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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kentucky’s Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes, may be starting off her bid for the U.S. Senate a bit behind Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), but her first campaign ad is a doozy.

The ad quickly cuts back to her first ad in 2010, when she launched her campaign for statewide office with the help of her grandmothers Elsie and Thelma. In three minutes and 41 seconds, Grimes makes the case for her candidacy, separates herself from the president — who isn’t particularly popular in Kentucky — and goes after “the biggest part of the problem”: Senator McConnell.

She also manages to take a sideswipe at the McConnell campaign’s odd attempt to frame her, then ends on a note that actually made me tear up. I admit it.

It’s hard to imagine a campaign ad more endearing than this.

Watch it and let us know what you think. And if you enjoyed it, you’ll want to check out this “making of” clip.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 3.18.20 PM

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22 Responses to Here’s A Campaign Ad That Might Actually Make You Cry

  1. Great campaign ad. I will be happy to help get her elected. McConnell must go. He is a seditionist and corporate tool.

  2. Great ad, not just on the emotional front but because it hits McConnell on his specific behavior while in office, especially since becoming a millionaire under Bush and his actions post Obama’s election.

  3. A politician with common sense….is Washington ready for that…..Kentucky, now’s the time to find out by voting for Alison Lundergan Grimes and ending gridlock in Washington. Even though I don’t live in Kentucky will contribute to her campaign.

  4. Mitch is a nasty man, self serving to a fault. Not serving the people in Kentucky or the nation as a whole. He backs corporations, plain and simple. Where have all the jobs that once were in the commonwealth of Kentucky? Overseas, over the borders and gone, leaving the workers in Kentucky stunned to find they have nowhere to ply their trade or services. He has become so wealthy, but yet so poor in spirit. He will attack this women in the campaign, and probably will win because that’s the way it seems to go. Money wins out. Why not just try someone different, a woman who will try to bring all citizens back into a prosperous society, with justice and liberty for all. Try decency.

  5. I wish I had the money to donate in all 468 or 469 Congressional races and all 50 gubernatorial races to help people like Alison get elected. Money is our biggest problem, and the Republican economic policies aim to make money even scarcer for their opponents. I will give what I can in my own state, maybe a bit in other states, and for the national Democratic party, to avoid turning our country into the F-word. Not just Fascist, but Feudal.

  6. They were her real grandmas? Oh my God! Excellent issue-driven advertisement.

    Connell’s team already burned seven figures trashing Judd, a non-candidate. Can’t wait to see them fabricate something to savage the actual Democratic Party nominee.

    Hold your noses, Kentuckians.

  7. Good move Grandma, you took the high road! When thinking of Senator Mitch, most of us came up with a rhyme other than “Switch”…

  8. She is great and if the good people of Kentucky have any common sense, which I am
    convinced they do, they will vote Alison Grimes into office and throw out that worthless McConnell who was and is only interested in buttering his own bread. I had to deal with the likes of him while serving with the US Army – for 43 years. Not only the People of Kentucky, but We the People of the entire United States, should do to McConnell what Barry Goldwater said should be done to Jerry Falwell: ” give him a Good Swift Kick in
    his Ass.”

  9. She’s awesome. This country is in desperate need of people like her in office. Have no clue who she is. Saw this video on my FB page, looked her up, read more about her and now I’m a fan. If I lived in Kentucky I’d be working for this campaign. Way to go Allison! NICE job!

  10. OK – I’ve watched this ad 5 times – I just love it. Not just Kentucky, but America will be in Alison LG’s debt if she can defeat Sen Mitch MC. I am soooo rooting for her –

  11. At 3 minutes and 41 seconds, that’s a pretty long campaign ad. Supporters will go watch it. Oppo research will watch it. But to get swing voters to watch it, she’ll need a bushel basket full of money to put it on TV.

    • I believe you’re mistaken. Anyone who feels strongly about McConnell, either way, will watch it – then watch it again. Moreover, swing voters are, by definition, vacillators who are looking for direction and, thus, more interested in what both candidates have to say than those who are, for whatever reason already decided.

      I’ll bet you ten bucks to donuts this woman kicks McConnell’s fat ass to the curb.

  12. An open message to the good people of the great state of Kentucky:

    Dear Folks,

    Any Kentuckian who pulls the lever in favor of that rat bastard, Repugnican POS Mitch McConnell over this lovely woman (and her grandmas) is either a tool or a fool. End of story.

    Your Pal,



  14. I am no longer in Ky but what a campaign ad. She sounds so much better for Ky than McConnell. Hope you get him out! (and than Ky needs to rid itself of Rand Paul also)

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