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Monday, December 11, 2017

Every woman in my family, from my great-grandmother to my mother, was fond of saying, “A man works from dawn till dusk, but a woman’s work is never done.”

Even as a child, I understood this to be a statement of fact, usually recited in a soft voice at the end of a long day, punctuated with a sigh.

That was as close as the women in my family ever came to complaining about the weight of the world they carried on their shoulders.

My father worked hard at the utility plant, but every night, he came home to a dinner cooked by my mother, even after she had taken a full-time job as a nurse’s aide at the local hospital. When he was finished eating, Dad pushed away from the table to go sit in his favorite chair and watch the evening news.

Meanwhile, Mom and we girls cleared the table and washed the dishes. Every ice-cold bottle of beer Dad tipped to his lips came from the top shelf of our refrigerator, which Mom made sure was always stocked with whatever beer was on sale. Schlitz was a family favorite, but only because it looked like our name.

I share this story not to indict my father. This was the way it was supposed to be, as any woman in my family would have told me.

I have a few childhood memories of my mother being sick, but I remember having to help her out because of this only once. I was about 10 at the time. The same flu that had turned all four of us kids into a chorus of retching finally caught up with Mom, but only after she fainted in the living room did she surrender. For one whole day, I washed all the dishes and made Campbell’s tomato soup and bologna sandwiches for my siblings. I still remember that because it was such an unusual event in my young life.

Women across America are full of stories about female family members who powered through illness to take care of their families and keep their jobs. So often, their stories are autobiographical, because this is one tradition that dies hard. Those womanly lessons of self-sacrifice and soldiering on become the road map for the next generation of women’s lives. All I have to do is spend a day with my grown daughter, who daily juggles career, marriage and motherhood, to know that this particular family tradition endures. Instead of doing as I say, she is doing what I do.

This recent round of coverage about Hillary Clinton’s diagnosis — a “mild, non-contagious bacterial pneumonia,” her doctor said — has a lot of us women shaking our heads. Not in judgment but in recognition.

Should her campaign have announced her diagnosis sooner? Maybe, but I understand the hesitancy in light of how Donald Trump and his surrogates, particularly the unhinged Rudy Giuliani, have attempted to create one imaginary crisis after another about her health.

It’s also easy to imagine those around Clinton seeing no reason to believe she wouldn’t be just fine standing in the sun for a commemoration of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. She has a long reputation for having stamina.

As for those suggesting it wasn’t hot enough for a woman in a suit to feel lightheaded, they are most likely men — or women too young for the armor of undergarments that emboldens women of a certain age to endure the relentless onslaught of public scrutiny. I wore less clothing when my mother bundled me up for a day in the Snowbelt. If you’re a 59-year-old woman who has no idea what I’m talking about, well, good for you, honey. I aspire to be you one day.

Maybe Hillary Clinton’s brief encounter with her physical limitations will nudge more of us women to take care of ourselves. Wouldn’t that be something?

In the meantime, I hope the next time I get a bad cold, everyone around me acts as if I’m at death’s door, too. Like every woman I know, I could use the reprieve.

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and professional in residence at Kent State University’s school of journalism. She is the author of two books, including “…and His Lovely Wife,” which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate. To find out more about Connie Schultz ( and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at

85 Responses to Hillary Clinton, Everywoman

  1. Hillary Clinton is “everywoman”?

    Does “everywoman” get ushered around in limos for almost her entire adult life since (the last 40 years), doesn’t drive, and doesn’t even KNOW HOW to drive a car?

    Does “everywoman” live under a decades long cloud of constant scandals brought about by an arrogant attitude of “laws are only met for the little people”?

    Does “everywoman” act as an enabler for the man in her life to allow him to pursue, unabated, his sexual predation?

    Sorry……even a slight attempt to compare the soulless Hillary Clinton to “everywoman” does not even begin to pass the laugh test. In fact it is an insult to “everywoman”. I would even go so far as to say that anyone who considers Clinton as “everywoman” belongs in a basket of deplorables!

      • no, I think he just has a problem with women. Period. His little… ego shrinks to invisible every time a strong competent female crosses his mind.

      • I think it scares him to death. It doesn’t fit his view of how the World is supposed to work for him. He would have opposed women’s suffrage, the Right of women to own property, to be looked at under the law as anything but chattel. To testify against their abusive husbands, or to hold public office. In short, Ag is a dragging women around by the hair, low brow Neanderthal. Who sees Trump as his last gasp hope of ever not having to stand on his own two feet, clean up his own messes, and become a real man who doesn’t need society’s preferential treatment in order to compete with women to succeed in life.

    • You really need to get out more, There are lots of women in our country that don’t drive, don’t know how to drive and don’t want to learn just like there are men who share the same view. If you look at Clinton’s life I bet she has never worked less then a ten hour day and most likely much longer. I’m also willing to bet that you have broken more laws then she has. If you drive I’m very sure you have. As far as standing by her husband, isn’t that what a wife promises to do when they get married? Hillary Clinton really is an every women, in fact she is very good at it.

          • Well, your wife must be an oddball. US Today did a report in November 2012.

            Here is the headline: More women than men now have driver’s licenses, a reversal of a longtime gender gap behind the wheel that transportation researchers say is likely to have safety and economic effects.

            Here’s more: But the gap gradually closed. By 1995, men with driver’s licenses slightly outnumbered women, 89.2 million to 87.4 million. By 2010, 105.7 million women had licenses, compared with 104.3 million men.

            You know why your wife doesn’t drive…YOU won’t allow it. That’s how you keep her under control. You are just another grossly insecure man who wants a good little lap dog puppy wife.

          • Only in the South and Midwest…where it’s always flourished.

            When I visited my relatives in FL, I was absolutely appalled at how little women are paid in that state compared to NJ for the “same” jobs. And worse, these women believed being a Walmartian and having to supplement their incomes with welfare was okay.

            I was a single Mom, never have more than 4 jobs in a lifetime and earned enough to pay off the mortgage on my home, keep my 2 kids fed, clothes and the roof over their heads.

            If I had to live in the south, I’d end up using the Stars and Bars for toilet paper.

          • I have little control over my wife, she’s a strong women and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She chooses not to drive and I do what I can to support her. It would be easier if she did drive. I’m far from insecure. Unlike you I don’t see limits on what a person can or can’t do based on their sex. There are no enforced gender rules in my family, if you can do it and it is needed you do it. I was raised by a strong women who had no problem going out and helping my Dad in the field and in turn Dad did housework. We didn’t let Dad cook because he was a really bad cook, I on the other had am a very good cook and so is my wife. She’s a four star chef. If she chooses not to drive it’s her choice.

          • You don’t see limits on what a person can or can’t do based on their sex? Where in hell have YOU been? 44 presidents ALL male. Royalty? If wasn’t until the Middle Ages that a Queen was allowed to succeed her husband, the King.

            Women earn 79 cents to every $1 YOU earn. Don’t you dare, after centuries of your male blanket of authority say that you men have not kept control over women and thereby, are limited by YOUR GENDER.

            You want to explain why it wasn’t until 1919 that Women were finally NOT limited and allowed the right to vote, own property and have custody of their kids?

            Get off it Mr. MAN. You may pretend a lot has changed. But, until you grow ovaries and a uterus, you have NO idea how men have limited women. You know that Hillary isn’t the 1st to become president and your worst nightmare is about to happen…she won’t be the LAST.

            Oh and by the way, you men ARE limited…I’d love to see you go through 8 hours of labor and birth of a child. So..who really IS limited?

          • Times are changing. I work in a very male industry, my boss is a Woman. Women working for my employer make the same money as the men and we only have three women department heads right now in my store because of promotions. The change is slow but it is happening. Of my children and nieces and nephew the women are all making more then the men. When our generation is dead and gone this gender thing will hopefully die with us. My favorite gender roll story is from my youngest, she was out with her boyfriend and the his truck broke down. He was clueless but she had no problems crawling under it and fixing it. She has a CDL and until she left home took care of my vehicles.

          • Times SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAD to CHANGE. Why now? Because manhood in the US finally acknowledges that women are not now nor EVER HAVE BEEN the weaker sex?

            Because you men are born with a gene that promotes the idea that men and only men are the strongest gender?

            Here is what men in the US need to do. Stop thinking “GENDER” in business, govenment and religion. The minute you men add gender to the mix, women get the back burner.

            Women should not have to fight to be EQUAL. You men don’t. Why should WE?

            No matter how much men in the US try to conceal their fundamental attitudes about women, until they remove the stigma of gender bias, women will always have to work harder, longer and with less advantage.

            Here is something else for you to consider. All of the women in your family who have broken through a glass ceiling are deserving of their efforts. Would you feel the same if those women were men?

            Men are far more impulsive than women. Women can’t afford to be. Put 2 men in a room for 8 hours and one of them ends up dead.

            All I know at this point in time is that I and many Boomer women are fed up with men acting like tantrum pulling attack dogs snarling at each other and trying to be Numero Uno.

            This country needs unity more than anything else. Without it, we are no longer a country. Just a sea of multi-cultured masses under no real umbrella. With unity, those masses become the basis for calling a society “country.”

          • Mayberry would be nice but no, I live in the real world. I have been very lucky to live a very full life and have children that are doing the same. If I listed everything I have done in my life and the people I have known you would call me a liar. I come from a family that has no problem with trying new things and excepting others.

          • Now why would I call you a liar? I don’t even know you and I’m not a conservative so your safe with me, if you say you know the pope I would accept it as a truth because you said it and there’s no animosity on my part unlike some people who hate Hillary Clinton though they’ve never met her but rather believe her competitors who do lie.

          • What does that have to do with anything? I have friends – men and women – in New York City who never learned to drive because they didn’t have to.

    • Hillary Clinton is a Boomer Woman like many of us Boomer women. We knew not to hang onto a man for 40 or 50 years of our lives who was abusive, liar or cheat. No man would do the same for any woman and he knows.

      Hillary is everywoman and we Boomer Women are sooooooooooo proud of her. She fought like hell to break through that Glass Ceiling men dominated for all too long.

      She makes her OWN decision without any man’s help. Some men much prefer obedient little female puppy lap dogs…Right Ag?

      And just what the hell would YOU know about ANY woman? Yours has not been a life slathered with women. That’s why you hate Hillary. The few women you managed to trick into believing you were worth their time found out pretty fast you are nothing more than a hateful, bitter loser.

    • I’m amazed by the ridiculous double standard conservatives use to vilify Hillary Clinton. Being “ushered around in limos” for 40 years makes her a “pampered elitist”, but being transported in luxurious vehicles and personal jet planes for 70 years makes Donald Trump a sympathetic hero!

      That decades-long “cloud of constant scandals” began with a futile, 7-year
      “Whitewater” investigation that included an endless parade of witnesses, towering boxes of depositions and court reports, but ultimately produced NO evidence of wrongdoing by either of the Clintons. Other fruitless witch hunts
      instigated by Congressional Republicans – “Filegate and “Travelgate” – wilted and died because they had no facts to justify another Whitewater farce.

      As soon as HIllary Clinton became a potential presidential nominee, right-
      wingers reached for their old bag of dirty tricks and launched “Benghazi” –
      a relentless, $50 million-dollar inquisition that took longer to complete than the Warren Commission’s report on JFK’s assassination. The result? NO proof that Secretary Clinton neglected or ignored her professional duties.

      Despite Colin Powell’s admitted use of a personal e-mail server for his official communications, GOP House members seized an opportunity to destroy Hillary Clinton’s reputation by criminalizing the same decision Powell made!
      Fifteen FBI agents spent months scrutinizing thousands of her documented e-mails messages. Their conclusion? No “reasonable” prosecutor would charge Hillary Clinton with a crime because she did not intentionally share
      classified information. Three “questionable” e-mails FBI agents eventually identified were not not clearly marked and all of them were “incoming”, not “outgoing” messages. So, as Director Comey explained during a second
      press conference, Hillary was truthful when she told him she had never sent anyone information she knew to be “confidential”, “secret” or “top; secret”. . Ironically, the FBI’s “cyber experts” determined it was unlikely that her system had ever been compromised by hackers. But, while Secretary Clinton was was still in office, the official government server she chose not to use was
      violated several times by “unknown, malicious entities”.

      • A very good retort to the brain dead Trumponions but don’t waste your energy in trying to get them to actually believe facts supported by evidence. They hate Hillary Clinton and will continue to do so until their savior orders them to stop. Their mostly pond scum as Clinton was correct about 50% of ’em.

  2. I would not be surprised if Hillary’s objective assessment of the role of women in our society is transformed by the alt-right into evidence of pandering to women. A reprehensible act, compared to pandering to white males.
    Her tacit acknowledgment of classic middle class roots, will be summarily dismissed in favor of the “sacrifices” made by a man born with a silver spoon stuck down his throat.
    The essence of her speech, which highlighted not only the sacrifices made routinely by our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters; but how difficult it has been for them to overcome centuries of discrimination, including lack of opportunities to succeed, intellectually and professionally, is likely to be dismissed with the classic infantile distractions, or vicious personal attacks about how Hillary looks, the fact that she coughs, or the fact that she had bacterial pneumonia.
    All of this while the Trump gang talks about gas chambers, walks out of interviews when tough questions are asked, or refuses to acknowledge that the bogus claims they have made in the past were bogus.

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    • Yeah, really tough questions like, do you now believe Barack Obama was indeed
      born in the United States? And therefore is, has been all along, and continues to be
      a legitimate President? So you now realize were wrong in believing the conspiracy nuts? Yes/No? So, do you believe if a man is big enough to be President of the United States, and is proven wrong, he should be big enough to admit it, and apologize? Yes, or no? If yes, then let’s hear it. If no, then, why not? Yeah some really tough, and really very simple questions.

      • According to Kellyanne Conway, he does not have to answer any questions, or make his tax records public, like every other presidential candidate has during the last four decades. Only Hillary has to provide answers, regardless of whether or not she has already answered the questions directed at her, time and again.
        Oh, and there is not a double standard in the USA when it comes to gender…

          • He needs to have this Birther issue he pimped and spread to make a name for himself with the extremists and haters, shoved in his phony lying face, and be held to account for being a luny conspiracy spewing nut job, everyday, in some way, by at least one person nationally, on a major network, from here on out, until election day!
            If only to make me feel better. Am I being too needy here?

          • You know I was thinking the same thing. If I was doing that job (of course I would probably be banned from getting close to him) I would continue asking why is he not apologizing and for being responsible for all the hate against President Obama, and why does he think that making a US citizen show proof make him a hero of some sort.

            Trump doesn’t want to admit he is wrong because of his base, the birther is what the base have been entertaining themselves with for the last year, the fury of it all and now the wall. He just can’t let them down.

          • oh pooh! She could NEVER take the badgering Trump has taken from the begining and still be standing. She cries at how poorly she has been treated. WOW what a baby who is playing the woman card.

          • No tbs, she is a strong women that that’s what has you bent out of shape. If Trumpf, steps on his tongue and stumbles every time he open his mouth, that’s because he is doing it to himself. The news media has not even come close to bring him up to Hillary’s standards. Hillary is in college level compare to trumps day care standards.

      • And what was he saying last night about Anderson Cooper, already he is looking for an excuse to get out of the debate, because he is scared to go on a one-to-one, non-scripted with Hillary.

    • I think it helps Hillary, her tenacity and drive to overcome the chauvinist side of her opponents, and she does it with so much class. She is a great women, that doesn’t get the respect she deserves, because people believe the lies and innuendos these scared, gynophobia men do to her. Hillary 2016!

        • Yes, so true. I have so much respect for President Obama, he is one of the greatest human beings I know. Almost as close to Mother Theresa and my Grandmother, whom I hold on a very high pedestal.

      • Gynophobia? I am male and would easily vote for a women. We have one in our town who would be a great Mayor, “our Mayor has been in power for over 40 years and also backs her” but she won’t run. I would vote for Margret Thatcher if she ran for President but Hillary is no Margret Thatcher. I never want to see another Clinton in office no matter what gender. They want to give away our rights, freedom, money and national sovereignty.

          • I only read the first few words to see where you were headed. You mindless and worthless right-wingers who even God feels are worthless as he’s said all of you will be throw in the lake of fire – having been so brainwashed by your right-wing propaganda machine that you babble the same things over and over in a non-ending series of pathological lies.

          • You and I have sparred before over ideas before. I consider myself to be a liberal / conservative. I am a registered Republican but have voted for Democrats. The fact is I voted for President Obama twice. I believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as they were written and that they should never be changed. While others may run we have two people that stand a chance of winning this election. I have two to choose from and in my view the Clintons past record is a record of taking away rights. Mr. Trump has never held office so has no record. His only stats are for a business man and they seem good. He did the best for his business and admits that. I feel neither canidate is trustworthy but I have to choose one. I can’t take a risk with someone that wants to change our freedoms and Clinton has said she would like to see the Constitution and Bill of Rights changed. She also has said she would like to see the gun laws in the US changed like Australia. Both Clintons have advocated treaties with the UN that would risk our sovereignty. This is why I can’t stand them. I will have to vote for the better of two evils, Mr.Trump.

          • If you think Donald Trump is a good businessman, you’d better think again. He’s only got money today because Daddy bailed him out of one business failure after another – constantly having to lend him money:

            Donald Trump’s Many Business Failures, Explained

            An excerpt:

            Despite having no real success of his own, by the late 1970s, Trump was swaggering through Manhattan, gaining a reputation as a crass self-promoter. He hung out in the fancy nightspot Le Club, where he was chums with prominent New Yorkers like Roy Cohn, the one-time aide to Senator Joe McCarthy who was one of the city’s most feared and politically connected attorneys. Cohn became one of the developer’s lifelong mentors, encouraging the pugilistic personality that showed itself all the way back in second grade, when Trump punched his music teacher.

            Soon Trump gained the public recognition he craved. Through a wholly owned corporation called Wembly Realty, Trump struck a partnership with a subsidiary of Hyatt Hotels. That partnership, Regency Lexington, purchased the struggling Commodore Hotel for redevelopment into the Grand Hyatt New York, a deal Trump crowed about when he announced he was running for president.

            He failed to mention that this deal was once again largely attributable to Daddy, who co-guaranteed with Hyatt a construction loan for $70 million and arranged a credit line for his boy with Chase Manhattan Bank. The credit line was a favor to the Trump family, which had brought huge profits to the bank; according to regulatory records, the revolving loan was set up without even requiring a written agreement. Topping off the freebies and special deals that flowed Trump’s way, the city tossed in a 40-year tax abatement. Trump’s “success” with the Hyatt was simply the result of money from his dad, his dad’s bank, Hyatt and the taxpayers of New York City.

            Despite the outward signs of success, Trump’s personal
            finances were a disaster. In 1978, the year his father set up that sweet credit line at Chase, Donald’s tax returns showed personal losses of $406,386—$1.5 million in present-day dollars. Things grew worse in 1979,when he reported an income of negative $3.4 million, $11.2 million in constant dollars. All of this traced back to big losses in three real restate partnerships and interest he owed Chase. With Trump sucking wind and rapidly drawing down his line of credit, he turned again to Daddy, who in 1980 agreed to lend him $7.5 million.

            All of these names and numbers can grow confusing for voters with little exposure to the business world. So to sum it all up, Trump is rich because he was born rich—and without his father repeatedly bailing him out, he would have likely filed for personal bankruptcy before he was 35.


        • Do yourself a favor and read up on Trumps dealings, alt-tight, and Russians involvements in our political system. Unless you are proud to be part of maggots Trump attracts, stay home don’t vote for Hillary, do us all a favor, or continue to be one of the deplorable that likes to hang around maggots. It’s your call. With trump you are NOT going to have your freedom. You would rather listen to lies and conspiracies verse the truth.

    • Who can forget Reince Priebus’s criticism of Hillary following the Commander in Chief Forum. He told everyone that she didn’t smile enough during the Forum. That tells you all you need to know about the wealthy white privileged male in the Republican Party.

      • You have to have some sort of brains to appreciate speeches – given that you’re clearly devoid of brains it’s understandable why you didn’t find Hillary’s speech to your liking. It clearly went right over your empty head!!

  3. I had to do everything Gene did in high heels, backward. Says Ginger Rogers. It was true. And for less pay as well, as is per usual. And in many ways this epitomizes Hillary Clinton’s struggles to do the seemingly impossible, beat the incredible odds, and break those invisible but rock hard ceilings. And to rise to the top of what remains very much a white man’s Country. To become the first woman elected to the Presidency after 240 years of Nationhood.
    To some that possibility makes their hearts swell with pride that we could become such a Country. One in which Mothers and Fathers too, could rightly tell their daughters they can do, and literally be anything they choose to be. Even become President of the whole Country, just like Hillary, if they work hard and try. To others it scares them to the depths of their very souls. Because like Barack Obama before her, Hillary Clinton’s rise to the Presidency would be the undeniable proof the World as they know it, the one that has always given them birthright privilege, and preference just by being a White male, is slipping from their grasp, and so, will be forever changed by this one historic occurrence. Little surprise then, when I heard Donald Trump, the epitome of the 1950s White Male Exec. with his doting and subservient female secretary, half his age following him around fetching coffee, and keeping the office tidy, was beating Sen. Clinton in the polls among non college educated White Males by a whopping 37%.
    So, there is still much work to be done. There are Voters to incentivize, and inform of the stakes involved because of Trump. But also perhaps a once in lifetime chance for many of us, to once again see the Country moved forward in profound ways, large and small, for all those generations of daughters that will follow. And what greater opportunity could we have to do something as right, and good for our Country? To continue to build on the progress, programs, and progressivism of the extraordinary Barack Obama. Than elect the proven, and capable Hillary Clinton as our next President.

    • Hillary stinks. I voted for President Obama twice. His first term was great, his second stunk. I never liked the Clintons and don’t want another in office. I don’t care about her gender. If Adolf Hitler was a women would you vote for him just to put a women in office? The Clintons will give away our rights, freedom and sovereignty to the UN. If you value your freedom you will not vote for Hillary.

      • As I said, to some the possibility of a woman President makes them proud. While to others Hillary represents their fears of the continued erosion of the white male dominated power structure, and the unfair advantage it gives them they believe they need to win against women, and others. You see such concepts as fairness, equality, and inclusion, chipping away at your fortunate advantage, and so you oppose it. Not very honestly, or convincingly, but this is what you are opposing.

        • No I don’t. I would vote for a woman, just not a Clinton. I did not like Bill and the same goes for Hillary. I believe women should hold the same power as men. I would vote for a Margret Thatcher but Clinton is not that. I am a Republican who voted for President Obama twice. I think he did a good job first term but stank in his second. It seems many second term Presidents stink including President Bush who I also voted for.

      • Oh really! Only being the most qualified person with the greatest experience in government of any person who has ever run for the presidency!! Interesting you should be so stupid!!!

        But then, your posts always prove just how ignorant you really are!!!

      • Hillary is the person in the arena, that happens to be female. And not to detract from her many accomplishments, which are her record, that I’ll bet you haven’t examined. But guessing you would find lacking in any case. As she has not as yet saved mankind from cancer. But she would build on the progress of her predecessor, Of which you don’t agree with the plurality of the Country about as well. Didn’t, I imagine, find President Obama as,”worthy” either. Her worthiness, IMO, is found in her experience, and knowledge. My preference lies as well in the unsuitability of her opponent. In his lack of base knowledge, adolescent temperament, and his adamant refusal to be candid about himself, and his possible conflicts of interests resulting from his foreign business entanglements, money owed, the various court actions brought against him, and his company. And also his failure to demonstrate having a moral core of any kind.

  4. There have always been ONLY two kinds of women. Women who KNOW they can do it all and women who need someone else to always do it ALL for them. Fortunately, Hillary as a Boomer Super Woman knows she can do it all and soldiers on illness be damned.

    Sadly, right wing women are all too dependent in the same way the generations of women prior to Boomer Women were. Many of these right wing women cannot be convinced they are underpaid and exploited in their jobs. Theirs is a peculiar mindset that implies that “If they obey like good little girls, Daddy will always be there to be their safety net.

    Okay..and when there is NO safety net? These are the women who end up scared silly that the traditions of women as the weaker sex will disappear.

    You cannot convince them they are not just naive. They are ignoring all the things that would make their lives far better and far more independent.

    Right wing women lack the ability to make sound judgments mostly because Daddy was always there to make decisions for them.

    • I agree completely.
      Many of the women who support Trump for president remind me of the
      docile, chattel of ISIS wives .
      They believe what they are told
      and always vote for the party, regardless of who is running.

      • Bull! I have given away bumper stickers that say WOMEN FOR TRUMP to many women including bankers and a purchasing agent. They like Trump and feel they won’t be told to vote for a person just because she is a women. These women are not docile chattel and I dare anyone to tell them that! You will be chewed up and spit out. They are independent thinking people who believe in independence and freedom, not beholding to the Federal Government dole!

        • Hey, what difference does it make, any women who supports the GOP are the same as the women supporting ISIS, because the GOP is no different than ISIS.

          In fact, ISIS is more humane – it kills people reasonably quickly although brutally. While the GOP just kills people by letting them linger in hunger by depriving them of the help they need to even feed themselves; or like the 20 GOP-run states who refuse to expand Medicaid, they’re even today letting thousands of people in their states die every month from the lack of healthcare – some of them very slowly and painfully with cancers which may have been cured had they had the healthcare they needed to find the cancer in time to save their lives.

          ISIS and the GOP are one and the same!!! Horrible people!!

        • These type of women, display the Trump bumper sticker proudly because they don’t want to go against the grain of there spouses. They are not independent of thinking, and neither are you. You are still repeating the same dog $hit spew about government dole, and it has been proven with facts that the republican state are the ones that suck on government tit, and it is republican laws that create the scenario.

          • You are wrong about that. One woman’s husband told her she could not put that sticker on her car so now she tapes it on and removes it before going home to avoid arguments.

    • Sorry Eleanore, I know right wing women that go to work sick to finish a job. I argued with a co-worker who wants Hillary and she told me I didn’t like powerful women. I told her if it was Margret Thatcher running I would vote for her but Hillary is not Margret Thatcher. I would vote my co worker in for Mayor of our city. She is that good. Clinton stinks. I have to vote for the best of two evils and that is Mr. Trump. I remember how Bill tried to take away our rights and don’t want another Clinton!

    • You said, “Many of these right wing women cannot be convinced they are underpaid and exploited in their jobs.” Thats just pure Socialist talk from a provocateur but consider this. Please read the book, New Deal or Raw Deal, and learn about an elevator operator under FDR’s plan to raise wages. The woman had a happy job, $35 a month. FDR told the company to pay her $75 a month. The boss went to her to explain and asked her what to do. She said she liked her job and the salary was fine. The boss said he couldnt afford to pay $75 in light of the fact he could put in automatic push-buttons for very little money but was happy to keep her on at the current salary. She heartily agreed but FDR objected and she was forced to leave the job. When you have willing buyer, willing seller, where is the exploitation? Exploitation doesnt occur or exist when YOU think some person is underpaid or underfed but when THAT person thinks so. She didnt and she lost and thats how automatic controls came to elevators. Fair? Who are you to say who is happy or not, even if they say they are? Second, who are you to say any person having a job who which the salary is commensurate with its duties and the persons experience is exploitation? A person should be paid $10,000 a month for an unskilled job requiring no experience or education just because you like it? I never took any job that didnt pay what the job and my experience was worth. If it wasnt right i didnt take the job!! And you will try to convince me I was cheated and the company should be damned to hell? Screw you.

  5. There is a say: “If a woman (who is a caretaker of family) fell sick, the entire family follow suit”. Women are major organisers in the entire family. They know and plan what the family have to eat, what clothes kids have to wear, assists paying bills, stay overnight without a sleep if it happens one of a kid has fever, etc. etc. If they fell sick themselves, it is difficult to show or say they are sick unless they can’t manage to hide it anymore. It is the womanly way and I vividly understand why Hillary was not able to say she was sick at the first place.

    • It’s also the reason men relegated women to jobs men hate to do themselves in business…like keeping the books, managing an office, having top notch computer skills and also being able to manage and retain customers.

      Few women pay attention to being sick. The statistics on absenteeism for women are usually related to their being caregivers. The statistics on absenteeism for men is always related to personal illness.

  6. This article would make sense if I believed Hillary was just suffering from pneumonia, as the press is trying to make us believe. CNN has even trimmed the clip of her collapse, to try to make it plausible for people to believe she just has pneumonia.

    But I have seen the complete video of Hillary entering her van on 9/11.

    Ms. Schultz, if you really don’t want Donald Trump to be president, you need to call your friend Hillary and convince her to drop out of the race.

    Before last weekend, I shrugged off all talk about Hillary’s health, but then I saw the 9/11 video. I cannot unsee it. Now, I don’t believe she is being honest about her health.

    I don’t believe she is suffering solely from pneumonia. I’m quite familiar with heat exhaustion, and my body turned into a rag doll as I was on the verge of fainting. I didn’t turn into a plank, as Hillary did in the video on youtube. I now believe she has some other underlying health issue, which she has not been honest about.

    This is a catastrophe for a candidate already seen as dishonest and untrustworthy by so many voters. For the first time, a majority of Politico’s Republican insiders now believe Trump can win.…/donald-trump-rebound-gop…

    For the good of the country, I hope Hillary drops out soon. The DNC should then select Elizabeth Warren as the Dem nominee — the true unity candidate.

    Hillary supporters were offended by Bernie’s questioning of Hillary’s qualifications. Bernie can’t be our Unity candidate.

    Elizabeth Warren can combine Bernie’s ideals with the historic achievement of the country’s first woman president. And, most importantly, Sen. Warren can BEAT TRUMP!

    • I believe Republicans should stop worrying about what Hillary should or shouldn’t do. Or who else the Democrats ought to put on the ticket to replace her. As they wouldn’t vote for that candidate either. What Republicans should do, if they really cared about this Country, instead of their valueless, and dishonest politics. Is to call on this historic mistake the base of their Party has made. And ask Donald Trump along with his team of assorted misfits, and malcontents, again for the good of the Country, to drop out of this important race before it’s too late. How about that?

    • I, like Mrs Warren, I like what she stand for, I like her ideas and I like that she is a fighter that stand tall against the big bad bullies in congress, but Hilliary is very experiences in world affairs and God know we need that, especially with the situations overseas. Hillary 2016 with pride!

      • I agree….Hillary should stay in the race. After all, where else can we get free slapstick entertainment seeing her cough and gag her way towards Nov.8th…not to mention going prone on the sidewalk trying to get in her limo and then being hoisted up by her handlers like a potato sack while one of her shoes ends up in the gutter…..That girl has got comedic timing!

      • Experienced in world affairs? Benghazi. And we need more of that? This is a woman who tells the families Benghazi happened because of a video unfavorable to Islam and when thats disproved she denies ever saying it. Yep, we sure need more of that and its no wonder she wants to shut the parts of the Internet unfavorable to her and Socialism.

        • Now why wouldn’t Hillary tell the families of those who died at Benghazi that it was because of a video WHEN THE GUY WHO PERPETRATED THE ATTACK HIMSELF SAID IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE ANTI ISLAM VIDEO???

          What kind of a nutcase are you – Hillary tells the truth and you call her a liar??? Guess who the liar really is!! You’ll find him by looking in a mirror!!!!

        • Box you caring you meme very well. You need to get out of that box and see some reality. Why are you babbling. Why can’t you except facts. Did you not see or read all the reports that found her innocent of any wrong doing? This reminds me of Joan of Arc. You guys are really scared of powerful women aren’t you.

    • Let’s see: Given that PolitiFact in its fact checking has shown that Trump lies more than 90% of the time, and even Cruz only tells the truth 22% of the time, pretty much like Rubio and Jeb and the rest of the clowncar Republicans; with Carson only telling the truth 15% of the time; while PolitiFact says Hillary even while campaigning tells the truth 50% of the time – I’d say relatively speaking, that if anyone stinks from lying, it’s you and those pathological lying right-wing nutcase politicians that you support!!!

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