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Monday, October 24, 2016

After an election where Republicans lost the state handily but still will keep a slight majority next term, the outgoing state legislature is in the process of  passing a series of laws so comically right-wing that you’d think they were made up by liberals trying to make Republicans look silly.

This “inflamed duck” session, as Chris Savage of Michigan’s Eclectablog calls it, will go down in history as one of the best examples of sore-loserdom in electoral history.

Here’s a look at some of the wackiest, most offensive legislation that the Koch Brothers and Amway founder Rich DeVos can buy.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

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  • nobsartist

    republiCONs shouldnt mind when pro-union protesters turn up in lansing fully armed.

    • You mean the people exercising their 2nd Amendment rights? Poetic justice don’t you think.

  • The inmates are running the show. The GOP has made the decision that it is now or never to put forward their strange agenda. They know the demographics favor more and more progressive future voters and less and less conservatives. They need to pass these idiotic laws now and they are willing to pay the political price down the road in 2014. They know they will lose anyway, so why not poison the well before leaving. Ultimately these laws will cost the GOP for decades to come when the people finally say they’ve had enough. It looks like that day just might be upon us. Good luck to Michican in getting rid of the troglodytes you put into office in the first place. Yes elections do have consequences and the GOP is sticking it to those who voted against them. Revenge and anger politics to the max. If they seem small to you that is because they are.

    • nobsartist

      They are pissed because they know President Obama is going to stick it to them. This is going to cost the kochs billions.

      by the way, are you aware that DICK snyder has a bribery fund and refuses to say where the millions in it came from?

      • Sand_Cat

        Then their anger about that is delusional as well. President Obama isn’t likely to “stick it” to anyone other than those of us who voted for him in 2008 and allowed ourselves to be caught up in the euphoria and illusions when he won!

    • jarheadgene

      Yes they remind me of the kids in the schoolyard that “owned” the baseball or football or basketball, that everyone was playing with, that would have a little tantrum if the game wasn’t going ‘their’ way. In my neighborhood, eventually we would tell that kid to take his/her ball and go home and play alone; meanwhile, someone else (with a fair sense of play) would be returning with their ball. SOUNDING LIKE 2014 IS THE NEW BALL. I again for the second time in my life am voting a straight DEM…ticket.

      • MRD1056

        LOL that is one of the best description I have heard yet! Awesome comment!

      • Sand_Cat

        We all thought that (the”new ball”) would be 2012. I’ve got news for you: it looks to me that if the Democrats had 100% of the seats in ALL states and both houses of Congress, it would take them 10 years to undo the damage the Republicans did JUST WHILE THE DEMOCRATS HAD THE MAJORITY, assuming they were able to get around to it.

        Forget about fixing the Bush disasters and all the crap the Republicans did since 2010; that will probably NEVER happen.

  • The most amazing part is that the people who lost the election are the ones controlling the agenda! Not only are workers rights being challenged and undermined in places like Michigan and Wisconsin, Susan Rice had to withdraw her candidacy because of pressure from senators McCain, Graham and a few others, apparently because she limited her Benghazi presentation to the talking points authorized by the CIA at the time. I reckon it would have been better if she had spilled the beans and revealed classified information. I doubt it, she would have been hanged in effigy for doing the opposite to what she did. With the exception of the president, Democrats are AWOL onn the fiscal cliff negotiations, which are being controlled by the losers! And if that was not bad enough, the Governors of several states continue to reject the implementation of ACA, even though a plurality of Americans support it.
    Since when are losers allowed to control the agenda? Why are our elected officials in Congress keeping a low profile? Maybe the house cleaning in 2014 should include more than the bozos running around with pitch forks chasing commies and Muslims…

    • Sand_Cat

      The President has already said he’s willing to trade away Medicare Eligibility for two years to get the repugnants to agree to something they really have little choice on, and he didn’t immediately respond forcefully to the idiotic Lindsay Graham and John McCain. If he’s not AWOL, where the hell is he?

    • sigrid28

      Exactly. And not only are irresponsible Republicans WHO LOST THE ELECTION controlling the agenda, as you so rightly point out, they are controlling the terms of the debate, making it about deficit reduction. It is infuriating hearing John Boehner bray about the dismal futures of our grandchildren because of the deficit, when he has led the way in opposition to creating 2,000,000 jobs through the president’s infrastructure rebuilding initiative, to legislation raising the minimum wage, and to other legislation that would, incidentally, also act to substantively lower the deficit BY PUTTING MORE PEOPLE TO WORK IN JOBS PAYING A LIVING WAGE.

      Apart from Nancy Pelosi, where are the Democrats, having the president’s back? Where are the Democrats who will begin right now the long game it will take to put better people in state legislatures in Wisconsin and Michigan? Where are the Democrats planning now to oppose Scott Brown in Massachusetts in the likely possibility that Kerry will be appointed Secretary of State?

      It’s possible that the craven television and print media are trying to sell their wares by seeking out extravagantly entertaining, borderline Republicans, ignoring the Democratic winners because that story is now over. Maybe there is a conscientious effort on the part of Democrats to totally discredit the Republican party, so it alone is blamed for the consequences of going over the Fiscal Cliff, which was created out of the hostage taking the GOP pulled during debt talks that lowered the credit rating of the U.S.

      But how can it hurt for Democrats to vociferously oppose the terms the Republicans are setting for the talks? We elected members of the House and Senate to stand behind him at times like this and do more of the heavy lifting than they have so far.

    • It is time for us to get off our duffs and make our way down to Washington in mass, to show these damned Repub’s that this government is by and for the people. Come 2014 throw all the bumbs out!!! Blue dog Dem’s and those skirting the edges, likewise.
      We need jobs. It is the answer to all our woes. Economy and deficits alike. GROWTH is the word. The GOP has geremandered the districts sending more of them to congress in spite the number of actual votes were more for Democratic.
      With what is happening with our children killing and being killed on our street in our schools. In wars with no end. With representatives that are blocking funds to take care of the war wounded when they return home. Weapons of war permeating our communities. We must put this Conress on notice: We Have No More Time To Waste With Politiking While Our Country Goes To Hell. Resolve this political nonsense so we can get to the stuff that really matters.

  • jstsyn

    Time to go to war with these losers. The unAmerican republican party has to go before they destroy every thing America used to be.

  • latebloomingrandma

    The various Republican state legislatures (one of ALEC’s goals, to install Republican governors in every state) seem to be becoming increasingly unhinged.


    HOWEVER, if they are allowed to carry in those places, then they SHOULD be allowed to pack heat when they visit their elected officials in the government legislative offices.


  • howa4x

    I think this is great. The republican party in Michigan is taking everything that all the pundits say about why they lost the national election and turning it into law. This is the very reason a republican will have a hard time seeking national office. It’s a case of the states gone wild and inacting an agenda that the majority already rejected. Concealed weapons have not made anyone safer, and have not prevented any massacres. So this only appeals to the NRA. Republicans lost the woman vote for making statements about abortion that offended them, so instead of thinking about their message, they enact anti abortion legislation. Right to work will haunt the governors re election and hurt any presidential canidate that belongs to his party. Lastly they can’t see the future clearly. Each generation is more liberal than the ones that came before them. They vote and if the republicans keep this up it won’t be for them.

    • pbrower2a

      Americans are getting a clear warning — Fascism is trying to take over America even in states that seem to have relatively liberal electorates. If it can happen in Michigan it can also happen in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The objective is to make 95% of the people suffer for 1% of the people without hope of ever being fully human.

      A suggestion to American young adults: learn foreign languages, and not only the obvious ones. America does not have far to fall to become like the places that supplied so many emigrants seeking the American Dream of the time at the time that they left for America.

      As elsewhere the big landowners, tycoons, heirs, and executives of America have begun to show that they are no better than their counterparts in Eurasia in the 1920s and 1930s or in Latin America in more recent years. Most want everything and they do not care how much harm they do to everyone else. Most want no independent middle class; they want all but themselves living in fear and hunger. Fascism is the perfect vehicle for such a Hellish transformation of a country. Here and now it uses Protestant fundamentalism and country music instead of Wagnerian bombast, idolatry of Imperial Rome, or samurai shtick. Workers, farmers, small business owners, and low-paid professionals must choose between 1776 in America or 1922 in Italy.

      • howa4x

        You’re correct. the wealthy like the Koch bros and the Waltons want a country of serfs that will work for limited wages and benefits. they don’t want to fund healthcare and think of workers as replaceable spare parts. they have convinced the doopey Tealiban that the removal of unions and enviornmental regulation will create more jobs, yet have shipped 2.6 million jobs over seas. During the Bush tax cut years their wealth shot up 256% while our grew at 2-3%. and they collasped the economy for their own gain. They are a dispicable lot, and the republicans are corrupt, lying, scum because they do their bidding.

  • sleeprn01

    O Kay everyone, the country is up for auction to the highest bidder. Bidding will open at 100 billion, do I hear 200, 200, 200, going for 100 billion to Amway.

  • onedonewong

    Lost the State handily but maintains a sligh majority???? HUH??? Sounds like something Joe Biteme would say

  • S-3

    May violent revolution and anarchy overtake Michigan, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and any other state in our damned country affected by this fascist evil!!! And may I be on the frontlines to help kill me some of these fuckers, too, as it is my God-given duty to do so.

  • Thank God for Republicans. Now workers will have the right not to be in a union . They won’t have to contribute to union dues. To those who say it won’t be fair because they will reap the benefits of a union but not pay for it, well so do 49% of our citizens who don’t pay federal taxes but still get the rewards of what the rest of us pay.
    It’s time to stop the money laundering anyway. Unions get the money for union officers to fly on private jets. They hand most of the rest over to Obama and Democrat candidates. They in turn pay off the unions with special legislation and jobs.