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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

America got a glimpse today of the cynicism that infects Paul Ryan and the Republican leadership in Congress — even as the Speaker expressed his continuing support for Donald Trump, whose campaign is now officially under investigation by special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller.

In remarks about the deepening Russia scandal that threatens to engulf Trump’s presidency, Ryan cautioned against a “rush to judgment,” urged a search for “facts,” but added: “It is obvious that there are some people out there who want to harm the president.” And when a reporter asked whether he maintains “confidence” in Trump, Ryan replied “I do.”

Only Ryan can explain why he would still trust Trump after learning that the president fired FBI director James Comey to kill the Russia investigation, after asking Comey last February to bury the Michael Flynn case. But it is now clear that the House leadership realized Trump was untrustworthy and unfit no later than last summer — and concealed those suspicions for purely partisan reasons.

According to Washington Post national security reporter Adam Entous, Ryan and his deputy, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), engaged in a frank discussion of Trump’s suspected ties to the Kremlin last June, immediately following news of the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee.

On June 15, 2016, both Ryan and McCarthy held separate meetings at the Capitol with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, who described Russia’s aggressive interference in European politics and how Moscow was “financing our populists, financing people in our governments to undo our governments.”

. Later that day, Ryan and McCarthy met with other members of their leadership group — including Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Steve Scalise, and Patrick McHenry — and talked about the Ukrainian official’s warning. Soon the discussion turned to the news of the DNC hack.

“I’ll guarantee you that’s what it is,” blurted McCarthy with a laugh. “The Russians hacked the DNC and got the opp [opposition] research that they had on Trump.” When Ryan wondered who had received that oppo research from the Russians, McCarthy said, “There’s . . . there’s two people I think Putin pays: [California Republican Rep. Dana] Rohrabacher and Trump.” When his colleagues laughed, he added, “Swear to God.”

At that point Ryan admonished them all, “This is an off the record…No leaks, all right? This is how we know we’re a real family here.”

“That’s how you know that we’re tight,” chirped Scalise.

“What’s said in the family stays in the family,” Ryan reiterated, sounding like a mob capo (and unaware, like so many actual Mafia bosses, that one of his soldiers was recording his comments and would eventually rat).

So House leaders suspected Trump of being compromised in the worst possible way for a future president — and supported him anyway. And they wanted to be sure that voters had no clue to their suspicions.

When Entous told spokespersons for Ryan and McCarthy that the paper was preparing a story about that meeting and read the quotes, they denied that the House leaders had ever said those words. Then when Entous told them that he had a recording of the meeting that the Post had verified, the spokespersons came back with a new explanation: McCarthy had been making “a joke.”

It’s all just too hilarious —  except that these are the clowns who control Congress at a time of grave peril for democracy, in our capital and in the world.

(The full story by Entous provides valuable context, which includes a sidebar transcript, is well worth reading.)

IMAGE: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) leaves after a meeting with Rep. Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill in Washington, October 21, 2015. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas.

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70 Responses to GOP Majority Leader Told Colleagues In 2016: “Putin Pays” Trump

  1. It’s all being described as a joke gone wrong. The universal explanation of anything a Republican says that he decides would have been better unsaid.

  2. I doubt Putin pays Trump. At least not directly. What is likely to emerge, when the special counsel’s investigation concludes, is that the Donald received substantial amounts of money from Russian oligarchs and mobsters before he was elected. Needless to say, that makes him susceptible to bribes or coercion. No wonder he was smiling and clearly happy when he met with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador a few days ago, and kept the U.S. press out of the room. Seeing his buddies, who know him well and are careful not to engage in complex matters when they took to Trump, must have been a most enjoyable experience for The Donald. No more Angela Merkel experiences for Trump. Just keep things at an idiot’s level. The NATO folks understand it. Hopefully the French, British, and by now the Germans learned from the Bear from the East and figured out how to deal with the most incompetent President in U.S. history. He knows how to get easy money, and lots of attention, though…

    • Speaking of Russian oligarchs, trump sold one of his properties to one, for way above fair market value. That’s one way to get his payments.
      Now trump has another one of his houses on the market at a greatly inflated price. I believe it’s in in the Caribbean.
      I hope the investigation extends to the many who are complicit. trump isn’t smart enough to do anything alone. His big yellow stain is far reaching. By complicit, I also mean those who may not have been directly involved with the Russians but have subsequently covered for trump and lied for trump.
      I don’t see pence coming out of this unscathed.

      • That is the reason some people are claiming that Trump was the beneficiary of Russian money laundering, and the reason he is vulnerable to bribes.

      • Finally, at long last an actual intelligent post . . . yes, Trump sold real estate to a Russian bigwig, possibly over market value.

        If true does that make him a crook or does that make him a smart business man; i.e., the goal for investors is to buy low and sell high, even morons know this simple fact 🙂

        Mueller will either prove or disprove the transaction . . . I, personally, am waiting till the FACTS come out.

        • Are you attempting to compliment me at the expense of someone who has bested you in a response? I can think of no other reason as there are quite a few intelligent posts here. Perhaps if you read more you’d know there is considerably more evidence than 2 scoops of ice cream and Russian dressing needed to justify an investigation. When there is an investigation, you do know, there won’t be daily reports to the public on said evidence? I always assume even morons know this simple fact.
          Trump is a highly leveraged business man who has had some successes. I’m not sure I’d call him smart.
          Most people do not pay 13M over FMV and follow the seller around to different events across the country. showing up to events on the same day as evidenced by flight records either. There are other pieces of the puzzle surrounding this deal which will form the big picture. It would seem unlikely that all these pieces turn out to be coincidences. There are already a good number of these pieces that have been substantiated and are now FACTS. Enough to create a dire need for a special council. I’m betting few of them will come out of this unscathed. Trump manages to permanently stain those around him.

          • Yes, it will take time to do a thorough investigation, but, so far, a few of your wacko standard bearers (al green, maxine waters, Nancy “Wackosi”, et al) are beating their gums for Impeachment.

            The only proven evidence, to date, is two scoop of ice cream and an occasional, Russian salad dressing 🙂

            Unlike the FAKE NEWS of the Left I await some valid proof of wrong doing . . . . . proof like we already have on “the witch” and her EMail Treason which may have gotten CIA agents killed in China?


          • Yeah, well, believe what you want based on your own fears,feelings and fantasy. I prefer facts as opposed to your alternate facts.
            You should also learn the definition of treason. Because you wish for it doesn’t make it so and deflection and projection doesn’t change that trump and his band of miscreants who are complicit are getting flushed. The cleaning of the cesspool is under way.

          • The more accurate description of what is actually going on is: Seditious Conspiracy; i.e., organized and/or coordinated conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.


            This is going on every day in every single way by many of those on the Demented-Left. At some point an attorney who needs to make a boat payment, will figure it out.

  3. I guess we have to gloss over McCarthy’s statement since he’s representative of Californicate . . . . they “re-hired” Governor MoonBeam who’s driving the state directly into the sewer with great fanfare.

    • You mean the State that is still trying to recover from Governor Reagan and the disaster known as Proposition 13? The State where voter initiatives (usually Conservative driven) force the State to either provide services or cut taxes but do not provide on how to pay for those functions? You mean the state where Google and Apple executives cannot afford to buy homes because they are too damn expensive?
      Just Checkin’.

      • Spot On! You pretty much described Californicate to a “T”.

        I see the left still blames Governor Reagan after 50 years. The problem has been with your out of control Legislature and Democrat Operatives.

        As for Googe and Apple executives not being able to buy homes . . what about the hundreds of thousands of lower level folks who do the innovating?

        Many have left and moved to the Midwest (TX, etc.) over the past decade and taken their wealth and innovation abilities with them.

    • California can hold its head high in this national atmosphere of right wing meanness and out of control stupidity fueled by the IdiotChild in the Oval Office and his band of syncopates, most if not all of whom will go down with him, including Ryan and Pence and the Trump Grifter Family with the exception of poor little special needs boy Baron.

    • Yeah man that has so much to do with the article.
      Weird how you’re so desperate to downplay & distract from treason, but you know: you ARE an America-hating coward traitor.

      • The whole article was centered around McCarthy stating that President Trump was being “paid” by the Russians.

        “McCarthy said, “There’s . . . there’s two people I think Putin pays: [California Republican Rep. Dana] Rohrabacher and Trump.”

        So far, after months of “investigations” all they have on President Trump is that he likes “two scoops of ice cream” and Russian dressing on his salads.

        Wow . . . that’s really incriminating!

        • Well, to be fair, having zero staff actually doing any investigating DOES slow things down a bit, right?

          • The FBI has been investigating for nearly a year, the House and Senate “Select Committees” for a few months . . . two scoops of ice cream and Russian Dressing are their findings.

          • Meh. Took a few years for them to investigate Nixon. Nixon and Agent Orange both tried to stall or eliminate the investigation by firings. Agent Orange took it a step further by first invoking a loyalty oath, and then firing Comey when he requested more resources (thus proving to be disloyal to 45.) The true cherry on top was having the Rothenstein gin up a letter of grievances after the fact.

            Hopefully the connections will be brought to light next summer.

          • Again, it took TWO YEARS for the Nixon investigation to get to fruition. Next summer we’ll see if Agent Orange goes to trial for selling the White House to the Russians.

        • Haha yeah if you ignore all the other stuff and pretend REAL HARD then there’s no treason.

          Traitor. Coward.

          • So far, two scoops of ice cream and Russian Dressing is all that’s been proven, after months of investigations . . . the “other stuff” is what obamba, “the witch” and ex-President Jarrett are guilty of.

          • Yes if you pretend SUPER HARD you can convince yourself of ANYTHING, no matter how stupid or treasonous.

            Traitor. Bootlicker.

          • For the genius you think you are and your STUPID responses, you must be a Far-Out-Leftist who hates FACTS 🙂

          • More sympathetic for your contempt of ‘delete your tomato brain’ I could not be, but don’t judge Democrats and the left by that idiot.

        • Considering what Brown inherited he has made vast improvements, no matter what your right wing rag says.

        • Rich, I’ve been reading your pathetic attempts to cover up for Trump, and it’s a shame you’ve chosen to debase yourself on Trump’s behalf.
          What do you hope to accomplish by your deflections from the obvious concerning Trump? Isn’t the simple fact that he’s an inveterate liar, a serial groper of women, and has a case of narcissism on a scale unparalleled in human history?
          Or, are you simply blinded by a misplaced to devotion to a small-minded self-conceited man who has no business in the WH. And just having a blind unsubstantiated faith that Russia wasn’t involved in helping Trump’s candidacy is the acme of naivete and being servile to an ideology.

          There’s far more than two scoops of ice cream involved, if only you would remove that blind spot of yours.

  4. the spokespersons came back with a new explanation: McCarthy had been making “a joke.”
    No, these clowns ARE the joke

  5. no one in their right mind should ever have loyal to DONNY DUMP . he uses it as a card in his nasty game waiting to play it and use it to screw anyone and every one he can . as its said the DUMPSTER told COMEY to give Flynn a pass and let the whole thing go . as the sneaky dirt bag the DUMPSRET is im sure when it comes time to testify he will say I was testing COMEY only testing him to see if he was doing his job and telling his boss at the FBI what I said and told him to do . and then the clown will say it worked because I found out in my own investigation of COMEY that he didn’t do his job and that’s why I fired him . he could of and should of told his boss at the FBI what happen right away . as I see it if a police officer was to arrest a big time drug dealer for having one joint you would think it would be better to find out more about the dealer and wait till you can bust them for tons of coke . even being the president (and a dirty , nasty .evil one that fraud, con, & scammed his way through his life . evil ones like the DUMPSTER should pay for all thy have done. still who’s to say that the DUMPSTER still wont try a testing BULLSHIfTING move and say he told COMEY to do that Hillary thing 8 days before the election . the DUMPSTER to try to save his cold heartless worthless rear im sure there’s nothing the clown would try . if DONNY DUMPS world before being president the only LAW he knew was to fire people that didn’t do as he said or just didn’t get enough out of them . waiting now for THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW to child tweet something about Roger Ailes to put some junky fix of attention on himself

  6. as for the Dracula look alike speaker he said what’s said in the family stays in the family if only EVERY THING in the GOP gang of pinheads family was to stay in the family the country would be a lot better off !

    • Lyin’ King Ryan, head of the Ayn Rand family in the U.S. Congress. Of course, Ayn herself had no loyalty to others in her family.

  7. This is a classic example of FAKE MSM reporting. The comments that were made were made as a joke and that has already been confirmed. Yet, just like CNN published a story they knew was FAKE, the WP published this as “news”. Why didn’t they release the “tape”? Because they knew it would debunk their FAKE story. Yet based up the fake outrage, you would think there was actual truth to their story.
    Face it, the Dems have nothing left. Voters are abandoning them as each fake “scandal” proves to be nothing but a desperate attempt to swap public opinion. However, it is doing exactly the opposite.

      • Yup, it’s another example of a FAKE story. The comments were made as a spoof, but you low information sheep are so desperate because your party is wandering helplessly around, that you believe it as being true.
        I guess you still believe the FAKE MSM polls that showed HilIARy was leading and would win in a landslide. How did that work out for you? Ha, ha

        • So that’s why the cabal was sworn by Ryan to secrecy, right? To keep the “funny joke” secret from the rest of the world? That’s why Ryan didn’t endorse Agent Orange until the last possible moment, because it was “funny”?

          No, I believe when McCarthy said “swear to God” that he meant it, and when Ryan swore them to secrecy he also meant it. The entire group believed that Agent Orange was a paid Russian mole, that he was (and still is) Putin’s puppet. He’s since proved it by inviting TASS “reporters” to plant mikes in the oval office.

          Wake up before Agent Orange invites Putin to take over.

          • Why do you insist on demonstrating you’re clueless? Do you think when Seth or Tiny does a skit that the dialog is in fact true? Obviously you do. This was nothing more than some joking banter and the FAKE MSM knows this. This is like the FAKE dossier that CNN (knowing in advance it was a work of fiction) published. They were hoping low information sheep like you would believe it.
            So it all boils down to how dumb do you wish to look? You fell for the FAKE MSM polls showing HilLIARy leading. Now, you’re falling for the FAKE “scandals”. Notice how NONE of the
            “scandals” are growing legs. So when their FAKE “scandal” sinks, they move on to another “scandal”. The public has started to recognized the Dems are just following the FAKE MSM made up “scandals” and will take it out on the Dems in 2018.

          • So that’s why McCarthy said “swear to God”? So that’s why Ryan swore the cabal to secrecy?

            When Putin sends his next set of instructions over to Agent Orange, I hope they directly impact you, personally.

          • Poor john, you’er so naive and keep proving it. I guess you didn’t read the part about those who were present who said that McCarthy winked when he said “swear to god”. Why do you think they didn’t release the proof, because, just like the fake dossier story, they knew they would like like fools.
            Yup, you’re apparently dumber than dirt and just keep proving it.

          • The only thing fake is your humanity, uninformed one. By repeating the “FAKE” mantra, you only delude yourself.
            FOX has eviscerated your mind, and you are left being a hollow little man, eagerly being a pom-pom girl for Trump. Now, shake it to the left, and shake it to the right, as you shout:


          • Poor AofP, you think that you can just bully your way around. Well, you did that leading up to the election when you claimed my polls were lying about President Trump winning a MANDATE. How did that work out for you?
            Poor Eleanore was spewing blood from her eyes making statements that she and her gaggle of hens were going to have HilLIARY (after her win) come push toilet paper over my face. She’s still in self-denial mode, just as you are.
            The Russia scandal has died unless Mueller opens up the Clinton/obozo investigation and you guys surely don’t want that pill to swallow.

          • Just a broken record—That is the story of your life, and will be the inscription on your tombstone. A man who became so obsessed with partisan politics that he forgot to live and neglected utterly to develop his soul—just rotted away rooting for a genitals-grabbing, narcissistic, inveterate liar. What a dubious record to take with you into the next world.

            Is that how you want to leave this world???

          • I can’t believe you think so little of Bill Clinton! I know HilLIARy made those comments about Billy Boy, but you too?

    • Yeah it’s FAKE even though it’s on tape and the people on the tape have said it was them, FAKE FAKE FAKE that must be it.


      • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”: this message was automatically generated because you expressed interest in purchasing a Donald J. Trump presidential banner.
        Yup, it’s FAKE. The conversation was taken from a comical routine and listening to the recording (notice the story didn’t include the recording) because it would have made it obvious that the story was merely a spoof.

        I guess you believe that when SNL or Seth or other mediocre comedians, do a skit, that the story is then true. And you wonder why you’re considered low information.

        So HELLpy, it’s posts like this that keep you in the “usually inaccurate” crowd. I noticed your current accuracy rating is still below 20%. Only one out of 5 of your posts is accurate! Meanwhile, I’m still riding above the 95% accuracy rate (that means 19 out of 20!) are accurate.
        You make it far too easy for me to keep my accuracy rating high.

        • So no link, huh. I just got voted Most Accurate And Best Poster and given six gold stars.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”: this message was automatically generated because you expressed interest in purchasing a Donald J. Trump presidential banner.
            You can try to hide your identity, but your inaccuracy gives you away. <1 out of 5 accurate! Ha, ha

          • So no link, huh. I just got voted Most Accurate And Best Poster and given six gold stars.

          • You’re a broken record, uninformed one. Must you masturbate your ego in public for so many? Get a room, please. You insist on shaming yourself openly. Is this a fetish of yours?

          • Poor AofP, talk about repeating. How many times did you made the false statement that HilLIARy was going to win and probably in a landslide? Hmm, and how many times did I post the truth that she was behind in the polls.
            You go flog yourself in the safe room and join HELLpy. At least you didn’t have to change you moniker (like HELLpy) does to keep from getting banned.

  8. and the government finds outs what happen going on and who did what . as for THE DUMPSTER no matter how much crap he piled up and did he always had a way out . being screwing yes a lot but still it was his escape hatch he would just SCREW the would thing and go BANKRUPT what 5 or 6 times . and all that time still stiffing people out of money for jobs thy did already his get out of the trouble he got himself in and many others he would snake out money and then go bankrupt . all the time scamming con and fraud getting money out of his filing of bankrupt . and giving the chance (and he has already ran his campaign on it putting the country in the biggest debt in history . that’s his goal . he talks now of the country being divided is the DUMPSTR him self that’s doing the dividing

  9. the thing now with THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW set’s back and says we have to get all this stuff behind us (all stuff the clown is talking about is all the BULL & BULLSHIfTING he has done and caused .) putting this behind us WHY DUMPSTER ? so you can pile up more crap in front to try to snake it behind us again ? see the DUMPSTERS history is in fact when he got stuck with his piling up the bull he would try to fire people and just plan BULLSHIfTING every thing but now its the government and not one of your business you would bury . its the government not so much the forgetting type and hiding all the piles of crap . the government gets these things (nothing like you did do and or would love to do )

  10. when at the end and it’s all comes down to credibility and who is more trustworthy (as in who tells the truth and who lies all the time ) in a court of law DONNY DUMP has no credibility of telling the truth . the things these days I cant understand why the media dosent just ask the DUMPSTER after he answers one of their questions (more then likely he’s lying ) if that is the truth and ask him is he lying ? its the media that has to push him to the wall and make him answer the questions of are you lying DONNY DUMP . as for the DU8MPSTERS cult brainwashed staff to ask them if thy are lying thy can only say no thy are not .(and to them thy are not lying for its the truth of what the DUMPSTER told them to say ) the thing now is FBI and any one that is handling this whole DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW should be making sure that thy know thy can and will be a part of it as accomplice’s of the crimes and thy will be held accountably for their parts . to know things are wrong and do and or say nothing is a crime . is it and would it be a form of scaring them ? well its more to the form of the FACTS and to let them know thy will be the ones that suffer for not telling all . and if thy try to protect the DUMPSTER CLOWN its their lives that will suffer .

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