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Friday, October 28, 2016

On the day after President Barack Obama’s re-election, the stock prices of gun makers Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger rose sharply in anticipation that gun sales would jump after the election. The theory was that the more paranoid Second Amendment enthusiasts would buy guns out of fear that Obama would reinstate the assault weapons ban, or even sign on to a United Nations treaty banning gun ownership in the United States.

A few weeks later, Obama has still not acted in favor of gun control — but sales have certainly surged.

In Texas, gun and ammo sales are about twice as high as they were at this time last year according to Anna Tinsley of the Star-Telegram. Fort Worth gun store owner DeWayne Irwin told Tinsley that his sales were rising in response to fears of the U.N. treaty.

The Telegraph‘s Nick Allen reported five days after the election that gun sales were also surging in Colorado. “We’re going from normally six to eight guns a day, to 25. I stocked up, I got a stockpile of these AK-47s, we’re selling these like hot cakes,” Colorado Springs gun store owner Mel Bernstein told KOAA-TV, according to Allen. “Luckily I had an idea of what was going on because it happened with Clinton.”

Similarly, Hankins, New York gun store owner John Kielbasa told CNN that “Sales are up…I had a guy waiting here first thing in the morning [after the election]. He came in, bought two AK-47s.”

“It’s going to be good for me for business,” Kielbasa added.

While firearm sales have spiked, Obama’s re-election is unlikely to result in the same type of run on gun stores that occurred after his election in 2008. On November 28th of that year, the Federal Bureau of Investigations conducted 97,848 background checks, the third highest single day total in history. Overall, firearm sales continued to rise throughout Obama’s first term. According to Tinsley, the FBI received more than 14.8 million inquries from people running background checks on gun buyers through October 2012, compared to 16.4 million in 2011, 14.4 million in 2010, 14 milion in 2009, and 12.7 million in 2008.

In other words, it appears that irrational fear of the president helped guns join radical right-wing “patriot” groups among the biggest growth industries in Obama’s first term.

The great irony of gun enthusiasts’ heightened fears is that President Obama all but ignored gun control throughout his first four years in office. On the contrary, by signing a measure expanding the ability to carry concealed firearms on federal property, Obama actually bolstered gun rights. Yet still, groups such as the NRA spend millions of dollars to ensure that Americans’ least threatened Constitutional right remains the most defended. After all, as the numbers above make clear, fear sells.

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  • Same thing happened four years ago when he was elected. Personally I think everyone should own a firearm. But in keeping with the Strict Constructionist philosophy favored by Justices Alito, Scalia and Thomas, they should only be the type of firearms known to the Founding Fathers – i.e. single-shot muzzle-loading flintlock rifles, pistols and fowling pieces using black powder and round shot.

    • neece00

      You’re right, we don’t need any AKA 40 or high powed guns or scopes. I am not a fan of guns anyway but I know that is part of our freedom and I will appreciate that.

  • TZToronto

    These people have a real problem. First, they think that buying assault weapons will protect them from a federal move to disarm all Americans–as if assault weapons stand a chance against tanks or artillery or jet fighters or bombers. Second, they think that the Constitution is so weak that a bunch of socialist “furriners” can order U.S authorities to seize legal weapons. Folks, unfortunately the U.S. government and the United Nations are not trying to take your guns away from you, but you think they are. Because you can–and do–go out and buy just about any lethal weapon you please, your fear that someone is trying to keep you from doing so is irrational. You also think that someone is out to take YOUR guns away. You probably also think that you, and you alone, are standing between America and a bunch of communists. Does this sound like paranoia? And these are the people who are buying guns? Yikes!

    • Most of the Tea Party sympathizers I have been in contact with see themselves as victims of attempts by socialists and Muslim infiltrators to take away their guns, their freedoms, and impose Sharia Law on them. Their paranoia, which I suspect is influenced by insecurity and ignorance, augurs societal problems we have never faced before and, if left unchecked, may put the future of our great nation at peril. The greatest threat to the future of the United States is not socialism, Islam, or foreign terrorism, but the enemy from within.

      • rpg1408

        Thank you Mr. Vila for your thoughtful comments. One of my greatest fears is that a “patriot” armed with an AK-47 ( what justification is there for anyone possessing such a weapon?) and fortified by the Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck rhetoric will attempt to ” save the Country” from Socialism , Sharia law or the U.N. or whatever else they fear in their paranoid ravings.

        • idamag

          rpg, look what happened to a 17-year-old boy with an ice tea and a pkg of skittles in his pocket.

    • idamag

      TZ, right now there are several natural distasters in the wings waiting to happen. Ar these nuts going to survive a caldera or a tsumani, or a major earthquake with their assault rifltes? How about a dirty bomb?

      • BDC_57

        Now your scarying the hell out of them.

        • idamag

          That is because they are so easy to scare.

  • Hopefully this trend does not evolve into something a lot more sinister. It is becoming increasingly obvious that a segment of our population rejects the will of the majority and remains determined to get their way, even if doing so involves the unthinkable.
    One of the latest attempts by right wing, white supremacist, zealots to demonize President Obama in the wake of their embarrassing defeat involves allegations of preferential treatment because of Barack Obama’s ethnicity. Fanatics seldom reflect on what happened and what contributed to the rejection of their agenda by the majority. Instead, they often go to the most extreme confines of their ideological leanings in a futile attempt to reverse, or at least undermine, an outcome that is unacceptable to them.
    One of the latest attempts to ridicule and deny President Obama his rightful place in history is the renewed emphasis on his, alleged dependence on Affirmative Action to get the education he needed to succeed. For bigots, Affirmative Action, a legislature that removes the socio-economic barriers that limit the chances of people born on the wrong side of the track and those with physical and mental impairments to be admitted to a prestigious institution of learning, get a job or a government contract, represents an audacious attempt to usurp the right of the majority that has enjoyed the privilege of birth and wealth to succeed since we became a nation, and continues to do so.
    Affirmative Action puts all Americans, regardless of ethnicity, social status, or physical abilities on a plane level field. It does not deny whites the ability to go to college, get a good job or a lucrative contract. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of students in Ivy League college are white, most Board members and persons in upper management positions are white, and most business owners in the United States are white.
    Needless to say, just the possibility of an African American, a Hispanic, or a woman being able to succeed in a realm dominated by whites is enough for white supremacists to claim foul and demonize those who, by their own efforts, managed to succeed in a world where whites control all facets of life…with the exception of some sports.
    53% of Americans did not vote to re-elect President Obama because he had benefitted from Affirmative Action, we did it because we support his policies, we share his vision, and we respect his commitment to country.

    • ducman62

      Are you one of those fellows in the the free stuff line . Obama’s policies appear to have a socialist bent to them which of course is not what this country was built on. I do have a problem in voting for someone who will look me right in face and lie to me. Check the arms treaty up for vote in U.N. The Second Ammendent is also there to protect us from our own Government should it get out of hand.


      • trucker581

        You say you have a problem voting for someone that lies to your face??…What in the hell do you think your Daddy Romney did every time he opened his mouth?…Obama is the President of the United States!!!….Get Over It!!!

        • BDC_57

          They can’t get over it their cry babies.

        • rj

          He’s your president and the rest of the idiots who voted him in. We the people who represent the constitution have no president . Look at the garbage that voted him in. They are certainly not represents this great nation.

          • 53% of Americans voted for Barack Obama, who won by a 332 to 206 electoral vote margin. If that’s not enough for you, you may want to consider Third World countries where the elite, with the support of military juntas, seize power and subjugate the majority. In this country, the majority rules. I was not happy when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were elected – or selected in the case of the latter – but I accepted the will of the majority, hoped the elected President had the wisdom to defend our freedoms and interests, and waited four years to cast my vote again. That’s the American way. Make an effort to overcome your immaturity and act like a grown up.

          • elw

            Dominick, I was going to reply but you did it for me. Thanks

          • trucker581

            Then maybe you should get out of this Country, I hear the Cayman Islands is nice this time of year.

          • Ed

            Hey, the majority of the voters liked him, perhaps you should consider the Cayman’s. Perhaps Romney can hire you as his houseboy.

          • sn77339

            McAfee is looking for someone to hang out in the bushes with him down in Belize.

          • idamag

            rj, poor paranoid. We, the people, are a mixed bag, including poorly educated and whack jobs. Your nasty name calling will not make Romney president nor will it endear me to you so that I will ponder what you say. I voted for Obama. I am not a communist. I am fairly well educated. I can read. I am not a minority nor am I a racist. I worked for 60 years and paid into Social Security for all those years.

            I wasn’t looking for freebies and handouts. Now, a person, like you will certainly refuse Social Security or if you are starving you certainly won’t ask for handouts. You don’t seek tax breaks and refuse deductions.

            As for healthcare, I paid and my employer matched for 60 years. I was forced on Medicare because no insurance company will insure anyone over 65 unless it is a medigap plan which I now pay for. I pay a monthly premium for my Medicare. I am told the premium is less than current market prices for insurance because administration costs are less.

            A bunch of paranoids with guns in their hands are dangerous to society. Unfortunatley, there is no law against nuts owning assault rifles nor has Obama proposed any laws against guns.

            We are the government, and I would like to see anti-government survivalists and supremists charged with treason.

          • Ed

            So in your world 53 percent of the electorate are not enough to convince you that they may brepresent this great nation? I would suggest you and your freinds do not represent this great nation.

          • Time for you and all the other angry racists to ask for political asylum in China or Canada? I’m a sixth generation American who voted for Obama. I am definitely a representative of America. Romney lost the election. Get over it. If Obama is not your President, then get the hell out of my country and don’t come back until you learn to respect this nation.

          • BDC_57

            Why dont you move. I bet china wants you.

        • neece00

          And don’t forget George W Bush and his lies. WMD and 9/11 so we need to get rid of Saddam Hussein, job well done Brownie, the outsourcing of top paying jobs is a good thing, Bill Clinton pillaged the White House as he walked out the door, we are safer now that Saddam Hussein is caught or he wanted to get to the bottom of the Plame leak. Just a few that come to mind.

      • latebloomingrandma

        I am so sick of this “free stuff” bullsh*t. I worked as a nurse for 38 years, and now live off a company pension, SS, and personal savings from 4 different vehicles. The only time I was on unemployment compensation was for 3 weeks in the ’70’s when the hospital was flooded out, and I made a grand total of $90 a week. I paid 100% of tuition for 2 kids in Catholic school. I supported Obama because he has ideas that will work for all Americans. The Founding Fathers did not write about “small gov’t.” The Confederated States kept the country separated. The FF advocated a strong central gov’t. The preamble says it all, like a mission statement. We are all in this together. We still have a democratic republic as our form of gov’t. Inciting anarchy against the democratically elected President does not honor out country. Socialism is NOT a form of gov’t—it is an economic system, and most successful democracies have a combination of capitalist and socialist policies regarding the distribution of goods and services. Ours is still prominently a capitalist system. If it were a “pure” system, we would have the likes of the Koch brothers running everything. What recourse is there to push back against industrialists? At least we have the power of the vote against those who run the gov’t. Warren Buffet was on Morning Joe this morning and I was only half listening (before coffee), but I heard him talk about various billionaires who basically paid zero taxes—-he said–I guess these are part of Romney’s 47%. The point is, that at all levels of society, there are people who game the system. The ones that irk me the most are the wealthy. We need to quit putting all our troubles on the backs of the poor, and lay them at the feet of those whose big bucks and influence really wrecked our country and seem to want to keep people “down” with low wages and roadblocks. This allows their power to consolidate. It has nothing to do with “envy.”
        It has alot to do with decency .

        • Bear in mind that a lot of the Republicans that talk about free stuff are the first ones to take advantage of every handout available. I know people who used MEDICAID to pay for their child’s pre-natal care and delivery who were simply too lazy to get off their butts, stop playing video games, and get a job. I know people who are collecting SSI and getting food stamps because they are bi-polar. And I know several people who have sued people when they were involved in minor accidents, collected money for alleged debilitating injuries, and have no problem riding their Harleys, driving their sports cars, and doing sports. The only common denominator for all of them is that they are all Republicans, and some are Tea Party sympathizers. That is not to say that Democrats don’t do the same, but it proves to me that the stereotyping may be influenced by remorse by those whose deeds are diametrically opposed to their rhetoric.

          • july860

            Although I agree with the majority of your statement, I must disagree with your statement about people with MH issues. I am a case worker for people with MH disabilities. Many are diagnosed as Bipolar (I or II). Some of these individuals did work at one time, but then became disabled. Some of them never worked and either collect SSI, or SSD if their parents worked. Although there is of course fraud with everything, please not paint everyone with the same brush. All the people on my case load voted for Obama.

          • A person very close to me is bi-polar and has serious mental issues. She takes strong medication to be able to function…and she works to support herself. She is a Republican by the way. I also know a 31 year old woman who claims to be bipolar, has not worked a day in her life, drives a new car, goes to parties every weekend, and sits on her butt all day watching TV. She is also a Republican and a Tea Party sympathizer. Yes, not everybody should be painted with the same brush. However, there is no doubt in my mind that there is fraud and abuse and that many of those who are collecting SSI do not deserve to get such benefit. In any case, my statement referred to the stereotyping used by Republicans when they insinuate that the only people taking advantage of social programs are Democrats. That is simply not the case.
            Regarding my personal feelings about handicapped people, suffice it to say that one of my grandsons has cerebral palsy and is paralyzed from the waist down. There is a difference between helping those who can not help themselves, regardless of how hard they try, and parasites who abuse the system because they are too lazy to get off their butts.

          • sn77339

            I know tea party types who are milking unemployment for everything it’s worth.

          • neece00

            I talked to someone prior to the election who was getting retirement from military, disability check for him and his wife and he was also on Medicare but he complained about democrats who just take, take, take.

          • latebloomingrandma

            Yes, as you and Dominic have said, there are a lot of people who use and misuse the system. Yet, the cognitive dissonance that is the Republican party is so frustrating. Perfectly embodied in the red states.

        • trucker581

          Beautifully Said

      • old_blu

        Free stuff. Are you smoking weed?

        Just because we vote for truth and not that lying Robme you think we are in line for free stuff.

        I go to work everyday 11 hours and pay around 28% taxes have never taken anything from the government, and I voted for Obama, you just don’t get it you keep backing losers and you will always be a loser.

        • trucker581

          You said a mouthful, old_blu…My feelings are just the same to these Romney lovers.

          • old_blu

            Yeah you’re right there that is one of my problems. (I always have a mouthful to say)

            Thank you.

      • charleynoble

        charleynoble, When you protect yourself from your government, isn’t that kind of an oxymorn, we are the government. And I’d like to see you out in your front yard waving your .45 around when that Abrams rolls up

        • sn77339

          Too many of these guys think of the government as this abstract “thing” that was created just to pick on them and make their lives miserable. They want no laws or rules to stop them from doing whatever they want, whenever they want. That is, of course, until they want something like unemployment or someone to pay for their trip to the ER because they have no money and want nothing to do with insurance.

      • For the record – I worked 44 years before I retired, was never unemployed, payed taxes all my life – including FICA contributions for the SS and MEDICARE benefits I am now ENTITLED to receive – and contrary to Republicans like yourself I never got freebies in ERs and, instead, I paid hefty premiums to for profit insurance companies for the coverage I have received.
        Only people like yourself, with an obtuse knowledge of Marx and Engels, socio-political philosophies can interpret a mandate that forces Republican parasites accustomed to getting freebies in ERs as an example of socialism. Only people like you can interpret 18 tax breaks to small businesses as an example of socialism. And only people like you can interpret bailing out banks and corporations like GM and Chrysler as examples of socialism.
        Do yourself a favor, reflect on the nonsense you articulate before you accuse other of doing what people like you do.
        Would you care to mention a specific lie made by President Obama?
        The Second Ammendment calls for a well regulated militia to help defend our country from foreign attacks, it says nothing about allowing the mentally insane to buy automatic weapons to kill innocent Americans, or start a revolution when zealots don’t get their way.

        • idamag

          Dominick, you are good! Like you, I am concerned about these nuts threat to Democracy.

      • Mrjoeped

        Legislation is there to protect us from government. I don’t know if you’re a veteran of the armed forces, I am. And you don’t ever want to go up against trained soldiers. I’ll leave out tanks, helicopters, jets etc. And the odds are, if the weapon you keep at home is ever used, it will be against a family member. Not rogue members of the FBI, or ATF.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Yea, that’s what really cracks me up about some of these gun-toting wackos.

          They think they can defend themselves from the government of the United States if there ever is a Civil War. It ain’t gonna happen. Most of these jerks are weekend warrior wannabees. None of these groups would stand a chance against any regular army formation.

          Most of these groups have already been charted, known memberships, infiltrated by the FBI and who knows who else.

          If anything, the government will come in, arrest every single one of em, put then all up for trail as Traitors and execute them right on the spot. No questioned asked.

          By rights, since they are talking Treason as it is, that should be done anyway, RIGHT NOW!

      • idamag

        duc, as someone, with an education, pointed out on this board, socialism is not a party. Let us look at the socialistic programs, in this country or what some nuts are calling free stuff:

        1. Government paid for roads and highways and signage.

        2. Police Departments.

        3. Fire departments and ambulance service.

        4. Public schools.

        5. Postoffice.

        6. Excluding services – the initial internet.

        7. FDA (Incidentally, the FDA closed a peanut butter plant this morning
        because of salmonella.

        8. EPA (Birth defects and deaths in places poluted by industry
        have dropped.

        9. FBI

        10. CIA

        11. National Parks

        12. State health departments, highway patrol, Children’s welfare.

        13. Local Water, sewer, electricity, street departments.

        Of course, being anti socialistic, you will elect not to use any of these, including SS and Medicare.

      • Sour grapes always create the sweetest whines.

        • old_blu


      • Landsende

        I didn’t vote for GWB but had to endure his failed policies because he was voted in again by idiots for a second term. He practically destroyed the economy with his lies and ruined thousands of our troops lives. Suck it up, if we could deal with eight years of GWB who was the worst president ever, you can deal with four more years of President Obama who has done more for the economy despite the teathuglicans obstructionism.

      • “Reaffirming the sovereign right and responsibility of any State to regulate and control transfers of conventional arms that take place exclusively within its territory pursuant to its own legal or constitutional systems;

        Recognizing the legitimate international trade and lawful private ownership and use of conventional arms exclusively for, inter alia, recreational, cultural, historical and sporting activities for States where such ownership and use are permitted or protected by law;

        4. The responsibility of all States, in accordance with their respective international obligations, to effectively regulate and control international transfer of conventional arms as well as the primary responsibility of all States to in establishing and implementing their respective national export control systems; and

        For States Parties to establish the highest possible common standards for regulating or improving regulation of the international trade in conventional arms;

        – To prevent, combat and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional arms and their diversion to illegal and unauthorized end use;

        2. Each State Party Shall establish and Maintain a national control system to regulate the export of munitions to the extent necessary to ensure that national controls on the export of the conventional arms covered by Paragraph a1 (a)-(h) are not circumvented by the export of munitions for those conventional arms.

        – 3. Each State Party shall establish and maintain a national control system to regulate the export of parts and components to the extent necessary to ensure that national controls on the export of the conventional arms covered by Paragraph A1 are not circumvented by the export of parts and components of those items.”

        These excerpts from the treaty itself clearly show that this treaty deals with INTERNATIONAL TRADE ONLY.
        It explicitly states that the right for each country to control weapons in it’s own territory WILL NOT be affected by this treaty.

        This Treaty DOES NOT threaten Our Second Amendment Rights like you fear Mongers Claim.

    • Thank you Mr. Vila, for this well worded dissertation on the mentality of much of the right wing in this country.

      • rj

        …another dead who walk among us.

        • jarheadgene

          When Rupert Murdoch dies….and he will die….everybody does. What will you say then? Y0u’ll probably say whatever Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh SPEW out of their A$$es. And they will spew out whatever the replacing Rupert Murdoch has to say…..UNLESS of course Bain Capital jumps in, has a takeover of FOX and Leverages it for high margin Harvesting……..hahahahahhahhha. Then FOX news will be reporting from China, if it still exists after all that….Brush up on your chinese rj or you may never get the GOP talking point correct, in the future.

    • kdisg

      Dominick: Us Obama supporters are amazed sometimes at how feable and sad the nut cakes can really be. IF they really wanted ANY truth or FACTS they would do as I do and always fact check everything. I do that because so much of FOX make all up news reports lies especially when the name Obama is used. lol It’s so easy to find out that the Obama’s have gone to church for years and not muslin!! I understand the fantasy world they build is pretty hard to break but the truth is always the truth and luckily enough americans looked at the nut jobs wanting hate to elect the un-american republican and realized how bad it would be for this country to knock us back into recession with the FAILED policies that got us into the mess Obama has helped us slowly start to recoup from. I agree with you completly my friend.

    • elw

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Well said.

      • rl12

        I agree

    • Melvin Chatman

      I live in Texas (Hater Central) and have been clearly warned to get ready to “Take Our Country Back”
      You never know when you pass by a “NUT”!

    • You Got That Right My Friend!! Besides The Fact That We Share That In Common, The People That Are Buying Guns Are Not Just The GOP/Tea Party!!! My Photo Picture Is My Gun Card Permit That’s What The Green Stamp Is On My Photo!! LOL

      • idamag

        Fern, you got here.

      • jarheadgene

        F E RRRNNNN….you gun toting liberal minded mama….WELL ALLRIGHT! Those Tea bags…better back up a step or two. Goes very much against the extreme stereotypes, presented upon us liberals, by those TEA heads. I love it!

    • GandLRocks

      Very well put!

    • TheOldNorthChurch

      Correction 51%. Final numbers are still coming in. Obama won by the same margin as Bush did over Kerry.

      Look beyond the racial talking points; your analysis has missed a key issue driving guns sales, the political direction of the country.

      Let’s hope that our idiot “Political Leaders” can find real compromise and save our Country from a destructive path!

    • rl12

      The types that are pushing this “stuff” are the ones I worry about. They are the ones most apt to do something, because over all they just can’t stand the fact that President Obama was re-elected by a majority of the American public, and want to stop the will of true Americans.

    • Bob Williams

      You referenced “Barack Obama’s ethnicity”. What exactly is that ethnicity? Lets see – he had a white mama, and nobody is real sure exactly who his papa is. Oh, we know who he says it is, but you really can’t believe a pathological liar, now can you? Maybe if we could see his real birth certificate, as opposed to one he created with Photo Shop (and not very well at that!)

      He was also raised by his white grandparents, so I’m picking that he is a Cracker like me with a pop to be named later. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • This is a way the gun manufacturing companys are selling guns! Fear, Fear,Fear, Obama got elected he will take away your guns! GOOD SALES PITCH. helps the economy.

  • old_blu

    They did this when Preident Obama was elected the first time and all it did was raise the price of guns and ammo if you could find them, and the gun laws were actually more relaxed.

    The tea party and the NRA are just scaring the hell out of the nonthinkers and the gun manufacturers are smiling all the way to the bank. They won’t take away our guns.

    • neece00

      But the gun manufactures are making a ton of money on the fears of the tea baggers.

      • old_blu

        Oh yeah you know they all voted for Obama.

  • All these guns in the hands of angry white men are going to lead to lots of deaths by gunshot wounds inflicted on angry white men and on women. I’d say, “Let nature take its course” in this matter if it weren’t for the innocent women being killed by their husbands and lovers.

    • BDC_57

      And I bet most of them are teabaggers.

    • neece00

      It will be a child that gets the bullet from one of his classmates.

      • old_blu

        Or a theater full of innocent people. The list is long. I own a lot of guns, and enjoy shooting them, but I still don’t need an assault rifle.

  • FredAppell

    Did these people eat paint chips as children? If the government really wanted their guns it would have happened years ago when it was easier to seize the guns than it is now. Plus there have been plenty of opportunities for the government to declare Marshall Law and they haven’t. Does anyone remember when President Obama caught a lot of heat for saying ” when times are tough, some people cling to god and guns ” I apologize for not quoting his precise words but the meaning is exactly the same. Ironically President Obama was not wrong or out of line and he didn’t mean it in the context that the right-wing portrayed his comments. Actually, he was trying to send the message that he understands their fears and he is here to help them get their lives back. I’m sure these simple people see themselves as a beacon of light in a dark world but the truth is that they always require a bogeyman to justify their irrational fear. They need to grow up and face their fears and understand that reality isn’t as black and white as they perceive it to be.

  • Some people buy guns, others buy chocolates when they need some comfort. Unfortunately, those who think there’s going to be some sort of armed uprising or that there are sinister forces at work behing Obama’s re-election really have no faith in the amazing power of the US Constitution.

    • neece00

      I’ll stick with the chocolate or a new pair of shoes.

  • rj

    Of course my next remark may be considered racist, and frankly Whatever I don’t give a dang. Like ole Dominick Vila the foriegn national below educated at the expense of the 2% he wants to tax to pay his bills…well Dominick the trend will continue and for you it will only get worse. The will of the majority are people like you that prove there are zombies the walking dead who walk among us. I’m proud to be the right wing, and if it’s being a white supremacist, zealot to demonize the idiot president. So be it. Might as well include all the other race card features because none of em’ are going to go away as long as we have freeloading liberals wackoo’s such as youself.

    • old_blu

      I’ll bet my own money (instead of my best friends) that if Donald Duck ran against Obama you would have voted for him, and he would have lost too, you lost get over it. Loser.

      • neece00

        you can bet my money, old-blu because it is a sure thing.

    • neece00

      That is pretty funny because we consider the right wing such as yourself to be the wackoos.

    • idamag

      rj, if you don’t like the present system of government where a vote elects a president, leave this country. You are not an asset to it, anyway.

    • Pot, meet Kettle! LOL!

    • idamag

      Quick, look behind you! Did you hear a noise. Listen. I think you heard a noise.

  • cdtchas

    Why don’t you make it possible to easily email these articles to other people? I would love to send this article to some of my ultra conservative friends.

  • MDBallinger

    +The real irony is that the false perceptions that motivate gun purchasers come from manipulative right wing elements of the media. Low information voters, low information purchasers.

  • elw

    I have long thought that the focus on gun rights is so out of proportion to the threat against it that it makes no sense at all. It has been used by the Right as a way to get their base energized. It is second to abortion as a cause for them. I am not surprised at the spike in gun sales, after all those who take Republican spin seriously would be concerned about not ever being able to buy a gun again and would want to prepare for the rebellion they keep thinking is going to happen because we happen to have a Black President. They are so blinded by the color of the Presidents skin, they do not see that he has not gone after guns, has never pushed that as a policy and has far more important things to fix and to concentrate on. It also highlights the dream world the radical Right lives in; they see things that no rational person does. To them if the President wants it, it’s bad, if they want it, it’s good. I believe if the President said; do not step over that cliff it is dangerous, they would do it anyway – even if they knew they would die.

  • Jerpell

    I for one am rearming….Another gun safe and adding to my vast collection….

    • neece00

      and I am sure your mother is so proud of her little boy.

    • old_blu

      Maybe you could build a cave under your house too.

      • idamag

        Probably be better if he gets completely away from civilization since people are so dangerous. The voices told him so. He needs to find a desert island.

    • Woo-woo! Big, brave COWARD!

      • idamag

        Stella, these paranoids are cowards and a disgrace to the country.

    • idamag

      I hope you aren’t one of these gun fanatics who is building up his collection at the expense of what his family needs.


    Get a grip Decker. Gun sales surged because Clinton, prompted by Obama, proposed support to the United Nations for universal global abandonment of assault fire arms. You know, the gun runner operation sanctioned by DOJ Eric Holder resulting in the killing of Brian Terry. And the drug cartel armed to the teeth operating in our national parks growing and selling pot. No one can forget the massive carnage left by a mentally imbalanced, deranged adult during the showing of Bat Man. That incident later revealed if people having previously known would have stepped forward could have prevented this known derelicts actions.

    In a Socialist society, you are governed by an alliance with central power than derived by and for the will of the people. So, do not gloss over Obama’s passive appearance on gun rights as the insidious desire is for control.

    • I take exception to most of your comment, but especially the part about what people could have prevented if they had previously known about the nut in the theater. The obvious question is How, Would they have previously known? I for one am glad they didn’t. Have you ever been in a firefight? I can imagine the damage that could have been caused by a bunch of inexperienced ARMED people, in a DARK and crowded theater, shooting at anything that moved, because they COULDN”T HAVE KNOWN who the real target was.

      • CYNICALZ

        When attending the university it was well documented that he was mentally deficient. These records documented a propensity towards violence and his subsequent treatment were under the private scrutiny of the school, thereby preventing decimation to the authorities. As for the marksmanship of an attendee, it would have been better than the outcome of being completely unarmed
        As to the thesis of the writer, I refuse to have my fire arms regulated, and a first response by me opposed to authorities removing a lifeless human.

      • idamag

        Charlie, absolutely. Many more people would have been killed. If they were to have fired before the whole thing was over, they would be firing blindly in a theater where people were panicking and jumping up all over the place to get out of the building.

    • idamag

      cyn, better study that until you understand what was really being proposed. If you can’t understand it, maybe a teacher or someone will tell you what it says. Don’t rely on faux news or hate blogs.

  • Ed

    Reality doesn’t count for some people. THEY DEPEND ON RUSH AND OTHERS OF HIS ILK.

  • latebloomingrandma

    What is it with Americans’ love affair wih guns? Everyone is armed to the teeth, like in the old west. At least in the old west they were fighting snakes and wild animals, and unfortunately Indians and bandits, and had to shoot their own food. We have more guns per capita than any country except (I think) Somalia or Yemen. Maybe many of our “militia groups” could emigrate there– they have practically no gov’t and all those guns. Could be their utopia!
    Though we desperately need some sensible gun control laws, this President will never be able to propose any of it. This absolute paranoia about Obama confiscating guns, without any evidence whatsoever, will make it impossible for him to take this on. Only a Republican could do it, and they are ALL in the NRA’s pocket.

    • neece00

      It is sad that we have become a country that loves their guns so much but more times than not, the gun is used on the owner or even worse the child of the owner.

      • idamag

        Neeceoo, It is not so much loves their guns as they are not the ones mentioned in the land of the free and the home of the brave. For them, it is the home of the scared. And a scared person with an assault rifle is not a good combination.

    • ExPAVIC

      NRA is a JOKE

      Maybe they had power at one time, but now it is only in their own mind. St. Pierre is so engaged in self-survival, that he has lost touch with reality and seeks to blame the wrong people for gun control that is sure to come.

  • Ed

    So,53 percent of your fellow citizens are garbage. JeeeZZZ! Perhaps you had better leave for more freeindly places. Like ohh, some country like China!

  • Charles2051


    • neece00

      What a distorted view of this country. It is not “kill or be killed” no one is out to kill anyone but it is this mentality that causes innocent people in a theater to be shot or classmates to lay dead in the hallways. What about your Bible verse “turn the other cheek”, do you need me to explain the meaning behind it?

    • I’ve owned firearms for about 50 years, I buy about 20 rounds a month (per weapon), which I shoot up at the range then buy 20 more. I’ve never had more than 20 rounds at a time for any single weapon. In the US, I’ve never fired any of my weapons at another person. So where are all these Bad Guys you’re talking about that I need to protect my Family from.

      • Charles2051

        If just two people would had concealed weapon firearm license at theater, lot of family people would have be nome that night with they’re family. we all hope we never have to pull out a gun, but we’re in crazy world, Our Gov. needs to look at all drug problems with our kids today and so call not bad guys out there, If someone on drugs today you’ll have hard time stopping them. Hope you don’t ever have this problem. I’ve been there, it’s not something you write home about. One good thing you said, you do have gun and know how shot it. Don’t ever pull a gun out until you know for sure there’s no other way. My God Bless you and keep you and yours safe.

        • dtgraham

          “SOMEONE STARTS RUNNING OFF WITH YOUR KID.” You wait until then before you go for the holster? HA! Are you kiddin’ me Charles. I pull out the .357 whenever the paper kid leaves my gate open in the morning. Just a warning shot to whizz by his ear you know. Give the little bastard something to think about.

  • dagamer

    My neighbor says that it’s going to be a civil war and he is making a list of known obama supporters,he’s the type of crackpot who is stocking up on guns..

    • Please remind your neighbor that the South lost the Civil War. Obama supporters would be victorious again! Tell your buddy I said to bring it on!

    • ExPAVIC

      Here I Come

      Tell your neighbor that a former Pennsylvania deer slayer would be happy to end his suffering and will put his name on a list too.

  • This is informative and a welcomed outlook on Our President Elects Present and future position in regards to The Second Amendment, Rights of American Citizens; It departs from the scenario,s presented previously and if continued in practice will be a welcome vindication; Since Our President is a Constitutional Scholar It would stand to reason that He should/would be a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights; He has failed to vocalize this stand and his Administration of previous term had those whom expressed a lack of support for Gun Rights issues and those acted to vilify his image on this subject; Bearing the positions of a number of his base I can understand he maintaining a low profile in regards to the issue and that is polotics But as being Sworn to Protect and Defend the Constitution His duty is of course to respect the second amendment as it was written and be well aware of the reasoning of the founders as depicted in the Federalist Papers; Much of the misgivings of him were the result of the Fast and Furious debacle over seen by his former Attorney General; I commend the President for recognizing his Sworn Obligation in Preserving The Right Of The People To Keep and Bear Arms.

  • One has to realize that the NRA is a very well financed and powerfull lobby, but they do not lobby on behalf of gun owners. The primary focus of the NRA’s lobbying efforts is on behalf of the gun industry. The gun industry knows that paranoia sells guns, and the gun industry is not in the least interested as to who buys guns as long as they sell lots of them. It is the only industry that is protected by a Contitutional amendment. I am not a Constitutional lawyer, but I’m not sure this is what the framers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution. But for sure, the second amendment is probably the most misconstrued amendment of the Constitution.

  • I have spoken with two people in the past months who insisted that they needed their guns to take our government back. They insisted that guns were used in the Revolutionary war to win our independence and they would use guns to take our governement back. I suggested that the first war was against a King whose word was law. And the power of the people was put into the hands of the people. We have a “revolution” every two years as the people go to the polls to vote. So how were they going to use their guns? Shoot their neighbors on the way to the polls if they were going to vote for the “other” candidate? That sounds like sedition. The paranoia of some make the marketing of guns by companies which are privately held, a real money maker. And as such their financial affairs are private. For a start, let’s get military weapons out of the hands of private citizens. Homes can be protected by much less lethal fire power.

    • ExPAVIC


      These guys are poor friends that need to be placed in a cell under armed guards. This kind of talk gets people shot, ask Ex-Sen. Gabby Gifford.

      • idamag

        Ex, do you remember the interview, after that shooting, with a guy who was in the Walgreen store and heard shots? He took his gun out and released the safety and ran outside. He saw a guy with a gun and took aim. Someone grabbed his arm and said, “That is not the shooter. That is the guy who took his gun away.”

  • good keep buying!!!!!!!

  • Pamby50

    Our local paper put this same article on the front page before the election. I wrote to the editor that the repiblicans should stop the rhetoric. President Obama is not going to take away their guns. That Wayne La Pierre, head of the NRA, keeps stating that the President is going to take thier guns away. If not today, then tomorrow. Well it wasn’t last month but it will be this month.

  • killicrankie

    Your comments are “right on” Mr. Vila! Thanks for your thoughtful post. In a way I feel sorry for the tea-bag gun nuts. What must it be like to live in constant deep-seated fear and hatred as they do? The lives of those fanatics must be SO depressing. Living lives filled with fear, suspicion, despair, bitterness and hate. With no time in their barren lives for joy, love, affection, sympathy. They are missing out on so much!


    NRA Frenzy

    Looks like the a—hole fanatic St, Pierre at the NRA has been banging the drums and spreading lies to boost his outfit’s membership.

    Nowhere in the Democrat Platform or agenda has anything to do with guns or their control. After many years of loosing elections on the gun issue, the Democrats have said “screw this crap” and let the GOP old idiots deal with the problem.

    In the meantime the NRA idiots are frightening gun owners and hoping the NRA will not die away like the old, old, used up GOP.

    • idamag

      Ex, actually the Brady Bill to regulate firearms was initiated by a Republican who had currency in the game. He was shot by a nut.

  • rl12

    People are stupid and gulible. The NRA is spreading the fears that President Obama will make guns illegal. First of all he can’t do it by himself. Second the NRA is really just a front to drive up the price of firearms and ammo. Only a fool would take seriously this, but we can see that there are a lot of fools in this country. All this will do is make the price of guns and ammo go up even more, so people like myself won’t be able to afford them or not as much as we bought before.

  • Makes you wonder why the NRA doesn’t donate more to Democrats.

  • That’s okay if we Democrats also understand the mind of these GUN loving individuals. We must also learn all about these weapons and become well educated in there use. We must go over and above what they do and what they understand. We must train to understand the violent tendencies of these people and in addition to making every effort to spread non violence.

  • This whole thing about guns… It goes to underscore the level of cowardice that these ignorant, paranoid, mis-guided right-wingers, harbor within their hearts. Beneath the thin veneer of bluster and machismo lies a stone cold coward. Everyone has guns, and those who don’t, know where they can get them. A gun will not make you a man. Look at all the depraved shootings committed by these demented cowards, i.e., the Columbine shootings, the movie theater shooting. To think that these people are so weak and insecure that the election of a Blackman strikes that kind of fear in their hearts, raises a lot of questions. It takes a great deal of discipline and self possession to enter into battle. Battle is not for the feint of heart, crippled by fear and scared of his own shadow. How effective would these fools be in battle??? Mitt Romney lost the election because he received fewer votes than President Obama. The will of the people… the majority of the people prevailed. Anyone who wants to fight against that is a traitor and an enemy of the state.

  • onedonewong

    Paranoia ???A normal person would say its being prudent. We have a president who believes that Hitler and his brand of socialism is worth pursuing once again. Anyone who owns property a business or a home need to be afraid Verrry afraid of the Socialist

    • Sierra111

      Your comment is NOT true! Especially the Hitler comment! Capitalism is, and will, continue! Most of American’s know what you are saying is not true. In fact, what you said is truly disgusting!

      • idamag

        Sierra, you are replying to a racist who is not worth your comments. If these people don’t like the way we elect Presidents, they need to go.

      • onedonewong

        Your denying that barak and hitler are both Socialists?? Really!!!!!

  • I just like what the man says,he makes more sense than anyone in that office has for a long time.Lets lean on the GOP to back him, and stop fighting him. Lets get this country moving again.

  • I can’t wait for the ammo bubble to pop in 2016

  • This is a dangerous thing .one way crinals get guns is thur home burgary.

  • There is something fundamentally wrong with people that do this. Wtf are these likely very old, very white, and very fat people going to do with AK’s? Go all Arnold Swartzenegger?

  • just proves who the dangerous fools are! surely not OBAMA! all others MORONS! LOSERS!

  • ridemybroom

    Ak 47 s just what the world needs… sounds like he want to throw a bday party and blow someone candles away….such a wicked world…!

  • Obama oye ye

  • Well! Here We Go Again:
    A sector of the United States population has decided to surge the sale of guns””after the President had beenelecete to Office , again””. We are certain of the composition of this sector. Generally, they are Republicans. Racist conservative Republicans, for whom a BLACK man is NOT a Human Being. They are bent on going back to the days of Slavery. Jim Crow era. They are members of the notorious ERA, racist gongho radicals. They are Anti Christs. However, they are on a dead end road, leading to their EXTINCTION.
    Here is the good News:
    Old Man Prophet Isaiah decleared: No “””WEAPONS””” formed against U, “Mr. President, shall prosper. Saith “I”. Hello!!! I am, that I am!!! Now, for those radical ultra racist conservative christians that think God Almighty is joking??? keep living!
    God bless the Commander In Chief!
    God bless America!

  • BEN



    Ida: Step up like an informed person, plug into the thesis, and clarify your rendition. Hiding behind ambiguous contentious remarks you would be better served commenting with equals.

  • I believe what we have is mass fear by the white males of this country. I believe they are watching the white male strangle hold on America crumble. Haven’t you notice that the majority of gun fanatics are white? some are afraid there will be a race war, or blacks in control will, so to speak, PAYBACK. Well my paranoid white American Citizens, this will not happen. expell your fear and act, if you’re not, as a real American and realize we are in this crap together, like it or not. the people of America are strong. individuals cannot and will not win. no matter how many guns you own.

  • Michael Kollmorgen


    Eventually, something will be done, it’s just a matter of time.

    With all these mass killings by people who get hold of guns all too easily and usually found to have some sort of mental illness, sooner or later, either the state(s) or the fed is going to require everyone that wants to buy a gun to take a full MMPI Psychological Test. The government may even require current gun owners to take the same test.

    The MMPI is non-judgmental in and of itself. However, the government(s) will use this test to screen out the wackooooooos to determine who is nuts and who isn’t nuts and allowed to own a firearm.

    And, NO, you can’t lie on this test either.

    I’ve been a big fan of using this test to screen out potential gun-carry permits also. In Ohio, all it takes is a clean background and a few hours in a gun course and you are qualified to carry a gun in public. No psychological test is required, other than a public check to see if you have been in a mental institution in the past. You can be on meds galore and still get a gun.

    So, you white hate groups, separest groups, ant-government, one-time mass killers, keep on doing what you’re doing. Your days is NUMBERED.

    If you’re not a nut you have nothing to worry about and you can have all the guns you want.

    SOCIETY will have to do something about this crap eventually. We can’t keep this up! Too many innocent people are getting murdered.


  • so obama is good for the nra…………………….lol

  • nra is smart……………..back the people that won’t make gun sales rise…………spread the fear about the other party……………………now ……who really runs the nra?………the people selling guns………or the people buying guns…………………….such fools……………lol……keep giving your dues to the nra……………..they make more money from the gun companies……………the lambs have come to slaughter………

    • Mulligatonney

      …you mean like – the OBama Administration and Eric Holder giving American guns to the Mexican drug cartels? Kinda like that?

      Makes dues to the NRA and taxes to the OBama Administration sound pretty much like the same thing. Oh – except that the NRA is actually in support of that part of the Constitution and the OBama administration is right now in the process of trying to steal that right.

      Like you said – such fools…

  • With the gun sales surge you have got to ask yourself what will happen with all these guns? The next surge in gun sales is after mass shootings. Most of which occur in solid Conservative communities. Of course there are more mass shootings than there are presidential elections.

    Mass shootings at schools, offices, lakes, theaters and the like is also good, if not better, for gun sales. American soccer moms are becoming equalizer moms. She is buying her weapons not so much for hunting, target practice or to protect her family from an invasion of Russians or North Koreans, but against her neighbors and co-workers.

    A well armed Conservative family of four may need a couple sniper rifles for swimming at the lake, shotguns for a childrens birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. AK-47’s for monitoring the school hallways lunch & class rooms, gas masks and hand guns for the office in these United States. Gun stores can offer discounts on family packages of assorted weapons.

    Get them before the President takes away the right to get them eh?

  • that is easier than feeding a baby ,baby food…………….never seen such morons…………

  • oh wait…………….but don’t tax me………………….i buy guns………………

  • President Obama,
    Please do all you can to end the power of the NRA! We are behind you.
    We do not want to be held hostage to the gunslingers of America.
    Rene McDonald

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