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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

US Into Aftrica

3 Responses to Here We Go Again…

  1. Sudan is a place we should have been involved with long ago. When we allowed the genocide in Rwanda to go unnoticed, and the killing in Darfur to go unpunished, and Robert Taylor to lead Liberia into the dark, the US fulfilled a portion of its manifest destiny. The message to the blacks in Africa became clear to blacks all over the world, and our boycotting of South Africa came to mean nothing. We constantly hear that where liberty is denied to one, it is denied for all, where justice is delayed for one, it is delayed for all. To claim ignorance of these genocides in the face of the greatest genocide of all, the Holocaust, does not speak well of a country founded upon care and compassion for ALL. To fear another war where one is more needed than in Iraq or Afghanistan clearly demonstrates the racism that STILL haunts this country’s psyche.,

    • You make me sick. You want to help the Sudanese? Good! Then go yourself. Be sure to take plenty of ammo.
      We didn’t do anything in Rwanda and so you conclude that our psyche is haunted. Baloney. My psyche is just fine.
      Clowns like you are experts at telling young people to go to war and perhaps get killed or severely wounded, but you don’t seem to do much of anything yourselves.
      In my opinion, you and people like you stink.

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