, some couple will have 25 child in their lifetime, and some will not get pregnant even if they hit the ovulation perfectly’ and when each leave the marriage, both will have children.

    The issue with legitimate rape issue is that Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock meant that the young girls and the victims of rape are “faking Rape”, when they “consented to be raped”, they are not taking the word of the woman as true for its face value. There is always a test they know about that will confirm if a woman is raped or not, but these people are playing to the GOP party platform that want to outlaw rape at any cost, meanwhile ignoring the other ramifications of forcing a rape victim to carry a fetus to term that outweigh the benefit, if any.

    To state the negative effect of forcing women to carry the child of their rapist, imagine the laws that give the rapist the right to his child visitations (even if imprisoned), and the ever torment the woman will go through. Imagine the effect on the child when he or she knew his father is a rapist and that he or she is a product of rape; or they will force the rape victim never to divulge this information.

  28. In answer to Sand_Cat I think the anti-spanking law was passed sometime in the 1950s as for the other two that replied to my postings Kinbrell I believe was her name I must commend your mother, she must have been an exceptional person but the fact still remains and is recorded in court records most guys in prison come from single family homes them the mother is working too many jobs to be able to give her children her undivided attention or just doesn’t care and allows her children to do as they please children without proper supervision tend to wander and usually get themselves into mischive and eventually that leads to trouble sometimes it’s just something small but if left unchecked it can lead to bigger troubles like a snowball if allowed to roll down a hill will become a large snowball and prisons are full of them again single parents don’t all experience this but there are more that do than those that don’t it’s a fact of life children left alone tend to stray and in doing so sooner or later meet up with the wrong person there’s a saying something about a person with idle time if you don’t know where your kids are and what they are doing then watch out history will prove me right read the different articles the school shootings, the mall shootings and all the other shootings you read about start with some kid not supervised and allowed to do as they please, I know I’ll get comments about how someone was raised by a single parent and they and their brothers and sisters are prominent citizenbut for every such case there are hundreds that fall through the cracks then we classify them as mentally unstable, more are just as stable as we are just that have been neglected when they have been asking for help but no one was listening and eventually they take out their frustration on innocents that never caused them no harm, then they eventually wind up dead or in a institution too late to save them that time passed them by years ago.

    • All of what you said can be just as easily attibuted to two-parent households. You state often that these are “facts”? Where are you getting your “facts” from? Is there a proven study out there that has confirmed the majority of people in prison come from one-parent families? Think about how ludicrous that really sounds. Neglect can be found in plenty of two-parent homes.

    • I was in high school when the law changed so late 60s and the change in students showed very quickly. That same year we started having students smart off to teachers, threaten them, violent fights in the hallways, including one time a guy getting tossed through a floor to ceiling window and eventually much more violence. Yeah, stopping spanking sure taught those kids that violence is not the answer (sarcasm definitely intended). If spanking taught kids that violence was the answer then why were my generation on back not more violent than today’s instead of far less.

  29. This is an adendem to my previous posting I must have stepped on your toes so my apologies to Sand_Cat, Katrina Kirby and Lexi001 I don’t doubt that you did a great job raising your kids, however, for every parent like you there are still hundreds of others that wish they could say them same. I am not saying that every kid from a neglected home will turn into a killer, but chances are that they will go to prison sometime in their lives is very probable the writing is on the wall most drop out of school possibily with high IQs but without basic knowledge of life and without an education the’re going to make it through life anyway they can which usually leads to crime and they become survivers making a living anyway they can and most of the time hurting someone along the way.

    • It don’t matter one way or the other if you are raised by a single parent or not. Parenting, even with two parents can turn a kid rotten.

      People also go to prison, not only for bad parenting but for a lot of other reasons that has nothing to do with the way someone was raised up.

      Most of these serial killers and other major offenders are highly intelligent men AND women. So, a good education, a good family background does not guarantee someone won’t commit a crime and go to jail/prison.

      The Human Mind is a strange Organ. You can be law-abiding all you want, be smart as a whip, even have good moral character. But, too much pressure this way, too must stress that way and you could turn into a criminal just as easily as someone who is dealing dope.

      I believe most of the people in our prisons today are in this category. No one goes out intentionally to commit a crime on purpose, unless you are a gangbanger or someone from the mob.

      Most of the people in our prisons today are the ones that have been pushed over the edge. Too many family problems, not making a decent living, too much stress, too much pressure and people WILL SNAP!

      What I believe is causing this is that the human mind, in general, has not evolved as fast as our modern civilization has. This is probably why so many people wish for the “good old days”, days that didn’t have as much pressure or stress.

  30. In the words of a popular 80’s song, “another one bites the dust”. I may have the decade wrong, but at least the words are appropriate. Rep. Gingrey is, apparently, a proud proponent of ” open mouth, insert foot!”

  31. The Rupublicans continue to suffer hoof and mouth disease. When they are taken to task they claim there remarks were taken out of context. Sham on them

  32. It simply amazes me that the GOP doesn’t understand that women comprise over 50% of the adult American population.

    It further amazes me that there are so many women who tolerate this type of insane behavior, and actually vote for these bigots.

  33. Oh goody, goody! Another idiot heard from. I certainly hope my OB-GYN didn’t go to the same medical school this yahoo went to! What is it about these white men? Don’t they know it is better to keep their mouths shut and have people think they’re an idiot rather than opening their mouths and proving they are an idiot?!

  34. I would like to add this to the discussion about Gingrey. The article states that he won his election with 70% of the votes in his district and that its not likely to change. Therein lies the problem. These so-called nuts have nuts supporting them. Just my observation.

  35. The Republican Party is suffering from acute Assholism, and apparently the doctors who are members of the party can’t seem to cure the affliction.

  36. Maybe the good “doctor” (AKA one who barely made it through medical school) should ask the thousands of German women who were raped by the invading Russian army if their bodies “shut down” and eliminated any chance of pregnancy.

  37. Well maybe as a politician he won’t suffer right now…but I hope to hell his OBGYN practice drops like a rock. What an ASS.
    I love how he tells infertile couples all the time that the woman is too tense…uh, don’t you EVER check the man’s sperm? Or is that never assumed? JERK

  38. If you’ll notice, there really isn’t much difference between the Radical Right perspective and radical Muslim perspective……I dare someone to line up points of views (in this case on women) and see how far apart they are. I bet no one could tell them apart.

  39. Another Repub who will never want to be President…like Mitt Romney, who only spent six years, and a billion dollars trying to be President before telling us that he didn’t really want it after all. Gingrey won’t have to worry about people forcing him to take the job against his will. Why is it that the GOP attracts so many idiots?

  40. There was absolutely no reason for you to take this position to protect a cohort! We are not idiots…we know the difference between rape and a pregnant teen!

  41. During the Inquisition, in witchcraft trials, a person’s guilt or innocence was determined by throwing them in the river. If they downed they were innocent. Apparently Republicans believe that if a woman was really raped, she won’t become pregnant. Why bother with trials and evidence in rape cases?

  42. REALLY???!!!?????? WTF WHERE DID YOU STUDY???? I wish YOU were a woman who got raped,I’d tell you….Don’t worry it’s a legitimate rape and you can’t get pregnant!!! What if it happened to your wife,daughter,mother-in-law,cousin,sister?? YOU’RE A FOOL AND SO IS ADKIN!!!!!!

  43. This is the PROBLEM with these ARROGANTS SOB”s. They think they can say anything, JUST BEACAUSE they have a forum. I would like to know their thinking IF their wives and daughter were raped! Damm it!

  44. Its comments like this that make me ask”how did idiots like this get elected?” also why doesn’t he and other house members spend their time on the debt limit crises and sequestation crises that really pose an economic crises that effects the whole country. Seems like we only have 2 to 3 months before it will too late to fix it

  45. and this guy is a doctor were did he get his degree at the i am supid school but look on the brite side now that women know what he think of them they can and stop going to him

  46. There is no such thing as justifiable rape. Sexual entitlements between men and women is complex. Both sexes are guilty of too little social dialogue during periods of stress. Also during periods of stress both sexes are are on different pages when they are communicating. Usually 90% of the time when we communicate we are on different pages. Alcohol and drugs make communication more challenging in that it can be misunderstood. Also alcohol and drugs can cause character transformations you may “beg for it” when drunk the next morning you don’t believe you did it. If you need a drink to open up socially you need therapy before you mess up your life and someone else’s.

  47. “Dr.” Gingrey..elected by 70% of the voters in his district..each of whom proudly displays his or her symbol of their own crowning academic achievement..a diploma certifying graduation from kindergarten..on the mantlepiece at home. This leads one to wonder from which “esteemed” institution did Gingrey receive his own “diploma”? Perhaps some online “college” or was it a prize in a box of Cracker-Jacks?

  48. It makes you wonder whether these Republicans/Tea Bags are trying to justify rape in order to clear their conscious. It makes you wonder how many women these Republicans/Tea Bags have raped and has gotten away with it. Their weird reasoning of this sounds more like rationalization. “Legitimate rape”? “Binders full of women”?

  49. I am glad I don’t live in Georgia anymore. When I lived there the Ob-Gyn’s were well trained and would have made this so called Ob-Gyn dr eat his words. What medical school did this vodoo dr go to? After that statement GA should suspend his medical liscense and investgate him to see if he really is a dr and is doing his job right. Even when women were being blamed for causing their rapes to happen no drs made remarks saying that they could shut their body down during a rape and not get pregnant. Ladies it is time for all of us to send this nut a few choice words about his remarks and his ability as a Ob-Gyn.
    His remarks are an insult to all women even if you haven’t been raped or if you have been raped and luckly didn’t get pregnant because you weren’t fertile at the time of your rape not because your body shut down to prevent you from getting pregnant. His statements make this woman wonder if he knows the fact that there are times when a woman is fertile and has a greater threat of getting pregnant when raped than she would if she is in her infertile cycle. The body doesn’t shut down anything to keep a woman from getting pregnant when she is raped, that depends on which cycle the female body is in when she is raped, if it is her infertile period she won’t get pregnant , if she is in her fertile period I would think the chances of her getting pregnant is 99. 9 % Which are facts that Ob-Gyn doctors are suppose to know but Gingrey doesn’t seem to know.

  50. People like you are one of the reason that this Country has problems. Spanking a child does not make a child a violet. I was spanked as child as were my siblings and all 5 of us walk away insteading using violence to settle differences as do our children and their children and all were spanked when we did wrong and were never told ” this is going to hurt me more than you”. There are some children that need spanking because time out’s taking away their priviges and all forms do no work. When we were spanked, the most licks we got were 5 and the least was one. When children are spanked when they have done wrong and still know that they are loved by their parents, it does not damage them but when they have parents like you seem to be, there is more damage done to them than any spankings has ever done. You seem to be the type of parent that belittle their children and call them names like stupid and so on then wonder why their children went down the wrong path when they grew up.Children today are also growing hearing their parents got away with breaking laws and can see that their parents think it is ok to break the law like tax laws and so on. Also family needs to spend more time together when they are home instead of Dad being in the home office working or playing on the computer instead of having conversations with his wife and children, Mom in the living room on a laptop either working or on facebook talking to people she doesn’t even know instead of having convesrations with her children and husband and the children in separate rooms upstair either watching TV and twittering other children or playing violet video games on their computers or game thing and talking to one of their friends on the phone. Each person in the home are in their own very small world instead of being together as family in the same room and doing things together as a family

  51. Don’t put all Southerns in the same box as this vodoo dr. I was born and raised in the South and was raised during the 50’a when segration was legal and the civil rights movement was in its teenage years Neither of my brothers or many male relatives were ever institutionalized to think rape was ever right. The article says the vodoo dr was living in eorgia now. It doesn’t say he was born and raised in the sout

    dr drdr

  52. If I am reading your post right you are saying the so called victim in this case was bothed villified and honored because she was the accuser also. By the way in that case the La Cross players were found to be innocent because the woman admited she had filed a false report and that she hadn’t been raped. any

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