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Friday, January 18, 2019

Governor John Kasich (R-OH) has announced that he wants to accept Medicaid expansion, making him the fifth Republican governor to indicate he will participate in the key component of Obamacare.

Medicaid expansion is designed to cover citizens and legal residents who currently earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid yet earn 138 percent of the poverty level or under — $32,000 per year for a family of four and $15,400 per year for an individual.

In 2012, the Supreme Court decided that states can turn down the expansion even though the federal government will cover 100 percent of the cost at first. By 2020, states will be expected to pay 10 percent of Medicaid coverage. They currently pay about 40 percent.

When explaining why Ohio would accept the expansion, Kasich made the arguments that universal health care proponents have been making for decades: The uninsured cost us all.

“They get their primary care in an emergency room,” Governor Kasich said. “That is not the best way to get people primary care. Not only is it not good for them because it doesn’t allow them to get healthy, secondly it drives up the cost of everybody’s health insurance … I don’t think that’s a sustainable way to do business in Ohio when it comes to health care.”

Expansion will bring an estimated $1.4 billion to Ohio’s economy and cover up to 456,000 Ohioans while creating up to 31,872 jobs.

Twenty states have accepted Medicaid expansion, including GOP-led states Arizona, North Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico and now Ohio. Ten states have rejected it outright, including many of the states that need it the most.

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20 responses to “GOP Governor Of Ohio Makes The Case For Medicaid Expansion”

  1. Now that the Congressional lobby wonks have made their rote votes–44 times–the Governors of their states are voicing what the Soviets used to term “Objective conditions”; that is, actually stating the facts without ideological editing.

  2. docb says:

    The OHIO constituents are getting through the blocked switchboard, finally!

    Cost and votes..wicked combination for an ambitious political hacks!

  3. FredAppell says:

    Uh oh! The rabid right aren’t going to like this but then again, neither am I. As this article points out, the expansion still only covers single people who make $15,400 or under and married couples with 2 kids. What about those of us single people who net $23,000 annually. I don’t know where the rest of you come from but here in Connecticut $23,000 a year doesn’t amount to squat! I am drowning financially. So I get to pay for someone else’s insurance but I can’t even afford my own. This monstrosity is not why I voted twice for Obama. I am not a right-winger of any kind nor am I an independent. But it is perfectly alright for anyone left of center such as myself to feel completely abandoned buy this President and his fellow Dems.

    Spare me the rhetoric that Obamacare is the first step towards something much more inclusive. At the speed of which this government does anything, half the people that comment on this forum will be long dead. I hope all you respect the truth because facts aren’t always so comfortable to speak but it is necessary.

    • One of my grandsons, and his wife, work in a restaurant. Their employer offered them health insurance coverage, that could only be categorized as catastrophic insurance. They had to decline participation in that benefit because the could not afford the insurance premium ($700 a month). I was looking forward to them getting ACA insurance, but since they don’t have children they will remain uninsured. I hope the President and the Democratic leadership will do something to remedy this situation, but considering the robust opposition to ACA in the House I doubt much will be accomplished any time soon. The problem with ACA is not that it is a lavish program, but that its scope is limited and the use of for profit insurance companies to administer it not only maintains the capitalist status quo but adds unnecessary cost to the program.

      • FredAppell says:

        Dominick, that was my point exactly. The insurance companies love this because it will force millions of new people to buy their product. I’ll never understand why President Obama bought in to a plan that was developed years ago by the Heritage Foundation. Personally, I am appalled at the whole notion of for profit healthcare. America is filled with automatons who believe that money trumps everything and it sickens me to my very core. Further more Obama wasted valuable time trying to pass ACA legislation when he should have concentrated on the economy.

        When I read your comment to me about your grandson and his wife, I thought about how typical your story is with the tens of millions of other Americans who share the same story. I think you are an extraordinary and caring man who’s wisdom and intelligence is counted on by most of whom comment on here including me but we are all being short changed by both party’s and as much as I wanted to believe otherwise, Obama is not the man I had hoped he was either. I’m done with the lot of them and i’m going my own way politically. I will however, still post on here but only when I have something of value to add. Have a great day my friend and keep up the good fight.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          What they need to do is nationalize all medical facilities, drug companies and supply houses.

          Keeping it For Profit is going to ruin this country. There are no checks and balances over these profiteering bastards.

          A simple colonospopty (wrong spelling) out of pocket is roughly around $3600. I paid about $165 only because I’m on Medicare in which case I pay co pay towards united which covers the left over Part B & D. But, still co pays and out of pocket left overs can be expensive.

          Yes, they have a plan where you pay in installments. Not much help here because by the time you’re done paying it off, its double.

          Yes, I got better healthcare now than I ever did when I was working. But, these medical bills I see, which are being paid by Medicare and partly by myself are outrageous. They’re out of control.

          Yet, these doctors, nurses, medical suppliers and other suppliers are just keep raking in the dough. And, of course, you know congress isn’t going to do a thing to stop it either.

          • FredAppell says:

            See! You’re only one example of a system gone mad. I know you appreciate where i’m coming from. I think this new system is going to hurt more people than it will help. Obama either keeps misinterpreting everything we’re trying to tell him or he is maliciously and willfully ignoring us. Probably six of one and half dozen the other. I’m also sure that he owes some really big favors to some very wealthy people as all politicians do. Keep in touch with me Michael because there is so much more to say but I have to cut it short right now due to a prior engagement. We’ll talk again, until then, keep up the fight.

        • sigrid28 says:

          I hope you will keep posting on the National Memo comment threads, even if you find it hard to identify for awhile. Your posts contribute to a vital discourse, necessary in a democracy, especially at a time when sound bytes and talking points threaten to bring healthy discourse to a standstill. Mom says, “Kids, use your words.”

          • FredAppell says:

            I will continue, but only when I know what i’m talking about. A few weeks ago, you had replied to me because you thought that I identify with the GOP and the rest of the right-wingers.
            I hope you know now that I would never do that. I am firmly on your side but I no longer identify with any current party.

            I’m not afraid to call a spade- a- spade simply because of ideology. I feel more emotionally and politically liberated than I ever have. It has helped me to see everything in a more honest perspective. Remember, though I don’t know you , you are my friend and I won’t turn my back on you or anyone else who’s views I agree on but I will point out things that none of you have thought of or at least mention. Have a great day sigrid28.

  4. The decision of Republican Governors to embrace the Affordable Care Act and, by default, the MEDICAID expansion needed to fund ACA, has more to do with economics than ideology. The MEDICAID expansion is likely to be a financial bonanza for the states, not only because of the additional Federal funds that will flow to the state coffers, but because it will reduce state MEDICAID contributions and the burden of supporting millions of uninsured citizens.
    Another reason, is that they finally realized that states that reject ACA will have to bear the burden of paying for Emergency Room care, the moment Federal government Erz subsidies end as a result of medical insurance being available to all Americans. Not only will red states miss out on an opportunity to make money, they will have to spend additional money to support the healthcare system they prefer.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Look…face facts. If the GOP can’t face truth, they can’t resolve issues related to the most unaffordable healthcare in the world. Every developed nation knows that healthy citizens are productive citizens. Here in the US, the only ones who can now afford healthcare insurance are those who are earning 6 figures. The rest avoid medical treatments that would keep them healthy into their senior years.

    And, if anyone thinks Medicare isn’t also under the thumb of Big Insurance, you are in for a huge surprise. Many seniors are working long past retirement…to age 70. Most will pay a payroll deductible of at least $550 a year for Medicare. Employers who keep seniors on their payroll are allowed to dump these seniors into Medicare the minute they reach age 65. So, in addition to that annual payroll deduction of $550/yr., Seniors are also paying $104/mo. for Medicare Part B and if they need prescription drugs, they also will pay a regular monthly premium or copays, for Part D. Another monthly bill that adds up to $300/mo.

    But here’s the real killer reality the GOP never admits. They encouraged many businesses to earn higher profits by dumping the cost of healthcare insurance completely on employees and then dumped retirement benefits (401Ks for example) on employees. All while these employers are taking tax dollars from the system in tax cuts, tax breaks and annual tax subsidies. Figure it out for yourselves. You pay the most unaffordable cost of your healthcare insurance and are at the mercy of annual premium increase Big Insurance can’t live without all while you struggle to save enough to some day retire after age 70? On salaries these employers complain they can’t increase due to “uncertainty?” A huge excuse since 2001.

  6. smilelaugh says:

    Finally he is showing some sense. Maybe just maybe I would vote for him but he will have to show this is not just a one time deal. He needs to really show that he cares about the people of Ohio instead of politics. He has not won me over yet. But my vote always goes to the person who I think cares about the people they serve and the republicans have not shown that at all in the past.

    • FredAppell says:

      Just don’t get confused between caring and agenda. All the politicians have something to gain from this.

    • sigrid28 says:

      He allowed his Secretary of State Husted to try every way possible to restrict voting rights in Ohio and tried to insert legislation crafted by ALEC, including its methods for weakening unions (important in Ohio) and undermining collective bargaining. Ohio needs to find somebody better for all of its voters–in the long run.

  7. Michael Kollmorgen says:


    Kasich is waking up? AMAZING.

    Unfortunately, I live in Ohio……………

  8. old_blu says:

    Slowly they are all catching on, hope my state does pretty soon, right now they are fighting among each other on what to do.

  9. S-3 says:

    Call me when SC joins in… And when the GOP stop using this BS as an “evil greed-feeding motive”, which it is for them.

  10. Thank God someone is willing to look past Obama (who is on his way out) and proceed to work on behalf of the people who elected them. This is simply common sense. The idea of cutting hospice services, etc., to fight Obamacare is about the sickest thing I have ever heard.

  11. Jim Myers says:


    A Republican Governor who can actually think.

    I’ll bet he ends up on Karl Rove’s hit list the next time he comes up for re-election.

  12. edmund m says:

    I live in Ohio. I am amazed that he took this position. I am glad as well as I probably will be eligible for the medicaid coverage. I am an unemployed grad student. I hope it will be an easy process to get signed up.

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