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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Oh dear. Do they never learn? Once again, a Republican has stepped in it by making a ludicrous claim about the fictional ability of rape victims to “shut down” pregnancy via telepathy. This time, however, it’s a female Republican showing her complete ignorance about how her own body works.

Celeste Greig, president of the California Republican Assembly — a volunteer organization that bills itself as “the conscience of the Republican Party” and inexplicably trumpets “President Reagan Praises the CRA” on its homepage, complete with a video of the long-dead former president saying as much — was, ironically, criticizing fellow Republican Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments when she sank her tootsies in a steaming pile of merde.

“That was an insensitive remark,” Greig — a former Marine who apparently coined the term “RINO” (Republicans In Name Only) — harumphed. “I’m sure he regretted it. He should have come back and apologized.”

Well, that sounds reasonable. You won’t get any argument here. But she didn’t stop there, of course. They never do. “Granted, the percentage of pregnancies due to rape is small because it’s an act of violence, because the body is traumatized,” she began.

Oh, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t. Just. Stop. Talking.

No such luck. “I don’t know what percentage of pregnancies are due to the violence of rape,” she went on, to the mortification of intelligent people everywhere. “Because of the trauma the body goes through, I don’t know what percentage of pregnancy results from the act.”

Groan. It’s simple biology, as Berkeley, CA Democratic assemblywoman Nancy Skinner had to explain to Mrs. Greig like she’s five. “If a woman is near-ovulating or ovulating, and sperm comes in direct contact, she gets pregnant — it doesn’t matter what the nature of the act was,” said a clearly exasperated Skinner.

The good folks over at the Bay Area News Group  shed some light on the actual correlation between pregnancy and rape:

Most research on rape and pregnancy has shown roughly the same rates of pregnancy as pregnancies resulting from consensual sex. But one 2003 study from St. Lawrence University showed the rate at which women get pregnant after rape to be more than double that of a single act of consensual sex. The study used data from the United States National Violence Against Women survey.

With consensual sex, the authors theorized, women have the option of declining sex or using contraception when there is a high likelihood of getting pregnant because of their ovulation cycle.

The per-incident rape-pregnancy rate was 6.42 percent, according to the report, which was published in the journal Human Nature. Of women having consensual sex, the per-incident pregnancy rate was 3.1 percent.

“It’s just outrageous, beyond absurd. It’s insulting. It’s the same line of thinking of ‘If we just dress differently, or behave differently, we won’t be raped,'” said Assemblywoman Skinner. “They’re basically saying ‘while we’re being raped, if we hate it enough, we won’t get pregnant.'”

Photo of Celeste Greig with Sen. Marco Rubio: Santa Clarita Valley Republicans

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87 responses to “GOP Ignorance About Rape And Pregnancy Not Limited To Men”

  1. Lovefacts says:

    Oh, for the love of G-d! People haven’t believed this since the 18th or early 19th Century. I fear we’re heading into a dark age. Lord help us. Ignorance rules.

    • Ignorance doesn’t rule, but it keeps trying to steal its way into power.

      People have ALWAYS believed this shite, because it makes them feel better about themselves and superior to victims.

      Thankfully, it is seldom that the majority of people cater to the claptrap.

      This does not change the fact that, barring comprehensive sex education that gets through to people, some fools always did, do, and will believe this steaming pile of manure, just as they are likely to believe the first time won’t get a girl pregnant or that venereal disease is God’s punishment for some immoral carnal quirk.

      • TheSkalawag929 says:

        Unfortunately there are just enough out there, like this person, to elect enough republicans to continue leading the country down the garden path.

      • Hillbilly says:

        They are still people out there that still thinks when a woman is raped she asked for it, by the way she was dressed, the part of town she was in, having her window cracked in the summer time because she has no AC. that she was flirting or leading the rapist on that was why she got raped because the flirt won’t give it to him after leading the male on or flirting. I was a teenager in the time that first thing the police would ask the victim was”what did you do to make him attack you” or you just caught having sex by your parents and are hollering rape now” The police would say things like that to a victim that was in a hospital with broken arms, jaws. black eyes and broken nose or to a rape victim that sitting on a couch at her home with two black eyes, a bleeding and or broken nose, teeth knockout, split lips and black and blue all over and would probably still be asking the question if some victims hadn’t sued some police departments and police officers for the way the police treated rape victims and the things they said to the victims when taking their statement after the rape.. There was classmate of mine that was raped and seriously injured by her rapists, there was two of them, first thing the local smart alec policeman asked her asked her ” Did you like it? then he said what did you do to get raped” and after he was in no shape to ask her any more smart alec questions, her father hit him and knocked him out, then called the police chief to come and get his —- —–cop and called asked the state to take over his daughter’s rape case.I grew up in very small town. Her father never faced charges for knocking the cop? out.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          Lots of stuff like you mentioned happens like that in small-town hicks-burg USA.

          I don’t want to seem like I”m trying to promote my situation, but that also happens a lot in the gay community as well with some of these cops. More or less, we deserve it? and is largely ignored by the authorities. This however usually happens in large cities.

          By rights, these sort of people deserve to be dragged out in the open and horse whipped.

          This is why federal legislation supporting women’s rights, gay rights is so important, as well as any minority issue. The states themselves half the time won’t even enforce their own laws.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      When the day comes when hard science is replaced with Creationism in our classrooms, that’s the day this country is DOOMED.

      At the rate this country is heading, in the direction it is, the Dark Ages isn’t that far away.

      Escape with your lives while you can!

  2. People like her give credence to the old joke about California being like a grainola cereal. Take out the nuts and the fruits and you still have the flakes.

  3. This is almost as silly as Biden’s advice on shooting a shotgun out the balcony window to scare away would be rapists. LOL Maybe we can puke on them…advice from a liberal university.

    • kanawah says:

      Would you hang around to rape a woman who just fired a shot gun at you?
      If you do, you deserve to have the other barrel fired at you.

    • Betty Eyer says:

      there actually have been cases when puking on a rapist has worked. Sadly, even under stress, most of us can’t puke on demand.

    • Hillbilly says:

      Not only will firing a shotgun out a window scare away would be rapist but would be burglars also. Most criminals will not try anything if they know you have a gun especially a shotgun. Shotguns can make some very big holes in a person’s body. If I was going to have a gun in my home, I would have a shotgun instead of a pistol for protection.

  4. Leave tongue so that an apology can be made after his balls have been crushed for his attitude

  5. We need more people like Celeste highlighting the beliefs and values embraced by the GOP. She and all the 0ther crazies are the best thing that could happen to the Democratic party, and we should encourage them to persist in their quest.

    • lana ward says:

      Omuslim has actually RAPED America and he’s not in prison. What’s up with that

      • Kansan says:

        Off your meds again, eh, Lana?

        Remember what happens when you do that. It’s not pleasant.

      • STMBT says:

        every time you open your mouth you just show everyone WHAT A DUMB F%&K YOU ARE!!!

      • The corporate bosses and religious demagogues have been raping America for a long time. The symptoms just got worse just before Obama was elected, and probably contributed to his winning both elections. Obama is in the same position as the NEW captain of the Titanic named AFTER the iceberg hit!

        If you believe this is all his fault, you probably believe Lincoln started the Civil War, since the first secessions happened in RESPONSE to his election, as he was a threat to slaveholders. We have a Congress of the hatefully ignorant, elected by hatefully ignorant voters in gerrymandered districts, who refuse to work WITH him just because he is not the KIND of President (read: white) they wanted.

        • lana ward says:

          This bitch has had 4 years to start turning things around and everything is worse!! He is a trouble making habitual liar, a spoiled evil brat. The Republicans are standing in the way of him “completely transforming America” so he’s placing the blame on them for everything.–A man who is always making excuses, seldom is good at anything else- Ben Franklin- This is Omuslim, spot on!!!!!

          • Before the unreasonable House Republicans managed to make sequestration happen, the deficit was 6% LOWER then when he took office.

            Barack Obama has managed to not only stop the momentum of all the baggage Bush League left us, he was actively rolling it back.

            And, Lana?

            HE. IS. **NOT.** MUSLIM!

            Get with the afterbirth(er), girl, in short, GROW UP.

          • lana ward says:

            Go to Youtube. Type in, “The Democrats caused the financial crisis “. It starts with Andrew Cuomo and ends with a young Acorn Attorney Barack Obama suing the banks to give subprime loans to the poor!!! Obama and the dems have blamed Republicans all this time when they know dam well it is their fault!!! Watch Obama speak in his own words!!! Then you GROW UP.

          • Dana Es says:

            It’s a sad world when someone relies on YouTube and FOX commentators for history lessons.

          • sleepvark says:

            lana, it must be really sad and frustrating to hate America and her institutions as much as you so obviously do. Enjoy the apoplectic fits and ulcers that will naturally ensue. I’ll be watching the med journals to see when your case shows up, unless of course you end up in a mental ward beforehand.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I give up responding to this person for now on. It don’t deserve even a !. And, if I do it’s in a “third-party” context.

            I for one have better things to do.

          • lana ward says:

            Go to Youtube. Type in, ” How the Democrats caused the fanancial crisis “. It starts out with Andrew Cuomo and ends with a young Attorney Barack Obama suing the banks to give subprime loans to the poor!!!! The dems have blamed Bush all this time and it is their partys fault!!!

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Sounds like you’re looking a mirror. Were I you, I think I’d be a little upset, too. In fact, I think I would tell the idiot in the mirror to put something over her face and learn to walk backwards.

          • Hillbilly says:

            Lana Wood is a male according to a very irate post he posted after being called female by some one using some of the very nasty name for females that men have been known to use after getting mad at a female.
            His mental health is going down, it shows in what he post now and the lies and anti Obama post he made last year.

        • lana ward says:

          Racist!! You who always have to bring Omuslims color into everything are racists!!!

          • RobertCHastings says:

            “Methhinks the lady doth protest too much” Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare. Someone called your friends racists and you object? TFB Get over it.

          • People who just call other people names without stating a valid reason for their beliefs are not winning any arguments–just antagonizing people. Is that what you want to accomplish?

          • lana ward says:

            Why has Os DHS stockpiled millions of weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition? Why is he firing Military leaders that won’t fire on US citizens?? Why are his drones going to be firing on US citizens?? Why are law enforcement practicing in N C getting ready for martial law??? Why has Os DHS purchased 3,000 tanks to put on streets in America?? Omuslims coup, he is going to be dictator.

          • tobewan says:

            Paramilitary people talk, think, and are influenced by the beliefs that Lana asserts here, 8 days ago.. Altho she hasn’t so said of herself, she may have inadvertently here exposed herself for her beliefs, which go way beyond political parties, to preparing their own type coup or at least defense when the right time should come.
            Perhaps future rantings by Lana will prove this or no.
            Meanwhile, beware and watch out.

          • lana ward says:

            This is all true!! Your muslim princess plans on being dictator. You’re the one who needs to watch out, I know what’s coming!

          • Dana Es says:

            And you, my dear, consistently prove yourself to be both ignorant and biased.

          • lana ward says:

            I’m not your “dear”

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:


          The Republican Party stated (off the cuff) even before he got elected the first time, they were going to do all they could to paint Obama and his administration look as bad as possible and in as many ways as possible.

          This WAS NOT a political decision. It was based on RACE ALONE. Some can sweep it under the rug, say it wasn’t and isn’t true even today. But, facts are facts.

          What I wonder about is this, how did he ever get elected in the first place, IF he is so hated?

          All this amounts to is a group, a very hard core group of racist, perhaps an inner circle of the Republican Party setting the Republicans Party’s Agenda. Now, we call it the Tea Party.

          IF anyone don’t realize this, they are either RACIST BEYOND any valid form of reality, or absolutely ignorant of all that has taken place during Obama’s administration.

          The Republican Party as a whole should be tried for Treason! If not, maybe it’s finally time for a Revolution afterall.

        • Hillbilly says:

          Lincoln wasn’t a threat to slave owners. he had no intention to free the slaves after his election. His only intention was to keep slavery from being spread into the new territories that would be states later on. The rumor was started by the Democrats as a ploy to win votes in the slave states. The situation and rumors about Lincoln was going to free the slaves if elected is similar to the Rumor-lie that the NRA started telling gun owners before President Obama was elected the first time. If Obama is elected the government or the UN are going to come to home and take all your guns.

      • mah101 says:

        lana, so nice to see you this morning! Off your meds again?

        Just how much does Karl Rove pay you per comment? Is blasting ignorance all over the comment threads pay well? Do you get benefits?

        Hope you are off to a great day. Take care, and don’t forget those meds. Oh, and look for that check in the mail – not sure who is sending it, but it should be return addressed to either Karl or Rush.

        See you soon!

        • Jim Myers says:

          Replying to mah101 –

          I think I finally figured something out about lana ward. Lana ward is actually a Nom De Plume for Karl Rove.

          And, why do I think that?


          The only people who actually believe all this crap are Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc.

          Most of them are strictly ideologues. Too ingrained in the culture of the moneyed “conservative” movement to be able to even think like normal people.

          Karl, on the other hand, is a cold, calculating, power thirsty, money hungry, delusional psychopath, willing to screw the moneyed crowd as well as the poor and middle class in order to get what he wants.

          What better way for him to spread his filth than to create an idiotic moron who can incite the opposition in heated rhetoric?

          I rest my case.

          • plc97477 says:

            Wow. I think you could be right. Makes sense now.

          • mah101 says:

            You might be on to something there… However, if Karl’s intent is to convince people that he has a better approach, or to inflame opinion against the President, I think that he should re-analyze his strategy. This one doesn’t work too well.

          • Guys, ignore Lana, she is a troll. Her goal is to disrupt civil debate by making statements so bizarre that dozens of rational posters are distracted from the subject matter and engage in responses that allow her to achieve her goals. The worst thing you can do to a troll is to ignore her.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            To realize just how warped she is, go to her favorite Website, “The Rightscoop”, and see where she gets he information. Maybe we should pity her rather than vilify her, seeing how she has been deprived of a decent education that should have prepared her for the adult world by teaching her critical thinking.

          • Hillbilly says:

            Dominick, Lana Wood is male according to every irate post he posted after being called some nasty names that males have been known to use when they get very angry at a female last year.

        • plc97477 says:

          If they were getting their monies worth she would change the message once in a while. I hope they are not paying too much.

      • Allen Richardson needs a glass belly-button so he can see where he’s going. And what does he mean by ‘Omuslim?’
        Love and Peace, Jon Robison

      • Okay, you steaming pile of ordure, *pay attention*.

        This is not about Obama, it’s about rape, stupidity, and reality.

        And, not that I’m sorry to tell you this, it’s not illegal to be a black man that got elected President!

        By the way, for trying to hijack Dom’s comment thread, I have flagged your vile issue as inappropriate.

        Have a nice day.

        • lana ward says:

          WOW you’re just like Omuslim!! Flag my comment you coward little bitch. Threaten just like Omuslim does he doesn’t get his own way! You’re a joke

      • roguerunners says:


      • jointerjohn says:

        When you turn everything that has nothing to do with the President, into a comment redirected about the President you only demonstrate your obsession with the man. Like a third-grader’s crush on a classmate expressed by hurling snowballs. I’m wondering, do you ever post when you have a blood alcohol content of less than .25?

        • lana ward says:

          Go to Youtube. Type in, ” The Democrats caused the financial crisis “. It starts with Andrew Cuomo and ends with young Attorney Barack Obama suing the banks to give subprime loans to the poor. The Republicans have been blamed all this time when this all started under Clinton

      • 1EdMeadows83 says:

        Lana, is that what they taught you last year in the third grade?

        • lana ward says:

          Go to Youtube. Type in, ” How the Democrats caused the financial crisis “. It starts with Andrew Cuomo and ends with a young Attorney Barack Obama suing the banks to make subprime loans to the poor. Obama and the dems are why we have this crisis and they bald face lie and say it was Bush!!!– See Obama speak in his OWN words!!!!!

      • RobertCHastings says:

        And is America pregnant as a result? Stop spewing your idiotic venom and go out and get laid. What, in any way, shape or form, does your post have to do with the article? Do you agree or disagree with what the writer presents, or are you just spewing out your hatred of the President? Sounds like the latter.

        • lana ward says:

          This article is talking about rape!! I’m saying Omuslim has raped America because HE HAS. Don’t like it? don’t read it

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Your comments rarely have anything to do with any of these articles’ main contents. You’ve been an irritant all along.

            Rarely do you contribute anything but hate-speech.

            You’ve been flagged!

          • lana ward says:

            You better have flagged Fern Woodfork too or you’re a hypocrite!!! I don’t know how any of her posts go through with all the swearing!!! You are just an evil spoiled bully just like Omuslim!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Yes, I’ve been caught up in that “dooo” myself. My Apologies to this wonderful Blog.

            Won’t happen again.

            In the mean times, as far as I’m concerned, no comments from me directed at your comments, especially if they are Off-Topic and/or disgusting in nature.

            I will flag you for now on until this Blog does something about YOU. And, if this quashes your freedom of speech, so be it. Everyone else on this Blog who is offended by you and others like you should as well.

            You are an extremely disgusting person that needs to be squashed like a bug. And, in my humble opinion, you aren’t the only one.

            Personally, this Blog and it’s managers need to put in a policy where swearing (some my fault, but no more) isn’t allowed and your infantile off-topic remarks, as well as anyone elses, should be removed.

            A Flag Button by each comment would be a great idea.

            Some of you people have turned an otherwise enjoyable Blog into a Sewer Pit.

            Enough is enough!

          • lana ward says:

            You’re one step ahead of Omuslim in quashing free speech. You beat him to it. You see my name, don’t read my comment, jerk. Should be as easy as that. You humble, you’re a hypocrite. If I continue to offend you, tough. Grow up, cry baby

          • lana ward says:

            Crybaby little coward. You can dish it out but you sure can’t take it!! Boo Hoo

      • progressiveandproud says:

        Lana, do you just sit and troll websites all day, or do you have some sort of life away from your computer?

        You really should get counseling. You seem to be obsessed with Obama. Perhaps leaving FOX “news” and venturing out into the real world could help?

        • lana ward says:

          Go to Youtube. Type in ” How the Democrats caused the financial crisis “. It starts with Andrew Cuomo and ends with young Attorney Barack Obama suing banks to make subprime loans to the poor. So WHO caused this mess to begin with??? It sure wasn’t the Republicans!!!—See Obama speak his own words!!

  6. janmbt says:

    I don’t really know. Is the popular comment after a republican makes an insinuating stupid remark.

    • mah101 says:

      And it is a redundant comment. We already know that they don’t know.

      Just wish they’d shut up BEFORE uttering their stupidity and ignorance…

  7. Clearly the stupidity of this party has no bounds….pity that they are raising children that will go on to embrace their warped, yet often comical, theories…

  8. kanawah says:

    First she “steps in it”, then she licks it off.

  9. Felix says:

    I have the feeling that some of those Republicans are digging their own graves, wasting time talking about rape and anti-gate is not going to solve our problem neither their will reach the White House.

    It is about time the Republicans bring fresh faces to the Party and tell those angry middle age white men to shut up! It is time to solve our problem and do not spend their time spilling poison!

  10. Kansan says:

    “the conscience of the Republican Party”

    Quite an oxymoron.

  11. OMG, when will it end??
    ~ A Compulsive Over-eater will find ways to JUSTIFY Their Actions
    ~ A Functional Alcoholic will find ways to JUSTIFY Their Actions
    ~ A Domestic Abuser will find ways to JUSTIFY Their Actions
    ~ A Racist or Bigot will find ways to JUSTIFY Their Actions
    ~ A Bank Robber will find ways to JUSTIFY Their Actions
    ~ A Terrorist will find ways to JUSTIFY Their Actions
    AND then we have These Guys, over & over……

  12. It’s not just that she believes something SO sub-moronic; it’s that she’s stupid enough to actually say it out loud. This is the problem with today’s Republicans; they just can’t keep their mouths shut to prevent all that stupidity from tumbling out like verbal diarrhea.

    Republicans are headed down a path from which there is no return. Their incredible lack of education, their almost comical ability to believe their own self-invented version of reality (Romney’s going to win by a LANDSLIDE..!), they are all in their own way, Dick Morris; unable to see, hear or comprehend anything that’s not force-fed to them by the right wing radio turds, or by Fox News.

    When reality becomes your enemy and you start to fight against it as being “liberal”, then your party is in DEEP trouble.

    • Hillbilly says:

      What makes it so stupid is that this is was a woman doing the talking about a female rape victim and the fact that she seemed to have no idea how her reproducative system works at the age of she looks to be about 55 could be older. That old and doesn’t how or why her own body does certain things each month every month. She must have been a none all her life.

  13. sleeprn01 says:

    Dear Lana,
    How many white presidents needed to show their long form birth certificates. How many had a popular radio talk show host say, even before he took office, that he hopes he fails. How many of former white presidents had the opposite party hold a meeting the night of their inauguration as to how they were going to keep them from having any political victories. How many white presidents had the senate minority leader say publicly that their first goal is to make sure he is a one term president. How many recent white presidents had numerous slurs cast upon him such as:
    -Beck..”this president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over again, who has a deep seated hatred for white people or white culture…”

    -Beck.. “This guy is a Marxist,…whose secret mission was to turn America into a communist dictatorship”.

    -Savage, nee Micheal Weiner.. “An Afro-Leninist,” “America’s 1st affirmative action candidate,” “a Muslim”. “even more of a terrorist than Chavez”.

    -Limbaugh.. parody song” Barack the Magic Negro”, “the only reason Obama won is because Obama is black…”, referring to pictures of Obama, “These pictures, they look demonic.”

    _Palin.. “Pals around with terrorist”.

    _Bachmann.. suggested that Obama was guilty of terrorism by causing an epidemic of swine flu in 2009.

    -Trump.. Demanding to see Obama’s Harvard Law School grades, a way of saying that Obama got into law school at Harvard because he was black.

    – Ugly stereotypes about blacks used against Obama: Rove.. “Lazy” Lynn Westmoreland.. “Uppity” Geoff Davis..”That boy” Limbaugh.. “you can’t criticize the little black man child…”
    Palin..”is not a man who sees America as you and I see it”. Christine O’Donnell..”he’s anti-American”.

    The hate the Obama campaign had nothing to do with the issues but with painting him as evil and a dangerous man who hates America. So in review some of the names that President Obama has call are: Racist, Marxist, Neo-Marxist Fascist Dictator, Magic Negro, Muslim, terrorist, Nazi, Foreigner,Jackass, Adulterer, Socialist, and Communist.

    This is just a smattering of the toxic talk that has been directed toward President Obama and we haven’t even touched the offensive signs seen at tea party protests. The rhetoric from the tea party was not only ugly and racist but violent and filled with gun centered innuendos e.g. Ted Nugent. You don’t see the racism because you watch too much Fox news, but then again perhaps you don’t see any of the above comments as racist.

    P.S. I am white by the way


    • Hillbilly says:

      It is best to just ignore Mr. Lana Wood, he post the same stuff every day. No matter how many it is proven to him that everything he posts is a lie or a figment of his sick mind, he keeps posting the same hate, racists remarks. I do not bother to even reply to any of his posts any more unless I am replying to someone else who has replyed to some of his crazy remarks. I am calling him a male because last year he posted about in March that he was a male. I am white also.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        Yes, reply to IT by using third-party comments to someone else.

        Don’t even give it the dignity of a direct reply.

        I am also contacting the managers of this Blog about IT’S constant inflammatory remarks which largely makes no sense and is generally always off-topic.

        Enough is enough!

        • Sand_Cat says:

          C’mon, he/she is a daily bit of entertainment combined with a reminder of how batshit crazy the opposition is!

      • sleeprn01 says:

        What you say is exactly true, however I feel a moral obligation to point out his ignorance. I cannot change this bigot’s mind, perhaps I can educate some others who live on every lie told by fox news. Any way I like to beat my head against a hard wall; I’m hoping I will feel better when I stop. I very much appreciate your comment! Thank you, Sleeprn
        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: GOP Ignorance About Rape And Pregnancy Not Limited To Men

  14. AttilatheBlond says:

    Trying to get some here to use logic and face facts is a tough exercise. Good luck getting through to the bigots and haters. I gave up on them.

  15. AttilatheBlond says:

    We stand a better chance of spotting Big Foot having a picnic with Nessie than ever witnessing “the conscience of the Republican Party”

  16. nobsartist says:

    More news from idiots.

    Isnt there a kindergarten out there somewhere that can trump this news piece?

  17. bpai99 says:

    Another article that demonstrates what so many people fail to grasp: to conservatives, science is only valid if it supports their personal beliefs. Otherwise, it’s invalid.

  18. leadvillexp says:

    I’ve been reading the comments and find the name calling absurd, it really gets alot done. The President can’t do the budget or write the law of the land, it takes the legislature. Until the two parties decide to work together for the people that voted them in there it will be deadlock and will keep going down hill. It won’t matter if the President is Democrat or Republican. I am a Republican who voted for President Obama twice because I believed in him. I also voted against Governor Cuomo and will do so again as he is a bad Governor. Whether you like the President or not something more disturbing is HJ Res 15 by Rep. Jose Serrano. It’s not been spoken of much but everyone should take the time to look it up. That is how dictatorships can start.

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