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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Gun Advocates Attempt To Deport Piers Morgan Via White House Petition

Gun Advocates Attempt To Deport Piers Morgan Via White House Petition

A petition imploring President Barack Obama to deport CNN anchor Piers Morgan from the United States due to his outspoken support for gun control is continuing to gain steam, necessitating an official response from the White House.

As of Wednesday afternoon, over 74,000 people had officially petitioned the Obama administration to “Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan for Attacking 2nd Amendment.” That is significantly more than the 25,000 signatures required to force the White House to respond.

“British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment,” the petition on the White House website reads. “We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”

Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, Morgan has devoted several segments of his CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight to pushing for stricter gun laws. In one particularly heated argument, he called Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt “dangerous,” “stupid” and an “idiot” for advancing the argument that more gun proliferation could prevent future attacks.

The petition, which ironically attempts to curtail Morgan’s First Amendment rights in defense of the Second Amendment, has drawn the CNN anchor’s ire. Morgan expressed his displeasure with the petition via Twitter:


As Dylan Byers points out at Politico, there is a counter-petition on the White House website aiming to keep Morgan in the United States. Morgan may not like its reasoning, however; the petition states that “There are two very good reasons for this. Firstly, the first amendment. Second and the more important point. No one in the UK wants him back.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, that petition has just 979 signatures.

Photo credit: AP/Jae C. Hong, File

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45 responses to “Gun Advocates Attempt To Deport Piers Morgan Via White House Petition”

  1. Sa Janes says:

    The USA is such a unique country–nowhere else on the planet can a tiny number of idiot baboons screech so loudly and get so much attention. Well, OK–as long as we’re amending the constitution in favor of the gun lobby–as long as we’re making China rich by importing millions of their cheap slave-labor-made AK-47s, how about we strip Rupert Murdoch of his faux citizenship and deport him for his twisted anti-American, anti-democratic propaganda?

    Better yet, why don’t we do the same to these 75,000 morons? They love their guns so much maybe we could deport them all to Angola of Sudan where they could actually use them on others instead of themselves?

    • Dan says:

      Now, if only those slave laborers had access to those AK-47s… we wouldn’t have a slave labor problem in China would we? Sweetheart, use your critical thinking skills. They may save your life someday.

      • Sa Janes says:

        You mean “think” like you do goober? It’ll be a cold day…

        • InsideEye says:

          How will you protect your self Sa.? Miliions have Guns of various sorts and they control their wanton desires to use them against humans. You can call upon me, I will come to your aid. Is that the China that kills unwanted Newbornes, Is that the Isalm that cuts peopls “heads” off for being gay or getting a little free sex. or that Olde Deutschland , that killed un-armed civilians, until the Russians heroically kicked their butt……It can/is happen again,…..Hmmmm, you picked Angola….. an interesting example!

          • oldtack says:

            I have read your reply to Sa Janes four times in an attempt to decipher the gibberish and see if there is a modicum of information other than paranoid fear lingering deep in your conscience. I have found none. Millions have guns…..and they control their wanton desires to use them against humans. Would you please expound on this sentence and explain the connection gun ownership and wanton desires to commit mayhem on humanity? Am I to understand that if I own a gun then I have these suppressed wanton desires to kill someone? Hmm. Very interesting. Totally illogical – but very interesting.

            Is that the China that that kills unwanted Newbornes? I take it that you are referring to newborn babies. Newborne? Is that any different than what we do in this country? We kill the fetus just before it emerges from the birth canal and call it abortion.

            Is this the Isalm.(Islam?)… Do you have a morbid fear of Islam? Have you ever read of the atrocities committed on Christians” heretics””In the name of God”. Do you also fear Christians or other diverse beliefs?

            Olde Deutchland (Old Deutschland ?) …Russians kicked their Butt. This was the Eastern Theater of operations combined of many Allied forces. Germany “got their butts kicked” mainly by a concerted invasion (D Day) by Primarily British and American forces joined by British and American forces that fought up the gut of Italy and North Africa supported by overpowering Air Force bombings. The Russians were occupied on the Eastern Fron for most of the war in defense of their own Country and never became a determining factor militarily in Germany until the last months of the war. I commend our Russian allies for their sacrifices and service – but- they alone did not “kick Germany’s butt”. It was an allied effort.

            IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN!!

            In the course of history it probably will happen again. Read history.

            One can live life without fear and face problems when they rise or one can cower in a state of paranoia.
            Where are you?

          • InsideEye says:

            Wanton desires…There is none….a little mockery here, NRA types are very civil and are trained in firearms and use, including myself.

            China / India kills or forbids too many children of wrong sex to populate. andwe do the same… terms of abortion… some political parties agree as to similarities.

            No fear…. of Islam ….just pointing out their atrocities and the potential of committing same against friendly Sa…. and we can be prepared for such as much as some may not want to recognize the fact that danger lurks through terrorism and we should prevent it, if it is spotted, soft words are not enough at times.

            Russians did kick butt after they had a winter respite to regroup and with American Help for producing the weaponry. I was trying to make a point, of being armed,. to be ready, as the Founders of the Constitution had provided for us.

            I agree with you, I use a little satire to roust the other side.
            Thanks for being there. perchance I shall be more direct.

          • But hey, everyone’s gotta be afraid of something. Right? Boogeyman under the bed or in the closet. Afro-American Presidents, any religion or culture you do not understand nor show any willingness to learn about. Just about anyone not exactly like yourself who also thinks exactly as you do.

        • steven c says:

          I doubt seriously if you do any “thinking”, you just open your mouth and words spill out

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        As far as Slave Labor in China.

        What you are seeing happening there is the same as we are in, only a more severe form of it over there. It’s called Economic Slavery.

        Also as far as I know, yes, they do use prison inmates as non-paid workers, doing public works projects. It is their from of trying to rehabilitate former criminals.

        No regular citizen of China, as far as I know, is under actual Slavery in the classic definition of the word.

        As far as them getting access to Ak-47s, we started giving them versions of it during WW2, supporting Mao who was the leader of the Communist Party, which overthrew China’s government and forced what was left of it onto a small island named Formosa – now called Taiwan. Giving Mao these weapons sure didn’t help promote Democracy, did it.

        Besides, what are you proposing, giving every citizen over there Ak-47s to overthrow their government? I’m sure the Chinese Government would love to catch you over there to try you on High Treason Charges.

      • Jim Myers says:

        Replying to Dan –

        The guns are no better than ornaments without the ammunition needed for the murderers use.

        If the slave laborers had access to those AK-47s, would they be better human beings by killing everyone who they feel has offended them?

    • 13observer says:

      You sure the fuck aren’t going to change our Constitution Commy!

  2. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    Now, these gun nuts want to quash Freedom of Speech.


    • Dan says:

      Silly rabbit. The First Amendment is meant to protect us from attacks on freedom of speech from government, not private parties.

      • Sa Janes says:

        I bet you and your cousins really believe that Cletus. Your basic understanding of our country and our government comes from where? The 24 Hours TV show? Drugs Limbaugh? Fixed News?

      • Ed says:

        True enough, which, by the way, is exactly what the petition is attempting to achieve;get the government to condemn someone for excercising their freedom of speech.

  3. Can’t the White House just respond, “No.”?

  4. chisolm says:

    How are gun control laws working out for you in Chicago?

  5. Hearing the truth and logical conclusions is tantamount to terror for those consumed by fear and paranoia.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Since when does a petition of 75,000 require the response of the White House? I don’t see any up side to acknowledging this incident of xenophobia writ large by a small group consumed by fear and hatred. The television is our soap box in Hyde Park, and it is one of our cherished liberties that anyone may stand on it and speak out.

  6. Mikey7a says:

    I feel it is very American to restrict the sale/use of semi-automatic assault rifles, and multi-round clips. Extensive background checks, and a full psychological workup, should also be required of anyone before they can buy, and especially carry a firearm.

    Now as far as Mr. Morgan and his opinion on gun control? This is America, and most of us feel that the Right to Free Speech, is one of our most cherished rights! On the other hand, these are both Amendments.

    The very definition of an amendment is to change something originally written, or said!
    The 2nd Amendment needs to be revisited, admitting and accepting the fact that weapons
    have undeniably evolved since the amendment was written.

  7. ococoob says:

    With gun advocates who espouse 2nd Amendment rights, they sure don’t embrace your 1st Amendment right to FREE SPEECH!

    Hang in there, Piers you got plenty of friends and allies here!

  8. I say deport the four Million NRA members instead.

  9. nobsartist says:

    Simple solution to the gun problem. But I cannot explain it without getting in trouble.

    I find it odd that in new york you can go to prison for life for a small amount of crack cocaine yet if you murder your grandmother with a hammer, you only get 17 years.

    The political assholes that passed the crack cocaine law should be thrown in prison for life or executed.

  10. 4gls8 says:

    Why is it a problem to criticize amendments to the constitution? Did we deport those who spoke against the 18th amendment? For those of you who only care about the second amendment, that was “Prohibition.” We actually repealed that one. The constitution is not a static document but one that can be amended when history and public opinion deem it necessary for the good of all Americans, not just those paranoid few who irrationally fear the government and constitution on which they so fervidly rely.

  11. oldtack says:

    Thanks for your reply. i see where you are coming from now.
    Have a good day


  12. oldtack says:

    I understand what you are saying but but I do disagree. To quote FDR “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”.

    If we encounter things that are foreign to our “culture” we should not fear it. We should endeavor to gain all knowledge of it and then choose to accept it as normal or to avoid it. But never fear it. Fear has a debilitating effect on one’s being.
    Know it – respect it for what it is – ignore it or avoid it – but never fear it.

  13. Sand_Cat says:

    Ah, yes. The advocates for the Constitution (by their own lights, anyway) teaming up to suppress free speech. What a surprise!

  14. RR3 says:

    these gun advocates will never give up attacking whom ever opposes them….the right to bare arms…has been so missused that’s completely outdated….every citizen has the right to bare arms…PERIOD !!….that’s not the issue…is the type of weapons they’re using…which use should be restrictive only to the Armed Forces… this statistic a few days ago
    ” The US population represents 5% of the worlds population….however …50% of the guns owned in the entire world are in the USA…”
    the NRA does not want to lose that business….it seems that they don’t care about lives….only selling guns…..before you 1700’s lunatics start attacking the President for trying to control the type of weapons sold to ordinary citizens….pray that a gun related tragedy will never happen to any of your loved ones…..

  15. A literal interpretation of the second Amendment, those five right wing justices are so proud of their literal interpretations, would be, you have a right to own a flintlock rifle or a muzzle loading pistol, if you are a member of a State Militia

  16. I wonder how the Government can get the Supreme Court to define the 2nd Amendment or update it. The right to bear arms . The arms in thoses days were muskets. Are Rifles the equivalent of the musket? What is the definition of arms? Does that include only the weapons existing at the writing of the 2nd Amendment? NRA doesnt think so. So does that mean people can have bombs? or nuclear weapons..?

  17. Interesting when we consider that we voice our opinion, and often impose our will, on other people with absolute impunity.

    Piers Morgan voiced his opinion, the way people in free, democratic, countries do. What is scary about those who feel a need to arm themselves to the teeth to defend themselves and prevent tyranny is that they are the ones suggesting actions worthy of a totalitarian regime when someone says something they don’t like.

    Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and every other dictator in history would have benefited from the help of people like the ones who signed a petition demanding the deporation of a British citizen for saying something they disliked. Talking about being anti-American. These people should be ashamed of themselves!

  18. ChristoD says:

    Let’s deport all of the petitioners. THAT would benefit the country IMMENSELY by eliminating air heads and psychos’.

  19. Edward says:

    Hooray for Piers Morgan!!

  20. Sr. Presidente estoy de acuerdo que no es facil cambiar la constitucion, pero si se puede dar leyes mas claras sobre el control y uso de armas. Yo estoy de acuerdo que una persona comun y corriente use arma ligera (revolver o pistola de seis y nueve balas respectivamente) no se necesita fusil tipo militar, taambien estoy de acuerdo que se publique nombres de aquellas personas que tengan armas (eso si se puede porque es legal poseer segun la constitucion) esto se debe a que muchas personas provablemente no la tienen en sus manos…….

  21. steven c says:

    Why dont we deport you Sa Janes for being a moron in the first degree. Unlees you read all 74,000 (not 75,000 moron) reasons for deporting this Limey prick, then you should keep your mouth shut. People support firearms for different reasons not just to kill people. Calling everyone who supports firearms is the same as calling all liberals tree hugging welfare recipients. Before you open your mouth to label a person you should think about what they say about you. Its people like you that keep this country divided. Besides its not like the National Memo isnt a liberal paper now is it?

  22. Michelle Rose says:

    Let me see if I have this right. The petitioners (the NRA, in other words, and please don’t tell me I have no data for such an allegation because I am perfectly aware of that, thank you) want to restrict Mr. Morgan’s First Amendment rights because he proposes restricting the petitioners Second Amendment rights, which said petitioners are referring to as “attempts to undermine the Bill of Rights.” Rather inclusive, isn’t that? To date, Mr. Morgan has not mentioned any of the remaining Amendments. Oops: bad logic there. Good luck proving it.

    Also, to the best of my knowledge, “attempts to undermine the Bill of Rights” is neither treasonous nor seditious. The first is defined as a “acts against one’s own nation or sovereign” and since Mr. Morgan is not an American citizen, he cannot be guilty of treason for speaking his mind. (Doesn’t matter if he has the bully pulpit of TV to justify that accusation because the average Joe can go out into the town square and holler the same or worse. Village square or bully TV pulpit; it’s all the same to the FCC and the Constitution.)

    Sedition is another word that doesn’t apply, either. “Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state.” Nope, doesn’t apply. Morgan was not only not “inciting rebellion”, he did not mention the state at all.

    His target was people who own assault-style rifles; paramilitary gear that strongly implies preparations for armed rebellion against an authority, nation or state.

    Hmm, who’s accusing whom of WHAT? As my maternal granny would say, rocking away on her porch, a bottle of PBR in one hand and a Bible in the other: “Sounds like a case of the pot callin’ the kettle black, sonny.”

  23. oldtack says:

    Thank you Steven

  24. 13observer says:

    Our government took the guns from the Indians and look what happened to them!

  25. Has an ugly sound to it “KING Pierson” . Oh well it will take him a while.

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