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Friday, January 20, 2017

GOP Spokesman: ‘Let’s Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators’

Jay Townsend, the communications director for Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth, has an interesting solution for dealing with female Democrats: “hurl some acid” at them.

Townsend fired the latest shot in the war on women via Facebook last week, in response to a commenter named Tom.

When is Tommy boy going to weigh in on all the Lilly Ledbetter hypocrites who claim to be fighting the War on Women? Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won’t abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector.

Dozens of outraged constituents immediately attacked Townsend’s comments.

“Acid attacks are particularly brutal, aimed almost solely at women, with the intent to maim and disfigure,” one commenter replied. “I couldn’t imagine a worse piece of invective from someone who puts the Republican war on women in quotes.”

“Suggesting that someone throw acid in women’s faces is, in a word, despicable. The Taliban is NOT a role model,” wrote another.

Ironically, Townsend — who has worked on more than 300 political campaigns in more than 25 different states — offers free campaign and communication tips on his website. In the section “What do you do when a prominent supporter does something idiotic?” Townsend suggests that “you have about three seconds to put some distance between yourself and the idiot.”

“When a prominent supporter goes off the reservation and says something idiotic, YOU need to be the one to set the record straight and you need to do it immediately and forcefully,” he writes.

Representative Hayworth has not acted on her spokesman’s own advice; as of now, Townsend is still with the campaign.

Another section on Townsend’s site offers a list of “the 10 worst mistakes candidates make.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to include “hiring Jay Townsend.”

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116 Responses to GOP Spokesman: ‘Let’s Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators’

  1. Here’s a new word for all you leftist nutjobs out there that describes Obozo’s tenure and his “fundamental transformation of America” quite well…

    Ineptocracy – (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) — A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    There’s a lot in that definition, my leftist nutjob friends. Keep reading it. You may actually understand it at some point.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Isn’t this something I read that radical Muslims do to the women that disagree with their philosophies? Republicans keep trying to convince us that all Muslims are evil, but it appears the repukes aren’t any different.

    • You’re correct, Harold. A Pakistani woman- Fakhar Younus- had acid poured onto her face by her ex-husband while one of their sons watched in 2002. She barely survived the attack and underwent 39 surgeries. The horrific attack also burned off her hair, fused her lips, blinded her in one eye, destroyed her left ear and melted her breasts. It was savage to say the least.

      The husband was charged with attempted murder in 2002 but was aquitted of the crime! After suffering this additional injustice, being left horribly disfigured and in pain, Fakhar comitted suicide by jumping 6 stories to her death.

      There are 8,500 reports of acid attacks on women from Pakistan and India. Jay Townsend should be horse whipped for suggesting such a thing.

  3. Hurling any type of acid or chemical at a woman is the act of an impotent coward. This statement exemplifies the GOP’s continuing war on women and escalates it to the same level as Taliban and/or Al Queda type terrorists. This is why Nan Hayworth should dump this terrorist (my opinion), YESTERDAY and do her best to discredit him as a human being. Alina Salvat.

  4. Mt wife is an open advocate of womens rights and I support her 100%. It would be my desire that this bespectacled bald headed wimp meet me face to face and even suggest throwing acid in the face of any woman. But, that will never happen because this man, like tricky dicky cheney is a career wharf rat making his living as a parasite in politics. He is not a man.

  5. “The Taliban is NOT a role model”???

    Apparently they ARE a role model. Ever since 911, the political conservatives in this country have been pushing us toward rigid theocracy. This is yet another example of the kinds of attitudes that live in the hearts of the extremists. They want freedom for themselves and they intend to get it by subjugating (or assaulting) anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

    • Thank you John, I’ve been thinking that for quite some time now. A theocracy, accomplished in part by crying out about a ‘war on religion,’ by which they mean their particular brand of Conservative Christian beliefs. Jon Stewart made the point beautifully when he said “I believe you’ve confused a ‘war on religion’ with not getting everything you want.”

      • Oh, come on guys !! Townsend IS a complete IDIOT but that does NOT mean that he represents the feelings/beliefs of all (or even a minority of) Republicans …
        Let’s not get carried away!

      • stop fooling yourself i do not know for sure,no one does. but i choose to not believe in god gods or santa clause. i do believe the church is a dictatorship at best.

    • the ameican taliban can be found in all the confederate states that rebelled against the USA the worst state for idiotic church behavior and theocracy is texas next south carolina.


    • Hey Barndung
      You looney right wing idiot. Yourc rhetoric must be indicative of your intelligence which – by your profile and other comments – you are totally lacking. After dilligent thought – the word Idiot would actually be a compliment to your “intelligence”. Go crawl back under your rock.

    • Are you aware the Grover Norquist -who most elected Republicans have signed allegiance to – has a Muslim Wife and in 2011 hired a Muslim protege? In addition, Norquist supported the attempts to build an Islamic Center near gound zero and attemped to get the Republican party to reverse their decision on this.

      Paul Ryan’s budget is based on the teachings and writings of his idol an Athiest. So by your logic of guilt by association all Republicans are Muslims and Athiests.

    • 40 head of milk cattle couldn’t produce the amount of shit you did in just 3 illiterate sentences. But most of the cows could probably do a better job of spelling. I think one would have to look far and wide, high and low to find a Muslim half as crazy as you.

  7. The man is a terrorist. He’s advcating terroist attacks against women. He’s obviusly sending a not so subtle message to the wingnuts that one of them shoud act on his threat. Contresswoman Hayworth shud be asked wh she chooses to retain a terrorist on her staff.

  8. If any statement by a republican has shown more disrespect to women I’d like to see it. If any woman thinks that the Republican party is on their side here is the proof they aren’t. Funny no one on the Republican side has repudiated this comment. Where is that spineless Mitt Romney on this?


    • For all you people who were wondering how anyone could be so stupid, Jcarroll just topped Jay Townsend for #1 idiot of the year.

    • One shouldn’t comment on the Qur’an and its laws unless you understand the context in which it was revealed, to whom it was addressed, and when it was addressed. Many Muslims have also lost sight of this, and therefore try to apply 7th century laws and admonitions to modern day times. There is a discontinuity to do so. People of African ancestry could well have the same opinion of Christianity as what you express, given the prevalence of slavery, lynchings, and Jim Crow attitudes. The image of putting wine in an old wineskin may apply here. This is why Religion must be progressive and renewed to address the exigencies of a new era.

    • So Barnhole, you also think a little acid in women’s faces would cure the problem.. Guess we know where your coming from. You say “Anybody but Obama” and we’ll worry about the next election.. We say keep Obama and make him conform to our wants and needs or oust his ass. And another thing.. QUIT YELLING!! It’s unbecoming of the mentally ill.

  10. There are no words to describe this piece of SXXT i am sure you can figure out the missing letters. With morons like this speaking for the Republican Party about not only women but members of congress they will have to buy another election like they did in 2000 & 2004. Jay (piece of trash) should be made to publically stand in front of congress and apologize for this callous remark to all members and then be fired on he spot for his remarks.

  11. thats the difference betwenn dem and reps, reps do say all kinds of stupid idiotic acts and they dopnt get fired,,and dont resign, dont mean it whem they apologi, blames other for stuff they done or say..

  12. He shows the contempt the GOP has for women. Romney,as a Mormon, wants women put in their place(barefoot and pregnant) as does this little puck. I imagine he is Gay to make such a statement. He is pissed because no woman would have anything to do with him and wopmen are smarter than him. A little toady who makes a livimg off of the braindead GOP bigots. Why did the news media even print this crap.? Ladies of all parties, stand up and show these little boys that you are a someone to be reckand with. VOTE FOR OBAMA and stop this crazyness!

  13. This sort of jerk-comment brings into sharper relief, once again, the disease that has gripped the hearts and minds of those so attached to extremist partisan political ideologies. Only a coward of the lowest kind would suggest such a thing, let alone actually do it.
    Let’s do the “socialist” thing and provide psychiatric care for such individuals before they make good their threats. Maybe the so-called “Obamacare” might prove helpful, or whatever.
    Methinks I hear the extremists shouting, “Calling all Taliban! Calling all Taliban!”

  14. For any civilized person or human person to say such a thing is morally reprehensible. Not only must he be fired but he should be inprisoned because such a monster has no right being out with humans. He must go to the worst prison and be with his own kind, put him in the morally degenerate section. Does he have any idea what acid does to a person. If this doesn’t bother him maybe they should just let him have his own punishment. No one should even utter this thought or think it and if the person is saying this he should be taken out of office and placed with the Hannibal Lectors and over over the top criminals. May God cause this man to eat his words.

  15. Good Grief! Some of these extreme right-wing Republicans have gone completely out of their minds. I cannot believe an American actually said something so insane and hateful. If this is what the Republicans are coming to — I want absolutely no part of them.

  16. Like the saying goes, one bad apple ruins the basket. But if you think this kind of invective (which is deplorable, even if not meant literally, and for all I know, this might be meant literally) is reserved to just Republicans, think again. Just read some of the comments here, and you will find generalizations and suggestions that are thinly veiled threats are rampant on those who are attacking this outrageous post. This guy, and those who respond in kind are no better than Howard Stern, who makes his living off of making shocking statements and allegations. Shame on all who sink to this level, and that includes some of the commentators here.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Funny, but some people are ready to stone this guy, but they cannot see the hypocrisy of their own stance…

    • Lyle, it’s pretty naive to use this particular biblical quote in this instance. This guy (Townsend) is soliciting violence against public figures who, on the best days along with their male collegues, are vulnerable to harm. We just don’t need this sort of talk. It seems that all civility in our society is totally gone. There’s nothing complicated about people like this keeping their hateful mouths shut. It just goes back to basic eitquette that should have been taught in their homes when they were young. But, maybe that’s the problem. Momma and Daddy didn’t feel it necessary to teach respect for others.

  17. This shouldn’t be surprising. From Nazism to fascist to traitorous to sniper targets, there is no violent imagery that the Republicans will not employ to rouse the rabble that is their supporters. It’s quite positive that many have spoken out against this obscenity, but lets face it: the Republicans have made an art out of courting mouth breathing Bible banging gun nut hypocrites who insult and denigrate a child shot by a deranged gunman and talk about shooting atheists in the head.

    It is hopelessly naive to believe that “ignore the fringe and it will go away” will work when what was once fringe lunacy is part of mainstream political rhetoric. It is not possible to “legitimize by addressing” any further that which has become standard tactics.

    • Democrats would not hurl acid at anyone excavatoreddie but some of the nut cases in the Republican Party would and say they deserved it. Since this man is the campaign manager for a woman I don’t understand why she didn’t fire him the minute this remark showed up. He is saying about doing this to Democratic women but whats to keep him from advocating the acid throwing at all women. I don’t know if there is a law against making threats to harm someone because of their political beliefs but there is one against advocating terrorist attacks and this man has advocated such action and should be in jail now charged with advocating terrorist attacks against Democratic women senators. Also his remark goes to show that there is a war against women especially the ones in the Democratic party by the Republican party. The Democratic party should make sure that Jerry Townsend statement is known by every woman voter and their husbands, boyfriends, Dads, brothers and all other men voters that care about the females in their lives so if they are thinking of voting Republican this will show how some Republicans running for office really think about women.

    • What have you been excavating lately, eddie? Manure? You’ve got to remember not to stay too long in the hot sun—not good for a translucent skull, and therefore bad for your neurons.

    • Hey, ditch digger Eddie, are you the weekend fil in guy for Idiot Bozo??
      Keep up the good work, make bozo proud and by the way have a nice day!!

  18. i’ve been reading the harry potter series. i’m not sure who voldemont is in the republican party (several worthy names come to mind), but the faithful tea party members do seem like death eaters to me.

  19. There are some sane republicans out there. They are the ones that don’t watch Fox News, if you can call their rhetoric news, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or any of the other hate mongers. They are afraid to speak out because if they do they are vilified by their party. They know there is a war on women, personal freedoms, social programs, education and any rules that will protect safety or the environment. They need to start speaking out against remarks made by the likes of Ted Nugent, Jay Townsend, and the preachers that would put gays behind barbed wire fences until they die, or break their wrists if they act effeminate. Come on sane republicans, speak out against this kind of hate filled rhetoric before another politician is shot or acid is thrown in some woman’s face. There are unbalanced people out there that listen to these kind if statements and your wife, mother, or daughter could be the one with acid thrown on them.

    • Yes, I have to agree.. There are sane Pubs (and Dems) out there.. Their the one’s who are not into politics nor are they their political groupies.. They are the one’s (like the Dems) who wants a greater America and will compromise with the other side to achieve it. Unfortunately the wolves are in control and yelling the loudest.

  20. Was Townsend out of his mind drunk when he said this? How could anyone in this society of instant communication think a comment like that would go unchallanged? These things that appear especially egregious are only the tip of the iceberg. These people become accustomed to not being challenged on other of their hateful blather and once in a while something like this that displays their true colors slips out. Don’t view this as an anomally. See it for what it is. The hateful politics of the far right.

  21. Take your blinders off Hillbilly. People are people and whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc., people make stupid remarks for which they, if they have a consience, are later sorry for. There are Democrats in public office that have made remarks just as stupid as the “hurling acid” remark. I have nothing against females or female politicians. My vote always goes with whoever I feel will do the best job in office, regardless of party affiliation. The citizens of the United States need to clean house of the people that are running our country and start over with people who make decisions based on what is best for our citizens, rather than the self-serving politicians that are in office today. Fat chance of that happening in our lifetime!!!

    • Well, the one’s who are doing this are the one’s we gave a green light to and they took off with it so, if you want to clean house (a very good idea) then you and everyone else needs to keep a short rein and a vigil eye on the new ones, give them ultimatums and rules of conduct else they will see themselves just as privileged as their predecessors and it will all come back and bite us on the ass as it is now.. Make them understand that their job depends entirely on their attention to what the people want and the constitution and bill of rights demand.. New faces, new rules, new g’ment.

  22. maybe someone should throw acid all over him….then maybe he will shut up…the lousy piece of…..

  23. Why in the hell do you want to make a cruel comment on women senators and all women in particular? You ought to be whooped with a cat and nine tails for insulting these women like that! They’re there trying to change things (Democrat or Republican). And you call yourself a Mormon! You my friend need to resign from the Republican Party, for the way you treat women! You’re dispicable!

  24. I think the guy should be arrested for making terrorist threats to an elected offical of the Country. I believe that is against the law. It is time for the laws to apply to everyone, even powerful idiots like Townsends.

  25. That is the problem with all this politicians who think it is O.K. to say hateful things, because they can apologize later. I cannot understand why that woman Hayworth has
    not spoken up and fired him. What he said is an invitation for violence because there
    are always nut jobs out there who will take this guy seriously. We seen it time and time
    again, the last time in Arizona.

  26. I’ve seen it said that all conservatives have a secret dream of Violence. I’ve reached the point where NOTHING the GOP says or does surprises me.

  27. If there is any doubt in a civilized man’s mind what the conservatives have planned for this country and especially women., for whatever ungodly reason, these fascists in Republican disguise are out of control. I’m sure Mr. Townsend will plead that his remark was taken out of context, or issue a belated apology, or whatever contrived reason he had for issuing such a sordid comment, but I pray that the American people are savvy enough to see what a dark, and ominous road they would like to lead us down.

  28. It is sad and unbelievable that so many people of little means support the Republican party that cares so little about their well being. They are against employees having contracts but support CEOExecutives having them. They want to deregulate business because they think those businesses can act responsibly but want to regulate what we can do with our own bodies. We are still accepting H1B1 visas at a time of extreme unemployment, why? And then you have the continued hostile attack on women. A sad, sad, self destructive political party that can not go away fast enough.

    • Whether it’s true or not is immaterial, that one would assume is enough to put it out there for blithering idiots to make it out as true whether true or not thus becoming biased because of the assumptions of another. Crap like this has been going on since this warped election started and it won’t cease until everybody comes to their senses. We hate on others because of what others say about them and to hell with any evidence or facts. If it’s true (and just how could you prove it really?) then show legitimate links that can prove it, not some obscure YouTube bumpkin trying to get his fifteen minutes. Rumors have destroyed multitudes of honest people, is it really worth it just to find a couple who are frauds?

  29. This man should not only be fired, he should be arrested under the Patriot Act. He made a recognized terrorist threat against duly elected representatives of this country. The average citizen has been detained for far less – and frequently detained based on little more than suspicion. He stepped into the spotlight. I am not arguing freedom of speech here – but with freedoms come responsibilities and this needs to stop right now by holding “Taliban Townsend” responsibile for his words as ANY other American would be.

  30. As if more proof was needed that the right sees women as less than human, or that their entire worldview is all about us versus them and never right versus wrong.

    Don’t waste time carping – read, listen, talk, donate, volunteer – get involved.

    This election is the war for America’s soul. Do we protect only the best off in our society and trust them to dribble crumbs to the masses, or insist that everyone pays their share, everyone plays by the same rules, and everyone has a place in this country?

    The last generation’s solutions created this generation’s problems. We can fix them without burdening the next generation. The future belongs to those who embrace it and the change it makes possible.

  31. If you build it they will come. The war on women was a cheap phantasm dreamt up to “energize the base” and create a false impression among the undecided who are suceptible to such things. Sadly there are always a cadre of fools and misanthropes/misogynists on the other side willing to obliged. Nobody wants or should want Townsend to be part of the national dialogue any more. He really should take his own advice. I am not turning this thing on its head and blaming the victims. Townsend=bad. Female Senators=justly outraged victims. But without seeming like I am blaming anyone I will put my efforts to discouraging my fellow republicans from any more pointless and bloody Middle East wars (that should not be so hard since a) we are not in power and b) people are uniformly sick of them as they should be; and I would like my fellow citizen Democrats to get their leaders to stop inventing imaginary wars on social issues that suddenly every rightwing fruitcake in the country feels obliged to serve in. I am not saying we should dodge issues. Our political process and debate should never be held hostage to fear of what fringe people might do no matter how uncomfortable the topic. But there is enough hate and bigotry out there as it is, a lot of it ours and whether you realize it or not, quite a lot of it yours too. So unless there is something real to debate, let’s all keep the temperature down a little shall we.

  32. My wife and my two daughters and my two granddaughters want me to be locked in a room with you, well they don’t, but as the man these five females love and trust I sure wouldn’t mind. Frankly I’m completely fed up with the whole government, the way they all are controlled by corporations but that is completely different than saying a hateful evil remark like that, you are a coward and a de-evolved human and have to become extinct so the next generation of fathers and grandfathers will never know a low life like you.

  33. when has there ever been a powerful Republican that fought for, equal pay for equal work, a woman’s right to choose, minimum wage increase, workers rights, policies and procedures implementing enforcement in every state involving Natural environment, when has a republican ever stood up and said I will fight for affordable health care for every one, knowing that millions of Americans work 40 to 50 hrs a week to try and live the American dream and suffer, When has a republican stood up and said why do we double charge interest rates to the poor, why do we punish American families again with double standards because of credit at no fault of there own

  34. Hayworth didn’t take the good advice, came out today saying Townsend was taken out of context by the “liberal media” and that it was actually some kind of metaphor.

  35. Yeah!!! I’ve been excavating manure from your mouth. Looks like you just delivered another load!

  36. i cant believe that a statement like that is coming from a member of government. he should be punched in the nose and kicked in the groin. oldtack is right about the face to face, id like to be next so i could finish him off. he must have disrespected his mother often to even have that in his mind. what a punk…

  37. Has the GOP learned it’s lesson after their VP candidate talked about putting targets on the backs of opponents and then a far righty shot up a Democratic gathering in AZ…these Tea Party types and the GOP’s policies are totally responsible for where this country is today…they all need to go home via a Democratic sweep next fall…

  38. congress still sees women as second string at best. men still call the shots pun intended. rum rico rules wash.

  39. the church promises but does not deliver. war is caused by hatred among the different religions. religion will destroy the world. religions oppress , cause hardships , stop the right to choose, stymy the freedom of speech and enslave non believers. stop the brain washing of the children. get the church out of politics .

  40. I don’t understand why this nut case has not been fired by now. Who would even say this let alone think it????? Let him come face to face with me and say it, he doesn’t have the kahonas that’s why he wrote it on FaceBook!!!!!

  41. First off I am an Independent so I am very objective, but most of these “nasty” dem women like Wasserman Schultz need to be “horse whipped.” not all of them, but some for sure!

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